and then secret relationship

Persons A and B are both contestants in a music talent show (like the X factor). They fall in love over the course of the show and form a secret relationship, but Person B freaks out over how quickly they’ve fallen for person A and breaks it off. Eventually Person B realises their mistake, and in their final performance sings the song person A auditioned with to try and win them back. It ends up with them kissing on national TV.

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Hii can i ask for the prompt CS neighbors with Secret relationship :) thankss

Title: The Rules
Summary: There are five rules to being successful friends with benefits. At this rate, Emma is going to break them all. 
Rating: M
Word count:~5,500
A/N: There’s no need to be shy anon, come talk to me :) Thank you both for the prompts and sorry it took so long! I hope you don’t mind I combined them. Hope you both like it! (a03)

The Rules are the most important part of being friends with benefits.

1. Never Sleep with a Neighbor 

The guy in apartment 201B was hot, anyone with eyes could see that, but that didn’t mean Emma had to do anything about it. Aside from the stray nod in greeting when passing in the hallway, she was perfectly content to ogle him from afar. 

About a month after she moved in, a package for K Jones Apt 201B ended up on her doorstep. Instead of setting it outside his door, Emma, perhaps stupidly, decided to knock.

Even knowing that his name was Killian didn’t have to change things. Emma could just say hello when they passed in the hall, and that would be that.

Emma was an idiot and forgot her card for access to the building two weeks later. She was stranded in the vestibule for an hour and a half waiting for someone to rescue her. Of course it would be Killian. 

“Perhaps we should exchange numbers love?” he said, and damn that accent would be the death of her. 

Emma raised her brow, saying nothing in return. 

“For emergency purposes, of course.” He held up his hands in surrender as she passed him to begin walking up the stairs. 

“Of course,” Emma said sarcastically, plodding up the stairs with him following behind. “And you have absolutely no other motive for asking me for my number?“ 

Emma reached her door and turned back to face him, arms crossed in front of her chest. He swayed a little closer flirtatiously. “Well I wouldn’t say that, Swan.“ 

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Do u have any where it's kinda like one of them does something that actually ends up hurting the other (emotionally or physically idk)? I just live for angst

  • You were fighting with someone and I got inbetween you both and you hit me. Hard.
  • I got drunk and told everybody about something you made me promise I wouldn’t tell anyone about
  • You’re afraid of being alone, and I just left you
  • I know that you want to keep this relationship a secret but it hurts when you protest us being together like that
  • I thought we were close, that I could trust you, but apparently I was wrong
  • I want you to be happy, but god does it hurt when I see you two together
  • How dare you raise a hand to me

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(Holtzbert prompt) can you please give me a secret relationship holtzbert where abby and patty find out?

Thank you for the prompt, anon. It went in a little bit of an odd direction, but I hope you enjoy it.

i’m so glad i found you
~740 words, holtzbert fluff
also on ao3

Holtz wasn’t entirely sure why Erin wanted to keep their relationship secret at first. She was willing to give Erin the benefit of the doubt for a while and keep it quiet from Abby, Patty and Kevin.

It wouldn’t be the first time that she’d been a closeted woman’s dirty little secret, but this time she wasn’t worried about that. Not with Erin.

They talk about it, a lot; about Erin coming out and going public with their relationship. And it would be very, very public. The whole of New York knowing kind of public.

After a while it became more obvious that it wasn’t just about the rest of the Ghostbusters as much as it was about Erin’s boomeranging social anxiety and the media that constantly followed them around. Holtz has never been ashamed of who she is, Erin’s pretty much always struggled with who she is even before her bi crisis.

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One thing someone should incorporate into a modern Hamilton AU:

If you make him Treasury Secretary or give him any position in the cabinet, he and his entire immediate family would have secret service detail. 

What are they like?  What is their relationship with the Hamiltons like?  How do Eliza and the kids feel about this?  I bet Ham might be anxious that he’s taken a job where his family needs protection like that!  But it obviously doesn’t stop him from taking the job.  But I bet he’s got feelings about it.  

And how does the secret service politely ask them to stop having kids because they can’t afford it? 

The Rules

read it on the AO3 at

by Sotheylived

There are five rules to being successful friends with benefits. At this rate, Emma is going to break them all.

Words: 5452, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Follower Appreciation

read it on the AO3 at

Sometimes I stare at the ceiling and think about warriorXwarrior romantic/sexual relationships. Like were they a well kept or a well known secret? Would the taboo of those relationships in that time period have added more elements of hatred and fear from the commonfolk? Would it be persecuted or ignored within the Organization?

When it comes to romance, was there any sort of courting? A ritual or certain gifts you had to give? If so, who came up with it and passed it down? Does rank affect the courting? Could only the higher rank start to court a lower rank or the other way around? How could a “couple” show their claim to one another? Were there couples at all? Was monogamy a thing amongst warriors or was it more open? Did warriors use or believe in the word “love” , or was it more like swearing loyalty to a person/people?

When it comes to sexual stuff, was it common or not really? Considering how low the wound down their middles go, could they still feel pleasure in certain ways? Once again, did rank dictate who topped/bottomed? Would it maybe only go one way based on rank, like having the lower ranked please the higher ranked? Did one form (oral, penetrative, ect) of sex hold a different importance than another?

I have a fairly active imagination and so many questions.

Cina’s personal rant time:

OKAY. So I have this really bad habit of stalking people (not through illegal means). Like I’ll go on a friend’s page and the next thing you know, I’m stalking their moderately attractive cousin and has discovered that he plays football, has had three relationships, likes ravioli on Wednesdays and secretely has a foot fetish. Like that is how stalkerish I can get. So fast foward; I’m on my Japanese friend’s page. I see this REALLY ATTRACTIVE friend that she has and I start scrolling through his page. HE’S MY FUCKIN TYPE. Slightly muscled, nice eyes, great smile and looks like a GOD in a suit.  So that was about three months ago. A few days ago, I had a fucking DREAM about this guy and I dreamt that we were dating and the whole synopsis of this dream seemed logical, beautiful and desperately romantic. And so I wake up and then it hits me. It hits me like a bowling ball that I have a crush on him. A MEGA crush on a guy I have never met, spoken to, or even seen in real life. Why am I like this.

A “Secret” Relationship

Anonymous asked: OMG I just noticed you opened your requests for supernatural! Can I request a reader x Kevin wherein Kevin and reader are hiding their relationship from Sam and Dean cuz their overprotective of her but gets discovered in an awkward/hilarious situation. Oh, and can you also put in how they got together? 😁😁

My first SPN request!! I hope you like it, anon! I do not own Kevin or the Winchesters. They belong to the writers of Supernatural.

Warnings: slight steam, some awkwardness and fluff

Pairings: Kevin Tran x fem!reader; mentions of Sam and Dean. 

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

You bounced into the bunker’s library where Kevin was seated, pouring over his books yet again. “Kev? Why don’t you take a break?” you asked quietly, wanting him to relax, but not wanting to break his concentration at the same time. “Can’t. Dean needs this ASAP.” You rolled your eyes and moved his book from under his eyes. “Y/N! Give it back!” You quirked a brow at him. “No. You are going to take a break if I have to lock you in the dungeon.”

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- I’m going to tell Aunt Leia, that her son is in love with an evil ginger!

I don’t know… It’s a shitty Ben Solo Au, where Hux and Ben has some kind of fucked up Romeo and Juliet story. They met on the battlefield and they fought against each other. For some reason Ben didn’t use the Force. He was curious. They couldn’t defeat each other.
After that, they began to meet secretly. And then they fell in love slowly. They didn’t tell anyone abaut their relationship, because that would have been catastrophic. (After all, in theory they were enemies) But Rey knew.


So for those Daddys out there and or Littles looking to upgrade their Daddy’s (yes this is shots fired and I did start this blog to show that their are a better class of Doms out there and everyone can do better/more to be the very best they can be) So since this is one of my first call outs (obviously meant to be not rude but educational) and personal trade secret reveals, I was hoping to start posting them when of course I had a descent following and people actually kind of know of me, instead of me coming out and people think I’m saying “I’m the best bla bla bla” Disclaimer… Yes, I know I’m not the best nor claim to be but I’m always upgrading to become the best and want the same for everyone!!!

Obviously from what we see here in these pictures is one of my 73 alarms I have on my phone and these are the ones that are extremely important to me and are never turned off regardless of how little or much sleep I get (I only sleep 4 hours a day typically anyways so you all have no excuses).

What these are meant to be is very “soft”, no snooze, alarms. As you can all see “Signal”(look it up on YouTube if you don’t have an iPhone to find one of similar style on your phone[I’m not phone racist 😜]) is a “pingpingping” and it wakes me up so softly and through repetition (yes it’s going to be hard at first) I am at a point where I literally open my eyes, swipe to stop it, it then opens my chat with her, see if anything is wrong, if not go back to sleep within minutes or if something is wrong I am able to reply and handle it.

Obviously I just explained how it works for me and what it’s designed to do. Overall it’s meant to be a check on your Littles/Kittens (typically not meant for Salves and other Subs who don’t need attention meaning it’s not for everyone because everyone’s level of attention is different) to see if they can’t sleep, there is something wrong, maybe they had a bad dream, etc… So many things can go wrong at night, not just in the day and I wanted to be there for her when it happens, but within reason (meaning the 1 per hour).

That is all I really wanted to say on it. I hope you all enjoy this “suppose to be” educational tip to becoming a better Dom and for Littles to upgrade their relationships possibly. This might not be for everyone but it has worked well for me and keeping a constant communication line up. It is all about the little things we sacrifice that’s makes us strong, in this case it is sleep/time. Please let me know what you think in a re-blog comment or comment, I would love some feed back if I should do more of these or it was complete insanity (which is where I live sooo ya 😅). Thank you all for being amazing as always and have a wonderful day!!!

- Alpha Unleashed


I wish the Hound were here. The night of the battle, Sandor Clegane had come to her chambers to take her from the city, but Sansa had refused. Sometimes she lay awake at night, wondering if she’d been wise. She had his stained white cloak hidden in a cedar chest beneath her summer silks. She could not say why she’d kept it. The Hound had turned craven, she heard it said; at the height of the battle, he got so drunk the Imp had to take his men. But Sansa understood. She knew the secret of his burned face. 

sansa stark meme[½] relationships  Sandor Clegane

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I adore your writing. Seriously, you're amazing. I saw you were looking for prompts, so what about Dex meeting Nursey's old school "friends" and how he reacts?

@nurseydexweek July 19th - Fake Dating/Secret Relationships

“Yo Dex!” Dex glares at his calc book, pretending as if he can’t hear the all too familiar voice call his name. “Deeeeeex, Dexyyyy, Sexy Dexy!”

What?” Dex finally snaps, spinning around in his desk chair to find Nursey actually rifling through his closet. “Stop going through my shit.”

“Remember that time I came and saved you from that LAX bro party and you said. ‘I owe you one Nurse, you beautiful fucker.’” Nursey smirks over his shoulder, one of Dex’s plaid shirts curled in his hands.

“I did not say that,” Dex grumbles, trying to ignore the anxiety building in his chest. He doesn’t like the way Nursey’s face looks, all fake smug and annoyingly pretty and possibly vulnerable. It makes him nervous, because even without the promised favor (he did tell Nursey he owed him one, but he did not say anything about him being beautiful. Even though he is) he would say yes to Nursey eventually, with just some mild protests in between to maintain his reputation.

“Pretty sure you did,” Nursey half sings, slipping his arms into the shirt. “Anyways, I’m here to collect on that.”

Dex huffs and spins back to his homework, if only to hide the flush burning up his neck. He just… when he was in high school, his girlfriend used to steal his hoodies all the time, and he might have developed a thing. And seeing Nursey in his clothes (and in flannel) is well, doing things to him.

“What do you need, Nurse.” He tries to make it sound as bland as he possibly can, tries to make it sound like he doesn’t care. It probably doesn’t work, but it makes Dex feel approximately 5% better about himself.

“You to be my boyfriend.”

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What you see on the outside is not always the truth. Sometimes people fail to properly communicate their feelings and emotions are misinterpreted. This is where the bridge of understanding is gapped. The key to successful relationships truly is effective communication. It is not a secret, yet almost everyone continues to pretend it is. Simply because they are too lazy to put forth the effort to do anything about it.

Lardo: Bitty…you’ve sure been skyping with Jack an awful lot…

Bitty: *blushes nervously* well you know Jack tries to keep in touch with all of us as much as he can Lardo.

Lardo: Yeah, he calls you too though, like before every single game? 

Bitty: he’s just…uh….calling for Samwell….you know how he is….hockey robot….eat more protein…hahahahah….right…..heh 

Lardo: Yeah…but he’s not calling Samwell….he’s calling you…