and then other people believing it

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I know that everyone has a concept of 'boyfriend' Lauren but if honestly seems like Camila is the more protective one even if they both really care about each other

Oh no Lauren is without a doubt the most protective one. But I also do believe that she has a very vulnerable side that she doesn’t let many people see and that in a way Camila is a safe place for her, she can completely be herself and kinda let go of the whole tough act when she’s with her, that’s why she goes all puppy when she looks at Camz.

I live for protective Lauren 

“I hope I deserve it”

Is what Dany days as Jon “verbally” bends the knee. But why exactly?

Dany is a proud woman, and when she’s not, she puts up a facade of being proud. Her neverending list of titles prove it, but it’s not like it’s not right for her to be or that there’s no reason to be - in the contrary, she both needs it and deserves it. She did endure all that she explained to Jon and she did achieve all that her titles means. The fact that so many - me included, at times - don’t like it, is because it’s a tad repetitive, but it’s completely true, and because it’s often put in comparison with Jon who, on the other hand, is extremely humile, and for whose honour Davos himself had to step in - because he doesn’t care. He came to Dragonstone for a diplomatic purpose and that’s what he’d doing, being the honourable, severe son of his adoptive father Ned Stark. All that he did, he did for others, never for himself, fully knowing he’d gain but hatred but for it. And if he doesn’t bend the knee all the times Dany asks him is because he and his men and women in the north have now different matters to take care of, much less “trivial” than a war in the south. Let alone “brag”, he doesn’t even state what he’s done exactly. David has to, in his place. And that’s when he says

“He took a knife in the heart for his people…!”

But Jon sends him a stare and stops him. Why? Because it’s already difficult to believe in dead armies and White Walkers, let alone resurrections.

But Dany is still a tad curious. This man is the North is a ruler of about her age, humile, mysterious. He’s here for a very specific purpose and doesn’t seem to be afraid of her, nor of her dragons. If she wants to kill him, so be it, he’s come simply to serve his people. And that’s how she starting to see him as very similar to her, unengaged in day-to-day personal matters. Because Dany too, for as proud as she is, wants to serve the people.

So she asks Tyrion about it, and he doesn’t give the matter importance. She then asks Jon in person, but they are interrupted.

Then he leaves for the mission beyond the wall. She can see again just how much of a leader. Just like she took Drogon and met the Lannister army in open field personally, so he wouldn’t let his men do something so stupid dangerous without taking part in it himself. He’s again honourable, severe, uninterested. When she arrives to save them, he’s about the take her hand and get away

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But he doesn’t. He lets the other go first while fighting off the wights. Selfless to a fault, so much that he almost loses his life for it, but he manages to return. And she sees his scars. At this point I guess she asks Davos for clarifications and this time, he gives them to her, explanaining that the King in The North did take a knife in the heart for his people.

At this point, to her, he’s the most honourable leader she’s ever met. He’s nothing like the lords and ladies she’s fighting, not even like her now deceased allies. He’s merciful and self-sacrifical. And after weeks spent together she should understand better the situation in the North and what exactly it implied for him to do what he did.

That’s where the “I hope I deserve it” lies. He’s a man she admires, not one of those sheep she either has the win over or threaten. What he did for his people, the kind of things he did, is what she’s like to do when she sits on the iron throne.

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Jon, at the same time, understood her better. What she did, at the cost of one of her children, to save them, is in the same way something he has profound respect for. The North doesn’t like southern rulers because they are not understood by them, it’s two completely different worlds. But this one dared to go north as see with her own two eyes what it is. Jon respects her now. He never had much love for power anyway, he doesn’t want it: if he didn’t bend the knee it’s because of his people most and foremost.

Whether you ship them or not, I think this relationship is beautiful because in this season we slowly see two people come together from opposite sides, backgrounds, experiences, even geographic places, united only by the so hard to find willingness to always put others before themselves. That they love each other is a consequence of this, because they both see this beauty of character in each other, which is indeed firstly in themselves.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, Hansol telling his fans that he’s asexual is a big deal. When his home country and practically a lot of counties in the world, isn’t accepting to LGBT+ people, people of that community still face injustices. This is a big step for him to admit especially after few would comment “are you gay?” or “he’s gay”. Spread positivity and love on his and Topp Dogg SNS pages, pretty much cover the bad comments with good ones. This is a big step for anyone to admit, and hope people one day to admit to others who they truly are. Also check out their music!!! The group is super talented and I believe a sub unit in their group is having a comeback?? I’m not to sure about that but still listen to their music!! 💕💕

Masterpost: Social Institutions

Whether brand new or based in reality, creating a society is complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. There are always things that you’re probably forgetting, and it’s those things that are going to come back to bite you later on in the series. This is the first in a series of in-depth looks into world-building basics that you’ll need before you get into the nitty-gritty bits.

I’ve [talked] [before] about social institutions, but mostly in a cursory way - now I’ll be digging deep into it, and hopefully this will help clear things up for any of you still in the beginning stages of world-building.

A social institution is a necessary structural component of a society that facilitates a specific, fundamental function within that society. They are also often called agents of socialization, as it is believed that each institution has a unique purpose in helping people learn how to be people in their society. (Keep in mind, this does not mean they learn how to be people in another’s society. Though the social institutions may be the same, they manifest in a variety of ways across societies.) To ease confusion, I will simply to call them social institutions here.

As far as modern Sociology is concerned, there are six social institutions: Family, religion, work, education, media, and government. None of these institutions are mutually exclusive, or work independently of the others - every single one is heavily influenced by the others, even though they each have unique components about them.

Family is the first institution we are introduced to when we’re born. The biological relation isn’t important, nor does it necessarily need to be a positive experience. It is simply the group of people who cares for us, teaching us everything we need to know - language, norms, mores, values, beliefs. These can be taught either explicitly or implicitly. An explicit lesson would be, say, a parent sitting down and telling a child not to lick people. An implicit lesson could be a child watching their parent always cleaning up right after dinner, teaching the importance of cleanliness in their society. Family is our first introduction to the world, and thus it is the most important agent of socialization, shaping how we view and understand everything that comes after.

Religion is an institution whose importance has changed a lot over time. For some, it’s the second-most important institution after Family. For others, it’s fallen down to the least important. It all depends on their family’s relationship with it - if you grow up inundated in a religion, then that will be one of the main ways you learn morals and values, right and wrong. What those morals and values are depends on the particular religion. However, due to the relative recent nature of the separation of church and state, religion will still play a big role in your character’s life if you’re setting your story in the modern age. This is because, most likely, the main religion of a society will heavily influence the policies, laws, and everyday practices of the people in that society.

Education can be the second introduction to society a person has, or it could be one of the last, depending on how the society is structured. In the US, we’re officially put into the education system anywhere between ages 3 and 6. Some places have education-based daycares for younger children, and some societies don’t have any formal education system in place at all. How your society comes at it depends on what that society needs. In our current, post-industrial society, we cannot succeed as adults without some sort of formal education. However, in other societies both now and in the past, they have little need for such a system. Some might instead have an informal education system - children learn how to work as adults by helping their family work, for example. In any case, there will be some form of education, and it will have dual purposes.

One, the education system will give children knowledge that their society has deemed appropriate and necessary. This could be running a farm, basic math, riding a horse, or it could be complex mathematics, multiple languages, and how to fly an aircraft. It all depends on what the society has deemed necessary for children to learn before they reach whatever age that society considers “adulthood”. The ages at which children learn each piece of knowledge is also highly dependent on that society’s beliefs and values - in the US, it’s considered taboo to talk to kids about sex, but in other place, it’s a completely normal topic of conversation.

Two, the education system will give children further knowledge of what is/isn’t acceptable in society. This is done through adults in charge, fellow children, and the material given to learn from. For example, how children learn about their country is through history lessons, which are often heavily skewed to paint their country in a positive light - thus promoting patriotism and ethnocentrism.

The socialization done at Work will depend heavily on the workplace and the job your character has. With every job, there is a process of socialization that teaches everyone their place (employee, boss, middle-management), how to interact with each other based on that place, and how to utilize the materials needed to succeed in the job. Now, in some societies, this work will be things like running a family farm. In others, like our current system, labor is specialized, so we need many people doing different jobs to keep things running.

The Media is a relatively new form of socialization. It is only in the last 100 years or so that it became broadly, easily accessible to everyone - before that, the only people with access to media items were the wealthy, who had both access to education and the free time to sit down and interact with pieces of media (mostly books, maybe newspapers, I’m not clear on the history of the news). Media covers a lot of aspects - books, news, television and movies, and now the Internet. Through the media, we learn what’s important to our society outside of our little bubble of family, religion, and education - we learn about our world in broader strokes, which either reinforces or ruins the lessons we’ve learned from those closest to us.

Government encompasses a lot of sections of society, and may or may not have its hands in every other type of agent of socialization. This agent includes a lot of bits and pieces: Public works, national parks, legal force, elected positions (both great and small), lords and ladies, kings and queens, dictators - so, so many working parts. All the laws and formal sanctions will come from the government, which will then teach children what society values, their morals, etc.

Here’s the kicker about all this: These things teach us how to be people in our society, yes, but the people deciding what to teach us were taught in the exact same way, thus creating the potential for a cyclical system. This is where you get the idea of a status quo - anytime your character thinks “oh that’s just the way it is,” is a direct result of your character’s parents/teachers/government officials also thinking “oh that’s just the way it is.” But, the second someone in your character’s life goes “uh, but it doesn’t have to be,” that will not only have the potential of changing your character’s beliefs, but the beliefs of your characters coworkers, children, partner, etc., which will then have the potential of changing the beliefs of their coworkers, children, partners, etc. This is how we get social change over generations.

Agents of socialization are incredibly important to the function and coherence of a society. No, they won’t all look or act the same way society to society, and you can totally create new ones if you want to, but you will need some sort of system in place to disseminate social beliefs. Remember, a society can’t be a society without a set of rules, morals, values, and norms commonly held by people in that society. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of strangers running around with no common ground to keep them together.

listen y'all—

the lgbtqia+ community isn’t perfect. it isn’t free of bigotry and abuse. i know there are plenty of you who want to believe that all lgbtqia+ people are one big, happy family where there’s nothing but love and acceptance but that isn’t the case. racism exists withing lgbtqia+ spaces, antisemitism exists, transphobia exists, biphobia exists, aphobia exists, classism and misogyny and ableism and literally every kind of bigotry there is to find in the wider world can be found within the lgbtqia+ community and we do no favors to anyone—not ourselves and certainly not the lgbtqia+ people who bare the brunt of those forms of bigotry—by denying their existence.

“there’s no antisemitism in the lgbtqia+ community” - that’s a lie and you’d know if if you’d ever listened to lgbtqia+ Jewish people

“there’s no racism in the lgbtqia+ community” - that’s a lie and you’d know it if you’d ever listend to lgbtqia+ POC

“there’s no ableism in the lgbtqia+ community” - that’s a lie and you’d know it if you’d ever listened to lgbtqia+ disabled people

on and on and on and on — these forms of bigotry exist within our community and the people who are targeted by them are talking about it. the problem is that those of us who aren’t targets of those kinds of bigotry aren’t listening to them. the problem is that when these kinds of bigotry are pointed out within lgbtqia+ spaces so many of us are silent and willing to ignore it because it doesn’t affect us and so many of us are even angered by it—not by the bigotry our fellow community members face within our own spaces, no, but by the fact that they had the audacity to call it out.

the lgbtqia+ community is not perfect. it is not infallible. it is not any more free of prejudice or bigotry than any other community.

lgbtqia+ people are not perfect. we are not incapable of holding bigoted views and having prejudices against other groups of people, even people within our own community.

we cannot deny this. we cannot close our ears and raise our voices when the most marginalized people among us tell us about the ways they are made unsafe in lgbtqia+ spaces. we cannot lie and pretend and get offended when we’re told that lgbtqia+ spaces aren’t perfect. we cannot do this because if we refuse to acknowledge that these problems exist then we have no hope of correcting them. we cannot fix a problem that so many of us refuse to believe is even happening.

when lgbtqia+ people talk about the problems in the community your first gut reaction should not be to deny and get angry and insist that no, no, no these spaces are the one perfect bubble in an otherwise shitty world and they’re nuts if they think otherwise. your first reaction should be to listen to them - consider what they’re saying - and take the initiative to look more into the issue and educate yourself and learn what you can do to make the lgbtqia+ spaces you’re in more welcoming and safe for ALL lgbtqia+ people.

again, i have to reiterate: we cannot fix problems that we refuse to acknowledge exist. ignoring that these things are going on in our community won’t make them go away, it won’t make the people who don’t have the option of simply staying quiet and pretending they’re not happening go away and it certainly won’t make them any safer.

to be silent to the bigotry that exists in the lgbtqia+ community is to be complicit in it and to outright deny that it exists in order to preserve your own false idealistic view is to be an active participant. our community deserves better than that, the people in our community deserve better than that, and all of us have to be better in order for us to improve the community and make changes for good.

Jon and Dany so far:

1. argue with each other
2. be attracted to each other
3. be frustrated by each other politically.
4. give and take advice
5. be interested in the kind of person the other is.
6. learn how duty bound they feel to other people.
7. learn to trust that a queen would come to the most dangerous part of the world to save a bunch of fool hardy men that went on a mission she didn’t agree with and that she wouldn’t write them off as already dead.
8. learn to see how heroically brave and self sacrificial the other is.
9. be truly vulnerable.
10. compromise on their original political goals once they saw they could believe in the other’s intentions.
11. hold hands.

they have gone a distance in their political relationship. they’re attracted to each other and drawn to each other. they trust each other now. and, the most they’ve done truly romance oriented is hold hands up till now.

if people want to call their romantic relationship rushed, that’s their choice but it doesn’t hold up to me.

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Consider: Team Voltron encounters a planet that has sided with the Galra willingly - a race of illusionists known for lulling people into an illusion that makes them so happy they never want to leave/wake up. Lance gets pulled in. He believes that he's in Cuba, with his family, and his brain is so fogged that he can't remember Volron or even the Garrison. It's like he never left them. The other Paladins have to pull him out and it breaks their hearts bc Lance is resisting so much. :')


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I'm an INFJ a who really struggle at expressing myself verbally. sometimes I can become too aware of my talking it really feel frustrating because I grew up not having friends which is why I think I'm lack social skills. or do all INFJ find it difficult to express themselves to a certain degree

Refer to the Type Development guide for how to develop functions. I’m going to address all the functions since anyone can have communication issues. Possible function-related communication problems:

When Si is underdeveloped, you might have difficulty seeing situations outside the context of your past experiences. You are likely to compare/contrast things in such a way that has little relevance/significance to others during conversation, perhaps unable to appreciate their contributions because you are too busy thinking back on your own experiences or figuring out what to think/feel about something new to you. This can lead to the other person feeling bored or unable to connect when they cannot relive/experience alongside you whatever it is you are mentally comparing.

When Ni is underdeveloped, your mind is messy and you only have a very vague idea of what you want to express, which means you might have difficulty grasping/explaining the essential points of the conversation or often get left behind as conversations move along without you. You are likely to stop and start, pause or question when you don’t understand, twist and turn during conversation, or wrongly assume that others already understand your point. This can lead to confusion or impatience in the other person because they cannot easily follow your convoluted thought process.

When Ti is underdeveloped, you might have difficulty independently organizing and systematizing your ideas into a coherent logical framework, unable to express your ideas with clarity, unable to summarize your thoughts well, unable to correctly calculate the full effect of the things you say. You might not catch the logical contradictions in your statements nor understand how self-centered or amoral your judgments sound to others. This can lead to statements/behavior that put the other person off in some way because you have not considered their perspective nor helped them to understand your reasoning.

When Fi is underdeveloped, you tend to personalize everything through your own feelings even when something is not related to you, perhaps unable to talk about things you don’t have any feelings about or unable to show any interest in things you can’t relate to. You might not realize that what you are talking about is of little interest to others even though you feel very strongly about it, unable to translate your interest into something the other person can relate to. This can lead to the other person feeling neglected or unseen, as though you’re just talking to yourself. 

When Se is underdeveloped, you might have difficulty tapping into the flow of energy in the conversation, unable to react quickly and improvise well. You are likely to be rather oblivious and then fail to respond to changes in demeanor/behavior in the other person, likely to be too focused on what you want to say next instead of being present and listening carefully. This can lead to stilted, disconnected, or awkward communication when you keep talking past each other.

When Ne is underdeveloped, you might ramble or spout ideas/questions without actually adding anything new or valuable to the conversation. You might find it difficult to successfully riff off others, perhaps more likely to impede rather than facilitate the flow of conversational energy, unable to explain to others why your ideas might build upon what has already been said. This can lead to the other person feeling puzzled or disrupted as they struggle to see anything useful or significant in your seemingly random contributions.

When Te is underdeveloped, you might be too absolute or presumptuous because you believe your opinions are fully justified and objective, perhaps unconsciously driven to correct/criticize people whenever you feel insecure or unsure. You might find it difficult to understand when/why people might react poorly to your statements, unable to connect with others on an authentic and personal level because you are too busy judging them. This can lead to the other person feeling misjudged, unappreciated, or wanting to distance themselves.

When Fe is underdeveloped, you might have trouble getting an accurate read on other people’s emotions, perhaps even as you keep behaving as though you can. You are likely too self-conscious or unconsciously fear rejection/conflict, only caring about how others make you feel instead of responding appropriately to how they feel. This can lead to the other person feeling misunderstood or intruded upon because you just reflexively/defensively react to them as opposed to formulating a measured and empathetic response.

Can I just say that nobody is forgetting Jews in light of the Charlottesville marches. Every post I’ve seen has been graciously inclusive of Jews, as they should be. We have Nazis marching the streets, and their main target are Jewish people.

But don’t forget that the KKK is on the streets too. That White Supremacist are marching the streets too. Don’t forget that these marches are responses to Confederate statues being removed. Don’t forget that Confederate army fought to continue the slavery of African Americans, and their statues are only reminders of that.

Don’t forget that the KKK’s main purpose has always been to terrify African Americans.

I say this because there are actually people who have the audacity to claim that people of color are secondary victims in this all. there are people who have the audacity to call us racist and anti-semitic for  brining attention to the fact that we, as people of color, are primary victims in this—specifically black people.

I see bloggers accusing black people of taking away the attention towards Jewish individuals due to this.

I can’t believe that there are actually people using this tragedy as an excuse to be anti-black. It’s sickening, and it needs to stop.

No one is forgetting Jewish people, certainly not black people. stop trying to turn the tables, stop trying to make us look bad.

We have a common enemy, let’s fight that. not each other.

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Hello! Love your blog! Just wanted to ask if you think Dany and Jon will stay together for season 8 after he finds out about his lineage? I'm hoping they do, it would be sad if that would tear them apart.

I do believe they will stay together. Listen, Jon is an angsty young man haha. He is going to have a momentary fit. So I think that Dany’s reluctance right now while Jon is seemingly the aggressor/the confident one will be balanced out by Jon briefly straying/feeling strange at the revelation of his Targaryen blood.

But unlike many other people, I don’t think Jon’s conflict is going to derive from the revelation that Dany is his aunt. As I’ve reiterated again and again, marriage within families is not at all uncommon in Westeros. Yes, the series does its job to make sure we know that Jaime and Cersei are a scandal. But they are twins. Lannister twins. 

Targaryens on the other hand married brother to sister for generations without physical consequences as a necessity to keep their magical Valyrian blood pure. This is what was necessary to maintain control of their dragons. And sure enough, as the Targaryens began making alliances with and marrying other families in Westeros, dragons got smaller and died out. So already the fact that Jon and Dany are Targaryens makes their incest something that wouldn’t be problematic. 

But even if they weren’t, cousin and aunt/nephew or uncle/niece marriages are common in the other families. This is not something that would be creepy, icky, or weird.

So why will Jon care? Well, I think he will have an identity crisis. He has made it a point to say he’s not a Stark, but he has also made it a point to say that the North is and will always be a part of him. His Targaryen roots will remove a large part of that. Yes, he’s Lyanna Stark’s son, but in this culture the father is what is important here. Jon is a Targaryen, born in Dorne. A Southerner in every way when it comes to lineage. 

This season has already planted the seeds for this to upset the Northern lords. They did not want Jon going South and have no love for Southerners. What’s more, there was a reaction of agreement with Yohn Royce proclaimed that one can never trust a Targaryen. In light of all of this, I think that Jon is going to be shaken and worried about how he will be perceived by his people–and rightfully so. As stupid as I think it is, I expect there to be minor insurrection and conflict surrounding this subplot in season 8 and the hint/idea of a Northern rebellion against Jon. It will be prevented by the WW advance South of The Wall and the loyalty of Arya and hopefully Sansa. 

But I think the Targaryen reveal will ultimately matter to Jon because he will learn that Ned is not his father. This will probably upset him a lot as he loves Ned dearly and models himself after him in many ways. 

But Jon might also be happy because in a small way (I know he is far more confident now) I think Jon is still bothered by being a bastard. But he’s NOT a bastard. We know that now :) So this might be a small consolation to him? And he will also get the confirmation that his mother loved him dearly and the only reason she wasn’t there for him was because she died. He can stop wondering if she is some shameful fling of Ned’s. 

I have seen many people assert that this information is included to create conflict between Jon and Dany since his claim will now rival hers. But I don’t believe that. Jon has made it clear he has no interest in ruling. If anything his claim will matter in terms of getting people to follow them and help with the WW, and will help him support Dany if she wants the throne down the line. But it would be radically OOC for Jon to suddenly discover he’s a Targ and just as suddenly decide he wants the Iron Throne. Even if for some reason he did do that, his relationship with Dany that will likely include a child would prevent them from fighting over it. They could seek it together.

So overall there will be some tension and moments that give us anxiety I’m sure but Jon and Dany will weather this storm. I strongly believe the only thing that can separate these two now is death :/

C: I get that I am privileged because I’m lightskin, but there is no winning. If I make a post like I did not long ago about how messed up it is that people fetishize us due to skin color y'all say “Does she want a damn trophy for acknowledging colorism?” While missing the point that fetishization of lightskin people is actually harmful to everyone. I was sexually assaulted by an a**hole with a fetish for lightskin people. If I don’t mention anything about colorism it’s “you obviously don’t care about darkskin people” or sometimes “you’re not REAL black” like I don’t believe I can win period. I made that post not because I want a damn prize, but because it actually has hurt me in the past for people to literally only be attracted to a skin color. What do people want? For me to be a jerk and be like a lot of these other trash lightskin girls who revel in bs like “I’m sooo glad I’m not darkskin” or some of these jerky hotep types? NO. I will never be like that because that is the most disrespectful sh*t and completely uncalled for and untrue. But even if I say “Yeah, I have this privilege but here’s some really negative crap that goes with it I PERSONALLY have experienced” I get hate. And yeah, people who dont talk to me (I have obvious autism in person😣) probably think better of me for colorist reasons, but my family didn’t accept me as a kid because I didn’t have their skin tone so I wasn’t “one of them.” I have actually been told this before and I don’t stay in contact with anyone aside from my brother who actually is reasonable. Once again, this is just MY EXPERIENCE and doesn’t speak for anyone else in the damn world. And the whole you-have-no-struggles-with-skin comments pisses me off because I have burn scars and self harm crap and discoloration. I don’t want sympathy from anyone, what I want is for people to get their heads out of their butts and stop assuming everything about people. Sympathy does not equal empathy. A lot of people missed the point of the post (which even if I worded it differently would’ve gotten the whole “oh you’re lightskin stop whining you have it easy” treatment but my point was (I was trying to withhold too personal details like the assault) people fetishizing a skin color has negatives for many people😒 I’d rather die than experience anything like that again. I’m honestly done with people period. I know if I said ANYTHING it would get some form of backlash no matter how careful I tried wording it to not offend anyone.

Unpopular theory: Viggo Grimborn is alive.

“No, JK, you’re wrong!  There’s no way a human being can survive a volcanic eruption!”

“You’re just saying that because you like his character.”

“You’re reading too far into it, they’re just speculations.”

Okay, valid points, I’ll give you all that.  And to be honest, I don’t want to believe he’s alive either, because I personally loved the symbolism and the full circle nature of his “death”.  But after finding a HUGE Easter egg in the trailer while watching it on my laptop (WAY better quality), among a few other things some people pointed out, I am at least 80% convinced that he survived.  And I’m going to tell you all why.

Ok, obvious first:  This screenshot I took of Krogan.  When he leans forward while he’s saying, “all dragon flyers to the sky”, there’s clearly someone standing next to him:

The hair color and the skin color are EXACTLY like Viggo’s.  And also, the cut of this mystery person’s hair is the same as Viggo’s.  I’ll even show you a reference picture, just to prove my point:

See?  O.o

Now for exhibit B: Mystery person’s ear is also badly burned, as pointed out by someone else on my previous post.  If he survived the eruption, he’s obviously going to be badly burned regardless, so it would make perfect sense for him to have burn scars everywhere.  

Exhibit C: The dragon eye.  Just before Krogan leans forward, we see this:

This is unmistakably the top of the dragon eye:

So, my thinking is, if the dragon eye was recovered, how on Earth was Viggo NOT recovered?  The dragon eye fell into the volcano BEFORE him.  If it had truly been destroyed, it would have sunk long before he fell in.

Further evidence: This screenshot from the other trailer:

This little device the twins are carrying looks awfully familiar, no?  It’s the same thing that Astrid and Throk were stuck in in the episode where they had to help the baby eruptodon hatch, which means that it’s reliable enough for someone to get in it and get close to Viggo and the Dragon eye to save them, if only for a moment.  Furthermore, if Astrid and Throk could get that close to the volcano without burning alive, who is to say that Viggo didn’t land on some sort of rock ledge and wait it out?  It would be really inconsistent of the writers to say that Astrid and Throk could survive hot lava while standing on pure metal, and Viggo couldn’t survive it if he landed on a rock ledge.  In reality, you would burn on the spot in both places, but this is fantasy, so we’ll roll with it.

Final exhibit: This screenshot.  I know it’s really hard to see, but immediately after Krogan says, “all dragon flyers to the sky”, we see this:

If you look very closely, you can see that this person has a black tunic and some type of red pants on, not unlike Viggo’s outfit.  They are also standing with their hands either folded or behind their back, which is exactly how Viggo stands.  And the way that the frames fall within those whole two seconds of the trailer, the viewer presumes that Krogan is standing in the clubhouse.  Say, what is that shadowy figure next to our mystery person?  Could it be Krogan, maybe?  Is that the frame we just came from, one second before?

Also, a bonus: At the end of season 4, when Viggo falls into the volcano, it doesn’t sound like a liquid. It sounds like he landed with a thud, which suggests that he landed on a solid.

So, there you have it.  My unpopular opinion.  Of course, I could be wrong, but I’m not going to resist a bunch of clues when I see them.  Let me know if you agree/disagree in the comments.

The fact that some people try to make other people believe in astrology is so bizarre! cause you should let people decide what to believe in and what to not believe in and if they don’t believe in astrology then let them be and keep doing your thing and if they end up believing in it then that’s great. Basically, let people be.


So I officially have 1 hundo dudes (i’m not really sure why tbh), and I don’t have money to do a giveaway, so I decided to do a post where I say some nice things about sum good blogs alright here we go


@sundaessims- I would already consider you one of my best friends even though we’ve only know each other for like a month ily girl <3 Also she’s the only one i know who is actually really into my legacy also her legacy is super cool check her out or I will sue

@bookishsimmer- ur a super cool peep, ur blog is like 10/10 quality like stop it isn’t fair, and talking w/ u is always super fun!!! Also big green statue lady will always beat colored money. Also fite me but I’ll bet u with my RAW STRENGTH anyways ily 

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Blog is canceled. Sorry friends

I really can’t believe requesting people to keep the captions could lead to such a ridiculous reaction but there you go. You know who you are.

I don’t sit here monitoring every reblog, for what it’s worth. I usually find out someone deleted the caption because they put in the tags that they did so. I’m not wasting my time babysitting this blog because instead of respecting my request to keep the credits for the post you enjoyed enough that you wanted to share with other people, you instead decided otherwise just to spite me. It’s incredible.

So I’m changing this blog to what it was meant to be: a gallery for myself to keep track of the things that have me giggle about a particular video game.

Call this an overreaction but frankly I need some time to think about this blogs future and if it will even come back.

So long everyone it was fun while it lasted. Thank you to those that genuinely supported this blog.

Hey guys

So I’ve seen many of these before. I’ve reblogged many posts such as this. Ive tried helping others by rebooting their stories. But now I need help. I don’t usually ask for help, not until I’m in a not so great situation and really need your help.

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I didn’t realize some of these actions or the words they have used were not normal. After two years I had I guess gotten used to it. It has gotten to the point that I had two friends talk me out of suicide. I thought if I just disappeared it would make other people’s lives easier.

I have been trying to sell my stuff but have either had no luck or have made maybe just a few bucks. I just need enough to be able to leave this place, hopefully get out of Texas. I have an idea of where I’d like to go that’s safe but I’m still researching it. If you guys could reblog this or hopefully donate even a dollar it would help a lot. I can even do a small drawing to make up for donations. If you want to help here’s my PayPal link.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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wtf I just went to a voltron forum for older fans in order to see different points of view of other ships, and I'm cringing so hard: they were upset allura is dark skinned, that Lance would fall in love (he's a bird that should be free!), some were asking if it was correct to ship Pidge with the male paladins since in the past they were male and didn't know if it would be, god forbid, gay; and absolutely ALL the ships were het, and when someone suggested klance they straight out laughed.

middle aged cishet people are the bane of my existence, i can’t wait for klance to be canon so they can all die of shock

BTS Highlight Reel

I think the highlight reel gave us more answers than I originally thought.

I don’t think there is a perfect chain of events, or a perfect timeline to be unraveled, Just a message to be conveyed, which Jin tells us in the highlight reel.

Jin cracked the code.

It’s simple really, what the story is.

“Youth” has always explicitly been their theme. Since debut, they have been an advocate for young people.

Their story is just young boys going through life, growing up.

Jin is the narrater of this story, fitting, as he is often seen taking pictures and observing the others.

“Some moments become more vivd with the passage of time. Many encounters and farewells existed for this moment.  A moment that made me believe no matter which alley, which crossroad, it’ll lead to this place in the end.”

They have fun, party, spend time as friends. They’re excited to be young people living in this world. They create memories together and make each other smile.

“The sound of cicadas that chirred like showers ends in an instant . In the abrupt silence, I realize just how beautiful the world is. Just the fact that you are in it makes all the difference. Even if all these memories are just a lie, I still want to remain here.”

But then something changes.

“Why is it that the happiest moments suddenly usher in great fear?”

Just how the young people they portray have fun, they also make mistakes, and deal with pain. Sometimes it’s external, like getting beaten or hit by a car. sometimes it’s taking pills, smoking, or jumping into the ocean to forget about your internal struggles. Most times it’s a mixture of both.

“Looking back, I allready knew it. that underneath the sparkling world before my eyes lay my deception. That everything was a dream to be crumbled away with a breath of wind. I turned away, eluded, closed my eyes, scared of not being loved for who I am”

Because of these hardships they, we, the youth, do things that hurt ourselves and other people, often leaving us with regrets.

But in the end can we really go back in time and fix our mistakes?

“If we can rewind time, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can we correct all the errors and mistakes, and can we then become then become happy?”

We see Jin, at the end of the highlight reel, catch the vase of flowers before it falls, symbolizing that he traveled back in time.

But did he really save everyone? He doesn’t look happy, he looks depressed, that despite his best efforts he didn’t fix anything. If you go back and read Jin’s narration, it sounds as if he knew all along that his attempts wouldn’t give him the results he wanted.

He tries to go back, to relive happy times and keep everything from falling apart.

Except it doesn’t work.

Because we can’t go back in time.

“There are places that can’t be reached no matter how many seasons repeat…

The only solution is to love yourself.

…In the end, what we have to face is breaking through yet another storm. Loving without fear. hesitancy and parting. Living as who I am”

Many people have said the the so called “conclusion” didn’t clear anything up, While I think there is more to be seen of the story, the over arching theme has come to a conclusion. The boys have spent their whole careers showing the struggles of youth today, growing up along side their audience and maturing with their music. This new era begins the next chapter of their story, in which they grow to love themselves, live as who they are, and help others do the same. 

I hate the idea of religion. People judge others and claim to put their whole faith into what they believe. If they truly believed in heaven, hell, and god, then why are they still alive? If someone truly had faith that they would go somewhere beautiful after death, why don’t they kill themselves? 95% of the worlds population is religious. We also have over population. Prime time my so called, true believers.
—  Coral-vellichor