and then she goes and takes responsibility for it all

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Andrew and Neil go to an amusement park where Neil gets lost and Andrew *definitely does not* panic and worry, please! You are so amazing!

So like I kind of kept to the prompt??? Amusement park became State Fair, and Andrew and Neil lowkey became all the Foxes??? I’m sorry???

The parking area is already filled to the brim when they arrive. Andrew is pretty sure this doesn’t even count as a parking lot; the large field weighed down by rows upon rows of cars. There are numerous people in reflective yellow jackets using neon orange cones to direct traffic, and Andrew follows the line of cars to the next available spot. Matt’s truck pulls in beside the Maserati, and everyone climbs out, smiles out and wide in anticipation. Families and groups of teens alike weave their way through the cars around them, their chatter and laughter carrying on the breeze. It’s almost enough to drown out the screams and music coming from the Fair.

Despite it only being early October, the air has a chill to it with the sun gone, so the Foxes pull on hoodies and jackets before heading towards the epicentre of excitement. The sky is a pale indigo above their heads, a view stars blotching the inky surface, but the bright flashing lights up ahead are quick to wash them out. With each step closer, the scent of fried dough and spun sugar gets stronger, and seems to fuel the buzz reverberating through the group.

It doesn’t take long to get tickets, and then they’re moving through the entrance gate into the fairgrounds. The lights and sounds are even worse in the mix of things. A cacophony of chaos that grates on Andrew’s nerves and twinges at his temples like the start of a headache. He briefly wonders why he even agreed to come to the State Fair, but he finds he minds a little less when he takes in Neil’s expression. The striker’s face is bright, and his eyes are wide. The start of a smile tugs at the corners of his lips as he whips his head around to take everything in.

“Let me guess,” Andrew starts. “You’ve never been to a State Fair before.”

“Actually, I have,” Neil says. “Crowds like these are a great way to lose someone who’s chasing you.”

“Oh my god; that’s so sad,” Matt chimes in. “You need the full Fair experience, Neil! We’ll start with the Tilt-a-Whirl.”

“The tilt a what?”

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One day, as Sara is scouting out planets from the Tempest’s bridge, she gets a message from her father.

This message simply reads, “Are you dating someone on the Tempest?”

Sara is rightfully taken aback, barks out a shocked laugh, and Kallo and Suvi are very confused. She types back “Where the hell did that come from?”

“Scott and I have a bet. He thinks your not dating anyone, I think you are. Settle the debate please.”

Sara at this point is laughing outright, and manages to relay the message to Kallo and Suvi. She holds up her tool and takes a photo with Kallo in the background, with the caption ‘I have a cute boyfriend and Scott doesn’t HA’

Moments later, Sara gets a message from Scott in all caps; “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

Sara, at this point, is nearly on the floor crying with laughter. Then she gets an idea, an oh so brilliant idea.

She goes over to Suvi and asks for a picture. She sends this picture; “No, you’re right, I have a cute boyfriend AND a cute girlfriend and you don’t.”

The confused responses from her family prompt her to go find Peebee.

Peebee is immediately on board, and they get a picture of Peebee kissing Sara’s cheek to send to them. She sends it, then goes off to find Liam and Jaal, who both bear-hug her for their picture.

Soon she has sent them a picture of everyone on the Tempest. “This is my boyfriend, and my other boyfriend, and oh yeah cora and i are dating too sorry dad” eventually she sends two pictures of Lexi and Drack “and these are our crew mom and crew dad” 

Finally they’ve had enough, and they’re begging for a straight answer. So Sara sends, “Of course I’m dating one of them. But which one?”

Next time they dock at the Nexus, she takes Kallo to meet Alec and Scott. Scott yelled “GOD DAMMIT” the second they walk in; she learns that the two had made a second bet as to which one she was actually dating. Alec had bet on Kallo, Scott had actually bet on Suvi.

It makes for a fantastic story and weeks of teasing at Scott’s expense. 

Right, so now that I have revealed myself to be actual Ladybug trash, time to make this one post that’s been on my mind for a while. If you don’t follow me for Miraculous Ladybug stuff (a.k.a. all my followers) then sorry about this.

So, a big fad throughout the fandom at the moment is giving Miraculouses to the supporting cast, and I am SO BEHIND THIS. It would develop the show beyond the status quo and freshen it up spectacularly across seasons, because if it keeps being a magical girl monster-of-the-week show with wacky antics ad nauseum then I’m going to probably lose interest fairly quickly. Some of the most popular miraculous assignments are Alya receiving the fox miraculous, Nino receiving the turtle miraculous ( @thelastpilot ) and alternatively Lila receiving the real, actual fox miraculous. I’m going to throw my two cents in on what thematically would work with the rest of the show.

First of all, we know three miraculous holders for definite and one for almost definite. Marinette is Ladybug, Adrien is Cat Noir, Master Fu is the unnamed turtle hero and the likelihood is Gabriel is Hawkmoth/Papillon. The thing is, if you look at miraculous holders and their miraculouses, a pattern of character starts emerging.

Let’s start with Marinette.

Marinette is, in short, a clumsy klutz with terrible luck, who normally you wouldn’t trust with giving an ounce of responsibility to – not because she wouldn’t take it seriously, but because she seems totally incompetent. The ladybug miraculous, on the other hand, is the miraculous of luck itself, with the most responsibility of all the miraculouses – and indeed, when Marinette transforms into Ladybug, almost all her clumsiness goes straight out the nearest window and she gains HUGE amounts of responsibility – she’s the one responsible for cleaning up the mess after an Akuma attack. The miraculous is not given to Marinette because she’s the best person for the job – far from it, she acknowledges in the origins episode Alya would be a far better fit. However, what’s important is that she has the capacity to grow into the role of Ladybug – and she well and truly does.

Now, let’s look at Adrien.

Adrien is a rich kid who’s incredibly lucky – he’s had everything fall into his lap from a young age, and has had competence (fencing, multilingualism etc.) drilled into him, at the cost of not being able to loosen up and socialise. His miraculous transforms him into Cat Noir, the poster boy for destruction and bad luck, with a kwami, Plagg, who’s constantly getting himself into the kind of destructive shenanigans you’d expect from Marinette through his own hedonism. See the pattern? Adrien and Marinette both receive the miraculouses that don’t represent them – they represent everything they aren’t – but everything they could be if they developed.

Now let’s look at Master Fu and Gabriel, because they’re a little different, but equally as important.

Master Fu, on the surface, seems like an ideal fit for the turtle in terms of alignment. The turtle in symbolism represents age, wisdom, protection. Master Fu stands for all these things – but Master Fu is a miraculous holder beyond his prime. He is at the end of his development. I have a feeling if we ever saw young Fu, we’d see him as a figure of youthful energy, who just wants to let loose and have fun, possibly even be anti-authoritarian when it comes to adults. This should sound true of another character in the show, and I’ll get back to that.

Gabriel, if everything is hinting at what we think it’s hinting at, however, does not fit the butterfly miraculous at all. The butterfly represents stages of life, and change, moving on, transformation. It’s heavily hinted Gabriel’s wife is dead – at the very least, Hawkmoth/Papillon has Adrien’s mother’s picture in his locket. Hawkmoth/Papillon’s goal now seems to be to attain the miraculouses so he can resurrect his dead wife. He’s not accepting death, and he’s not accepting the creed of his miraculous – he’s rejecting it, twisting it, corrupting it, thus becoming the supervillain who uses his Kwami’s powers against their will.

When a miraculous is granted to an owner, they can choose to learn from it, or reject it. But most importantly, they are granted to people who lack the qualities their miraculouses represent – their character flaws are what the miraculous works to iron out. That being said, let’s look at Lila.

Lila is a compulsive liar. Her Akumatised form is presumably the actual hero that emerges from the fox miraculous – a hero of lies and illusions. This is unhealthy for her – the miraculous isn’t helping her overcome her weaknesses, it’s only accentuating her character flaws. Lila will never grow as a person if she truly becomes Volpina.

So who actually needs secrets, lies and illusions in their life? Well, it’d be someone for whom truth is all-consumingly destructive. Someone whose self-destructive pursuit of the truth puts not only herself, but other people in the line of fire, and whose Akumatised form represents truth at all costs. I’m talking, of course, about Alya.

This is why fox!Alya appeals to me so much – because Alya would be able to learn and grow from the fox miraculous, because it represents traits that she needs to attain. Now, let’s look at the other popular miraculous assignment – turtle!Nino. That thing I mentioned earlier? Here it comes again.

Nino is the epitome of youthful vigour in the show – everything from his style to his DJing to his horribly outdated slang in the English dub (seriously, who the hell is a Totally Radical Dude in the 21st Century!? No-one. No-one is who.) His Akumatised form is Bubbler, a childish clown who tries to exile all adults. If there’s one person in the show who NEEDS the turtle miraculous and its traits of wisdom, age and protection, it’s Nino. This miraculous was MADE for Nino – right down to the outdated slang, providing an added meta bonus to the English dub that Nino becomes a massive allusion to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is why I love fox!Alya and turtle!Nino – because they work thematically with who has already received miraculouses. This begs the question – what happens to Lila?

I’d like to suggest something I think no-one else has thought of. I present, a digression: Peacock!Lila.

Peacocks are about vision, kind-heartedness and integrity – the peacock miraculous represents everything the fox miraculous doesn’t. If Lila became the peacock miraculous hero, she’d learn and develop SO MUCH MORE than if she became Volpina. She’d truly have the redemption and character arc that she needs – she’d learn there are more ways to solve a problem than lies, and that truth can be just as valuable. Likewise, this is why Peacock!Alya would actually be unhealthy for her – because it would only drive her even deeper into her already destructive drive for truth and justice.

This is what I call the Miraculous Character Development Theory. I dunno, it was just a thing that occurred to me.

tl;dr: fox!Alya and turtle!Nino work thematically and so does the rather outlandish peacock!Lila. Sorry this has been a mile long post about a god damn kids’ show. I have… several problems.

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Prompt: Lena calling Kara, Daddy, and it triggers Kara taking her right there in the hallway of her apartment and not even bothering to take her inside.

Rated M for sMut!!

This is the prompt that started it all.

Making this fic for some of my more dirty tumblr prompts! so it may turn into a multi-chap if I feel inspired!

Love Me Harder

Read it on AO3-

Lena has always had a rather … eclectic social media following.

There were those fans who follow her because she’s a Luthor and they expect her to follow in her brother’s footsteps. They’re her least favorite type of fan- all anti-alien and anti-Supergirl; and she makes a point to block them as soon as they show themselves. She doesn’t need that sort of negativity, and neither does Kara. Plus, any sort of contact that reminds her of Lex makes her a little sick to her stomach.

Then there are the fans that have a sort of morbid curiosity about her. Those that are just waiting for her to fall from grace. It’s like her life is a real life reality show that people can’t help but watch.

She opens her Instagram page, eyes widening when she sees the ridiculous amount of notifications.

Ahh, yes - she had added a picture of her and Kara the other day, and there was nothing her fans loved more than a good couple pic.

It isn’t even that ground breading of a picture, they’re eating ice cream for Pete’s sake. But something about the way Kara’s hand is settled possessively around her waist must set people off, because her inbox is full dirty comments, one in particular catching her eye.

“Tell me Lena Luthor doesn’t call Kara Danvers daddy in bed.“

She’s in so much shock that she doesn’t even hear Kara creep up behind her.

“Daddy? Why are they calling me daddy?”

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fic; the rain peasants

standalone; pg-13; fluff; msr ust; missing scene/one bed for the rain king; Mulder and Scully discuss what it’d be like to control the weather.

A/N: My one bed fic! I Can’t Believe It’s Not PWP


“Do you mind the T.V.? I can turn it off.”

“No, I don’t mind. Just keep the volume low, please.”

“You got it.”

Whatever is playing, it’s benign, popular and impersonal – funny, aluminum isn’t his style. Maybe it’s for her benefit? Can’t really share a bed with your coworker and take the edge off with pornography, can you. But maybe Mulder likes sit-coms. Maybe he needs to be told when to laugh. His sense of humor is… growing on her. After six years. But who doesn’t need a little help now and then? Oh, christ. That’s pathetic. He huffs out a laugh beside her, perfectly in time with the tin-can-track, and she knows that at least she isn’t alone. 

“Mulder?” she asks quietly. He goes completely still, and it’s obvious why – there you go again, Scully, getting me alone in cramped quarters and asking me obscenely difficult questions. She does like catching him off guard. There’s something in the way he looks at her when she goes a little nuts – like an x-file, like a mind-melting, course-of-history-changing x-file, and there is something in being that adored. And feared. She enjoys the fear just as much.

However, this is different. This case bothers her, and it ain’t got nothing to do with hicks or being confused for Mulder’s little wife.

“What’s up, Mrs. Mulder?” Tight and nervous. Scully smiles into her pillow. He’s so rarely nervous.

“I’ve been thinking about the case.” 

“It’s about time you took your work seriously.”

“Shut up, Mulder.” She gives him a moment to stop the next asinine comment before it arrives and he manages, just barely. “Let’s say, for the sake of conversation, it is possible for one man to dictate the state of the atmosphere in his little corner of the world.” 

“Okay, Scully. I’ll say that.”

“What if it were you?” she asks. There’s no missing the sincerity in her voice. Mulder may deflect – maybe he’ll make a joke, make some kind of pass, make some kind of obscure reference to a man who really did control the weather, hundreds of years ago, a man who swapped rain for mead and sleet for wool – but it won’t be without guilt. She’s okay with letting him make that choice. “What would the weather be like if your emotions were controlling it?”

A beat passes: he’s considering. The bed sharing makes it more dangerous, but regardless of his response they will wake up spooning in the morning. That’s the way it always happens, and he always freaks out more than her. Had he offered to take the floor this time, though? No. Every other time, yes. But not tonight. 

“Right now?” he asks lowly. “Right now, or in general?”

He’s taking her seriously. It smarts that she’s so pleased. 

“Right now, first,” she decides. She needs to know how much he’s willing to share before she goes all in. 

“Right now… it’d be raining pizza,” he snickers to himself, and Scully loses a sliver of confidence in the both of them. 

“Well,” she replies easily, masking the hurt with her own brand of indifference. “I told you to eat before we got back to the court.” 

“We’ve evolved to stay up past eight p.m., Scully. Nocturnal, diurnal, it all means nothing in our little corner of the world. You forget people live like this.” Silence. “Scully?” She doesn’t reply. 

She’s putting all of her effort into finding some semblance of sleep – you purposefully withheld information from me about this case and now I’m going to have to defend it’s necessity to Kersh without mentioning you actually fucking believe people can make it rain with their mind – when his hand covers her shoulder, a cautious, piddling touch. They really are different in bed. He snatches it back like he’s been burned, but then he replaces it with purpose. 

“I’ll tell you both, Scully.” He tugs on her shoulder when she doesn’t respond. “Roll over. C’mon, Scully.” 

She’s pissed that he’s now somehow made this all seem like his idea, like he’s the one taking the leaps. She rolls over just to glare at him and his face melts into a soft smile at her withering look. 

“I sure am glad you’re not in control of the weather right now.” He pets her nose and lets his body relax in a position mirroring hers, while she fights the urge to bite him. They’re both slightly uncomfortable with the situation, noticeably so, and their hunched backs make them look like parentheses. 

“I’m not sure the cattle industry could take such a devastating financial hit,” she says caustically. His smile widens. It’s sleepy in the light of the television, and easy. Another rare version of Mulder. Sleepy and easy are never words she’d typically use to describe him. 

“Go on, then.” 

“Well, I wasn’t exactly lying about the pizza. I’m starving. I have tears in my eyes.”

“I have some granola bars,” she offers kindly. A shadow falls over his face. 

“The ones with the flax seeds? God, no.” Relaxing again, his voice turns contemplative, both dreamy and a little dismal.  “But in general? I can’t really tell you, Scully. I’d assume it’d be very much like the rest of me.”


“You could say that,” he says dryly, looking away from her. A moment of silence, then: “Sometimes I could probably upend whole towns.”

I don’t think you have it in you, Scully thinks. Her face remains impassive when he grows theatrical, too loud and too convinced of his own hilarity in the middle of the night. 

“I could lift roads from the ground, Scully. Municipal buildings would crumble – I’d have to work up to the state legislature. There would be ice, there would be rain …” he pauses. “Maybe not fire.”

Gently, “Because of your fear?”

“No, not that.” He shakes his head. “I’m just not very good at rebuilding from scratch.” Perhaps that was too personal, because he flippantly amends: “But who among us is? I don’t think we’re made for it.”

People create life every day – they have babies, build houses, tear down governments, hoist them back up. It’s a never-ending cycle of starting anew; controlled burns are a way of life. But Scully recognizes that might be too literal an answer to what he’s suggesting.

He shoots a look at her, but she’s shifted on her back to stare at the television. The middle-aged white male lead is drinking a beer.

“But who knows how long that would last? Years, maybe minutes.” He turns and watches with her. A woman yells at her husband. Ha!Ha!Ha!

He continues while watching. “I guess that’s the frightening part. Most of us can just feel without inserting too much meaning into it all. But Holman Hardt spends each day in a hellish atmospheric vacuum of his own creation, cowering under the force of his own fragile emotional state.” 

“While other people are suffering,” Scully adds. “And he can’t do a thing to stop it.” 

Mulder lets out an amused rush of air. “We should become motivational life coaches. I’m feeling the power.” 

“You aren’t like that all the time,” Scully says, a little fiercely. He’s okay sometimes. He doesn’t hurt all the time. “You’re not always so… tumultuous. You’re fine right now.” 

They both turn to look at each other. “No,” he says. “I’m not like that all the time.” 

She’s quiet. He prods, “Okay, Scully, spill. What about you?”

“Right now, or in general?”

He repeats her words back to her. “Right now, first.” 

“I’m not sure my answers would be all that different,” she admits. This is what scares her. It’s not possible for one man to control the weather – and how very lucky they are that this is so – but if it were her… “Right now, or in general.” 

What little impact she’d have on the world. The realization depresses the hell out of her. What Mulder described: heart shaped ice cubes? Rose petals? Cows catapulting through court windows? Men cannot control the weather – human bodies cannot even withstand certain atmospheric pressures, let alone bend them to their will – but… where’s her creativity? When did she start feeling this way: not at all?

“That… does not seem right,” Mulder says. He’s itching to prove her wrong already.

“There have been some–” Scully pauses to choose her words carefully. “Difficult. There have been some difficult moments in the last few years of my life.” Mulder snorts derisively, more at himself than at her. “In all of the years of my life, Mulder, just like anyone else.” 

She wonders what he imagines her like, dictating the weather with her moods. There are probably more cows. What kind of storm encapsulates the strength of her eye rolling? Damn, is it easy to make herself annoyed with Mulder when she tries. How could you think of me like that?

“What would it be like?” he asks softly, eyeing her with genuine interest. She’s almost embarrassed to tell him. In the face of Fox Mulder’s lifelong battle against emotional terrorism, she feels positively virginal. She stares at his nose pressed into his inner elbow. 

“It would be pleasant,” she says to it. She doesn’t feel the need for elaboration, but his lips twitch. 

“You always this good at small talk? How about this weather we’re having.” His joke is teasingly sweet. It’s different from before, somehow. 

“It’d be pleasant because I don’t think I could let it be anything else.” 

They’re quiet for a bit. Neither of them know what the weather’s like outside. It’s chilly in their room, in the way all motel rooms are chilly. 

“If anyone had the ability to control the weather, Scully,” he says to the television, “and I mean really, really control it, so that humanity would be better off for having it… it’d be you.”

In the bed in the dark in the light of the T.V. in the hick town where everyone sleeps at eight p.m. where it hasn’t rained in forever where no one has luck in love, Mulder moves a little closer to her. So that their shoulders touch, so that their backs are ramrod straight, so that Scully’s assertion at not being nervous about this becomes a bold-faced lie. 

Valentines day with the v3 cast!

lets just ignore the fact that its march whoops 

Also this took be 3 hours to type ugh


  • he buys you flowers, chocolates and a stuffed bear 
  • he spend the entire day with you, doing everything you ask
  • he’s very flustered the whole day, complimenting you every chance he can get 
  • No!hat!
  • he takes you out to a restaurant for dinner 
  • he insists that you get anything you want, he’ll pay for it all!
  • he gives you a very fancy necklace at the end of the night 
  • cute bushy kisses afterwards
  • you decide how long it lasts ^


  • she’s pretty new to this, so she does the basics, chocolates and flowers 
  • She invites you to stay the night!
  • so you two are in your pj’s when she offers to get you something to drink
  • about a minute late you hear the sound of a cup smashing
  • you rush down and she’s standing beside a broken mug, the contents spilled over the floor
  • she starts apologizing, she lost her balance and then her hand slipped and then-
  • you calm her down and help her clean up, insisting that its fine! It happens!
  • she plays the piano afterwards, to calm you two down
  • She shyly kisses you before you two go to sleep
  • she’s curled against you when you wake up


  • He takes you to one of those science center things that has stuff about 
  • he’s so excited to show you everything !
  • you better have lots of energy, he’s not leaving for at least 3 hours
  • he buys you a necklace as well
  • you two take the bus home, your head on his shoulder 
  • its so warm, and he gives you his jacket for protection
  • afterwards you two go home and end up ordering take-out 
  • he buys you a heart necklace
  • it has glitter in it, making it look like your looking into the milky-way.
  • You two crash when you get home, exhausted 
  • he curls you in his arms,planting a kiss on your head
  • Happy valentines. 


  • She isn’t quite sure what to do today
  • she lets you decide, shes happy as long as your happy
  • you eventually decide for a walk by the lake, and dinner 
  • She gives you a bouquet of flowers; they’re roses
  • She flushes when you ask her to hold hands 
  • you two cook dinner together
  • the entire experience is very normal, but it’s lovely all the same 
  • She reminds you that she loves you at the end of the day, placing a kiss on your lips


  • He tells you to close your eyes
  • he drives you to a building
  • when you open your eyes again, he’s dressed up and your in a candle-lit room. 
  • he shows you to your seat, across from him.
  • and then the food starts to come 
  • course upon course of fine dishes, and they don’t stop coming 
  • after you two have eaten, he takes your hand and you two dance.
  • he tells you how radiant you look
  • your swinging in his arms, as the last note plays out he finally gets down to the main course
  • getting on his knee
  • “S/o, You are the most divine creature I have set eyes on, will you make allow me the honor to marry you?”


  • …….
  • WeLL
  • you wont get this unless SOMEONE ASKS
  • on the other hand, she’d give you a nice choker as a gift 


  • wants to make you very happy today
  • so you come home…
  • “Ah! S/o! close your eyes!”
  • He leads you upstairs and tells you to open your eyes
  • surprise! 
  • there’s a blanket spread out on the floor, lots of pillows, a wrapped present and…. is that a scrapbook?
  • yes, yes it is 
  • you two make a scrapbook about you two, gotna’s prepared refreshments and offers a movie if you get bored!
  • its very fun!
  • he makes you open the gift, its a small pin of a butterfly.
  • you thank him with a gentle kiss


  • She puts weeks into her plan
  • finally the day comes 
  • the sits you down, making sure your very comfy
  • and then the show begins 
  • BAM 
  • streamers fly and glitter flies through the air as banners fall into place 
  • and the show begins 
  • she’s moving everywhere, pulling a dove from her hat and then turning it into a flower and then the flower is flying in the air..
  • so much is happening, and its breathtaking 
  • at the very end, she walks over to you and takes out a box
  • she wishes you a happy valentines day, before collapsing, exhausted 
  • after she rests, she asks if you liked it
  • you kiss her on the forehead
  • “ It was splendid.”


  • if you want to, he’d let you decide what to do
  • drive-in movie? drive-in movie 
  • he gets you popcorn and soda and you two relax
  • romance movies are too cheesy
  • so you two are watching some horror film
  • you’ve got your shirt pulled up past your nose when the jump scare happens 
  • you just weren’t expecting him to scream that high
  • in actuality, its a normal scream, but for his vocal cords its high 
  • you two make eye contact for one second 
  • and then you cant hold in your laughter, popcorn is going everywhere but that doesn’t matter.
  • you have to cheer him up afterwards 
  • you don’t ever let him fully live it down


  • shes so excited! 
  • she paints you a special picture to show her love 
  • she’ll even make a statue of you if she gets the chance!
  • lots and lots of kisses today 
  • she’d be so happy if you two made dinner together
  • there’s avocados 
  • she almost goes through he roof when you get her something 
  • shes!just!so!happy!
  • get ready for another round of kisses


  • he’s shows up to escort you two, dressed as well as a robot can be 
  • he’s constantly blushing the same color so when you gently take his hand your afraid that he’s going to overheat 
  • the date goes well! And the food is really good!
  • so you two return home..
  • he tells you to go look in your bedroom
  • ………
  • kiibo whAT
  • he explains that he couldn’t decide what gift to get…
  • so he got them all
  • good luck eating all that, s/o


  • what of course Tenko has a plan, she’s a responsible woman who knows how to treat her s/o right 
  • internally, shes p a n i c k i n g
  • what if you don’t like her gift? what if you hate her afterwards?
  • she so scared that she wakes up early because of nerves
  • she’s pacing the kitchen floor by the time you come down 
  • “Tenko, its 4 in the morn-”
  •   poor girl
  • she finally gives you the present, a cute little charm with a tiny bell on it
  • she’s stuttering about how it will match the one she has so you and her could be a matching couple 
  • you tell her its perfect
  • she blushes and says her thanks, placing  kiss on your lips


  • he’s been disappearing the past week for a couple of hours
  • you don’t really confront it because honestly your intrested on what he’s going to do.
  • so finally valentines day is here…
  • Amami doesn’t mention anything all day, he gives you a present but thats at
  • and then you two head out for dinner.
  • And then you get a look at the place
  • lanterns, fine table cloths, waiters and people ready at your every comand
  • its like you two are royalty 
  • the food is divine and there’s live music and everything is in a deep red color which just makes you fall deeper and deeper in love withe the boy
  • whe you two are alone, he cradles your face and slowly kisses you, wraping his hands in your hair, by your waist, pressing closer and closer to you
  • its up to you what happens next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • happy valentines day s/o ;)


  • you decide to do all the cleaning, and cooking for the day!
  • she gives you a kiss of thanks when returns home
  • you offer her a bath and she graciously accepts 
  • she tells you to join her, and who are you to deny her?
  • So your sitting naked with your lover also naked now
  • she’s 100% calm
  • internally she’s panicking
  • You wash eachother’s hair and wait until the water gets cold to get out
  •  you have her cosy pj’s laid out for her! new ones!
  • you serve dinner and force her to sit still because she will get up if you don’t keep your eye on her 
  • and then she brings up that she bought a pet…
  • she what
  • he did not 
  • oh my goD SHE DID YES SHE DID 
  • lots of kisses for her! 
  • she explains that while they do shead, at least it can be kept in a certin area
  • and its like you two are parents now!
  •  you thank her sosoosos much 
  • happy valentines day!


  • oh no
  • oh no no no
  • don’t get me started 
  • he’ll pretend he doesn’t know what day it is, the majority of the day is him complaining on why theres more couples outside than usual
  • your about to think that he forgot about it completely when he takes you out 
  • your blindfolded, and are just relying on him to guide you
  • you get there in one piece thankfully 
  • you and him are watching a movie, in his.. private? living room?
  • he’s got everything you could possibly need, chips, cookies etc.
  • so when the movie ends, its dead silent 
  • and then he slithers behind you, whispering in your ear
  • you two have been together for some time now…
  • so now might be a nice chance to start…. doing it
  • he of course is stuttering slightly and is clutching onto to tightly 
  • so… when you say yes….
  • he laughs, and carries into the other room 
  • no one is going to bed early tonight 


  • she makes special clothes for you two! its a special day !
  • sweet walks in the park, and nice dinners at the local resturant, you two make the very best of the day 
  • you and her go shopping and critique a movie, and go feed birds
  • all in one day!
  • so when you get home your wiped
  • the bed is oh-so soft and fuzzy
  • your about to drift off to sleep when you hear her clear her throat 
  • you give a tired glance in her direction and bolt right up 
  • shes in loungerie
  • she made it herself 
  • you’re babbling and she’s blushing from head to toe
  • and now you can see very curve of her body, every hair that stands on end
  • and hell if she doesn’t look stunning 
  • she explains that she doesn’t intend to do anything explicit… she just wanted to surprise you
  • well you’re definitely surprised 
  • you sleep close to her, for warmth as exhaustion takes over 
  • happy valentines!



I absolutely love how this bit of the conversation plays out too, though. The panel zooms all the way out for Kurogane’s questions, because that’s as close as we’re going to get. WE don’t get to see the concern on Kurogane’s face when he asks about Tomoyo’s well-being, because those don’t belong to us yet. Those are still private things for Kurogane, and only these specific circumstances are letting him properly voice them. 

And the way Piffle Tomoyo chooses to reply isn’t with any guarantees of her safety, because it was a year ago, and Kurogane would see through any empty assurances in a heartbeat. Tomoyo knows what this moment means, so she’s completely and utterly honest in a way that still stays true to what he wants to hear: she looked happy - or more specifically, she enjoyed herself the most when she was talking about him. AND KUROGANE EXPECTS THAT SHE WAS TROLLING HIM BECAUSE HE KNOWS HER VERY WELL, but that wasn’t the case, and instead he gets a compliment he was never expecting. 

Tomoyo sent him away on this journey very abruptly without giving him any chance to adjust to the reasons WHY she was sending him away. But here Kurogane gets the message that she wasn’t just banishing him outright or doing it out of spite, but because she truly believes in him and thinks he will grow into a truer and stronger version of himself. 

Which is what he always wanted in his own misguided way. He wanted strength, which he equated with murder at the time. But now Tomoyo has not only given him the path to true strength, but she honestly believes that he can achieve it the proper way, and that was a vote of confidence he might not have been expecting. 



On top of HIS Tomoyo’s care and belief and her gift of putting him in the position to achieve what he always wanted (but had fallen out of sync with), Piffle Tomoyo goes back and addresses her original question. Kurogane’s wound. 

And this time Kurogane doesn’t deflect or resist. He accepts Tomoyo’s gentle comfort. 

That in itself is a huge step, but it’s a metaphor in itself. The entire thing is a mirror.

Piffle Tomoyo hurt Kurogane physically - but she’s taking responsibility, providing him the comfort that only she can, and encouraging him to heal.

Kurogane’s Tomoyo did the same thing, but on a much larger scale. She hurt him emotionally - which, because this is Kurogane, is a very hard thing to gauge in the first place (and this in itseld is reflected through his refusal to take off the glove or admit that he was hurt). 

(But we know it does.) 

And through Piffle Tomoyo’s words, his Tomoyo is reaching back out to him. She’s accepting responsibility for what she did by sending him away, but she’s providing the kind of comfort that could ONLY come from her. 

More than all of that, she wants him to heal. 

And at the core of it all, that’s what Kurogane’s journey has been about right from the very start.

And now he might actually begin to do it. 

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Can you do something where Harry has a father/daughter moment with Lily Luna? Like maybe she gets in a fight and he gives her some fatherly advice?

A/N: On a roll!  But this is probably the end of the roll because school work etc now ha!  There’s always next weekend though.  I tried very hard to be parental in this fic but I’m not a parent so grain of salt hehe

Also available on FF and Ao3!


Harry’s hanging his cloak when Ginny’s arms wrap around him from behind and she presses a kiss to his shoulder.  “Our daughter came home with a black eye today.”

He tamps down on the shock of distress that shoots down his spine at Ginny’s laughing tone.  If she’s joking it can’t be that bad.  “All better?”

Ginny hums against his back. “Aye.  Can’t say the same for the other fellow.”

“Cage matches at the kiddie park now?” Harry asks, turning to wrap his arms around her waist and leaning back against the deep wood of the door.

If he listens closely, Albus and James’ voices trickle out of the living room, debating some show they’re watching on the telly, but it sounds like two of his children aren’t feeling violent today so he refocuses.  “Are we going to have a parent issue?  With the other kid?”

They move to the kitchen where the smell of roast chicken is strong enough to make Harry’s mouth water and Ginny smirks at him as he snatches a still warm roll from the covered basket she has waiting for dinner.  “Mum sent those over.  Knows we’ve had a busy week and those are your favorites.”

He moans in approval. “She’s getting an extra Christmas gift this year.”

Ginny laughs as she prods the green beans where they’re boiling on the stovetop.  “To answer your question, no problem with the parents. Since their kid punched too they decided to be reasonable people and we all just left.”

“She gets this from your family.”

“Do you really want to go there, Potter?” Ginny drawls, sharpening the carving knife and putting it far from the reach of grabby hands.

“Touché,” Harry answers with a smirk that turns to a frown when Ginny slaps his hand away from the rolls. “Do we know what started the row?”

Pausing as she pulls the dishes from the cabinets, Ginny shrugs.  “She was pretty tight lipped on the way home.  Wanted to leave her for a bit.  I did say no dessert though.”

Harry kisses her cheek as he passes, moving toward the stairs.  “I’ll be back in time for dinner.”

Waving her understanding, Ginny calls out, “Twenty minutes!  And no shoes in the bedrooms!”

Boots abandoned in the entryway, Harry jogs up the stairs, laughing faces following him from behind picture frames as he goes.  He pulls a face at the miniature George that sticks his tongue out but schools his features once he reaches Lily’s door.  It’s remarkably bare, save the Harpies lanyard that dangles from the knob.

With two short knocks, Harry announces his entry and peeks through the partially opened door. “Anybody in there?”

Lily’s curled up on her side, back to him, but he can tell from her breathing pattern she’s still awake. It’s one of those weird parent things he never really believed would happen to him, but he’s somehow memorized each of his children’s breathing patterns – he knows how they breath when they’re awake, asleep, sick, angry. And that’s what his youngest is right now.  Angry.

“Can I come in Sprite?”

She twists around and nods ever so slightly, ears red like her uncle’s. 

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Harry enters the room and settles on the bed behind her, fingers carding through her trademark Weasley red hair.  “Alright?”

An answer comes in the form of a jerky shoulder shrug, but he presses on nonetheless.  “Heard you had an exciting day at the park.”

“She was makin’ fun of Al.”

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Can we please talk about Eva? Because the girl is rad and she would never, ever exist in American TV without it becoming an after-school-special.

She is the lead despite all her flaws:

- She is constantly struggling school (and how often do you see a female main character struggling school? Usually never!). But she is NOT dumb. 

- She is a partygirl, who likes to drink and hook up and have One-Night-Stands. Imagine one episode of Eva on Glee… I am getting nightmares just thinking about it.

- She got together with Jonas under very dubious circumstances and gave everything up to be with him. Despite that they clearly loved each other and it is obvious they just met when they were still way too young and immature. And they are ALLOWED to break-up without it becoming yet another annoying “Ross and Rachel”.

- She has a strained relationship with her Mom, because she is so much absent. 

And yet this girl just rocks! 

Jonas tells her to find new friends? She goes out and somehow manages to collect this random number of girls and they become THE Squad. 

She is taking responsibility about her mistakes and talks to those she hurt! And yet the show also doesn’t turn back the time. Eva and Ingrid talked, but the friendship that once was that is over. And it is okay. 

She loves life and she is enjoying it. And hallelujah - it is nice to see a teenage girl that drinks and parties and isn’t immediately crucified for it.

She takes incentive. I never, ever would turn up at a party all by myself, knowing full well most people don’t want me there. That takes courage! And she does because Eva is awesome. 

She puts herself first, realizes she has to break-up with Jonas and what follows is one of the most mature and beautiful and saddening break-ups ever shot and I may shed a tear or two. 

And last but not least: Lisa really is one of the most underrated actresses on the show, because she lives and breathes Eva.

Conclusion: this girl is AWESOME and deserves sooooooooooo much love. 

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To those people who love saying Clarke wasn’t herself in s3 and stayed away from Arkadia to avoid her responsibilities and not have to deal with her people, this is literally her timeline:

  1. Runs away, then is taken to Polis by Roan (so she was running away from her responsibilities for ONE episode, and only because she thought everything was fine and dandy at Arkadia);
  2. Makes Skaikru part of the Coalition, becomes Skaikru Ambassador (presence in Polis mandatory);
  3. Asks for revenge for her clan (presence in Polis mandatory);
  4. Saves Lexa from dying, and therefore salvages Skaikru’s role in the Coalition (presence in Polis mandatory);
  5. Takes Nia’s body to Arkadia, finds the 300 murdered warriors;
  6. Goes to Arkadia to talk to Bellamy, is fooled and arrested, has to flee (or else Pike would arrest her and all hope of revolution would be lost);
  7. Convinces Lexa not to kill Skaikru;
  8. Goes back to performing ambassadorial duties, to show Skaikru are still an active member of the Coalition (presence in Polis mandatory);
  9. [Skaikru fuck up again] Pleads with Lexa to give Arkadia time to overtake Pike (presence in Polis mandatory);
  10. [Lexa enforces blockade with kill order, offers Clarke sanctuary] (presence in Polis optional) CLARKE CHOOSES TO GO BACK TO ARKADIA AND REFUSES TO AVOID HER RESPONSIBILITIES.
RFA+Saeran & V Drunk

A special thanks to @actualobsessivetrash for helping me come up with the idea. :) 


  • Everything in drinking is a first for him 
  • Likes sweeter drinks but tries to keep up with the other members
  • When he get’s drunk he’s super bubbly and excited
  • Has more confidence to talk to girls and thinks he’s super smooth
  • Gets hit on by both guys and girls who try to take him home
  • Passes out in the car or as soon as he gets home


  • Waaaaayyyy too into himself
  • Looks into a mirror and starts hitting on his reflection 
  • “Do you have a name or can I call you ‘mine’?” *winks*
  • Challenges Jumin in any competition   
  • Thinks he’s invincible and will hug Elizabeth the Third
  • It doesn’t end well…


  • Can drink with the best of them 
  • Is even more honest than usual 
  • “And you know what? Fuck cat fur and your couch!” *drops invisible mic in front of Jumin* 
  • Will not remember putting money in the waist band of Zen’s pants
  • Tries to explain logically why she isn’t drunk when she definitely is 


  • Wine keeps him calm 
  • But break out the harder stuff and he’s a new man
  • Has a tendency to strip
  • “Jumin put your pants back on!” 
  • Drunk Jumin takes the most gorgeous selfies
  • At some point him and Zen are trying to decide who would be a better stripper and get on top of the bar


  • This motherfucker right here is always up to no good
  • His only goal is to get everybody else drunk
  • So spiking some punch is up his alley
  • Is notorious for trying to kiss anyone, “The Kissing Bandit” 
  • Also joins Zen and Jumin’s competitions (usually pulls Yoosung, Jaehee, and Saeran in too)
  • Laughs uncontrollably until he falls over 


  • Suddenly becomes super smooth 
  • Has a flock of people surround him to try and take him home
  • Very laid back
  • Will deny he is drunk at every turn though and is still sassy
  • However, every bar/club he goes to a fight breaks out? But he’s never around when security shows?
  • Psh, weird, am I right? 


  • Announces when he is drunk 
  • Will stop drinking when he realizes he is drunk 
  • Will remember EVERYTHING
  • Is still the most responsible person and tries to make sure everyone is ok at all times
  • “Yoosung, this isn’t a track field stop running around!” 
  • “Zen, that nice girl was not hitting on your reflection she was hitting on you.” 
  • “Jaehee, licking your elbow is impressive but doesn’t prove you’re not drunk.” 
  • “Jumin?! Why are there dollar bills in your underwear?!”
  • “Saeyoung stop pretending like you see a mistle toe it is JULY.” 
  • *holding back Saeran* “He apologized for bumping into you! It was an accident!” *looks at the other guy* “Run! I can’t hold him back for long!” 

~the next morning~

  • V wakes up passed out on the couch shirtless while everyone else is already awake and eating. 
  • “Well good morning sleepy head,” Saeyoung greets. 
  • “You really lost control last night,” Yoosung comments. 
  • Saeran nodded. “I didn’t think you had it in you to try and punch that guy who bumped into you.” 
  • “Passed out on the couch like an animal,” Jaehee added. 
  • “Why do I suddenly feel insulted by that statement?” Jumin thought aloud.
  • Zen sipped some coffee, “Could you please put some clothes on V.” 
  • V just pinched the bridge of his nose. “I hate all of you, so much.” 
Robin’s Nest: Part 13

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 11820

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

     “If you keep scrubbing like that, your hands are going to be raw.”

     Biting the inside of your cheek, you look up to meet your husband’s eyes. You remove your hands from the soapy water and carefully dry them. As soon as you set the towel down Bruce takes your hands and starts rubbing lotion on them.

    You sit in silence as he does it. When he’s done he doesn’t let go, he gives them a small squeeze, and says: “You haven’t sterilized the kitchen in the middle of the night since before the twins were born.”

     You give him a small smile, “The kitchen looked a little dirty.”

     Bruce just smirks, “Don’t let Alfred hear you say that.” There’s another moment of silence before he asks: “What’s going on sweetheart?”

      You don’t answer right away. You run a hand through your hair, bite your lip, and fidget a bit in your chair. Of course Bruce sees right through you. Knocking your knee with his own, he gives you a small smile of encouragement. Taking a deep breath, you give in, “I got them to open up a bit.”

     “The boys?”

     You nod, “Yeah. Did you know they’ve all lost their parents? Or that Jason actually died? And your relationship with Dick is non-existent. And have you seen the bags under Tim’s eyes? Apparently he survives on coffee! And Damian, apparently Talia is his mother. Talia! She raised him with the League of Assassins! Terry, Terry didn’t say a word. And then there’s you! You just grow old and alone, and you don’t let anyone in and Bruce…”

       That’s when the tears start to fall. Bruce’s arms wrap around you a second later. He pulls you into his lap, and holds you close. He runs his fingers through your hair, and kisses your forehead, but he doesn’t say anything. He lets you cry; he lets you cry for those boys who never knew another mother.

     Boys who had grown up guarded and more interested in fighting crime than playing sports. You cry for Bruce, for a man who was terrified to lose another person he loved. The last thing you remember is Bruce assuring you that your family won’t end up like that.

       When you wake up the next morning you find yourself alone in bed. While that’s not particularly unusual, it is somewhat strange considering it’s a school day and you have seven children, one who is an infant who has yet to sleep through the night.

       A bit reluctantly, you get out of bed and make your way downstairs. The first thing that hits your ears is Terry’s hungry fussing. The panicked conversation is the next thing to hit your ears.

      “Dude, it is literally you in infant form, use the bond and get him to stop crying!”

     “What Bond?”

     “The bond you have with your other selves!”

     “That is literally the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard.”

     Taking that as your cue, you move into the room. The way their eyes follow you make you a little uneasy, but you have a baby to take care of. Scooping Terry out of his high chair, you bounce him for a few minutes and the crying diminishes into a whimper. Moving around the kitchen, you prepare the formula and you wait.

     Once you have Terry drinking his bottle, you level your gaze on the somewhat stunned looking young men in your kitchen.

     “Why are you watching the baby?”

      There’s a moment of silence before a much older Dick finally says: “Your Bruce asked if we could watch him until you woke up. He said you’d had a bit of a rough night and needed the sleep.”

      “And you said yes?”

       Damian scoffs, “Obviously.”

      You level the preteen with your best mom look, and take the small amount of satisfaction that comes with him looking away first. Readjusting Terry, you ask: “Have any of you taken care of an infant before?”

       Dick is the one to answer, “Children yes, infants no.”

        You smile, “And of course Bruce wouldn’t check on that.”

        In a somewhat surprised voice, Tim asks: “He wouldn’t?”

      You shake your head and begin heading into the living room. “No, he wouldn’t. Our older boys all have experience with dealing with newborns.”

     “They do?”

     You laugh a bit before setting Terry down in his pack and play. “Seven kids remember? Not to mention he probably forgot that today is Alfred’s grocery shopping day.”

      “I’m sorry, Bruce forgot?”

        Your smile widens, and then it fades, “Things really are different where you come from. Speaking of which, where are my husband’s counterparts?”

      Grown Terry, who’s simply been watching you this whole time simply says: “In the cave, where else?”

      Nodding, you simply smile and say: “I’m going to make breakfast; do you boys want anything?”

     To be honest you don’t expect anyone to take you up on it, when Terry and Jason do you can’t help but smile.

     No one says anything as you assemble a breakfast. When you finally slide plates full of food in front of them, they give you polite thank you’s and you watch as they dig in. You nibble on your own food, and study the young men in front of you. You study the way Jason’s body language says ‘Do not approach,’ you study the way Terry is more open than any of the others. He smiles, but doesn’t make eye contact.

     More than once you find your eyes sliding between grown Terry and baby Terry.

      When all the food is gone, the boys insist on cleaning up. You try to argue, but they simply scoop the dishes away. You watch them for another minute as you scoop baby Terry up into your arms.

       And as you bounce your youngest, you realize something very important. Terry and Jason don’t know each other. Their body language is that of total alertness and waiting for the other shoe to drop, as though an attack will come out of nowhere.

     As Terry begins to fuss again, you walk out of the kitchen and up the nursery. You change his diaper and put him in a fresh onesie before sitting down in the rocking chair. It’s the same chair you’ve had since Dick was born. The thing had seen more babies than most, and it had rocked more than its fair share to sleep.

     You read to Terry as you rock him, something you’ve done with all your children. You keep your voice light and airy, and he’s asleep before you finish the book. You can’t bring yourself to put him in his crib though, and instead you snuggle him a bit closer and continue to rock him.

      The sound of the door gently opening breaks you out of your thoughts, and you smile as a grown Terry slips in through the door. He doesn’t say anything, he just sits on the floor in front of you and watches. After several moments you ask: “Is there something you need to talk about?”

        His eyes flicker to the baby and you smile, “Speak softly and you won’t wake him. He’s a fairly sound sleeper, he just doesn’t do it for long.”

         Terry just smiles, “I just want you to know, my life wasn’t like the others’.”

          You raise an eyebrow in question, but you don’t interrupt. “My dad, well who I thought was my dad, died when I was young, and that left me mad, but then I found Bruce. And well, he is my dad, my birth dad . . “

           You smile, “Don’t worry, complicated is a common theme around here.”

           Terry just smiles and relaxes a bit more, “I had my mom growing up. She isn’t you obviously, but she’s a good woman. I also had my little brother, Max. I was well loved and, after hearing everybody’s stories, apparently very lucky.”

           “That doesn’t make your pain any less you know.” He just stares at you in surprise. “Bruce and I lost our parents around the same age. His experience was much more graphic than my own, so I didn’t like to talk about it, and one day he told me that, and it was like the weight of the world lifted. Loss is loss, Terry; we all have the right to mourn. It’s what we do afterwards that matters.”

           Terry gives you a sad smile, “I promise I won’t leave him alone. I’ll stay with him ‘till the end. He’s my dad after all.”

           “And what about you?”

           When that silly little smile takes over his face you know whatever he has to say is good. Running a hand through his hair he finally says: “I have a fiancé, Dana. She knows everything, promises she can take care of herself, but sometimes I wonder . ..”

           Your response is automatic, “Trust her. Trust yourself.”

           Terry smirks, “Is that all there is to it?”

           You scoff, “Not at all. Bruce and I have a designated date night. No superheroing allowed. He usually calls in someone from the League to go out with Dick, while Jason runs the computers. If they call him in, we know it’s serious and then he goes. We also have a set of rules set up, one of which is that either of us can pull the plug on Batman if we feel it’s getting in the way of our family.”

           Terry just stares at you for a minute before asking: “You think he would really go through with it?”

           Smiling, you finally stand. You ease baby Terry into the crib before kneeling in front of his grown counterpart, “The suit doesn’t make the man Terry, and it certainly shouldn’t define him. You do good work, but you can’t save everybody. Knowing that and accepting that is the first step to realizing there is a life beyond the suit.”

           Standing up, you offer him a hand, and he takes it. Quietly you guide him out of the nursery and down the stairs. He stays near you for the rest of the day. The others flit in and out, never staying near you for too long.

           When baby Terry wakes up, his cries sound through the entire house. Before you can even stand up, the other Terry beats you to it and simply says: “It’s good practice, right?”

           You just smile and plop back down. Not five minutes later the front door slams open and you can hear your children filtering in. Smiling, you go to welcome them. You receive your customary hugs from everyone including Wally, who had tagged along, and just as you’re about to ask about their days you hear someone say Wally’s name.

           Turning, you find the eighteen-year-old version of Dick staring at the boy with a look of wonder and sadness, and you know, then and there, that you have to help these boys in some way before they go back.


Tony Stark and Wanda Maximoff have in common many life-changing events, most notably the creation of Ultron. However, they react to these occurrences in completely different ways. Here’s a quick analysis of their actions and reactions after the events they have in common :

1)      Getting hit by a Stark Industries mortar shell:

TONY: Has his chest filled with shrapnel. Is tortured by terrorists by means of invasive surgery without anesthesia, followed by waterboarding. Sulks for five minutes. Talks for another five minutes to Yinsen and that’s all he needs to convince himself to fight back. Rises from the ashes. Becomes Iron Man. IMMEDIATELY shuts down weapon manufacturing upon his return home. Ultimately kills Obadiah Stane, who was probably the one who sold the bomb that killed Wanda’s parents to the people who fired it.

WANDA: Loses her parents. Becomes homeless. Becomes a rage-fueled rebel. Vows revenge on the man who owns the factory that built the shell that destroyed her house, but not on the people who fired said shell. Joins HYDRA, a secret Nazi death cult. Lets HYDRA experiment on her to be able to fight Iron Man. Is finally presented with the chance to kill Tony but instead messes with his mind, making him create Ultron. Joins Ultron when HYDRA is defeated.

2)      Parents death:

TONY: Thinks it was an accident. Mourns only his mother, because his father was always a dick to him. Tries to cope, but fails. Becomes a party guy and ginormous asshole as a defense mechanism… until Afghanistan happens. Always tries to make his father proud despite their strained relationship. Meets the man Howard would never shut up about during his childhood, who immediately dislikes him. Is willing to put their differences aside for the greater good on more than one occasion. Finds out in the worst way possible his parents’ death wasn’t an accident. Understandably loses his shit. Tries to avenge them by killing ONE MAN, who… well, is clearly their assassin, despite Rogers yelling “It wasn’t him, Tony!” (It was, brainwashed or not. There’s video proof of that). Also finds out that Cap knew the truth and never told him. Is beaten to a pulp by a supersoldier. Receives a letter from said supersoldier which deserves a place in the Guinness World record as the worst apology ever conceived in the history of mankind. Is still willing to help his former “friend” by subtly telling Ross to fuck off.

WANDA: Is scarred for life by the event (fine, I would be too, but wait before you judge). Grows to hate Tony Stark. Vows revenge (see above). Plans her revenge on the wrong man for something like fifteen years. Grows to hate the other Avengers by association. Decides she not only wants Tony Stark dead, but also all the people he holds dear. Forces Tony to create Ultron instead of killing him. Joins Ultron, whose crimes and other horrible actions she is totally FINE WITH as long as she gets to see the Avengers burn. Understands the errors of her ways upon finding out Ultron’s plan involves Armageddon (big shocker, even Loki or Red Skull would have jumped ship at that point). Decides to join Captain America, but not before warning him that Stark is the real bad guy in all of this… despite her actions being the primary cause for the whole mess.

3)      Creating Ultron:

TONY: Loses JARVIS, the most constant presence in his life for God knows how many years. Sulks. Nearly has a hysteric attack. Takes the blame from everybody (Thor even gets physical) despite only being a tool in Wanda’s hands. Tries to reason with them and justify his actions. Doesn’t tell anyone of the Scarlet Witch-induced hallucination that was his main motive. Doesn’t EVER blame Wanda, not even once. Goes to work to try and fight off Ultron. Sulks with Fury. Keeps trying to fix a mess that is only partly, and indirectly, his. Finds out JARVIS is still alive. Is willing to sacrifice JARVIS to create Vision in order to eliminate Ultron once and for all. Creates Vision. Is willing to sacrifice himself to stop the meteor city in Sokovia. Feels responsible for all the destruction Ultron caused. Retires from the Avengers, with Captain America being the ONLY ONE to wave him goodbye. Takes the blame for the death of Charles Spencer without uttering a single word. Signs the Accords because he wants to be held accountable.

WANDA: Is, without question or shadow of doubt, the real responsible for Ultron’s existence. Is never blamed by anyone. Immediately joins Ultron because he sees him as the instrument of Tony’s demise. Fights with him in Africa. Storms the U-GIN facility in Seoul with him. Finds out his true intentions. Runs away instead of fighting him. Takes her sweet time before joining Captain America into fighting Ultron (and in the meantime Black Widow is kidnapped). Still thinks Tony is the only one responsible. Tries to stop Tony from building the only thing that can stop Ultron, and that also happens to be her future boyfriend. Joins the Avengers only because otherwise the world would end. Half assedly fights Ultron. Understands she’s at least partly guilty (Boy that took long enough) and crawls in a fetal position until Hawkeye talks her out of it. Is trusted with keeping Ultron away from the meteor’s core. Goes off to destroy Ultron Prime, abandoning the core and allowing another Ultron to activate it (Dammit Wanda, you had ONE JOB!). Formally joins the Avengers without anyone questioning, because “poor girl, she was angry and misguided and she just lost her brother”. Is conflicted when the Accords are presented to her despite wanting Tony to answer for his actions (actually his company’s actions, or more probably Stane’s actions). Ultimately goes for the “fuck accountability” line of thought. Keeps prancing around and basking in her supposed moral high ground despite having caused every major disaster in the Avengers’ lives since Project Insight.

4)      Sokovia Accords:

TONY: Agrees to be held accountable for his mistakes. Immediately signs the Accords. Goes with Ross to Avengers facility to try and reason with the others. Confines Wanda to the facility but tries to make it as comfortable as possible for her, even leaving Vision to keep her company. Tries to be the mediator and the voice of reason. Bends over backwards trying to find a middle ground that Rogers would at least hear out. Convinces Ross to let him try to bring Team Cap in after Barnes goes haywire. Is double-crossed by Romanoff. Almost loses his best friend. Doesn’t frame Romanoff. Admits he was wrong to not listen to Steve as soon as he finds evidence of Barnes’ innocence in the Vienna bombing. Takes all the shit Barton, Lang and Wilson throw at him in stride, being considered the only responsible for their imprisonment in the Raft (Ever heard of something called “preventive detention”, guys? What did you expect, a suite at the Hilton?). Immediately goes against the Accords to try and help his “friend”. Ultimately gets his ass handed to him by said “friend” as a result. Moves on trying to fix Rhodey. Doesn’t frame Team Cap. Doesn’t try to get a rematch when given the chance. Basically tells Ross to go fuck himself.

WANDA: Is unsure she should renounce to her independence despite blowing up a building full of people not a month earlier. Reluctantly accepts being held in the facility… until Barton arrives. Talks with Barton for TEN SECONDS and immediately changes her mind. Wastes Vision. Escapes. Joins team Cap. Fights Team Iron Man no holds barred (“you were pulling your punches”). Gets imprisoned. Scowls at the security cams with a murder face as if they were in the wrong and she was in the right. Gets busted out by Rogers. Is granted asylum in Wakanda. Never pays for her part in the events of Leipzig. Or Lagos. Or Sokovia. Or Seoul. Or Johannesburg.

5)      Blame:

TONY: Is blamed for even existing. Never fights back. Only tries to explain his motivations. Always does all he can to make up for his mistakes.

WANDA: Is never blamed. Never apologizes, EVER, to ANYONE, about ANYTHING. Only apologizes to Vision - after he apologizes first - and only because she has the hots for him. Never does anything to make things right.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Hello :) could you do RFA (including V and Saeran) teaching MC Korean :)

Hey Anon (^v^) This ask is so unique are you by any chance Korean? Just curious! No matter where you’re from, we love you and thank you for your support! I may have gotten too carried away in my content but still, hope you’ll like it! Love, Mod Yoo.

Fem!MC could be someone of other nationality or a Korean “dong-po” (diaspora in English) born and bred in a foreign land (where English is their main language) outside of Korea where she grew up as an orphan. Under special yet personal circumstances, she returned to Korea wanting to start anew in her home country. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where to start: clueless to her native language, doesn’t have any acquaintances. A member of a cult (from which its leader’s intent is to cripple the entire RFA) led MC to a seemingly deceased RFA leader’s secret apartment. MC was told that the accommodation will remain free-of-charge as long as the unit’s upkeep is maintained.

***Start imagining that each of the MM character is the only one fluent in both the English Language and Korean Language, in their respective canons. Each one of them will get MC to attempt at translating (note: she could always use internet, but we all know how accurate they turn out.) a sentence after they mastered the basics (some of them get surprised by MC instead). Assuming that V tasks the character-in-canon (excluding unknown) to manage the invites with MC, and the other RFA members will be helping her to pull through her 1st party.***

(p/s I’m no Korean language expert, please don’t penalise me and instead enlighten me if I made any mistakes. ^^;”)

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The Ultimate Mistake

REQUESTED – “Could you please write a imagine where y/n and justin are fighting and justin slaps her in the heat of the moment and you can continue from there”

He promised her tonight would be different. No distractions, no interruptions, just her and him, celebrating the conclusion of another successful tour. She knew she was stupid to believe him, to believe that this time would be any different than all the other times he promised “alone time”, and yet here she was, sitting on the same black leather barstool for the last three hours, alone in a crowded nightclub, with her fourth, lime green, ‘Midori Sour’ in between her ring covered fingers. Her eyes hatefully were fixed on the picture perfect couple before her, sensually dancing to a familiar pop song she couldn’t quite put her finger on; he had his large tattooed arms wrapped around her small, petite body, his lips nibbling at the tanned skin along her neck, and all Y/N could think about while she sipped on her strong alcoholic drink, was how hours before, his lips had been doing that to her, in more intimate places.

“He’s an asshole,” The bartender, Ryan- his name tag read, says as he places another full drink in front of the girl who had captured his attention since she walked through the nightclub doors. He had seen her come in with the others, clinging to the arm of a perky lime green haired girl, he recognized as Kylie Jenner, the two dancing and giggling as they weaved their way through the crowd to the VIP section. Justin and Selena had followed closely behind them, Justin’s eyes seeming to never leave the back of Y/N in the deliciously skin tight, black, lace-up, body-con dress that stuck to her like it was meant to be there. “Gomez, man, she’s not even that pretty.” Ryan continues, a stunning grin taking over his lips as he leans against the bar, his eyes meeting Y/N’s slightly glossy bright blue eyes. His comment, although sweet, was untruthful, and neither of them were naïve enough to deny that: Selena Gomez was stunning, as she always had been, and thanks to her recent break up with Abel a.k.a the ‘Weeknd’, her bright red revenge dress was easy to pull attention.

“Oh, so you’re a bartender and a comedian, cute.” Y/N retorts, laughing slightly at his useless comment to make her feel better as she downs the rest of the drink in her hands and starts on the next one he placed before her. She had to admit Ryan was cute, with his perfectly styled bleach blonde hair and his strong jawline she noticed tightened when he was interested in something, but she had a blonde of her own, even if he was being a cotton headed bitch ass, and no one has ever had her heart like he did.

“I thought Jelena was done anyways.” Ryan said, continuing to clean the crystal clear wine glass in his hand, hanging it up on the rack, his eyes never leaving hers. Y/N rolls her eyes at the immature ship name, focusing on a strand of her perfectly curled blonde hair that she twists and untwists around her perfectly manicured pointer finger.

“They are.” She replies back almost instantly. “They were.” Y/N corrects, glancing over her shoulder once again to see Justin whispering something in Selena’s pierced ear and watching the girl in his arms laugh as if it’s the funniest thing she’s ever heard.

Ryan watches as Y/N’s body cringes in response to the intimate gesture of the couple in front of her, no matter how hard she tries, it’s clear that the way the two hold each other bothers who, and he can only imagine the empty promises he had spoken to the girl Ryan would kill to make smile again. When Y/N’s eyes travel back to his, a lifeless smile pulls on her red lips as she takes another sip of her drink, tapping the home button on her iPhone 7 to check the time. He catches a selfie of her and Justin as her home screen before the screen goes black again. “Why don’t you go cut in? Show her why he’s been with you all this time.” Ryan says, although the statement pains him, knowing it would hurt to see her dancing with another guy when he wanted it so badly to be him.

Y/N laughs in response. He had no idea who Justin was, or who she was, for that matter. The relationship between the two of them was almost impossible for anyone but themselves to understand, and honestly, she liked it that way. “You don’t get it,” she spits without thinking about what she’s saying. “Justin’s not “with” anyone. Just because he’s fucking me doesn’t mean he wants anything more from me.” Ryan flinches at her blunt words, wishing he could take the pain away from this wonderful stranger that just walked into his life. He knew guys like Justin all too well, hell, he had been one himself, and knowing that only made him hate Justin more. The two sat in a comfortable silence, Y/N drowning her sorrows in alcohol, Ryan thinking of ways to not go over and punch Bieber in the face, and as he dropped his dish towel onto the counter before him, signaling for one of his employees to take over his spot, he pulls the glass from Y/N’s hands. “Hey!”

“Dance with me,” Ryan states, pushing a blonde strand of her hair from her eyes. From the corner of his eye, Ryan can see Justin’s attention perking up, his eyes following Ryan’s hand as it falls slowly down Y/N’s bare arm.

“Dance with you? Don’t you have work to do?” Y/N says, although dancing with Ryan seems more appealing then she lets on. Ryan chuckles, shaking his head as he runs a hand through his hair and jumps up on the counter, sliding over to the other side and landing on his feet just a few inches to Y/N’s right.

“I guess that’s the perks of owning the bar.” Ryan shrugs grabbing Y/N’s hand and pulling her to the dance floor. In that moment, laughter escaping from her lips, Y/N is happy for the first time tonight and she willingly allows Ryan to pull her to the dance floor, positioning them in the middle of the sweating and grinding bodies around them. Ryan steps behind Y/N’ pulling her body to his, and it takes her only a second to fall into the beat of ‘One Dance’  by ‘Drake’, her hips swaying perfectly against his. Y/N smiles, enjoying the feeling of being wanted by someone as Ryan’s hands roam her body, but the feeling last for only a moment before her arm is being pinched by a strong muscular hand and she is roughly pulled away from Ryan’s warm inviting body.

Justin, from across the dance floor, grew furious on the spot, pushing Selena’s arms off his body and ignoring her protests as he pushes through the crowded nightclub, his eyes fixed on Y/N and the arms of another man intimately around her. He knew he had been a jerk, ignoring her all night for Selena after he promised tonight would be different, but he had gotten so caught up in his feelings for her, he had forgotten the girl that had fought so hard to fix him for the last six months. “Justin, stop!” Y/N calls, as he drags her through the dance floor, his eyes glued to the back entrance that he knew led to an alleyway as Y/N clawed at his fingers digging into her arm. “Justin!” she cries again as they finally reach the door, rage lining his vision. His heart was racing, his palm sweating, how dare she just fall into the arms of another man when one night doesn’t go her way. “Justin stop, your hurting me.” Y/N says, causing Justin to hault in his steps and turn to face Y/N, her blue eyes shimmering with tears. Carefully he releases her arm watching as Y/N takes a deep breath and pushes past him, exiting through the door and not once looking back to see if he had followed.

“What the fuck was that?” Justin growls once the two of them are outside the nightclub, the loud music faint in the distance as Y/N rests her back against the brick building, rolling her eyes at Justin’s anger. “Are you sleeping with that asshole?” Justin asks, hating but ignoring the jealous side of him that began to rear its head. Y/N’s jaw drops in shock at his words. She knew that Justin was jealous, he always had been, but his words hurt to know that he thought she could just easily sleep with whoever sparked an interest in her.

“Of course not, Justin. How can you even say that? The only asshole I’m sleeping with here is fucking you!” Y/N yells, unable to control the pent up anger she’s felt all night long. “You promised tonight would be different, you promised she wouldn’t be here, you promise and you lied. I should have known I couldn’t trust you, how could I even think I would be a thought in your mind when your head is shoved so far up Selena’s ass that you can’t even think for yourself!” Before he or she knew it, Justin’s hand collided with Y/N’s cheek. He wanted to blame the alcohol, or the fact that he knew deep down Y/N danced with that other guy to make him upset, but he couldn’t deny that it had been his fault. He had made the ultimate mistake and there was no going back.

Y/N stumbled back, her left hand clutching her cheek as she looked into Justin’s eyes, tears immediately starting to fall. She had never seen him like this before, eyes black, the emotion on his face one she couldn’t recognize, and as he saw the tears fall down her cheeks, streaking her mascara she had worked so hard to perfect, his heart fell into his stomach. Justin reached out for her, wanting to do nothing but apologize for what he had done. “Baby, I’m so sor-”

“No.” Y/N said, shaking her head as Justin continued to reach for her. “No!” she screamed, so loud she thought she might strain a vocal cord. “Don’t touch me. Don’t you dare fucking touch me.” She cried, backing up away from him as quickly as she could. “You will never get to do this to me again, you will never hit me again.” She mumbled, but couldn’t decide if it was to him or herself. Tears began to fall from his own eyes as Y/N turned her back on him and began jogging down the alley way, her hair flying out behind her, and the worst part? He stood and watched her go, not taking a single step to stop her.

- I hope you guys like this imagine!! Please let me know your thoughts, leave me any comments, and request request request, love you all so much!

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What happened with Glynda's VA?

Edit: Sometime when I was asleep, Glynda’s VA deleted her twitter and so all of the links have been broken. However, someone on Reddit was nice enough to screenshot the whole ordeal and you can find it here in an imgur album.

Ok, yeah, so this is a whole thing. 

As people know, last year during the Lettergate Scandal Kathleen Zuelch (voice of Glynda and Tex) was one of the people that was openly supporting Shane in the matter, and a lot of people were wondering whether or not this was putting her roles in jeopardy or not. In addition, she’s said some things about Barb which got her in hot water with RT in the past. 

Skip forward to yesterday, International Woman’s Day. A couple of the founders of RT (Burnie and Matt specifically) were posting about it on Twitter, and she began throwing shade as responses to all of them. That alone isn’t so bad, but it goes deeper. She’s accused Ashley Jenkins of only having her position at the Know on account of being engaged to Burnie

When people started calling her out for this, she started to take a generally passive-aggressive approach or was downright rude to them, so it’s very safe to say that she’s kissed her job goodbye. 

Barb’s responded to the tweets on her personal tumblr as well. 

give me a velma with insecurities, a velma who has a hard time connecting with people, who fears she isn’t liked by the gang because she doesn’t get the jokes quickly, a velma who is a no-nonsense person and yet who’d be the first to crack a joke when one of her friends is sad, who watches out for them, makes sure they have every little thing they need, watches out for their allergies, has spare tampons on her for daphne and makes sure the food they’ll eat is something they like. give me a velma who cares so much about her friends she doesn’t know how to put it down in words and yet crafts things for them every christmas, who calls her friends’ parents to assure them that everything is going alright when the gang forgets about it, who reminds them about their relatives’ birthdays, and sends a card herself when they forget to do it, on whom all the responsibility falls, the person being blamed when shit goes wrong.

give me a daphne who was never credited for being resourceful, whom people saw as a rich, pretty girl with little to offer to anybody, a daphne who would go to the end of the world for her friends, who does little things for them, like being ridiculous and uplifting their spiritis, who takes them all around the world, who doesn’t go anywhere without them, who is the glue that holds the team together and who cares little about being the damsle in distress when she can slay the dragon by hersel, thank you very much.  give me a daphne who cares little about what others think, who fights everybody who objectifies her, who knocks out anybody who has something bad to say about her friends, who comes up with all these fun activities for the gang to do in their spare time and who gets super excitied about all these little things, and is a convinced feminist, fighting for every little social change.

give me a fred, who all his life, was thought of as that stereotypical jock, big muscles, small brain, and who is the brain of the operation, the one who comes with all these genius traps and plans to catch the bad boys, who remembers all the little stuff about his team mates, who makes sure nobody is left behind and looks after them. give me a fred who is the big brother of the team, who fears showing weakness and who’s there when they need him, who cares about their safety and believes in them, who gives them pep talks when they need one, who sleeps the last to ensure the safety of his gangmates, who checks the machine over and over again to be 100% sure nothing goes wrong, who takes it upon himself when they get hurt.

give me a shaggy who was excluded all of his life for being carefree, for having a dog for a best friend, who was taunted and bullied for not doing anything without scooby, who fought with his parents about it, who notices every little thing about his team mates, who’s sensible and doesn’t joke about the stuff he knows will affect the others, who will swallow his fear once any of the gang are in danger. give me a shaggy who’s the first to jump into fight when somebody is hurt, who takes on the bullies whenever he can, give me a shaggy who’s imaginary world cannot be without the gang, who does his damn best to get the others’ mind away from all the supernatural crap and remind them that at their core, they’re still teenagers.

give me a scooby who all his life was ignored, who was a circus attracting, whose opinions never matter, who comes to all the others when they’re sad and lies his head on them and listens, who promises the others to watch the door when they’re having nightmares after a particularly scary mystery, who is there for them and the one who’s most affected by the fights taking place, because this is his family, this is the place where he belongs. give me a scooby who is like a mother, who’d give his heart and life for his friends, who, when walking around and spots something shiny or pretty, takes it back and gives them to his friends, who collects all these pretty stones and ends up making the girls’ a necklace and who ends up making friendship bracelets, who hurts everytime he realises there are some things he cannot do with his friends because he’s a dog.

just give me the gang as badass best friends, children who take on the world and break every gender roles, stereotypes and boxes and who are there for each other.

Sneak Peek of Scenarios :)


Millionaire’s club (Nichkhun Smut)

Millionaire’s of Asia gather for one night to gamble and search for unforgetable fortune. The only thing was they both were gambling, without having millions. A russian roulette game of truth and false. A seductive and steamy night, soul searching with cash.


Waiting (Jin Smut-Fluff)

Waiting was Jin’s middle name. No matter how long he had to wait for her. He’d sit alone at that bar, patiently waiting for her. Even though she’d managed to use him, whenever her boyfriend was out of town.

Ocean Away (Jimin Fluff-Smut)

“Silver lining.” were the last words he managed to say before laying himself down on the small bridge. The warmth of the sun rays ensured something great ahead. Little did he knew that silver lining, was somewhere ocean aways. Jimin didn’t believe in fate nor supersitions, but their she was.

Late Night (Jungkook Fluff-Smut)

He’d watch her from his window. Stare at her long black hair, slim tight figure, the cuteness in her giggle, the way she’d managed to almost trip over anything. What starts as a late night of gazing and admiring, would be a test of desire and neccestites, especially when he notices a shadowy figure following her.

Last (V Fluff-Smut)

“Last time.” echoed through her mind. Didn’t matter how many times she’d shake it off. The tears would fall, as if everything ate at her. Did the last time mean a forever goodbye? Taehyung was torn in emotions, and his emotions caused a distance, an invisble barrier that forbaid entrance.


Lonelist Hour (Fluff-Smut)

Relationships werent easy for him. Especially with a painful past with previous lovers. Chanyeol knew maybe love would never come knocking down his door. With no current on-going schedules, he decides a get away to his summer house would pre-occupy his time. What starts off a great vacation idea, leads to an unexpected guest breaking into his house. Or that’s what he considers it. 

Moment (Chanyeol Fluff-Smut)

This was a moment of truth. Chanyeol watched from a far the women in the skin tight black dress. She flouted her way towards him, sipping on the last drops of chamagne before walking towards her. Reaching to kiss her hand, notcing the big diamond ring, smiling before greeting her, “Hello Mrs. Park.” kissing his future wife’s lips. As people cheered them on, Chanyeol couldn’t believe this moment, especially with you by his side. 

To You (Chanyeol Smut-Fluff)

What started off as a horrible day at work, family feud, and her relationship. The best way to get rid of all those sorrows, was to go drinking. What starts off as a casual drink, leads to a binge. Where she reunites with an ex she never imagined to see again.

Neighbor (Sehun Smut-Fluff)

He was loud, a basic playboy, noisy, flirt, asshole, jerk, but at the end of the day he was perfect. As much as she could hate on him, she secretly admired him. Especially when her electricity is accidentlally cut off by the elctric company. She’s forced to find refugee in his house. Where of course he can’t help but admire her, especially when rooming with her. All goes well until they both see each others most weridest habits.

Wanting More (Sehun Smut)

She wanted more, he wanted less. Sex was much more complicated now that Sehun wanted to share more loving moments. But of course no was not just a response you’d take. Testing Sehun’s urges and fantasies, would all be put to the test. 


Coffee (Chanwoo Comedy & Fluff)

Coffee was just not coffee for Chanwoo. Especially when Chanwoo wanted to see the cute barista, that he even applied for the premium membership. She noticed his shy appearance and is the first to ask him out. Especially when Chanwoo learns hard online how to make her favorite drink.

Views (Chanwoo Smut)

This was far from a relationship, a waiting game meant for childish couples. Especially when being in a relationship with Chanwoo. The relationship felt too forced, especially since you two saw each other as last options.

Living With You (Hanbin Fluff-Comedy)

He sat in the center of his now pink themed apartment and regretted renting out his spare room to her. But as much as he sat in horror, he admired her effort and the way she tested his patiens. The more the two disagreed and bickered, he’d see so much love in his eyes for her. She was a random stranger that opened his heart to the name of love.

Instagram (Hanbin Fluff-Smut)

Hanbin meets a girl up from instagram. What starts as secret love, blows into post beyond imaginable.

Re-tell (Junhoe Fluff-Smut)

She stood infront of everybody from her university. Not only did she recieve great feedback from her blog while overseas, she was going to get her expierence written into a book. The more she looked at the slides of her previous love with an idol. Junhoe wasn’t just her first boyfriend but her closest friend. While studing overseas, Junhoe brought her into a world unknown.

Replay (Junhoe Fluff)

After falling asleep on his way to the dorm on the bus. Junhoe wakes up to the sound of music fadly playing. Noticing the ipod and headphones, he’d see his band’s song playing. Turning the ipod over to notice a name engraved in it. Taking the same bus everyday hoping to find it’s owner, until one rainy night. 

Aqurium (Junhoe Smut)

iKON has just finished wrapping up its last fan meeting at Lotte Mall. While waiting for Junhoe to finish up his event, you walk around the mall buying couple of shirts and othe accessories. Junhoe eventually catches up with you, and the two of you enjoy a date together. But after seeing the aquarium is closed Junhoe convinces you to sneak in with him. What leads into a sneak in, leads to making love under the sea.

Take It Slow (Yunhyeong Fluff- Smut)

Love was about taking it slow, the more he waited the more his feelings couldn’t be hidden. Yunhyeong knew you were the one, especially the way he’d come home, with his mouth acing from all the smiling he did. But the more he waited for that perfect moment, he saw the small distance between the two of you. It was either now or never for you two.


Holidays (Jihun Smut)

Jihun wanted the holidays to be dedicated to you two, but when he’s stuck with the members for a holiday recording. After he wraps up his recording, Jihun is welcomed back to his room with a special present for Christmas. 

Contract (Youjin Smut)

A steamy 19+ photshoot, that leads to something more seductive. Youjin couldn’t help the urge of exploring more of your body, especially the way you glared back at him in eagerness. 

Perfect (Jihun Smut)

Perfection existed in him. Especially when he made the right moves. Jihun swept your heart away during each performance. Tonight was going to be the first day you would seduce him. Jihun never wanted to have sex so early in a relationship. But it would all change that night. 

Librarian (Youjin Smut)

He was a librarian that all the girls had crushes on, maybe that was the reason you got into reading books all of a sudden. Although he was quiet and reserved, you were determined to make him talk to you. What starts off as a silly crush develops into a date at the library during closing time, where shows you his bad boy side, that turns you on.

Shower (Seungjun Smut)

YNB Entertainment is undergoing construction, leaving some of the members to fled to hotels or stay with close relatives in the area. Suggesting to Seungjun to stay over while the building is under renovation. Hoping to get up and personal with your loving boyfriend. Seungjun gladly agrees and brings his things over to your place. Although he spends his time eating, watching anime and movies, you take the first move to get more intimate with him. Removing his clothes off after his shower.

Online (Jihun Smut-fluff)

Swiping left and right started getting annoying. It seemed like every guy in the city was either a pervert or had too much baggage. While looking through other dating profiles, you find a guy under the username J_Hun, with no photos to prove he was a human being or alien. You message him for a meet up, which he gladly agrees to. What starts off as a message leads to an unforgettable night with a kpop idol looking for a normal life away from the media.

Monsta X

Cook In (Kihyun Fluff-Smut)

A special cook in with your boyfriend Kihyun. Although he managed to pick up many recipes he pulled out of books, and google. Their he was trying his best to impress you once more. Kihyun’s effort ws his speciality. But that wasn’t just the reason he wanted to cook for you. 

Around (I.M Fluff)

Shaking him lightly, watching as his body slowly tilted off the chair, quickly reating, lifting him back onto the chair. Pushing his body back onto the chair, wiping the small sweat of your forehead. Debating the next move, taking off your sweater, laying it ontop of him. Before smiling at his fast asleep face. H’d managed to fall asleep through all the commotion and noise. Dimming the lights off before heading up stairs. Luckily for her, the cafe was downstairs. Little did she know that I.M was more than just a person but an idol. 

Lotte World (Hyungwon Fluff-Smut)

Blind dates were overreated especially when your best friend was the worse match maker. She managed to score the better looking guy, while you landed mr. jerk. It was bad enough you were dragged,  and the date was going horrible already. But what topped it all was being stuck on the ferris wheel with him.

Stranger (Smut-Fluff)

"Who are you?” his voice was faint as he stared at her with an eyebrow raised. She swallowed the fear in her throat and sighed. The more he anticipated an answer, the more he looked at his terminal. Helping her up before looking around, gripping her hand, before throwing a sweater over her. He was going to sneak her out of the country somewhow someway. 

Sweater (Shownu Fluff)

Pushing the two of you against the wall, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. His heart beating so rapidly as he carefully looked around. His mysterious character made it hard to distigush. The boldness in his brown eyes, the way they made your heart flutter. He glanced down at you, “I need your sweater.” It was a very demanding tone. Taking off your sweater, as he exchanged his with yours. He thanked you before running away.

Star (Jooheon Fluff)

Fluff, Jooheon Monsta X, u r famous youtube singer he’s been fanboying over . One day you vlog about moving to korea. With that he tried to call you to hangout together, with that you both deliver feeling to each other. The ending is up to u adminnim.

Sing To Me (Jooheon Fluff)

Adminnim can i request a fluff with jooheon where you both idols, he’s your faboy. And the company told both of you to work on a song together. When you got to record the song, his lyrics is all about confessing to you. End with dating maybe? Hehe.


AD (Taeyong Fluff) 

Taeyong found it embarrasing that he still lived with his parents despite his career. Yeah he would visit from time to time, but that all would change. With his parents renting out a spare room to a young university student. Taeyong finds himself rushing home everyday after activities to be there. I guess being at home wasn’t too bad.

Glances (Johnny Fluff-Comedy)

With their plane delayed, Johnny finds himself stuck at the airport longer than expected. Noticing her from across the room, he decided it was best to make some type of friend to spend the time with. What starts off as a fight for a mistaken luggage would lead to an unimaginable friendship and date.

Radio (Taeyong Fluff-Smut)

NCT/ SM Rookes make a special appearance at your local high school, and make you in-charge of interviewing the boys for the schools local podcast. hoping to encourage more students to listen to it. With over 2,000 tuning in for the interview, would lead to a an unexpected hookup. Tayeong hints his interest in you from the very beginning, making you question it. Asking for his number first, inviting him on a date leads to something very questionable.

Luv (Johnny Fluff-Smut)

"Luv me till you can’t anymore. No matter if the hours, and distance with us becomes longer. Remember the effort we made to make it all come true.” Glancing around the room, where he dedicated a wall to photos of each other, tickets, a world map of places he’d be in and for how long. Johnny was more than loved, he managed to be a big part of your word.

Young Forever (Taeyong Fluff-Smut)

“Young Love” follows NCT member/leader Taeyong, and his relationship with a non-idol. with so much negativity in his life from his previous mistakes and past, it seems like his girlfriend is the only one who accepts his every flaw and perfection. escaping from his idol life for a couple days, and secretly living in his girlfriends house, Taeyong finds comfort in her sweet love. A young love he would always appreciate.

Gone (Ten Smut)

She caught a glimpse of him across at the other terminal. He saw her and quickly turned away, avoiding eye contact. It seemed that after 4 years apart and broken up, would result into coming to Korea again. Especially when he made her leave.

Chances (Ten Fluff)

Ten’s enjoying his day off without the screams and annoyance of his members. As he cruises around the mall sipping on some boba, he catches glimpse of a girl through the glass window. Stopping and completely admiring her every move, as she notices someone staring from the corner of her eyes. She turns and looks at the boy string back at her, Ten tense up and freezes, quickly trying to hide the embarrassment. What starts off as a simple glance, leads to a day off Ten could ever dream of. A day with a complete stranger who was just as bubbly as he was.

Just Hold On (Ten Fluff-Smut)

"Just hold on it’s worth it.” he said before kissing your lips one last time before heading into the glass building. Biting your lip nervously as he waved goodbye.


Join (Yuto Fluff)

Yuto secretly signs himself up for a 2 week camp for foriegners. With his vaction time, he thought it would be a great idea to meet other people. When he’s seated to a girl whose just as bubbly as he is. This camp doesn’t sound like a mistake anymore.

Stolen Kiss (Fluff & Comedy)

What if your first kiss was stolen by Yeo One?

Underground (Wooseok Fluff-Smut)

A trip to an underground rap event, get’s Wooseok into more trouble than expected. What was suppose to be his first event outside of the music industry and his career. This was an unforgettable night.

Fantasy (Hongseok Smut)

Seducing Hongseok

Troublemaker (Yanan & Wooseok Smut)

Yanan became so distance with you, meanwhile Wooseok seemed to step in into his shoes. While keeping the secret affair on the down low, wooseok would bring to your attention about being more than secret lovers, but an actual couple. Soon becomes a feud between friends over feelings. 

Adventure (Yanan Smut-Fluff)

An adventure with Pentagon’s Yanan is something unrealistic. After exploring the city together and practicaly getting lost, was more than perfect. 

Wipe My Tears Away (Hui Fluff & Smut & Comedy)

Two seperate corners, things shifted in the household. He was always gone, she was always at home. everything seem so empty in that small apartent. Without a single word , she packed all her stuff up and left. leaving Hui to wonder his worth as a person. With a new roomate moving into his apartment, hes surprised she’s a women. What starts off as an unlikely duo, starts as a new start for Hui. But what happens when his ex comes back?

Apply (Kino Comedy & Fluff)

Kino admired his maeup stylist and her cold personality. Although she greeted him with the up most cold responses, Kino found that coldness to flutter his heart. She saw right through him and avoided to be friend him. The members egg him on to try and get with her, which turns out to be a cat and mouse battle to fall in love. She hates to deny that his bubbly personality makes her smile, but she doesn’t want to go through another failed relationship. 

Wild (Hongseok Sci-fi & Fluff & Smut)

Hongseok didn’t like that he was different, a monster, a ghoul, the craving of human blood in coffee. Avoiding to bring attention to himself, he puts in brown contacts, not to draw attention to his icy blue eyes. She saw something good in him, although he was cold towards her, she warms his heart up when she’s partnered up with him for a school project. Hongseok doesn’t know the meaning of love nor what it is to be in love. One thing for sure, is that her blood is something he craves more than ever. 

Wake Me Tonight (Yeo One Smut)

It wasn’t easy to lie and pretend. Yeo One lived a double life that consisted of music, and another that blew up in an unreal reality. He was an idol, she was a model, things managed to fall apart more quickly than ever. But every night it felt different. 

Horizon (Wooseok Smut)

Ripping your favorite shirt was only part of this horrible day. You managed to get yourself fired as a makeup artist, kicked out of your favorite fashion place, everything was slowly crumbling apart. Wooseok saw the pain in your throat as you begged for a job at the local mall. Grabbing your attention by offering a job as his makeup and hair stylist.

Barista (Hongseok Smut-Fluff)

Besides being an idol full time, he’d managed to pick up a spare part time job as a barista. Hongseok loved being in charge an perfecting people’s coffees. Meanwhile as he whipped up the counter, he’d be warming up someone’s heart. The more she stared at him, admiring him from a far. She was getting closer and closer to secretly seducing him. Especially when one day she finds the shop closed, and he’s alone. 

Fridays and Dog Piles

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1048

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

You’ve been with Bruce for about two years when they find you, or more specifically your mother. You walk into your office and there she is. Your fight or flight response nearly has you heading back to Korea, and you suddenly remember why you moved to South Korea in the first place; because even the other side of the world isn’t nearly enough space between you.

It takes you a moment to gather yourself, and remind yourself that you are indeed an adult, in a long term relationship with children. So, you move forward and situate yourself before addressing the woman who gave you life.

Her nose is stuck in the air. When you greet her with a very formal “Mother”, that’s all the invitation she needs. She goes into a rant about you not being in contact, about not being introduced to Bruce, and lamenting on why you haven’t sealed the deal yet. She then starts in on children, and securing your place with a true heir instead of a bastard or adopted rats.

That makes you snap. You interrupt her, your teeth grinding, when you tell her to never, ever talk about your kids like that again. Because that’s what they are, they are your kids. In the two years since you’ve come to Gotham, both Jason and Damian call you mom. Tim and Dick just call you by a nickname. You understand that, they grew up with mothers of their own; kind and loving women, and you’d never want to take their place. Still, that doesn’t stop you from being a parent.

Your entire parenting strategy consists of doing the exact opposite of the woman in front of you. As far as you’re concerned Talia, Sheila, and your mother should be put on a list of people who should not be allowed around kids.

You ask her to leave, and when she refuses you threaten to call security, you threaten to make a scene that will embarrass not only her but your father as well. That’s enough to get her to leave. She complains about ungrateful children and ten hours of labor on her way out.

You attempt to work for about an hour before you give up. Packing up your things, you tell your administrative assistant that you’re leaving for the day. They give you a puzzled look at this, but you leave and head to Bruce’s office.

You quickly explain what’s happened, and then he too packs up his things and you leave for home together. Over your years together, you’ve discussed both of your childhoods, and he knows that turning out like your parents is one of your greatest fears. He assures you that it won’t happen.

You arrive at home to find all the boys there. Dick, Tim and Damian are on break from school, and Jason has the day off of work. They’re a bit surprised to see you, but you pay no attention to that. You simply give each of them a hug, before going upstairs to change into a pair of jeans.

Bruce comes in when you’re in the middle of changing, but doesn’t say a word. Instead he too changes. When he’s done, he goes to your purse, takes out your phone and tosses it onto the bed. It’s followed by his own. You raise an eyebrow at this, Bruce is never caught without his phone.

He doesn’t answer your questions of what’s going on. He only picks you up bridal style and carries you down the stairs and to the car. It’s the SUV, and all of the boys are waiting for you. You find that only Dick has a cellphone. He’s the most enthusiastic about family fun, and the least likely to use it just to use it.

No one tells you where you’re going, but you smell something yummy somewhere in the car. It’s a short twenty-minute drive, that includes some off road driving. You find that you never leave the manor’s grounds.

When Bruce stops the car, it’s in a wide open space, with green wild grass as far as the eye can see. The boys begin running wild, or more specifically Dick begins running wild. He begins doing cartwheels and flips, and before you know it they’re all competing to see who can do the best twists and flips. Eventually, Bruce joins in and you’re declared the judge.

You use your fingers in place of number cards, and they argue for more points, which you always give. In the end they all finish with perfect tens. Then, there’s lunch. You eat a packed picnic lunch filled with all your favorites, and you’re not quite sure how Alfred managed to get this thrown together so quickly.

When you’re done eating, the boys run off again, and Bruce pulls you into his lap. You make yourself comfortable, and he tucks your head under his chin. You watch the boys together when you feel a piece of metal slide onto your finger. It’s a pretty ring, set in rose gold is one large oval diamond, surrounded by a bunch of little diamonds. You simply lean back and look at him with a puzzled look.

He smiles and says “Your mother was right about one thing,”

“What’s that?” You ask.

“It’s time you make an honest man out of me.”

You laugh at that, attracting the boys’ attention. They jog back, and there’s a flurry of questions; “Did we give you enough time?” “Did she like the ring?” “Did she say yes?” “Well did she?”

Bruce simply looks at you with a raised eyebrow and you can’t help but kiss him, and then you say “Yes.”

There are several loud whoops and then all of a sudden you’re on the ground. The boys had charged you, knocking you and Bruce down to the ground in one large group hug/ dog pile. You’re under Bruce, who is supporting himself on his forearms, and keeping most of the weight off you. You lean up to kiss him, and when you break away you find four more cheesy grins looking at you.

In that moment you’re content, oh so content with your life. You have your soul-mate, you have your kids, and you’re happier than you ever remember being.