and then she goes and takes responsibility for it all

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it's really annoying that people are criticizing taylor for writing for 50sog, like why does everyone have to come after her for everything? they can't just enjoy the song god what does it matter what movie it's from

it matters because she’s attaching her name to a franchise that romanticizes abuse. there are abuse survivors in this fandom and i really can’t believe that y’all are gonna criticize THEM for being somewhat disappointed that their idol is inadvertently supporting a franchise that normalizes abuse…. i don’t think taylor knows really the extent of what goes on in the books or movies, i don’t know if she’s read them or seen the first movie, i don’t know that she even took the time to look into it at all before selling them the song, but i think as an artist that’s your responsibility to make sure you’re not supporting something that you wouldn’t normally. she’s donated to domestic abuse charities if i’m not mistaken so i don’t think this is something she would take lightly had she known, that said i’m still holding her somewhat accountable.

the song is great. i’m really happy that we have new music. but i wish someone had tried to educate her before letting her do this and i wish she had taken responsibility for doing the research herself before making the deal.


Truly sorry.

Suuure. Let’s see how it goes lol


Yongguk: takes care of kids and is responsible

Himchan: ♪ The itsy-bitsy spider climbed up the water spout ♪

Daehyun: He drank all the milk!

Youngjae: It’s nap time! Do you want me to sing a lullaby for you? Of course you do!

Jongup: That’s my daughter! She has inherited my dancing skills!

Zelo: Let’s draw mommy a card for her birthday!


Ah! I failed! But yours is amazing, son!

Have any of you considered Grantaire working at a lingerie shop. And I don’t mean like an adult store, I mean like Victoria’s secret or something.

And one day this gorgeous human comes into the store, and Grantaire can’t help but be a little disappointed because ya know, he’s probably shopping for his significant other. But he goes up to the blonde haired beauty anyway and asks if he can help him.

It’s going well, the guy seems friendly enough. He tells Grantaire that he’s looking for something red and bold, so R takes him to the latest shipment.

But while the man is looking at lingerie, all Grantaire can overhear is the small little “ooh this one’s nice” under his breath. When all is said and done, and Grantaire ends with “I hope she likes what you’ve picked out,” there’s a pause that’s a little too long before the man stutters out a response.

And it hits Grantaire that this lingerie might possibly be for him.

Daydreams of a godlike figure in red lingerie ensue.

Imagine if Cecily wanted a dog when she was little
  • Like, young Cecily goes to her parents to ask for a puppy.
  • Cecily: Mom, Dad, can I please have a puppy? For my birthday, maybe?
  • Mrs. Herondale: Cecily, my dear, dogs take a lot of responsibility. They need to be trained, otherwise they'll run up and down the house making a huge mess, break things, get all dirty in the garden...
  • Cecily: Just like Will does?
  • Mr. Herondale: And dogs don't stay puppies forever. It would grow up and get bigger.
  • Cecily: So will Will.
  • Mrs. Herondale: And puppies poop, you know?
  • Cecily: What do you think Will does at the bathroom, mother?
  • Mr. Herondale: Well, Cecily, what we're trying to say is: dogs can cause a lot of trouble.
  • Cecily: So can Will, yet you still keep him.
  • Ella: *high fives Cecily*

This moment was one of the hardest things Lexa had to. She has had to be responsible for so many deaths at her command. But talking about the loss of Costia out loud goes against all she wants people to perceive her as. She is not supposed to be swayed by feelings. And yet she takes full responsibility for Costia’s fate. She chooses her words very carefully. She tells Clarke that “because she was mine,” not “because I loved her.” She uses the word mine not in terms of claiming ownership over her, but to claim ownership for what happened to her. Then she pauses trying to decide if she should continue, and remembering how horrible it was. And once she decides to speak of the details she doesn’t give any one word more emphasis over another. “Tortured, killed, cut off her head.” She does this to demonstrate that she will not allow it to affect her outward appearance. The only thing worse than remembering the horrors of her lost love would be allowing it to affect her role as commander. Because it was feeling something for Costia that put her at risk, that made herself vulnerable, and that brought her so much pain.

Sometimes I think about how much Feyre’s narrative really skewed what we perceived in ACOTAR. She was pretty much being abused by her family, always constantly fighting to keep them alive, always having to be responsible and then Tamlin takes her out of that situation. We then see him as her saviour because she no longer has to fight. Feyre doesn’t have to be responsible. She can be all silly and paint and make heart eyes at him because survival isn’t at the forefront of her mind. But then shit goes down and now she’s tossed into a different hell carrying all of her sweet memories of Tam with her. 

Then we have Rhysand who Feyre was told to hate by the Spring Court despite him saving her long before Tamlin knew they met. Despite cheering her on in the trials. Despite stopping her impossible tasks. Despite always having her back she believes he’s not as good as Tamlin.

Some people honestly can’t see past this perspective but think about it this way. Tamlin needed Feyre to break the curse and when it looked like that wasn’t going to happen he sent her off and gave up. When Feyre realized that Tam needed her she came back and did all that she could. Throughout this whole time she emphasizes how much she needs him but he does absolutely nothing. Rhysand on the other hand does everything he possibly can to help her. Over and over again he steps up to the plate and when it seems like there’s no hope of her winning he still fights for her. Yet people still don’t like him.

My question is how can you condemn someone who does everything he possibly can to help his people and Feyre, even if it’s morally questionable, to ensure their safety but view someone who does absolutely nothing to protect a person he supposedly loves as a good person? Feyre viewed Tam as her hero, a person who saved her from a horrible family situation but it was for his own benefit to have a chance to break the curse. When Rhysand fought Amarantha he was doing it to save Feyre even though it seemed hopeless now, even though he was going to lose everything, he did it because he didn’t want her to be alone not because he saw something to gain.

but just imagine being robbie’s wife...

Robbie is at Comicon in San Diego, missing you like crazy while you’re in New York for a show. 

“Robbie Kay!” The announcer shouts, causing a boisterous round of screeches and screams to fill the energetic atmosphere.

Robbie’s smile reaches to his eyes at the pure energy running through the crowd, he just wishes he could spend this moment with his wife.

“Hello!” Robbie says into the mic before taking his seat. The announcer finishes up with presentations before moving on to questions. 

“Okay, so you guys know how it goes! You ask, they answer.” The host grins and nods at the first person holding the mic in the crowd in acknowledgement. 

“Hi!” The girl says, fully grinning and giggling, showing her braces. Robbie smiles back along with the rest of the actors. 

“So, my question is for Robbie,” She continues. Robbie nods in response, giving her his attention fully. 

“First of all, how are you?” The girl nervously asks, finding it hard to articulate with her braces and nerves. 

“I’m great,” He starts off before looking out the ground sadly.

“But I miss my wife.” He grumbles with a pout. The crowd chorus in coos and ‘aw’s’ as the rest of the actors around Robbie chuckle at his cuteness. 

His costar reaches out to pat him on the back. Playing along, Robbie sniffles and buries his face in his costar’s arm. This notion alone sends a chaotic sound of screams and has the power to burst a shipper’s heart. 

Robbie recedes back to his seat and let’s out a laugh, holding the mic away from him a little bit so his laughter won’t boom through the area. 

“Y/N–She’s my best friend, my buddy, mi amiga. Life hack: for all you ladies– or men– out there, marry your best friend, that way it’s like having the person who makes you smile with you every step of the way.” Robbie says with a shrug, making another round of coo’s go off in the room. 

“I’m so interested, tell me more!” A fan sarcastically yells out, causing the rest of the crowd to quiet down.

“Well, some days when I come home early, like I’d hide somewhere then jump out, which would scare her. The look on her face is everything, didn’t think I can love someone more.”

Now Connor gon try to blame Annalise for Oliver getting kidnapped? Boy bye. Why when shit goes left y'all always blame Annalise? She didn’t tell Oliver to hack into homeboy’s computer. She didn’t tell y'all to pursue it with a fake date. How about taking some responsibility for your own shit.

I’m tired of all these ppl blaming Annalise for shit that ain’t her fault. If y'all gon be mad at her then be mad for the right reasons. She ain’t told not nan one of y'all to kill anyone.

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The only thing that really made me angry about Lexa's season 2 finale decision that was that she wouldn't let Lincoln stay with the Sky People to help them fight the Mountain even though he clearly wanted and even asked Lexa to. Why do you think she made that decision?

“You too, all our people withdraw. Those are the terms.” Since Lincoln is a Grounder –if she let him stay – that would void the terms she set. Even if she exiled him that moment, he would still be seen as a Grounder in the Mountain Men’s eyes. You later see Indra giving him the choice, but telling him that if he goes back Lexa won’t take him back. Now, would Lexa be held responsible in the Mountain Men’s eyes that Lincoln went back? No. He was acting on his own accord. The terms were for Lexa and the Grounders to WITHDRAW that is why Lincoln was taken. It should be noted that Indra didn’t know about these terms and just thought they were retreating…that is why she didn’t force Octavia to leave. Right before this moment you see Indra tell Octavia she is Trikru now. “Under the terms of the truce, the lands surrounding the mountain are forbidden. If you violate this, Lexa will never take you back.” The truce was for Lexa’s army to not attack the Mountain, any individuals acting on their own accord Lexa would not be liable for. So Lincoln going back didn’t violate the truce. 

Additionally, it hurts my soul when Lincoln then replies “They’ll all be slaughtered, let me help them.” You can see the pause as Lexa looks at him and thinks *you don’t think I know that* seeing a heartbroken Clarke next to him. That is when she commands her men to “Take him.” Lincoln wouldn’t leave on his own accord. They ALL must withdraw. Lexa doesn’t have the luxury to be hauled away kicking and screaming away from Clarke. She did this. She is the one that made the deal even though she didn’t want to…but what other logical choice did she have? She wouldn’t let her people die for her heart; her people are willing to die for her. She has the responsibility to make sure their deaths are only a last option measure; she must consider all options that will prevent their deaths – the duty to protect my people comes first. 

She belongs to her people, not herself. “To lead well you must make hard choices.” You can see how hard of a choice it was for her to leave Clarke – her legs moving while she is still looking at Clarke, then quickly turning her head and walking as fast as she can…afraid she will stop. Then she gets back to her tent….(x)  Also, remember my post about Lexa’s Knife and the symbolism and parallels it has in the show? (x) Well, their first meeting she has it in her hand and in their last moments she also has it in her hand. And here is just some more…uhhh….pain? (x)
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Title: Right Hand Man (Link goes to AO3) - chapter 2
Writer: SilentAuror
Status of work: Fic is completely written, posting a chapter every day. 2/4
Characters and/or pairings: John/Sherlock
Rating: Explicit 
Length: 11,394 words (of 41,400)
Author’s note: See archive for tags. 

Summary: When John’s left arm becomes paralysed after a car accident, Mary asks Sherlock to take him back to Baker Street to recuperate, as she’s about to give birth. Despite the fact that the search for Moriarty is ongoing, Sherlock takes John in and takes responsibility for overseeing his rehabilitation as he adjusts to the loss of his arm.

You all lucked out, heh - I would have posted this at about the same time as yesterday, but it turns out I won’t have time to come home before I go out tonight, and rather than make you all wait until quite late, I thought I’d update now. :) Happy reading! 

To be honest I feel bad/sad for Isak, Even and Sonja.
Isak starts having feelings for a boy, and has been having a hard time accepting himself. Right when he puts himself into the relationship. Even basically pushes him away and goes back to his ex-girlfriend, but he knows he can’t quit him. and when he finds out that even is sick (is bipolar) he figures out why he was pushed away…
Even falls for Isak and later finds out that Isak has a negative attitude towards people with mental illness (based on his relationship with his mother) so he feels the need to stop taking his meds to be “his all” for isak…
Sonja is even’s ex but still feels that she has a responsibility to look after even (I mean how couldn’t you ) so when even starts dating isak it seems like she’s okay with it but not really taking it seriously and feels it’s just an act, a new adventure. So when even comes back to her she’s basically like “OK glad your done with whatever that was”…
- -
{ This is just what I got from watching the show and the previous episodes / clips. Tell me if you agree or not! }

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Can you summerize what scenes you took out and why? I'm just super curious.

well it’s mostly scenes with finn. there was a scene where clarke sneaked out of bed while lexa was sleeping to visit finn and ended up having sex with him; a scene where clarke isn’t entirely comfortable having sex with lexa but goes with it because she thinks that’s what lexa wants; and like little things, sentences that were too much for me so i rewrote them. this chapter was supposed to end a little differently, too, with clarke coercing lexa to have sex even though lexa didn’t quite feel like it. i wrote all of that originally to make things and feelings more complicated, but partly thanks to the response i got last chapter i re-evaluated it and realized that there are things characters can’t come back from, and if they do, it takes a lot of time.

oh and btw this is my second rewrite. the first first draft of the story had clarke falling for lexa way later in the story. it also had clarke much more in love with finn than what we have now, and he also was more of a dick. very glad i scratched that one because it would have been hell untangling that mess later in the story.