and then score on the pp

PSA from an Irish person to an American interested in Irish culture

I recently made this post in reply to an American interested in Irish polytheism, who was concerned about stepping on the toes of cultural issues. It will not be received as well here as it was in the original post, but maybe it’s worth posting here, too. Similar feelings were echoed from other Irish folk who responded, so I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Please note that I think the war against reproductive rights in America is horrendous and this rant I went on was NOT an attempt to diminish the importance of Planned Parenthood and the other troubles you guys are having. It’s more a tired pointing out that our issues are similar, but our voice over here is way, way smaller. As I say below - a huge portion of you don’t know the extent of our struggles, but still heavily romanticise our country. Please remove the rose tinted glasses and read on.

“… I won’t lie. A part of me gets pissed off every time I see an American claiming Irishness. I do my best to fight that feeling because I mostly think it’s a knee-jerk reaction. And don’t let my feelings put you off, OP, but it’d be cool if you could listen to why I have them.

There’s a lot of awful white Americans in particular who claim Irish heritage and pride and shit with minimal ancestoral ties or genuine interest, and it’s very often a weak ass excuse for racism - we’ve all seen some of that first hand, most likely. Being tarred with that paint is highly unpleasant.

I’ve also seen monster amounts of people claiming mastery of the Irish language to the point of correcting people who’ve actually grown up with it, all after spending a few hours in duolingo, lol. Nothing gets on my nuts more than being corrected on my own language or history. Don’t be one of those guys, please.

I have family who live in America and they literally knew nothing about anything to do with over here until we got talking. They didn’t know we had a language or independence or anything to do with our history, because of course they didn’t. Similarly I don’t know which state is where because I wasn’t taught it. Ireland has a vile history, and Irish people (particularly the women) are STILL suffering because of archaic laws and social injustice. I had to tell my family about Tuam to explain why I was so angry with the Catholic Church. One of them nearly vomited.

Please care about our injustices if you’re going to have ties here. It is so, so frustrating to witness scores of Americans viewing over here as some sort of sanctuary and coming for a visit like a pilgrimage, and stay 100% ignorant of our current issues that we need support in, then go home and protest the potential defunding of PP in some states, when we’ve literally never had access to abortion rights here, ever, when more than 90% of our schools and 100% of our hospitals are still owned by the Catholic Church. This country is not a sanctuary from whatever madness you’re dealing with over there. We’re not more in touch, we’re not more spiritual, we’re not more Pagan. Don’t idolise this craphole, please. We have so much work to do and we need help from allies who want to be part of here. Please do not stay ignorant of our troubles just because your country is bigger.

This got long, this got political, this got angry. I am angry. I hate it here, TBH. But I am mostly very very tired of not being listened to and asked how the potatoes are coming along.”

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Confetti anon returns! Okay. So. The latest chapter. (╯✧∇✧)╯╰(✧∇✧╰) (MY SONS?!? AHH?!!? BO?!? AKAAAAASHI!?!) Anyways, yes, please continue spreading the Bokuto vibes, they're saving my soul. And no worries about the late replies, I'm just here, browsing and flailing around about Fukurodani nbd. Keep up the good work, you're a real hoot ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Hey-ho, confetti anon! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I don’t even know when exactly I turned into such a Bokuto fangirl and I’m so sorry for posting more Bokuto-related stuff than anything else, although my blog is actually dedicated to not only Bokuto but also Kuroo, and I think that most of my followers would appreciate it if I gave Kuroo the same amount of attention as Bokuto gets tfgvhbjlnk I’M SO SORRY AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT LEAVING ME I LOVE YOU ALL CTZVGUHIJ




I hoped to see Fukurodani’s team really bad so the latest chapter was everything I needed. Seeing them and especially Bokuto always makes me extremely happy but this time it shocked me seeing Bokuto in his dejected mode so early

I mean..  look at that poor kid ;_;

Even Akaashi was shocked and I think hearing someone say shit like “Wasn’t that Bokuto guy supposed to be a badass or something!”  in such an unpolite and ugly way + loud enough for Bokuto to hear it   wasn’t really helping cheering him up.

I felt incredibly bad and uncomfortable after reading this and it made me wonder what happened to Bokuto that caused him to have those hardcore mood swings.

Some kind of background story would be great..

Then, just as always, Bokuto gave the silliest reason why he’s feeling down again and I actually had to facepalm..
  .. until Akaashi mentioned that coming off as a comical person to others would be important for Bokuto

“I think the fact that he comes off as comical from the perspective of an outsider is very important to him too.” - Akaashi

Reading this made me sad and i felt kinda lost.. I didn’t know what was going on at all. Like.. it definetely threw me off
Like.. Holy mama, dem feels hit me like a truck.

Originally posted by yoshimitsu2002

… Haikyuu surely does have its dark moments..

But luckily, Hinata was there to cheer on them (and has even bought the same shirt Bokuto wore during summer training camp!!)

Hinata, u da real mvp!

Just look at how happy Bokuto is!

He even managed to score against three blockers at once

The crowd’s going wild and some people even had banners with Bokuto’s name on it!  Others screamed his first name or called him Bokuto-senpai   JUST IMAGINE HOW HAPPY ALL OF THIS MUST’VE MADE HIM VGUHBJLKL

And then there’s Akaashi..

oh boy..
He’s just.. perfection.

bless him.


please someone save this kid


PS.:       No,  you’re a real hoot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   *wink wink*

PPS.:  I am sorry just in case i made any mistakes. English is not my first language and i had to rewrite this shit three times already cause somehow firefox decided to crash multiple times (   ._.)

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Honestly, I wish they had won. I’m imagining Portland playing like they were but with an actual team playing back

i think this was the like almost the best possible result crs could have hoped for strategically

  • rest most of your starters
  • get some momentum at pp if you have to play portland next week
  • not show portland your hand (as much as that’s possible)
  • still lose and leave the chance of playing ncc

literally the one thing that could have gone better would be portland not getting that pk (which you can’t control bullshit pks at pp) or maybe cp scoring and still losing 3-2 (for momentum reasons)

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So having watched the Caps-Flyers today, Nicklas Backstrom: Tell me your feelings about him.

Oh no. Like, how much time do you have? Because I could write a few chapters.

My favorite player is Evgeny Kuznetsov. It’s this whole thing. But Backstrom’s in the Top 4 (I cannot choose between him, Ovechkin, and Holtby. I refuse) and is going to be my next jersey. I’ve got in purchased. I just have to arrange the customization.

If you watched today, you know he’s got gorgeous hands. And a great shot, even if he’s awfully reluctant to use it sometimes. And he gets very little recognition, thanks to playing with Ovi, but both he and Ovi know exactly how symbiotic their relationship is. There are so many ridiculous interviews talking about their chemistry and how they complete each other and how they’re essentially hockey married, with all the ups and downs that come with that. It’s super fun.

Every detail about Backy is better than the last.

* He is a meme in Sweden because he forgot how to talk on Swedish TV as a teenager. He later tattooed that meme onto a real live person.

* He is scared of big dogs so he always gets puppies for the Caps pet calendar shoot.

* He loves pranks. I’m convinced they’re all pretty dumb pranks, too, since there were reports of him losing his shit when Ovi got Kuzy with a shaving cream towel. And his face is so goofy when he thinks something is funny. SO GOOFY.

* He knows how good he is. Being quiet in public and ceding the spotlight to Ovechkin =/= lack of confidence. He occasionally gets sassy with reporters when they ask him dumb questions, like, “Did you mean to do that ridiculously good thing you did on the ice that resulted in an Ovechkin goal, or was it a total accident?” Usually by asking them what they think the answer to their question is. 

* He is part of the Caps crossword crew, although he’s obviously ESL.

* His girlfriend cuts his hair.

* I have personally observed him being nice to tiny children at practices. 

* It is well-known that Ovi does not let “crimes against Nicklas Backstrom” slide. It gets less attention, mostly because Nicky is less terrifying, but he is just as protective of Ovi.

* “Nicklas Backstrom being forced to score goals” is one of my very favorite things in all of hockey. I’m talking about things like him shooting toward the net just to get rid of the puck so the Caps can go on the PP only to score, or him driving toward the net surrounded by four opposing players who cut off all his passing lanes but not his line to the net.

* “Nicklas Backstrom scoring the GWG to end a playoff series” is also pretty sweet.

So I guess my Nicklas Backstrom feelings are mostly an explosive vomit ball of enthusiastic appreciation. :)

The Day After: Wednesday, October 4th. PHL@SJS

  • Nolan Patrick’s NHL debut
  • Wayne Simmonds hat trick
  • Claude Giroux scores the first goal of the season
  • Wayne Simmonds hat trick
  • Brian Elliott’s first win in a Flyers uniform
  • Wayne Simmonds hat trick
  • Flyers PP goes ¾
  • Wayne Simmonds hat trick
  • Hakstol still doesn’t understand that Andrew MacDonald is bad
Increased Intracranial Pressure

(>20 mm Hg) Due to a rigid and fixed skull, there is no room for any additional fluid, blood, or lesions. Additional matter without an expansion of volume, especially, creates increased pressure. Increased intracranial pressure is very serious and could lead to brain herniation and subsequent death.


  • Brain tumors
  • CNS infections
  • Cerebral edema
  • Intracranial bleeding
  • Excess CSF


  • Changes in level of consciousness (LOC) ***often the first indication***

Glasgow Coma Scale measures LOC via eye, motor, and verbal responses to stimulus from the environment. It scores from 3-15 w/ 8 being the “magic number” - think magic 8 ball. If you shake it up, or stimulate it, and a number < 8 appears a severe coma is present. 9-12 represents a moderate coma. 13-14 represents a mild coma.

  • Blurred vision
  • Coma
  • Decerebrate posture (extension of arms indicative of brain stem involvement)
  • Diplopia
  • Doll’s eye phenomena
  • Headache
  • Projectile vomiting
  • Behavior changes
  • Seizures
  • Cushing’s reflex (as manifested by Cushing’s triad):  increased BP w/ widening PP (peripheral resistance increased to shunt blood towards the oxygen-needy brain), decreased pulse rate (in a vagal-induced response to rising BP), decreased/irregular (Cheyne Stokes) respirations

Indicative of impending herniation - emergent medical response necessary.

Treatment of ICP

  • Keep HOB elevated at 30 degrees
  • Keep patient well hydrated
  • Frequent neuro-checks needed
  • Strict I&O
  • Anticonvulsants for seizure prevention (phenytoin)
  • Mannitol (osmotic diuretic used to reduce cerebral edema)
  • Loop diuretics
  • Avoid aspirin, narcotics, or meds that depress respirations (as they are already at risk for being low)
  • Hyperventilate patient (blow off CO2 [hypocapnia]) to decrease cerebral blood flow (cerebral vasoconstriction in response to low CO2 levels)
  • Decrease environmental stimuli
  • initiate seizure and safety precautions (padded side rails up, call light w/in reach)

lol I shouldn't of said anything on twitter I’m truly not that mad about it

ps. I don’t loathe Evgenia and froth at the mouth whenever she skates or wins anything. I think her score inflation is a bit much and wish some other ladies could catch up so the ladies field would be more interesting and I wish she’d get better programs.


edit: this had a load of typos cuz i’m eating mac&cheese

pps. I know it’s not Evgenia’s fault her points margin is clowishly huge and the ladies field is more about who gets silver and bronze cuz you know Evgenia is gonna get gold at everything.

I don;t want her to fuck up/get injured/ start falling/whatever. I want judges to score fairly and i want other ladies to get more competitive i guess, bit not if the Eteri school style of programs is what it takes cuz it’s just not my cup of tea