and then playing it off in the second

Swap FTW

A buddy and I decided to swap characters. I went from playing my bugbear barbarian at levle 11 running Tomb of Horrors, to running her Cleric with a Rogue Dip….suffering 2 levels of exhaustion,almost out of spells, and without any idea what was in her spellbook. We warned my DM….didn’t think to warn hers. I park in her spot, explain our idea, and start scanning the sheets. 

Story begins. I’m still in Barb-mode, and march through a door into a room of stuffed cats, and a statue of a man wearing a tiger mask. I elect to remove the mask. He comes to life and attacks me. Dm - “Roll initiative!”  I’m near the bottom. Other players attack. I’m frantically looking for SOMETHING useful to do.
My turn. “I am going to seduce the man.”
DM “Uh, ok, how?”
“I’m going to dip him, like in a romantic play I saw once.”


4! Dm- “Roll dex!” 16! *phew* You don’t fall down, and he’s un-seduced, but a little confused. 

“That would have gone sooooo much better if I had a rose to put between my teeth, like really up the romance, you know?” to the other cleric. 

Other players attack, tiger man attacks me, the other cleric… “I pull out my flute and begin to play.“ 
Dm "Do you have a magic flute or anything?” “No, it’s just a normal flute.” “Ok, roll your performance at disadvantage” 12, I think. The player begins to pointedly hum “Careless Whisper” at me.

I ask the DM if the “romantic pointed fluting” gives me advantage…he agrees, this allows me a straight roll on this second seduction attempt. 16! 

Dm- He’s not seduced, but you do pull off the dip, and now he is VERY confused. 

Another player swings a hammer at his head, bouncing it off mine and doing damage to both. Tiger man changes into a tiger. Before the DM can tell me what happens….I interject.

“My strength is SO low, a 700 # tiger would just fall to the ground and take me with its.”
Dm- “Ok, you are snuggled into the tiger’s tummy, he attacks (dice roll behind the screen, he drops his head into his hands) the tiger misses. Apparently you’re too close to attack." 

Other cleric switches tunes to "Let It Go”  (She has been humming careless whisper the WHOLE ROUND!) casts guidance on me. 

I make eye contact with the DM. “Do I have advantage over this guy due to the musical accompaniment and general ridiculousness.”

“Sure, yeah.”
“I’m going to use animal handling”
He says, ok, it’s going to be a hard check…..“  

Me "Nat20, and a 4 on the D4”. 

Dm- Well I guess combat is over, and Ancora is now cuddling and talking silly to a tiger on the floor.

A few checks later, and I got to give my friend her character back, now in possession of an immortal undead were tiger, answering to Mr. Cuddlypoof, and who will literally follow her anywhere. :) 

Other cleric - “I need to play a bard” 

Me “Yeah, that was freaking genius, and extremely funny to boot!” 

I’ve been invited to play at his table anytime. ;) 


I honestly don’t understand how some people can’t make the bad decisions in games. Like during my first play through the decisions I make are what I thought was right. Then in my second play through I’d make the complete opposite decision. (most of them seen as the “bad” choice) I’m completely into role play so when I play a game I don’t make my character based off of myself. I make a character and insert myself into said character. Completely immersed in role playing as that character. If that makes sense. (Don’t think that I’m talking about this sexually you horndogs, you know what I mean) I don’t make decisions that I would make in real life, I make decisions that my character (that I’ve created the personality for) would make. I see people not being able to make the “bad” decisions like killing off the chargers. They can’t do it for some reason. I just don’t understand why not. It’s a game. Don’t you want to see what would happen if you went through with it and not reload a save and make the other choice where they survive? How will killing off the characters change the story? Why can’t you just KILL THEM. Maybe it’s just me but I get completely immersed in my role playing and I pretend that I am that character for the time that I am playing that game.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in my main mass effect play through, I was a renegade. Maybe I’m just mean lol.

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i'm curious- what do u think bakugou's idea date is?

Did someone say my husband?

Originally posted by luna-ly

So you wanna go on a date huh?
Me too

  • Katsuki is all about being comfortable, so he’s more for casual dates where neither him not his date have to dress up or worry too much about appearances. 
  • For a first date he would probably take his date to an Arcade, perfect setting, casual af, and allows him to show off a little.
  • The arcade would be attached to some second-rate bowling alley that all the kids from UA go to, it’s the casual hangout spot.
  • He would play all the fighting games, showing his date no mercy (not even they are spared from his competitive nature)
  • However, he would also play the claw machine and win his date several prizes, the kid is a master at the claw he’s been kicked out before for cleaning the thing out once.
  • After a little fun he would buy him and his date some food at the concession stand, it’s all junk food but no one really cares since it’s pretty tasty.
  • If there is a little Photo Booth kiosk in the arcade his date would insist they take photos, Bakugo would protest and grumble about it but eventually would agree and get in.
  • All the pictures they take he’s grumpy in every single one, except the last one…in the next to last one he would lean over and capture his dates lips in a kiss, the final picture being him with a smug smile and his date flustered and blushing.
  • Once the date’s over they would walk back to the school, at first Bakugo has his hands in his pockets but eventually he musters up the courage to take his date’s hand intertwining their fingers.
  • He wouldn’t break the hand holding once they got on campus, he doesn’t want his date to think he’s embarrassed to be seen with them, he would however, growl and snarl and anyone who looks at him screaming “WHAT ARE YOU EXTRAS LOOKING AT?!”
  • Once back at his date’s room he would release their hand and shove his own back in his pockets, shyly kicking the ground not knowing what to do.
  • Would mumble that he enjoyed the date and would ask if they’d like to do something similar next weekend. 
  • Blushes like mad when his date says yes and kisses his cheek. Curses a little but makes no effort to push them away or distance himself.
  • Once his date has gone back in their room he turns around to walk back to his room. Ends up fist pumping and yelling “YEAH!” very loudly.

I hope this was to your liking!

~Admin Ari 

Harmanpreet Kaur: Indian Cricket's Powerpuff Girl
Harmanpreet Kaur has been slowly and gradually creating a name for herself as a big-hitting middle order batsman who could pack a punch in limited overs cricket. And the girl from Punjab produced the best knock of her career in the all important semi-final of the 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup against defending champions Australia.

Coming in to bat with the score on 35/2, Harmanpreet first repaired the damage done at the top of the innings by stringing a 66-run stand with skipper Mithali Raj. She then came into her own in the last 10 overs as she dispatched the Australian bowlers all around the park to notch up her third ODI century.

Harmanpreet’s strokeplay was of the highest quality as she played shots both on the on and off side of the wicket. The right-handed batswoman was lethal against the spinners as she displayed great footwork to dance down the track and hit some humongous shots.

She also became only the second Indian cricketer to post a total in excess of 150 as she ended the day with a superlative unbeaten knock of 171, which is the second highest individual score by an Indian in ODI cricket and the tied fifth highest overall.

Harmanpreet hit 20 boundaries and 7 huge sixes during her stay in the middle as she orchestrated a scathing attack on the heavyweight Australians.

Speaking after her knock Harmanpreet said that she wanted to make the most of the opportunity as she didn’t get a lot of balls to bat earlier in the tournament.

“I was hitting the ball well and wanted to take the responsibility of taking the team to a big total,” Harmanpreet said.

Harmanpreet, who made her ODI debut in the year 2009 has been an integral part of the Indian team for close to a decade now. She made history earlier this year by becoming the first Indian cricketer to feature in a foreign Twenty20 cricket tournament after she was named in the 13-member squad for the Sydney Thunder franchise in the Women’s Big Bash League.

In July 2016, Harmanpreet Kaur created history as she became the first Indian player to be signed up for the Big Bash League. She was also named Sydney Thunder’s Women’s Player of the Year award for the second season of the Women’s Big Bash League.

During her time with the franchise, Kaur played in 13 matches and scored 296 runs at a very, very impressive average of 59 and a strike-rate 116.
TalesFromRetail: Don't joke around if you work in retail.

I work at 24-hour gas station that is sandwiched between a toll road and an expressway, which means when we have slow times they last for all of 15 minutes, we live inside these moments of peace.

We are also located near a residential area, where people live, work, and play. So, in addition to the hundreds of people who breeze through my store that I will probably never see again, we also have a fair number of regulars.

My store is split into two sections, both are pretty much the same except one side has more registers, and sells scratch off lotto tickets, and the other side is (supposed to be anyways) an express lane for buying tobacco products; one side has 4 cash registers, the other has 2.

I work mostly on this second side, which is set up as two cash registers, one on the far left, and one on the far right with a large storeage case in the center(holds my lotto machine for mega/power ball, lighters, and some commom items that frequently “walk off” the shelves).

This storage unit is taller than I am(at a wopping 5’ tall(152.4 centimeters)), and when people come through the door on my end, and I am working on the far right register(like I was this day), it doesn’t look like anyone is there until they literally walk past my register. This is important later.

Our cast of characters: Me=me, C=Complainer, A=Amused Coworker

It was around 9pm on a weeknight sometime last week, and we had a moment of peace where I took the opportunity to drop some of my excess cash into the safe,(occasionally, drops can end up delayed because of how busy we are; we try to keep up, but sometimes my line ends up looking like the entrance to Disney World.), which is located(conveniently!) under the counter, in front of my cash register. Due to the volume of bills, and where I have to insert them, I was crouched near the ground which makes it even harder to see me.

C walked by as I just finished dropping my money, and I was standing up.

C sees me, and walks up to my register, he’s smirking at me, but I’m not getting an uneasy vibe from him, and goes:

C: “Are you hiding?”

Me, laughing a little: “That’s my secret; I’m so short no one can see me, so it looks like no one is here.”

C nods, and walks away.

I’m confused, but figure okay, maybe he forgot to grab something; someone walks in after him and I wait on them. They have an extensive order consisting of gas, tobacco, and food and drinks. I’m ringing up the last of my current customers items when I hear my headset come to life.

A: Kait, you really shouldn’t tell people your secrets.

I finish up with more customers, just keeping my line short, and when it settles back down for a second, I head around to the other side, but the customer I told my “secret” to is long gone.

I’m incredulous, and spend the rest of the hour going over the scenario again, and again in my head. No where did he seem offended by my answer, which was clearly a joke.

I go home a couple of hours later, and forget about the incident.

Yesterday I worked, and when I came in there was a customer complaint pinned to the board that holds the schedule, and other important information, which means my supervisor wanted to make everyone aware of the complaint to avoid the behavior in the future.

I read the complaint casually as I waited for my turn at the counter for a headset:

“Customer reports associate’s are hiding to avoid interacting with customers during rush times”.

I almost choked. What.

TL;DR: Joked that I was too short to be seen, making the store look empty. Customer reported me, saying that I was “hiding” to avoid interacting with customers.

By: kait_1291

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I'm starting high school in September and im actually terrifed. Any advice?

Oh sweetie, well first off, congrats on graduating!!! Second, yes, high school can be sooo scary! You’re definitely not alone in that, darling. I remember I didn’t really get involved in clubs other than Art Club (because my best friend was in it and it was nerdy and it was very, very quiet) my freshman year, but I remember it really helped me feel centered. Finding things like that, that fit your personality and what you need at the time, is really important. The more involved I got later, the happier I was (I helped stage manage plays and was in Science Olympiad my senior year). That said, other people are like ‘nah’ and go through high school focusing mostly on classes: and that’s okay, too!!! Finding your personal stride and the balance between poking your toes out of your comfort zone to grow and staying true to yourself/setting firm boundaries is so important. It is often trial and error, but you’ll get there. Know that you’re not alone, and hey – other high school folks!! – feel free to chime in. I believe in you, darling, and I’m so proud of you!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

Some Stuff About Why Hiyoko is Mean to Mikan

Alright so I’ve been thinking about this a lot for some reason and I’ve never really seen anyone really bring it up so I’m going to.

I’m not too sure how I’m supposed to start this off so I’m going to state that originally, I thought the reason that Mikan ended up being a prime victim to Hiyoko’s bullying was because she was easy to bully. Now, months after playing the game, I’ve realized that this may not be the only reason. After all, this is Danganronpa, and almost nothing in this franchise is that simple.

Of course, pretty much all of the characters from the second game have received at least one or two rude comments from Hiyoko. But, if I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure Mikan is the only one that Hiyoko has actually expressed hatred for (I would check the Wiki but Mikan’s and Hiyoko’s Wiki pages both contain V3 spoilers). Of course, Mikan has never done anything wrong to Hiyoko or anyone else (besides killing her and Ibuki but that doesn’t really have anything to do with this). Because of the fact that Mikan never gave Hiyoko a legitimate reason to hate her, and because of other things regarding Hiyoko, I think that her attitude towards Mikan might actually be a sort of self-hate thing.

Just like a lot of other characters, Hiyoko uses a strong personality to hide her weaknesses and insecurities. Because of this, she really only opens up a few times, and even then she’s still trying to cover it up or simply blow it off like it’s nothing. From these few times that we have been able to glimpse Hiyoko’s weaknesses we can see that, like Mikan, Hiyoko is actually quite sensitive and tends to lose her composure fairly easily.

This now brings me to something that Hiyoko said at the beginning of chapter three. I don’t remember the exact wording she used, but it was something similar to “I’m clumsy at everything but dancing”. The only reason I took note of this part is that the strange phrasing caught my eye. She used the word “clumsy” where most people would say “bad”, which isn’t exactly something you commonly hear. I’m probably looking into this too much, but I feel like her word choice may have been because rather than simply feeling like she’s bad at everything, she feels incompetent and unable to do anything right besides dancing. This, of course, is similar to how Mikan views herself and how other people view her. And the term “clumsy” is used a lot to describe her.

Basically, whenever Hiyoko sees Mikan, she’s reminded of the parts of herself that she hates, and insults Mikan as a way to become dominant over and rise above her own insecurities. Someone please get these girls a therapist like ASAP Jesus Christ.

So, yeah, I’m probably wrong about this, especially since I couldn’t use the Wiki, but that’s just my take on the matter.

@sixpenceee This is a story for you, this literally just happened to me about an hour ago.

I got home from work today and I was singing in the bathroom while I was taking off my makeup. My boyfriend and I record covers of songs and I started to hear music from the living room so I stopped singing to listen. I was hearing a cover we did of Nutshell by Alice in Chains and I thought my voice sounded really good in this particular recording so after a few seconds when my boyfriend walked into the bathroom I asked him which specific audio he played because I liked it.

He looked at me really confused and asked “What do you mean?” I asked him again and he still looked baffled and said slowly “I was playing guitar… I could hear you singing. You sounded really good.” I just stared at him, slowly starting to realize what just transpired.

I thought my boyfriend was playing a recording because I could hear my own voice, or something like it. He thought I was singing from the bathroom for the same exact reason except I wasn’t singing. I don’t know who or what was. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this, although I am not particularly surprised as weird things seem to gravitate towards me.

Married with Benefits (Part 9)

Summary: In order to not pay out-of-state tuition, you ask your friend, Steve Rogers, to marry you. Things, as always, never go as planned. (College AU)

Word Count: 988

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

A/N: I know you all wanna scream :)

Originally posted by isthiscoinsidenceorasign

The next morning, Bucky gave you a death glare as you walked into the kitchen. You gave him an innocent smile, opening the pantry and finding the oatmeal exactly where Steve told you it’d be. Grabbing the container, you brought it down to the counter and began to prepare yourself some breakfast, all the while keenly aware of Bucky’s death glare.

Finally, you had had enough. “What? What, Bucky?”

“I barely got sleep,” he muttered, slurping up his milk.

You cringed. “I’m sorry, Buck. Really.”

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To my fellow female gamers.

(This is about Overwatch, but it can be applied to most competitive games.)

Alright girls. Today I was playing some D.Va in competitive Overwatch. As usual, I was communicating on the voice chat, and as usual, people noticed I was a girl. One guy said to me, “congrats for being the only girl I’ve ever seen who’s not playing mercy.” 

Now, obviously I had noticed how many girls default to playing support - usually the game’s most standard and obvious support (OW Mercy, TF2 Medic, DOTA2 Crystal Maiden). I had some cheeky banter with my friend about a “basic bitch” in a match who was a girl playing mercy.

Yesterday, I queued up with a friend who invited his friend - a girl - and let me tell you something. Her quickplay stats were baffling to me. This girl had 98 hours on Mercy alone, her second most played only having 5 hours. She only had about 7 heroes with play time in total.

Being a fellow girl, I think I know why this is. Guys often like to show off by picking DPS/carry, even going so far as to refuse to change when it’s not a good pick. I’ve never seen this same scenario with girls. Of course I’ve met stubborn and toxic girls in-game, but even when asked, they will change. For example, I was playing a competitive game of Overwatch - attack on Hanamura. There was a girl playing Junkrat. I asked her if she was able to switch to Tracer or someone else who can dive so we could breach the defenses and she got extremely hostile at me but still changed to who I asked. She even played Mercy the next round (and blamed the loss on me because I asked her to change.)

Unlike many guys, girls most often avoid any confrontations or drama buy defaulting to supporting their other teammates. I’m not innocent of this either, I main Lucio, and used to be a support main in TF2 and DOTA2. However, once I realized, hey, I’m allowed to play DPS and carry my team, I started picking heroes besides supports and doing well.

I just wanted to get it out there: Girls, you’re allowed to carry. You’re allowed to be the star. You can do better than guys in games. Someone picks the character you wanted to carry as but is a much lower rank than you? Ask to swap. 70% of the time it will work. They don’t swap? Don’t just pick support and rely on them. I realize “picking whoever you want” can cost the game, but you’re all good and smart enough to still pick wisely, I know it.

Don’t feel bad about maining supports, I still main one in Overwatch. But I only ranked up by branching out, putting my foot down and saying “No, you’re not doing well on that hero, give me a go. Support me instead.”

Now get out there and instalock that Pharah!

Say That Again

Summary: Soulmate AU. Everyone hears a key word or phrase in their head from their soulmate, something only heard in person when the moment is right.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,543

Warnings: language, self-consciousness, fluff, that’s basically it

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely wonderful talented @bladebarnes’ 2k Celebration Challenge. My prompt was 35. quote: “Say that again.” I saw Baby Driver recently and couldn’t get the diner thing out of my head.

Originally posted by coporolight

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I think in the first week they did like 10 songs and really hit it off. Then I’d come and give my feedback. The first time it was like ‘Mm ok like this is good. You guys have got some stuff going.’ And then the second time I went, they played me 'Meet Me in the Hallway’ and I was like 'Oh shit! You guys are really on to something.’ Just the vibe they had together and also just Harry being excited and happy… also he got to kind of be the one in the room that was leading the project, and it all came from him.
—  Jeff Bhasker
Inner Vixen

Warnings: SMUT (Ages 18+)


Summary: You’re fed up with being the blushing, shy girl, usually too insecure to return any of Bucky’s flirtatious advances. But with a little help from liquid courage, your inner vixen makes an appearance.


Word Count: 3.6k

“Barnes. 6 o’clock.” Natasha whispered keeping her eyes focused on you standing right beside her at the bar. Tony’s latest rager had started approximately an hour ago and, though you would never admit to nervously awaiting his arrival, she noticed your eyes lingering on the entrance every now and again.

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You Don’t Understand

Requested with the prompt: ‘when your try to leave but they tug on your shirt because they want you to stay’

{2448 words}

Peter had done it again. He had promised that he wouldn’t be late again. That he wouldn’t flake out on your plans, again. After the first couple of times it had happened you brushed it off, but now it was now the norm that Peter didn’t show up. And a miracle when he did.

After hours of waiting in your apartment for Peter to come through the door you had given up. You pushed all of the study notes and school books away from you as you moved away from the dining table. Glancing at your watch it was now just past half eight, about four hours since Peter was expected to be at your apartment. You could feel the anger boiling up inside of you, ready to explode at any minor thing. And you just begged to yourself that it wouldn’t be Peter to catch the brunt of it. So in an attempt to calm your bubbling emotions you stepped outside onto the fire escape, and allowed the fresh city air to try its best to wash away your emotions. But the longer you sat out on the fire escape the more your mind overanalysed everything Peter had done in the last month that had gotten on your nerves. You didn’t want to be doing this to yourself, but you knew that you were only doing this because Peter was your closest friend. He meant so much to you! And you just couldn’t understand why all of a sudden he didn’t seem to care about you anymore. Had you done something wrong? Had you said something? He would have told you. You would know if you had. It just didn’t make sense. You need the reassurance that everything was okay between the two of you. You couldn’t fathom losing Peter to something that must of been so minuscule for you to look over it.

Before you realised your body was taking you off the fire escape. Your feet guiding you to your room to grab your jacket. You were going to go to Peter’s apartment and see what was going on. In the back of your mind you really hoped that Peter wasn’t home, and that Aunt May would tell you he was still at that damn Stark Internship. You wanted to see what was going on with him but you were scared of what might happen, and what could be said.

You had made it to Peter’s apartment door. The adrenaline was wearing off and now you didn’t know what to do with yourself. Knocking on the door gently, you waited for either May or Peter to come to the door. It only took a couple of seconds before you were greeted by May’s smile.

“(Y/N)! I wasn’t expecting you! How lovely to see you again!” May smiled, opening her arms in front of her, engulfing you in a warm hug.

“I’m so sorry for just popping in like this. I didn’t even think of calling first.” You realised, following May over to the small dining table.

“Oh no, don’t worry about that! You’re always welcome here sweetheart.” May said reassuringly, “Peter’s just gotten home and is in his room, just go on through (Y/N). I’ve just got to run out and get something for dinner.” She continued, her warm hand placed on your back and nodding towards Peter’s bedroom. You thanked her quickly and headed towards Peter’s door. His door was cracked open slightly, but no sound was coming from the other side. You couldn’t make up your mind if you wanted to open the door slowly or just kick it open. You settled for the first. As the door opened you saw Peter sitting at his desk, his head placed in his hand in exhaustion. Your heart and mind softened slightly at the sight of him. He only moved slightly at the sound of his door closing completely. Turning his head slowly to have his brown eyes look at the source of noise. Shocked by seeing you in his room, he fumbled as he found his feet and stood up from the chair.

“What? What are you - why are you? (Y/N)? I um.. Oh I’m so sorry. I told you I wouldn’t - but I have. I’m so -” Peter rushed, his worlds tumbling over each other as he tried to form a sentence.

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Christopher “Kit” Marlowe was an Elizabethan playwright, friend of William Shakespeare, and a gay atheist spy. Let’s talk about that. 

(video does have closed captions) 

Full text transcript below the cut

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Can you do pretty pretty please RFA and MC the floor is lava game? Like, MC would out of nowhere be saying the floor is lava and the guys would have to find something to jump on so the lava wont get them

Hell yeah I can

Edit: V and Saeran added

“The Floor is Lava, RFA!”

Yoosung Kim

  • This game reminded him so much of his childhood and he was ecstatic when you brought it up
  • The poor boy is a disaster.
  • He is falling in fountains, out of trees, knocking over stands, it’s… bad.
  • But the smile on his face when he plays is worth it and you guys are having way too much fun to ever quit anyways
  • He is usually the one who is frantically running around since you get more of a reaction.
  • Yoosungs is always shocked and completely off guard.
  • He doesn’t give his athletic skill enough credit. He is fast
  • Which could also explain why he is always crashing and falling
  • One day you were walking with him in the halls of his college.
  • You just stopped by to pick him up and maybe get lunch after. Innocent, right?
  • “Yoosung, the floor is-”
  • “Wait- Hold on-”
  • “Lava!”
  • Yoosung panicked since there was like no where to go since the halls were all empty and clean
  • So he leaped and grabbed a hold of the exit sign and it broke
  • You guys don’t talk about it.


  • “Hyun the floor is lava.”
  • “You are so cute. It’s just warm because the sun is finally out!”
  • Zen has seen a couple of videos about it on social media but he didn’t really think too much of it. He thought the trend was dead.
  • But after telling him a couple of times, he finally realizes that you actually want to play and he is excited.
  • Out of everyone in the RFA, he is ranked 2nd on the extra scale
  • He wants to show off to you and impress you with how fast he gets onto things.
  • Constantly wanting to beat his previous time
  • So he kinda forgets the innocence and fun of the game but at least doesn’t go anywhere illegal
  • Zen likes making you jump around instead since you find the most creative spots
  • He sometimes panics because he doesn’t want you to accidentally get hurt so he avoids playing it in busy public places if possible
  • You got stuck on top of his fridge once and he couldn’t help you because he was too busy laughing
  • It’s payback for the time you laughed when his hair got caught on some tree branches. It was so tangled he thought he would have to cut it off.
  • Luckily that wasn’t the case

Jaehee Kang

  • Have you seen a grown woman in a pencil skirt and 6in heels climb a tree to impress her sweetheart? Now you have.
  • You would think she would be all flustered and embarrassed but no.
  • She is so competitive and badass no one wants to stop her
  • After working for Jumin, she has gone through many stressful / humiliating moments and learned to just be professional and confident in anything
  • The only rule is you can’t play at the coffee shop. Other than that it’s free game.
  • Jaehee just gets such a thrill trying to find something to climb something under 5 seconds.
  • She feels like a child and she loves it.
  • If she has to climb to the top of that playground with 2 seconds remaining she will.
  • When you guys go to shopping to restock or decorate the coffee shop, that’s when it gets rough.
  • She doesn’t aim to get kicked out, but if she so happens to climb on the aisle, it gets a little risky.
  • You guys have only been escorted out in one store because you accidentally knocked everything off it’s shelf.
  • Jaehee still giggles about it to this day.

Jumin Han

  • Oh dear God.
  • Everyone knows that Jumin would do literally anything for you and if swallowing his pride to play this jungle gym game every time you leave the house then so be it.
  • “Jumin! The floor is lava~!”
  • Straight face, red cheeks,  he is pushing people, and boy he is on top of that table in 5 seconds flat.
  • He holds enough power and confidence where people do not question him. That doesn’t stop all the pictures taking though.
  • Save him.
  • Jumin mostly likes it when you are the one that’s forced to run around. You look so cute with your shocked face and panicked moving.
  • This game is so fun for him. Jumin loves it because he is connecting to that inner child that never got to play ridiculous games.
  • Once he’s got the hang of it though, he is kinda brutal.
  • One time you two went to a classic party at the workplace and it was all going well until your phone alerted you with a text.
  • “I would get off the tile if I were you. It’s made out of lava.”
  • He had such a big smirk on his face when you started running towards one of the tables full of wine and champagne.
  • Sure, it was a big commotion and shocked a lot of people seeing you knock over all the drinks as you stood on the table but Jumin was silently giddy.
  • He’s proud.

Saeyoung Choi ( 707 )

  • “The floor is Lava game? This isn’t a fucking a game.” - From the man that can’t get down from a flagpole
  • Seven doesn’t play around. He goes all out and over the top.
  • You are pretty sure some of the things he does is bending the laws a little… but all is fair when the ground is lava,
  • Playing with Seven is fun for the first couple of times but then it gets a little too intense.
  • He counts in a different language each time so you don’t truly know how long you have to find higher ground.
  • You bet your ass he uses the skills from the agency.
  • “This was the true purpose of all those wall climbs, ___!”
  • Seven’s sadist side shows during these times. You could be in the most inappropriate times and he would just lean down and whisper in your ear
  • “The floor is lava, _____~.”
  • Every time you guys play he is recording you. For the internet? Just the RFA? Blackmail? Who knows.
  • He won’t let you live out the time when you guys were stuck in an elevator with Jumin and he gave you only five seconds to think of a way to get off the ground.
  • You climbed onto Jumin.
  • Save Jumin pt. 2

Saeran Choi

  • What the fuck are you doing???
  • Why are you and Saeyoung climbing onto everything??
  • He doesn’t get it and he doesn’t want to play. He is too embarrassed.
  • One time Saeran went along with it when you announced the floor is lava and he thought it would be creative if he climbed the fence
  • His foot got caught on one of the holes and he fell right back down onto the sidewalk
  • He w i l l ne v er p l a y  ag a in
  • Saeran likes to watch vines and videos of people doing it though.
  • Then they could look like an idiot and he could laugh at them instead of the other way around.
  • You look too cute when you do it though and he will tell you the floor is lava util the game becomes dead to you 
  • No joke, he might be more brutal than everyone in the RFA
  • When you just wake up with a bowl is cereal? 
  • “Hey ___…” 
  • Right after sex? 
  • “..The floor is ..”
  • At a friend’s wedding? 
  • Right before checkout? 
  • At a funeral?

Jihyun Kim ( V )

  • He tries he really really does
  • Because he loves you so and you are having so much fun doing it with your friends
  • But V is like that dad that is trying too hard to fit in with his teenager, y’know?
  • He can’t go over the top or else he would accidentally hurt himself but he is all laughing and having fun so you don’t really wanna tell him to stop.
  • When V accidentally hits someone while running he will apologize and forget all about the game
  • “Haha ____! I made it right?” He says, standing on top of a low bench
  • V gets worried if you go somewhere too high and he would suggest taking it down a few notches 
  • “I was just on a tree branch, V-”
  • You guys definitely do not play to the point where you would get kicked out of places or get in trouble.
  • It’s more sweet and innocent compared to how others play 
  • You guys are giggling and jumping around 
  • He is too sweet
Reaction to you riding their thigh



You guys would be exploring different kinks every other night. Today, Jin was sitting on the couch, you had whipping cream with you and you were sitting on his thigh. “So, how does this work, jagiya?” he’d ask. You’d spray out a little whipping cream onto each fingertip and place them one by one at Jin’s mouth. “Oppa can suck off the whipping cream while I do this” he’d look at you confused. You’d stand up, take off your pants and grind against his thigh. He’d be licking off the whipping cream off of each fingertip on your left hand, while please takes over you completely.


Lately, it seemed like you and sex were the last things on Yoongi’s agenda. Even though you could take care of yourself, you wanted him to make you cum. You needed him very, very badly. You would turn his chair around, take his headphones off and sit on his thigh. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing (y/n)?” he’d ask angrily. You’d answer by wrapping your arms around his neck, and nibbling on his neck while slowly grinding down on his thigh. Catching onto what you were trying to do, he’d lift you up and take you to the bed. “Tonight, you can ride my thigh, my dick and my face as much as you want kitten.”


“Please, I really need you right now. You don’t what you’ve done to me” you would say. Hoseok had been practicing a choreography for an upcoming comeback, and to say it was a sexy one would be an understatement. It really turned you on. “But babe, all the members are in the room next door. They could walk in anytime.” You really did not care. You needed some sort of friction to ease your throbbing core. “Ok, I have an idea. It will only take 10 minutes.” He would look at you suspiciously. You’d push him down onto the couch and straddle his thigh. Slowly, you’d start grinding yourself down. Moans, instantly leaving your mouth. Hobi would eye your hungrily. “And exactly why haven’t we tried this before, kitten?” You’d roll your head back in response. “You look so good, I could take you right here and now. But I think it’s best to tease you a little bit first” and with that, Hoseok would remove your shirt and lay you down.

Rap Monster:

“I promise you, if you don’t like it we can stop” you would say to Namjoon. The two of you were very content with your sex life – or at least you thought so. You wanted to try and find new ways to spice things up a bit. After a lot of research and conversations with friends, thigh riding was a great place to start. “But how is it enjoyable if only you get off and not me, babygirl?” Namjoon would ask curiously. Realising you hadn’t thought about it, you make an answer up on the spot, “that’s the fun of it.” Sending him a wink, you’d place your naked core on his denim thigh and slowly would start moving back and forth. Within seconds, a pool of wetness would be visible on his jeans. Too carried away by your own pleasure, you wouldn’t notice Namjoon licking his lips and bringing a finger down to rub your clit, causing you to moan very loudly. “Well maybe, I am seeing the point of this” He would think while playing with your nipples.  


“You know, if you wanted to ride my thigh you could have just asked.” Jimin’s voice would catch you off guard. You were on your couch, touching yourself why reading a story about the reading riding Jimin’s thigh. “You don’t have to read and imagine these things. I’m right here for you to play with, kitten.” He’d take your phone away and make your sit on his thigh. Taking a closer look at your phone, he’d read out the words of the story very loudly. “He flexed his thigh and she let out a loud moan” he read. He would look at you and flex his thigh, causing you to moan just like the story. “Am I doing it right baby girl?” he’d ask, relaxing and flexing his thigh continuously without any tempo. Simultaneously, you rub yourself and quickly a wave of pleasure would wash over you. Many other things were done that night, riding Jimin’s thigh was the most common.


Tae had mentioned he didn’t like his thighs very much. You read it somewhere in an article.  You however, thought differently. You would walk up to him and ask him to open his legs up a bit. “what’s going on jagi?” You’d sit on his thigh and slowly grind on him. “I heard oppa doesn’t like his legs. I think I need to show him he’s wrong” your head would roll back in pleasure and you’d guide his hands to your waist. The feeling of denim on your clothed core was overwhelming. “Look at you” he’d growl. “My baby is so thoughtful” he’d flex his thigh abruptly, making your jerk up and moan loudly. Let’s just say that the two of you found a new kink to explore.  


All those hip thrusts and lip bites would get your worked up. You needed to have his body on yours asap. You knew it he wanted the same, but there just wasn’t any time to spare. The show was now over, and the boys were getting ready for a fan meeting. You however, didn’t give a shit. You wanted to orgasm, and you wanted it now. Sending a text to Jungkook, you would tell him to come see in you one of the empty closets. He’d turn up in 5 minutes. “What’s the matter, love? I need to be out there in fifteen minutes.” You’d sit in down on the rusty chair and straddle him. He’d look at you, surprised. “No, baby we don’t have time for this!” shutting him up with a kiss, you would shit your weight to one muscular thigh and slowly grind on it. Kissing him at the same time to keep yourself quiet. “Oh, I see how it is.”  He’d smirk at you, lift your shirt up and unhook your bra. His lips would be on your neck. “You want to make daddy hard before he goes to meet his fans?” he’d grab your butt and flex his thigh. “Well, let’s see what’s the best you can do”

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