and then riding in

“my extensive memory data”

imagine being a grown adult scientist with who knows how many degrees and an impeccable resume, and having to analyze the perceived reaction of some comparatively unimportant two-time champion from the pov of your teenage boss as he says “I tremble with desire.”

and then being told the whole thing is a wash anyway because it ‘still wasn’t right.’

It isn’t easy. Thoughts banging around your head. Silent cries while you brace yourself for another day of putting on that smile that everyone loves, when sometimes you just want to fall to pieces.
I can’t save you.
And i know, I know; that romantic love can’t cure a mental illness. But yeah. You can sure as hell love them through it though. And if love is all i can offer you while you’re wanting to break away from this suffocating fog that consumes you, then love is all I will give. And I will give it whole heartedly. We can sit in silence for days. And I won’t offer you anything other than my broken soul, keeping your broken soul company. 

And darling, I won’t give up as long as you promise not to either.