and then photoshop starts running slow

faeriefully  asked:

I imagine Piper and Leo's reunion like on the first Madagascar movie when Marty and Alex see each other on the beach and start running in slow motion towards each other- only for Alex to go rampage and try to strangle Marty... on the other hand- I think it'd be really sweet for Piper to latch into him in a hug and he can't breathe because she's hugging him so tight and for such a long time Jason has to pull her off him.

Something like this ???

hey babies~ just letting you know that i need to start making welcome cards differently. we have around 100 official baby bears now and dozens more are joining every day, and making individual photoshopped welcome cards is taking up too much inventory on my laptop, runs slow, and takes too much of my time, and i hate seeing you babies get anxious from waiting. 

instead, i will just be making text posts! they will still be special and unique to you, don’t worry <3 i just want to be able to get them out faster so you guys can feel welcomed and start making friends sooner. plus, the other mods can do the welcome cards this way, so we’ll get them out faster!

please don’t be upset~ i love all of you very much!

- mod euphie