and then remembers he should be serious

Bts scenario: jealous sex *request*


Namjoon stood there, tongue in cheek as he eyed you from the door frame. A harmless family dinner turned a little wrong. He watched you from afar as you laughed and joked with jin, he saw how when jin told you one of his silly dad jokes, you’d place your hand on his shoulder as you laughed.

namjoon raised an eyebrow before coming over and swiftly taking you away from jin “Are you kidding me?” He’d mutter as he dragged you into his dorm, you gasped in surprise as he pinned you up the wall. “Whats wrong baby?” you asked in shock, however he didn’t answer, he just latched his lips onto yours. “You were so flirting with jin, right infront of me!” He’d hiss in the kiss, making you gasp. he began practically ripping off your clothes, and sucking harshly on your neck.

“Jin can’t make you feel good like i do”

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You were sat on Jin’s lap, texting with Jungkook. he leaned over your shoulder slightly to spy on what you were texting. he saw how you were joking around and sending emojis to eachother, he talked about wanted to take you bowling. you feel Jin wrap his arms around you. “i’m not letting you go bowling with Jungkook, baby, you’re my girlfriend not yours”. you giggle in response, not taking him seriously. as you go to accept Jungkook’s offer her grabs your phone “I’m serious, you’re not going” his tone dropped, you turned to face him. his eyes didn’t leave you as his face had gotten serious. “Are you jealous?” you taunted, you smiled as you got off his lap and made your way to the bedroom. what you didn’t know was that he followed you. he followed you not the bedroom, slamming the door behind you both.

“Don’t taunt me princess, it’ll turn out worse for you”

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It was movie night with you and the other boys. Suga didn’t like you around the other guys much. but agreed to movie night. instead on sat on his lap as usual, you were sat on the floor next to jimin. the movie you were watching, a comedy, had you and jimin in fits of laughter, you laughed a little too much and placed your head on jimins shoulder as you were both hysterical. jungkook, or jungshook at this moment, looked over to suga to see him tongue in cheek, clearly not impressed. you carried on giggling until you couldn’t anymore. after the movie was finished, you and the boys went to bed. suga had barely spoken to you all night. as you were getting ready for bed in his dorm. he just sat on the bed, paying no attention to you. “Are you mad at me or something?” you asked, getting no response, you walked over to him in the very sheer night gown you always wore, the one he bought you, and sat on his lap.“Yoongiii, answer me” you pouted, he looked up at you. “go talk with Jimin” he raised an eyebrow. you were taken aback. “but id rather talk to you, I’m yours baby”. and  that’s when he snapped. latching his lips onto yours and taking off your night gown.

“And I’m going to make you remember that” he muttered.

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You and all the boys were backstage as they were getting ready for the next show. Jhope was getting his makeup retouched as you were talking with tae. you were both playing a dumb game on your phone. you were leaning over tae watching his gameplay, however you failed to notice jhope contently staring at you through the mirror. you didnt, but tae did. “I think you should get off of me, Hoseok doesn’t seem happy”. you looked at your boyfriend to see him with a serious look on his face before getting off tae.

you cleared your throat and just sat next to him. as it was time for them to perform their last song, you watched your boyfriends fancam on the monitor, his face was down the whole performance, he didn’t seem to be happy in the slightest. you worried that maybe he got the wrong idea from you and tae, has his last girlfriend left him for another man, you knew about these certain insecurities.

when the show was over, you decided to wait in his dorm for him to come back

he came back, bare faced and sweaty. “So i saw you cuddling up to tae earlier, is he better than me? ” he stressed, i furrowed my eyebrows at him as he walked towards you, he pinned you up the wall, slipping his hand into your panties. “Would tae be able to make you feel good like this, kitten?” He’d hiss. you’d shake you head as you whined “Good, on the bed, all fours baby”

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It didn’t take much to make Jimin jealous, you knew this all too well, you were playing a random dance game with jhope, it was all fun and games until bae bae by bigbang played. it was the dance break too, meaning you had to get close to jhope as you moved your hips from side to side on him. jimins face dropped, he hated when you touched the other members or when the other members touched you, even if it was innocent. the game ended and you were sweating afterwards thats when he pulled you aside. “Well me and y/n are going back now. she seems a little tired haha” he’d smile. but his smile would soon fade the second you were away from the boys. “you know i dont like the other boys touching you like that” he’d murmur, out of all the boys, jimin would be the most emotional. “you still love me right?” hed ask, sitting you on his lap in the bedroom. “ofcourse i do” you’d mutter back. his eyes would darken and he’d smirk.

“Prove it, baby” He’d say before locking lips with you.

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You’d been with namjoon all day, helping him come up with a new song. taehyung waited for you to return to his dorm. but it was after hours and you still hadn’t returned. he was getting angrier by the minute. but he kept shaking it of, knowing you wouldn’t do anything with namjoon. he looked up at the clock, it was 12PM, by this time he’d had enough. he went over to namjoon’s dorm. when he opened the door, he was mad. he saw you watching funny videos with namjoon, laughing with him. “Y/n, don’t you think it’s a little late?” he muttered as he glared at you. you checked the time on your phone. you didn’t realize it was so late. “ah, hes right, see you later namjoonie-oppa” that was the cherry on the cake. he hated you calling other boys oppa. you knew this ofcourse, that’s why you did it. you walked infront of tae has he quickly followed. “y/n what was that all about huh?” you just smiled and carried on walking. “y/n?” “Y/N!” he grabbed your shoulder and pulled you to face him. “dont ignore your boyfriend and dont call other boys oppa, i’m your oppa”. you pulled him a little closer to whisper in his ear. “there’s a difference between oppa and daddy” you softly whispered. he practically pushed you into his dorm and onto the bed, smiling.

“You’re still getting your spankies, baby”

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you, jungkook and suga were playing video games. “hold on im gonna go to the toilet, dont start without me” jungkook said before leaving. a few minutes later you and sugah ad gotten bored of waiting and decided to quickly start a game. a few minutes later you lost to suga “ah oppa! you should’ve let me win i’m a girl!” you whine. “oppa?” you heard a voice say. you looked behind you to see jungkook glaring at you from the door frame. “i think ill go” suga muttered before leaving. “first i tell you not to start the game without me, and then you call another man oppa?” he mutters, walking over to you. “i’m sor-” you go to apologize, but you were cut off when jungkook replaced your words with his lips.

“i’ll teach you who your oppa is”

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Guys we need to remember Crystal Kingdom Kravitz like sure he can be a polite gentleman and kind and suave but also he’s a fucking nerd with a work accent who takes SERIOUS PLEASURE in fucking up a bountys day and makes jokes about performance anxiety and gets super sarcastic and spiteful

Like just imagine Taako seeing Krav in action again and his sweet “I love you Taako and everyone should love you” gentleman of a boyfriend has slipped right back into “WOT THE FOCK IS WRONG WITH YOU” And Taako is just so in love

winter-and-little-brunettes  asked:

Oooo, for the prompt thing, what about Lance talking to Keith in a quiet moment where the BoM and Voltron are actually in the same room about why Keith really left... Like, what was the 'other' part of the reason Keith left? Lance probably thinks it has something to do with hiiimmmmmmm

Lance sits in the common room with Keith next to him. Their knees touch slightly. Lance sighs and listens to the sounds of Hunk hovering over something in the kitchen and Pidge entering some numbers into her laptop. Shiro confers quietly on the other side of the room with Allura, Kolivan, and a couple of other blades. The setting is familiar. It’s comfortable. Lance smiles to himself and turns to murmur something quietly to Keith when he pauses.

Ah. Of course. 

Where he eyes should meet shades of red he only sees purple. He sighs. Reality comes crushing back.

“Yes?” Keith waits expectantly. Lance shakes his head. His hand gently reaches out to lower Keith’s hood. His fingertips brush against his pale cheek. 

“God, pull this down when you’re in here. Your cool, mysterious act fools no one.” Lance smirks. Keith pulls his face away with a pout.

“Just hiding my mullet from you.”

“You gonna try to grow it into a sweet braid?” Lance sneers. He nods over to where Kolivan stands. “Get a super long one like Kolivan and whip your enemies with it?” He moves his head in slow arcs like he’s in a shampoo commercial. Keith frowns… then caves. He smiles shyly.

“No, that would be a huge disadvantage. Enemies could grab me by it.”

“You should tie your knife to the end of it and just SCHWING! SCHWIP!”

Keith laughs at Lance’s sound effects. He can’t remember the last time he laughed like this. 

“Keith! Are you paying attention?” Kolivan turns over his shoulder. Imposing and serious as always. 

“Yes sir!” Keith sits up. Kolivan nods, then resumes talking to Shiro. 

“Jeez,” Lance scoots close so that their sides are against each other. His breath fans against Keith’s ear.

“No fun allowed.”

“You don’t get to be leader by telling jokes.” Keith chuckles. He lets his head turn and he realises how incredibly close he is to Lance. Lance’s expression is relaxed and looks at Keith with lidded eyes and a lazy smile.

“Are you having fun?”

“W….what?” Keith’s pulse starts to hammer. Had he been caught staring.

“With the blades. Are you having fun there?” Lance’s eyes narrow curiously. Keith relaxes. He doesn’t pull away when Lance slides his arm behind him on the couch. 

“Fun is… not the word I’d use…”

“Come back then.”

“I can’t…”


“Lance…” Keith sighs. “I’m needed there.”

“We need you here.”

“No you don’t, I’m superfluous. We have six paladins and only five lions. Shiro is a better leader than me so…”

“So I’ll sit out!”

“No!” Keith suddenly reaches for Lance’s arm. He grips it tightly. His eyes look panicked. “No I don’t want that.”

Lance scowls. His mouth forms a hard line and he pulls his arm away. 

“Is that what this is all about?” His voice is dangerously low. “You leaving just so I get a lion?”

“No! No!” Keith shakes his head aggressively. “Lance I…”

“Please, Keith please don’t be the reason you left.” This time it’s Lance that initiates the contact. He gently touches Keith’s thigh. It’s warm. Keith heaves out a long sigh.

“Lance… you are much more important to this team then you realise.” Keith picks up his gaze and forces a smile. “That day… when you came to me and told me about how we need our best paladins to make our strongest team?” He huffs a humourless laugh. 

“I never doubted that you would be in a lion. You are one of our best, Lance. I said to not worry about it, because I knew that you would always be in a lion. Maybe not blue, maybe not even Red but…” Keith smiles. He puts his hand on top of Lance’s. Lance stares dumbstruck.

“You’ll always be needed in Voltron.” Keith smiles wider. 

“We need you too.” Lance leans closer. Keith shakes his head.

“I’m just a pilot. And good at stabbing things, but you…” Keith leans forward. He dares to cup lance’s cheek with his hand. Lance blushes up to his ears.

“Lance you do things that I could never do. You lift the team up. You’re good with plans and knowing when to fight and when to run. You keep this team together.”

“Then why can’t I keep you?”

Keith’s hand drops. He feels floored. Air escapes his lungs in a rush. He blinks several times as he tries to compose himself. As he tries to build up his walls again in the face of Lance’s brutal honesty.

“I didn’t leave so you could stay.” He swallows. “But I knew I could leave, because the team still had you and Shiro.”

Lance pouts. He’s not satisfied but he knows this isn’t the place to argue. He falls forward until his head thumps against Keith’s shoulder.

“Come back in one piece, you hear?”

Keith wraps his arms around Lance’s middle. He tries to burn the feel of his jacket, the warmth, the weight against his chest into his memory. He isn’t sure when the next time he’ll be able to do this again. 

“I will.”

Lance chuckles. It surprises Keith.

“I can’t believe you’re not embarrassed hugging me in front of your new dad.”

“He’s not my new dad.”

“But do you think he’ll yell at you if he sees you getting sentimental?”

Keith hums.

“Yeah, but I’ll fight him.” He chuckles and squeezes Lance tighter.

“My money’s on Kolivan.”


“Dude, you’re tiny. Have you seen you with the other blades? It’s hilarious.” Lance laughs into Keith’s chest. It’s warm and rumbles pleasantly. Keith smiles and melts further into the couch. 

My Immortal - Loki x Reader

Title: My Immortal

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2,838

Warnings: Very subtle spoilers for Thor: Dark World and Civil War

Summary: He is a god and he is a master in lies. Death for him can’t be this easy. But you never thought he’d lie to you about something like this, something so important that actually broke you. You return home to find a “gift” waiting for you from Odin himself and it is finally time to have a talk with it… while living the rest of your life with it on Earth.

A/N: Not betad, I apologize for any mistakes!

“Tony, please.” you said with a half-whine and half-giggle as you unlocked your apartment door.

“Come on, come on just one more!” the man at the other end said with a chuckle and you had to stifle a giggle once more.

“Tony!” you whined again, walking in the almost pitch black apartment “My stomach can’t take it anymore. What’s up with you and jokes, are you that bored in the meeting? And how the heck does nobody else tell you to shut up?”

You complained about it but truth was you needed the pick up and hearing your friend laugh, this much at that, after everything that had happened and sound like his old self again was really more than you could ask for. None of you were the same anymore, and maybe you had to endure twice the pain after what had happened in the dark world as well.

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Professional Behavior, Please

Request: @hmltntrsh51  Prompt 18 with Bucky? Maybe smut? (That parts up to you) But congrats on 2,000 followers!!!!!!!

@widowsfics   And also a smut one with 13 and 18 with Bucky pleasee

Prompts:   13)  “You can hurt yourself with that- *uses weapon skillfully*
You were saying?”

18)  ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

Words: 1327

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Today is my birthday but you are the ones who win this gift.


Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

Credit to the gif owners

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Visiting Bucky at work was one of your favorite things to do, you love how he kisses your cheek when he sees you, how he introduces you as his best girl to every single person that you to meet in the halls and how he always has his arm protectively around you.

But for sure your favorite part is watching him train, seeing his muscles move and how much he gets into what he is doing makes you feel things that you shouldn’t feel at your work place “Come on, babe kick his ass. Finish him and I will kiss you all over that beautiful face.” You said cheerfully, making him pin Steve down in seconds on the floor.

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La douleur exquise Pt.2 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho x Reader x Jungkook (not a threesome but messy as hell)

Word Count: 6.1k

Genre(s): Angst, smut

Part 1 here

A/N: Thank you guys for being so patient with me on this update. I really hope I did it justice and hope you enjoy! (& don’t kill me I’m sorry)

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The Price of War - Part 5

Peter Pettigrew knocks politely, as his mother taught him. He follows it with a rhythmic drum of the fingers, as James taught him.

The faded red door stands solidly, silent and angry-looking. He remembers last summer, how the red paint streaked their faces and stained their hands.

Deep within the house, laughter echoes and the sound rattles around in the small, empty space inside Peter’s chest.

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Special Place (For You and Me)

Request: Hey could you do a cute Steven imagine where he’s heartbroken because Nancy is with Jonathan and the reader kinda of confesses their love for him. They always liked him but are also Nancy’s best friend so never made a move? Thaaanks if you do it.
Word Count: 1817 (I may have went a little overboard)
Rating: T (some language)
A/N: IM ACTUALLY REALLY PROUD OF THIS ONE, SO GO ME! Requests are open btw so send those over! This is also dedicated to a special anon who recently got out of a bad relationship. This isn’t the actual fic yet, but just thought you might enjoy it. If you ever need anything, I’ll be here with some cool headcanons about Steve! 

“Alright, here we are.” Steve stopped the car in front of Hawkins Middle School. “Remember, once you get in there-”

“Pretend like I don’t care.” Dustin continued, shaking his head casually and shrugged.

“You don’t care.”

“I don’t care.”

“There you go, you’re learning, my friend. You’re learning.” Steve nodded. You stifled a laugh at how stupid and endearing he was being to Dustin and stopped as Steve turned to give you a look. You reminded yourself to tease him about that later.

Dustin checked himself once again in the mirror, obviously worried about his hair. You quickly reached over to him and swatted his hands away from the mirror, trying to reassure him. “Hey, come on, you look adora-great, you look great. Just great.”

“Now, you’re gonna go in there. You look like a million bucks. And you’re gonna slay ‘em dead.” Steve emphasized on this, looking Dustin right in the eye.

“Like a lion.” Dustin rolled his tounge, making a purring sound. At this, you and Steve rolled your eyes, so you shook your head, stopping him.

“Yeah, don’t do that, okay?”


Steve extended his hand out to Dustin, which he returned, “Good luck.”

Dustin unbuckled his seatbelt then opened the car. You and Steve watched in anticipation as he walked to the building, silently hoping that he wouldn’t wuss out, though you highly doubted that. Steve was smiling proudly, while you were biting your lip from excitement. Your boy was going to the dance!

He finally got to Mr. Clarke, who was handing out the tickets to get in. They seemed to make small talk for a minute, then Steve turned his head to look into the inside of the dance. You did so as well, and saw your best friend, Nancy. You forgot that she was helping with the Snow Ball, but there she was, giving out punch to middle schoolers.

You looked at Steve, and for a fleeting moment, you saw something in his eye. Memories. Sadness. Regret. Little did he know, as you looked at him, you felt what he felt for Nancy. You were about to speak up, but then Steve turned back to the steering wheel and started the engine. “Alright, missy. It’s just you and me.”

You let out a hum in affirmation, and Steve drove faster. “Where are we going, Harrington?”

“The best spot in this whole damn city.”

During the whole ride, he wouldn’t tell you where he was driving you to. In fact, he wouldn’t even talk at all, except for a few “we’re almost there” and “y/n, stop playing with the radio.” You desperately wanted to know, but you kept quiet. Steve was usually right about what he said, so what could possibly go wrong?

'Everything.’ You thought as you looked over at him. Ever since you started liking him, everything went wrong. From the minute you first saw him in your first year of high school, you knew it. This boy would be trouble. But you liked him anyway, because he had cool hair and an air of charm and casuality. Then, it turned to more than that.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just about him being cool. It was because he was nice and underneath all his “I don’t care” attitude, you saw what he was really like. Alone. In your sophomore year, you found him, alone, at his own party, silently sobbing, clutching a phone. Then, you noticed how his parents were constantly gone. He confided in you that night, and that single conversation formed a friendship between you two.

You thought that maybe he’d finally notice your feeling for him. And at first, you really believed he liked you, hanging around you and your friends more, doing stuff with you guys. Then, you realized that he was actually vying for Nancy.

Of course, you backed off, because Nancy was your best friend and no boy was gonna come between you two! But every time you saw them together, you couldn’t help but admit that there was a twinge of pain in your heart.

A year later, and Nancy and Steve broke up. You wanted to tell him how you felt, but you restrained yourself. He was hurt. He probably wasn’t ready to get into a relationship again, especially not with her ex’s best friend.

Finally, Steve stopped the car. You leaned forward, examining your surroundings. It was just a bunch of tall trees, looming darkly over you. You raised your eyebrows. “Is this your secret spot to hide dead bodies, Harrington?”

“Shut up. We’re not there yet.” Steve took out a few flashlights from his trunk and tossed one over to you, then lead the way. “You comin’ or what?”

“I am, I am, just wait.” Rolling your eyes, you ran up to catch up to him, and you saw him smile a little bit. You and Steve walked for quite a bit for a little while, and you were starting to get impatient, shining your flashlight on every random thing and clicking your fingers on your sides. “Are we there yet?”


“That’s what you said ten 'almosts’ ago.”

“Shhh. Be patient. We’re getting really close. For real, this time.”

That’s when you saw it. A clearing. You looked over at Steve, and he smiled. So this was it. You quickly ran over to it, and you were instantly confused. “Um… what am I supposed to be excited about?”

Steve rolled his eyes, then walked over to you. “Turn off your flashlight and maybe you’ll see it.”

“I swear to god, Harrington, if this is a trick-” You pointed your flashlight at him threateningly. “Your ass is grass and I’ll hunt you down.”

He feigned mock pain, placing a hand on his chest with a sad face. “I’m offended, Y/N. Why don’t you just trust me?”

You switched off your flashlight and Steve did so as well, and you waited. You were about to give up and start doing your “i-told-you-so” speech, until you saw it. Oh my god, he was right. This was the best spot in the city. On the sky, were the most stars you had ever seen, scattered about endlessly, and you wondered how you had never seen a sight like this in Hawkins before.

You whirled around to face Steve with a bewildered look on your face, both amazed and curious. “How the hell did you find this place?”

He shrugged. “Meh, a little blind luck and some tips from a few friends. No big deal.”

“No big deal?! This place is so cool!”

You heard some rustling and the small sound of a pop! from Steve and you smirked. “I know what’ll make it even cooler.”

“Did you seriously bring alcohol?”

“It’s Pepsi, so don’t get excited. I have to make things PG ever since Dustin found my stash.” He walked ahead of you and sat down, taking a large swig out of the bottle.

You lazily made your way over to him and reclined, motioning for him to pass the bottle. As you took a small sip of it, you smiled. Pepsi. Oh how King Steve Harrington had changed. You gave it back to him and lied on your back, relishing in the view. But it wasn’t the stars you were looking at.

Steve was hunched over, taking sips from the drink occasionally and looking at the sky. You could tell he spent a lot of time here from how he studied the stars carefully and smiled when he recognized some constellations. A smile crept to your face too, and Steve looked over at you. “What?”


He rolled his eyes, then lied down next to you. “I can tell when you’re lying, you know.”

“… Fine. I was thinking.” You placed yourself on your side, mindlessly playing with the buttons on your jacket. You chewed your lip nervously, afraid of what you might accidentally say next.

“About what?”

“You.” Avoiding his eyes, you took the bottle from him and took a large drink of it. You could already feel his gaze on you.

“What exactly about me?”

“Just… random stuff. Stupid things.” It came out as a whisper, and even you could tell that was a lie. And you knew he saw right through it too. There was only silence for a long time, and you went back to your original position, looking at the stars and being grateful that the darkness hid the redness of your face.

“I was thinking about you too.” Steve smiled sheepishly. At this you  furrowed your eyebrows, curious. He took this as a sign to keep going. “Do you remember when you helped me ask Nancy out?”

You hummed in agreement, and he nodded. “I told you that you should take her to a special place you liked and tell her how you really felt.”

His voice broke, then he chuckled in fear. “Well, I took her to the library.”

You snorted. “The most special place on Earth.”

“Y/N.” His voice was serious now, and he sat up to face you. “This is the special place for me.”

Slowly, you connected the puzzle piece together, and your eyes widened. “Wait, what?”

“I like you, Y/N.” Steve said it so fast that you almost missed it, but you heard it as clear as day. “It’s okay if you don’t like me back or anything but I just wanted to say-”

“I like you too.” You gulped. “I’ve liked you ever since the first time I met you.”

“… Really?”

“I wanted to tell you, I did. But, you had Nancy. And you were so happy. I didn’t want to ruin that.” Shyly, you finally got the guts to look him in the eye, and you saw the brightest smile you had seen from him in months. A genuine one.

Steve straightened up, smiling even more. “Well then, Miss L/N. Since we got the admitting thing out of the way now, I’d like to take you out on a date.”

You laughed at the formality but went along with it. “I’d love that.”

He laughed too, and it sounded like music to your ears. He got up and whooped to the sky, screaming and shouting in glee and you grinned and cheered as well. And at that moment, everything felt… right. Like you were where you were supposed to be all along.

Jealousy sucks.

His reaction when he’s jealous. 


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(Y/F/N = Your friend’s name)

“Y/N?!” you heard a familiar voice yell as you walked hand in hand with your boyfriend in the park. You stopped all movement, leaving Ashton confused, and slowly turned to where the voice came from. 
“OMG Y/F/N!?” You squealed immediately letting go of your boyfriend’s hand to hug your old time friend. “I haven’t seen you in so long! How have you been!?” 
Ashton watched you and your friend chat away as he stood there feeling completely ignored. Looking down at his shoes, he sighed hoping to get your attention. 
“Oh! This is Ashton! He’s-”
“Her boyfriend.” He interrupted with a bit of attitude. “And sorry, but we have to go.” 
You eyed your boyfriend after saying a quick goodbye to your friend before speaking. 
“Ash, what the hell was that? You were a bit rude.”
“You ignored me, Y/N. All you cared about was your friend and I didn’t like that.” 
“Awww, is my little baby jealous?” you teased, finally taking the hint. 
“I’m not pushing you on the swing anymore.” He said making you pout. 


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From a distance, Calum watched as you talked to your best friend and swayed your body to the music. You weren’t doing anything wrong, no. You’re not the reason why Calum was breathing heavily, jaw clenched, with his arms across his chest. It was your ex who eyed you like a piece of meat, more than likely saying vulgar things to his friends as he laughed. You were oblivious to this as you glanced at your brunette boyfriend and sent him smiles with a wave. 
Ashton leaned over to Calum and mouthed if he was alright to which he was met with silence. 
Calum couldn’t take it anymore as he made his way towards you and tightly wrapped his arm around your waist, bringing you close, and out of your ex’s view without a word. 
Turning to him, you noticed something was wrong. You wrapped your arms around his neck and asked him if something was bothering him. He simply nodded and pecked your lips, hoping your ex saw every second of it. 
Once you got home, he explained the situation and admitted he let jealously get the best of him. 
“Calum,” you giggled, “I want you to know that my ex doesn’t matter. It’s not even worth getting angry about, okay? I didn’t even notice he was there.” 
“How could you not? He was practically eating you with his eyes.” 
You laughed at your boyfriends remark and cuddled up to him, whispering reassuring words of love. 


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“I’m not arguing over this anymore, Michael, okay?” You said with a sigh.
“Why? Is it cuz I’m right?!” He yelled, not giving up. 
“Oh my God, would you give it a rest!? I didn’t notice them staring at me until you pointed it out!” You snarled as you threw your car keys on the coffee table. 
“That’s bull! Just admit it, Y/N! I know you liked the attention!” 
“Can you shut the hell up and listen to what you’re saying!? I payed no mind to those idiots because I was actually enjoying my time with my boyfriend instead of focusing on irrelevant people drooling over him!! Stop being so jealous!!”
He stared at you blankly, trying to think of something to fight back with. 
“I’m not jealous!” He suddenly bursted. 
You rolled your eyes and made your way to your room. You hated arguing with Michael but his jealousy always got to him. You had enough as you changed into your pajamas and made your way to bed. 
A while later, you felt the bed shift and a voice startle you awake. 
“Y/N…” Michael whispered. 
You hummed in response. 
“I’m sorry, baby.” He sighed. “I know I get so jealous all the time, but I’ll try to control myself… I hate arguing with you.” 
You turned to him with open arms as he immediately took the hint and cuddled with you.


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The drive back to your place was quiet as Luke kept his eyes on the road. You thought your dinner date went perfectly but Luke apparently thought otherwise. 
“Babe?” You tried though you were met with silence. “What’s wrong?” 
“You’re really asking me that?”
“Yes I am because I thought we had such a great time there. I don’t get why you’re acting like this.” 
“Oh wow! Really!? A great time in a restaurant where waiters flirt with other guy’s girlfriends!? If that’s a great time to you, Y/N, then I really think you should reconsider your ideas of what a great time is.” He spat with a cold laugh. 
You were  confused not remembering the waiter ever trying anything with you.
“Wait, what? I don’t understand.” You said, shaking your head. 
 “Don’t pretend you didn’t notice. The guy was practically drooling.” 
“Luke, I swear I didn’t!” 
“He slipped his number under your plate! I saw it when you went to the restroom!” 
“I didn’t know that! I was hungry! I only paid attention to what was on my plate!” 
“Are you serious!?” He yelled, finally looking over at you. His blue eyes a darker shade as he stared at you in disbelief. 
“Yes! I only paid attention to you!” You yelled, hoping to get it through your blonde boyfriend’s thick skull. “And the food, of course!” You added finally making him crack a smile. 
“I can’t believe you…” He said chuckling a bit. “I’m sorry, baby. I just couldn’t help it.. You’re mine… I hate it when they try taking you away from me.” 
“Believe me, I’m not going anywhere, Lucas. Even with your constant jealousy tantrums…” 

The Zodiac Signs when you bring up their EX

Aries: Pfft I’m OVER him.. But what’s he upto?

Taurus: F**k that loser he’s obviously failing at life because I’m not in his

Gemini: Ugh I don’t even remember this person of which you speak

Cancer: I was doing FINE until you brought HIM up.

Leo: I hope he’s happy..I’ve had like 3 serious relationships since.. I don’t care

Virgo: Oh him, yeah I hope he’s doing alright… I’ve been so busy with work

Libra:  That B*tch aint sh*t

Scorpio: **no reaction** That person has been dead to me for some time…

Sagittarius: We just don’t talk anymore but I should give em a call for a quickie

Capricorn: Ugh what was I even thinking. I don’t respect that person at all

Aquarius:  No comment. 

Pisces: **cries** I just miss him when I think about what we had… but UGH I hate him so much..but I want him back…no I don’t he cheated. UGHHHHHH **cries**

S/O is self deprecating

Request: “Hiya! Could you possibly do a set of headcannons where the paladins+Lotor reacting to their s/o casually calling themselves shit or something along those lines?”

A/N: im sick but im gonna keep writing for my 2000000000 million requests


  • Doesn’t really bring it up
  • Sort of just
  • “Don’t sell yourself short”
  • Yeah sure dad
  • he wants you to know that he cares, but he doesn’t want to overstep
  • So he ends up going just a little out of his way to compliment you


  • “Same”
  • Honestly, he just kind of laughs along with you
  • But he never uses that to insult you
  • If he thinks, for even one second that you aren’t joking, he gets really mad
  • He doesn’t understand why he’s so angry, it’s just a joke
  • But he starts making sure that you aren’t serious about it


  • Will immediately turn it around
  • “Haha wow I’m such a shitty fighter, I always lose”
  • “Yeah well clearly you don’t remember winning the battle for my heart”
  • That was really bad sorry
  • But he always tries to make you laugh, and he’s Lance, so it works


  • The most sincere sweetheart ever
  • “You’re not shit you’re the shit”
  • Usually hugs you and says you should stop lying
  • But he understands when it’s a joke, and when it’s not
  • But the instant that somebody agrees with you
  • He goes all protective momma dragon on their ass


  • Usually makes fun of you
  • “Yeah, you do kinda suck at that”
  • But if she thinks it bothers you
  • “Wanna get better?”
  • If she makes a little joke at your expense, with no malicious intent, and you feel hurt even in the slightest
  • She will instantly make sure that you knew she was joking
  • And if it sill bothers you, she does everything to make sure she can fix it


  • If he really values his relationship with you, he’s pretty sincere
  • If there are people around, he pretends not to acknowledge it
  • But when you two are alone, he makes sure to compliment whatever you insulted
  • “Oh yeah I’m a shitty fighter”
  • Later “Good work in combat today”
  • He never tells you that he hears what you say about yourself
  • But he still makes sure to tell you what he thinks
  • The thing is, he won’t ever lie to you
  • If you really are bad at something, and you point that out, he makes sure you get better at it
  • “You know, you could be a better marksman if you practiced. Let’s do that tomorrow.”

these might not make any sense, but i am really sick righ now, so woo lets go voltron

His shirt (Logan X reader)

Prompt: Logan’s reaction when he sees you wearing one of his big sweatshirts

The mornings light shines bright, slipping past the closed curtains adorning your window. It fell upon you, disturbing your deep sleep. Groaning you tried to turn over and continue sleeping but the Suns rays seemed to be everywhere, hitting your face no matter where you tossed or turned. Sighing in defeat, you sat up and stretched. A yawn escaping your throat as some bones popped while you stretched, blinking the sleep from your eyes, you surveyed the room. Your clothes were lazily thrown into the floor, the sheets next to you empty. It wasn’t uncommon for Logan to get up earlier then you, it happened quite often really and you learned to accept it. Though you preferred to wake up next to him, all snug and warm, enjoying the morning together. Unfortunately for you, you weren’t a morning person and your boyfriend was. Glancing at the clock you checked the time, ten in the afternoon it read, briefly you wondered where Logan was and what he was doing. You never knew with that man, he could cause trouble with anyone or anything and it left you worried constantly. You trusted him but sometimes his temper would get out of hand, it wasn’t like there was a thing you could do about it now. Getting out of bed, you fixed the messy sheets. Straightening them, pulling the covers back on, and placing the pillows into their spot.

Deciding that it was good enough, your stomach growled, voicing its own hunger. You were in the safety of your own home, so walking out of the room not-fully-clothed wouldn’t be so bad but what if a guest came over? It wasn’t exactly ideal for you to greet them at the door in your bra and panties. Besides, your outfits were either too tight or fancy or just in the laundry since you didn’t feel energized enough to do it. Sighing, you figured you’d barrow Logan’s shirt. He wasn’t like he’d mind, it was just a shirt after all and his were always comfy and smelled just like him. It held a warmth to it that almost mimicked Logan’s, nodding you rummaged in his closest before snatching up a shirt and throwing it on. It was indeed bigger then your petite frame, the hem ending on your lower thighs. It covered everything you wanted it to, fit just right. Grinning you sniffed, the smell of pines and cologne meeting your nose, the cotton soaking in the warmth of the sun almost feeling like he was right beside you, holding you close. Your grin widened, imagining and savoring the moment before your tummy reminded you of the task at hand.

Marching into the kitchen, you searched the fridge for something to eat. A simple sandwich will do for now, you shrugged and took out some turkey and bread. Absentmindedly, you looked out your window, the forest meeting your eyes. It’s breathtaking green leaves twinkling from the morning dew and sunshine, birds chirping and singing their beautiful songs to their little hearts content, the grass a vibrant blend of different hues of green and the tree branches providing shadows and shelter to all the smaller animals. Transfixed by the scene, you took a closer look. A deer nibbled by a bush, munching on some berries as a smaller deer timidly wandered out into the open. From the looks of it, it was a baby, it’s eyes round with curiosity and interest as it sniffed the grass. A much bigger buck with antlers so big and wide you were sure he wouldn’t be able to fit past a doorframe, trotted next to the baby deer. Must be a proud father, you thought happily rather calmed at the sight. The family was just enjoying itself out there, nature could be so beautiful sometimes and you were left envious.

The opening and closing of a door brought you back to your own reality, finishing up the last bits of your food, you glanced over your shoulder. Logan entered and his brown eyes scanned your frame, a smirk tugging at his lips. His eyes slowly trailed from your thighs and up to your back, moving to your arms, focusing on the low hang of the tee and how it showed off your collarbones, then up to your face. Your hair was thrown in a messy bun previously, leaning against the kitchen counter you raised a brow.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” You asked unsure as to why he was staring. He shook his head chuckling, moving from the end of the room to right in front of you. Arms wrapping around your waist as he pulled you closer to him, you cuddled close to him, your own arms snaking around his neck as he held you.

“No, you just look really good in my shirt.” His hands moved up and down your sides, eyes taking another peak at your ‘outfit’. Giggling you playfully pushed his shoulder, in return he smiled brightly. “What? I’m serious, you should wear my shirts more often.”

“Well, if you say so.~” You’d be sure to remember his words, this wouldn’t be the last time he’d find you in his shirt, even if he didn’t like it you would’ve still done it. “Just remember, you suggested it!” You announced, pressing a kiss to his cheek before laughter forced your lips away. Today seemed to be a good one.


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Requested: Smut and Taehyung and a uniform

Warnings: Some fluff….but DEFINITELY NOT for 18- eyes or minds. 

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1863

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super original title xoxo honestly I couldn’t be bothered to spend ages thinking of a decent one, it’s not too important anyway. This is my first time posting an actual thingy thing for a while, and I’m kinda nervous about it because it was a request by @underworldsheiress, who wanted twin brother Edmund to be a top wingman and encourage Caspian to confess his feelings to the reader which leads to smutty smut smut and them being found by overprotective brother™ Peter who loses his shit lmao. It’s kinda long, around 4.5k, and like I said I am pretty nervous about posting it because it’s not just something I wrote when an idea popped into my head, but I hope y’all like it anyway :)

“Christ Y/N, stop it,”

“Stop what?” I asked, sparing him only a fleeting glance before averting my gaze back to Caspian. My voice sounded disinterested even to my own ears, but I was too distracted to care. He was so beautiful. He always looked gorgeous, but tonight especially, the night of his coronation, he just radiated warmth and happiness. He practically glowed. And God, the way his crown sat on his head, the way he looked all kingly and powerful. It turned me on just thinking about it, about him commanding me to get on my knees and –

“You’re practically eye fucking Caspian,” I snapped my head up immediately, banishing my sinful thoughts. Edmund wrinkled his nose in disgust. “No offence but I don’t really want to see my sister looking at one of my friends like that, especially when we’re in the middle of a conversation,”


“We were?”

“Oh my God-”

“Sorry,” I apologised sincerely, grabbing his hand and squeezing it between mine to reassure him. “My attention’s all yours. Strictly twin bonding time for the best Pevensie children,”

“Hey!” Lucy shot me a playful glare as she spun past our table, midway through a dance – I couldn’t remember which it was – with the fauns. She had always loved music and dancing.

Edmund smiled at that, but out of the corner of my eye I saw it fade away when he caught me peeking at Caspian again. He was talking to someone I didn’t know, but she was extremely beautiful and they seemed awfully close. I swallowed, a sour taste in my mouth, even though I had no right to be jealous.

“You should just tell him you know,” he said softly in a more serious tone. I looked at him, shocked. I went to protest and rebuff the suggestion but he carried on talking. “Don’t look at me like that. You’re my sister. I know you better than anyone, and I’ve known about your feelings for Caspian since the moment you started having them,”

I looked down at my hands, every witty and scathing response I had loaded suddenly vanishing. “But I can’t,” I said pathetically. I wanted to glance back over at Caspian but I was scared of what I’d see. “If I said anything…I just can’t.” I stood up abruptly, taking off as fast as I could without appearing rude, unable to stay in that hall any longer. Everyone was so cheerful and happy and all I could think about was how much I wanted someone I couldn’t have.

“Y/N, come back!” I heard Edmund call after me but I ignored him. I felt bad for dismissing him but I needed to be alone. I was closer with Edmund than anyone in the world, more so than with even Peter or Susan or Lucy. Being twins meant we had always had a very special bond. I loved all my brothers and sisters with every inch of my heart, but nothing could compare to my connection with Ed. Yet I feared even that wasn’t enough, that he would never truly understand how I felt for Caspian; that he would never understand why I was unable to be upfront with him about my feelings.

I locked the door to my room and flung myself onto my bed, staring at the high ceiling. I felt tears prickle at my eyes. I held them back. I refused to cry. I was just so frustrated and conflicted and overwhelmed with emotion for this stupid boy and his stupid smile and stupid perfect hair and stupid lips that I so badly wanted to feel against mine. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Get a grip, I muttered to myself.


Edmund wasn’t the type of person to stick his nose into other people’s business. He found it usually resulted in himself or both parties getting hurt, and things ending up way more complicated than how they had been initially. For Y/N, however, he had always made an exception. She’s my twin sister, he reasoned with himself as he approached Caspian who was perched on the edge of a table, fully immersing himself with the people who had arrived to celebrate his coronation. If there’s anything I could do to make her happier, of course I would do it. And I know she’d do the same for me.


“Caspian,” Ed said by way of greeting, capturing the king’s attention. He was still in conversation with the beautiful dark skinned girl. Caspian politely excused himself and sprang up, grinning hugely as he pulled Edmund into a brief hug.

“Edmund!” he was clearly in a joyous mood – rarely had Edmund ever known him to be quite so happy to see him. “Enjoying the celebrations? I know Lucy is, all I’ve seen of her all night is a blur,” he laughed, and then noticed the absence of Y/N. He had grown quite close to her during their time together, and it was a rarity that she and Ed were ever that far apart. “Hey, where’s Y/N? I haven’t had a chance to speak to her tonight.”

Edmund cleared his throat feeling somewhat awkward. He hadn’t really planned this out properly. “That’s kind of what I wanted to discuss, actually…”

Concern flashed in Caspian’s eyes immediately. His heart dropped. “Is she okay? She’s not hurt is she? No of course she’s not, you wouldn’t be so calm if she were in trouble. But…something is wrong?” He spoke at a rushed pace, attempting to quell his nerves when he feared the worst.

How to be tactful about this? Frankly, Edmund had no fucking clue. “Tact is just not saying true stuff,” he stated plaintively, mostly for his own benefit.

“…Right? That doesn’t really answer my question though –’’

“Y/N likes you!” Wow, real smooth Ed.


Whatever Caspian had been expecting, it wasn’t that. “I-you-she-me what?” He practically fell over his words.

“Are you broken?”

Caspian let Edmund’s joking comment slide. “Are you being serious?” He remembered how to speak at last. “You’re not just fucking with me?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure she wishes she was,” What’s wrong with me, Edmund thought, cringing at his own comment. Stop using shitty humour to make yourself feel less awkward.


The king almost choked. “She said that to you?”

“No, but you’d have to be either stupid or blind not to notice the way she looks at you. It’s kind of gross, actually. From my perspective anyway. And Peter’s. Fucking hell, if he ever found out he would get so over protective you have no idea…”

“Wait, so you really think she has feelings for me?” Dare he get his hopes up? He didn’t think he could bear allowing himself to believe she reciprocated his feelings, only for it to all be some joke.

“Considering she pretty much flat out told me, yes I’m very sure of it. That’s why she left. I think, anyway. She saw you talking to that girl and got a bit overwhelmed. I’m sure she’s fine though,” he smiled weakly and tapped his head. “Twin telepathy.”

Caspian took all this in for a moment. He had to fight to keep from grinning like a fool he felt so giddy. How embarrassing that would be. He could already hear the Narnians gossiping about it: “King Caspian defeats an army and restores peace to Narnia, loses his shit and becomes a teenaged girl when he finds out his crush likes him back.” That would never do.

“Do you know where she would have gone?”


I lay there for a while. Half an hour? An hour? Edmund didn’t attempt to follow me and I was glad. He could sense I needed some time to myself. And I felt better for it. I could think straight again. Maybe I’d even join the celebrations again. They’d surely go on all night long. Maybe the tangible joy in that hall wouldn’t be so stifling now my head was clear.

There was a knock at the door. Probably Edmund deciding to check on me, or maybe Susan. Susan had such a gentle heart, she’d want to make sure I was alright after my sudden exit.

I crossed the room and smoothed down my dress. I opened the door.

And promptly almost had a heart attack.

“Hello Y/N,” Caspian said politely, smiling gently.

All the feelings and rush of emotions that had overwhelmed me in the hall came flooding back tenfold. I couldn’t breathe. “Caspian?” I managed weakly. My eyes flitted up to the crown he wore. “I mean, Your Grace. What are you doing here?”

He let himself in and closed the door hesitantly. “You don’t have to call me that. I’m still Caspian to you. I noticed you were gone and then Edmund came and spoke to me…”

The way he trailed off made my heart leap. What the fuck has Edmund done. If he had told Caspian about my feelings for him I was going to kill him.

“What did he say to you?” I asked a tad too sharply. I was sure I must look terrified.

Caspian tensed at my tone, visibly uncomfortable. “Just…um, stuff. About you. And…me,”

I closed my eyes. It felt as though my stomach had fell through the floor. My skin felt prickly and my head felt heavy. No. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t know.

“I am so sorry,” I choked out, stumbling over my words in my haste to get them out. “I don’t know exactly what he told you but it’s not what it sounds like. I can’t stand here and lie and say I don’t like you, because I do,” my throat seemed to be closing up faster and faster. “But it doesn’t matter and you should forget about it because it’s stupid and I’m stupid, just a stupid little girl with stupid dreams and…”

“Y/N,” he said. His voice was level. He was using his Prince – well, King now, I guess – voice. It was calm and full of authority. I shut up before I could fuck up even further. I seriously wanted to cry. He was silent for a moment whilst he gathered his thoughts now I had stopped rambling. I couldn’t bear to look at him, but looking away was even worse. “Did you…mean that?” he finally ventured. But he was quieter now. He took a deep breath. “Do you really think that your feelings for me are stupid? That they…that they don’t matter?” He sounded hurt. It broke my heart.

“No! I mean yes I – fuck, I don’t know!” I sounded pathetic. Stupid. I covered my face with my hands, willing everything to fade away, for this to not be happening. I heard his footsteps approaching me and then I felt his fingers gently pulling my hands away from my face. They encircled my wrists delicately. I willed myself to be strong and met his eyes, fighting the tears threatening to well in my eyes.

“I have so much I need to say,” he said softly, impossibly dark eyes trained on mine. Just looking into his eyes made me feel dizzy. “But I think it would be easier if I just…” I felt him leaning in, getting closer until his face was level with mine and so fucking close I daren’t breathe. He was testing the waters. I couldn’t fathom what was happening until his lips touched mine with such soft, tender passion I could have wept. Those lips I’d been thinking of for so long were on mine. Caspian was kissing me. I had so many questions, so much I wanted to ask him, but I’d wanted this for so fucking long I shoved all thoughts to the side and let it happen, let my lips follow his lead as I kissed him back. He let my wrists go and his hands went to my waist instead, pulling me in tighter. I dreaded the moment he would have to let go.

His lips broke apart from mine and his forehead rested on mine. His eyes were closed, breathing somewhat jagged. “Please don’t stop,” I whispered. I needed more of him. This was what I had yearned for. I couldn’t let it end so soon. “Please…”

A soft growl tore from his throat, his resolve breaking, his lips back on mine, firmer this time, desperate and demanding, pulling me into him whilst one hand at the small of my back lead me backwards to the bed. There was nothing chaste about this kiss. Everything I had suppressed due to fear and everything he had held back came pouring out, his lips forceful against mine and his breathing heavy. I couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was, and my head was spinning and he felt so hot and powerful and strong that I let him lead me. He kissed me hungrily and I gripped his shoulders, relishing every point of contact between us. I inhaled and exhaled through my nose as I tried to remember how to breathe, the taste of his lips clouding my thoughts. Everything was happening so fast and he was tearing off my dress and kissing my neck and his hands were everywhere and he was shirtless and his skin was so tanned and toned just like I knew it would be. His bare skin on mine burned in the most delicious way possible. His tongue was on my skin, following the curve of my neck and I shuddered, arching into him as he loomed above me. Every action was fuelled by lust and hunger and pure, thrumming primal desire but there was an underlying sweetness and passion that was more than just sexual frustration. And I knew that he wanted me and loved me as much as I him, all from the feel of his lips brushing against my skin.

“Caspian,” I breathed. He nipped my shoulder and I gasped. His touch was electrifying, awakening every nerve in my body, and I knew I would be drenched by the time he reached where I was so desperate for contact.

I could feel him fighting to remain gentle, could feel that he wanted to make love to me tenderly, but it was as though now it was happening he let his desire take over. His hands were forceful, pushing my legs apart as he crouched between them, leaving me vulnerable and on display to him completely. The urge to close them again due to self-consciousness was immense, but his fingers dug into my thighs and held them in place, his hot breath tickling my exposed flesh, and in that moment I felt so irrevocably wanted that I let him do as he pleased, aching and silently begging him to touch me through my body language. I couldn’t see his face as he dipped down to plant the lightest of kisses to my inner thighs, just a messy head of soft brown hair that I felt the urge to bury my hands in. The crown had fell off when he pushed me onto the bed and dipped his head to kiss me again; it lay discarded on the floor, along with our clothes. The kisses were gentle, oh so gentle, teasing up and up until he reached where I wanted, needed him the most, before he began the slow taunting pattern all over again. The anticipation of his lips pressing against my swollen clit and his tongue lapping at my wetness was almost hotter than the actions themselves. More kisses. Closer and closer, firmer and firmer. I let my head fall back against my pillow, unable to control my heavy breathing or the slow arch of my back. He was going to drive me crazy, and he had yet to even touch my pussy. Caspian between my legs was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

“Please,” it was a soft plea, but I knew he heard me, that he could hear the desperation in my voice. His lips ghosted over where I craved him most of all, lightly brushing against me, and in my frenzied state of arousal my hips bucked upwards to chase after him. I whimpered. I felt his tongue tentatively flick against my clit. His heavy breathing matched mine, only increasing the heat down there. As his tongue began to explore, slowly but surely, his fingers gripped my thighs tighter. The more he gave the more I wanted. He licked me at a leisurely pace, as though he wanted to savour the moment and draw out my pleasure, and there was a building pressure stirring inside me. I could fucking hear the sounds of his mouth kissing and sucking and licking my pussy. I couldn’t restrain the gasps and helpless moans that I struggled not to choke on that fell from my lips. He made quiet little noises of content whilst he ate me out, too, like nothing there was nothing in the world he’d rather do than lick my pussy. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure. God, his fucking tongue. This, I decided, was much better than talking about our feelings, which I’m sure we would do, just as soon as I-

“Fuck, Caspian, I’m gonna come,” I moaned, slightly embarrassed at how wanton and loud I sounded. I was right on the edge, each stroke of his tongue pushing me further, until every inch of me was alight with pleasure, the tingling pressure intensifying in my lower regions, shooting through me until I saw white behind my closed eyelids, rolling my hips as I hit my release, body limp and content from climax. All the while I felt his hands gripping me, holding me close as he slowed down his administrations and kissed between my legs gently, careful not to over stimulate me. I was warm and happy in the afterglow, with this gorgeous man between my thighs. His eyes flickered up to meet mine through eyelids heavy with arousal, and I groaned at the sinful sight. He planted one last kiss before coming back up level with my face, his own body gliding against mine. This time when his lips touched mine I could taste the slight tang of myself on him, which only turned me on even more despite the powerful orgasm I had just had.

“Thank you princess,” I heard him whisper. He nuzzled my neck. I propped myself onto my elbows and stared at him in bewilderment.

“What do you mean? I should be the one thanking you?” I said in disbelief, but it sounded more like a question. Why on earth was Caspian thanking me after making me come harder than I ever had before? His lips curled into a bashful smile.

“Y/N, all I’ve ever wanted is to make you feel good. To feel you and see you like this,”

I was at a loss for words. I wrapped one arm around his shoulders and pulled him down toward me so I could hug him. So much had gone unsaid. “I guess we should probably talk,” amazingly I was still nervous, even though he had literally just gone down on me and I could feel his naked skin pressed against mine.

“I guess we should,”

But instead I rolled my hips into his and felt his hardness. My stomach flipped, and I felt both shyness and pride. I did that to him. A low growl slipped from his lips.

“Fuck talking,”

He grabbed my hips. I brought my legs up to lock around his waist, forcing his hips to grind downwards to meet me. He laughed breathily at my eagerness, staring at me in wonder. Or arousal, I couldn’t quite tell. His hair was falling around his face, dark messy strands that I had yet to run my hands through. I had half a mind to, but then he thrust into me and I cried out at the sudden fullness, unable to think straight as he buried his cock deep inside me. He slid in effortlessly, soft moans in my ear as he filled me up. I clawed at his back and bucked my hips. Catching my breath proved almost an impossible task when he pulled back, only to ram into me again, stretching me out completely. I cried out.


I woke up sore. Stiff neck and aching muscles that burned in what was an almost pleasurable fashion. Turning my head, I saw Caspian’s dark hair splayed out on the pillow he lay on, his brows slightly furrowed whilst he slept. Everything came rushing back – the way we’d stayed up all night, fucking and talking and making love, and talking some more. No wonder I was so sore. I remembered every touch and caress of his lips, hands and body, and blushed. I reached out to cup his face with the palm of my hand. His eyelids fluttered. Clearly he was a light sleeper. He awoke, confused for a moment, then saw me beside him, the sheets barely concealing my form, and he smiled sleepily.

“Hey,” his voice was low and ever so husky. I bit my lip and felt my own playful grin forming.

“Morning,” I said coyly. We lay face to face and he indicated for me to cuddle up closer, which I did willingly, the feel of his arms around me securing me.

“What time is it?” he asked, my head against his chest. I shrugged, tilting my head up so I could see his face.

“Late. Why? We don’t have anywhere to be…we could just stay here all day,”

He smirked. “Don’t tempt me,”

I feigned innocence. “It’s not my fault I’m so entirely desirable…”

He rolled me onto my back, straddling me and pinning my wrists above my head.

“I don’t know how much more I can take,” I warned him truthfully, even though our position made me want him inside me all over again. I ached though, and I knew walking would be a challenge. His eyes softened immediately, as he had no will to make me feel uncomfortable. Though truthfully, when he asserted his dominance over me like this – my body pinned down by his, arms above my head, completely at his mercy – it was a huge turn on. Pretty much everything he did turned me on.

“We don’t have to do anything right now,” his sensitive and compassionate side was also a definite turn on. Damn.

“Just go easy on me,” that spark was back in his eyes again, but somehow softer this time. He kissed my neck slowly, lovingly.

“I’ll fuck you so gently, princess…” his hot breath sent shivers down my spine. I squirmed.

His lips remained at my throat, gracing it with the softest of kisses, so light they were barely there. “Why do you call me princess?” I asked, but he was distracting me and my voice cracked. He released my wrists and I immediately let my fingers tangle in his hair and tugged, just the way he liked, as I had discovered last night. He groaned.

“Because,” he murmured. I wasn’t sure if it was intentional or not, but there was a sultry hint to his voice. “I am the king. That makes you my princess…or queen, if you’d like,” He stopped kissing my neck then, and pulled back so he could see my face. There was a cheeky glint in his eyes. “But I think princess sounds hotter,”

I spread my legs for him. He was right, princess did sound hotter. And I wanted him inside me again. “But we’re not married. Doesn’t that just make me your whore?”

“Of course not,” he tucked his hair behind his ear and smirked. “Whores get paid,”

“Then you’d better pay up,” he chuckled at my words, and all of a sudden I gasped. One of his hands had slyly crept between my thighs, his thumb expertly brushing against my clit.

“I think I’ll take my chances,” he slid one finger inside me and smirked.

“What the fuck is this?”

Caspian whipped his head round immediately, like a startled rabbit, and leapt off of me immediately, pulling his hands away from my body and shooting to the other side of the bed. I’d never seen him so skittish. And then I saw my older brother Peter stood in the doorway, and the words finally registered with me, and I bolted upright, wrapping the sheets tightly around me. Fuck. Mortification flushed red in my cheeks and fear crept through my veins.


Peter was stood so still it was slightly scary, his eyes flat. I could see the muscles in his jaw clenching. “I’m going to fucking kill him,” his voice was low but it trembled with anger, and I’d have rather he had shouted. He pointed at Caspian then, moving at last, raising his voice. “I don’t care if he’s the king,” I was scared now.

“Peter, please –’’

“No!” he said furiously. “He is dead,

He turned his attention to Caspian then, who now the initial shock had subsided, seemed pretty much at ease. I looked back at Peter, at the anger flaming in his eyes. “Peter, leave him alone, this has nothing to do with you,” I tried to reason with him, fighting the tremble in my voice.

“Nothing to do with me?” he scoffed, and he laughed, and I worried he had become unhinged. “You’re my baby sister! You’re like thirteen –’’

“I’m sixteen!” I defended myself angrily. I was more upset with Peter than embarrassed now. He was being unreasonable. “God, get over yourself Peter! Did you really think I was gonna stay a pre-pubescent little girl forever? I’m sorry you had to see this – my god, am I sorry – but don’t be an arse!”

Peter was silent. He so desperately wanted to be livid, and he probably still was, but he saw the sense in what I had said.

“We’ll talk about this later,” he muttered, seemingly rather bitter. He addressed Caspian. “I meant it. If you do anything she doesn’t want you to do, or if you hurt her in any way shape of form, it won’t matter that you’re the king. I’ll murder you.”

He left, and I could hear him grumbling to himself down the hall. Caspian was staring at me.

“What?” I asked, visibly shaken by the whole thing.

He pulled me into a hug and I melted into the embrace. It comforted me. “He’ll come around you know. It’s kind of in his job description as big brother to be a dick when it comes to things like this,”

“I know. It just pisses me off when he gets over protective like that,”

“It just means that he loves you. He doesn’t want to admit to himself that he can’t always protect you from everything,”

I looked up at him. “What, and you’d class yourself as something I need protecting from?” I smirked as I teased him.

He grinned wolfishly and flipped me onto my back again, his dominance being unleashed once more. “Oh princess, you have no idea.”

anonymous asked:

im not sure if youve answered this before (ive been scrolling back in your blog but cant find anything?) but do you have any tips on how to write mob?

hmm i have not answered this before, so let me think… writing mob…

keep in mind that i have not written mob, but i have read a lot of mob… in canon.

  • don’t use verbs that imply very drastic action/expression (e.g. rather than “beamed,” use “smiled,” since mob almost never smiles with enough enthusiasm to qualify as beaming). keep mob’s actions and expressions low-key unless shit is really getting serious. (and actually, re: smiling in particular, remember that he rarely doles out smiles to anyone other than ritsu.)
  • remember that mob is quite passive– like, he usually isn’t actively engaged in his surroundings. he’s prone to zoning out, deep in thought or just deep in the absence of thought. even when things are relatively intense, he still may feel out of place and hesitate. basically, mob’s default state when things start happening is “not knowing what he should be doing.” when things aren’t happening, he tends to be content with idleness or inactivity.
  • about mob’s speech: his catchphrase, according to his profile, is “i don’t really get it.” from this, we can tell that he’s not afraid to acknowledge his own ignorance or inability. (iirc he is also wont to drop this line at inopportune times, like after someone gives him a detailed explanation or emotional speech.) he’s not stupid, but he’s not especially quick-witted either. he’s a good listener. if he doesn’t know what to say and isn’t forced to answer, he won’t say anything. he doesn’t crack wise or offer witty comebacks or snark; his words may have that kind of effect at times (e.g. “shut up and eat”), but only as the result of a mistake or failure to read the atmosphere. generally, he isn’t sarcastic. he will carry on a conversation, but generally, he isn’t very talkative unless there’s something on his mind.
  • when something is on his mind, he usually starts by dwelling on it while zoning out (possibly while doing other things, like eating dinner). 
  • when he does feel strongly about something, he doesn’t hide it, and he has been known to lecture people about their wrongdoings if he gets really riled up. despite that, don’t forget that he trusts in the goodness of people in general and has plenty of faith in his fellow humans. he strongly feels the importance of things he has learned, and as a result, he wants to make sure others understand what he understands. so like… when it comes to communication, his true strength is his benevolent sincerity.
  • he and ritsu are on better terms than ever lately, and they may come to each other for advice, but i think they both still prefer to think things over on their own if they can. so mob wouldn’t necessarily go directly to ritsu or reigen for help with something that’s bothering him. he’ll probably have a good long think about it first. pensive boy
  • he has no fashion sense. i would go ahead and credit any/all of his stylish outfits to ritsu or his parents.
  • he is Not sassy
  • he is not dramatic (except unintentionally)
  • he’s not good at reading other people’s emotional reactions if they don’t come right out and say how they’re feeling. or at least, it takes him a while to catch on if he doesn’t know them well
  • he calls ritsu “ritsu.” he calls tome “tome-san.” he calls mezato “mezato-san.” he calls reigen “master” or “master reigen.” he calls teru “hanazawa-kun.” he calls tsubomi “tsubomi-chan.” generally, everyone is a -san, -kun, or -senpai according to the typical rules. so don’t have him call anyone any weird nicknames or anything overly familiar unless they ask him to call them that (e.g. he calls tome by her first name because she introduced herself as tome-chan, and even then he changed it to -san). and for the record, i don’t think mob has directly spoken to or about shou, but seeing as how ritsu calls shou “suzuki,” mob would almost certainly call him “suzuki-kun.” 
  • remember that mob’s default neutral facial expression usually comes off as bored, cold, or distant. it’s hard to even tell when/whether he’s deep in thought or slightly upset. even ritsu, reigen, and teru can’t decipher him especially well. (so instead of reading mob’s face… ritsu asks if anything’s bothering him, teru asks what he’s thinking about, and reigen tries to decipher his face anyway and doesn’t ask anything unless/until it becomes Very clear that mob is having problems.)

note that these points apply specifically to non-100% mob

Marvel Master List!

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Clint Barton:

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Tony Stark:

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St. Ides
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That Sounded Weird
Traitor |Civil War| Steve x Tony
“Last Words?”
All a Disguise
“Let’s Leave…”
Notes - Written by Lucy

Wanda Maximoff:

Just Look To The Stars
As Long As It’s You |Sequel|
Her Voice Could Sink Ships
I Hope One Day…
Even The Sun Can Envy The Stars
I… Love You
You Know You Love Me
Good Aim
I’ll Get Through This
We Should Have Brought The Cookies
Losing My Mind
Meeting Her
Will You Be Mine?
Good Luck Kiss |Male Reader|

Pietro Maximoff:

Birthday Presents
Tent Sharing
Spilled Coffee
Christmas Lights
Anything For You
Spark - Written by claws-of-vibranium
Hey, Asshole
Did You Know…

Natasha Romanoff:

She Never Misses
Those Belong To Me
Who Is She?
I Can’t Find My Glasses
Phobias Are Not Funny
Always Get What I Want


He Remembered And I Didn’t?
Too Good To Be True
Be Careful With Her
Winter Days


Don’t Stop On My Account
I Just Died In Your Arms

Bruce Banner:

I’m Pregnant
Study Time

Scott Lang:

New Recruit
Stop Cheating, It’s A Serious Game
I’m An Idiot

Sam Wilson:

Don’t Tell Me What To Do |Don’t Call Me Angel|
Cramping - Written by Kayla

Wade Wilson:

He’s… Odd

Peter Parker Masterlist

Peter Quill

I’m Counting on It!



Jack Thompson:

Early Morning Naps
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Spring Storms NSFW


The Couch Is An Important Part Of Our Lives
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It’s Your Day |Part Two
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Fear Is A Choice 

I’m Here Now
I’m Here Now: Did You Just…
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Losing My Mind 

Siren Song

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Chris Evans:
Best Interview… Ever!
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Not Funny
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Sebastian Stan:
Birthday Breakfast
All For One and One For All 
All The Luck You Need!


Theodore | I Got This
I Don’t Believe You…Really? | Two |
The Purge: Avengers Assemble

Clint Barton:
Mission: Impossible AU |Character Profile| : Prologue  |Chapter One

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Hello, do you still take prompts? Expanding on the idea that sometimes Andrew unintentionally fuck up because he's not used to having something precious to be careful around (aka Neil), the first time they have an argument and Andrew raised his voice. Neil flinches, recalling Nathan, and Andrew, ever so observant, immediately notices and his annoyance immediately crumbles and concern takes its place.

For the sentence starter prompts: “don’t yell at me” + andreil + angst

hmmmm this isn’t…. exactly what the first person wanted… but… hmm

It’s been so long since Andrew has seen Neil mad that he’s forgotten what it looks like. It’s beautiful. An angry Neil is consumed by flushed skin and hard eyes. His mouth becomes an iron rod that twists and twists the more worked up he gets. Andrew can appreciate the spark on the oil spill across the room from him even if he’s seething, with all of his rage brimming to the surface and bubbling like so much acid. 

He can feel the need to yell raging against his ribs, but he lets it rip his throat to shreds instead of allowing the anger to get that far. At least, that was his initial plan. But Neil has been throwing accusations at him with the same skill and deadly accuracy that he has with knives, and Andrew is breaking because they’re all true. He knows, he knows that he’s been treating Neil like shit. He knows and he didn’t know how to ask Neil for help and so he just kept doing it.

“Look at me,” Neil demands, and Andrew can’t stand it.

“What do you want from me?” It’s not a shout, but only just barely. His voice raised, cracked, shattering the otherwise decently civil (though one-sided) conversation they were having.

The worst part isn’t that all sound drops off with the last tendril of Andrew’s lost control. Silence will never be the worst part of anything, not for him. Even the tension, so palpable between them, isn’t the worst part.

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