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Butterflies (1975)
Hi there. I’m feeling horny… wanna hookup tonight?

I have belatedly realized you can exploit mantine riding for money

Like once you get decent you can pretty easily get 10bp every run, and vitamins are 2 bp and sell for 5k each

so you can get 5 vitamins off of one run and sell them for 25k in total, and the run only takes a couple of minutes

you probably all figured this out a long time ago but… yeah.

When I was younger I often imagined romance as a whirlwind type of thing. I saw it as him walking me to the train station, the rain outside beating as heavily as our hearts. I saw it as him kissing me goodbye. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that romance is not whirlwind, it is not tulle teal dresses worn at the prom, it is not everything all at once. Romance is little things. Romance is getting dinner with him before I catch the train. Romance is me thinking of him afterwards and him doing the same about me.
—  m.n // “I think I fell in love without noticing it.”

Mark Dice is a sorry piece of shit if he a) thinks he can use lesbian as an insult and b) is assuming that he can put down BTS by shitting on them. How fucking dare he? The boys are angels and there is a reason why they have a fan base called the ARMY. Fuck with BTS and you’re writing your own social suicide.

I need;

a table for 3 with the usos and tamina

a table for 3 with the usos and roman

another ride along with tamina, Naomi, and the usos

a ride along with the usos and roman

a 365 on the shield

a 365 on roman reigns

a 365 on the usos heel turn

A wwe 24 on the shield

a table for 3 with naomi &tamina no one else tbh

a table for 3 with Naomi, Charlotte and becky

a table for 3 with finn, luke and Karl

a table for 3 with sami, Neville and Kevin

a table for 3 with sami, kevin and finn

a table for 5 with the usos and the new day

Superstar ink with the usos

superstar ink with bray

superstar ink with corey graves ( just him talking about his own tats)

a updated superstar ink with baron corbin (I want to see how his leg sleeve is going)

all the episodes of total divas (I’ve already watched all the trin and Jon moments on the ones that are on the network)

Ride along with finn, gallows, and Anderson

Ride along with naomi, Charlotte, becky and tamina


Next Monday Norman is in Hawaii! This is one of two episodes I have been most excited to see. ( I’ll probably post this again as we get closer to Monday. ) We got everything is this upcoming episode. Sleepy, sexy, scared Reedus. We got scuba wetsuit Reedus all wrapped up and filmed in paradise. Ride with Norman Reedus every Monday on AMC.
i will always find you - kuresoto - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
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Rey considers her life pretty normal. Some might not, what with working as a bartender until four in the morning, but she’s content with it. Going home at the crack of dawn never bothered her. In fact, she found it very calming. Making drinks? Keeps her hands busy. Customers? Never had a problem and her easiest customer has to be the man who seems to always show up on her shifts. His order is simple and he doesn’t bother her. Her co-workers finds him strange, but who was she to judge?

It’s not like she knows him.

Demon AU

Gift and based on @lilithsaur‘s Demon AU :3 I hope you enjoy it? 

Making Memories

“Right!  Are we all ready at last?”  Lucille called cheerfully.  “Scott can you lead off, please.  John? John, stop daydreaming there love.  Gordon, are you okay, I know your pony can be very naughty.  Virgil, could you watch out for Gordon for me, please!” She looked down on the littlest rider, “You okay there, Baby?” Little Alan beamed up at her so excited to be out with the big boys.  It was a shame he probably wouldn’t remember this when he was older but he was just too young – the others, well hopefully this would be a memory they would always keep.

(this took me forever - it’s absolutely massive, really really massive - so please do me a little favour and expand it - get up close because it’s really detailed - thank you!)

The horses:

Because this is the first time Lucille has ever got all her kids out together, she has had to change who rides each horse so that Alan could have the smallest pony…….

Midget - 10.5hh, grey Shetland - Midget is Gordon’s usual pony, but Alan needs to use her.  She’s a cutey, never putting a foot out of place, well behaved, always, but she has no steering so she’s always on a leading rein.

Sassy - 12.5hh, iron grey - mixed/Welsh Mountain

and Murphy -  15.3hh flaxen sorrel - part-American Warmblood - The twins have had to share these two but as Sassy is smaller, there have always been arguments over who has Murphy, especially as both boys have really grown too big for Sassy.  Virgil says that as he’s heavier he should be on Murphy, but John argues equally that he’s taller.  Lucille has been making them take turns.    But for this day, Gordon is on Sassy.  He’s not that keen, oh he’s pleased to move up to a bigger pony, but Sassy has a reputation of bucking off the unexpected and the inexperienced.  Knowing this, Gordon’s being very wary of her.   So Virgil has  Murphy, his favourite, a steady horse with a careful nature, watching where he puts every foot, yet fast, oh sooo fast.  And John?  Well John gets to move up to Orion.

Orion - 16hh black - American Warmblood - As dark as outer space with the brightest of pure white stars on his forehead, John has always coveted him a little.  But until now Orion had been Scott’s.  However, John will have to have his wits about him as Orion is fiery at the best of times, a real double handful.

Rocky - dark bay -17hh Quarterhorse - this is the only actual working horse on the farm, the others are all for leisure riding, but Grandpa still uses Rocky and even competes on him occasionally too.  Scott is feeling somewhat proud that he’s in Rocky’s saddle.  Not just because he’s actually on his Grandpa’s horse but because he knows his Grandpa trusts him to handle him, it’s a good feeling and he wont let his Grandpa down!

and Ruby - bright bay - another 17hh Quarterhorse - Ruby has been Lucille’s horse since she was 17, there is a close bond between these two, It seemed that Ruby adores Lucille’s children as much as she does and seems to watch out for them all.

Phew!! done!  This seems to have been a mamoth challenge to do, hope you like it, 

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I’m super duper attached to Lalter for more reasons than just her looks, by the by.

This is someone that looked at godhood in the eyes and said “That shit is LAME” and decided to remain as human as she possibly could, rejecting That Weak Shit and becoming a powerhouse of a queen by her own merit.

If that ain’t the coolest and rawest…