and then she fake reads and isobel is like hi its me

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As scary as Steve was at the press conference in "Chick", everyone should be very, VERY glad that Steve made that promise and not Bucky 'Winter Soldier' Barnes. (Assuming Bucky will ever show up in that universe, of course.)

Ahahahah damn you


Title: Russian Tea
Rating: G
Summary: Bartons are notoriously poor at sticking to the plan (or, Isobel meets Bucky under less than prearranged circumstances). 


They had made a plan to introduce Bucky to Izzy, as much for his sake as for hers.

It was a good plan; Sam and Clint had come up with it together. It involved putting Bucky somewhere he felt safe and then Clint bringing Izzy in while Steve stood by in case…well, in case something happened. Bucky hadn’t been violent since Sam and Steve had found him and coaxed him back to the Tower, but even Bucky wasn’t sure he wouldn’t be, if someone said the wrong word or did the wrong thing. They’d had him on lockdown at his own request.

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