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Congrats for 10k followers, Mom, you deserve this beyond belief!! 

Where do I even begin..before I really came into the Star vs the Forces of Evil fandom, I had no friends online (maybe one or two people I would talk to occasionally, but that was about it) I would constantly look around at other people talking about how amazing all their friends were and all I could do was sit back, watch and feel bad for myself. The svtfoe fandom means a lot to me as a whole, but the friends I made with it are the (mango flavored) icing on the cake, and I wouldn’t have made any of them if it weren’t for the one and only Mango Mom.

When I first started watching these streams, I had no account on Picarto, I was more of a secret admirer, watching from the shadows. I definitely haven’t been in the fam as long as the other mango kids..I don’t understand their references to the “join me days” and I may not be one of the originals or one that everyone adores or thinks of right away when they hear the words “mango fam”, but I’ve never felt so excepted or loved in any fandom I’ve ever been in, and it wouldn’t be like this if I’d never decided one day to grow some courage and say a simple “Hello” to my very dear Mango fam.

Mom, I don’t even know how to express how thankful I am for you. I’m thankful for your art, for your streams, for all the love and inspiration you’ve given me and the mangoes, and for just existing in general. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be in the amazing spot I’m in right now. 

I’m not exactly the best at words, and I know I’m not deserving of a shout out or anything, but, honestly, that’s not the reason I decided to do this. If I’m being honest, I wasn’t initially planning on entering in this, but after a bit of thinking, I saw it as a nice opportunity to just tell you how grateful I am for you and helping me find some of my best friends in the form of the Mango fam (with a possible shout out/drawing as a nice bonus)

 So if you actually do get to read this, I’m sorry it’s probably not as touching as the others, and I’m awful at putting my emotions in words, but I just really want to say thank you. For everything. Ilysm ♥

(Pictured above is the amazing work of @atomicmangos drawn for me as a request after reaching 1,000 followers. I’m still crying tears of happiness over it.)

So I can’t sleep and I decided to go back and watch more of the livestream for a bit. I got there a little before they started talking about videos and projects they were most proud of and I swear I have never been more grateful to hear advice from people that I look up to. It is just so meaningful to me at this point in my life that I’m literally laying in my bed in my dorm room crying because holy shit this is the start of me working on what I’m passionate about and the advice teamiplier gave is just what I really needed to hear.

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I've been on tumblr for 3 years, dealt with numerous sjws, and they still have yet to give me a clear answer of what "checking your privilege" consists of

1. Self hate: How can you be a true ally and properly check that privilege if you don’t acknowledge what a steaming pile of white shit you are?

2. Kiss black ass: Treat black people as if they are walking talking cures for cancer. Worship the ground they walk on, kiss their feet, etc. You need to actively counter any pain any black person has ever felt ever, so unrelenting praise for black people, as if they’re the sideshow of humanity, is a great starting point to the path of reparations.*

*This includes mindlessly echoing everything woke black people say and never stopping to ask questions, do research, or think critically about the words you are repeating.

3. Give back: Speaking of reparations, you know all that shit you have that you worked hard for and the success you’ve acquired through disipline and determination? Well, since you’re white, you don’t actually deserve any of that. Give it all to a black person**. All of it, you get a cardboard box in the back and old dog food to eat. It’s so you can learn what it was like for my ancestors to be treated how they were.

**The black person has to be approved by the Woke Patrol, as giving anything to coons and Uncle Tom’s is just you passive aggressively trying to perpetuate and therefore continue to benefit from White Supremacy.

4. Advocate white genocide and then kill yourself. Get as many of your family and friends as possible to take yourselves out, and make sure you put it on social media with the hashtag #BLMTribute in hopes of getting it trending. After all, if there are no white people left then there’s no more white privilege to check, it’s a win win situation for all involved. Equality will have been achieved.

If you have any more questions, head on over to for more tips and tricks on how to be a good ally and always keep your privilege checked. Hope this helped! ❤

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for every ‘@’ sent (anon or not) I WILL mention and post some positivity about a fellow tumblr user

My tumblr start to do shitty things, so I will finish with this one, but not with a single person, no , with lot of people that I like to write with, I love to see on my dash, I’m happy to talk ooc all this. Lots of hugs to you guys!!

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And absolutely anyone who follow me <3

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To paraphrase my sibling, Flat Earth is a terrible conspiracy theory because EVEN IF YOU WERE RIGHT arguing for it makes you look like an idiot. Because either you're wrong and everyone is laughing at you or you're right and the coverup would have to include such a huge proportion of the population that it would be like getting on Australian TV to talk about the shocking evidence that drop bears don't exist, in which case everyone is laughing at you for only now figuring it out.


And like, flat earthers are just fucking ridiculous from start to finish and have been since the ancient greeks, more or less (yes people back then knew the earth was round) 

More and more people have been trying to get me to say that I am terrified of the pain of childbirth and then give me stupid advice on dealing with pain.

Advice. To me. A chronic pain sufferer. Who leads an alter-life as Wile E. Coyote.

I really need to stop talking to people that want to give me advice on pregnancy because nine times out of ten it’s from people who have zero frame of reference on being ill and/or being in pain.

I’m going to start quizzing these people back on what pain they are comparing childbirth to and start taking the same smarmy condescending tone with them when I list off my pain achievements in the suffering Olympics.

Things the moon signs do

Aries: offend people, close the door on others, text while driving

Taurus: listen more than they talk, smile rarely but genuinely, have a lot of habits

Gemini: pull leaves off of trees as they walk by, be delighted by small coincidences, play a TV show or movie in the background while they work on something

Cancer: keep score of when someone does something for them, text back immediately, get mad quickly but get over it more quickly

Leo: stare at people, start drama, ask people if they really like them

Virgo: observe the quirks of others, feel willed to do things for other people although they don’t want to, cry tears of joy

Libra: say “how are you though?”, cry at the slightest provocations, secretly want to talk about themselves

Scorpio: fall in love with their best friends, dislike the people who are close to someone they like, look after their friends but not themselves

Sagittarius: play it cool, come off as pretentious in spite of preferring less intellectual friends, have a false view of themselves

Capricorn: talk themselves out of things, become interested in groups/teams/bands, befriend their teachers

Aquarius: treat everyone like their best friend, value friends over partners, invite people to things without consulting the people they originally invited

Pisces: hang out with someone without doing anything with them, fall asleep while on the phone, convince themselves they don’t need the things they want



Disclaimer: this is in no way a fully comprehensive guide. This is just me trying to put together basics for people who are unfamiliar with Kazakhstan/Kazakhs to start their writing/research.

I am an ethnic Kazakh female, citizen of Kazakhstan, Almaty, bisexual, upper middle class, currently in college in the US. My experience is in no way representative of all kazakhs and Kazakhstan citizens. However, I think it’s pretty close to Otabek’s.

This is really, really long and kinda convoluted, but if you can bear it –– welcome!

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There’s like this new lower case KKK movement that started. This kind of casual white supremacy. ‘Oh, let me put my foot in the pool and see how cold this water really is.’ I’m talking about these people that are running around saying stuff, like, ‘Trump won, go back to Africa. Trump won, go back to Mexico. They see me. Trump won, go back to– where you came from.’ Yeah. They’re not usually geography buffs. – Aziz Ansari 

It’s okay. It’s okay to be tired, anxious and not want to get out of bed or talk to people. It really is, trust me. Grieve for as long as you want but the minute you stop and start choosing yourself over the hurt don’t look back unless it’s to check your progress.
—  Rida Aamina

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IT IS OFFICIALLY MY SEMESTER BREAK!!!!!! ajfhdajkhfdajh this is the best prompt EVER let me have this self-indulgent headcanon

  • the foxes, because they like a.) challenges and b.) making money out of these challenges, get the idea to play Andreil Trope Bingo
  • nicky starts it, purely out of boredom, as well as out of the desire to spite kevin for being too exy-focused even if the season’s over
  • he creates a card with things like “andrew buying food for neil” “neil smiling behind andrew’s back” “one talking about the other when the other is not there” “andrew hurting someone for neil” “rooftop date” “andreil going late to practice together”
  • after the whole team making edits to the bingo card, a copy is given to everyone
  • word gets around, but as andrew and neil are two of the most oblivious people in the world, they don’t catch wind of it
  • eventually, everybody (including wymack and bee) gets in on it, because the pot rises to be two grand (can you guys believe? two fucking grand for a couple’s trope bingo)
  • they make it a race of sorts - as andrew and neil aren’t normally affectionate in public (neil being the more touchy of the two, but still severely lacking in comparison to the stereotype of Normal Couples), they all have to be there at certain times of the day
  • dan clearly established the “no fishing rule” at the start but some of them can’t help themselves - they’re just really lucky sometimes
  • renee is the first to check “andrew wearing one of neil’s shirts” after she notices at their weekly sparring session
  • aaron (unluckily enough) gets the first shot at “andreil making out by the lockers” after his shift to tidy up the court
  • nicky is first witness at “one being lowkey possessive over the other” when he catches a glimpse of andrew frowning down someone at the bar for checking out neil
  • at the end of it all, they’re all left with one box blank
  • “andrew calling neil cute”
  • and everybody is just ??????
  • because andrew would never do that. not in a million years
  • only neil seems like the type to do so - but even neil hasn’t said anything of the sort
  • everybody’s panicking because they’re all so close yet so far away
  • fast forward; it’s been a little over a month since everyone’s only got that last box blank, and they’ve all been fishing
  • matt has asked, on multiple occasions, what andrew thought of neil when he smiled
  • allison has pointed out how good neil looked when she gave him her last haircut
  • bee even got ahold of neil’s baby pictures and showed them to andrew on a visit of his
  • wymack, at some point, tried asking if “cute” was really the specific word they all needed to hear (”What if he says ‘adorable’? You know Minyard gets all wordy at some point.”)
  • they all flail around for another week until the foxes’ weekly movie night
  • it happens on a thursday at neil and andrew’s room, because it was their turn
  • everyone is seated around the television, either on armchairs, the sofa, or on beanbags
  • neil coughs and pounds his chest
  • andrew gets up from the sofa so fast and gets neil a glass of water
  • upon getting the glass, neil goes “Ah.That was just a test. Thanks for putting in the effort.”
  • neil is smirking and all, thinking he’s so clever, the cheeky bastard
  • and no one is prepared for andrew’s “Mmm. That’s cute. Move over.”
  • everybody is suddenly scrambling for their cards in their pockets
  • nicky is like “Shit shit shit shit shit shit–”
  • kevin frustratingly goes “Where the fuck is my pen–”
  • bee is like “That’s unfair, I didn’t bring my card!”
  • it’s dan-the-legend-wilds that gets to cross out the box first and she yells (half-drunkenly) “BingobingobingobingoBINGO MOTHERFUCKERS!!”
  • matt’s like “Babe we’re going halfsies on that right–” while allison yells “THAT”S GOING INTO OUR NAIL POLISH FUND!”
  • wymack is in the moment and is like “Dan, you’re sharing with me, or you’re out of the fucking team.”
  • renee is groaning and shaking her head while aaron is just shrugging and texting katelyn he lost
  • in the midst of the chaos and debating-who-got-it-first is andrew and neil, clueless as fuck, staring at them all and at one another
  • neil is blinking in confusion while andrew is stony-faced
  • they go out of the room and leave the madness that is the foxes coming up with another bet and searching for money in their wallets
How to Deal with Disappointment

1. Accept the reality of what has happened.

2. Accept and experience the full negative emotional impact. For example, it’s likely to damage your self-confidence and undermine your self-esteem. You are also likely to experience loss.

3. Talk about it with people who understand and care. This will help you to process the negative emotions so you can start to heal and move on with your life.

4. Change the way you think about yourself and the negative experience. See it as something you can learn and grow from – and not as something that destroys your life.

5. “When one door closes another opens” so get back in the game and embrace life again. Set yourself new goals, and embrace a dream again. Something even better may be waiting for you!

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bless you for your voltron headcanons they make my life so much happier, esp. the lance & keith ones

here’s some more buddy

  • in pidge’s words: “you two are a positive feedback loop of bad ideas”
    • both are (semi)reasonable people independently but something about the presence of the other just makes half their brain cells die off lol
    • all one of them has to do is say “i bet i can….” or “what are you scared” and suddenly common sense takes a fucking vacation
  • “lance we need to talk” “okay I don’t know what you heard but whatever it is keith started it”
  • they’re the cause of 68% of Shiro’s headaches
  • *the two of them have a Moment* keith: “so are you gonna remember this one or”
  • lance keeps a passive aggressive little bucket list of movies and shows keith has to watch when they get back to earth
    • pretends it’s to catch keith up with the times but really he’s just mad that keith doesn’t get his references
    • but also keith hasn’t seen lilo and stitch???? what the fucking fuck????? what the fu
  • keith likes to pretend he’s above lance’s shit but he’s actually equally as petty
  • keith: *makes joke* lance, throwing himself on hunk: “our little boy’s just. growing up so fast” "why are you like this”
  • lance can spot keith’s mullet literally anywhere. like, even in a huge crowd
  • *dinkleburg voice* “keith”
  • lance: *comes up with a plan and tries to explain it to keith* keith, literally two seconds later: “oh hey wait why don’t we do [insert lance’s plan but in slightly different terms here]”
    • lance: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*
jungkook as your roommate

gifs not mine + currently having kookie feels sorry for spamming you guys with bts!^^

first day-

  • the first day when he moved in
  • it was so awkward between the two of you because
  • he avoided your eye-contact and didn’t even tried talking to you
  • and just went straight to his bedroom when 
  • it became dark outside 
  • he realized it was a bit rude to just walk away 
  • without telling his roommate that he’s going
  • so he decided to knock on your door
  • “yeah?”
  • “i’m sorry for being disrespectful earlier, i’m like this to people i don’t really know”
  • “it’s okay, you can come in though”
  • you and kookie probably talked for the whole night
  • he went back to his room when you fell asleep of course
  • before he left, kookie smiled at himself
  • knowing that this was the start of a friendship that he’s never ever gonna forget 
  • and totally gonna love lots


  • i can see you two making up many many rules
  • but would end up 
  • just having two real rules
  • like caring for each other when one is sick
  • not to eat each other’s food without telling each other
  • i can see him saying things like
  • “but what if there’s like a zombie apocalypse, y/n?”
  • “then you should eat the wall”
  • “but that’s too hard to eat”
  • “ew kookie you’re not saying you want to eat me right”
  • “that sounds so wrong and no, i’m never gonna eat my roommate that i love”
  • one of you would eventually end up breaking the rules
  • “jungkook!”
  • “what?”
  • “you ate my food!”
  • “no i didn’t, it wa- oh.”
  • “yeah oh. now i dare you to eat all the chocolate bars!”
  • “no way, y/n, my stomach is gonna hurt the next day”

feelings for each other?-

  • i can see him getting feelings for you
  • but now showing any signs that he does
  • jungkook wouldn’t help but get butterflies whenever
  • you say his name
  • it would hurt him when you come home with a guy
  • he doesn’t know about 
  • jungkook would try calling his ‘experienced friends’ and ask them
  • about it what he’s feeling
  • “it means that you’re jealous,”
  • “no. i can’t be, right. it might be something else that i’m feeling…”
  • “jungkook, listen. if you confess to y/n everything will be solved.”
  • “are you sure about that?”
  • “not really 100%”
  • “that’s not funny”
  • let’s go to you
  • i think for you, you wouldn’t straight up realize that
  • you actually like him, no, love him
  • because jungkook, is such a talented handsome perfect guy
  • you would end up talking to yourself like
  • “no. there’s no way he likes me too?”
  • “he did dropped a few hints at dinner last night…”
  • “should i tell him about this?”
  • “and when i brought daniel (yas changkyun) home a few days ago he seemed..”
  • “jealous?”

sharing _____-

  • bathrooms
  • just imagine his face
  • when he walks in on you dancing on random songs
  • he’d be so flustered and walk out of the bathroom
  • and act like he didn’t saw anything
  • “i’m sorry! i didn’t wanted to disturb you, mr/s dancer.”
  • “i swear one more time”
  • and sometimes you need someone to fangirl/boy with
  • you just storm into the bathroom while he’s in the shower
  • “really? that’s good!”
  • okay your guys bathroom would be full of clothes
  • and sometimes you accidently pick up his boxers
  • even though in yours there are holes as well
  • the bathroom made you two closer than ever

lazy days-

  • the whole apartment would smell like rotten cheese
  • even though there’s no rotten cheese
  • you wouldn’t even come out of bed 
  • the same for jungkook you two just throw something
  • at the door so it opens and you guys can 
  • talk to each other
  • “y/n.”
  • “jungkook.”
  • “do you want to order some food”
  • “i don’t want to pick up my phone”
  • “don’t you sleep next to your phone??”
  • “i do but it’s all the way at the end of my bed”
  • you would eventually stand up and go to his bedroom 
  • to lie down next to him
  • “so basically”
  • “yeah”
  • “we should stay like this for one day”
  • “hey you could sleep over at my room!”
  • “that’s a great idea!”
  • the two of you would end up buidling a fort in his bedroom
  • you and jungkook just talk about random things
  • from cleaning up to spongebob’s laugh

special days-

  • like birthdays, easter, christmas and more
  • on your birthday the moment you wake up
  • you could feel someone jumping around your bedroom
  • at first you thought it was some ghost 
  • but it turned out to be your roommate who was running and jumping around
  • to put on decorations and put all the presents he bought you 
  • “jungkook? all of this for me?”
  • “of course! happy birthday and good morning!”
  • on christmas you two have like a challenge
  • who buys the most presents for each other
  • and the winner would always be jungkook because he
  • buys a christmas tree as well
  • so yeah i m tired ;;
  • the holidays with him are always fun and him as your roommate ofc
  • “i hope in the new year, we get to be closer!”
  • “i hope in the new year, that y/n gives me more attention than her phone”
  • on halloween you two would scare each other
  • like the whole time
  • “BOO”
  • “OKAY”
  • you two would be dressed up in matching costumes
  • and some people even mistake you two as a couple
  • but both of you like it when they say that 
  • because yall like each other

Okay but real talk… Kip is actually really under appreciated?? Like okay yes everyone can enjoy Eric and Dylan’s home movies and Tj’s prison boyfriend writing to girls parents and what not. amazing. But people don’t talk about Kip enough?? Like the kid was fucking 15 years old and seriously mentally ill and sentenced to 112 years in prison with no parole request until 2110. That’s fucking insane. He even asked to get moved to a mental hospital back in like 2013 (I think) and that got denied?? He literally told people he had voices in his head that told him to kill people anD PEOPLE BRUSHED IT OFF BASICALLY 

idk you guys. i love kip. i wish more people talked about him and cared. 

Pittsburgh Penguin Memes
  • Sid is part of most conspiracy theories for example he’s one of the lizard people running the world, he has a spot in the great doomsday bunker, he buried the treasure at oak island ect.
  • Every time someone asks Phil for a favor he’ll say “Well i’m a Stanley Cup Champion soooo…” 
  • Connor Sheary starts every story with “back in my day,”
  • Everyone does impressions of Mike Sullivan with really bad boston accents, it gets stronger every time Sullivan says he doesn’t have an accent.
  • Every time Sid does something good someone says “not like Connor McDavid though…” 
  • Matt Murray is trying to assassinate MAF. For instance if Murray walks up to talk to Flower someone will shout “WATCH OUT, FLOWER BEHIND YOU!” 
  • Everything Sid does is linked back to the number 87 a la conspiracy videos on youtube.
  • “Thunder Bay native Kris Letang!”
  • “Father, Son and Jaromir Jagr”
  • Whenever Phil does something good someone responds with “Amanda would have done it better/faster.” Phil agrees.
  • Saying “BoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoBoninoooooo” every time they address him.
  • Sidney Crosby’s dad is actually [insert random goaltender] bonus points if it’s a goaltender younger than him or around his age.
  • Whenever Geno does a really fast zone entry, all the players on the bench say “zoom zoom.” 
  • The penalty box is referred to as Sully’s office
After the Wake

Jody declined the breakfast invitation from the Winchesters. She knew Dean needed a little “Mom time.” Instead she hung back to get to know Asa’s kids a little better, keep a connection to him. And they were kind of awesome.

Sam sprawled out in the back seat to nap so Jody took it upon herself to talk to Dean about something that came up in conversation at the wake.

“So…I know I said dating is hard and you gotta find affection where you can…” She started.

Dean stiffened up. “Please don’t let the next words out of your mouth be ‘I hooked up with Sam’.”

“No! No. I meant, a couple people asked me about your love life.”

Dean huffed a bitter laugh. “And?”

“They asked why your husband didn’t come with you.”

“My what?”

“Cas. It seems like the consensus is that you and the angel have been shacked up for years. Now, I was in the weeds there but it really got me thinking.”

Dean ground his teeth in his jaw. Great. The whole community assumed he was gay. He thought he had a reputation as a ladies’ man and instead he was an old married guy.

“Spit it out, Jodes.”

“Did you think I would care? That I would judge you? Don’t you think Claire at least has a right to know?”

“Jody, I’m not shacked up with Cas. Okay? We’re just…close. Nothing to write home about. If I was settled down with anybody I would tell you. And Claire.”

She sat quietly for a few moments. “Well then why the hell aren’t you? You have something great right there at your fingertips. Get your head out of your ass and stake your claim.”

Dean was floored. Jody was actually pushing him toward Cas. A dude. An angel for Chuck’s sake. And nobody seemed to care about that at all.


She just gave him a serious 'mom’ look. She held her gaze, boring it into his skull. He physically shook at it. She wasn’t letting this go. “Don’t make him mourn what could have been when it’s your ass on the pyre.”

“Everybody’s really so cool about all this?”

“Yeah, Dean. We are.”

He dropped his hand from the wheel to fish the phone from his pocket. His thumb went my memory to dial.

“Hey, Sunshine. Can you swing by Jody’s tonight? I miss you.”

Jody smiled at him and patted his knee. If Dean had glanced up at his rearview he would have seen a smile creep up across his 'sleeping’ brother’s as well.

Watching Yuri on Ice Epi 6

This was supposed to be up by now but cri my laptop decided to crash on me. Tumblr too good for my laptop I see 😭 THIS IS LONG SO I PUT THE KEEP READING ON SO YUP. 

BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST what are those!?!?!?




• Viktuuri on their date i wish

• Then a wild Guan-Hong and Leo appear out of nowhere (MY NEW OTP GOSH THEY ARE SO CUTE)


this is me right here. if i had friends ;-; 

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I don’t think people talk about enough the look of shock and confusion on alec’s face when he wakes up, when he sees jace and his hand comes up to touch his arm lightly as if to make sure that he’s real and jace has to literally SCOOP him up into a hug because he’s so in shock he can barely move or breathe but once he’s in jace’s embrace he crumbles and starts sobbing, his hand lightly rubbing jace’s back like this scene is so beautiful and I cannot believe how blessed we are to have it

Fandom Wide Hannibal Rewatch

@aggressivrly-breakdancing-slende and I were talking and we think it’d be awesome if we, as a fandom, rewatched Hannibal together. We’d start at or around February 14th 😉 and end close to August 29th. This means we would have to watch two episodes a week sometimes. I think this could be something really special, some fannibal bonding time, if you will. We can rediscover the awesomeness of Hannibal together, and it could almost be like it’s back on air.
Please like or reblog this so we can get a general idea of how many people are interested. We’ll also try to get a poll up to see what times work best for people and create a tentative calender.