and then proceeds to being awesome

You know I think my ideal Star Trek fic would be one where Kirk asks some medical miracle of Bones and wants it ASAP ‘cause once again, they’re in deep trouble, and he’s so stressed out and concerned for his crew he lashes out to McCoy more than usual, to the point of actually hurting him pretty badly. Bones manages to find a cure, of course, but he’s exhausted and barely awake and emotionally drained, and it’s only when he collapses right in Spock’s arms that the captain realizes how much pressure he has put his Bones under. Then, being the awesome Jim we love, he proceeds to apologize and to tell Leonard how much he loves him and to CUDDLE THE HELL OUT OF HIM (with Spock too)

When people still say that Mikasa freaking Ackerman would be “nothing” without Eren…that her entire character is somehow totally nonexistent without him…

Like… ???

You’ve seen episodes 7 and 8, right? As in, the episodes where Mikasa thinks Eren’s dead and spends only like four or five minutes being torn up about it, and then finds the will to fight and survive, even in the face of impossible odds??? And then proceeds to go about her badass business as usual to help get everyone and herself out of a doomed situation?????


Wow, as you can see she’s totally incapacitated.

Totally only cares about Eren. Clearly has no interest in caring for anyone else. (Like Armin ^^^^^^)

(Or Sasha.)

Completely illogical and overemotional. So useless, right????



*backflips away from your bullshit*

I was at a con recently. And while looking at some of the art, I made a comment to a guy who had a collection of cat avengers prints that he was missing the best avenger. So he goes, ‘oh and who is that’ and I just kinda look sideways at him and say 'hawkeye, the only one you don’t have’. To wich he of course smirks and says 'is he really the best or is it just cause of jeremy renner?’

First of all… Jeremy Renner is a gorgeous human being and he is more than enough reason for Hawkeye to be awesome, so why the hell you got that smug look on your face like I’m just some random ass fangirl who don’t know shit about comics. I was fuckin dressed like Captain Marvel, 100% comic accurate costume thank you very much.

So my dad starts laughing cause he can see I got my 'fight me’ face on. And I proceed to list each and every reason why I have loved Hawkeye since waaaaay before the movies and why he gets even better with new movies and comics.

NUMBER ONE, he is the only fully human Avenger in every single story line.

To which of course I get 'well what about Black Widow’ well sir you must not know your comics very well because in the Earth-616 universe she has the Red Room version of the super soldier serum which gives her enhanced physical abilities as well as a very long lifespan.

Then comes the 'well Scott Lang is human’ well yeah but he’s got a mother FuCkiNG SUPER SUIT. What does Hawkeye have? Spandex or leather, not quite the same thing. And you take away that super suit, is Scott still a super hero? No he is in jail for being a thief. You take away Hawkeye ’ super sui… oh wait that’s right HE DON’T GOT ONE.

'But what about Black Panther he is human right?’ Do you know anything about comics dude? The dude eats a magical plant and is gifted his powers by the Wakandan Panther God and has enhanced speed, strength, agility, healing, reflexes, stamina, etc. NOT FULLY HUMAN he also is proclaimed King of the Dead and is granted the power and knowledge of past Black Panthers and gains the ability to control the dead… so awesome but still not human.

Hawkeye is 100% human 100% of the time (except a very brief moment when he borrowed pym particles just to help out on a mission) and still manages to keep up with super humans, gods and guys with fancy super suits.

NUMBER TWO, he is deaf, canononically.

'Well Daredevil is blind’ his accident enhanced his other senses… and not an Avenger… so your argument is not even relevant.

NUMBER THREE, he shoots a bow, usually a recurve, in battle with people that have magic and laser guns and other shit and he can shoot it with out even looking!

'But he has trick arrows’ wich are guaranteed to be weighted terribly and that weight changes depending on which arrow it is. So he not only has to compensate for the strange weight but he has to do it on the fly in the heat of battle for each individual arrow. Not to mention when he shoots multiple at once.

And come on, have you ever tried to shoot a bow and arrow, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice patients and skill. Especially to get as good as him.

NUMBER FOUR, I mean have you read the guys backstory? If you looked up tragic backstory in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Clint Barton. He was orphaned after his abusive father got into a car accident that killed his mother as well. Was sent to a children’s home, ran away to the circus, was trained by Swordsman and Trickshot who were not the best mentors, was betrayed and abandoned by Swordsman and his brother and left for dead, ended up severely injuring his brother, had to leave Trickshot, when he tried to do the hero thing he was mistaken for a criminal, was manipulated into trying to kill Iron Man, kept falling in love with women who didn’t love him back, left the Avengers at one point believing he was unwanted, was passed over because he was not super human, watched his brother die, was forced to leave the Avengers, had a bounty put on his right arm, lost former mentor Trickshot to cancer, split with his wife then watched her die saving him, sacrificed himself and came back, was almost assasinated, went to prison so the rest of his team could go free, was shot and conducted a suicide mission that saved the planet but killed him, lost his memory, was vanished into nothingness, doubted he was himself or even alive, faked his death, and that’s just the short list.

NUMBER FIVE, he ran the West Coast branch of the Avengers, as well as other treams.

NUMBER SIX, he took on the mantle of Captain America for a short time.

NUMBER SEVEN, Caw Caw Mother Fucker.

So yeah, suffice to say that I left the guy speechless surounded by his friends who were nodding along and adding in their own bits of info and laughing hysterically at him. I turned to walk away after that mic drop and heard him mumble, 'well I guess I’m making a cat hawkeye’

If anyone’s holding out hope that their radio silence is a good thing, check out how Louise Brealey is embarrassing herself on Twitter and basically forcing the feminist movement to kick her out of it

In S3 she claimed that Molly slapping Sherlock made Molly awesome

In S4 she claims that Molly being a pathetic, discarded sad sack is not anti-feminist and then proceeds to condescend “go fucking read Chekov”

And of course that tantrum she has against Stats Britain

Who would even give Loo a career after this

Maybe a career of pining whimperers, but that won’t last since the kind of people who write women like that can see she’s about to hit 40, and you know what those kinds of people do to women of that age

Who would take her seriously now when she spouts “feminist” bullshit

I personally would rather NOT see women on television at all if it were a choice between that and the likes of Loo’s Molly Hooper showing the world what a woman’s inner life supposedly looks like

Hey Loo, you don’t have to drag the creators, you could have remained shut up like the rest of your prudent cast members and creators, but your cringe-y defense of Molly is TRULY GROSS AND DISGUSTING and an embarrassment to women

We loved Molly Hooper far more than you did

We believe she deserves better and we can see how cruelly she was used and how UNREALISTIC she is

Apparently you think that’s ok and worth defending

Who would even respect you now

Tell Me Goodbye

Alright! The sunshine of my life and my other half of my soul @loveiscosmicsin aka @incandescent-liberator and I have made a collab one-shot fic together!

We were super excited and having worked on this with blood, sweat and tears, we finally managed to deliver you guys this love baby of ours that we have written together.

Before I begin, I wanna give a big shoutout to @ulric-nyx @glaived @ramibriidge @noctisbeauty and @g0dhands for being the biggest LuNyx supports that I know in my direct circle. ( @loveiscosmicsin you most of all my darling!!) Love ya and adore all of y’all, stay awesome!

This is as well for all of you guys in our petit LuNyx fandom out there. Forgive me if I missed you, but everyone of yous are welcome in my kokoro <3

Title: Tell Me Goodbye
Pairing: Lunafreya Nox Fleuret x Nyx Ulric
Rating: NSFW/M./NC-17 (This is pretty much smut folk. Please beware before proceeding. If you do decide to proceed lmao y’all thirsty freaks then note this is mostly PWP and probably the first smut in the fandom. Yay!)
PSA: This work has absolutely no movie spoilers in it, so it’s safe.
PSA: It’ll be published on Ao3 one of these days as well.

This is written as a companion piece to this

.                                          Tell Me Goodbye                                            .

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Patronuses

4.3K words, G rated.

I spent some time thinking about Patronus headcanons for Albus and Scorpius, and then I just had to write about them. Play spoilers under the cut, so proceed with caution. 
Massive thanks to @bounding-heart for being an awesome beta. 

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Context: We (a party of a dual-weilding rogue, bard, psychic, cleric, and a dual-classed caviler, and an npc Gunslinger) had gone up to the Dwarven Sky Cidadel after being thrust back through time. Our Cleric has been mostly useless since getting here, since his god doesn’t exist yet…. Either way, we get through it (the bard dies from a 4th level spell) and his God sees the act of guns….

God (to cleric): That is a mighty fine boomstick.
Cleric: Yeah, uhh…. It’s pretty awesome.
God: That is my new weapon of choice.
Bard (me) (OOC): Can you change a God’s weapon of choice?
DM: Of course we can! //Proceeds to retcon God’s holy weapon//
Bard: So not only did his God put him in a skirt, but now he gets guns AND is the first worshipper of (God)?! //Mumbles while everyone is talking about the shit the Cleric is getting// Man why does everyone else always get the good stuff…

(The party then proceeds to get unique rings tailored to their character, giving them bonuses and such, and I get a ring that shows me where the closest tavern is.)


*proceeds to show Danny shorago my cosplay wip and his reply is to microwave my face*

Bless this man. I need him to go to a convention so I can party it up with him and offer mentats.

Seriously he’s so nice and cool to be interacting with the fandom like this, and even though he has 65 messages all waiting to be answered and he’s having a hard time to keep up, he’s trying so hard to? You don’t see this all the time. That’s amazing!

Thank you so much Danny. You keep being awesome bro.

Pushing The 100 Season 3 to 2016 is a GOOD thing.

A lot of people are flipping out about the show being on hiatus till 2016, but while yeah, the waiting sucks, it’s ultimately better for the show. Here’s just a few reasons why I think it is!


How many people found the show because the first season was on Netflix? With Season 2 of The 100 making its way to Netflix by the end of the year, more people will find the show and proceed to find themselves FOREVER TRAPPED IN THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS THE 100. And more importantly,they’ll be watching season 3 along with the rest of us crazy masochists when it returns. And we all know that good ratings will increase the chance The 100 being picked up for a fourth season of people dying both on the show and on tumblr
If it had aired at the beginning of the fall season, it might not have been up on Netflix yet, which could mean less viewership and a decreased chance of a 4th season. 


Like the above point, the extra haitus gives us more time to tell EVERYONE about the show. Tell yo parents, tell yo grandma, tell yo friends, tell yo dog, RUN DOWN THE STREET  COVERED IN MUD AND FAKE BLOOD SCREAMING THAT THE REAPERS WILL EAT EVERYONE IF THEY DON’T WATCH THE SHOW, START CHANTING JUS DREIN JUST DRAUN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL. Make an effort promote it!  More people watching can only mean good things for the show….can you imagine if it gets so popular that they HAVE to release merchandise for it? THINK OF THE MERCHANDISE YO. I, for one, really want some fake grounder tattoos, and figurines, and posters, t-shirts, MAYBE EVEN A FUCKING MODEL OF THE ARK.


Now, I don’t know how scheduling works exactly, so this may be just bullshit, but you know how more people tune into shows when they first air but then they start tapering off mid season? Maybe by the time season 3 starts, people from other shows will be looking for other things to watch cause they’re bored by whatever they started watching at the beginning of the season…so they go looking and they find this fucking amazing show that people have been buzzing about and decide to watch it. GOOD THINGS COME WITH GOOD RATINGS.

And another thing, if you look at the fall schedule for 2015, you’ll see things like Empire, OUAT, The Voice, Grey’s Anatomy and Heroes Reborn. Why the fuck would you want to compete against shows like that?? Maybe there will be less popular shows also airing when season 3 returns, or at least, maybe the hype from popular shows would have died down a bit. Who knows!


This gives the The 100 team more time to put together the best show that they possibly can. Instead of rushing to get everything written, filmed, edited and ready to be aired at the beginning of the fall season, they can now take it a bit easier and put more time into creating ways in which to kill us dead. Seriously, imagine how much Season 2 has fried our feelings…and now imagine that again in season 3, but worse, because who knows what their crazy minds will come up with during that extended time.


There’s likely to be no mid season break… so that means no waiting weeks between episodes like last time …. WHO ELSE IS READY FOR 13-16 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS OF LITERALLY NO CHILL??


This one is just a maybe thing since Season 3 has already been planned out. But perhaps moving the show to 2016 increases the chance of our favourite squid loving, dorkoid actress being available to come back as our favourite, leather wearing, heart eyes commander. We can always dream~\

So for now, guys, just 

…or something like that.


Since 2012, Rudy’s Barbershop and the It Gets Better Project have teamed up to bring support to LGBT youth around the globe and inspire real change for the better. This year is no different! To raise funds and awareness for the organization, we’re printing a limited edition tee (with a run of just 700) and sending all proceeds to IGB. And in the spirit of community, we thought it would be best if YOU designed the 2015 shirt.

Here’s how it works:  you submit a design, we print it on super soft Alternative Apparel shirts, then IGB and Rudy’s will feature it online and in shops. We’ve spotted our shirts being worn by awesome supporters—Tegan and Sara, Kristin Stewart and Tom Hardy. It was even spotted on the set of The Amazing Spiderman 2.

If you need some inspiration, check out the 50,000+ user-created videos that have encouraged hope in the face of harassment and bullying.

We’re thrilled to announce our 2015 judges are: Janina Gavankar, Andrew Rannels, Miss J Alexander, Brendon Lynch, and Sara David! Design to impress and check out our website for more information.

Something that’s making me incredibly happy about the Annalise x Eve story line, besides the fact of queer representation, its the part where even before we knew Annalise was bisexual and they had a relationship, I already liked Eve as a character and I was just happy with her character being introduced on the show.

Sure, I had noticed the subtext in their scenes but I brushed it off and was just enjoying the character.

Eve calls people out on their bullshit. She did so to Nate and she did it to Annalise, something that it’s rare to see. Eve is an equal to Annalise, she’s just as smart, she’s just as good of a lawyer and she doesn’t fear Annalise, to her, she is not this huge ass lawyer with a reputation that proceeds her, she’s just Annalise, which is awesome.

The only person we’ve seen this kind of familiarity and equality involving Annalise’s character was when her mother showed up. This didn’t even happened with her own husband.

Which is amazing…


Fanart Monday!

Fanart of the week, made by @michelle-030

SO! Another week, another Fanart Monday section!! Thank you everyone for sending me such marvelous things! My fanart folder is now almost over 200!! This is awesome, I am so flattered <3 <3 Thanks!

I will now proceed to post all the marvelous fanarts <3 more under the cut!

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I never thought that I’d be one to join this site, but here I am. I’ve shocked myself. Anyway, no one you really care about that, so let’s proceed to introductions, yeah? I’m Elliott, for anyone that doesn’t know already. I’m pretty awesome, if I’m being honest. So, hey.

Why You Should Watch Sense8 (Mild Spoilers)

1: A diverse cast where everyone gets development and kicks some kind of ass. The secondary characters are also diverse and awesome. 

2: A message of being brave and true to yourself as well as seeking help when you need it and giving support to those in need. 

3: “I will burn this building down to the ground before I let them touch that [your] beautiful brain.” Character then proceeds to light shit on fire. 

4: A scene where they sing “What’s Up” by 4 Non-Blondes that will tear out your heart and having you rocking out to 90s soft rock like you’re a teenager again. 

5: Queer relationships that are wonderfully developed and not just for tragedy. 

6: A trans character played by a trans actress who is awesome. 

7: The orgy scene. Yes, it exists. 

8: When Sensates (the main casts group) team up it is amazing. Expect major ass kicking of all kinds. 

9: A car gets blown up with a rocket launcher. 

10: Amazing cinematography that will make you believe that these characters are actually existing in multiple places at once. 

11: The hilarity of Lito interacting with anyone. 

12: They set up a love-triangle and then subverted it by having the three of them actually become really good friends and the odd one out totally cool with not fucking the others.

13: The bonds the Sensate form will make you wish you had your own cluster just like you wish to be drift compatible.