and then she goes and takes responsibility for it all

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Zetsu/Sakura and 'Terrarium'

Sakura gets trapped in the time stream and basically ends up being bounced from place to place. Everywhere she goes is tied to the history of Konoha and she begins to piece it all together. Unfortunately, her exploration of time isn’t anywhere near linear. The only thing that ever remains the same is…well…


He’s always there, some way or another.

As Sakura finds out the truth, how Zetsu is responsible for so many deaths, she decides to change it.

She befriends him.

It takes some doing and some failed attempts (Indra and Ashura) before she manages to overcome his tie to Kaguya. There is still the pesky side-effect of her jumping through time and ending up in so many branching, shattering time streams.

The only thing that keeps her sane is Zetsu.

He begins to work to stop the time travel, knowing the toll it wreaks upon her. He’s come to care for her.

She’s his first friend.

His only friend.

It isn’t meant to be.

Suddenly, she just…stops appearing.

She’s gone.

And Zetsu…

Zetsu is alone.


Truly sorry.

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(same anon) Do you have any headcanons for Gavroche and Montparnasse? Apologies for asking twice in a row about these two!

  • Eponine sometimes leaves Gavroche to Montparnasse’s care when she didn’t manage to get a responsible adult to look after him. And Montparnasse is like:
  • “Wait you want me to babysit him?”
    “Oh Parnasse, you’re adorable. He’s here to babysit you. You’re all out of Get Out of Jail Free cards”
  • Gavroche often goes through Montparnasse’s closet like “Awful.” “Who even wears that?” “To quote the wise man: ‘no.’” “And the Lord said: Let there be ugliness”
  • Gavroche also puts on Montparnasse’s clothes to spite him and improvises a cat walk while Parnasse runs after him like “No! Take that off! It’s Jean-Paul Gauthiern you animal! You’ll ruin it with your sticky fingers!”
  • Other than that Montparnasse is quite protective of Gavroche, even though Gavroche hardly needs his help. “If anyone bothers you at school, you tell me, eh?” “What for? For you to comfort them after I kick their ass? How thoughtful of you.”
  • Gavroche tried wine for the first time thanks to Montparnasse. Let’s just say “Yikes” is an understatement
  • Montparnasse gives the best pedicures, come on. Gavroche could get great toes if only he STAYED PUT FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS
  • Typical “repeating everything the other is saying but with an annoying accent” game to irritate the other

So, I am moving to London.

On top of that my mother is selling the apartment I live in which she inherited from my grandfather, her father, and since she lives in London already and I’m the only one responsible person here, I’ve been the one emptying it of stuff and shit, which is why I’ve been such a ghost online recently.

Timeline of events in my life for September goes:

Week from the Monday 29 August to Saturday 3 September - Emptying of the apartment of all I couldn’t already get rid of, taking of about … 35 boxes worth of books to various book crossing points except the two boxes I’m allowed to keep and the rare first editions I’m trying to sell and disconnecting of utilities contracts (which means the fiber adsl is going poof and I’m offline)

Sunday 4 September - Moving in with my loving but narcissist, vaguely racist (but not willing to admit it even to herself), forgetful grandma who loves me as her favourite niece / nephew and thus concentrates her attention on me but also tells me not to get out dressed in certain ways and wants to decide what I should wear, repeats herself and her stories constantly and wants to enforce a midnight curfew on her 30 years old (31 in december) niece.

Oh and she doesn’t have internet.

10th of September - Arrival of my mother to sign contracts with an agency and shit

14th of September - I depart for London and I will stay with my mother (who doesn’t have internet) until her friend I will be lodging at frees her room and I can move in.

Good news: My mother has a … Galaxy S5 (I think) phone that she doesn’t use and has decided to gift to me, so I will have a new phone number and possibly some internet there, though I’m not sure how much (and I will be capitalizing on London wifis). I will be looking for a job, too.

23rd of September - I should move in with my mother’s friend and her family, in the room they will rent to me and finally have access in the evenings (when I’m not out working / looking for a job) to a stable wi-fi.

I am opening commissions (the post is here) and I am offering myself up as a beta for 2 euro every 1k (1 euro every 500 words), because I will have a ton of free time and shit all to do, so if you want to get orders in, this week is the right time.

If you can’t pay me right now (waiting for pay check to come in, waiting for money to free up, etc.) don’t worry about it. I will take your commission, write it and then hold it until the payment can be made. You can order as many words as you can pay and if it happens that I go overboard (I’ll try very hard not to, but it might happen) anything that goes over what you commissioned will be a freebie bonus.

You can ask for short stories about my OCs or what ifs, for stories with your own OCs if you describe them physically and psychologically well enough and for canon characters and ships, all in the Star Wars fandom. You cannot ask for new chapters of stories I’m already writing, because those will come in due time and not before.

These will be expensive times for me and I’m tight on cash, so anything you can spare at all, is welcome.



( text: charmaengder ) WELL… I DID NOT…
( text: charmaengder ) … but did it work? did I get you all… you know? ;)

[ sms: 동동이 ] SHIN HYEJEONG!!! ㅋㅋㅋ
[ sms ] why are you being such a tease?!!?  😘😘😘
[ sms ] i’m so flustered now! 😳

{’ laughing, she takes her time to screencap the text and save it - to use for later whenever she feels like teasing her roommate; after that , she goes back to typing another response, this time a little more serious, albeit still playfil }

[ sms ] eyy, now really what was that abou? DID YOU GET THE WRONG NUMBER?1
[ sms ] yah, shin hyejeong, have you been keeping things from me?! 


08.23.16 // Meatpacking District, NY

So the context of these photos cracks me up. My whole Instagram aesthetic is taking pictures of my outfits against walls, and Jasmyn goes, “Is that all you do in Seattle? Look at walls? Does she have a professional photographer or something?” So of course I was like - let’s take photos of your outfits against walls!

And to get these shots, I had to make her laugh, to which her response was: “I don’t laugh at anything. Nothing is funny.” This girl. I CANNOT, lolz. She laughs at everything.

Anyway, I’m so grateful to know this one. Social media can be such a blessing. She’s a real life angel. So funny, smart, & insightful. Hope you see these on your dash, babygirl. ❤️

Raychelle // Jasmyn

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1/2 I haven't come out to my gf as trans, though she... Technically knows, as far as transition goes. She's v supportive of me getting top surgery, changing my name, and would be of me getting a hystorectomy, which are all I really want as far as

2/2 how far I’d want to take my transition. I don’t want to change my pronouns, take hormones, etc. I just know that I’m not cis, and feel like I’m hiding something from her because I haven’t told her that..

Hey anonymous!

Sorry for the delayed response, I wanted to share your question with my partner (@vaughannahguav) before responding! And, after chatting with my love, we both think that you have nothing to worry about. 

Although you haven’t technically “come out” and “self-labeled” as non-cis, you’ve been completely open about your identity. Your girlfriend is on board with top surgery, a name change, and a hysterectomy. You say your girlfriend is very supportive. 

Given the circumstances, I think it’s safe to say that your girlfriend likely understands that you aren’t cis-identified. She knows you aren’t comfortable with your chest, your name, and your internal organs… and what’s even more awesome is the fact that she completely respects that and supports you! 

I think you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill. Your girlfriend seems great and it seems like you two have been completely honest and open with each other, which is key. To me, it doesn’t sound like you’re hiding anything! 

If you want to tell your girlfriend you don’t identify as cis, go for it… it really sounds like your just psyching yourself out. Instead of stressing about “hiding something,” focus on what exactly you want to tell your partner. Is there a specific term that you prefer or is “not cis” suffice? 

Personally, I think labels are rough. Like you, I got hung up on terminology. I felt awkward not labeling my identity. I thought maybe having a label would make things easier for my partner… but in reality, love is love. Label or not, my partner understands my vibe. We’ve been together 10 years and, with or without terminology, who I am has been on the table since day one. 

You might feel like you’re not fully disclosing, but honestly, it sounds like you’ve been as real as possible! You haven’t used a label in front of your girlfriend, but you’ve gone above and beyond some silly word… you opened yourself up to potential ridicule and disclosed your most intimate and innate desires!!! 

Just because you haven’t said “I’m not cis,” doesn’t mean you need to… unless you want to. And, if you want to, don’t stress it. If you’re girlfriend is a-okay with surgeries and a name change, I bet she’s totally 100% on board with whatever label you use to self-identify. 

Sending positive vibes, homie. You got this!