and then remembers he should be serious

30 day bias challenge
Day 29 - what you love most about them
Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D aka GENIUS
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Today is a special day. I can’t find the right words.

Why we love Min Yoongi?
I was thinking so long about that.

Firstly - his TALENT. Yoongi is very talented. We can see passion in his eyes when he’s rapping, dancing, playing piano. He puts his heart in what he do. He makes music for us. We should remember that!

Secondly - PERSONALITY. I know that we don’t know him personally. But on every vlive or fansign we can see a little bit of him. We don’t know if that’s real Yoongi, but if that’s the real he, I am very glad. He is smart. He knows when he should be funny or serious, talkative or quiet. We can see that he likes to cover his feelings sometimes but he is human too. He laughs like us, he cries like us, he is a normal guy. A lot of idols change when they gain some popularity. I’m so proud that he is not like them.

Thirdly - he is HANDSOME. He doesn’t see it but it’s true (true as fu*k). He’s ‘93 liner but he can act cute, what’s more he can be sexy too… In my opinion it’s a perfect combination.

This note is so emotional for me. So, to sum up:

Lets support Yoongi as much as he is trying to make us happy. I wish him health (he need it and BigHit should pay attention to how much work they give Suga and boys), a new mixtape (because the first one is amazing), a lot of luck (because “WINGS TOUR”, I hope that they come to Poland or Germany), patience (to his bandmates) and peace (he should rest).

When my/our bias will be happy, we’ll be too.

Sorry again for the mistakes
Love ya

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Most couples that I've seen or read are the whole 'opposites attract' thing, like she's serious and he's a clown, but could I/should/is it advisable to make my main pairing similar? (like he's serious and cynical and she's serious and sarcastic)

Thanks for your question, dear!  I understand your concern, since romance is a tricky thing to create even with the stereotypical formulas.  But rest assured, there are thousands of great romance stories out there, and plenty of them don’t follow the Opposites Attract, Dark-Hair/Light-Hair, Angsty-Guy/Sunny-Girl uniform.  Your idea could totally work!

The important thing to remember, though, is that no two characters, whether they’re in a romantic relationship or not, should never be the same.  If they don’t have differences, they have no friction, no conflict, and no influence on each other.  So your characters can have the same worldview, and the same sense of humor.  But they should have differences, maybe in background or beliefs – maybe in how they handle their emotions, or their moral values.  They should have some different interests and different desires.  There should be situations in which one of them softens while the other one hardens, and vice versa.  They should agree sometimes, if they really are similar, but they should disagree, too.

So just make sure they have unique voices, experiences, and opinions – otherwise, they might as well be clones.  If you find there’s no conflict or the conversations could be flipped to where Character A is saying Character B’s lines, that’s your cue to adjust their personalities a bit.

Keep these things in mind, and you’re golden!  Good luck with your couple :)

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

eighties babies

(remember that nancy/steve/jonathan road trip fic i was writing?)

“So I was thinking,” Steve says.  He’s holding Nancy’s hand as they stroll through hunting and fishing supply warehouse like they’re at the mall food court.  “We should go on a road trip.”

“Yeah?” Nancy says.  She could really go for an Orange Julius.  “Where would we go?”

“I was thinking about my uncle’s vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard,” Steve says, and he sounds serious.  Nancy stops him, twirls around to face him and hold their hands together, her eyebrow arched like a sideways question mark.

“Are you being for real with me right now?”

“Super for real,” he says.  “The realest.  Why?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she replies, smiling down at her shoes.  “It’s just– it’s very adult.  It seems very mature.”

Steve shrugs.  “I was just thinking like, about college, and you, and me, and Jonathan.”

“Wait,” she says. “‘And Jonathan?’”

“Yeah,” he continues, oblivious.  “Just like, he needs to get out of here, you know?  This town is killing him.  We should like, all take a road trip to the East Coast, get the fuck out of here for a few days, stop shopping for guns and knives and things to kill the monsters we’re all afraid are living under our beds.  It’s turning us all into wackos.  And like, he was already a wacko, so you can tell he’s like, barely tethered to this earth anymore.”

“So, you’re suggesting I, seventeen-year-old Nancy Wheeler, ask my parents if I can go on a road trip with two boys to go look at colleges?  You realize what that sounds like, right?” she says, and she tries to sound sweet about it, but really, Steve can be so dense sometimes.

“I mean, you can just say you’re going with me,” he says.  “Or Jonathan, whoever your parents are least threatened by.  I like to think it’s me.”

“My parents will put bars on my windows!” she tells him, laughing.  They’re still holding hands and she squeezes them to make sure he knows she’s not trying to be mean, she’s just trying to be honest.

“Then, I don’t know, tell them you’re going to camp!”

“I am like, seven years too old to be going to camp.”

“Then, I don’t know, tell them you got a job as a counselor!  For a week!  I’m picking you up to drive you there.  It’s right down the road, we’ll make up fake brochures–”

“Steve!” she says again, like a punctuation point to end this entire conversation.

“Nancy, you’re killing me here, you’re really stretching me to the limits of how well I can lie on the spot,” he says, and leans in to kiss the side of her mouth.  “I just think it would be good for all of us.  And if you think you can’t tell them, then, fuck, I don’t know?  Don’t?”

“Don’t tell my parents that I’m leaving town for a week, half a year after six people go missing?”  

“I’m not saying don’t tell them at all,” he explains, and he sounds so fucking smooth that it makes her knees weak; it makes her want to carry her out to the car and drive away with her now and never come back.  “I’m just saying, like, leave a note?  You’ll get grounded for sure.  But we’ll have the best time.  We can forget all of this.  Just for a little while.”

“Steve Harrington,” she says, closing her eyes and smiling with defeat.  “You charming devil.”

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” he says, smiling, and leans in for another kiss, a real one this time.

—“I’m a fan of humans!”
…There was a famous movie with this line, remember?
A demon played by a famous actor said it to provoke a very serious human boy; that he was a fan of humans.
I’m not a demon, just a typical human with no special abilities whatsoever, but I’m a fan of humans, too.
We could even say all humans are fans of humans. Don’t you think so?
To be a fan means to have a degree of fanaticism, after all; infatuation.
Humans are often infatuated by other humans.
There are probably people who would deny that.
Of course there are. That’s how humans should be.
There will be people who hate humanity more than they can bear, and people who could care less about humanity.
But even that hatred, even that apathy, is a form of ‘infatuation’.
Infatuation; that is to say, ‘heat’ and ‘madness’. Do you understand?
(*Infatuation(熱狂); heat(熱) + madness(狂))
To be maddened by the heat itself. To be maddened by exposure to the heat.
And also, sometimes—the heat within yourself goes mad.
The heat you have for other humans grows out of control.
There’s the overheated type, like me, that ends up loving humanity itself.
There’s the over-frozen type that hates humanity.
Even the type that, regardless of environ, remains neither hot nor cold, always lukewarm; that kind of heat modulation is mad in its own way.
To be in awe of nature, to feel the terror in being attacked by a wild beast… a personality that has undergone such things sometimes goes beyond human.
But the only thing that can alter the passion one has for humankind is humanity itself.
Let’s take an example; say there’s a man who says, ‘Everyone around me is tedious scum. Nothing is interesting.’
If you asked me, I’d say this person’s actually been strongly influenced by other humans.
Because the people around him have evoked the emotion of ‘tedium’ within him.
It’s easier said than done to exert a long-term emotional influence, you know?
If you’ve hated a kind of food since childhood, it’d be hard to change your tastes spontaneously, right?
For humankind to constantly evoke ‘tedium’ in this man must take quite some energy, I think.
Think about it.
Watching a lump of rock is boring, but that’s because the rock doesn’t move.
But humans are in constant motion. It’s in their nature that the more you look at them, the more facets you discover.
To constantly find them banal regardless takes some serious effort.
Does that sound like nonsense?
Well, that’s expected. I made it up on the spot.
—  Orihara Izaya, Durarara!!SHx3, Words of a certain informant, translation by Popsiclete on wordpress
Ratchet’s Mom - A Fan Theory

What you read below should be taken with a grain of salt.
Or maybe an entire salt shaker.

I can’t say I am super familiar with all Ratchet and Clank games, but in A Crack In Time the matter of Ratchet’s mother’s identity was so hilariously skirted around, it got me thinking.

Alister keeps going on about Kaden, but when it comes to Ratchet’s mom, he doesn’t even mention her name. He remembers some friend of hers, and provides her name and a bit of trivia, but Ratchet’s mom is like a Lombax-shaped blank space in that story.

Or is it Lombax-shaped? ;D

What if Ratchet’s mother has been in the story all along? What if we’ve already met that person? What if there is a good reason why Alister doesn’t want to talk about her or even mention her name? What if Ratchet met his mother and never knew???

Time to outdo Darth Vader’s “I am your father” with something far more sinister.

What if Ratchet’s mother is responsible for the Lombax disappearance and currently rules Polaris with an iron fist?

What if Ratchet’s mom is Percival Tachyon?

Are you still with me? Good, take this in: Kaden married an alien behind everybody’s back. Even behind Alister’s. Nobody knew who his wife was, the identity of that person was like the biggest Lombax secret. Why did Kaden hide his interspecies affair? The reasons could be numerous. But the main one is:

Kaden was so smitten with Percival (who wouldn’t be?), that he was sure every other Lombax in existence would instantly try to steal his spouse. And Alister Azimuth, that handsome bastard, would have real chances of succeeding.

Percival’s education on Vapedia came to an end and he couldn’t wait to return to Fastoon and work on some major projects. Kaden tried hard to dissuade him, but failed. Percy, being the strong independent Cragmite that he is, did not change his surname upon marriage, so when he came to Fastoon as an inventor, nobody associated him with Kaden.

In a last attempt to secure their marriage Kaden decided to try and discourage Alister from collaborating with his Cragmite wife:

We all know how that worked out.

Now you might be asking yourselves, hey, didn’t Percival have his evil plan to avenge his kind yadda yadda? Well, he did! He was studying abroad for that very purpose. The tuition fees were cheaper on Vapedia, don’t judge him. Either way when he met Kaden they managed to work his vengeful issues out. Or so they thought.

Then they had Ratchet. And your know, pregnancy can really mess with your head, hormones and all that… And Percy had a sudden craving for the death of all Lombaxes… and cupcakes.

Wait, now, do I hear you asking “How the hell did they even have Ratchet?”, so glad you asked. Since canon is really imprecise on Cragmite reproduction, my assumption is - they only have one sex. That’s why Cragpoles fall out of dead Cragmites, they just insta-fuck themselves before death. Now, a Lombax and a Cragmite, that’s an entirely different story. Since it is not said in canon that they are incompatible, I will assume they could be!

So Ratchet isn’t a Lombax, he’s a Lomite or… Cragbax? The bioscans just detect some Lombax genes in him and identify him as such. Poor bastard has no idea.

Percival must have developed some delusions or memory loss not to acknowledge his own offspring, and it is sad. But even in canon we see he suspects something. “Only I know your true name” - you sure do, Percy, you’re the one that named him (possibly).

Now, back to the part where Percival has a postpartum depression and attacks Fastoon. Kaden doesn’t want his unstable spouse to get hurt and he tells the rest of the Lombaxes the truth about him and Percival. They’re all shocked. Alister the most. He balls his fists and tells Kaden he should have revealed that earlier. Because he had no idea he’s been screwing his best friend’s wife for the last couple of years.

Now the rest of the Lombaxes just don’t want to live in the same dimension as these Cragmite-fuckers any longer. A couple hundred of them are so shocked and disgusted they just die. The survivors walk backwards into another dimension. The two Cragmite-fuckers are forbidden from ever joining them. As the majority of the Lombaxes are leaving, Lorna Cross stays behind. The others don’t even ask any questions, they just walk quicker.

Kaden, having decided neither of them is apparently good parent material, sends Ratchet away. Then he tries to calm down his raging spouse, but that does not end well.

And that is why Ratchet’s mom is never shown or named. The truth is out there and it can drive a man insane and make him want to turn back time so he doesn’t fuck his best friend’s wife.

“I made a mistake.” - Alister Azimuth

The moral of this story is: don’t make nameless fridged female characters or I will find a way to replace them with the villain.


Demon Stans AU!!

So @sfemonster and I have been talking pretty much nonstop about the Demon Stans AU so here are some rough sketches I’ve done!

Mabel and Dipper are 21 in this AU, coming back to Gravity Falls after finding out they inherited the Mystery Shack (after the “””mysterious””” discovery of a new will stating that everything Stan and Ford owned should go to them). Mabel opens the Shack up again and Dipper starts a supernatural hunting show on Gravity Falls Public Access.

The second drawing is Stan’s “human” disguise, which he figures out he can do after some serious work (Ford hasn’t even tried it). Since Stan can’t exactly look like he did before he became a demon he tries for a younger look that nobody in the town who remembered Stan Pines would recognize. Problem is he doesn’t really know what “the kids” wear these days so he has like, a varsity jacket over a Hawaiian shirt because that’s cool, right? I’m cool? I’m cool.

He also has an eyepatch because the only thing he can’t make look human is his eye. He goes by Andrew “8-Ball” Alcatraz because he literally could not help himself.

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I don’t know how serious you should take this one. ;)


Simon was just about to fall asleep whilst he focused on Baz’s fingers drawing circles on his back.

“Remember that time I threw you off the stairs?”

“How could I forget?” Simon’s voice sounded unamused and Baz chuckled. 

“That actually happened by accident.”

“You sent me flying off the stairs by accident?” 

“It happened on accident when we were fighting, you know.”

“Okay, well don’t think this is going to make me forgive you.”

“Love, you’re in the same bed as me in my arms.”

“Shush, let me sleep.”

“You love me.”

“Don’t push your luck.”

Baz smiled and gave Simon a peck on the lips. “Goodnight.”


Something that should have happened in the movie

Remember the Shinkane scene in the movie where Akane had to lecture Kou on his whole “you’re like Makishima but have one big different” comfort speech thing?

If Akane gets another chance like that again, I want her to force him to look right at her, cup his face and look at him with these major serious eyes and tell him

“Stop putting yourself in such risky situations. Stop thinking your getting hurt for other people is the only way to live. I’m here, Kougami-san. You don’t have to shoulder everything on your own. Let me share that position and any pain that comes with it. Whether or not you think so, your life is not something to be just tossed away for the sake of “justice” or the law or even beliefs. You don’t have to put your safety on the line  just because you think it’s the only way you can ‘make a difference’ in this world. Despite Sibyl’s judgement, you’re still more than just some criminal. Your life is far more precious to others than you’d like to believe…”

and then Akane just looks down for a moment before ending the scene with

“As your Inspector, just for once…let me be the one to save you.”

Seventeen Reacting to their Idol Girlfriend going on WGM with Someone Else - Request

A/N: Hey! Thanks for requesting, please request again! :D 


I think he’d be someone to have a serious talk about it, saying that the two of you should go public. 

“It’s okay~ it’s just scripted between the two of us.” 

“I know but still….” 


He’d be very jealous but also very envious that the guy you’ll be paired with gets you. 

“Y/n… Promise it’s just platonic between the two of you..?” 

“Don’t worry about it, I have you so it’s okay.” 


Definitely, he’d be supportive but at the same time, he’d be nagging at you. 

“Remember y/n, no kissing on the face at all, okay?” 

“Trust me I know, this is the 6th time you told me this hour.” 


I can see him getting outrageously angry and start throwing stuff *teddy bears* out of jealousy.

“It could have been anyone but they chose you? Someone that’s taken?” 

“I don’t get it either but trust me when I say that nothing out of the script will go on, okay? We’ll literally be friends in a show together.” 

when you arguing and they say something false about you


Thinking outside the box, he’d negotiate with the directors setting up this season’s WGM to allow him to be in WGM as the “husband” was undecided. 

“Did you get them to say yes?” 

“No, but trust me! I can! Give me some more time!” 

anyone see that cute fairy in the back god 


Seeing that Wonwoo is not the angry type, he’d be quite irritated to see that you had to be around another guy. 

“Can’t you talk it out with your manager or something?” 

“I did but they’ve already confirmed it and articles are already published…” 


Worried to death, he’d be continuing to tell you how much he loves you and that he would always be with you. 

“You act like I’m asking to break up with you.” 

“Because that guy might make you feel something, I see the show!” 


This would probably knock the smile out of his face when he hears about it and he’ll be very much sad, smiling around you to act like he was “chill” about it. 

“You won’t… be mad when the script tells me to hug him.. right…?” 

“Hahahaha…. o-of course n-not…” 


Definitely would full out start whining to you that life wasn’t fair and that the two of you didn’t deserve this. 

“Life is so harsh! What did I ever do?!” 

“Mingyu, this is just a show that I’m on…” 

“No it’s not just a show! It’s a show where you get married with ANOTHER MAN!” 

“did she really just say that about me?” 


He’d spend hours and hours after finding out that you were going to be on WGM searching up about the show itself and sulk with you after. 

“I’m watching every episode of this supposed marriage show now.” 

“All you have to do is trust that I won’t feel anything~” 


I can see Seungkwan just completely freaking out like crazy after finding out about this situation and he’d be fuming it around you. 


“I know I know…” 


Of course, he’d be blank after hearing the news but then he’d be all saying that he trusts you so much but inside he’s worried to death. 

“Of course I trust you y/n… I know I’m more handsomer than your h-husband..”

“Why are you biting your nails..?” 

“W-what? I was? B-bad habit…” 

when you think about that one embarrassing you did that one day


Acting cute also lets his anger slide with you. This time, he didn’t even mean to act so cute when he was mad but he was just full on jealous. 

“Who in the world gets to have my y/n?!” 

“You do, but the script says otherwise, I’d rather listen to myself though.” 

Things the PokeSpe fandom tends to forget
  • Blue is a tech wiz and made her Silph Scope and Bubble Mic herself. That said she isn’t that great with computers.
  • Green is serious, yes, but he can still be a rude d*ck to people he isn’t close with. Red has more social manners than he does.
  • Yellow’s powers weren’t what caused her Pokemon to evolve during her final battle against Lance; she lost Red’s Pokedex and couldn’t activate Evolution Cancel without it. Though Blaine did wonder if she had anything to do with her Graveler evolving without trading.
  • Norman didn’t beat up Ruby for wanting to do contests. Norman beat up Ruby for running away from home without telling anyone and worrying his mother sick.
  • Black isn’t your stereotypical shonen protagonist. Yes, he’s loud and hotblooded, but he actively studies and is prone to overthinking things.

Feel free to add!

The hype is real!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!

And the way they foreshadowed it must’ve been a dead give away!

Let’s not forget about this either!

Ah! Just look at him!

But honestly, what’s with the blue hair? Did he dye it or did it just naturally change color? Well, I guess with a Saiyan that’s possible.

I remember when he was revealed I was so happy!!

Then I saw this:

And I was like, are you serious?

Black Goku? Come on!

At least that solves the question of who this is:

And what’s Mai doing here?

Are they really going to ship Trunks and Mai? Please no.

And last time I heard, this is the same Trunks from the Cell Saga so what in the world Is Mai doing here? She should either be dead or really old. I just don’t understand why she’s here.

Now, let’s look at more Future Trunks

OMG, Trunks why are you crying? What happened Trunks!?



Trunks! Does something happen to Bulma and that’s why you’re crying?!?!?! No! Please say it isn’t so!!!!

Some shit you should know:

• Percy is NOT stupid
• Annabeth has dyslexia, too
• Frank is a badass mo'fo he ripped an arrow out of his arm
• Hazel knows stuff about the present
• Piper is nOT a girly girl/a fangirl
• Jason isn’t always extremely serious
• Leo’s a genius
• Octavian literally means “born eighth” so next time you give him shit for being mean, remember that his name means, “born eighth”

Mug Cakes and Weird Dates {Poe Dameron}

“Anonymous said:

Would you do a Poe/Reader where she works a lot and is very smart but doesn’t have a lot of self-confidence so when Poe asks her out she thinks it’s a joke but after a few more tries she realizes he’s serious? Maybe make it more fluffy than angsty, if you could? Thank you 💖” 

Y/N moves her hair away from her face as she finishes calibrations for the new fighter jet when she sees the Resistance’s Golden Boy, Poe Dameron, staring at her. It should unnerve her, but it’s happened so often that she just stares him right back. She knows it’s some dumb joke, as is everything regarding the male species and her. Y/N, for as long as she could remember, was always a joke between guys. Sure, she was really smart and could prove it to you, but that didn’t mean guys had to make dares on asking her out and kissing her. Years of torment had shot her self-confidence to next to nothing, something she despised about herself. All of the taunting and teasing had finally stopped when she joined the Resistance, but now it seems that her teenage years are coming back to haunt her whenever Y/N sees Poe, staring at her, accompanied by his gang of pilots laughing behind him.

“Uh, hello-agh!” A crash and a bang makes Y/N look to her feet, where an embarrassed Poe sits, BB-8 happily beeping behind him.

“Are you alright, Poe?” Y/N holds out her hand and helps Poe up. He holds onto her hand much longer than necessary, she notices with a blush before slipping out of his grasp. Sure, she was clued in to the fact that there was probably some sort of bet going on, but it couldn’t be denied that Poe was an extremely attractive man.

“Y-yeah, yes I’m fine!” He smoothes his hair back and shoos BB-8 away before leaning against the wall. “So, how did those calibrations go? Everything okay with the new jet?” Y/N’s face lights up. Talking about her work is one of her most favorite things, save mug cakes and cats.

“Oh, she’s running perfectly fine, should fly like a charm once we get that last part in!” Poe secretly smiles while watching Y/N talk. She’s absolutely beautiful when she talks about something she loves. Scratch that, he thinks, she’s just plain beautiful. With her h/l h/c hair and bright e/c eyes, she stole his heart the second he saw her. After he first saw her work, however, and smile when something went right, she completely ran away with it.

“So you’re done for the night?” Poe asks.

“Yeah, I just have to shutdown the computers and then I’m out of here.” It’s now or never man, Poe thinks to himself.

“Since you’re done, and I’m done, do you want to maybe go get some supper with me?” His voice hitches and Y/N narrows her eyes. Out of her peripheral vision, she can see Poe’s pilots snickering.

“How about you tell your buddies to make bets on things that aren’t people.” Before Poe can ask her what she means, Y/N starts walking away. “G’night, Poe!” Poe dazedly walks back to his friends.

“I don’t understand why she said no. I thought she liked me!” Poe complains.

“Well how did she turn you down?” Finn asks.

“She told me to tell my ‘buddies’ to make bets on things that aren’t people. I don’t get what she means by that!”

“Oh you poor, naive little men.” The circle opens to reveal General Organa standing silently behind the group.

“General Organa, ma’am!” Poe stutters.

“Poe, Y/N’s a very smart young woman. So was I. I know what it’s like to be ridiculed for being intelligent, to be the source of dares and laughs, people kissing me and then slapping a ten into their friend’s hand. I guarantee that your friends watching you stumble through that abomination of an invitation scared the daylights out of her. Just ask her again, my boy, but maybe be a little more suave this time.” With that, General Organa leaves just as quickly as she appeared.

“The woman’s crazy, but she knows her stuff.” A pilot says as everyone disperses for the night.


Poe appears again the next day.

“Go out with me, Y/N?” He smiles at Y/N in the cafeteria, BB-8 holding a bouquet of lilacs. Y/N’s eyes widen and she tries to cover her nose before she starts sneezing.

“Lord, Poe, are you trying to kill me?” Poe grabs the flowers and throws them in the trash.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m- allergic- to- flow- AHCHOO!” She stumbles out of her seat, Poe right behind her.

“I’ll take you to the infirmary!” She waves him off.

“No, trust me, you’ve-achoo!- done more than enough.” Poe watches her go once again. He sighs in dejection, plopping down in his seat again. BB-8 beeps sadly at him.

“Yeah buddy, it’s time for Plan C.”


Y/N’s recuperating in her quarters when she hears a knock on the door. She groans before getting off her couch. “Who is it?” Excited beeping sounds make their way into the room. Y/N opens the door to reveal Poe’s BB droid, holding what looks to be- “Is this a lemon mug cake?” She grins. BB-8 motions for her to take it, which she does. “Oh, it smells delicious! Who cooked this?” Sure enough, Poe Dameron appears from behind the door.

“Hi, Y/N.” Her eyes steel and she slowly sets the mug cake down on the counter.

“Hello, Poe.”

“Look,” He rubs the back of his neck. “I just wanted to apologize for, well, everything. I really didn’t know you were allergic to flowers, and I also didn’t know that you thought I was trying to win a bet. I really wasn’t. I just- I like you a lot, Y/N! You’re such a wonderful, passionate person and I absolutely just love watching you work. You’re funny, and kind, and caring, and I wouldn’t want to give a mug cake to anyone else on this base.”

A smile slowly appears on her face. “Well, any man that knows my favorite cake obviously did enough research.” Poe grins.

“So, dinner tomorrow, maybe?”

“Alright. Or,” She reach towards the counter and pull out another mug cake, this one chocolate. “You can help me finish some cake.”

“Cake with a beautiful woman? My pleasure.” He winks at her and takes the cake, slowly closing the door. Poe Dameron, Y/N decides, really knows how to woo a woman.

Imagine Owen getting jealous of your cousin Jordan

Requested by: Anonymous

You were eating lunch with your cousin Jordan who was stopping by the park to see what you really do for a living.

Although, he had yet to meet your boyfriend Owen. “So Jordan, how’s what’s her face?” You often teased Jordan because he hadn’t committed to a serious relationship yet.

“Her name is Kelly and for your information things are getting serious between me and her,” Jordan told you and took a bite out of his sandwich.

You narrowed your eyes in disbelief but then remembered that his definition of serious was probably different than yours.

“And by serious you mean…,” you trailed off hoping he would finish your statement.

“We are going on our fifth date tomorrow night,” Jordan said confidently.

“Wow, you guys should get married,” you joked.

It was his turn to narrow his eyes at you. He crossed his arms and looked over your shoulder.

“Hey there’s this guy coming towards us.”

Looking over your shoulder you recognized Owen. “That’s Owen. You can finally meet him.”

“Hey Owen what’s up?” You cheerily asked him, happy that Owen could finally meet some kind of relative of yours.

Owen crossed his arms over his chest and gruffly said, “Nothing, just wanted to see what my girlfriend was doing.” He put emphasis on ‘my girlfriend’ which left you confused.

Until you realized that you had never mentioned a male relative of yours to Owen. So you came to the conclusion that Owen thought Jordan was competition.

The thought made you laugh and puke simultaneously.

“Owen this is Jordan,” you gestured to the man sitting across from you.

“Hey Owen. (Y/N) has told me so many things about you.”

Owen uncrossed his arms and then put them on his hips, “Oh. She has? Because I haven’t heard anything about you.”

Jordan laughed and put his food down. “Well there’s not much to tell honestly. I just moved to Costa Rica so I’m probably going to be around here more often. (Y/N) and I don’t really get to see each other much anymore.”

You groaned as Owen’s eyes widened and he asked, “Anymore? How long have you two known each other?”

“We were always close as kids. We went to the same high school and everything,” Jordan explained. He still forgot to mention the fact that he was your cousin.

“Oh well me and (Y/N) are really close. So close that you should probably-”

“For pete’s sakes Owen he’s my cousin!” You finally shouted.

Owen nodded in understanding and finally sat down like an adult. Him and Jordan shook hands, “It’s nice to meet you Jordan. I’ve been dying to meet some of (Y/N)’s family.”

Owen hung his head low in shame when Jordan walked away to throw out his trash.

You pressed a chaste kiss to his lips and said, “Don’t be so upset. I kinda like it when you get all overprotective like that.”

“Oh yeah?” Owen asked and puffed out his chest.

You internally laughed and grabbed his hand under the table when Jordan came back.

You really didn’t mind that Owen had been being over protective. It just showed that he cared.

Valentine’s Day with Calum would include
  •  Both of you completely forgetting about it
  • Calum coming over to your place like usual
  • Finally remembering after Calum receives a text from Michael
  • Calum teasing you, saying he should be going out with Michael instead because he remembered to say happy valentine’s day and not you
  •  Kissing him to shut him up
  • Continuing that for awhile
  • Trying to catch you breath and finally whispering to him “happy valentines day”
  • The two of you being unusually sweet to each other for the rest of the day
  • Both you of low-key excited for your date later that night, because neither of you had been in a serious relationship around the holiday before
  • Calum wearing a dress shirt for your dinner date
  • both of you blushing when Calum compliments you after he comes back to your house to pick you up for your date
  • making those cute heart-felt confessions about your feelings for each other
  • neither you can stop smiling, blushing, or staring at each other
  • the two of you recognizing how cliché you are but not caring

I’m pretty sure that it was during this moment when Shikamaru began to like her, without even realizing it. It was Temari’s strength that captured his attention, not because he’s seeking power himself, but because it’s something he didn’t expect he could rely on. Remember how he wished that she should just die before they started their fight at the Chuunin exams? Now he knew that she’s someone he couldn’t ignore, because there she is, flashing a reliable smile, and it marked him.

He was even left speechless when she smiled at him.

Also, look at the narrations outside the boxes. That’s Kishimoto, marking this as canon.

Also, remember when they always said they will continue promoting as four without Seungri? Today when they were talking about Seungri’s movie and after the mafia dad jokes and all, Daesung told Seungri to say something serious about the movie since it’s an important project.

SR /in yakuza voice/: Crush them! *crowd yells* Crush G-Dragon! Crush these guys! I will quit BigBang and join EXHILE! (The famous Japanese group whose leader offered him the role)

Jiyong, Youngbae and Daesung were looking at him with blank eyes.

See when the joke turn around against you?

If you’re gonna glorify Kurt Cobain, do it because of his music and impact, not because of his death, depression, or drug use. These are NOT things that should be glorified and seen as cool. Those are serious issues that shouldn’t be romanticized.

People forget that when Kurt died, it wasn’t just the music world that lost him. He was also a husband, father, and friend to many people. Because of his drug use and depression, he struggled mentally and that’s not something that’s “cool” or “hipster”. He was an actual person with serious issues.

Just remember this next time you want to make Kurt out like a hero.

anigym6  asked:

Hey not sure if you are currently doing EXO reactions, but if you are I would love to see everyone react to Kaisoo becoming official! Thanks, and I LOVE YOUR REACTIONS!!! <3<3<3

I am~ don’t worry! ^-^ Thank you so much for loving my reactions btw <3 <3

Xiumin: WAT?? WHO?? WHERE?? WHEN?? *shocked*



Suho: The evidences were all around us yet I didn’t suspect a thing…

Lay: Oooooooooh niiiiiicee! We should all follow their example and make EXO a place even more filled with love~ *happy xing*

Baekhyun: I still remember that time when I asked Kyungsoo what his relationship with Jongin was and he was all like *insert failed tentative to copy Soo’s voice* ‘We’re just friends, you idiot’. I GUESS I’D BEEN ALWAYS RIGHT AFTER ALL

Chenchen: Kaisoo, official? Cool, I’ve always known it. *nods*


Tao: SO NOW THAT BOTH OF THEM ARE OUT, DOES IT MEAN THAT HUN-AH AND I CAN BECOME OFFICIAL??Just kidding, just kidding *laughs* *not really kidding though*

Sehun: Bitch please, you didn’t even need to become official because you two were so obvious that even an idiot could see that.

D.O: I can’t believe I’m stuck in this group of idiots…

Kai: *is so in love that doesn’t even care about what EXO might think*

Hope you guys liked it :D

APCC Manila

The highlights of the APCC Captain America Civil War footage for me:

  • paul bettany watching it with us
  • watching it TWICE
  • the opening shot was simply beautiful, the back of steve whos looking out the window with his shield visible, while looking below the building to look at the targets (crossbones and his hooligans)
  • steve pulling a helicopter back while holding on to the railing of top of a building (maybe bucky was in the helicopter and steve was trying to get him back?)
  • vision in a suit
  • falcon and cap going inside a office (??)
  • steve running away from an explosion
  • steve looked so serious and hot when he as telling the team (nat and sam) what to do for the mission 
  • steves reaction when bucky said that he remembers steve putting newspaper in his shoes. its such a heartbreaking smile.
  • steve and bucky, in the snow, going inside a cave (a bunker??)
  • steve and tony fighting/arguing in a office with steve looking angry and passionate while tony looked very off shoulder-ish
  • the positioning of the stony scene is very symbolic, with steve being at the left side of the frame (standing up), and tony at the right side of the frame (sitting down)
  • bucky being stuck in a glass box, trying to punch out of it (it hurt my feeble heart)
  • natasha’ fight sequence in the beginning (it was so awesome)
  • falcons cool wings (as in really cool)
  • natashas long hair
  • they flashed back to winter solder (steve was drowning and bucky saved him) when steve was saying “sometimes you cant save everyone”
  • seeing bucky at the background when ant man was talking to captain and touching him in the pecs (like what peggy did in catfa). bucky was looking away like he was embarrassed while scarlet witch was smiling in an amused way
  • peegys funeral :( (Well… i assumed it was Peggy, it was heavily implied)
  • tonys suit was a little destroyed in the middle of fighting
  • steve being soooo angry when rumlow said “your bucky”
  • sebastian’s acting was superb
  • steve smashing a body (maybe tony or war machine??) to a pillar
  • announcement that captain america: civil war was going to be premiering on april 6 in the Philippines (a month before the official screening )  

i saw people say bucky hugged cap but i never saw that?? and bucky never punches tony???

there was a heavy implications of political drama but at the same time there was a heavy implications of steve just being tired

so yea thats all i can remember

it was awesome

the trailer gives you the vibe of political drama and personal (bucky) drama (with the vague impression that steve finally doing something just for himself)

ETA: I waited in line for about 2 and a half hours. Before we went in, we signed a NDA with our name and ID number, and surrendered all our recording devices. Then, we were searched before we were allowed to sit down in Hall D.