and then she took the fall for becky and got fired

Power Rangers + Summer Camp AU

~The rangers are hanging out at Billy’s house when he gets the call about Mission Creek. He signed up to be a counselor there the summer before his Junior year. Of course he wasn’t allowed to be one at the time but Mr. Martin, the head of the camp, let senior campers sign up before they left and once their old enough he calls them up and ask if they still want the gig. Most kids say no, but Billy jumped at the chance. He’d had some of the best times of his life there and he wanted to relive those memories for as long as possible.

~ The rest of the rangers have no freaking idea what he’s talking about when he starts babbling about how excited he is once he comes back from the call. He’s mentioned it to them before, but that was during battle and they weren’t very focused on what Billy was saying.

~“I’m finally going to be camp counselor. I’ve missed Mission Creek so much. I can’t believe I’m going to be gone for the whole summer-”

~That’s when the protests begin, the louder ones mainly coming from Jason.

~“You can’t leave! I nee-I mean the team needs you for battles and stuff.”

~Billy watches in confusion as Jason’s face turns red at the statement while the rest of the rangers just smirk knowingly.

~“I won’t be far, the camp is in the mountains and Kim’s house is about thirty two miles from the grounds. I’ll be there when there’s an impending threat. Don’t worry Jason, I still be able to defend world.”

~“But still what if it comes at night and you’re sleeping and-”

~“You think I’d sleep through a monster attack?”

~“Maybe and who knows how long it’ll take you to reach us from cam-”

~“Two minutes and fourteen seconds. I did the run a few days ago.”

~“Oh.” Followed by complete amusing silence as Jason tries to come up with more excuses as to why Billy shouldn’t go.

~“I’m sure Billy will be just fine  Jason.” Kim tries to reason with Jason but he’s not having it.

~“You don’t know that. You don’t know that.” He mutters and it’s then that Billy and the others see just how worried Jason really is.

~“I can ask if you guys can come with me. We’re usually short a few counselors, I’m sure Mr. Martin will appreciate it.”

~Everyone agrees and Jason can breathe easy again.


~ They leave a week after school ends, which happened to be a week before camp starts and the majority of the gang is ecstatic. Except for Tommie and Zack.

~Tommie hates kids, they’ve never liked them and they’re dreading this trip altogether. And Zack doesn’t like the idea of leaving his mother alone for so long, sure she’s gotten better, thanks to the rangers and their families pitching in for her medical expenses,  but she’s not at perfect health yet and he’s not sure he wants to take that risk.

~Ms. Taylor has to literally shove him out of the house for him to go.

~They take Billy’s van, after the crash his mom’s van was replaced. After she got a significant raise at work, she gave it to her son and brought herself a Toyota Camry.

~Trini, Zack and Tommie won’t stop calling it the mystery machine.

~ Jason gets the Aux Cord taken away from him after he put on Nickelback.

~“It soothes me.”

~“You’re a disgrace y'know that.” (Trini’s Remark)

~They listen to Kim’s playlist and when Mayores comes on she brings up the fact that Becky G. looks exactly like Trini.

~The rest of the rangers, including her girlfriend,  just don’t see it.


~The drive isn’t long and when they get there Mr. Martin runs through everything they need to know within the hour. They have the camp to themselves for a whole week.

~The first thing they do, after Jason makes sure everyone is packed, is hit the lake. It’s fun, until Zack loses his trunks in the water.

~“It’s not my fault, the current’s strong in here!”

~“There’s is no current dip thong.” (Tommie’s Remark)

~They spend the majority of the week hanging out together, when they’re all not in a group they split off into two. Kim and Trini disappear to do god knows what. At least that’s what Zack says but they mainly just hang out in the kitchen eating all the cheese balls, talking and joking around with the occasional make out session taking place. Zack and Tommie usually go do some dumb shit, like hike up the mountain and see if they can jump off into the lake without breaking anything. And Billy and Jason  hang out in the media room, playing ping pong and pool.


~Billy loves kids but its easy for him to get uncomfortable around them. Kids are touchy feely, Billy’s not. By the second day, Jason and the others make sure the kids know to ask Camp Counselor Billy to touch him before doing so.

~Tommie spends a lot of their time explaining what it means to be non-binary person. Some of the kids are little shits about it, but the majority are pretty accepting.

~Zack has these two little girls who follow him everywhere. Bria and Mimi. At first they thought he was cute but once Bria caught him staring at Tommie she realized that he likes them. After that they mainly stick around to give him advice. Sure there like eight years old but Zack takes a lot of what they say to heart. They even set up a tea party date for Zack and Tommie. They made sure to paint Zack’s fingernails and to put his hair into little ponytails so that he can look ‘pretty for Tommie’.

~Billy and the others get to name their designated cabins, they chose the dinosaurs of their zords.

~After a particularly bad nightmare, Billy sneaks into Jason cabin. He can’t sleep and Jason always puts him at ease. Shelby, another counselor, is in his cabin too and he makes sure to let her know where he’s going before he leaves.

~A weird conversation takes place with Mikey, a seven year old, in the morning when he wakes the two up.

~Jason struggles to explain what it means to be gay until Trini walks by and sighs. “Hey Mikey, boy can like boys and girls can like girls. Love isn’t always shared between a man and a woman.” She holds Kim’s hand in her own for emphasis.


~And that was that.


~Tommie discovers a secret love they have for kids when they, Bria, Mimi and Zack are hanging out by the fire. “Kids don’t suck, they’re alright I guess.” She tells Zack as she watched the two run off for smores. Zack nods in agreement, turning away from the little girls to meet Tommie’s eyes.

~ Their gaze intensifies before they close the gap between them and BAM!!! Fireworks!

~“I told you they were gonna kiss, I told ya.” (Bria)

~They pull away laughing and the rest of the gang cheers. It took forever but they finally got together.


~ Kim and Trini escape to the mountain the day before the last day of camp. They’re joking around., laughing, kissing and then Trini just kind of blurts it out without realizing.

~“I love you”

~Kim takes a moment to take in what she had just heard before smiling and pulling the shorter girl into another kiss.

~“I love you too.”

~They spend the rest of the night up there, wrapped up in a pillow and blanket. Kissing, watching the stars and just reveling in the feeling of being together.


~“What are we Jason?”

~ It was an unexpected question, a question that Jason didn’t really know how to answer. They had been closer, closer than friends but not yet together. It was a weird predicament that Jason was unaware of how he got into or how to get out of it. He wanted to take the leap but he didn’t really know how to.

~“I don’t know.”

~He didn’t meet Billy eyes, just stay focused on picking up trash and cleaning up around the camp fire. Everyone else was gone, back to the cabin and now they were the only two left.

~“I like you Jason. More than a friend should like their other friend.”

~“I like you to Billy but-”

~Just as he looked up to face the brown boy who was incredibly close to him now.

~“I’m going to kiss you now, is that okay?"  Jason didn’t know what to say, so he nodded. Overwhelmed by how forward Billy was being.

~Billy’s hands came in contact with Jason’s cheeks and his lips crash against his. For a second Jason froze, he didn’t know how to react. It felt good, it felt better than good. He moved in sync with Billy, melting into the kiss.

~He forced himself not to whine when the brown boy pulled away.

~"We should date. Do you want to date me Jason?” He nods, still recovering from the kiss.

~“Can we uhh, can we do that again Billy?”


~When camp is over, the rangers are reluctant to leave. College starts in the fall and although their all attending Angel Grove community college, they know their summers will be to filled with jobs and internships to even think about doing this again.

~Tommie and Zack share a teary goodbye with Bria and Mimi as they leave. Zack’s is the main one shedding tears.

~The next day, Billy says goodbye to Shelby and thanks her for filling in for him for all those nights he spent in the T-Rex cabin. She says it was no problem before hugging him and Jason goodbye. Her fiancé Tyler is waiting for her in the car.

~The car ride back was bitter sweet.

~“At least we’ll always have the memories.” (Jason’s comment)

~They nod in agreement as they leave the grounds.

~“Hey can I see the aux cord?”



The End.

Sorry this is so long, I got carried away.

Summer’s is almost over and I was just wondering why no one had done this yet, lol. And also if you caught that Dino Charge reference I love you. I really hope this doesn’t suck, please enjoy.  

Quiet; Part Three

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Hey everyone! As usual, this got ridiculously out of hand! Feels galore. Tagging @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues, @emmarablack, @writergrrrl29, @ittybittywriter, @wwe-smutfics

…that’s all I can think of at the moment! Enjoy!

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Panic attack.

Anonymous: Hey! I was wondering if you could do a fluff imagine where the reader has a panic attack and Hotch helps her through it? 😃 Thank you!

A/N: By request, this is a daughter!reader fic!! SHOUT OUT TO @hungrybishop for helping with the plot.

Also, the italics in the fic are Y/N’s thoughts/ flashbacks.

Originally posted by profiler-in-training

The small office was dominated with silence, the warm lighting casting gentle shadows across Y/N’s features as light sleep overtook her while she settled into Aarons office chair, awaiting his return from his recent case. The soft rattling of the door handle captured her from her sleep, eyes fluttering open and turning bright when she saw Aaron clamber into the office.

“Surprise, I guess.” Y/N giggled but her eyes dimmed, the cracks where joy used to inhabit was quickly flooded with concern when Aaron winced, breath shallow as he fought against the tight bandages restraining his chest from their recent case. Wordlessly, he leant against the desk, almost panting through the pain but the shortness of breath made his vision blur, head immediately going light.

“Dad?” Y/N questioned, worry clenching onto her breath as she shot up, meeting his side but as she went to place her hand on his shoulder, his body weakened making him collapse to the floor. Bang. Hayley’s blood exploded onto Y/N’s shirt, her body falling to the ground, causing Y/N to let out a piercing scream, dread filling her on-going nightmare.

“Dad!” Y/N raised her voice, eyes widening as she stared down at him in horror. Before her panic could dwell on her, she rushed to the office window, banging harshly at the other agents as tears glazed her eyes. When she had gotten their attention, her breath got caught in her throat as she knelt beside her father, placing her hands on his cheeks.

“Dad, wake up. Please.” Y/N quietly sobbed, thoughts escalating as her heart rapidly fired in her chest, tears creeping past her parted lips while her breath grew shallow. Hayley’s blood pooled over Y/N’s hands as she tried to stop the bleeding but with the firm press of her hands, no pulse signalled back at her to reassure the broken girl.

“Y/N, it’s okay.” Emily urged as the team rushed into the room, taken back by Aaron’s weak body sprawled across the floor. As the agents surrounded her fathers body, Y/N’s crumbling body shuffled away from his body, nightmares shadowing her thoughts but she couldn’t take her eyes off of her father. JJ glanced back at her, instantly noticing the young woman grasping at her chest as her breath was pulled from her, the air replaced with fright.

“Emily.” JJ whispered, interrupting the dark haired woman from removing Aaron’s tight bandages, she nodded towards Y/N making Emily sigh sympathetically before joining her side.

“Y/N, I need you to breath.” Emily whispered, wrapping around her shoulders but Y/N flinched away from her, whimpering slightly as she clenched her eyes shut but the back sight brought attention to the vivid flashbacks. Aaron hovered over George’s body, fists constantly colliding with the dead man’s pale face but his hits were fuelled with anger. However, while he took out his frustrations, Y/N was sat with Hayley, struggling for breath as she heard the torturous punches.

“Y/N?” Emily spoke louder but as her volume enhanced, Aaron’s eyes fluttered open, the pain in his stomach replaced with guilt when he noticed his daughter curled into the floor struggling for breath. Without another thought, Aaron sat up, causing the other agents to try and convince him not to but his pulsating mind was fixated on Y/N’s tear stained face.

“Y/N, princess?” Aaron whispered, words escaping his clenched jaw as he fought through the pain for his terrified daughter. “Hayley.” Aaron cried, cradling his lifeless ex-wife while Y/N was left alone in the corner of the room, failing to calm her exploding chest.

“Darling. I need you to open your eyes.” Aaron ordered softly but his voice was faded out between his cries that echoed around her dark mind. When he placed his hand on her back, her eyes shot open, lips parted when she realised it was Aaron sat beside her.

“D-dad?” Y/N whimpered before nuzzling her head into him, breath ragged as she tried to breathe with him, the sound of his heart beating calming her slightly along with his hand tracing patterns up her back.

“Just breathe, Y/N. It’s okay, I’m here.” Aaron cooed into her hair, tears glazing his eyes slightly, guilt possessed him as memories of her struggling sounds flooded his brain from when he cradled Hayley but he left her. He didn’t help.

“That’s it, princess. Almost there.” Aaron whispered, wrapping his arms around her as she caught her breath, her chest only moving suddenly from her sobs from the vivid memories.

“Y-you, Mum…I thought-” Y/N choked but Aaron bit the inside of his cheek, resting his forehead on hers.

“Look at me. I’m here, okay? I’m not going anywhere.” Aaron assured, thumbs grazing across her tear-glazed cheeks as she nodded into his touch.

“I love you, Dad.”


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Attending the #1989SecretSessions in Nashville

So this is how it all went down…

On Thursday I got an email from Taylor nation, and that night they called me. That’s when it became official. I had no idea what it was for all I had were guests. They asked if we could be in Nashville and obviously I said yes hahaha. No one knew that I was going there besides my parents and sister (because she went).  We drove down Saturday and it took about 9 hours from where I live in Michigan. I kept telling my mom" I JUST WANT TO BE THERE" and all she said back was  "enjoy this, it’s a part of the experience.“ She was right. Can I just say I had the sketchiest hotel ever… the reviews online said one time a hooker came to a guys door and flirted with him. ONLY DID I STAY THERE FOR TAYLOR. So we got to the check in and it seemed to be running a bit late so it was like an hour before we got on the buses to go to our location. I met so many amazing people while I was in line and I will never forget those friendships I made. We all thought that we were going to be in Taylor’s apartment, and everyone was kind of nervous because there was 89 people and we didn’t think that we would fit. When we were sitting on the bus waiting to get security told us that we were invited as fan appreciation. He said that we were using someone’s home because they trust us and that ended up being Taylor’s parents house. We had a sing along to to multiple songs on the bus. Thug Story, the bridge of All Too Well, Shake It Off, and more. The film and photo guy recorded us. When we pulled into the house the whole bus shit their pants if we’re being honest. We were all in shock and couldn’t believe it. They lead us to the back of the house and there was a pool, chairs, and TONS of food. There were chicken nuggets and Taylor literally told someone that she knows about the chicken nugget things thats why their were nuggest can we take a moment. When we were eating there was music playing and "Don’t” by Ed Sheeran came on and it made me so happy. After we ate we were lead inside and there were pillows set up on the floor for us all to sit on. The room that we entered through had a really old family photo hanging above the fire place, and there was a red tour lithograph framed. All of my friends and I got in the front and we could not believe that Taylor would be sitting right there. Taylor walked in and I could not believe she was that close to me. I just felt so thankful to be there. Everyone screamed “BECKY!!” and “PRETTY SURE ITS TAYLOR SWIFT” and Taylor screams back “BECKY IS DEAD” and proceeds to say we should take a moment of silence for Becky. So we did. (Becky is never dead she’s back and better than ever, taylorswift you can’t deny it.) Taylor ket recognizing people in the crowd it was so crazy. Taylor explained how she had been stalking us on social media for like 6 months and and invited us all to be there. Taylor had little conversations with people in the crowd (Taylor and I had our moments.) Someone asked Taylor if her phone case had Pegicorns on it and she goes, “if you have to ask if it’s a Pegicorn, then it’s a Pegicorn.” Taylor freaked out because her music app turned sieways and she didn’t know how to fix it it, it was so funny. Taylor told us so about each song on the album. She was so raw and open. I can’t talk about that so please don’t ask questions regarding it! :) The album is unlike anything Taylor has ever put out. It’s not bubblegum pop, and it’s not pop like 22 or IKYWT. All the songs flow together but not in the way that they sound the same. The lyrics are relatable while still being catchy. It is so well produced. Trust me, I am in love with Shake It Off but the rest of the album is SO much better. AND TRUST ME I LOVE SHAKE IT OFF SO THATS A HUGE COMPLIMENT ON TAYLOR’S PART. If you think you’re ready for the album I promise you that you’re not. You might actually go into cardiac arrest because I did. Taylor also played us one of the voice memos that will be on the Target Deluxe edition. It was like a look into her mind and hearing the studio version after the memo was so cool to experience. She said “whatever” and “like” so many times and she had us all count how many times she said it. After Taylor had played us some songs we took an intermission and Taylor said she had to go get some things. I turned around 5 minutes later and she was out in the crowd with trays of cookies that had baked. She ha Chair Tea sugar cookies with Egg Nog frosting and mint dark chocolate chip cookies. She salso made rice krispie treats. Taylor literally handed me a cookie and I asked her what it was and she explained it to me, she was so excited that everyone liked what she made. Taylor let fans hold Olivia (I didn’t see Meredith at all during the event) and Taylor handed Olivia off to a fan while she played the rest of the album. Taylor did her award show dancing in her chair and sang every word. She was so happy and excited about the album and that makes me so happy. After she played the album she put Shake It Off on and immediately started dancing. It was a huge dance party and it was so much fun. Everyone danced and sang along to every word. The lamps and lights were all shaking and her parents thought everything was going to fall over and the floor would cave in. I looked back at Taylor’s parents throughout the listening portion, they looked so proud and Andrea cried at one point. After we had the dance party everyone headed out to the pool area and there was still fod and beverages. We all just hung out where we were all in line to meet Taylor individually. Outside of the doors there was a huge “TS 1989” rug and other friends and myself told Scott it would be a hit merch item and he agree. He’s gonna see what he can do! As my group waited in line for Taylor we talked to Papa Swift and I literally love him so much. He told us about how ever since Taylor was 16 she never turned down meeting a fan. He said she always spends to much time with everyone and that she remembers everyone that she meets. He also told us about The Best Day and I nearly cried. When I was in line I noted that Ed Sheeran’s album Multiply was playing. I smiled so big. When it was my turn I walked up to her and she just embraced me in a huge hug and was like “I’m so glad that you’re here! I loved all your hilarious comments during the session!” I told her I was glad she liked them because I thought she thought I was weird hahaha. We took our picture before we talked more and she asked what we should do. I told her to choose. She sad “Do you want to sit in that chair? No ones done that yet take a seat.” She sat down next to me and had her leg on me and I just couldn’t believe what was happening. We stood up and she was all “I was totally just all on you I’m sorry” and I just wanted to be like NOPE UR OKAY ITS FINE UR FINE ITS GOOD. I told her how I wore a fridge to her concert and she was so happy about it that I understood and loved the song. She goes “Dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light, yeah!” and I smiled so big. We talked more about All Too Well and how she played it at the Grammy’s because she knew how bad we wanted to hear it. She said she was always a little scared people would like it but I reassured her. Taylor was taking a lot of time with everyone so I had to go but we hugged again and I got to tell her everything I had been waiting for. She kept saying thank you and I love you while I told her and cried in her arms. I lost it then. When I hugged her that last time it all really sunk in. I walked out and talked to a guy (not sure who he was) but he asked me about it and he knew I was crying tears of pure joy. I walked outside and saw my friend Amanda and we cried together walking outside. We got merch bags with three shirts, two calendars, and a special keychain from the listening session. We all got back on the buses and I talked to my friends and listen to their stories and I was so happy and content with life. I had never been so genuinely happy before. It was such a magical night and it was everything I could ever ask for and more. Taylor Swift and her team are the most amazing people I have ever met and I am so incredibly honored. I am so stoked for this album and I hope you guys are too. I am so proud of you taylorswift and I will love you endlessly forever and always. 

Some of the side coversations Taylor and I had: 

-Taylor said there was 89 of us and I go “that’s not obvious at all” and she was like “I know right” Who would have guessed?“ 

- She was talking about her dad and I said I was waiting for him to photobomb pictures and she agreed and said "every single time.”

-Taylor was introducing a song and I said that it was going to be my life. Taylor looks at me and goes in front of everyone “are you going through things? Talk later.” TAYLOR We NEVER GOT THAT TALK AND I NEED IT. During that particular song Taylor and I made eye contact and she just made the look at me like “yeah, I feel you.” and then she smiled.

-Taylor was talking about how people think she just writes evil songs and I said “that’s when you sit in your evil lair chair and do that creepy hand thing” and she started doing the hand gesture.

-I said something about heavy breathing and she made the noise and it was so funny 

-I told her that her shirts will never go out of style and she looks at me so shocked that I said that and goes, “THAT’S AMAZING.”

-Taylor just got done playing a song (HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO GOOD SHE STOOD UP FOR HERSELF) and I said “IT GOT REAL” and just goes “IT JUST GOT SO REAL”

-i think my favorite part is where I kept covering part of my face and Taylor just stops talking and goes “ARE YOU OKAY? Do you a nose bleed?? Or is that just how you deal with emotion? It’s cute, I’ve seen you do it a few times.” I was just like “NOPE ITS FINE IM FINE CONTINUE”

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Have Grace and Cal ever met in passing before she left to Andromeda?

“Hey, Ryder!”

Cal lifted a hand to wave as she turned, only to find Becky Li a dozen feet away and covering the rest of the distance at a jog. The young woman’s dark eyes were brilliant in the way Cal knew indicated either intoxication, excitement, or truly juicy gossip.

“You love me, right? Like, a lot? Like, pretty much the most?”

Cal laughed. “Must be some favor you’re about to ask for.”

Becky swatted at her shoulder. “Funny. No. I am doing you a favor. The best favor. You are actually going to die.”

“Of old age? Before you tell me?”

Rolling her eyes, Becky dragged her arm through Cal’s and began dragging her toward rapid transit.


“Nope. You’ve got to wait and see. It’s a surprise.”

Cal was not particularly surprised when Becky’s destination of choice was one of the Citadel’s more swanky bars, though she wasn’t sure she had the credits to buy herself even one cocktail, let alone the number she’d need to keep up with Becky. The bouncer gave them the kind of once-over that promised hell to pay if they didn’t behave themselves. By now, Becky was practically bouncing, half-skipping and half-dragging Cal further into the bar.

“Look!” she said. “Look who the professor’s talking to!”

Cal peered through the crush of people and froze in her tracks. She recognized the professor at once, and his body language told her he was deep into a conversation about the Protheans. He was leaning so far over the table his ass wasn’t even touching his seat.

He was talking to (at?) Commander Fricking Shepard.

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Falling for the Lunatic - Dean Ambrose Fanfic - Finale

 @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch, @actualamyautopsy, @awesome-ambrose-world, @fearlessambrose

Part 9 and Part 1

A/N: Well, here it is y’all. The last part to my Dean Ambrose fanfic. I had so much fun writing this part and I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you so much for all the amazing support and love y’all gave me over this story. Y’all are seriously the sweetest people ever. Big shoutout to @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch​ and @actualamyautopsy​ for all the times y’all messaged me saying how much y’all love my writings, I seriously love y’all so much!! Well without further do, here is the last part!!

*1 Year Later*

I felt a hand rub my back and a soft kiss on my cheek. I smiled to myself knowing it was Dean, but I never opened my eyes and buried my head deeper into the pillows.

“(Y/N). Come on, it’s time to get up baby. We’re going to be late.” Dean softly whispered in my ear.

I groaned as I snuggled closer to his side and laid my head in the crook of his neck. “Mmm, just five more minutes please.”

I heard Dean chuckled as he wrapped his arm around me and stroked my hair. Just as I was finally falling back to sleep, Dean started to wake me up again. “Baby, I know you’re tired but today is SummerSlam. We got to get up.”

I shook my head and whined a no and Dean hummed a yes as he pushed me up into a sitting position. I moved myself so I was sitting on his lap facing him with my legs on each side of him. I rubbed my eyes and stretched. As I slowed opened my eyes, I saw Dean smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” I whispered with sleep still in my voice.

“You always look the most beautiful when you wake up.” He said as he kissed my nose.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his lips to mine. I started to pull of the ends of his hair as I kissed him harder. Dean licked my bottom lip and I opened my mouth and let him take over. I pushed on his chest so I could lay completely on top of him. I started to slowly grind myself on him and I smiled to myself as he let out a moan. Dean placed his hands on my waist and I moved my hands up and down his bare chest.

Once I felt his growing bulge underneath me, I pulled myself off of him and jumped off the bed and walked to the bathroom. “Okay, time to get ready for SummerSlam. Whoo!!”

“What the hell (Y/N)? You can’t do all that sexy shit and just leave me!!”

“Well that what you get for waking me up!” I laughed as quickly closed the bathroom door as Dean made his way quickly over. He started to knocked on the door, repeatedly telling me to open it.

I turned on the shower and laughed. My smile quickly faded as I realized I left all my shower and bathroom supplies in my bag outside. Dean stopped knocking so I guessed he went to get himself ready.

When I opened the door, Dean was standing right in the doorway holding up my bag with an evil smirk. “Forget something.”

He dropped the bag on the ground and pushed his way into the bathroom. He picked me up and I instinctually wrapped my legs around his torso as he roughly kissed me. Never breaking the kiss, he walked us into the shower and pushed me against the wall. Within seconds, our clothes were soaked and our hair was dripping. We only parted our lips as we helped the other take their clothes off, but we were quick to connect back together.

*At SummerSlam*

I was pacing back and forth in Dean’s locker room. I was trying to get my stretches in before my big match that was coming up next. I was up for the Smackdown’s Women’s Championship and I was going against Becky Lynch.

I ran my shaky hands through my hair just as Dean walked through the door with his world heavyweight championship on his shoulder. “Hey, how was your match?” I asked.

“Still champ, you ready for your match?”

“I’m actually really nervous. I mean, yes I’ve had championship matches before, but this time feels so different. It feels like my first match ever.” I was now walking back and forth and shaking my hands really fast.

Dean ran up to me and held my hands down at my sides and pulled my chin up so I was looking into his calming blue eyes. “You’re going to be awesome. You’re going to fucking kill it out there and you’re going to walk out as the new women’s champion. You got this, there is nothing to worry about.”

I nodded my head and kissed his lips quickly as one of the workers poked his head through the door and told me I’m on in less than five. Dean smiled at me and took my still shaking hand and walked me to the gorilla position. He gave me one last kiss before my music hit and I walked out to the screaming crowd. I ran up and down the ramp high-fiving all the fans and slid into the ring.

I was hopping in place stretching my legs as Becky came out. I smiled to myself as I watched my friend make her way down the ring. Once she stepped inside, I started pacing back and forth. The referee took the belt and held it in the air. Once the bell rang, I went start forward and kicked Becky in the gut. She doubled over and I pulled her down into a headlock.

We went at for so long, I think the match has been going on for over 30 minutes and the crowd was on their feet. I had the wind knocked out of me. Becky brought everything she had into this match and I had mad respect. When I found the energy to get back up, Becky grabbed me into a bex-plex and slammed me hard on the mat. She was quick to turn me around on my stomach and pull me into her disarmer finisher. The crowd was going wild and Becky was pulling hard on my arm. I was throwing my head back and forth, screaming in pain. The referee continued to ask me if I wanted to quit, but I always screamed no back. I wasn’t going to leave this ring without that championship. It took all the strength in me to pull myself over to the ropes and hold on. Becky finally let go on my arm and come back to stomp on me. I had tears in my eyes because of the amount pain I was in. But I was quick to blink those tears away and remember one thing Dean taught me, “don’t focus on the pain, focus on the prize”.

Becky pulled me by my injured arm and threw me into a corner hard. I heard Becky scream “straight fire” and I knew exactly what was coming next. As Becky ran at me with full speed, I brought my leg up and drop kicked her hard. She fell to the mat and I quickly made my way up to the top turn buckle and dropped on my weight straight onto her. She turned over holding her stomach. I grabbed her leg and wrapped her ankles around my leg. I bent her arm around and held her in a head lock and pulled. She was screaming, the crowd was cheering, and all my focus was on pulling her head back with all my strength.

But then I heard the bell, and the ref pulled me off Becky and I dropped to my knees as Jojo said “Here’s your winner, and the new Smackdown’s women’s champion, Elena!” I finally let the tears fall down as the ref gave me the championship belt and I held it in the air as the crowd chanted “you deserve it”. I was bent over holding the title tight as the crowds cheers got louder. I looked up and saw Dean walking into the ring clapping and smiling.

I ran straight into his arm and kissed him. “Dean, oh my god! I’m champion!”

“See baby girl, I told you you were going to do it.” He whispered in my ear as he was handed a mic. “Now Chicago, give it up your new Smackdown women’s champion!” The crowd went wild and I smiled and mouthed a thank you. “But there is just one more thing.”

When I turned back to Dean, I had to look down because he went on one knee and took a little black box out of his jacket. I dropped my title as my hands went to my mouth as my jaw dropped and my eyes went huge. The crowded started cheering “holy shit” and I started to get tears in my eyes again.

“Hold on with your cheers guys, I need to tell my girlfriend something.” We both let out a chuckle. “Elena, you know I love you more than anything in this world. I knew from the moment I saw you in Shane’s office that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You’re the first thing I think of when I wake up, you’re the last thing I think of before I go to sleep, you’re the only thing I think of every time I take a step in this ring. I want to spend the rest of my life waking up to the birds nest on your head and watching cartoons to the early hours of the night. You make me such a better man. So (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you please do the honor and marry me?”

By this time, I already had tears falling down. I couldn’t find my voice so I just nodded. Dean smiled as he stood up and placed the ring on my finger. I jumped into his arm and kissed him. I kissed his nose, both his cheeks and pretty much everywhere else. Dean just smiled as he dropped me back down on my feet but kept his arms around my waist.

I pulled on his jacket and kissed him with every ounce of passion and love I had in me. We started to laugh as the crowded cheered the famous “yes” chants.

“I love you so much (Y/N).” Dean said. When I looked up into his piercing blue eyes, I saw love and truth and the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

“I love you too Dean. So so so much.”

Here’s what you missed on Degrassi

Degrassi: Next Class premieres tonight! If you’re a new viewer or haven’t watched in awhile, I’ve come up with a handy recap about everything you need to know about the characters and show to understand the new series. This recap won’t recap the entire series, that would be impossible, but it will tell you about the characters relevant for Next Class

What is Degrassi?

It’s a Canadian TV show that has been alive since the 80s in its various incarnations. We started off with ‘Degrassi Junior High’, then that naturally moved into 'Degrassi High’. The series was rebooted in 2001 with 'Degrassi: The Next Generation’ (TNG), which followed, you guessed it, the next generation of kids. After season 9, all the kids from season 1 of TNG had left, so the show was rebranded as just 'Degrassi’ for season 10. Degrassi was “cancelled” after season 14, but Netflix and the Family Channel picked it up and it was decided to be rebranded again as 'Degrassi: Next Class’.

Basically it’s a high school soap opera. There’s a million characters, they have a reputation for diversity and hitting the “hard” issues, and it’s hard to find Canadian young adults that didn’t grow up with it in some form.

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Let’s hear it for Captain America

Steve was hurting in places he didn’t even know could hurt in his body. There was a new Intel of an operational Hydra base. He didn’t have time to wait for all the avengers. The only ones available at that short notice were Sam and Wanda. Bucky also part of the avengers now was on a mission with Clint.

Part of Steve is terrified to hear Bucky and Clint destroyed an entire country or something as a mission report. Much to his surprise, Bucky and Clint got on like a house on fire. Clint’s “I know what it means more than anyone to have your thoughts taken from you, to be someone’s puppet and been used as a weapon” helped Bucky more than anything.

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Yes M’am

This is for day #2 of @wweximaginesxd October-long Halloween fic challenge. An old request that fits the theme!

Sami Zayn/OC. For Anon: Smut where you’re at a Halloween party as an army lady, and Sami is talking to his bros about you and you are talking to the girls as well. Sami sees AJ walking over to you so he gets pushed towards you.  He walks you to the hotel and does cute stuff like putting his coat over you.

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On the Occasion of my First Swifterversary...

The Taypocalypse. The Taywakening. Birth of a Swiftie. Call it what you will, but it was one year ago today that my trajectory as a music fan - and, truthfully, as a person - was forever altered. When I wrote my fan letter to taylorswift before our show at MetLife I promised myself that if I had not gotten any feedback from her by this date I’d share it here. And I haven’t. She probably never laid eyes on it. Actually, it’s kinda long and not the most interesting Swiftie Origin Story in the world and I wonder if maybe she got a few paragraphs in, had a seizure from the boredom, and then tree-paine came in, found her clutching my letter with her eyes rolled back in her head and said “TAY! GIVE ME THAT THING!” then took it outside and set it on fire. LOL. OK, I’m just being stupid now. Anyhow, without further ado and for your (and perhaps her) dubious enjoyment…

Dearest Taylor,

I want you to know that I’m listening to Red right now loud enough to annoy the neighbors. I went with Red because it’s pretty much the reason I’m sitting here at age forty six writing my first ever fan letter. Although at the rate I’m getting my thoughts in order and putting them down here I’ll probably get through your entire catalog before I finish. Speaking of, in case this gets too wordy and you have to bail on me, let me just get the important part out there up front:

You are my favorite artist in the whole world. I listen to your music constantly. I read everything about you that I can get my hands on. I follow you on Tumblr and hang out with all the other Swifties there. You’ve changed my entire notion of what being a fan of someone could feel like.

Wasn’t always this way. For years I was just a casual fan, something that seems like a ridiculous unforced error in retrospect. I absolutely adored “Love Story” the very first time I heard it - I’m a total romantic doofus so that was right in my wheelhouse thank you very much - and should have started paying attention right there and then. Instead, it wasn’t until years later when I saw you perform “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” at the Grammys that I next thought, wow, she’s really quite tremendous. I actually bought Red right after that Grammys performance but then proceeded to not listen to it for the next eighteen months. I meant to! It was on my To Do list. “WANEGBT” and “22” were on my running mix at least. But the truth is I’d gotten lazy about listening to new music. Part of that was just age, maybe, but I’d also had more than a few experiences where I’d buy an album on the strength of a single or two and then be totally disappointed by the rest of it. Of course, writing that and knowing what I know now about what you pour into each and every song on your albums I could just kick myself.

I finally listened to Red on August 22nd, 2014. I know the exact date because it was my first ever 20-mile run and I have it in my training log. I was working on pacing for an October marathon and wanted to listen to something unfamiliar so I wouldn’t slip into autopilot mode. “Shake It Off” had just debuted so you were on my radar again and I said let’s see what Taylor’s really all about. Was that ever a fateful turn of events. You know that point at two minutes thirty six seconds into “State of Grace” when that extra layer of harmonies or whatever you call it comes in on the second run through the chorus? I think the moment I first experienced that is still sending aftershocks through my brain. That was the exact moment where my metamorphosis from casual fan to full-on Swiftie began. For the next hour or so you just totally schooled me. The speed rush of “Red” and the epic grandeur of “All Too Well”; the adorable playfulness of “Stay Stay Stay” and the utter triumph of “Starlight”. I got to the end that first time through it and thought, damn, there’s not a bad song on that album. (Nailed my pacing too.)

Anyhow, this is already going to be kinda long so here’s the highlight reel of the months between then and now:

Bought all your other albums. Listened to them a lot. Pre-ordered 1989 on Amazon. 1989 comes out. OMG it’s amazing. Started hanging out on Tumblr (@joetsantos). Saw someone say something about “New Romantics”. Wait, there’s a deluxe version of 1989? Buy deluxe version. Buy tickets to see you at MetLife in July. Buy Christmas EP. (So that’s how Silent Night goes. Everyone else is doing it wrong.) Buy 1989 white circle tee during 13 Days of Taylor. (Surprise Gift: Wanted Red Tour hat. Got Red Tour bracelet. The beanie cat on my nightstand wears it proudly.) Did a brutal but exhilarating 25K trail run in honor of your 25th birthday. Listening to you almost exclusively at this point. Departed from a 15-year-long tradition of using pro-sports players for my LAN passwords at work and started using your album titles instead. Named our new parakeet Becky. Saw someone on Tumblr post lyrics from “Come Back… Be Here”. Wait, there’s a deluxe version of Red? Oh, no, does she ALWAYS… OK so now I have two different versions of four of your albums. Tracked down every remaining song of yours I could find. Hanging out on Tumblr All. The. Time. 1989 Tour starts. Swore a blood oath with my Tumblr friend Kay imwonderstruck1989 not to watch or listen to anything before our own shows. She made it to her date in Glasgow. I’m seeing you in four days. Can’t wait. Never been this excited for a show in my life.

I don’t know how to explain the Why of this. I didn’t grow up with you. You never got me through a breakup or a night alone in my room when it seemed like everyone hated me.  I can’t always relate directly to everything you write. But while my story might not match that of your more traditional fans, your music still speaks to me on some deep, elemental level.  I’ve had so many great moments listening to you. Sitting in my cubicle drumming on my desk, bobbing my head and dancing in my chair to “Mean”; the very first time I heard the acoustic version of “State of Grace” and it was like everything else in the world just stopped for five minutes; listening to “Jump Then Fall” as I drive to work and thinking it’s the perfect morning song; rocking out playing air guitar on “How You Get The Girl” to an audience of four parakeets; the very first time I played “You Are In Love” driving up to Boston for Thanksgiving and when you sang the line “He keeps a picture of you in his office downtown” I reached over and grabbed my wife’s hand and felt this wave of emotion roll over me. What can I say? Love is the single biggest thing there is in this life and no other songwriter on the planet captures it and conveys it better than you do.

So thank you for your music. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for never writing a “filler” song in your life. Thank you so much.

Thank you, also, for being an amazing human being. Everything you do for us, your fans, is so far above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. You change peoples’ lives. And the things you say, the advice you give, the way you conduct yourself with such grace, kindness, and professionalism? I might be close to twice your age but I do consider you a role model because of that. (I have your quote about enthusiasm being the best protection printed out and pinned up in my cubicle.) And thank you for your fans! Every day I’m amazed by what a fun, creative, and welcoming community they are.

I have no idea if you’ll ever read this. It doesn’t matter. Had to write it regardless. If you do, though, please know that you have a fan for life. We’ll probably never meet but… well, I had this funny daydream once. You’re 60 and still writing and making music but it’s a totally different phase of your career. You tour smaller, more intimate venues, music halls and whatnot, doing acoustic shows, just you and your guitar. You play some little place here in Connecticut. My wife and I, both in our eighties at that point, go to see you and wait in line patiently after the show for an audience. And at that moment I get to thank you, in person, for all the joy you’ve brought me between now and then. Because I know you will.