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(1/2) please imagine Jason unable to completely get rid of Tim's coffee stashes so instead of chucking them, he replaces them with decaf coffee grounds and Tim doesn't notice?? I mean he loads his coffee up with so much sugar and cream

that it’s not like he could taste a difference anyway. but he DOES notice that he doesn’t feel as energized lately and he thinks the lack of sleep is finally catching up to him so he takes a good long fucking nap and Jason’s mission is Complete


LOL ohh my gosh that’s so sneaky, I love it. 

After his nap, Tim gets suspicious and starts researching caffeine tolerance. 

He tests the coffee.  

Jason goes into hiding for two weeks. 

But Tim does have to admit that sleep is good, and he’s slightly more willing to actually do it once in a while. So Jason still counts it as a win. 

From Mexico. 

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Shui is smol ... For me. I'm crying T_T. I'm 170 and I regret every inch of my body.

OMG two of my friends are both 170 and i always walk between them so once i was consulting my lecturer and she was like “oh– you’re actually quite average in height” and i was very ???? before realising that many people must’ve assumed that i was a midget when i was always between twin towers.

i love toll people tho they always make me feel very safe so i love all 170cm of you bub ^3^ <3

alain: *visits ash in alola* hey im in therapy now and back with sycamore, just wanted to stop by and say hey

ash: aw man cool! i’m so glad you’re doing better.

alain: haha, thanks! oh yeah, mairin says hi! she’s gonna chill with me and dad for a while. i think she jokingly told bonnie they’d be rivals.

ash: *laughs* oh, man, that’d be great! say, how’s clemont doing?

alain: i dunno… he’s usually cooped up in the tower… oh yeah, who’re your friends?

ash: this is sophocles, lillie, lana, mallow, and kiawe. guys, this is alain.

kiawe: *looks at alain’s charizard*

alain: *looks at kiawe’s charizard*

ash: … did… it get tense just now or–

lana: oh god, mallow please–

mallow: his is bigger than yours


Season Four comes for Arkadia’s true leader. 

”You’ve got so much soul, you’ve got to get out and prove it to yourself.”

Ceasefire - for KING & COUNTRY || Bloodrush - Brooke fraser || The Gates - Young Empires || Dare You to Move - Switchfoot || Burden - Foy Vance || Rise & Fall - Ryan Innes || It’s Alright - Fractures || Without You - for KING & COUNTRY || Best is Yet to Come - RED || It’s Not Over Yet (The Encore) - for KING & COUNTRY || Be Still - The Fray