and then runs off to hug her

Washoe was a common chimpanzee and the first ever non-human to learn how to communicate with sign language. She was raised as close to a human child as possible. One of her care workers, Kat, suffered a miscarriage and took a few weeks off work. When she returned, Washoe seemed upset that she had left her for a prolonged period of time. Kat signed that she was sorry and signed “my baby died,” to which Washoe responded by signing the word “cry” before running her finger down Kat’s cheek, mimicking a tear. She then asked Kat for a hug. Washoe, who had lost her own babies, appeared to be sympathetic and understanding toward Kat’s own pain and loss.

I’ve just been hit with a serious case of the early morning feels cuz

I was going through the events of the force awakens and I realised the moment Leia and Rey hug? That’s the first time they ever meet in the film.

Because we first see Leia after Kylo Ren has already captured Rey, and we know she doesn’t get off starkiller base until after it’s been destroyed.

And just. The moment when they hug is such an emotional one and they’re essentially complete strangers, so Leia must have run over to where the falcon was docking, knowing only that Han is dead, killed by their own son and she sees the boy, the ex stormtrooper, being carried off on a fucking stretcher and behind him is this shell-shocked looking girl holding a lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber and all she really knows about this girl is that Han had soft spot for her and that she somehow faced off Kylo Ren in a one on one fight and came out alive. And Leia is just like “fuck it this kid needs a hug” and god I’m still tearing up over that scene a year later no one fucking look at me. 

Top 5 Nalu Moments

so I got asked my top 5 nalu and Lucy moments (this is just the nalu moments) but I had no idea that my ask box was closed so I’m doing it this way. In no particular order

1. The hug scene in phoenix priestess. I love the fact that Natsu didn’t let her go cry by herself and instead held her. 

2. When future Lucy dies and meets Natsu in the afterlife. This scene made me cry I just love it so much.  

3. Lucy hugs Natsu. Okay so this isn’t even the physical contact that I love so much about this but rather that Lucy knew that Natsu was really upset about his guild-his family-was trapped and he wanted to save them even if it meant getting hurt himself and Lucy was feeling the same as him but she couldn’t just let him run off without and plan and get killed so she stopped him not by force but with a hug and saying that she knows. (sorry that was really long)

4. Thank you for the sake’s of everyone’s future. Literally just everything about this 

5. First hand holding. This is where it all began, where Lucy goes off with Natsu, this is where everything started and I just love the look on both their faces. 

Malasadashipping Headcannons

• Whenever Hau comes to challenge Moon, they go out for malasadas afterwards

• They have a running bet that if Hau beats her, then she’ll have to buy him as many malasadas as he wants.

• Sometimes Moon will come home from the league for the day and climb through the window and crash at Hau’s place when she wants to get away from the reporters

• The first kiss was initiated by Moon because Hau is oblivious af

• Moon greets Hau with a tackle hug

• Hau loves to kiss her on her forehead

• Whenever somebody is hitting on Moon, Hau will run in, sweep her off her feet, and run away yelling “Sorry! She’s mine!”

• If somebody’s hitting on Hau, Moon will destroy the poor soul in a Pokémon battle.

Okay, but while we’re still on the topic, can we talk about how Laurel wrapped her arms around Michaela before they kissed?

Originally posted by brysontillergifs

Like, look at how smol Michaela looks just being held like that. And Laurel’s cute ass, being the teddy bear she is, is so fucking proud of her, and after everything the two of them been through (both murder nights, all of those damn cases, working overnight to get evidence, running around in their high-heeled shoes just to interrogate people, dealing with their own personal problems, etc.), they got this one little victory, and Laurel is so fucking proud of the both of them that she wants her happiness to radiate on Michaela. And Michaela is so fucking happy for the both of them as well, so she hugs Laurel back. Like, this is the happiest either one of them has been in a while, and they needed this A in the class. Now that they got it, a giant weight had been lifted off their shoulders. Like, do you guys realize how pure this one little moment is?

Oh, and Laurel’s hand on Michaela’s face? Don’t get me started.

You know what I want?

I want to see Cassandra tip-toeing to Vex’s room and quietly joining Vex and Keyleth (and Pike) for a muted, but much needed, girls’ night.

I want Cassandra, young as she is, to find some much needed support and advice from the ladies of Vox Machina.

I want Cassandra to find some comfort, some solace she might’ve sought from her sisters, from the people who’ve done so much for her brother.

Give that girl a hot chocolate and a hug; she’s doing her best (and her brother keeps giving her more shit to deal with and running off).

Honestly I can just envision Piper meeting Thalia and oh god I honestly think it would be one of the funniest things…

-Like Jason becomes close with Thalia again, and Piper keeps hearing her name but hasn’t got the chance to meet her.

-From Percy, Annabeth, and Reyna she gets the idea that Thalia is the badass I-don’t-give-a-damn person which isn’t too far off from the truth.

-Word gets around that Thalia is coming to camp to visit Jason and when she comes Percy whispers to Piper “The monster is coming, run while you can!”

-That, to say the least, did little to nothing to help calm Piper’s nerves.

-Piper then walks with Jason to meet his sister and after the two siblings hug the two girls look at each other.

-Just as the girl is starting to seriously think that the Hunter of Artemis is plotting her death, the girl breaks out and says, “Are you sure this is a daughter of Aphrodite, ‘cuz I like her!”

-The two then quickly become friends much to Jason’s dismay and they’re also super protective of Jason.

EDIT: as someone pointed out, they did actually meet in TLH but I guess this is kinda a cannon divergence for if they didn’t

John is trying to learn how to style little Rosie’s blonde head of curls, but he has NO IDEA where to even start. Very gently Sherlock suggests that he may be able to assist since he has some experience with such things. The next thing John knows Sherlock has made Rosie’s (and his) day. He shows John how to gently run a wide tooth comb and a little leave in conditioner through her hair and how to dry it by squeezing the hair gently with an old cotton t-shirt (“Never a towel John! My God the fibers alone!”).

After her hair is set Sherlock pins a little blue ribbon to it, saying it matches her eyes. John’s heart swells when Rosie hugs Sherlock quickly around the neck as tight as she can and whispers “Thank you Sherlock” then runs away to go ask Mrs. Hudson downstairs for some treats and to show off her pretty new hair style. As soon as she’s gone John clears his throat and smiles at Sherlock. In that moment he realizes just how much he truly loves this man who continues to amaze him, everyday, even in the most mundane ways.

Blanket Bundles

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years @girl-of-ink!!!! 
I’m so so so sorry this took a while, but I hope you like it!!! 

Thank you @pjosecretsanta2016 for hosting this! 

Genre: Fluff
Pairings: Percabeth
Warnings: None
Rating: Everyone

“Percy get off me.” Annabeth didn’t look up from her notebook, tapping her pencil against her chin. There was a small grunt in response; Annabeth felt her boyfriend’s chest rumble against her shoulder.

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[.gif by @walking-fandoms]

Ok it’s official, I’m never going to shut up about this hug. Can we just take a minute to appreciate that big exhaling breath Daryl takes as he runs into Carol’s arms? The moment he has her in his grasp, as he’s circling his arms around her and burying his face in her shoulder – he lets out this sigh. And it’s of pure relief and happiness. 

Like he’s been holding his breath ever since his conversation with Rick before the Governor’s attack – worried sick and terrified of what Carol’s fate might be – and as he runs to her and embraces her, Daryl can finally breathe again.

He breathed out a sigh of relief when he hugged her, and that is because, in that moment, everything was alright, for Daryl. The most important person in the world was standing before of him, alive and unharmed, and that took a huge weight off of his shoulders. His world was okay again, because of Carol.

Damn, I miss you.

Imagine where Sammy and yn are married with kids but then they get into an argument over something and Sammy says he wants a divorce but yn gets really upset over that bc she moved to LA to be with him in the first place, but then Sammy eventually apologises and says he doesn’t really want a divorce. Sorry that this is long and probably confusing! Love your blog! 💕

(Sammy’s pov)
I’m at home with the kids at the moment while waiting for Y/N to come home. “No ughh Cam please stop hitting your sister with the toy train” I say pulling apart the two kids “Daddddddy where’s mommy? I want her homeeeeee!!” My daughter Avery yells stomping and my son Cam adds on “Yea where’s mommy?”. I pick Avery up and sit her on the couch while Cam jumps on himself. “*sigh* she’ll be home soon ok guys? Mommy just has to wor-” I pause as I hear the door knob jiggling and the kids jumping off the couch running to the door as Y/N walks in. “MOMMY!!” They both yell hugging her legs. “Aww Avie and Cammy I missed you guys! How are my munchkins?” She says taking off her shoes and jacket but then bending down to their level to greet them. “Not good” Cam says pouting “aw why is that?” She asks. “Because you’re never here” I say intervening. She looks at me and gets back up then looks down at the kids. “Babies why don’t you guys go to bed so tomorrow we can go to the park” She says “Ohhh mommy can I get Ice cream?!” “Ohhh I want to go out for ice cream too!” The kids say. “Ok we will get you both your favorite ice creams, how about that?” She says. “YAAAAAYYYYYYYY” they scream running to their bedroom. She watches them run off and then looks at me smiles and walks up to me putting her arms around my neck. I wrap my arms around her waist and nuzzle my head in the crook of her neck. I then say “mmmm I miss you” “Sammy I’m right here what do you mean?” She says. I remove my head from her neck and say “you’re never home, you always come home so late we never spend time together anymore” “baby I’m sorry you know I actually work unlike some people” she says sitting on the couch as do I. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask “well Sam let’s just say I have an actual job and that’s why I have no time on my hands” she says standing up walking to the kitchen. “Y/N I do have an actual job if you’ve forgotten I get stacks everyday” I say following her. She grabs a water from the fridge taking a sip then says “ohhh because social medias sooooo hard” “what the fuck is your problem?! At least I’m getting paid!” I say raising my voice “yea well you can’t be nagging on me for not being here WHEN YOU KNOW I WORK” she says raising her voice also “IM SORRY?! YOU KNOW I DIDN’T MARRY YOU JUST TO NOT SEE YOU EVEN MORE THAN WHEN WE WERE DATING ALL IM ASKING FOR IS JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS OR EVEN HOURS JUST TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” She then slams her water down and says “SAM I WORK IN A HOSPITAL!! PEOPLES LIVES CANT BE PUT ON HOLD JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO CUDDLE!” “ARE YOU SAYING IM NOT IMPORTANT?!” I yell getting in her face. “NO IM SAYING THAT SOMEONES LIFE IS IMPORTANT SAM” she says “WELL SOMETIMES YOUR HOURS DONT ADD UP Y/N!” I say “WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” She yells infuriated “YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME AT 9:00pm AND SOME NIGHTS LIKE TONIGHT YOU GET HOME AT 10:30pm!” “SAM I WORK IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM SOMETIMES I WORK OVER TIME BECAUSE INJURED PEOPLE NEED ME THERE LONGER THAN MY SHIFT! HOW COULD YOU EVEN QUESTION IF IM AT WORK?!” she screams “BECAUSE YOU START WORK AT 3:00pm AND END AT 9:00pm EVEN BEFORE THOSE HOURS YOURE NEVER HOME!!” I yell “BECAUSE I RUN ERRANDS FOR THE HOUSE! I HANG OUT WITH MY KIDS AND FRANKLY I CARE ABOUT THEM A LOT TO THE POINT WHERE ID SPEND ALL MY FREE TIME WITH THEM!” “OH SO NOW YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME?!” I yell offended. She then says “NO IM SAYING MAYBE ID LIKE IT IF I HAD A GUY WHO UNDERSTOOD WHAT I GO THROUGH AND DO FOR A LIVING!” I then feel so offended that without even thinking I say “OH YEA WELL MAYBE ID LIKE IT IF WE GOT A DIVORCE!” She backs up stunned. Before she could respond I hear a small voice coming from the hall across the room.
(Y/N pov)
“OH YEA WELL MAYBE ID LIKE IT IF WE GOT A DIVORCE!” Sammy yells. I back up shocked. A divorce? Before I could say anything back we hear a small voice coming from the hall across the room, our heads immediately turn to see the kids hugging each other in fright “Daddy please stop yelling at mommy.” Cam says “why don’t you love mommy?” Avery asks. Sammy walks over to the kids and crouches down to talk to them. “No babies I do love mommy so so much” he whispers to them but loud enough so I hear “then why are you yelling at her?” Avery asks. Before he could say anything I walk up to them while Sam looks at me then walks away to the bathroom. Once I hear the door shut I say “Um Cameron, Avery?” “Yes mommy?” They say hugging my legs “let’s go get you guys dressed we’re leaving for a little while” “REALLY?! WHERE ARE WE GOING MOMMY?!” They ask excited “to a nice hotel” I say “YAAAAYYYYYYY!” They yell running to their room. I follow them to help them get dressed.
I’m finish dressing Cam and I’m almost done with Avery, at the moment I’m tying her shoes. I finish then start packing about a weeks worth of their clothes. Once I’m done I run to my room and grab my already packed suitcase I have just in case something like this were to happen, right when I’m about to leave my and Sams room, Sam walks in the room. “What are you doing?” He asks sniffling as if he’s been crying. I look in his eyes to see that they’re really red and his face is a bit puffy, before I accidentally forget everything and comfort him out of instinct I roll my suitcase past him going to the kids who are in the living room waiting sitting on the couch. I take the kids hands walking to the door to get my shoes and jacket on. Sam follows. “Y/N answer me where are you going?” Sam asks his voice cracking. I slip on my shoes and put my jacket on then say “Sam we’re going to a hotel so I can have time to think and so can you.” I say grabbing my car keys opening the door and walking out with the kids “You can’t just take my kids away from me” Sam says coming to the door “Oh yea well you can’t just tell me you want a divorce!” I yell my voice cracking and I slam the door. The kids and I start walking down to the car then Avery says “why isn’t daddy coming?” “I don’t want daddy to come” I say unlocking the car putting them both Inside making sure they buckle up. “Why not?” Cam says I shut the back door and go to the drivers seat getting in. I start the car and buckle up. I look at the kids and say “because daddy and I need some time apart just for a little while and-” I’m cut off by a knock on my window.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Oh yea well you can’t just tell me you want a divorce!” Y/N yells and slams the door. “*sigh* GODDAMNIT!” I yell punching the wall repeatedly. “FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK” I say running my fingers through my hair pulling it slightly. I check through the window to see if Y/N and the kids have left, to my surprise they’re still here. I take this chance to run out the door not thinking about a jacket or even shoes and run to the car and knock on Y/N’s window. I see her turn around slowly then roll it down. “Yes sir? May I help you?” She asks “Oh come on Y/N please just come out here and talk to me , two minutes that’s all I need” I plead. She rolls up the window and I put my head down turning around, I start to walk back to the front door. Just when I think it’s all over I hear the car door open and close. I turn around quickly to see her leaning against the car looking at her watch “one minute and 45 seconds…..” I quickly walk up closer to her and start. “Y/N I’m sososososososo sorry for offending you in anyway but you can’t blame me for missing you” she then says “Sam you can’t just tell me you want a divorce, that’s insane! If we were to break up where would I go?! I have no one here besides you! I created a life here in LA for you! I don’t even know my way to fucking LAX by heart so how would I even go back ACROSS COUNTRY to my family. And yes I get that there is Über and shit but that’s not the point! The point is I’m in California for you! And even the thought of leaving you breaks my heart.” I then say “baby I’m sorry! You can’t get mad at me for missing the love of my life! It’s like you’re everywhere BUT with me! And I know I may seem selfish… Goddamnit I am selfish for you!!” I raise my voice a bit and continue “And- and I’m not fucking mad about it! I wanna spend every day you have off together and all your free hours should be with me and do all these things like when we first met like roller skating and bowling and going to Disney!” I then start getting so into my speech I start pacing and doing random hand gestures while I continue “when we were dating you barley had time for me and I understood that because you were in college pursuing your dreams. And now that you made your dreams come true and have your dream job we still never have time for each other! I thought marrying you would make it even better than it was! And it’s just like uggghhhhhhhh I wanna write ‘I miss you’ on a rock and throw it at your face so you can feel how much missing you hurts” she then chuckles and smiles. “Wow Sam you’ve really-” I cut her off “Missed you? Yea I have” she then engulfs me in and hug. I sigh in relief and we just stand there for a while, enjoying each others presence. She then pulls away and takes the keys out the car locking the door and we start to walk inside. Then she says “you know Mr.Wilkinson I’m gonna request to change my hours to something like 9:00pm-4:00am so we can spend more time together.” “Oh really Mrs.Wilkinson? I’d love that” she smiles and we walk in the house. She takes her shoes off and sits on the couch.
(Y/N pov)
“Hey did I forget anything?” I ask sam who’s grabbing a water from the fridge then he freezes. “Oh my god. THE KIDS!” We both yell. I grab the car keys and run outside as Sammy follows behind. I unlock the door and open the back seat to see both Cam and Avery sound asleep. I let out a long sigh “thank god” I say grabbing Avery and Sam gets Cam and all the bags of clothes I packed. I shut and lock the car doors and we start walking back to the house “well at least they’re asleep” sam says snickering “oh my god Sam shut up we are horrible parents” I say sort of laughing as we walk back inside and put the kids to bed. Once we finish and get to our room I quickly change and hop in bed as does Sam. We cuddle up and he then says “I’m surprised they didn’t wake up” he laughs. I stay silent, I then say “Sammy you know I love you right?” “Of course I do baby and I love you too” he says. I then add on “and I hope you know I’m just busy and would love to hang out more and I probably miss you just as much as you miss me” “maybe a little less” he says “haha ok maybe a little less” I say. He kisses my cheek “goodnight baby” “goodnight”.

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Chanty, hey!! You probably get this a lot but can you post some steve and natasha hugging headcanons. Thanks!!!

Yes yes yes, let’s talk about hugs–

  • Steve just likes to cuddle with her everywhere, okay, and so he’s always coming up to her from behind or from the side and hugging her close and sometimes she’ll let him hug her and then shrug him off because she’s getting work done, but most of the time she’ll just make herself comfortable in his arms and let him cling onto her like a teddy bear
  • okay but picture this: Natasha literally running into his arms
  • like maybe after a close call on a mission or when they’ve been separated for a while, Natasha gets impatient and rushes over as soon as she sees him and flings herself at him because she knows he’ll always catch her
  • Steve lifting her in the air and spinning her around
  • Natasha likes to hug him when she’s stressed, likes to burrow herself into his chest and let him block out the rest of the world
  • Steve reluctant to let Natasha go when she’s hugging him, so he clings onto her a little tighter, and she’ll laugh and half-heartedly try to squirm her way out of his grip but he knows she’s not really trying to escape
  • Natasha always squeezing just a little bit tighter before letting him go
  • Steve nuzzling his face into her neck and smoothing his hands up and down her back and murmuring into her skin and making her laugh because it tickles but she doesn’t want him to stop talking, either
  • they probably just hug all the time because they always want to be as close as physically possible, alright??
A Father's Mistake

She heard his breathing before she heard his footsteps on the grassy hill. She should have known he would find her.

Not bothering to wipe the tears from her face or hide the angry bitterness in her tone, Rosie bit out, ‘Leave me alone.’

She also should have known he would do whatever the hell he wanted to.

John’s knees creaked as he sat down beside her. She hugged her legs closer to her body and refused to look at him, instead keeping her eyes locked on the distant lights of London. A chasm of darkness separated them from the bustling city. And right now, an even wider chasm sat between her and her father.

From the corner of her eye, she watched him run a hand through his hair, mussing it up. Not for the first time either. He looked ragged and broken.

‘I don’t know what to say,’ he began, but she cut him off.

‘Then don’t try,’ she snapped. Anger and betrayal bubbled up inside her like a poison. ‘Just go away.’

He sighed. 'Rosie, I need to explain. Will you please hear me out?’

She sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve as a fresh wave of angry tears slipped down her cheeks. 'What can you possibly say? Some excuse to get yourself off the hook?’

He shook his head. 'No. But since you already know part of the story, you deserve to know all of it. The whole truth.’

'I don’t care about the whole truth!’ She exclaimed, turning to face him finally. 'All I care about is that you cheated on mum! I don’t care if it was with Uncle Sherlock’s sister in disguise, I don’t care that she was tricking you on purpose, and I bloody well don’t care that it was only over text!’

Her father blanched, his face paling with guilt and shame, unaware of just how much she had discovered.

Her bottom lip trembled violently and she sobbed, 'You had her for years, loved her and married her. And you still…’ She trailed off brokenly and turned away.

John couldn’t speak. All the shame and regret from years ago washed over him in waves that threatened to drown him.

Rosie whispered, 'I don’t even remember her. I didn’t even get a chance to know her. But from all the stories you and Uncle Sherlock and Aunt Molly have told, she was incredible. So how could you…?’

He tilted his head back and his lips thinned as he tried to hold himself together. 'I have asked myself that a thousand times in the past thirteen years.’

She looked over at him and he met her gaze, allowing his tears to fall.

'I don’t have an answer,’ he admitted softly. 'All I can say is that I was a selfish, cheating bastard. And your mother,’ his voice broke. 'Your mother was an incredible woman. And I live every day with the regret that I did that to her, that I took her for granted, that I wasted the little time I had with her being an utter arse.’

By the end of his admission, they were both unable to hold themselves together. In one move, John opened his arms and Rosie leaned into his chest. He brushed his hand soothingly along her arm as she cried.

When their tears had run out but their hearts were still heavy, Rosie whispered brokenly, 'I wish I had known her.’

John rested his chin on her head and closed his eyes. 'Me, too.’


When the sun began to rise, John looked down to find Rosie had dozed off. He wiped his thumb across the dried tears on her cheek and pressed a kiss to her head.

His heart still ached for Mary, for the life they could have lived, for the family that could have been.

He had wasted so much of his life buried under regrets, secrets, and pain.

But when he looked their Rosie and saw Mary’s smile or flashing temper, that ache eased just a little and the future looked that much brighter for them.

For John and his Rosie.

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hello~ hello~ good luck with your blog! so how do you think yoosung, 707, and jumin would react to mc playing rugby which is a really high-impact sport. like if they went to go potentially see a match and they watched mc play and what would their reactions be the first time they watched mc get tackled and then it like doesn't even phase her? c: thank you so much and again good luck!

So I’ve never seen/played rugby so hopefully this is accurate!


  • He freaks out when he sees you get tackles
  • Like he knew rugby had tackling but that person hit you hard!
  • He was about to cry until he saw you get up
  • Super impressed that you just walked it off like woah MC
  • After your game he runs up to you and hugs you for like twenty seconds
  • “MC! I-I thought you died!”
  • Poor child doesn’t understand


  • He was cheering for you the entire game
  • And he was the loudest in the stadium like Seven, chill, you’ll lose your voice
  • When you were hardcoe tackled he jumped up out of his seat
  • He was worried at first but when you got up like it was nothing he was
  • SO
  • You thought he was cheering loud before? Well now he’s screaming at the top of his lungs
  • When you meet up after your game he runs up to you and gives you a high five
  • “Damn, MC! I knew you were good, but that was badass!”


  • He was ready to stop the ENTIRE GAME when he saw you get tackled
  • Even after he saw you get up he was worried
  • It happened at like the start of the game he was on edge for the rest of it
  • When he saw you after he asked you like fifty times if you were okay
  • No matter how many times you assure him that yes, this happens all the time, you’re used to it, you’re fine, he doesn’t listen
  • He’ll definitely have his doctors check on you when you get home
  • Like, MC, you could have a concussion he’s just being safe

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Bumblebee: Tell me about their first kiss

Their first kiss happened so naturally that they questioned why they had any hesitations in the first place. They’ve been friends for such a long time at this point that they were really concerned about messing something up by acting on their feelings and that created a lot of unhelpful tension between them.

It was Blake who initiated the first kiss.

They had just won a fight against a couple of bad guys, adrenaline was still running high and Yang hugged her in her ecstasy but Blake just wouldn’t have it anymore. So she did something so utterly un-blakely that it caught Yang completely off guard - she kissed her in front of everybody, in front of Ruby and Weiss (who probably high-fived before arguing who won the bet they placed, neither Yang nor Blake were subtle in their affection) and while she immediately regretted it like 10 seconds later because oh god everybody saw that, she was also incredibly relieved to finally get it off her chest. Yang, on the other hand, was a speechless, flustered mess and it took her some time to come around (making Blake increasingly nervous in the process) but in the end, she managed to sputter some horrible pun before pulling her in for another kiss.

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sebastian being upset over his 5 year old daughter being embarrassed about seb kissing her goodbye when he drops her off at school? like it happens one time and he tries to shrug it off but then it happens like the rest of the week and it really gets him down

Until the last day of the week she walks away but then turns back runs to him in a giant hug and kiss

Daddy Wednesday™

Okay but guys listen

Transboy Meg Giry

Just imagine it (in no particular order):

  • Meg figuring it out the first time she has to wear a male courtier costume in an opera
  • Learning to stage sword fight and asking the swords master to teach her more techniques until she’s almost an expert
  • Falling for Christine hard as the years pass
  • Meg protecting Christine from any teasing about being an orphan by other ballerinas
  • Meg asking for more and more male roles in operas, and Madame Giry noticing 
  • Madame Giry giving Meg less and less ballet roles until they stop altogether.
  • Meg being the first one to search for Christine when she vanishes with the Phantom
  • Meg cutting her hair bit by bit over the course of a year
  • Madame Giry buying/giving Meg more and more androgynous clothing, and buying many more pairs of pants
  • Meg going on to teach sword fighting at an academy funded by Raoul and Christine after the opera house burns down
  • Meg coming more into their skin as the years pass 
  • Meg coming out to Raoul and Christine, Christine immediately hugging them and running off to their bedroom to get Meg proper outfits from Raoul’s closet (she had been nagging him to get rid of some anyways, this was perfect)
  • Christine introducing Meg as Monsieur and Meg nearly keeling over the first time, but smiling and bowing all the same


Steve Rogers X Reader: Yes Ma’am

Summary: The reader and Steve get into a fight and she runs off, he finds her crying and they make up.

Warnings: Verbal fight (sort of), mentions of cheating

Word Count: 559

Tag List: @waytooinlovewithdeanwinchester, @lucifer-in-leather, @outsidersimagines57, @nea90sweetie, @trumpetsaretheworst

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Request: A Steve Roger’s one shot where the v sarcastic reader has electric powers and when they get in a fight she runs off the tower and he goes after her and he’s never seen her cry but he find her crying in a corner or something and they makeup?

Requested by Anonymous

Originally posted by tomshardy

It had been a dark rainy day, when Steve saw it, and it only made his day worse. His girlfriend of two years, (Y/n), was hugging another guy. It completely ruined his day. He had gone back to the tower and locked himself in his room. He had always suspected that he wasn’t enough for (Y/n) and now he had his proof. He did his best to avoid (Y/n) because he didn’t want to be reminded that she didn’t love him anymore. (Y/n) took notice of his actions, and tried to talk to him, but was always brushed off, after a week, she was frustrated with Steve’s behavior. After a meeting, she grabbed his arm, and pulled him to an empty office.

“Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something wrong?”

“Why don’t you tell me why you have been cheating on me!”

“What? I haven’t-”

“Really? I saw you with that guy last week! You two were plenty happy with each other, so why don’t you stop wasting your time with me and be with him!”

With that, Steve left the office, leaving (Y/n) hurt and confused. She thought back to the past week, and realized that Steve had seen her with best friend from high school. In the following days, Steve avoided (Y/n) at all costs. Every time (Y/n) would come into the room, Steve would leave. It had been a week since the breakup, and (Y/n) still hadn’t quite come to terms with it all, she just wanted Steve to know who she was with and that she still loved him. One day, (Y/n) saw Steve with another agent in the office, she was attractive, and they looked as though they were flirting. (Y/n) couldn’t believe how fast Steve had gotten over their breakup. She started to think maybe he didn’t love her, and he just wanted an excuse to leave. (Y/n) ran off to a random abandoned office, and slid down the wall into a fetal position. She felt tears come to her eyes, she tried to blink them away, but to no avail. Tears began streaming down her face, she didn’t even attempt to wipe them away when the office door opened. Steve had seen (Y/n) run off while he was talking to the new agent, he followed her to the empty office, and waited outside for a minute. When he couldn’t hear anything behind the door, he slowly opened it and saw (Y/n) sitting in the corner of the office, crying. She didn’t even look up when he entered. He knelt down beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“I’m sorry”

“Why are you sorry? I was the one who accused you of cheating, when I knew you loved me. I threw it all away and now you’re here crying all because of me”

“He was my best friend in high school”

“I know… I asked Tony about it, and he told me… I’m sorry sweetheart. Can we try again? I still love you”

“I love you too. You can start by taking me out on a date. Tonight pick me up at seven o’clock on the dot. If you’re late… Well you don’t want to know what will happen if you are late”

“Yes ma'am”