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What's in my pencil case? ・ 310816
Woke up late today and didn’t have much to do since I’ve packed my korean textbooks into my suitcases;;; So I decided to test out the new pages app (it’s technically not new it’s been ages) because I’ve finally got the chance to try it with the new laptop! I’m not experienced with photoshop or illustrator so I’ll just freshen up my skills on the pages app hehe. (you can actually get a lot done with it!)

My pencil cases are also EXTREMELY boring because I’m extremely boring I’m so sorry… I actually have a few more things in my second pencil case but it’s just a USB and some memos so~

Song of the day: I Like That - Sistar

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What actually happened between Bambam and Mina? I've read some article but I don't get it, what's wrong with them being close? Why everyone said they are dating?

No one knows what actually happened between them, if they’re friends or something more. What we know is that a photo of them spread few days ago - which is believed to be photoshopped by most international GOT7 and Twice fans.

However some Korean netizens think the photo must be real because JYPE decided to confirm it in an official statement. By confirming it JYPE got themselves (and their artists) in trouble. JYPE said “The photo is real but the two of them are just friends”

Before they confirmed that the photo was real not many people knew about the issue. After confirming it the news spread and became a good topic to talk about, also for antis and fans of other groups who want to see Twice losing their popularity.

Some Korean ‘fans’ are angered that there are rumors of them dating. K-netizens are trying to find proofs that they’re really dating and share them on Pann (To me these proofs are a REACH)

Today Twice fans started trending  #JYP는_아티스트를_보호해라 what means JYP Please take care of your artists after a Korean journalist expressed his thoughts about Mina in a disgusting way. Mina’s mum had to deactivate her instagram, there are people digging Bambam’s private life on Instiz and JYPE isn’t doing anything to protect them..


The concept of this bookmark collection is

“Those who knows him enough will recognize him just by his back.”

I like these 3 designs the most as they show little but just enough of Yuzu that you can recognize him, and the original photos are already so beautiful just by themselves.

(Link to part 1 of the collection, and thanks soooo much to @pamigena for the Yuzu-in-white photo, it is lovely dear)

I sometimes get shy about showing my love for Yuzu in still pictures/photos, cause my friends/family who don’t know would automatically say “Oh, just another pretty Asian/Japanese/Korean boy!” and form a bias (hate it whenever it happens =.=). I want to show them videos of him skating and let his skating mesmerize them first (recalling how I believed that Yuzu was a bully brat thanks to that K-net gifset for 2 years before falling head over heels with H&L XD). But anw, that’s why I tried to show as much of his grace with as little coverage as possible here (fingers crossed that it actually worked)


Aigoo, like koreans say, I’m sorry so much time has passed since I last uploaded something here but I’ve been studying Photoshop like crazy for the last week and finally I can show you the result! :D

I’ve been working on this new style that has more paintin and less lineart.

Basically I drop the shades in grayscale and then color them on another layer. It’s a pretty efficent technique and I’ll keep working on it.

I decided to draw the beautiful moms because I love them a lot! <3

I also had 2 sketches of Widowmaker and D.VA BUT, I made the terrible mistake of overwriting the file I was working on and before I could press Ctrl-Z my Photoshop crashed! ARGH!!! SOB SOB LE CRY!!
I’m still trying to recover from this accident…

Anyway, let me know what you think about this new style! I hope you like it! :)

Art © Blueem

Overwatch © Blizzard


Old Version: Part 1 / Part 2

Full Name: Yao Ming Ming
Mandarin: 姚明明
Korean: 요명명
Japanese: ヨ・ミンミン
Date Of Birth: 5th of January, 1997
Citizenship: People’s Republic of China
Residing at: Shang Hai
Company: CheckMate Entertainment
Height: 182cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Capricorn
Personality: Confident. Funny in life, but in front of a stranger he’s cold. At home he’s a filial & thoughtful son.
Speciality: Dancing and singing.
Talent: Imitating someone. (Likes to imitate people around him; for example like staffs and friends and it’s really similiar (to them). Especially T.O.P, Mingming said no one is better than him!)
Dream goal: To become an artist who can be inspiring to others
Official fanclub name: Venus
Nickname: Big white teeth, little sun (or he could mean little Taeyang), Bear kid, Selfie warm king, translator (because he’s been translating a lot recently)
Ideal Type: Tall, Girls who don’t like to argue/fight every single day, older than him, goddess-type, pretty legs
Favourite songs:
Jay Chou - Common Jasmin Orange / 七里香
(Mingming: When I was 4-5 years old, my parents were always home late due to work, so whenever I turn on the TV and play my toys, this song was always playing.) 
Kuai Zi Xiong Di - Father
(MingMing: This is a song to thank the fathers. The person whom I love the most in this whole world is my father, I must show my father the “Ming Ming” on stage.)
Big Bang - Haru Haru (MingMing: The longest song I’ve listen to, I’ll listen to it whenever I’m upset.) 
Park Hyo Shin - Snow Flower (MingMing: I need to wake up early for school when I was younger, but my brother woke up earlier than me for work and he isn’t someone who’s easy to wake up, his alarm clock’s song was this song then. I hate this song a lot when I was younger because it was the song that always woke me up, but now I really like this song.
Favourite color: Red, Black & White
Favourite food: Anything spicy. Steamboat, spicy chicken head, chicken legs, chicken claw, chicken wings
Favourite artist(s): Michael Jackson (Mingming: Because of him, I had thoughts of becoming an artist. And also because of him I started dancing), Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin, Big Bang (Especially Tae Yang)
Favourite sport: Other than dancing, it is jogging and badminton and recently it’s more of muscle building exercises.

About Mingming’s life in Korea;

During 2012, Mingming joined an entertainment company’s audition and eventually got picked. After getting picked, his parents and him have decided that they’ll send him to be a trainee in Korea. When Mingming was first there, he wasn’t familiar with everything. His Korean wasn’t very fluent, so he used English more often to communicate there. No matter how much of hardship and how rough the path was, Mingming held on for these 2 years. I remember that once he uploaded a photo, someone commented: “This (photo) must be photoshopped, there’s no one with such a slim face” and he replied with: “If you don’t eat well and sleep well for a period of time, you’d become like this too”. On April, 2014, Mingming returned to China. Although he had left Korea, he did not give up his dream of becoming a representative idol. Mingming will promote in China in the upcoming days, and we wish that everyone will love MingMing who’s a persistent kid.


  • He does not have a girlfriend
  • When he’s free, he would practise singing and dancing, learn the guitar, piano and english
  • He says the secret to growing taller is exercising
  • He’s always been mistaken as a korean, but he’s northeast kid
  • He likes to learn stuffs on his own. For eg. guitar, piano and english
  • His favourite food when he was at Korea are fried chicken, pizza, black-bean noodle and rice cake.

Social Networking Accounts;

Instagram - acemax_blk_mingming
Meipai - _姚明明_
Weibo - ACEMAX-BLK姚明明

trans cr; double m | take out with full credits

anythinggthg  asked:

How do I join as typesetter or redrawer and what do I do? What are the skills needed and devices needed

Hellow !

 Since people are asking this question a lot, I will put it in the FAQ so please read it before asking again the same question, thank you ^7^ 

✎ So to join as typesetter, we train our new typesetters so experience is not needed but please follow the instructions and the advices we give you and do your work properly. 

✎ To join as a redrawer you should have a tablet (easier for redrawing) or be confortable with your mouse and know how to use the clone/pen.. etc… tool (You can try to redraw one page and we will see if you’ll be able to be a redrawer or not) 

✎ To join us as a translator, you need to be fluent in English and Korean.

Softwares : Photoshop or Clip paint Studio

Decided to join us ? Join our discord to talk about it!

2. Controlly-Doo & Stiffy-Doo

Okay, so a lot of times I laugh AT the judges during panel because they’re ridiculous, but this week is one of the rare times where I laughed with them. Well, mostly with them. 

First, I laughed at Tyra’s take on Keith’s strong performance at the photo shoot.

As far as I know, modeling is the only profession in the world where head trauma is an asset. Years of playing football has probably left him in good shape, then.

Next I chuckled at Miss J comparing Lenox’s pose to putting in eyedrops.

Then everything about Adam’s feedback is hilarious, starting with Miss J comparing Adam’s bright pink suit to unchewed Bazooka gum. Meanwhile, Kelly Cutrone is taken with the unexpected manliness Adam exerts next to a Vespa. 

Haha, what the fuck is she even talking about? Adam tries to demonstrate his gratitude for her praise by muttering some approximation of “thank you” in Korean. Tyra teases him for butchering the pronunciation and then says,

Given that Tyra rarely says words correctly herself, this seems like a healthy attitude for her to take.

Case in point, Tyra soon after fixates on Shei’s “rearenderies” and “sidetoochedness,” words that only make sense in Tyra’s own mind. While she loves Shei’s butt, she hates the size of Shei’s head. The judges proceed to call Shei a “pinhead” repeatedly, until they decide they could “blow up” the size of Shei’s head in photoshop as if she were “a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day float." 

After, Tyra’s on the prowl again. Instead of sexually harassing Keith, though, she’s all over Will, saying, "Will, child, if you was 20 years older and straight and not on ‘Top Model,’ we would have to go get some kimchi right now, boo.” Not in a position to be picky, Cutrone is probably like, “I’ll take him as he is.”

The scores are tabulated and Chantelle and Adam land in the bottom two. Tyra notices that they have something in common.

Controlly-doo and stiffy-doo? Well, as a wise woman once said, “Better to try and sound bad than not try at all.”

Still in the competition? Stiffy-doo! Tyra goes so far as to nickname him “America’s Next Sober Model.” Wishful thinking on both parts, I’d say. Adam’s still a few decent photos and 12 steps away from being either a model or sober.

Anyway, I did genuinely find most of judging panel hilarious this time around. I must have been in a good mood or something. Okay, since you asked, I’ll let you in on a secret… I’m in a good mood because I had sex with the manaconda. You can’t tell anyone that I told you, though, and I’m definitely not lying. No, don’t ask Keith… no don't…

Fine, I’m just gonna go sleep in the hallway.

5 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 21 Episode 13