and then released into space


Salt: Vanity by Murray Fredericks

Hamiltons presents Salt: Vanity, an exhibition of the most recent work by Australian photographer Murray Fredericks. The Vanity series is a continuation of Fredericks’ renowned Salt series, in this next cycle of the project, Fredericks introduces a mirror into the previously undisturbed landscape. Australian photographer Murray Fredericks’ long relationship with Lake Eyre, where his most recent series Vanity has been produced, commenced in 2003, and to date consists of twenty journeys to the centre of the lake where he photographs for weeks at a time in the vast and infinite landscape.

With the mirror being the symbol of narcissism, and vanity its driving force, Fredericks considered that the mirror be used not to reflect ‘ourselves’ and petty obsessions, but to draw the gaze outwards to the immediate environment and the cosmos; poignant given our position as humans in our current social context. Consistent with his earlier Salt pictures, the images from the Vanity series allow us access to Fredericks’ sublime experience. Through their infinite variations of colour and light, the pictures award the viewer the freedom and meditative space Murray finds essential for our release from our own vanity.

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NASA reveals creepy sounds of space in new recording

  • NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been extremely busy these last few months during its mission to document the sights and sounds of Saturn.
  • Although the Cassini spacecraft launched on Oct. 15, 1997, and arrived in the Saturn system in July 1, 2004, it only started making waves in April of this year after it captured images of Earth between Saturn’s ringsa nd found that life might be able to thrive on one of the planet’s moons.
  • Now, NASA is giving us all chills once again by sharing what Saturn actually sounds like. In a newly released audio recording, Cassini captured the creepy sounds of the space between the planet’s famous rings. Read more/Listen (5/4/17)

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Icons for you and your space crazed FE friends. I thought that some of the edits would look good as icons (especially the Camilla edit that a lot of people loved including me), so I tried out a few as icons.

Credit is appreciated, but not necessary if you guys use them.

headcannon that the first episode of season three is just shiro falling out of the ceiling panels of the black lion and falling into Allura’s arms. ‘what the fuck’ he says. everyone is screaming for 10 minutes. that’s the whole episode.

Whatever doesn’t kill you-

I read every version of “Humans are space orcs” that comes across my dash

It just made me think what aliens must think of shirts and inspirational posters  people have that say “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Because is there really a better way to sum up the human race as a whole?

As a species this is humanity. If it doesn’t kill us outright chances are good that we are going to adapt and survive.

So I can see the first aliens kind of laughing at this saying because we are these unarmored meatsacks that seem so terribly easily to break and yet as time goes on they realize it’s the truth

Humans see it as inspiration

Aliens see it as a warning

Of course this is funnier when you add in some of the spoof variations

“Whatever doesn’t kill me just pisses me off.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill you disappoints me.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill me better fucking run.”

“Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me weirder.”

of course humans are totally oblivious to this and can’t figure out why everyone gets so damn jumpy once they get released from the medbay after being injured.

🌙 Moon Grounding 🌙

a quick guide on grounding with the the moon for you space cadets

🌙  it may seem a bit contradictory to ground with something in the sky rather than the earth. the focus is to ground as if you were an object in space, and to find the stability in yourself. if this strange to conceptualize, astral travel to the moon and use its surface to ground. 

🌙  (to the best of your ability) find a view of the moon in the sky, and rest somewhere its glow can reach you

🌙  do this during a moon phase that represents the energies you want to draw into yourself. 

🌙  visualize:

every flicker of light over your skin fills you and becomes tangible within you. it solidifies in your spirit and makes you feel whole. 

you are becoming your own moon. you feel the earth’s gravity pulling your negative energy away from you. push your old energies out.

the light that washes over you brings new, fresh energy. it illuminates you from the inside out

🌙  when you are ready, let the moonlight fade its hold on you. you are not severing the ties harshly, only letting them fall away, the way the phases turn over and release the earth, it releases you 


Word Count - 4250 words
Not proofread

WARNING: Mature content, very smutty.

Based on the request: pls write where y/n and harry have sex a lot and end up getting pregnant but are happy about it.

You woke up with a moan at the back of your throat and strong hands digging into your hips. This was how most mornings were spent; one of you waking the other with your mouth of their body. Your back arched as he sucked on your sex all while two fingers were moving inside you.

His moans vibrated through making the fire in the pit of your stomach burn brighter. Your hands were thrashing around you, gripping the sheets just wasn’t enough. After a deep fuck of his tongue into your throbbing sex, you came, hard, with a yell.

Harry drew it out as long as he could, stopping when you had recovered your breath. You turned you head to the alarm clock of the bedside table seeing the time; 9:07 in the morning. You had plenty of time before you had to be up.

Harry’s face appeared in your vision as he collapsed on the bed next to you, his breath heavy. Your eyes were drawn to the rock-hard bulge in the boxers; your mouth watered at the sight. When you looked back up at his face, his smirk was a combination of smug and confidence.

“Your turn, love.”

“Babe, you want some lunch?” You called to Harry from the kitchen to where he was sprawled across the couch. You were both dressed and ready for the day despite having no plans to leave the house. You had to be in the same room as him to hear his response.

“Think I’m still full from my little snack before breakfast actually, thanks tho’.” With a little knowing smile, he turned to look back at his phone, leaving you with the thoughts of your wakeup call.

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Serious Request

I rly need the gif of Baby Groot with his baby throw up after the 700 space jumps


SpaceX is planning to send two private citizens around the moon

  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced Monday that SpaceX is planning to send two private citizens around the moon in 2018.
  • The two citizens, who have paid a “significant deposit” to participate in the moon mission, will begin training later this year, pending health and fitness tests, according to a statement from SpaceX.
  • “Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration,” the company said.
  • The identities of the two space tourists have yet to be released.
  • According to the statement, the mission will fly the two citizens around the moon in a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft in 2018.
  • The mission will take about a week and the craft will not land on the surface of the moon, according to NPR. Read more (2/28/17 1:49 PM)

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Spell to Release Emotional Blockage

Forward: My Mother was physically abused by her first husband. She had PTSD and carried her emotional baggage like a nuclear bomb. She carried it day in and day out, waiting for when it would explode. This is what PTSD will do to a person. It will cause you to detonate in public, at your loved ones, at a stranger, or even a flickering light bulb without warning. She’d been carrying it for 20 years. Until she did a spell to let go. This is that spell.

This is not a spell to get rid of PTSD. My mother did not want to get rid of it. It had become deeply rooted inside of her, it made her the strong person she is today. She’s learned important life lessons from her experience. Taking it away would turn her into a stranger who is nothing like my wild, fierce mother. She didn’t want her past to change, she just wanted to let go.


  • Geode
  • Black salt
  • Chalk
  • Hammer (Cleansed)
  • Basic circle casting materials


  1. Make Shadow Stone- The first step is to make the Geode into a shadow stone. This involves focusing on the stone and imaging your trauma being manifested inside it. The outer geode will symbolize the blockage. Imagine the outer shell of the geode not allowing the trauma to pass. Do not actually put your trauma inside, just create a projection or shadow of the pain. Do this on the New Moon. Continue to do this every night for an entire Lunar Month if you want the spell to be strong. (If you don’t have the time, one session will due.)
  2. The Ritual- When the Lunar month has past and a New Moon has come, it is time to perform the Spell. Cast your basic circle, however that may be. Call Elements and whatever Deities or Spirits you want to aid you in your release. Make sure the circle is large. We are going to fit another inside of it. 
  3. One-Way circle- A One-Way circle is a circle made of Black salt. Black salt is very good at containing strong negative energies while allowing persons/covens to send good energies in. We will use this circle to contain whatever negative energies may come pouring out. If the trauma has been pushed down for a long time, removing the blockage will be like releasing a flood gate. This will protect anyone or any tools that are nearby. Create the One-Way circle especially if you are performing the spell with another person or coven. 
  4. Creating One-Way circle- Use chalk to draw pentagram on floor (the pentagram is used to keep the person protected in the circle. It is not necessary if you cannot do it.) Make pentagram big enough for a person to comfortably sit in. Next, sit in pentagram with shadow stone and hammer. Trace pentagram circle with black salt. Say something along these lines (I believe a spell is more powerful if they are your own words): “Here lies the One-Way Circle. No negative energy shall exit. Only positive energy shall enter. The circle is sealed.”
  5.  Release- Focus on the shadow stone and project your trauma inside it. Say words along the lines of “I will move on from my past. I will not let myself be controlled by these negative emotions any longer. I will remove whatever blocks me from moving on when the stone breaks. I release you. I release you. I release you.” Break the Stone.
  6. Break down- Break down circle and cleanse space. 
  7. Cleanse- Bury shattered geode for a full lunar month to cleanse. Dig up and display on altar as reminder of your inner strength.

I love this spell because it allows you to move on without removing what will make you strong. We sometimes keep ourselves from moving on from our past. We keep ourselves living the pain over and over. You may believe you deserve the pain or know no other way to live and cling to it out of fear of letting yourself be happy. 

Let Go. Be Happy. Be Strong.

Let Daddy Show You...

NRequested by @0-alixx-0 : So d’ya know how Jared is a method actor and didn’t break his Joker character? Could you maybe do a story or one-shot where you’re Jared’s gf and you go to see him on set and he’s Joker and at first you don’t understand but when he leads you to his trailer to ‘show you his toys’ you help him 'develop his character’ *SMUTTTT !* 😁😂

Authors note: I am a child of God.. BUT LOOORD I regret NOTHING

WARNINGS: Smut, lots of it… daddy kink…rough sex, swearing… and well some NSFW GIFs….

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India sets new world record, launching 104 satellites at once.

Creating a new world record in the process, India successfully kicked off their 217 launch calendar February 14 by launching a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle with 104 satellites. The rocket launched at 10:58pm EST from the Satish Dhawan Space Center.

Lofted into a sun-synchronous orbit by the rocket’s fourth stage, 101 cubesats accompanied three larger satellites on the mission. CartoSat-2D is the fourth in a series of high-resolution Earth-imaging satellites domestically designed by India. Less than ten seconds after CartoSat-2D was deployed, the INA-1A and 1B satellites were released. These two satellites are technology demonstrators for a new, smaller satellite bus that India hopes can attract universities and small businesses for space-based payloads.

Of the 101 cubesats deployed, 88 belonged to the Planet company, which - when combined with 100 identical satellites already in polar orbit- will photograph the entire surface of the Earth every day. Eight other cubesats belonged to Spire Global, and will measure atmospheric conditions and global shipping traffic. The remaining five are scientific and communication technology demonstrators

ISRO - the Indian Space Research organization - released a stunning video of the PSLV launch, the first time footage from onboard rocket cameras have been released. Key events in the rocket’s ascent can be seen, including the jettisoning of its six strap-on solid rocket motors, separation of its second and third stages, and jettisoning of the payload fairing.