and then one of them kisses the other's brow

so i was thinking how much people seemed to overlook Lance listening to music in season 1 may or may not be because i always do the same and then this popped out. This takes place sometime during season two. (WC: 1208)

Keith lays down in bed, curling himself against Lance’s side, who is putting on Pidge’s headphones. He breathes in, relishing in the scent of pure Lance

They’re in “Lance’s” room, but in all honesty, it’s both of theirs. Their clothes are both here, they both sleep here, they both brush their teeth and shower here. It’s theirs, and that little word change has never made his heart flutter so often.

But there’s only one thing that Keith is really thinking about. The one thing he always thinks about before they go to bed.

“Hey, Lance?” says Keith, wrapping an arm around Lance’s bare waist.

Lance pauses mid-motion. “Yeah?”

“Why do you always wear those in bed?” asks Keith. He lifts his head, resting his chin on Lance’s chest to face him.

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Mine | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: ass grabbing idk

prompt: “grab her ass in front of guys that want her, and grab her ass in front of girls that want you.”

a/n: i’m a sucker for over-protective theo.

Dating wasn’t easy, Dating Theo Raeken was a full on suicide mission. But no matter how hard it seemed, It would always be worth it; For the both of you.

You and Theo started dating a couple months after he came to Beacon Hills, Even though you were a beta in Scotts pack and surprisingly even after all the terrible things he did to your pack you saw the man in the monster, You accepted him and his flaws; And that’s exactly what made Theo fall oh-so deep in love with you. But when you started dating, Even though Theo is a big fan of PDA and not to mention one hell of a jealous wolfie, You two kept your relationship low-key.

This may have caused a couple of problems, Considering your boyfriend basically has a group of fangirls constantly by his side you may have been caught jealous a few times. But I mean, Who could blame them? Your boyfriend has one hell of a body; But then again, It’s your boyfriend.

And let’s be honest here, Theo was basically always jealous and not to mention over protective over you when it comes to other guys. Any time he saw a guy coming up to you, And especially if he was flirting with you, He would always walk up next to you and pull you into a passionate kiss showing everyone who you belong too.

Today was not exceptional for you two.

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Returning the Favor

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: The next morning (after the events of “Beard Burn”), Steve’s girlfriend returns the favor ;)))

A/N: this is intended as the sequel to Beard Burn! Yay! Look i finished something that i promised i would do! Thanks again all you beautiful people for getting “Beard Burn” over 1k notes.  That’s crazy,,,

Warnings: all smut, some fluff.  oral sex (mr), language

Words: 2260

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @trade-baby-blues @yourtropegirl @lipstickandwhiskey @captainumeboshi @emily-james-barnes

also: @bkwrm523 you seemed excited about this ;)

and @daughterofthebrowncoats i dk i just tag you in everything and this is blowjobs ;)

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(I should have used this gif for the first one dammit)

The next morning, you wake before Steve, eyes fluttering open against the annoying morning sun; you’d forgotten to close the blinds last night.  You groan and roll over onto your back, hitting Steve, who immediately wraps an arm around your stomach.  You glance up at him, expecting to find him awake, but he’s still fast asleep on his side, one arm bunched under his pillow, the other now lazily thrown across your stomach.  You smile and reach a hand up to run through his beard.  He looked so cute like this, his mouth open, lightly snoring, eyes squeezed shut against the sun.

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Cheeky || Kisses Series

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff

Word Count: 1700+

Summary: Love has many different ways of expressing itself. One form, is the different ways you share a kiss. 

A/N: FINALS ARE OVER! YESSS! Now I get my two weeks of summer vacation and then I go back to do more school. *sobs in a corner* I’ll be okay though… Maybe… Hopefully. Any who, I’m going to start another small  seven part series with Steve. This is the first installment of the Kisses Series. I’m so excited for this! I hope you guys enjoy!

The gif is not mine. Credit to the wonderful owner.

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Cheeky | Hesitant | Wake up | Sloppy | In the Moment | Distracted | Breathtaking

Steve never really believed in love at first sight. Of course, he knew had felt something towards Peggy, but he wasn’t sure he would exactly label it as love at first sight. She was the first woman he ever felt anything other than platonic feelings towards, the first woman he could see having a future with. He knew she thought the same, but the war gave them little time to see what was behind their mutual attraction. Peggy was a memory from a familiar time he longed for once again. She was a person he would always care for, he would never forget her. Steve’s idea of love at first sight being positively ridiculous changed the moment when Y/N stepped into his life. 

When he met Y/N it was as if the world came to a screeching halt, freezing around the woman that stood at the other end of the corridor. She was wrapped up in a conversation with Tony, animatedly waving her hands about as she talked with the man. She was bubbling with excitement, her smile lighting up the corridor. Tony found her charming as he nodded along with whatever it was she was explaining, gently steering her down the hall. When he caught Steve from the corner of his eye, Tony nudged the woman over to Steve’s side.

Y/N went quiet at the sight of Steve before her, her voice catching in her throat. The two stared at the other, a feeling of warmth growing in each of their stomachs as they gazed into their eyes. Tony teased her, saying if he’d known introducing her to Steve would have shut her up quicker, he would have done it sooner. Steve watched in amusement while Y/N turned to chase down Tony as he bolted to the other end of the hall.

“You jackass! Get back here and fight me like a man!”

Since that day, she hardly ever left Steve’s side. She was quite open with her emotions, and was always in someone way brushing against him and the others. She was quickly known for giving hugs to everyone as often as she could, even if they weren’t too fond of the idea at first. 

Both Sam and Tony knew Y/N before joining the Avengers, so neither of them fought off her frequent bone crushing hugs. Sam would make a show of protest, but he never refused her. Natasha and Clint were the first to welcome her touchy demeanor, sometimes latching on to the smaller woman when they desperately needed it. She worked the two of them up to tighter hugs, knowing that both were rather cautious of her motives despite giving in so easily. Wanda was hesitant at first, but quickly gave in after realizing Y/N was only making sure that Wanda knew was cared for. She gave Wanda looser hugs, making sure to rub small circles on Wanda’s back in a way of reassurance.

When it came to Bucky, he was the only one she was careful with. Y/N didn’t want to trigger any of his memories by accidentally catching him off guard and would always ask him if it was okay. At first, Bucky refused. It took a few weeks, but the jealousy of the others getting her soothing hugs over ruled his previous discomfort. Y/N would come up to his right side to wrap her arms around his waist and he would hug her back with his flesh arm. Eventually, she would get him to hug her with his metal arm, but it was a work in progress. She made sure Bucky was reassured the most after he agreed, and Steve noticed the change for the better in his best friend because of it.

“I don’t know what it is about her. She’s just so comforting to be around.” Bucky explained one morning during a training session. “It’s like I have a sister again, she’s always dotting over me. It’s been so long since someone willingly held me the way she does.”

With Steve, Y/N never gave him a chance to refuse. Not that he was ever going to back away from her touch. He would be sitting on the couch watching TV with the others and she would come into the room, honing in on him immediately. If there wasn’t room on the couch, she’d make room and slip her arms around his waist, pressing herself against his side. The first time she had done this, Steve had no idea how to react. His heart had begun to pound in his chest, his cheeks hot from the blush that spread down his face and neck. Y/N was so close, he could smell her perfume, could count the number of lashes she had as she sat watching the television. When she didn’t move, or even acknowledged his shock, Steve forced himself to relax. Half way through the show, he unconsciously wrapped an arm around her and pulled her closer, as if it was a usual thing for the two of them.

After the first night, it quickly did become normal. Any chance she would get, Y/N would wrap her arms around his waist and pull him into a hug. His favorite would always be when his back was to her and she would slip behind him, pressing her face against his back between his shoulder blades. It never failed to bring a smile to his face, his heart fluttering at the action. Steve didn’t miss how he was the only she would do this to either.

“You know, you’re the only one she’s willing to hug that way, right?” Natasha teased one evening. The two of them stood at the bar during one of Tony’s party, watching the woman in question laugh as she was swung around by Thor on the dance floor. The two of them got along famously, their boisterous attitudes eerily similar. Steve ignored Natasha, grinning smugly into his glass of beer. He was more than aware, and his stomach would always flip when she gave him the special hugs reserved just for him.

Steve and the others quickly fell into a rhythm when it came to Y/N. Any time they would return from a mission, Y/N would be there with a worried smile and wide-open arms. She would go down the line, making sure that everyone was okay, occasionally bickering with them if they were injured.

“I’ve told you to quit head-butting people, Nat.” Natasha just roll her eyes at Y/N and limped towards the medical bay. The others received similar levels of scolding, but not before leaving with a hug that they all used as a drive to come home to. Steve had always planned it to where he would be last, hanging back behind the others so he could spend more time with Y/N.

Y/N turned at the super soldier, looking him over before flinging her arms around his neck. She hated it when he left the compound, she hardly ever got any sleep when any of the other left for missions, but with Steve she never did sleep. The man had a special place in her heart, and every time he left, he would take the pieces with him. The hugs they shared in the hanger were different than the hug the others got. It was a hug that grounded the two of them, soothed their fears that they wouldn’t return to the other. Steve held her tightly, standing tall so that her feet would hang in the air and she was forced to grip him ever tighter. No words were needed, just the two of them listening to the beats of their hearts.

The worst was letting go, but both knew they had things to do besides standing in the hanger gripping the other. Steve slowly lowered her to the ground, letting her slip from his grip. At first, Y/N didn’t let go, burring her face into his neck. Reluctantly she let him go, her hand slipping up to cup his cheek. Y/N wasn’t sure what had possessed her to do what she did next. Before Steve could stand tall, Y/N turned her face to brush a gently kiss against his cheek.

Steve froze when he felt her soft lips brush against his cheek, his breath catching in his throat. Y/N had never gone to this level of affection before, and once again he wasn’t certain how to take it. It only took his brain a moment to process that he rather enjoyed the gentle gesture. He smiled widely at Y/N, who looked incredibly unsure of herself for the decision to bite the bullet. Pressing a kiss against her forehead, he thanked her for being the rock he needed. His reward was a beaming smile and another firmer kiss on the opposite cheek.

“Anything for you, soldier.”

Since that day, Y/N would always press a kiss against his cheek after a hug, or between his shoulder blades when she would wrap herself around him from behind. The others raised their brows at the two of them at first, especially when Steve began to mimic her motions. But no one spoke of what they witnessed, none of the members missing how much more at ease Y/N and Steve were together. They knew the two of them had feelings for the other, and it was only a matter of time before they acted on them.

“20 bucks, they’ll get together at the end of the month.” Bucky spoke as he sat watching his best friend and the woman he was quickly seeing as a sister share a longing look between themselves from across the room. Sam snorted, stuffing a chip into his mouth. He too was watching the disgustingly cute display in front of him.

“They’ll get together at the end of the week at this rate.”

“I know Steve. He’s too nervous to step it up right now. End of the month.”

Sam turned to stare at Bucky, narrowing his eyes at the brunette. Sam knew Bucky was right, but there were ways to help push Steve in the right direction. Sam stood and smirked down at Bucky.

“Not if I can help it.” Bucky blinked up at Sam, who started to turn and head over to Y/N. It took a second for Bucky to realize what Sam was getting at. Once it registered, Bucky shot up and took after Sam.

“Hold up!”

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R: Their s/o bites their ear playfully.

Requested by anonymous: 

Bts reaction to there GF bite there ear playfully :) 💞😂

A/N: I’m sorry I feel like I’ve answered this one in a rush but I hope you’ll still enjoy!


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Soooo :D after you all requested it (about 3 ppl did - but just let me exaggerate in peace) here is part 3 of Isak and Even doing trust excercises <3 
it starts up right where part 2 ended so if you want to read those first: Part 1 / Part 2 

When they stepped back from each other Isak looked over to Magnus and Vilde. Vilde had a frown on her face that changed into a too bright smile when she caught his gaze. Magnus looked a bit deflated when he saw how close Isak and Even had been. The other two had stopped close in front of each other when both decided this was as close as was comfortable, but there was still a hand length between their bodies.

They had been pretty happy with themselves (especially when most of the other couples had stopped a meter or further away from each other) until their eyes landed on Isak and Even. Who were obviously trying to morph into each other to be closer, toes stacked, noses pressed against each other, touching from chests to knees.

Even shot Mags an encouraging smile as the woman – maybe Lille? – announced the next test.

“Everyone, take one of these scarfs,” she said as she went around and handed each couple one of the colorful fabrics.

“I want the light blue one,” Even stage whispered to Isak who rolled his eyes with pure fondness.

“You’re a child, Even.” But nevertheless he hurried over to where the women was and plucked the light blue one from her arm (this got him a rewarding cheek kiss).

“Blindfold your partner and take your place behind them,” came the instruction. Even raised his brows at Isak and grinned.

“So, nothing new there,” he said as he turned his back to Isak who snorted at his words.

Magnus gave a high pitched “What?” at that which got ignored by the other three.

The next exercise was to guide your partner just with your voice through an obstacle course that the woman – Laura? God, he knew it had been something with L – placed on the ground in front of them.

While the woman talked on about how important it was to completely trust your partner for this Isak rested his hands on Even’s hips and his chin on Even’s shoulder. Even leaned into him a bit and tugged on one of Isak’s hands. He understood the gesture and wrapped his arms around Even’s middle.

When it was time to start Isak placed a quick kiss to the shoulder his chin had been resting on and untangled his arms from around him.

“Ok, go one step forward. For the record, we are talking about normal human-sized steps.” Even laughed and took a relatively moderate step forward.

“Don’t do any of your long spider steps.” This got Isak an offended scoff.

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Silence Speaks

Summary: Another quiet, sweet moment between these two beans during their travels. Blank period.

A/N: Clearly I have an obsession with the subtle, fleeting moments between these two. But I think it’s in these moments that their relationship progresses the most. I wrote this in like 10 min so it’s super short but I have finals coming up in the next two weeks and this scene came to me out of no where so there’s really no context just a bunch of fluff. Let me know what you guys think, hopefully my writing is starting to improve a teeny bit!!

Sakura finishes her examination of his eyes with no new prognosis. This was good news, as it meant that Sasuke’s eyesight continued to remain stable.

They had fell into a certain comfort with one another since their travels together began to stretch into long months. As was such, the nature of this specific examination meant that she had to be close to him, and he felt no discomfort at that. He sits with his back against a wall, one knee bent and the other leg laying straight at a slight angle, allowing her room between them to be close enough in front of him to conduct her examination. He notices now that she is quiet, lingering there in her spot before him.

She takes advantage of the moment, of their close proximity to one another. They didn’t have many, so she took the opportunities when they came. Intertwining her fingers with his she begins to place soft, sweet kisses on his face. His nose, his brow, his cheek, his chin, his jaw, the corner of his lips. At first she is hesitant, unsure of whether he’d push her away, whether he’d resist her innocent gestures, be overwhelmed by her presence, by her love.

He stays still, relaxed, watching her. However, when she puts her hand on his neck, she can feel that his pulse has quickened. Pausing her actions to search his eyes for signs of anxiety or discomfort, she finds that although he seems content, she is unable to read him. She presses her lips to his forehead softly, hoping that her thoughts and emotions can be conveyed to him in this small and simple way. She loves him with her whole being. She’d give, do, be anything for him. She was his and always would be, whether he decided to take her or not.

It’s like he can feel her love emanating from her body, warming the places where her skin touched his. The texture of their calloused hands pressed together, her knee accidentally brushing against his inner thigh, her fingers toying with the hair at the nape of his neck, the soft skin of her lips leaving warm traces of her over the contours and angles of his face. With each kiss, he feels as though she imparts a small piece of her own soul to him, pressing to him the feelings that cannot be manifested into words. She loves him, deeply. He can undoubtedly confirm this, and that makes his heart begin to pace faster.

What had he done to deserve a love so pure, so selfless? In all of the things he saw her do, Sakura gave a piece of herself. Feeling that intention was an entirely different, and new, experience. She had endless love, and she was willing, no, wanting to pour it into him. All he had to do was accept.

She pulls back from the forehead kiss, looking into his gaze once more, searching his mismatched eyes for her answer. He tightens his grip on her hand, deciding that he would accept her feelings, that he’d do anything to protect those feelings, that he would nurture his own feelings for her and allow them to continue to grow. He would return her intentions, because he was grateful to her for never giving up on him. He would take her as she was, because there was no other way he’d have her. He’d protect that innocence and purity in her character. He was determined to make her happy, the way she had just made him.

He makes the connection, realizing that this is the reason behind his elevated heart rate. It seems as though Sakura reaches the same conclusion moments later, as she begins to smile at him. Try as he might to suppress it, this silent affirmation between them brings a faint blush to his cheeks, and he has to resist the urge to turn away from her. He’d had moments of vulnerability in front of her, but none of this magnitude.

She pulls gently away from his hold on her hand, replacing both hands on his cheeks. His hand naturally finds its way to the small of her back, his pull on her as undeniable as gravity. Rubbing her thumb across his skin lovingly, her face is brought closer to his. Her lips hover in front of his momentarily before he closes the space between them.

She was his, that much was true. She’d learn in time that he was also unquestionably hers.

danerdyturtle  asked:

"I said I love you" for Yuuri and Victor

I hope you wanted an entire 5+1 because… it is an entire 5+1. This one has all the feels… If you wanted a funny one, let me know and I will write another for you!

Canon, In Series just like Quiet Moments Make Us Who We Are

Five Word Prompts – Yup still send them and distract me!


The first time it happens, Victor is standing on the ice watching Yuuri quietly work through the step sequence for the Eros routine. Yuuri’s head is bowed toward the ice, his hands are fluttering next to his body and his movements are subtle as he thinks through whatever is bouncing in his head. Victor is drawn to the way Yuuri looks, the concentrated focus of Yuuri’s eyes paired with the dream-soft actions make up the beautiful contrast of Yuuri Katsuki.

He can’t help it. Yuuri is a constant source of gravitational pull and Victor never has the strength to resist. Gliding next to his skater, Victor reaches out and touches Yuuri’s shoulder. When the smiling brown eyes peer up at him, Victor’s feels his heart skip a beat. Yuuri says something with a blush that Victor can’t hear through the sudden influx of heartbeat drums in his ears

The words are muffled against the gloved fingers Yuuri is drumming against his own lips as he says them again and Victor blinks. “What?” he asks, confused smile on his face.

“Nothing,” Yuuri sighs as he hits play on the remote and slaps it back into Victor’s hand. As the whirl of action begins in front of him, Victor is already forgetting about it.


The crowd was roaring around them. It had been a spur of the moment decision, made as Victor had run toward the opening of the rink. Yuuri had attempted to quad flip, Victor’s heart had quad flipped in his chest, and now all he wanted to do was kiss the hell out of his boyfriend.

He took a single breath, resting on the barrier wall as he heard Yuuri call his name. Bringing his head up, Victor smiled seeing the elation on Yuuri’s face. Then he was leaping, tackling Yuuri onto the ice as Victor tried to protect Yuuri’s head and kiss Yuuri’s lips at the same time. Yuuri tasted of Victor’s chapstick and a hint of salt. It was a taste Victor loved and craved at every moment. Pulling back they exchanged brief words smiling at each other as if no one else existed. In that moment, it was only them, pressed flat on the ice, two hearts beating in syncopated rhythm.

A small skater appeared above them, her grin accompanied with a slight blush to her cheeks. Laughing, Victor stood and carefully pulled Yuuri to his skate-covered feet. Hips banging together, they clumsily made their way off the ice and toward the kiss and cry. Brows coming together, Victor looked down at Yuuri’s smiling face. “Did you say something?” Victor swore he had Yuuri’s voice, but the crowd was still a deafening force around them.

“It’s…” Yuuri trailed off, cheeks becoming scarlet as he shook his head, “thank you.” He finished, wrapping his fingers around Victor’s as they sat down on the bench.


If there was a more stubborn person than Yuuri Katsuki, Victor hadn’t met them. Planting two feet on the ground, Victor wrapped his hands around the comforter on the bed and dragged his skater onto the floor. With a thud, Yuuri hit the ground. Hushed curse words hissed out while Yuuri yanked the blankets from Victor, rolling into the infamous Yuurito.

“Practice, Yuuri,” Victor huffed, his bangs fluttering over his forehead as he bent down over the snuggled lump. “Yuuri, get up, seriously…” Flopping on the ground in defeat, Victor poked Yuuri’s side with his foot. “Honestly…”

Before the rest of Victor’s speech about determination to win and perseverance could tumble from his mouth, he was engulfed by blankets. Yuuri’s warm arms pulled Victor into a cuddle pile on the floor, nuzzling against Victor’s neck with a whisper of words tickling Victor’s collarbone. “Yuuri…” Victor whined, not hearing what was said but giving into his frustrating and adorable boyfriend nonetheless.


The light was filled with glinting gold, reflecting the hints of the same color in Yuuri’s watering eyes. Despite the choir and the ringing bells, Victor felt the world narrow to the two of them, breath catching as Yuuri pulled the glove from Victor’s hand.

Beautiful words, ones that Victor would remember for the rest of his life passed between them. His chest was so full of love, Victor swore Yuuri’s heart had joined his own inside of him. Victor pulled Yuuri into him, holding his favorite person and now his fiancé against him in a silent thank you for everything. When Yuuri looked up, Victor let a single tear slide as the choir began to sing and Yuuri’s lips moved with barely audible sound. Understanding without hearing, Victor leaned down to kiss his love.


Barcelona was filled with thunderous applause as Yuuri struck his final pose in the middle of the ice. He was beautiful and perfect, and Victor wanted to scream about it to anyone who would listen. That was his skater and his fiancé who had skated the most incredible routine and Victor was ready for another Cup of China kiss.

He saw Yuuri hesitate though. Victor noted how Yuuri looked at him, pausing briefly before skating off the ice and into Victor’s arms.

It was their discussion the night before, one that had lasted far too late without finding a resolution that was still between them now. Victor wanted that wall gone, and as soon as Yuuri’s score was announced, he swung the verbal sledge hammer.

Watching Yuuri skate, Victor’s decision had crept in, settling at the front of his mind and tap dancing there until it could escape into Yuuri’s ears. The flush of Yuuri’s cheeks and the bright smile, told Victor his decision was the right one. As Yuuri tucked his chin onto Victor’s shoulder, Victor heard the rush of Japanese words against his ear. He wanted to know what Yuuri was saying, but instantly they were surrounded by reporters and he never got the chance to ask.

Plus 1

The hallway was dim as Victor stood leaning against the wall. Nerves were not usually a part of his routine before skating, but this program was going to be different. He smiled down at his costume knowing that Yuuri would appear any moment in the blue version.

It had been Victor’s idea, a mind bee buzzing rapidly in his brain as he had waited for Yuuri to return to Japan. Recalling the night in the ice rink, when Victor had first showed Yuuri the bones of the program, a warm feeling flooded his body. He couldn’t wait to see Yuuri now, and regretted his idea about getting dressed in separate parts of the locker room.

“How do I look?”

Victor pushed from the wall. Yuuri looked like a prince in his blue costume with his hair slicked back and his playful smirk pulling at his lips. “Stunning, my love.” Victor closed the distance and pressed his lips to Yuuri’s.

“Victor…” Yuuri pulled back, lacing their fingers together and pulling Victor toward the opening to the rink, “we are going to be late.”

Yuuri was right, but Victor couldn’t resist yanking him back again for one more kiss. Parting with a laugh, their hands stayed intertwined as they took their place at the barrier.

The announcer signaled it was time for Yuuri to take his place. Releasing Victor’s hand, Yuuri skated onto the ice. Before Victor could internally lament about missing his fiancé, Yuuri was racing back towards him. Victor let himself be tugged into Yuuri, the barrier wall uncomfortably smashed between them. Yuuri was saying words in his ear that Victor couldn’t hear and then pulling away to race back to the middle of the ice.

“YUURI!” Victor called, feeling the insatiable need to know exactly what Yuuri had said. “What did you-”

“I said I LOVE YOU!” Yuuri yelled, winking as he set himself in his starting position.

At his place on the side, Victor felt his heart flipping as the tears stung his eyes. The nerves disappeared in a cloud of hearts, and suddenly, Victor couldn’t wait to get on the ice with his Yuuri.

“Admit it!” - Thomas Doherty - Disney´s Descendants Cast

Originally posted by kevinkeller

(gif isn´t mine. Credit to owner) 

request:   Could you do a Thomas Doherty imagine where him and the Reader worked on a project together in the past and he started to develop a crush on her so on the set of Descendants 2 the rest of the cast is trying to get them together. I love your work so much 💕💕

requested by: anon
A/N: A sweet idea! It was hard to write this one. I hope, you guys enjoy.  
summary:  Afraid of being turned down, the co-stars are taking the destiny of two lovebirds in their own hand. 
warnings: cursing 
wordcount: 495

tagging: @nachorebelion

fandoms I write for



“You really need to talk to her, Thomas!” He shook his head. What if she doesn´t like him the way he did? What about their friendship? How would it affect his work? What would happen, if they came a couple? What about the press? And many other questions raced through Thomas´ mind, when he looked at her. His friends weren´t the perfect help.

The guys groaned annoyed and left. Thomas didn´t know why, but just accepted it. His friends called him a chicken. Maybe he was. Maybe he was not ready to admit his feelings. He sighed and walked to the make-up trailer, to get ready for his character.

 At the same time, Y/N stood together with her female co-workers and talked. “Admit it!” China shouted and threw her arms up in the air. The young girl shook her head. “I can´t. What when he…” Dove rolled her eyes. “Stop being a chicken. Trust us.” Y/N wasn´t sure, if she could. Questions raced through her mind. “But.” “No buts, sweetie.” Sofia said and patted her shoulder. The girls decided to let Y/N on her own. The young actress sighed and made her own way to the trailer, where her make-up should be done.

 Thomas heard familiar footsteps and his heart stopped for a moment. “Hey Thomas.” Her voice sounded like soft violins in his ears. He had lost his words. A blush creeped on his face. He lifted his hand and smiled slightly. She giggled. She took seat on the chair beside him and the make-up artist began to make their job.

 Meanwhile their co-stars and friends made up a plan. “Does somebody know, how we can steal Thomas phone?” Dove asked and looked around in the small group. “I don´t want to steal his phone.” Dylan stated. “What about, two of us, each one girl and one boy, says to Y/N and Thomas, that the other needs help at the ship?” Of course, BooBoo always came up with the best ideas.

 “Thomas!” Cameron called. The Scottish young man stooped on his track and waved. “What´s wrong mate?” “Y/N. She needs your help.” He quirked an eyebrow. “Why…” Before he could ask, he was cut off. “She has lost her phone and really needs your help.” Thomas nodded. “And where?” “The ship.” Thomas stormed off.

 He arrived. But he didn´t saw any Y/N. “Y/N?” “Here you are, Thomas!” She appeared right behind him. “So, you need help?” He furrowed his brows. “I thought you needed help.” They started to put one and one together.

 They sat beside each other and looked at the green screen in front of them. “I like you.” Those words just came out of his mouth. “Like, like-like. You know?” She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder, pressing a light kiss on his jaw. “I like-like you too.” She laughed. A soft laugh escaped from both. They were grateful, that their friends made this plan to get them together.

dragonfantasy90  asked:

Can you do number 7 with ladynoir. Angsty like it's snowing and ladybug can't take it. Reveal of you can ^_^ thank you

Number 7 is “almost lost you”.  This is also my entry for LadyNoir July Day 20: Stay (a little longer)  Enjoy!!

Chat Noir clutched his partner to his chest, panicking at the sight of her blue lips and alarmingly pale skin.  “Come on LB, stay with me!”

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she snuggled tighter against his chest.  “Warm.  Want to sleep.”

Chat’s eyes widened in alarm.  He was no doctor, but he knew it was bad when someone was freezing, but started feeling warm.  “Oh, no. You can’t sleep, Ladybug!  I need you to stay awake!  Stay with me, just a little longer!”

“Can’t.  Want to sleep.”

Shit.  Shit shit shit!  What could he do?  Take her back to his house?  Or maybe, to Marinette’s?  He knew she would help, and could be trusted.  He looked around frantically, trying to get his bearings, and stood with her over his shoulder, his staff extended.  

“Chat Noir!  Chat Noir, wait!”

He turned, and saw Alya and Nino racing up to him, their faces drawn with worry, and their teeth chattering in the cold.  

“Take her—to my house,” she panted, hands braced on her bent knees.  “It’s close.”

He regarded her uncertainly.  He loved Alya, but he wasn’t sure he could trust the Ladyblogger to keep her journalist’s nose out of things she didn’t need to know.

“Dude, I know your identities are important and all, but her lips are blue.  She took a direct hit, right?”  Chat grimaced, and nodded.

“Come on, you have to get her warm, and that akuma isn’t going to stay unconscious long.  Please let us help.”

Chat hesitated a moment longer, weighing the earnest expressions on his friends’ faces, and shifted her in his arms so that he was cradling her, bridal style.  “Alright.  Yes, thank you.  Where are we going?”

“Just here, come on!”

Chat Noir followed the pair around the corner, and up the stairs into an apartment building only halfway up the block.  Alya hadn’t been kidding; it was close.

“Almost there, my lady.  Hang on.”  

A quiet moan was her only response.

Alya led the way up to her apartment, and threw open the door for him to precede her.  “Go into the bathroom, second door on the left, and get the hot water going in the shower.  It’ll warm up the room while you get her undressed.  Don’t put her into the water!”

His heart pounding, he strode past the wide-eyed faces of Alya’s family and into the bathroom without pause; someone closed the door behind him.  He dropped her legs to free a hand, and turned on the hot water.  It was so, so tempting to hold her under the rapidly warming stream of water, but he knew even without Alya’s warning not to do that.  Still holding her, he dismissed his transformation, and began rubbing at her arms.  

“Plagg, can you communicate with her kwami?  Get her to drop the transformation?  I need to get her out of the wet things, and—”

There was a flash of pink light, and suddenly it was a pajama-clad Marinette groaning in his arms, with unnaturally pale skin and blue lips. Something tiny and red fell from her earrings, and Plagg flew to catch the little red Kwami.

Adrien felt his heart stutter.  “Oh, God.”

“Don’t just stand there, kid!”  Plagg shoved tiny paws against his cheek, the red kwami floating just behind him.  “She needs you!”

Adrien shook himself, and with trembling hands, he stripped the flannel pants from her legs and tossed them with a wet plop into the sink.  At her top, he hesitated, recognizing that she was definitely not wearing a bra beneath it.

Her kwami tugged weakly at his hand.  “Adrien, this is no time to be worrying about modesty!  Please, hurry!”

“Pretend she’s just one of your father’s models—this isn’t anything you haven’t seen before!  Get on with it!”

Adrien nodded and fumbled with the buttons a bit before giving up and simply tugging the two sides apart, sending the little buttons flying.  Then he peeled the shirt from her body, while trying to keep his eyes focused on anything but her nakedness.  When the shirt had joined her pants in the sink, began trying to work off his own clothing without releasing her, knowing that his body heat would help to warm her up. He was shoving his sodden jeans down one handed when there was a knock at the bathroom door.  

“Chat Noir?  There are big fluffy towels in the linen closet next to the sink. Once you get rid of her wet clothes, wrap her up!  My mom is heating up some soup, to warm you guys from the inside, too.”

He nodded gratefully, though she couldn’t see it.  “Thank you!” He called through the door, kicking the wet denim from his feet.  “I can’t tell you how much—”

“Hey, don’t worry about it.  With all you do for Paris, it is literally the least we could do, to offer help when you need it.”

He braced her against the wall and pulled off his tshirt, then dumped it into the sink with her things.  Then he pulled her back to his chest so that they were clammy skin to clammy skin, and moved to the closet Alya had mentioned.  He opened it to find a whole stack of the big, oversized bath sheets similar to the ones in his own bathroom.  “Perfect,” he breathed, tugging one from the top of the stack.  He wrapped it around their shoulders, pressing her close to his body to share his warmth.   Later, he would relish the memory of her bare body pressed flush against his own, but for now, he was too preoccupied with worry to be anything more than dimly aware of anything else.

She groaned, shivering again, and he looked down to see that she wore a pained expression.  He grimaced at her discomfort, but also felt relieved—it meant she was warming up.  He held the towel around them with one hand, and used the other to vigorously rub her back beneath it.  “I’m so sorry, my lady.  I know that it’s uncomfortable now, but we’ll get you warmed up and then you’ll be all right.”

She groaned again, and he pressed a kiss to her still cold brow.

“I almost lost you,” he whispered.  “Next time, my lady, just let me take the hit.”

She lifted her head from his shoulder, and did her best to glare at him.  “No,” she said simply, and dropped her head back down to rest against him.  “Remind me to freak out about our identities later,” she mumbled through her chattering teeth, as her arms snaked around his waist.

He grinned.  “There she is,” he said happily, squeezing her.

The Big Visit

Hey everyone! This is a really fluffy piece about meeting Chris’ parents. I decided to change perspective a little bit so it’s more ambiguous kinda reader x Chris. Please let me know if you prefer it rather than my OC’s because I might start doing more one-shots like this. If you’d like to be tagged let me know and happy reading!

Warnings: None, just fluff

You sat in the passenger seat, trying to keep your right leg from bouncing from your anxiety. It was the first time you’d been to Boston and it was about to be the first time you met Chris’ parents. He seemed to be buzzing from excitement, Dodger doing the same thing in the back but would nuzzle your ear every once in a while. You and Chris had been dating for over a year, but with your hectic schedules it was hard to find downtime to make the big visit.

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Protective Snakes (Hanzo x Pregnant! Reader)

Protective Snakes (Hanzo x Pregnant! Reader)

Waiting was the worst, especially with the condition you were in; pregnant. You were about five months along, your middle having grown out and were now starting to feel the kicks of the life you were staring with Hanzo.  Even though the archer was stoic and rather unemotional to anyone else, you knew he had a gentle heart in there and you managed to find it. The man had pierced your heart long before you got his after working with him getting to know him, and even saving each other a few times since the Recall was out into affect. With each other’s hearts, you managed to convince him to start a family, hoping this would help him forgive himself and give him the life he deserved with lots of love. Now only if your own heart wasn’t aching at the moment as he was out a mission, worrying that he would make it back save to you, to your child. Knowing he would be back sometime today, you were waiting in the main lounge of the reused headquarters, cozy on the couch as you pined for your love to come home safely.  Unknown to you though, the father of your child was looking for you, having looked in your shared room and else where, his feet silent as he soon spotted his love. With slow, quiet steps, he walked over to surprise you of his arrival.

“You seem to be doing well,” Hanzo mumbled,  the archer placing his hand on your shoulder.

“I wasn’t until you showed up,” surprised, you looked behind your shoulder to see that face you missed so much, “How are you?”

“I could say the same,” he pressed your forehead against yours, the closest he got to public displays of affection usually but since the beginning of your pregnancy, he had been doing a bit more but only when he was sure you two were alone. This was the case at the moment as he moved around the couch, taking a seat as he placed a hand on your bulge and rubbing it gently.

“Ha-anzo, what are yo-ou doing?” you asked him, a little embarrassed as your cheeks flustered deep red at the potential of someone seeing you two.

“I would like to say hello to our child,” Hanzo mumbled as he was going to lean in to kiss your belly but noticed a familiar blue glow coming from his arm. His two spirit dragons, currently in noodle form had manifested, curling up around your middle and starting to nip at Hanzo, who had currently jerked away. “What the-”

“I’m sorry, they seem to be protective of me,” you chuckled, the two protecting you like crazy since you first told Hanzo you were pregnant, “Much like their master.”

“They should learn to respect him as well,” Hanzo grumbled as he shot the two dragons a dirty look but he couldn’t be that mad. He was actually rather proud of them as he sat back in his seat, sighing to himself. “Yet Soba and Udon tend to follow their own path.”

The noodle dragons were curled up around your belly, rather warm and light and were occasionally moved out of place by a well placed kick from the fetus. Hanzo tried a few more time to touch his child for father-child bonding but the spirits were as protective as ever and the archer gave up after a while. At least he had you, wrapping his hand around yours and rubbing your fingers gently while your other was petting one of the noodles, Soba, you think.

With the jungle of spurs starting to get louder and louder, Hanzo let of your hand, much to your dismay, and crossed his arms as Jesse walked in, looking over your way with a smile on his face. “Well howdy, dar- oh, I see yer back,” his smile turned into a frown, noticing your man right there as he shrugged but walked closer.

“You’re surprised?” Hanzo asked him, rather defensive of you from him and from the look on the dragons’ faces, they would be too.

“I’ve ben hopin’ to visit yer lil’ varmint,” Jesse mumbled, trying to have a little fun with the idea of being an uncle, “An uncle’s gotta say howdy.”

“Only if it’s okay with you,” you sighed, knowing Jesse was a decent friend but Hanzo was your love and with the two not liking each other, tolerance was all up to Hanzo.

Hanzo paused for a moment, thinking as he looked at you, Jesse, and then at the dragons. A small smirk soon started to grow on his face as he actually nodded in agreement. “By all means.”

Jesse smirked as he was gonna be the best uncle before the kid was born, hoping to get a kick to them.

“Don’t mind if I- OWW!” Jesse had tried to move close but he didn’t even lay a hand on you as Soba nipped at his finger. Udon proceeded to hiss at Jesse, biting his other hand. It was only when Jesse got up and shook the pair off that the dragons let go, hissing and growling at they returned to their previous spots on and around their master’s child.

“Why I outta- control yer snakes!” Jesse grumbled as he rubbed his fingers, looking at the little bite marks on his hands and fingers. The glare he shot Hanzo could’ve probably killed him but he was relaxed the entire time.

“They do this by their own accord,” he stated, cool, calm, and collective on the outside but the light upward curve of the corners of his mouth stated he was proud of his spirit dragons, “You just have to respect them.”

“Maybe I’ll visit when the kid is born,” Jesse sighed, knowing he would have another option later when those serpents where under control or exterminated but much later than he wanted. With mumbled and grumbled under his breath, he left the room to have the bites checked by Angela and he wouldn’t die by such rascals.

You sighed, looking at all of them before you pinched your brow out of disgrace. “You’re too protective, all of you.”

The dragons whined, thinking they were doing the right thing as they tried to lick your hands and face to make it up to you. Meanwhile their master furrowed his brow, not liking to be chided like this but he nodded. “… but in a good way?”

“Of course,” you replied, knowing you couldn’t be mad your child’s father, kissing his cheek in return before asking one more thing out of all of them, “… but maybe back down a bit?”

Hanzo looked at the noodles, almost as if understanding each other in the silence as Hanzo replied for all of them with a cocky smile on his face.

“We can make no promises.”

~The next morning~

Jesse was not going to die, according to Angela, but he thought he would as he had gotten up in the morning, bites all wrapped and grouchy over it. “Might need a second opinion ‘bout these bites,” he mumbled as he was currently getting dressed, “Don’t want no rabies.”

When Jesse was finally getting his boots on, he had too much on his mind to notice his boot seemed a little too heavy and it was too late as he noticed a sharp pain to his toe. “DA-AMN!”

“What was that?” you hummed, hearing a loud and a bit of an effeminate scream echoing down the hall as Hanzo and you were currently eating breakfast with the rest of the Overwatch agents.  

“Seems he woke up to a surprise,” Hanzo mused, sipping at his tea nonchalantly, “Not of my doing, of course.”

His choice of words made you curious, then angry as you furrowed your brow at him. “What did you do?”

Hanzo only took another sip of tea while a small, wiggly blue glow crawling up his sleeve, retreating to it’s home before the archer answered you.

“In his wording, you could say he found a snake in his boot.”

Quiet As A Mouse {Park Jimin} ~Happy One Month!!~

Prompt: Can I request 15 but instead of the reader being told that it’s a sub!jimin 💕💕💕 thank you!! 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Word Count:

Warning: smut, 

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Title: Older Man

Code: LB0003

Requested by: @jez-zolnierz

Words: 1,281

Note: Cute cute cute idea! Thank you!

“…and that’s it.” You were shaking like a leaf in front of your boss. You had just finally confessed your feelings for him. The feelings you had been holding in for months. You were standing in his living room, pacing back and forth while he calmly relaxed on the couch. You sighed, “I don’t expect reciprocation, I just had to get it off of my chest.”

He looked at you. To your horror, he cracked a smile and let out a small chuckle.

Your brow furrowed. “What’s funny?”

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The Strands Between Us

Rating: E

Summary: Cassian loves it when Nesta plays with his hair. 

(Post-bonding; Post-ACOWAR.)  

A/N: I just love the fuck out of these two stubborn, headstrong idiots and I hope to hell that they get their own standalone novel where they do nothing but have lots of sex for like seven thousand pages. Until then, here’s some smut.


Read it on AO3 


His mate did a lot of things that drove him wild—things so lovely and wicked and sinful that just thinking about them whipped him up into a frenzy. But nothing brought him to his knees quicker than when he was at home by her side, at their hearth, her clever fingers running through his hair.

It was a near thoughtless gesture, something anyone would do for their mate. But Nesta was not just anyone. No, Nesta was a goddess of storms and steel made flesh. She would bend for nothing and no one, not even his High Lord.

But for him, she would. For him alone, she would lay down her walls and let him see her for what she truly was.

And Cassian would never, ever take that privilege lightly.

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growing up with your jedi uncle ben:  a list

Basically an extension of THIS POST.

a.  Luke Skywalker has spent his childhood going from planet to planet but Tatooine stands out because of the sand, the womp rats and the krayt dragons and the ten thousand other things that could kill and eat you…. except Luke has dealt with them all with a certain aplomb.

(They tend to end up in Tatooine when Uncle Ben basically runs out of ideas.  For some reason, the Empire never really thinks about coming here, but maybe that’s because if there was a bright spot in the galaxy, Tatooine would be the furthest from it.)

b.  Also, the best thing about Tatooine is Uncle Ben’s entertaining squeamishness over the giant, actually harmless, non-venomous spiders. 

(Uncle Ben would never let Luke keep one for a pet.)

c.  When Luke was very little, he remembered his mother watching over him, leaving him kisses on his forehead before he went to sleep.

(The touch of her fingers and her lips upon his brow were cold, cold, cold.)

He knows now that wasn’t a living person but he’s not frightened, not really, not when he could remember her beautiful brown eyes and how sad they looked.  It was only when he called her “Mama” that the sadness would lift away from them. 

d.  Luke has met other Jedi such as Kanan Jarrus.  But Uncle Ben has forbidden him from telling them his true name. 

“What they do not know will not be tormented out of them,” Uncle Ben tells him sadly. 

As far as Kanan knows, Luke is simply a creche infant that Ben must’ve rescued from the Temple during the purge and Ben is content to let him believe that.

e.  Aunt Snips and Uncle Rex know Luke’s true name though.  They are the ones who tell him most of the stories he knows about Luke’s father, a brave Jedi Knight and a hero of the fallen Republic. 

(Any mention of his father only makes Uncle Ben all the sadder.  Luke has learned not to ask any questions from him.  Or to mention his father at all.)

f.  Luke is not unintelligent, of course, and perhaps his father’s fate came at the hands of the infamous Darth Vader.  He’s never seen Vader, not up close and personal.  Uncle Ben has always made sure that Luke is safe

g.  Luke still has vivid memories of being four years old and being handed off to a young Cassian Andor for safety.  He remembers hiding with Cassian in some hidden nook, expressly built for that purpose.  He remembers being told to be good, to be quiet and to not look. 

Luke did look.  There was blaster fire and remembers seeing what was once a living, sentient being fall, all burnt and blasted before Cassian’s hand slid over his eyes.  Luke couldn’t see anymore but he could still hear the screaming.

He was good.  He was quiet.  He closed his eyes and listened to Cassian croon soothing, comforting nonsense.

h.  Luke doesn’t nurse an adolescent crush on Jyn Erso when he sees her again after so many years, this time in the company of the infamous Saw Gerrera.  She teaches him how to pick pockets and how to fight even dirtier than Cassian has ever taught him.

(Luke winces at some of the hand-to-hand tactics she knows.)

In turn, Luke teaches her some slicer tricks and they steal a ship to joyride in, much to Uncle Ben’s amusement and eternal exasperation. 

When Saw Gerrera abandons Jyn, she ends up with Luke and Ben for a good long while, before she strikes out on her own after rumors over the whereabouts of her father. 

i.  Jyn, of course, knows all about Luke’s hopeless crush on Cassian Andor. As well as the one on the beautiful Princess Leia Organa.  She doesn’t laugh at him at all for it, which Luke appreciates. 

j.  Chirrut Imwe tells Luke that the Jedi of the fallen Republic had forgotten the true Jedi Code and that perhaps, it contributed to their own destruction.  He chants it as a secondary prayer:

Emotion, yet Peace.
Ignorance, yet Knowledge.
Passion, yet Serenity.
Chaos, yet Harmony.
Death, yet the Force.

(Luke doesn’t understand the significance of this vs. the Code that Uncle Ben had always known until he undertakes his own Jedi training.  And then, finally, it made sense, when he learned the truth about his father and how he’d Fallen to the Dark Side.)

k.  Baze is solidly practical and is quite smug when Luke reveals an aptitude for blasters.  

l.  Truth be told, Luke always felt that Uncle Ben would’ve preferred him to stay out of the Rebellion altogether.  

These are our failures, young Luke.  I wish that you would never have the need to set those right, to leave that task to us instead.  I wish that you would find a better, more peaceful life.

But Luke couldn’t stand by and let his friends suffer.  He couldn’t stand by and let Uncle Ben fight alone. 

m.  So Luke steals that ship so he could go to Shariff and he arrives just in time to save the lives of all his friends, to fly away just as the Death Star blasted its own military base into stardust.  There are hugs for all his friends, a reverent salute to the pilot Bodhi Rook and of course, because things never work out perfectly, the ship takes damage from TIE Fighters chasing them.

n.  The rendezvous point with Princess Leia is the one that makes perfect sense, even if Luke teases his Uncle Ben that he’s all out of ideas again.  Luke sets course for Tatooine, now adopted as part of the now infamous Rogue One team. 

o.  While in hyperspace, Cassian grimly hands Luke the remains of K2SO.  Luke smiles at the man he once crushed on and tells him that K2 is not completely lost, that he can be repaired again. 

p.  On Tatooine, Luke will be forced to crash the ship after running into the same Star Destroyer attacking the Tantive IV.  There will be a new ship, a smuggler and his Wookiee, a moisture farmer and his wife to save and certain droids that must be found. 

Some things remain the same and some things do change. 

The saga continues, in that galaxy far, far away….

Note:  I shamelessly headcanon Tatooine as Space Australia and also because @determamfidd ‘s posts about ACTUAL EARTH AUSTRALIA never fail to make me chortle in glee. 

Jonas x Noora

So I saw a post that briefly mentioned a Jonas and Noora friendship, and it kind of sparked something in me. pt. 2

•We know Jonas has a lot of strong views on capitalism and Noora is a proud feminist. I could definitely see the two of them sharing passion for a variety of topics. For example when Jonas calls Isak out for pointing out that guy at the studio is gay. And how Noora had strong views on the role of violence in society. I think they are both pretty well-rounded in their opinions and knowledgeable about a variety of topics.

• Also the both of them are so put together. Definitely a power couple in the making.

•Jonas hasn’t had any serious relationships since 1st year, and Eva and Chris have something going on so I don’t see that relationship coming back. Noora and William are just a big ???

•They probably see eachother quite a bit, with Noora being Isak’s roommate and Jonas being his best friend. I can imagine one day Jonas comes over and Noora is reading or writing something on a topic Jonas has a joint interest in. They get into a bit of a heated conversation and both of them are lowkey shook to find someone else equally passionate about said topic(which ends up short-lived with the appearance of Isak).

•Maybe one day Jonas comes over, and Isak is busy (maybe he’s on the phone or he’s out a little longer than expected with Even). He just decides to wait for Isak because they have something important to do, but then Noora arrives and her eyes are kind of puffy. Jonas being a nice guy is just like “what’s up??” and she tries to play it off but ends up unloading on him about William.

• After initial meltdown she continues to come to him for advice as he is her only guy (friend?) source. They start to purposely spend time together, and initially it’s under the guise of Noora getting advice on William but they quickly find that they get along very well.

• Eva is the first to sense something going on with them. She’s friends with the both of them and she can’t help to notice that the two of them talk about each other a lot, not excessively but it’s an awful lot for two people who didn’t interact at all before. She talks to Isak about it but unfortunately he’s reverted from his snakey ways and refuses to get involved.

• They would finally get together at one of the Kosegruppa parties. Perhaps Jonas has had a bit too much to drink. He bumps into Noora and they talk for a little and he can’t help but to lean in to kiss her.

•Noora would momentarily be s h o o k, but she got over the shock she’d kiss him right back. Cue smirking Eva, Isak shaking his head, and varying shocked faces from the rest of their friends.

• Okay but imagine how good they would be for eachother:

• Jonas would tease her for her taste in music but when she gets down he’d gladly play all of her favorite JB songs on the guitar.

• Noora weaning Jonas off the weed by helping him identify and unload some of the stress that caused him to start smoking in the first place.

• Jonas teaching Noora how to unwind. We know that she is very headstrong and prefers to handle things on her own. Jonas respects that and he never forces her to talk about things, rather he shows her his favorite places and songs and shows in an attempt to make her feel better.

• Noora would love Narcos, and she can understand what they’re saying because of her time in Spain. Jonas stops watching it with Isak (who has been much more vocal about his lack of interest since his self-discovery) and it becomes his and Noora’s thing.

• Jonas teaching Noora to skate, because Noora gets tired of watching him from the sidelines.

• They’re both pretty independent people. They can go days without texting and they don’t often spend time with each others friends (Jonas hates the gossip and Noora hates the sexist video games they play). They are both very loyal to eachother so trust comes pretty easy.

• Neither of them are big on PDA, but Jonas always has an arm around her shoulder or on her waist to show the world “This beautiful girl right here, she’s all mine.”

• The one time-that-is-not-to-be-discussed where Noora convinced Jonas to wear some of her lipstick.

• Jonas, Noora, Eva and Isak would form their own mini squad. Cue lots of embarrassing stories about Isak (and a couple about Eva).

• Noora tries to teach Jonas to cook, but gets fed up with his teasing about how healthy everything is (“it’s like I’m dating a rabbit” “you say you won’t try weed but you clearly love grass”) and kicks him out the kitchen

• Isak bitching about how Noora is stealing his best friend but then Jonas reminds him that he basically has a live-in boyfriend.

• Ignoring eachother for hours because one of them proved the other wrong or made a really good point. (Nothing that can’t be fixed with kisses and corny jokes.)

• Noora shaping Jonas’s brows, but he ends up looking so odd she never does it again.

It’s Too Quiet (GastonxWife!Reader oneshot)

So this is a request from @hobbithorse19! Just a little reminder Requests!!! Are!!! Open!! It might take a few days for either Widow or I to finish them to our liking, but don’t be shy to ask us for something!! And without further adue, @hobbithorse19 ‘s request! 

Tagged:  @veronicawells @definitely-nota-fangirl @with-a-hint-of-pesto-aioli

Word Count: 826

The bird twittered outside, the early stretches of dawn peaking over the skyline and filtering in through the trees, the warmth of your husband keeping you lethargic, steady breathing on your neck functioning as a lullaby. The glimmer of the sunlight on your polished ring hit your eyes, reminding you that- unfortunately, this comfort could not last forever. You could already hear the hens stirring and your cows mooing as they impatiently awaited your attention.

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 When a crew member is near death, when they lay in sickbay and they know the fight is over, Kathryn takes on the role of grieving mother.  Without a second thought she pulls them into her arms and strokes their hair. They maybe surprised and weakly argue she doesn’t have to do that. But she won’t have it. They would apologize for failing her and she would apologize for failing them. 

No one would leave this world without her there to hold their hand.

The Doctor has witnessed her sing alien lullabies, he has watched her kiss sweaty brows, he has watched her whisper in their ear how proud she is of them and that its time to go. He has allowed her to stay with them until their last shuddered breath, allowed her to weep cradling their body against her chest and gently extracted her from them after she had fallen asleep with tear stained cheeks. 

Other than a quiet Doctor, no one really knew how much a single Starfleet Captain, lost in the Delta Quadrant, unconditionally loved her crew.

earth-fire-skye  asked:

Hi (again)! What is with you and dragging people onto your popsicle-stick sailboats? Because suddenly I'm finding myself cut into pieces and boating in several of them. Also, you are a horrible enabler, and I'm knee-deep in Fugaku/Hiashi/Hizashi angst hell. Thanks a lot. God, I love you and your works. Feel free to throw me a rope, though. I could use a lift out.

xD I can’t help with the Hiashi/Fugaku/Hizashi, because twincest is absolutely not my thing, but…

Fugaku’s head hasn’t hurt this badly since Minato’s bachelor party.

(It’s possible that thought should be warning enough, given how Fugaku woke up the morning after that disaster, but hangovers aren’t exactly conducive to logical thought.)

He remembers—if vaguely—heading for the bar after Mikoto finished her explanation of why second chances and resurrected lost loves meant that she was ending their amicable, if less than blissful, marriage. Not that Fugaku is overly upset—marrying your best friend from childhood is lovely in theory, but results in rather too much sexual frustration when one feels a greater attraction to other men than one’s wife—but the mere thought of the Clan Elders’ collective reaction is more than enough to drive even the hardiest man to drink.

Fugaku would be the first to admit that while he is a hardy man, he’s not that hardy, and his wife leaving him for another woman is aggravating, if only conceptually.

(Of course, as Mikoto pointed out with all the mercilessness one would expect from a former ANBU captain, if Minato had reappeared, unattached and open to a relationship, it would have been Fugaku doing the dumping the instant he got Mikoto alone.)

Still. Being abandoned doesn’t sit easily, even if intellectually Fugaku is quite aware that Mikoto isn’t actually going anywhere. He’d beaten a swift retreat to the nearest jounin bar and settled in to drink his way through a good portion of their stock. And then…

And then what?

He pries his eyes open with an effort, squinting against the slanting light of an unfamiliar room. His sense of direction says those windows are west-facing, which means it’s headed towards afternoon. Gods, but how much did he manage to drink last night? And…this is most certainly not his bedroom, so—

The dark head resting on his arm groans, shifting slightly, and Fugaku winces at the pins-and-needles sensation of blood rushing back into his limb. Then, belatedly, he realizes what a companion in bed means, and that hair is slightly browner than Mikoto’s ink-black, if almost as long. It’s not Mikoto, because the body is larger, a man’s muscular build rather than his former wife’s sleeker one, and he can feel a hint of stubble against his skin.

Fugaku takes a careful breath, steeling himself, and reaches out to carefully brush some of that dark hair back. At the same moment, his unexpected partner rolls over, and pale, nearly-white eyes flutter open.

Hyuuga Hiashi, Fugaku thinks, and it’s possible there’s a note of hysteria to it. Oh gods.

Hiashi stares at him for a long moment, clearly just as startled as Fugaku, and then shifts enough to get an elbow beneath himself and push up a little.

“…Uchiha,” he allows after a second. “It appears we had rather too much to drink last night.”

“Not enough,” Fugaku mutters, pressing the heels of his palms into his eyes until starbursts bloom behind his eyelids. Hells, but Mikoto is never going to let this go. Not because they’re technically still married—she made it clear that would only last until the correct papers could be signed—but because she’s the only living soul to know about the massive, belligerent crush he’d had on the Hyuuga heir as a genin.

Of course, Fugaku is an Uchiha, and therefore anyone outside the clan would probably find his actions more closely resembling infinite loathing than a crush, which Fugaku was absolutely fine with both then and now.

Things are coming back in bits and pieces now. The bar, Hiashi drinking with his old team in the corner, and then drinks together when the night wore on, and then—

Well. Given that he and Hiashi are both naked, Fugaku can guess.

“Oh, hells,” Hiashi says suddenly, and flops back down onto his back on the pillows, draping an arm over his eyes. “Tsume saw us leave together. Tsume knows.”

For a moment Fugaku can’t think how that’s relevant. Then, as a thought occurs to him, he chokes, twitching away from Hiashi. “You—you and Inuzuka?”

Hiashi’s pale eyes go wide, and he blanches. “What? No! Of course not, we’re just friends! And beyond that, I think Shibi would gut me.”

Fugaku makes a face, both at calling the Inuzuka woman a friend and the idea of her and Aburame. There are lots of things Fugaku has never needed or wanted to know about his Academy classmates, and who they go to bed with is a very large percentage.

Hiashi must see, because he snorts softly. “Loosen up, Uchiha. Just because they don’t confirm to your standards as Clan Heads doesn’t make it wrong.”

“You do realize the irony of you telling me to loosen up,” Fugaku retorts, but despite himself his eyes are drawn to Hiashi’s bared chest. Before the mission to retrieve Killer Bee, Fugaku hadn’t seen him in anything but his voluminous robes in years. He’s leaner than they make him look, broad across the shoulders and still sporting the musculature of an active shinobi.

There’s a dark bite already purpling on the line of his long neck, and Fugaku can’t quite tear his eyes away from it.

Not seeming to notice his straying attention, Hiashi makes a sound of quiet amusement and stretches, and Fugaku’s mouth goes truly dry at the sight. “I realize it, yes, but I’ve recently come to the understanding that the world will not crumble if I allow myself to live.”

They certainly lived last night, if Fugaku’s patchy memories are to be believed. He has a flash of Hiashi on his stomach with Fugaku on top of him, reaching back desperately to grasp at Fugaku’s hip as he tried to form more than fractured words, and—

Fugaku swallows hard, and manages to keep his voice steady enough to ask, “Inuzuka wisdom?”

Hiashi drops his arm, and the smile he’s wearing is faintly bittersweet, but there’s a pained sort of peace in his eyes as he meets Fugaku’s gaze. “Hizashi’s,” he corrects, and it’s somewhere between sad and fond. “Though I think we both forgot somewhere along the way.”

Fugaku knows very well what that’s like, and he sighs before he can help it, reaching up to rub his forehead. He and Mikoto used to talk about love, even though they knew they’d never feel anything beyond platonic love for each other, and Fugaku can remember telling her to take the chance if she ever found it again. The Uchiha don’t love easily, but when they do, it’s a powerful thing, and well worth upsetting the Elders over.

With that in mind, Fugaku doesn’t try to hide the way his eyes sweep down over Hiashi’s body, right to the edge of the slipping sheet. When he glances back up, the old sadness has faded, and Hiashi is watching him with a heated sort of amusement. “Really, Uchiha?” he asks, though he makes no move to resist when Fugaku leans over him. “I didn’t think one-night stands were supposed to indulge in morning sex.”

“What happened to loosening up?” Fugaku complains, even as he slides his fingers into Hiashi’s long hair and angles his head for a deep, lazy kiss.

As they break apart, Hiashi laughs, and it’s breathless enough to make Fugaku’s want just that much deeper. “I can’t have you think I’m easy, Uchiha,” he retorts.

Fugaku snorts, sliding fully on top of the other man. One of Hiashi’s arms loops around his lower back, and a leg drapes lazily over his, sliding them together in very interesting ways. “Then you shouldn’t have let me pick you up in a bar in the first place, Hyuuga.”

One elegant brow arches, only for the expression to be lost the moment Fugaku’s hands find their way under the sheet. Hiashi’s head falls back, breath catching in his throat, but an instant later the leg hooked over Fugaku’s tightens, and in a blur Hiashi flips them over, coming out of the roll sitting astride Fugaku’s hips. He’s smirking, and Fugaku is recalling exactly how it feels to want to punch someone and kiss them at the same time.

“I think you’re forgetting exactly who did the picking up last night, Uchiha,” he says archly. “Really, the way you were throwing yourself at me, you’re lucky I didn’t—”

Fugaku flips them again, and feels no remorse for shoving Hiashi’s face into the pillow.