and then one of the rare side effects was cancer

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Idk if this is outside the scope of this blog but: could surviving childhood cancer be a traumatic event for a character? And if so, how?

Medical trauma is absolutely a thing.

And I’m not entirely sure what you mean by how but I suspect it means ‘how does this affect them.’ I’m going to advise you to look up trauma reactions in general and look at first person references for cancer specifically.

New York Times did an interview. (Link)

This is a blog by a person who had cancer. (Link)

Also, articles about it from groups that help out with cancer:

Livestrong has an article about life after cancer here. (Link)

This one by Journey forward deals with learning to cope. (Link)

Here’s a thing about life after childhood cancer. (Link)

Cancer.Net has a thing about it as well. (Link)

As does the American Cancer Society. (Link)

Cancer Today touches on it too. (Link)

Now, the things about life after childhood cancer are often going to be directed at loved ones/the family or they’re going to be about the stats of remission/other side effects of treatment.

But rarely in life are any of us going to find a first person reference that meets what we need exactly, which is why it’s important to do a lot of research and combine what you can to make the picture that you need.

Hopefully that helps a bit,


The signs as potions
  • Aries: Potion of endurance. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to endure through anything, emotionally, physically, or both. Like the ram, you will be able to climb walls others would see as impossible. Looks almost like lava and has a pure red glow. Side effects may be ignorance to the emotions of those around you, or even yourself. Main ingredient is pure red gems found within depths of caves in the mountains.
  • Taurus: Potion of love. Gives the one who drinks it not necessarily the ability to have whoever fall in love with them, but the ability to love all. to appreciate and care for everything about life, death, every detail of anything they come in contact with. These qualities will often bring many to love the one who possesses them. Looks like a gas, but is completely liquid and glows a soothing green color. Side effects may be indecisiveness. Main ingredient is a rare flower found in rain forests.
  • Gemini: Potion of Speed. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to think, act, and pursue quickly, logically, and tirelessly. Is a bit gooey, shines with a bright icy blue. Side effects may be anxiety or the feeling of being overwhelmed. Main ingredient is a blue winged beetle which tends to create burrows in tree branches.
  • Cancer: Potion of compassion. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to tap in to anyones emotions if given consent.Not only will they know what they are feeling, but they will feel it WITH them, allowing them to know exactly what support they need to move on and grow. Looks almost like it is throbbing, gives off an immense and soothing gold glow. Side effects may be the inability to let go themselves, or a feeling of being lost in their own emotions. Main ingredient is the roots of a plant that grows in creeks in the spring.
  • Leo: Potion of ambition. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to Strive and motivate themselves and others to do any task. Allows them to attract and befriend many, all willing to support and encourage them along the way. Sparkles orange from one angle and yellow from another. looks like tin-foil. Side effects may be obsession over irrelevant things. Main ingredient is a lock of a deers fur.
  • Virgo: Potion of knowledge. Gives the one who drinks it the gift of knowledge. Not necessarily in mathematics or anything of the sort, but knowledge in the general way in how things work. The ability to tap in to the meaning and practicality of all things they encounter. Gives off a deep but calming purple, seems to sit still in movement. Side effects may be lack of imagination or creativity. Main ingredient is the tail of a fire fly.
  • Libra: Potion of balance. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to hone in on any situation or emotion that they are experiencing and come up with the most beautiful, beneficial way of proceeding. Looks as if it has its own pulse, radiates a strong violet color. Side effects may be either over confidence or insecurity. Main ingredient is the beak of a dove.
  • Scorpio: Potion of observance. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to have open eyes to everything around them. Allows them to observe and register things the average person would not care to think of, and use them for their own knowledge and understanding of the world. Contains lots of detail and is very slippery, has a marble color to it. Side effects may be over indulgence or sensitivity. Main ingredient is the iris of a snakes eye.
  • Sagittarius: Potion of positivity. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to let go, be free, and find a way to put anything to good intentions. Looks as if it may burst from its container, projects bright natural lights all around it. Side effects may be inconsistency in the mind or in actions. Main ingredient are the antlers of a buck.
  • Capricorn: Potion of resourcefulness. Gives the one who drinks it the ability to create something out of nothing. Allows them to tap in to their own pool or originality and ideas, as well as the ability to construct them. Has a twisty, root-like appearance to it and gives off a light green color. Side effects may be the inability to accept foreign ideas. Main ingredient is the bones of a mammal.
  • Aquarius: Potion of creativity. Gives the one who drinks it the broadest of imagination. Allows them to tap into their minds and create images, ideas, worlds so vividly its like their mind is their second home. Radiates deep green/blue colors, looks acidic. Side effects may be disconnection from reality. Main ingredient is the tongue of a dolphin.
  • Pisces: Potion of wisdom. Gives the one who drinks it the ability of spiritual wisdom. allows them to tap in to their own spiritual understanding, and in some cases others as well. Looks as if there's a billion tiny creatures scrambling inside it's mass, gives off a purply green color. side effects may be the inability to accept there's bad in the world. Main ingredient is the scale of an iguana.