and then nothing confirming this label really happens in the show

I’m relatively open to all kinds of ideas and theories, the’re a lot of fun to talk about and mess around with. 

But there are just some i just can’t accept, and i think it’s harder to accept, when they were created on little fact…and seem to only exist to put down. character or ship.

I love tom, but i can respect it if someone just simply doesn’t like him.

He’s flawed, every character is, which is a good thing, he’s going to screw up…nobody is perfect…

But abusive? 

Abusive is a strong thing to call somebody, if you’re referring to someone as being abusive you are referring to someone who can cause physical and/ or mental damage to someone…and who doesn’t care about the victim’s feelings and /or well-being.

That’s a pretty hard accusation to place on Tom, especially when he’s still a character with much mystery behind him.

I wouldn’t be nearly as bothered by it, however, if the fandom didn’t treat this as more of a FACT sometimes…and not an headcanon.

You can’t use a headcanon as a reason to hate Tom, or hate any ship he’s apart of.

A headcanon is a theory or idea of something that may happen, or could happen…’s nothing that’s confirmed yet.

Unless Tom is proven to be abusive on this show, he’s not.

And it’s a hard claim to stake, because it really doesn’t make a lot of sense considering his character and his relationships.

But Star-!

Star is one of the biggest reasons i don’t buy this idea.

all of her actions towards Tom are not the ones of a victim of abuse. She’s not really afraid of Tom, has no problem saying no to him, and frankly doesn’t really seem to hate him despite everything.

And if Tom DID abuse her, that doesn’t add up and instead raises more questions like:

  • Why did Star accept Tom’s invite so easily in BMB? And leave so willingly in this and the original storyboard?
  • Why is Star so forgiving towards Tom?
  • Why does she still have his number?
  • Why is she perfectly fine with Tom and Marco hanging out together?
  • Why would she egg Marco on to hang out with Tom?
  • Why does her reaction to him inviting her in BMB sound more annoyed then angry and aggressive if he hurt her?

Look, i don’t know for sure about what happened with their relationship, but this is not how an abuse survivor treats their abuser.

Star would want nothing to do with him, wouldn’t let Marco ever hang out with him, wouldn’t willingly go anywhere with him anymore, and would treat him a lot more coldly.

But he’s mean!! He’s hurt star and Marco-!

Here’s the thing about abusers, they don’t realize (Or Care) about how they treat the victim. 

This is literally the opposite of Tom’s entire character.

When Tom hurts people, he genuinely looks hurt and ashamed of himself.

When he gets scolded, he looks as if he’s about to cry.

Making others sad and/or upset isn’t something he takes pride in and he has no problem taking the blame when he screws up.

He genuinely apologizes, this is not something an abuser would do.

Tom’s character revolves around him trying to improve upon himself, he goes through the effort to become a better person and tried to fix something he knows is causing so much trouble, You can’t simply pretend these efforts mean nothing when they’re such a big part of his character.

Tom’s flawed, sure, but so are Marco and Star.

And between the three of them, Tom tries the hardest to change for the good of himself and everyone around him.

There’s also the matter that out of everyone on this show, Tom gets this label despite him never harming anyone on this show.

The most damage he’s done to anyone so far is hit Marco with some ping pong balls, that’s not exactly the worst Marco’s encountered compared to what Star has put him through.

Sure he attempted to attack Marco during BMB, but considering that fight never happened….we’ll never know what Tom could’ve ended up doing or if he even would’ve gone through with it.

The guy kinda lost everything that night, his anger was building all night and this was what broke the camel’s back.

It’s probably harder to handle this kinda thing when your emotions link to your powers.

He didn’t even hurt Marco in “Friend-enemies” when he got upset, and the position he chose to “Attack” him with doesn’t look too effective considering it looks more like Tom’s going in for a kiss.

(( No seriously, who attacks people in this kinda position?))

But in “Mr Candle Cares”… he said he was gonna destroy Marco!!!

Yeah, but did he? He and Marco played 58 games, despite the fact that they only needed to play one to decide Marco’s fate and Tom never told him to stop starting these new games.

Honestly is anyone really sure Tom would’ve “Destroyed” Marco? 

It looks more to me like he’s all talk in that scene, upset Marco discovered his plan and is trying not to panic about what he’s gonna do about it.

Cause he can’t let Marco leave and tell Star, but now he doesn’t know what to do with him.

When he thought they kissed the worst he did to Marco was spin him and get him wet.

B-But he wanted to do a battle to the death!

Ok, for one, i think that has much more to do with Tom’s violent culture, and less to do with him being abusive. It’s probably how the underworld settles deputes normally, and considering Tom’s species seems to have a harder time being killed off….it’s probably less of a big deal to them.

Tom wasn’t raised in exactly the most comfortable and understanding universes the show has presented.

So Far Tom’s been about as dangerous as a kitten. Star’s done worse damage to other’s then him.

Heck i’m sure the water fountain at the school has harmed more people then Tom at this point.

but one of the last things that needs to be said about this and why this doesn’t work is that if Tom was meant to be this awful, unforgiving, harmful person….why try and make him sympathetic?

The crew actually loves Tom, and if you’ve been around to their blogs it’s very common to find the crew’s draws of Tom…sometimes by himself, but other times with Marco and Star.

It’s clear the crew likes him, and they constantly put him in a position where he’s friends with Marco and Star.

If Tom is meant to be this horrible abusive person? Then why give him sympathy? Why allow him to have anything to do with Marco or Star?

If you’re going to portray an abusive relationship, one of the last things you want to do is make the abuser sympathetic.

Especially on a show like this one that’s meant for kids.

If you wanted to make Tom abusive, why not keep his old evil design? That would fit more with that idea, not this version.

You can interpret the characters how you want but saying that this is canon, and putting people’s ships down because of this claim that has no real good evidence to it….that doesn’t work.

It comes off more like the fandom wanted an excuse to hate Tom, and find ways to put down other’s for their ships.

And considering Jackie gets worse treatment then Tom, despite doing nothing wrong…that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Tom’s a mystery, there’s a lot we still need to know about him. But i don’t believe this abusive version of him was what the show was intending to create.

Untill there is more evidence then “ Tom’s done bad things”, (something that all people do), this is just a headcanon that isn’t very likely to be true at all.

And it really needs to die because it’s not doing any favors for this fandom at all by taking a character whose most relatable to victims of abuse, and labeling him worse then the show’s intentions.

5x08 review Guillotines Decide

How do you start writing about Guillotines Decide.

Highly anticipated.Murderous.Bittersweet. Emotional.

Some people hated it.Some people got upset.The majority has mixed feelings.

Personally i loved it.

Way too many things happened in only 42 minutes.I felt the episode was 1 hour and a half, not 40+ minutes.All the major ob characters made an appearance and that was lovely. I’m happy to see another female writer getting to tell her story.After 5x05 ( Jenn Engels ) and 5x07( Renée St. Cyr ), 5x08 came with Aisha Porter-Christie .

We’re 2 episodes before the end and 5x08 needed to be the episode that bridges the conclusion of this story with what each character has accomplished so far. Episodes 9 & 10 are gonna be a 2 parter (Graeme confirmed) so Ep 8 was the prelude of the ending.

Guillotines Decide, was more than a farewell to an amazing character. It was an episode about family- the family you choose to be a part of. In the constant battle between  nature and nurture it’s our choices that define who we are and who we want  next to us.

That’s why if i had to pick one quote from this episode that ultimately defines the whole series,it would be this:

We are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature vs. nurture. So, to my galaxy of women, thank you for the nurture.

Fee’s speech was everything.Full of love, support and generosity. His brush  always a doorway through  expression and musing.


It was always about Sarah.His gallery-his own house- full of different versions of her.

She was the key of analyzing how liquidable identity trully is, how the same face can have  multiple personalities and traits, how social labels destroy our own complexity , restraining us from cherishing life the way we want to.

Felix’s art night brought Cosima,Sarah and Alison together as one person.The whole 1 person-multiple personas performance was a brilliant way  of getting the sisters together in one night and watching them happy and more importantly free.

-Alison, carefree, happy to help Fee and trying to wake her inner artistic self. Donnie always with her, supporting her, happy to be a part of this extraordinary family.

-Cosima  back in her own joyous self, more dashing than ever. Laughing,dancing having Delphine with her.

-Sarah, finally realizing that DYAD is going down once and for all, getting to chill and enjoy the night.

It was a well deserved night for them and for us the viewers.After all this angst and pain this joy was much needed and justified.After all, they are so close to freedom.


  • Helena


i loooooved this line, so utterly Helena!

Thank god Gracie didn’t betray Helena again even tho she was that close..

when i saw the gun pointed at G i kinda knew she’s a gonner. So the spoiler source was right 3 persons died in 5x08 indeed.

they’re gonna gag Helena with the Hannibal mask in the next ep jfc

i’m really hoping her character/centric episode will be as intense as Rachel’s was…also her journal and memoirs are gonna be a testimony of courage throughout the next generation of sisters…

  • Rachel

god Rachel Rachel Rachel…i was so scared about the way they’re gonna handle her…i was afraid about her backstabbing S but THANK GOD they did it the right way…

Rachel’s “Be careful” to Siobhan was so broken and authentic, like there was a micro/tiny-possiblity of her subconsiously believing S’s words…

-We do everything we can, each of us in our way

-And we do it for each other.

if you look closely to this scene Rachel is crying in here…jfc she’s a mess of emotions…

… is there a chance for her to be a part of this sisterhood after everything she’s done? Does she really wants to? Will she ever be accepted? Is Siobhan her only hope of ever feeling that she belongs to something??

I haven’t seen Rachel as vulnerable and soft as in 5x08…

and i am DREADING the 2 parter cause after Graeme’s newest interview he confirms that there’s a confrontation coming between Sarah and Rachel…

can you imagine the triumvirate  Sarah,,Helena and Rachel in one scene?

omg IT’S COMING AND IT WILL BE GLORIOUS… i wonder if Helena’s “i’m gonna kill Rachel” is foreshadowing or not…


ok i really wanna set some things straight..

Ferdinand never loved Rachel..neither do i believe that the show is trying to sell us that Fernisshole deeply loved her…i don’t know what the writers have said for him in interviews- and i don’t care tbh , cause from the show itself it’s clear to  me that this isn’t love, it’s just a  game of dominance and nothing more…if the writers wanted to glorify him then he would have helped Rachel bring down DYAD because the only thing she wants is freedom…and Ferdinand never listened to her..

what’s really REALLY sad- and that’s where people should focus- is the fact that poor Rachel thinks that’s real love.

imagine how fucking mentally abused  she was all her life that she believes this is love…can you actually imagine it? How distorted is her image about love because she has never experienced it? And when a human being (let’s pretend F/asshole is human being ) doesn’t betray her then she thinks that’s love…PROTECT RACHEL FUCKIN’ DUNCAN 

the struggling attemp…i read posts saying that Rachel is crying about Ferdinand?

i mean

?????/ whAT???

Rachel hit rock bottom she doesn’t give 2 shits about Ferd

at this point,she just wants so fucking HARD to die that F is literally doing her a favor…and the reason he left her live is because HE KNOWS HOW MUCH SHE WANTS TO DIE…so he punishes her that way…not even giving her the redemption she desperately seeks in death… it’s literally freedom or death for her..jesus Rachel’s story arc is one of the most beautiful things in season 5….

there’s only one thing that trully disturbed me in ep 8 and that was the “who’s your daddy” dialogue… i choose to believe that Rachel was just playing his game, leting him say whatever makes him feel good in order to continue with the plan and set herself free..especially the “go go ahead, daddy”..she really needed him to kill her jfc


at fucking LLLAAAAaaAAAaaast

about bloody time…this episode kept giving and giving i mean?!! I never thought we would have so many Delphine moments jfc

a lot of firsts…first skype call with the ledas…first time that someone openly acknowledged her worth in protecting the ledas in front of others (Ms S in the skypecall)


for YOU, especially you Cos babe..this girl is screaming her love to you for 5 seasons…

she gave everything…her body, her life, her safety,your relationship, EVERYTHING just to keep you safe- is there anything more pure than that?

and not only that even Adele that doesn’t know Delphine at all said it!!

And Delphine, all she did was whatever Siobhan told her too…

However strong and powerful Delphine might seem, in reality she was craving to hear those words and to feel accepted…imagine living in the shadows of doubt and accusations all this time..trying to ignore everyone’s distrust because you fucking love this girl that much..her smile says it all

Cophine was glorious in this episode.And it’s not about the cuteness or fluffiness.What really got me is the sentimentality of their moments. They were finally free.

To talk,to fool around,to stupidly dance  or to do nothing at all.Things that were ruthelessly taken away from them.Things that normal couples do.And now their life together is so palpable they can almost taste it.

-you like it that much?

Cosima darling , after all this time you still don’t have a clue huh?

what really does it for me in this scene, is how Delphine is lost in the painting and her realisation while Cosima’s whole world at this moment is Del..they’re in a crowded place only breathing for each this point i can’t even tell who’s  more in love

and of fucking course she would buy the painting i mean D-U-H

totally loved the

-you own me

joke in regards to the painting.. it’s a too-soon-bad-kind-of-joke aka exactly so utterly Cosima-thing to say

however the ultimate cophine scene for me in 5x08 will be this

unscripted,bittersweet and so very intimate…tears of joy is something that ob doesn’t give us very often and i wanna thank Tatiana for that…i’m in awe with that girl and her performances…she is that i have MAD respect for her….and Ebro totally went for it uplifting the scene even more….they are amazing together, their chemistry is magnetic.

imagine for how long did poor Cosima bottled up all those feelings and fears…she didn’t even dare to dream how it would be like to be free..and now it’s happening and she’s not alone, and she gets to share this moment  with the person she needed the most.

Delphine is cocooning her, always the rock and shoulder to cry on.Imagine the sex after this moment (cough COPHINE WRITERS U KNOW WHAT TO DO)



A glorious farewell to a badass character.A bittersweet goodbye to a woman of multiple roles. Warrior, mother, daughter, ally,  the head of the family .The person that glued the Manning household. The invisible pillar.

It fucking broke me that S is dead. But she did it on her terms. Her death was not meaningless.It wasn’t just a “someone had to die” fiasco. Ferdinad needed to die from her hands cause they had unsettled business.I even took pleasure that he died first.Siobhan won in every way possible.She achieved what was the most important task for her : keep Kira safe, her kids alive and bring DYAD down. She did everything she was supposed to do.Killed Ferdinand to get revenge for MK and even gave Rachel a chance to reevaluate her choices/ reengage with her sisters.

S needed to to die cause Sarah needed that final push to transform to the sisterhood’s savior.

Remember episode 4? It was 200% foreshadowing

of what it means to become you.

this is it.That is the moment of Sarah’s transformation. This is how she’s going to take responsibility for everything that’s to come. Her  bonding with S will finally make her realize how is she going to save her sisters and the next generations.

Cause if we go back to s5 ep 1 and Cosima-Sarah’s exchange, Sarah didn’t care about PT or  the implications of his plan to the future generations..she just wanted her family and sisters to be ok…now tho..she knows what’s at stake..she will be stronger,bolder and more ready to fight.She will carry on her mother’s plan.

And i can’t wait to see her arise from her ashes of sorrow and make Beth and Siobhan proud.

I Brought Soup

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Raphael x Reader

I Brought Soup

Prompt: Hey there! I would love to read something about Raphael getting sick and his s/o wanting to take care of him. Would he be too proud? Or would he eventually give in and just enjoy the loving care? Of course only if nobody’s watching! ;D

Note: I actually had a dream about Raph last night, so here ya go. This turned out cuter than I had hoped :)

Warnings: None??

Word Count: 1105

Raph groaned as he adjusted himself on the couch. Somehow, he had caught a bug. A bad one. And while the big buff turtle was as tough as they came normally, as soon as he got a touch of sickness, he became nothing more than a big baby.

When you showed up to the lair, you had a care package tucked under your arm. Even with his blurry vision and pounding head, Raph still squinted to look at you. You were wearing sweatpants and an old t-shirt, but you were still the most gorgeous person he had ever seen.

“Hey, Red. You feeling any better?”

“I am now.” His low voice was soft and hoarse.

“Oh hush,” You shook your head and tried to hide the embarrassing shade of red your cheeks had flushed to. Raph had a way of doing that to you, despite the fact that you were pretty sure he wasn’t into you. “I brought soup.” You held up a thermos and a spoon. He took it in one of his large green hands. “And tissues and a blanket and-”

“You’re too good to me.” Raph managed a tired smirk. He looked like his head was swimming, eyes unable to focus, breaths labored through a stuffed nose.

“And you, my green friend, are very, very sick.” You looked over to him. You had never seen him look so pathetic. “Why don’t you get some rest?”

“And what, miss spending quality time with ya?”

“Sleep, Raph. Now.”

“You’re hot when you’re bossy.”

“And you have no filter when you’re sick, apparently.”

“He really doesn’t.” Leo piped up from across the room. “Listen, thanks for coming to take care of him, (Y/N). We just can’t afford to get sick right now, but Don said you’d be immune to whatever he has so-”

“It’s no problem, Leo. Really.” You smiled. “It’s the least I could do.”

“Well, we’re headed out. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to call.” He and the other two left the lair, leaving you alone with Raph and Splinter, wherever the old rat had gotten off to.

“And then there were two,” Raph muttered. He ate a few spoonfuls of soup before setting it down for a while. “Sorry yer stuck on babysitting duty.”

“I don’t mind. I mean, you did save my life after all.”

“So we’re even?”

“Not even close.” You smirked. “I still owe you big time, Raphael.”

“After taking care of me a few hours, you won’t think so.” He chuckled to himself, leaning back against the pillows of his temporary nest. “I’ve been told I whine like a baby.”

“I have little siblings. I don’t think you could drive me away if you tried.”

“We’ll see about that.”


About thirty minutes after the guys left, Raph had drifted off into a nap. You learned very quickly that he snored like a chainsaw. This was an easy fix, as you had brought some headphones and a book to read in case something like this happened. You glanced up every few pages to make sure he was still out.

After a few hours, when you glanced up, Raph’s tired green eyes were fixed on you, a sleepy smile tugging at his lips.

“Well good morning, Sleeping Beauty.” You tucked a bookmark into your book and set it on the table. Touching the back of your hand to his forehead confirmed your suspicions that the large terrapin had developed a fever. “You need something to get this fever down.”

“I knew you thought I was hot.” He smirked. You rolled your eyes.

“Yes, Raphael, you are hot. You are running a fever. I’m gonna grab some meds.”

“You do that, gorgeous. I’ll be right here waiting.” You walked to Donnie’s lab, where he had labeled everything you needed and then returned to Raph to administer the proper meds. You handed him the pills and a bottle of water and then returned to your spot. “Thanks.”

“Need anything else?”

“I’m all set, Princess.”

“Alright then,” You opened up your book and continued to read.


“Yes, Raph?”

“Can you come here?”

“Um, sure.” You set down your book once again and walked over to where Raph was lying on the couch. His sleepy, sleepy eyes melted your heart.

“Thanks for takin’ care ‘uh me.” His voice was hoarse from all of the coughing and snoring and sinus drainage. “I really appreciate it.” You leaned forward to press a kiss to his warm forehead.

“Any time, Red.”

Raph took one of your hands in his large green ones, admiring each tiny little finger. There were so many.

“Yer hands are so small…” he murmured. “Have ya always had this many fingers?”

“Yes, I have. Are you sure you’re alright? Maybe those meds are kicking in.”

“I’m fine.” He insisted. Suddenly, something occurred to him. “Are yer feet that small too?”

“I think you need some sleep, bud.”


“Sleep. We can talk about foot size when you feel better, alright?”



As soon as he was better, Raph avoided you for at least a week and a half. Every time he saw you, his cheeks flushed red and he left the room. You couldn’t help but laugh a little before returning to your latest book.

But he couldn’t avoid you forever, and you both knew it.

He came around eventually, settling on the couch beside you. The other half dipped under his weight. Raph let out a sigh. You only raised an eyebrow in amusement, waiting to hear what he would say.

“So uh…I realize my fever may have caused me to uh…act different.”


“So I uh, I’m sorry if I made ya uncomfortable and stuff.”

“You didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“No, Raph. I actually kind of appreciated the honesty. It was like for once there wasn’t this wall between us.”


“You know, the unspoken wall that you put up to protect your fragile turtle feelings. I understand, believe me, but just so you know, I’ve lived in New York all of my life, so dating a giant turtle would hardly be the weirdest thing that’s happened to me.”

“What now?” He paused. “You’d date me?”




“So uh…”

“This is the wall I’m talking about.”

“I see it now.” He sort of chuckled awkwardly before pausing again. “Ya know, I never pegged ya as someone who’d date a giant mutant freak.”

“And I never pegged you as a freak in the first place.” You winked and got up to get a drink from the kitchen.

‘Huh,’ thought Raphael. ‘I might have to get sick more often.’

introduction into topp dogg

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debuted October 22, 2013 under Stardom Ent. with 13 members
the members are sorted among 4 “Kingdoms”
Wizard Kingdom: Dance Line “display different genres and colors”
Dragon Kingdom: “we’re exotic and have strong personalities” -PGoon “they’re both scary like dragons” -Kidoh
Lion Kingdom: have a “strong, dependable, carefree image” -Yano
Knight Kingdom: have “an upright image” -ATom
their company merged with Hunus Ent in July 2015
currently in 2017 they have 4 former members
fandom name ToppKlass
important videos that every topp klass should watch: Dogg on Topp Topp Dogg Project Topp Dogg All Kill Topp Dogg Pepero Game

okay now lets get into our 9 current members (we’ll go in age order since the leader is the oldest)

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Could it be that the Japanese female audience would never blame the authors for queerbaiting or fanservice etc? More like they are grateful for it actually. Like "please give us all those hints here and there, so we could use them as a base for our own FANON fantasies". Like it's normal for them?

Yes, in Japan actually the concept of “queerbaiting” doesn’t really exist. For Japanese fangirls it’s normal that m/m couples are all fantasy and would never happen in the actual story (unless it’s a BL manga or they are clearly shown/stated to be homosexual from the start of course), therefore they would never expect the creators to confirm something like the kiss in episode 7, or whether they eventually get engaged or not. They just take the hints to create their own headcanons and fan stories (and doujinshi), but they don’t actually hope or expect a couple to become canon. Though I have the feeling (judging from all the comments I see on Twitter) that even Japanese fangirls can perceive that the “fanservice” in YOI doesn’t really fit within the boundaries of what is normally called “fanservice”, and I believe some of them are starting to think that their relationship might not be just a fantasy, lol. (I’m amused just because it’s rare for “normal” Japanese fangirls to think a couple might be real) But yeah even if they thought so they wouldn’t expect the creators to say it out loud.

More under the cut because it got somewhat long as I delved a bit deeper into the topic.

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Recently I’ve been thinking about Malachite, and how badly it was done.
Everyone and their mother will say Jasper was the abuser. Jasper is presented as such, from her grin before fusing right up to her language in Alone At Sea. The problem is we see literally no evidence of Jasper actually hurting or abusing Lapis in any way whatsoever, which I think is down to the fact that nothing is ever happening if its not seen by Steven. Yes, Jasper is a dick, but we don’t see the abusive relationship despite the fact that the show expects us to believe that it’s all on Jasper.

Lapis, a gem with full control over the ocean, standing NEXT TO THE OCEAN with the support of 3 Crystal gems, one of which is a fusion, a small child, and a really big cat, decides the best plan of action is to agree to fuse with Jasper and then trap them both under the ocean for months. As opposed to, say… punching her?? with the ocean?? And okay, lets say Lapis’s attack doesn’t work, Jasper dodges it or something, she’s still gotta deal with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Steven, and Lion. There’s no way she can win in that situation. But, of course Malachite was formed for narrative purpose, even though there was really no logical reason for it. Even as Malachite is dragged into the ocean, Jasper tries to pull herself out of the fusion, but is pulled back in.
Now that they’re UNDER WATER it makes even LESS sense for them to stay fused. Lapis is surrounded by the very thing that she controls. If she had allowed the fusion to seperate, she could’ve immidiately crushed Jasper. Literally all the odds were against Jasper, and yet for some reason, they stayed fused.

The next time we see Malachite is in Chile Tid, which would’ve been the PERFECT time to establish Jasper as the abuser if you really wanted to. IMO what they should have done is have both Lapis and Jasper on screen at the same time, so that we can see how the two interact. Perhaps have it so that Steven can’t actually interact with them to make the situation even more genuine. Instead, all we see is further confirmation that Lapis is forcing Jasper to stay down, while Jasper tries to get out. We only see Jasper for like 3 seconds as she freaks out about Steven, who she sees as the main cause for all of this mess; which is heightened by the fact that she believes that he’s Rose Quartz.

The next, and last time we see Malachite is Super Watermelon Island; where Lapis loses control over Malachite due to unnecessarily tiring herself out for like 6 months, and Jasper is able to pull Malachite up to the surface.
The only reason that Malachite stays fused is purely to defeat Alexandrite. But even during the fight, it’s hard to tell if it’s always Jasper in control. There are moments when Malachite’s voice is far closer to Lapis’s than Jasper’s. In addition to this, she has complete control over water; something that surely Jasper wouldn’t be best at. But that’s nothing we can prove, so that’s just speculation. But I really don’t think that fight was all on Jasper. There are definitely moments where it’s obvious that it’s Jasper, but not always.

Then Alone At Sea comes around, and we see Jasper presented as the abuser through her language. From the “I’ve changed” stuff, and “You’ve changed me”, and “We were better as Malachite”, etc etc. But this show, as I’ve just explained, does a whole lot of telling and not much showing.

IMO the Malachite arc is good, I do like it, and I’m not saying it shouldn’t have happened; but it’s not written well enough for us, as an audience to logically label Jasper as the abuser considering Lapis’s actions, and the situation overall. Does this mean we can label Lapis as the abuser? IMO, I don’t really think so, because again there’s not enough shown. Although it WAS Lapis who dragged them under water and kept them there, so… I dunno. That’s an arugment that I’m gonna leave open to other people.

TL;DR: The Malachite arc isn’t written well enough to definitively say that Jasper is the abuser because most of it can honestly be blamed on poor writing and Lapis’s actions. While the show tells us through Jasper and Lapis’s language that it wants us to believe Jasper is the bad guy, it does too much telling and not enough showing; meaning we don’t have any real answer to who’s the bad guy here.

Episode 15...

Okay… I don’t have a lot of time to write this so if I’ve missed anything, if there are any huge grammatical errors, if I’ve COMPLETELY missed the point then I’m very, very sorry!  (I may write more later as I have a lot of thoughts)

Here’s the deal.

This episode was basically the writers way of telling us Oliver and Susan aren’t going to make it. Which is why I’m so okay with it. Did chunks of it feel off? Yes. Did Oliver come across as kind of spineless? Yes. Did Shady Snoozan come across as even more of a selfish cow than we thought she was? Absolutely. Did we feel for Felicity? Damn straight. Did we see everything we HATE seeing from Arrow ON Arrow? Yup…

Do you think the writers, directors and producers don’t (etc) know we hate it?

Of course they flipping do.

Is episode 15 normally the episode where we what we really don’t want to fucking see?

Again, YES.

Would it have been better to just be rid of SW? Oh hell yes- I’LL FREAKING DO IT!

But then, how will Prometheus succeed in turning someone Oliver cares about against him?

Starting, I’d like to say something about Oliver.

He’ll always do dumb shit: I expect it now. I’d love to be rid of it. But I expect it.

In episode 15, a lot of the time I was basically wondering when he became so needy. And by needy I don’t mean ‘he lives and breathes SW’. I mean, he desperately wanted her to see him as the good guy. The hero. Someone who has succeeded in securing the affections of a woman determined to see him as a thug.

Notice how Felicity tells him he’s a hero in this episode without prompt? Don’t you think that was a deliberate script device?

It’s been done before; right when he needs to hear it, there she is. Telling him. Again. SW didn’t say it; she did.

The wonderful @almondblossomme hit the nail on the head: episode 15 was a compare and contrast of how Felicity and Susan differ.

Just one example: SW cared more about her job than anything else. The moment she got it back she was all over him. Hate the bitch. Whereas Felicity has, time and time again, given up professional standing for Oliver. I’m just going to leave that there because I don’t need to hammer in just how much better Felicity is.

What I do want to say – to emphasise – is how alone Felicity was.

Now I’d like to stop you before you all go off on the rampage because, as much as I understand why, this was also deliberate. This episode was the point where Felicity didn’t just feel alone, she was alone. They deliberately had everyone miss this about her: Dig who knew her better than most and Oliver who knows her best of all… even Thea.

No one saw it.

They even had Oliver come to ask for her help with Susan.

In her head, she has nothing.

So she turns to Helix.

Now I’m thrilled with this because Olicity’s ADULT CONVERSATION is going to happen whilst SW is kidnapped: no shady lady to interrupt. But I’m also guessing that Felicity once again uses her skills and connections to help Oliver in HIS life. To help him be happy or at least that is what she’ll believe she’s doing.

He might see this; her wanting him to be happy and he’ll wonder why SHE ISN’T. He’ll ask questions. He’ll ask why are you doing this for me? And she’ll say some variation of: “I just want you to be happy.”


They really are reversing it this year between them aren’t they?

Now we’ve been informed that SW will be held by Chase for more than 1 episode. This is to drum up the panic of it all – though they know we couldn’t care less – but it also gives Prometheus enough time to infect SW.

To pervert her easily changeable perception of Oliver. There’s more than a good chance she’ll come out of it either openly hostile towards him or wanting nothing to do with him out of fear.

(Now, it’s almost possible that she could be working in collaboration with Prometheus but either way they’re making her a victim.)

They’re also making her a loose end and a nuisance. A weak point. Unnecessary. A target, Like Billy. On purpose.

Look Green Arrow: look how easily you loose the people who care about you?

(like she does, ahem)

Oliver was trying so hard to move on and his first true attempt has fallen flat on its ass, he knows it has. But he’s fighting. He’s fighting because taught him to, he’s fighting because she said NO. She didn’t want him to fight and it’s so much easier beating your head against play-do than it is against steel.


The questionable circumstances of HOW would have come to him later; but all he wanted right then was to succeed.

This is all about Olicity: if he can make it work here, maybe he can make it work there.

Prometheus deliberately targeted Billy. He did this in the hopes of screwing Oliver’s life up some. But, though this created a vacuum of guilt in Oliver, it did not turn Felicity against him.

Now, he’s taken SW, when CONVENIENTLY the only way to help find her rests with HELIX. With Felicity. Role reversal.

Either the writers are being very obvious or very sneaky.

Remember Ray? Remember how Felicity was all over keeping him safe and with her in episodes 17 and 19? She even did PDA IN FRONT OF OLIVER.

Episode 15 of season 5 is roughly our 17 equivalent.

Either – like Billy – SW is going to bite it, or it’ll be the consequences of what happen to her that cause a ripple effect afterwards on Olicity.

It caused a ripple after Billy’s death too: Oliver and Felicity had a very real, very honest conversation/argument.

THIS will force another one: possibly more than one (dear God PLEASE).

I always thought that two or three very brutal, very open talks between them would shift EVERYTHING. It just so happens the writers had to space it out for an entire season.

This season has been one full of ‘how to not do relationships with Oliver’. It focuses on 3 women: Laurel (his past) Susan (his present) and Felicity (his future and always).  Learn from the past and present to make way for the future.

I still believe this; we have been told in one way or another (by the cast, the directors, the narrative etc) that Olicity will rise again and that their time is coming. Soon.

BE angry at this episode! Go for it. They want you to be livid so that they can surprise, shock and awe us all later like in season 3!

But don’t judge any later progression or any episode following this on number 15. In fact, leave episode 15 behind at the door. It isn’t needed anymore. It’s in the past.

In season 3, after episode 15 aired, the fandom threw an absolute shit fit.

Looking back at it, it was hilarious; we had nothing to worry about.

But at the time, it was awful. No one wanted to see Felicity with Ray whilst Oliver lay on a dungeon floor, while Oliver pinned. And we had to wait TWO WEEKS before episode 16 aired.

Remember episode 16? Like the sun shining again we received these little spots of hope. She’d slept with a man who ISN’T Oliver and yet, none of their chemistry was diminished. In fact; it just showed us that even sex can’t get in their way.

In that relationship Felicity and Ray fell out with each other because of the truth or lack of it. They got back together shortly afterwards.

Felicity and Billy did the same: I think they actually did it twice.

Now, so have Oliver and Susan.

Another deliberate tool.

Regardless of what happens, Felicity’s lack of blame on Oliver will reflect brightly on the very real blame SW will throw at him. The actor playing Chase has confirmed that an odd relationship will build between him and Susan and that she may feel betrayed by Oliver.

She may come to hate that she developed feelings for him, but be unable to act on it BECAUSE of her feelings for him.

Felicity couldn’t be played with – couldn’t be marred - but Susan can. Because she’s weak. Because she isn’t fit to be Oliver’s love interest. Because, like with Billy, she’s a tool.

We don’t care about Susan but we DO care about Olicity and this should generate a reaction from them both.

Now, I didn’t see Oliver as crapping all over his alter ego by labelling the Green Arrow a criminal. I think it could have been done far better but I also saw it as two things: first, he was taking on the sins and pains of others (like they do with some comic superheroes; they make them into Jesus figures) and second, because Prometheus wanted him to do it.

And Prometheus has been very adept so far at making Oliver go down the route he wishes him to.

The big reveal for Prometheus was lame (maybe it’s MEANT to be) but you can’t deny the man is a criminal mastermind. In a way, he’s more capable than any other bad guy has been at hurting Oliver. And Oliver has no idea how close he is to loosing EVERYTHING.

We already know that Thea and Felicity are his big ‘no-no’s’. Criminals do not touch them and live to tell the tale.

Yet he as lost them both: he just lost Thea (she’ll return a little later on) and Felicity – though he doesn’t know it – is already gone.

Worse, she went away and no one noticed.

Bear in mind that we’ve been told by Marc G, that Oliver will end the season balanced as a hero: he’ll be both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow. So obviously this ‘let’s vilify my alter ego to by us time’ moment of glory was just that: a moment. An episode to show that Oliver Queen has evolved just as much as his alias.

Remember Talia who gave him the outfit to wear so that he could ‘vent’ for lack of a better word, his demons? So he could express his violence so that he could wear the mask of Oliver Queen?

Well, he doesn’t NEED it anymore.

But soon he’ll CHOOSE it. And he’ll do it in front of an audience Star City.

And a big part of how he’ll do that will be Felicity. There’s no way he can become this balance human without knowing she’s right there with him, balanced too. Either he’ll step up to guide her or her actions will push him in her direction but it will include her.

What I’m trying to say, is that – in terms of Oliver and Felicity, this is the low point. I’m concentrating upwards.

Admittedly I’m hastened on this by Stephen who answered some ‘damage control’ questions earlier. One of the things he stated was that a lot of Oliver’s choices that people are hating on so much are a sign that Prometheus’s plan is working. Oliver isn’t out of the woods yet: this is a decline. The next 3 episodes will decide the fate of SW and Oliver and either someone will die OR something very bad will happen to someone.

Even with this crap, I can still see a love scene guys. Pacing has always been an issue: don’t think they won’t do it. And we know (like with 3x20) how much can change in 1 episode. But love scene or no, I’m watching till the end and believe that we’ll see what we need to.

A reunion.

The narrative STILL leads there. If it changes then I’ll change my opinion.

(I d have a lot of OTHER thoughts about Oliver in this episode though… Jesus)

tagging these lovely ladies (and anyone who wants to join in) to tell me if I hit a truth crumb or if I’m an idiot:

@louiseblue1 @jbuffyangel @dust2dust34 @oliverdant @n4r4nch4 @scu11y22

SNSD Reaction - Dating Scandal

blackpink version : here


Originally posted by candyeon

She hadn’t heard anything about it until they were all on a variety show. One of the MC’s had been talking about the recent pictures of you and Irene that were floating around the internet.

“What do you guys think?” The MC asked, “I kinda hope they are together, they’d be pretty cute.”

All the girls laughed politely, a few of them looked at Taeyeon to make sure she was okay with what they were saying.

“You guys are pretty good friends with both of them aren’t you? Being label mates and all.” The other MC added in, earning an unsure laugh from a few members.

“Yeah, Y/N and I are pretty close.” Taeyeon agreed, “They’re not dating Irene.” she added politely.

The MC laughed a bit and nodded, “Alright, sorry about that tangent there, let’s move to the next question.”

After the show, Taeyeon walked backstage and was surprised to find that you had been watching the whole thing. When she saw you she walked over to you and wrapped her arms around your waist, resting her head against your shoulder. You hugged her and leaned your head against hers.

“I guess you and Irene are a thing now huh?” She asked looking at you.

“Yeah.” You agreed, laughing lightly, “don’t tell her, but I kind of have a thing for someone else.” You whispered, rubbing her back gently.  

The MC who had been teasing about yours and Irene’s relationship walked past, “I guess I was wrong about you and Irene huh?” she asked you with a laugh.

“Yup, Y/N’s all mine.” Taeyeon joked, hugging you a bit tighter.


Originally posted by sowonis

“So is Y/N dating Solar?” Krystal asked her, handing Jessica her phone which was opened up to a picture of you and Solar when the two of you had been working on a photoshoot. Jessica scrolled through the pictures, not quite sure how she felt about it.

“On and off camera romance?” Jessica read aloud, showing her sister the caption under one photo that captured you and Solar talking off set.

You walked through the door, your hair still messed up from the photoshoot. You set your bag on the table and walked into the living room, flopping onto the couch next to Jessica. You leaned against her and looked at what she was looking at.

“The photo’s already got out?” You asked, “How? I just did the shoot today.”

“You and your girlfriend are so cute.” Jessica said, showing you all the pictures. “Where’s this Y/N during date nights?”

You lightly hit her leg, and shook your head, “I’ll be there next time you pay me to go on a date.” This time it was her turn to gently push you away from her for a moment before pulling you against her again. She handed the phone back to Krystal, and pulled out her own. You rested your head on her shoulder and watched her take a selfie of the two of you before posting it to snapchat, which earned a questioning look from you and Krystal.

“The cutest couple photos are the ones of real couples.” She explained, proceeding to flop back against the couch and continue to play on her phone.


Originally posted by shiki-soon

She had been looking on your phone, playing a game as notifications kept popping up. She finally gave in and pressed on one of them, leading her to a swarm of comments under one of your Instagram posts. She looked through the comments and saw a bunch of hashtags of ship names. She read a few of the comments, trying to figure out who the ship names of. She nodded a bit with a smile before looking at the picture of you and Victoria.

When you walked into the room, she smiled a bit and walked over to you, “You never told me you were dating someone.”

You looked through the fridge and pulled out a soda, you turned back to her and raised your eyebrows. You took a sip of the drink before responding, “I didn’t think I’d have to tell you that I’m dating you.”

“No dummy, I thought you would’ve told me that you’re dating my label mate.” She said waving the picture in front of you.

“Ah yeah, totally slipped my mind.” You said jokingly, “We’ve only been on a few dates, nothing too serious.”

“Next time you should tell me, I could help you plan something.” Sunny said, leaning against you, “I think you could use my help.”

You smiled and kissed the top of her head, “Ouch. Maybe I should just stick to planning dates for my girlfriend, I think I’m pretty good at that.”

“You’re okay.” She said lightly, pulling you into a gentle hug.


Originally posted by chimchams

“Hey did you see this, people think you’re dating Chanyeol.” Tiffany said, showing you an article with a picture of you and Chanyeol.

You nodded a bit and cuddled closer to her, “I thought I was too.”

Tiffany laughed and hit your arm lightly, “Shut up.” she said shaking her head lightly. “I’m being serious, look you two even have a ship name.”

You turned a bit and looked at her, “Are you okay?” You asked her, the joking tone in your voice gone now. “If this is bugging you, you’d tell me about it right?”

“I want to be able to go on dates with you,” she pouted cutely and looked through the photo’s. “Look how cute these are, I want to go on dates as cute as this.”

“Me too, but we don’t really have an option. Not unless we go public.” You said, lightly kissing her, her pouty face too cute to resist.

“Go public.” Tiffany said, nodding a bit, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

“Do you want to?” You asked, slightly taken back by her nonchalant attitude. She smiled a bit and nodded, giving you all the confirmation you needed. “Let’s talk to your manager.” you said happily. You paused for a moment and looked back at her with a grin, “Maybe I should thank Chanyeol.”


Originally posted by hyolove

She ended up being in a similar situation as Taeyeon, the two of you had decided to go on a show together. After a few questions, the conversation had turned to relationships.

“So, as I’m sure you’re aware.” The interviewer began, looking directly at you as he spoke. “There have been some pictures going around of you and Taeyang that have kind of been plastered everywhere. With all these pictures, come some, well, rumors. About the two of dating. I was hoping for you to clear up everything, are you and Taeyang dating?”

You laughed a bit, “No, he’s just a close friend of mine.”

“Aw, are you sure? Some of these pictures kind of make me want to date you. You seem like a cute partner.” He said showing the two of you a few of the pictures going around.

“Y/N is an adorable partner.” Hyoyeon agreed, gently squeezing your hand. A signal that the two of you had previously agreed on, a sign that she was going to do the thing that made you two choose to do an interview in the first place. “Yeah, we’re dating and they have the most adorable habits in the morning.” she finished, earning a curious look from you. The rest of the interview was spent sharing embarrassing stories between the two of you.


Originally posted by kimtae-yeons

She wasn’t really sure how to feel, she knew that there was no way you would do anything to hurt her, but those pictures were not something people easily overlooked. You weren’t even aware that the pictures had even been taken, definitely not that they were plastered all over the internet. So your girlfriends oddly quiet demeanor when you got home felt weird. She had barely said anything to you since the moment you got home. In fact, she had barely been in the room with you, you swore that every time you walked into the room she left. Finally, you had had enough. She had hidden herself in your shared bedroom, and was refusing to come out, so instead you went to her. You had a plate of her favorite food balanced in one hand a a cup of tea in the other, you doing your best not to spoil the stupidly warm drink over your hand. You set the plate and the glass down on the table next to the bed before climbing in next to her. The two of you sat in an air of silence for a few moments before she looked over to you, and finally you spoke.

“You’re mad at me.”

“I don’t know.” Her voice was soft and she lifted her phone to show you all the pictures that had been taken. You looked through them thoughtfully and sighed before putting down the phone.

“You know that I didn’t do anything right? We went out for lunch, but that’s it. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” You said softly.

She didn’t speak, just offering a nod as an answer. “I think I could forgive you.” She said, a small smile playing at her lips.


“I dunno, you may have to earn it.”

You smiled, and put your arms around her waist, pulling her closer. “If I have to, I guess I could be nicer.”


Originally posted by girls-generation

She wasn’t upset with you, this was part of your job. You only did the video because it was your job, not because you had feelings for Eric Nam. That’s what she told herself whenever she watched the video, or heard the song, or saw you and Eric talking off screen. Which, whenever that happened, she became pretty clingy. She’d come up and hug you when you were talking to him, resting her head on your shoulder when you and Eric were talking about more song ideas.

You had noticed her slightly odd behavior earlier, but it was most obvious when the two of you had gone home. The ride was nearly silent and she pretty much disappeared when you both got home. You waited outside for awhile, not sure what was bothering her. After awhile you got up and walked to the bedroom, where she was looking through her computer just like she had been for the past few hours.

“What’s bothering you?” You asked, sitting next to her and nudging her gently. “You’ve been acting weird lately.”

You waited for a few moments, not getting a response. You sighed a bit and shook your head, offering her a smile before moving her laptop and tackling her in a hug. You cuddled her tightly.

“I’m not letting go until you’re not mad at me anymore.”

“I’m not mad!” Sooyoung said, giggling a bit when you tickled her. “I just don’t want to lose you to Eric.” she admitted, her voice quieting as she spoke.

You frowned and pulled away, “You’re not gonna lose me to him.” you promised quietly, “I don’t want to be with him. I actually kind of have someone else I’m into."you finished by kissing her head and cuddling her close to you.


Originally posted by thesoshisone

She hadn’t mentioned anything about the articles that were popping up after your on screen kiss with Lee Sung Kyung in your new drama. She didn’t want to bug you about it, knowing that it was just your drama. Honestly, had it not been for the articles with your co-star talking about how you were her ideal type none of this would have been a problem, but after all of these articles coming out the kiss went viral. Everyone loved you and her, and the whole thing made her feel uncomfortable, especially when she posted couple pictures with you and there were loads of comments with yours and Sungkyung’s ship name.

After one time where there were a particularly large amount of comments, you had noticed that Yoona seemed kind of down.

"What do you want for dinner?” You asked, looking through the fridge, “We have almost no food, but I think I can make something.”

“I’m not really hungry.” She murmured from the living room.

You turned around and walked over to her, sitting on the couch next to her, “What’s going on? You seem upset.”

“You’re not going to leave me right?” Yoona asked after a few moments of silence, “For Sungkyung?”

You frowned and pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back gently, “Of course not. I love you.”

Yoona nodded a bit, cuddled against you gently. “I love you too.”


Originally posted by taengoonism

Pictures of your previous relationship with Amber had resurfaced recently, a lot of people thinking that the two of you are still together since you and Seohyun hadn’t talked about your relationship publicly yet.

“So, you’ve seen the pictures right?” You asked, sitting next to her. “‘Cause otherwise, forget I said anything.”

She lightly hit your shoulder and nodded a bit, “I’ve seen them.”

“Okay.” You paused for a moment and an awkward silence fell between the two of you for a few moments.

She looked over grinned at you before nudging you gently, “You guys are so cute!”  she gushed, taking your phone and looking through the pictures. She cuddled closer to you and found one of them, “These are cute, but we have ones that are much cuter.”

You wrapped her arms around her, and kissed her head softly, “Yeah we do.”

She went to your camera roll and picked out a few of the pictures, “I think we should post one of these ones, they’re the cutest ones. What do you think?”

“I like the second, you look the cutest in that one.”

She nodded a bit and went on Instagram, setting everything up before looking at you, “Are you sure you’ll be okay with this?”

“I’m more worried about you, will your manager be okay with that?” You asked quietly.

“Already asked, its a yes.” She murmured before posting the picture.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Mad: Part 10

Originally posted by younggjaebum

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains graphic sexual content

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 11

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Galra analysis - part 1 - generics


I can’t really hide my love for Galras anymore and since I’m drawing them a bit (a lot more in the future, yeaas) I need some down-to-earth flatly objective and compulsory depiction of them (also because I’m personally pretty thorough and obsessive with accuracy and avoiding OOCness and I like analysing stuff). Since I could find no compilation about this, I made it myself. Hohohoho!

This is based on the show only; no comics here, I know it’s considered canon but it’s so freaking bad I can’t bring myself to refer to it, also the show got the whole team working on it and thus is a far better reference.
There is NO headcanons here, this are only facts and stuff that happened in the show. It’s meant as an objective source of informations. So no shipping, imaginary past, fairy dust or whatever. I don’t claim I’m right about anything, I’m simply compiling existing datas.

And of course, if this helps you with anything, refer yourself to it as much as you’d like.

EDIT: corrections in tabs!

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Who You Are

Characters: Jensen x reader, Gen, Jared, your bff

Word Count: 2092

Warnings: little angst, then fluff

Summary: After a break up with Jensen, how will the cards fall when you find your true self?

Beta(s): @meganwinchester1999 @teenagebandjunkee 

Author’s Note: this is my first Jensen fic, so I hope you enjoy it! No hate to Daneel bc she’s amazing, but they didn’t date or anything in this fic. I used the song Who You Are by Jessie J. lyrics are in italics. News headlines are bolded. I was trying something kind of different. feedback is always appreciated! enjoy xx

Originally posted by imdreamingofhim

You finish packing your last bag with the help of your best friend. You still can’t believe you have the courage to break up with Jensen.

y/bff/n finishes putting your last box in the car as you check around the house to make sure you have everything. “Going somewhere?” You hear Jensen’s voice behind you.

“Nowhere that concerns you.” You try to walk past him, but he blocks the front door.

“I think it does concern me when Gen send me a text yesterday that you’re moving out.”

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Hate That I Love You

Anon:  use this request to post some scenario that you’re dying to write!

A/N: thanks! even though i do this all the time anyways thanks for the ask! <3 This is pretty depressing not gonna lie so read if you like angst!

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Loyalty. Something everyone says they cherish. People live by it and never hesitate to label themselves as someone owning such a trait. It’s easy to believe they do. But of course, people lie whither they know it or not.

Everything started out blissfully. Life had so quickly become brighter and happier. All because of one person. You hadn’t been looking for anyone but still, he appeared. He was a friend of a friend but before you knew it you were each other’s obsession. You quickly became familiar with late night texts, adventures around the city, kisses that made your heart flutter, and days spent inside doing anything to spend time together. It was never boring and the first “I love you” was nothing but perfect.

Remembering the day you moved in together, you never missed that old apartment you used to live in. Wherever Jimin was, home was. It wasn’t long before the two of you had real fights but you always made up. You never felt as if one of you wavered no matter how loud the shouting got. Having more positive moments than negative made all the difference. Of course, the two of you had your work lives separate but it was good.

Everyone was jealous of what you had together. They all grumbled about how disgustingly cute the both of you were. It made you smile, you weren’t going to lie. No one is ever upset to have something that others wish they had.

There was always something though. If something felt or seemed perfect, there was always something hiding beneath the surface.

You knew nothing about this something. There was no way you would know since it was deliberately hidden. From you especially.

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difficult | eren x reader x jean

Warnings: Jean is a little mean and sad. :(
A/N: I tweaked it a little bit. I made Jean have feelings for the reader but not realizing it until the reader moves on.
Word count: 1226

There you were– just as breathtaking as you always had been sitting at a table in the mess hall surrounded by your comrades as they all laughed about a conversation they were having. Eren felt himself smiling at the sound of your laughter. Everything about you was perfect to Eren: your voice, your smile, your eyes. Gosh, your eyes were the most precious things he’s ever laid eyes on. They were always filled with curiosity and hope, something that reminded him of his younger self. A happier time that he often dreamt of.

Eren felt his smile faded away as he watched your usual smiley mood turned to a more flustered one once he saw Jean lean over and whisper something into your ear making you giggle and cheeks turn pink. Eren felt the anger within him boil and he clenched his fists as tightly as he could.

Eren was jealous that was no secret but fact that you had eyes for Jean made it twenty times worse. Jealousy and anger was never a good mixture.

It had always been obvious that you had feelings for Jean. Whenever he would come around you would always get rather quiet and blush. His flirty demeanor didn’t help the situation at all either. Eren hated the fact that he couldn’t have you because you was too busy chasing after Jean, but that didn’t stop him from getting close with you at all. You’ve both actually became very close friends over the years– best friends really.

So when you confided in Eren about Jean, it felt like a slap to the face. Eren had always his suspicions about how you felt towards Jean but now that it was confirmed, it was too much for Eren to handle. He felt his heart drop. Of all the guys in this world, why him? Eren tried his best to not let his emotions show and get the best of him but it almost seemed impossible. He just remembers saying he had to go and stormed away from you as quickly as possible.

Eren?” Your hand gently touched the side of his face– snapping him out of his thoughts. “Are you alright..? You look angry.. Did I say something-”
“I have to go.. see you later.” Eren cut your sentence off and walked away from her as fast as possible.

Eren felt a strong hand on his shoulder making him come back to reality. He looked to his right and saw Reiner with a small smile on his face.

“You’re staring again, bro.” He said as he directed his attention towards you. “Why don’t you just tell her how you feel?”
“I wish it were that simple.”

“(Name), wait-!” You heard Jean call your name as you walked away from him teary eyed. Your heart was beyond shattered as the same sentence kept replaying inside your head.

‘I’d never be with someone like you.’

“(Name). Please stop! I didn’t mean it like that.” You felt Jean grab your hand so you couldn’t walk any further. You turned around with a sudden anger within your core and snatched your hand away from his grasp. Your palm made a sudden and hard connect to Jean’s cheek making him wince at the sudden sting on his skin.

“I deserved that,” Jean took his hand and rubbed his jaw. “But can you please listen to what I have to say?” Jean pleaded.
“There’s nothing to listen to, Jean! You let me know how you felt back there. Thank you for wasting my time.” At this point your tears fell down your face freely as you looked up at the guy that you cared for so much.
“(Name).. I’m sorry but I just don’t have feelings for you.” Believe it or not, it actually hurt Jean a lot seeing you cry like this. He cared for you, he really did but he just couldn’t find any romantic feelings for you.

You didn’t think your heart could be broken any further but you were wrong. The only thing you could do was turn around with any dignity you had left and forget. Forget about him. Forget about the pain.

You were too caught up into your thoughts to pay attention to your surroundings causing you to bump into someone. Luckily enough, the person was fast enough to catch you before you fell.

“(Name)?” You looked up to meet Eren’s big turquoise orbs that were always paired with a small smile when he was around you. His smile faded away quickly when he noticed your puffy eyes and tear stained cheeks. “Have you been crying? What happened? Are you hurt?”

“No, Eren. Its nothing.” You forced a smile but Eren didn’t buy it at all.
“(Name), you’re a terrible liar. Please tell me what’s wrong. I hate to see you upset..” Eren’s eyes were locked onto yours searching for an answer. You felt your cheeks rise in temperature and you looked down at your feet.

“Is it Jean?” Eren asked. His eyes widened because your silence gave away the answer. “I’ll fucking kill him!” Eren seethed through his teeth and attempting to brush past you obviously trying to find Jean. You quickly grabbed his arm pulling him back.
“Let go, (Name).” Eren didn’t bother looking at you. He was on a mission and did not want anything to stop him.

“Eren I want you to calm down.”
“Why should I? He hurt you!”
“Why do you care so much?!”
Because I’m in love with you!


Things got better after that day. They say if one door closes another one opens and you couldn’t have agreed more. Eren did his best to mend your heart and take your mind off of Jean and he was doing an excellent job. You two got very close. Closer than you ever thought you both would actually. There was no label… yet. Eren and you wanted to be sure that you both moved at a slow pace but you both knew that you guys were “unofficially exclusive” according to Sasha.

Jean on the other hand wasn’t doing so well. As much as he tried, he just could not get you out of his thoughts. He realized he made a huge mistake. Jean missed being around you. He missed your smile and that cute laugh you did when he told one of his corny jokes. It wasn’t until one day he knew he had lost you to the better man when he tried to approach you asking you for a second chance.

“- And I was wondering if we could..” Jean’s sentence was trailed off when he saw a certain teal eyed guy wrap an arm around your waist, giving him a glare. “…I’m sorry I wasted your time, (Name).” Jean said through a small smile and walked away. He just kept thinking to him:

Is this how it feels to be heart broken?

The Season Finale/Bye, Boys

I know I’m late - I had to work all day yesterday and today, and when I first got those jobs I’d anticipated I’d be frustrated about missing the finale live, but, well - after last week’s episode, I mostly wasn’t interested at all. When I sat down tonight to watch it, I almost didn’t want to. I was highkey convinced I wouldn’t like it, and, yeah, I didn’t. Not particularly. I’ve suspected for a while that Supernatural lost its grandeur and sense of tragedy years ago, and all that’s left is a bunch of occasionally magnificent, but mostly unconnected, monster hunts - that they’re grasping at straws to avoid going down paths that would actually make sense because they don’t want to go there - and this finale confirmed all that with the subtlety of a badly driven tank. 

(Really - I was hoping things would be different, but they’re not. As much as this show held my hand and made me laugh and cry in difficult moments and distracted me when real life was plain unbearable, the magic is no longer there. I watched the finale with that same awful weight in your stomach you feel when faced with that one person you no longer love - when you look and look and you don’t understand how you could ever love them in the first place, and then your eye catches something - they way their mouth curves into a smile, perhaps, or the once beloved lilt in their voice, and you realize that oh, that’s how

But still, it’s over.)

So, what happens next?

The honest answer is, I don’t know. I’ve been mostly off tumblr for a week, and while I missed chatting and talking with you guys, this self-imposed break really brought home just how my world has shrunk. I tend to be very intense in what I like, and over the last year, 90% of my free time has been Supernatural. Writing stories, writing metas, creating the odd graphic, reblogging other people’s posts and ooohing and aaaawing at their creations and insight - that was great, but it also cut my mental landscape into a tiny little postcard. And this past week - I did things. I discovered new stuff, I read real books, I faffed around weird Wikipedia pages, I lost myself in other series, I planted beans and basil and edible flowers. And I liked it - a lot. So whatever I do next, I’ll be on tumblr a lot less, because - I’m sorry - I’ve been fearing for a while that Supernatural simply wasn’t worth this level of devotion, and this finale pretty much confirmed that. So - really - I’ll keep reblogging gifs and I’ll probably write the occasional headcanon and feel free to ask me things and come talk to me and everything else, but please know that I’m not that positive about this show anymore, so if you want rainbows and ponies, my blog’s probably not the best place to get them. I’ll definitely keep writing, and I hope I’ve got enough love left in me to finish my DCBB, but other than that - I think I’m done. It’s likely I’ll watch the show next year, but I’ll certainly not anticipate new episodes and squeal at the screen and bleed my own blood all over it or anything. And maybe this will hurt at some point - God, I loved this show so goddamn much - but for now I’m just numb. 

So, here goes - quite possibly, my last meta. 

Cas: Yes, They Went There

This is what we’re all wondering, isn’t it? Is Cas really dead? 

No, he isn’t. If Misha was leaving the show, we’d know about it. Like, of course they’d keep it under wraps until the last episode, but it’d be out today - no reason it wouldn’t. Plus, from a narrative point of view, Cas’ death doesn’t make any sense. He just died after fucking up - again - and he never got to make his Big Choice between Heaven and *coughs* humanity, plus they’re having so much fun jerking us around with that yeah so maybe he and Dean they’re in love thing, why would they stop now? So, honestly, his ‘death’ was his only good moment during this season finale. Like, he obviously wasn’t brainwashed brainwashed, so it didn’t make any sense he wouldn’t involve Sam and Dean in his overly simplistic scheme, plus he’s been acting stupid and out of character the whole time he was on screen - and, I get Cas is hard to write, but come on. Renting a cabin under the name James Novak when he can hypnotize it out of some guy without leaving a paper trace? Reading books and taking online classes about childbirth? This from a guy who’s not a guy at all and has instinctive knowledge of physics and whatever and knows perfectly well that thing inside Kelly isn’t a human child, anyway, so he might as well take woodworking classes for all the good that would do him? Uh. Not to mention his random snooping into alternate dimensions he knew nothing about when he was supposed to be taking care of Kelly - if AU!Bobby had killed him, or if he’d fallen into a pit or whatever else, Kelly would have remained alone in that cabin basically waiting for Lucifer to find her. Honestly - why do they bother writing Cas at all if they can’t get him right?

Destiel: Still Subtext

And more bad news: five seasons of queerbaiting - and counting. This season finale had to be the one with the least amount of UST or pining or any kind of fuckery between them since, I don’t know, ever? Sure, there were moments, and I could list them, but why should I? Look at Cas doing his own thing, and what does it matter if he was staring at the water (possibly thinking about that fish which started everything, and by everything I mean Cas’ love for humanity, and by humanity I mean Dean), and what does it matter if Dean, as usual, is the one fretting about Cas and worrying about Cas and being all undignified and unmanly? It’s been years, and Dean was unusually chatty during the whole finale, so I’m sure some of us were like, ALERT ALERT THIS IS WHEN IT HAPPENS (not me, because I’m grumpy and disillusioned), and nope, not the time. Better luck next season, guys.

Honestly, at this point there are no good options. 

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Twisted Desires Chapter Three

Quick Info - Y/N goes to LA and sees the Ackles for the first time since that night in Austin
Word Count - 3355
Warnings - language, angst, fluff

Part Three of Twenty Five. Hope you enjoy this series as much as i enjoyed writing it.

This is my first Jensen series and I am really excited but also nervous. I mean no disrespect toward Jensen or Danneel. This is purely a fictitious story that I tried with Dean but it didn’t work as well. Thank you to @tankcupcakes​ and @atc74​ for their beta and encouragement with this chapter.

Twisted Desires Masterlist

My Masterlist

Twisted Desires Chapter Three

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Cheater Cheater (Part 1)

Word Count: 2,491

Prompt: Anon: Hi!!!!!!! I am kind of new to this whole requesting thing, but I was wondering if you’d be up to writing one where the reader is dating Dean and finds out he has cheated on her multiple times and at first tries to stay with him and doesn’t say anything, but later she sees him with the other girl and goes out, gets drunk then sleeps with another guy and Dean finds out? I’m so so sorry that it’s so so long and I get it if you don’t want to write it! Thank you!

Warnings/Notes: Don’t be sorry! I would love to write this! Okay, so Anon, I LOVE this idea. And I really wanted to capture as much of it as I could. So to do that I needed to make this into two parts. So I’m going to post part one right now, and part two as soon as I finish it (should just be later today because I don’t want this to linger.) Otherwise it was just too long and I didn’t want to do that you Y’all.


You heard the soft beating on the door and your heart started to race. There was only one person who knocked like that. Only one person who had the strength to make the knock echo throughout the whole house. And even though it had been so long since you’d heard it, so long since you’d seen him, your heart racing was the only reasonable reaction.

Especially when Dean Winchester was on the other side of the door. Dean Freakin’ Winchester.

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I’m Here for You | Part 2

So, the idea for a part two has been playing in my head for a while, so I decided to give in and finally write it. I kind of wish I almost didn’t write it. It’s way way longer than I thought it was going to be. Two thousand words to be exact. 

Anyways, I should have another one-shot posted later today, then I’m going to focus on finally finishing chapter 9 of the road trip. 

Word Count: 6,318

Part 1

It’s the morning of Riley’s graduation, and she’s feeling rather excited. It’s the day she worked four hard years for, but she is more excited about the fact that she is going to see Lucas and finally tell him that it was over between her and Nathan—that it had been over between them for months.

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let’s play a fun game called ‘auden translates braille shown in daredevil’

if there were more than a handful of panels i’d suggest a drinking game — drink whenever you can tell the writers have said “people who read braille don’t read comics so we have no accountability and no reason to work on accuracy”

but anyways, here’s some braille in daredevil comics, almost exclusively from volume 2 and 3, because everything earlier than that is completely unsalvageable, and everything later than that has neglected to include braille at all. also excluded is the cover of 3.10.1, which, trust me on this, just says “daredevil” in all lowercase with no contractions 

[image: two early daredevil panels. matt runs two fingers over “a braille subway map”.]


i truly have no idea. i’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for the actual map part, especially because the art on this panel is so bad that it’s clear they put in like maybe five minutes of effort on this whole damn comic, and it’s very, very early. but what’s meant to be text is… not even close to being anything at all. 


i am sorrowful but unsurprised

[image: three daredevil panels. matt goes over his schedule for the day, written in braille. he scours the schedule for a ‘nicholas macabee,’ who is meant to have an 11:30 appointment but is not on the book.]


be.5y andbeinbe 

be(obscured, possibly e)be ?(, or .5 - the spacing is weird)wk h(obscured, but at least one of these dots is not in a cell at all)(capital letter marking)

(obscured)t.(, or .5, spacing is weird)mo(obscured, possibly d)



(obscured- possibly a)(obscured- possibly d)(obscured- possibly b)enenand”(obscured)en




:?(, or .5 - the spacing is messed up)senn) 


(obscured- maybe an s but it goes outside the cell)n(k or possibly st)t?

CONCLUSION: so that’s just a massive fucking mess

[image: five daredevil panels. matt sits in front of his phone, which has speed-dial buttons labeled in braille. he considers, then calls natasha.]


(obscured)(vertical and horizontal spacing makes this unreadably weird, possibly k)

(obscured)(vertical and horizontal spacing makes this unreadably weird- possibly eg)

(obscured) ()y (i’m giving this one a couple of points though because it’s clearly meant to be the ‘ggy’ of ‘foggy,’ just poorly vertically arranged)

be.5y (could be intended to be ‘bay’)

beobe (also gets a couple of points as a poorly vertically arranged ‘bob’)

sw (which he presses for natasha romanoff, black widow)

CONCLUSION: this is the only thing in all of volume two that actually makes any effort at all, which tells you something, because there’s literally nothing right about this. it also of course raises the question: who does matt have higher on his speed dial than foggy?

[image: three panels of sheet music on matt’s piano. text reads “the sheet music has a raised texture for my fingers to read. it was a christmas present from an old girlfriend.”]


okay, so this isn’t actually braille, but that’s the problem. it’s literally just raised text and raised notes on presumably a raised staff. which. is not how braille music notation works. braille music notation is a very specific form of braille, which looks something like this (although i don’t know braille music notation yet, so i can’t quite confirm): 

[image: a page of sheet music with traditional music notation above (printed for display) braille music notation.]

[image: two daredevil panels. milla’s friend hands her a bouquet of flowers sent by matt. the flowers have a braille card in them. milla and her friend comment that they’re not pretty, but they smell amazing.]





CONCLUSION: matt murdock knows just what to say to get the ladies. 

[image: the cover of daredevil volume 3 #14. matt is turned towards the viewer, holding his billy club and running two fingers across grommets on the truly giant mask of dr. doom. just above his head is doom’s menacing veined eye, bigger than his head.] 


d o o m 


the spacing on this one is like one whole cell more than it should be and it’s Massive, i’m really not sure how matt is reading that, but that’s okay, i guess, because it’s not really for him, and much of the story is about how he doesn’t know that he’s in latveria, and he doesn’t know he’s being held by doom, because so much of the available information is kept from him, and there’s all this dramatic irony about the audience knowing and him not and whatever. anyways i love it.

[image: a panel in which a latverian villain holds up matt’s avengers ID card, which is emblazoned with braille. he crushes it, saying, “congratulations, blind man. you found the master’s communications damper and crippled it…” 




so excepting the villain being unnecessarily ableist in several ways, that’s truly not… wrong. i just don’t know what kind of material would work like this. like it can’t just be paper because that’s ridiculous for an ID card like this and also it’s soaking wet, it’s thick enough to have a swipe and a microchip in it, it can’t be laminated because it’s brailled, but this guy crushes it in his hand. did he just crumple a credit-card-thick sheet of hard plastic in his hand? is that what happened? is he ok 

on a more important note, why has tony just brailled matt’s ID card? if his identity hasn’t yet been revealed as matt murdock, then shouldn’t it at least ALSO be in print? since, you know, matt’s still trying to pass for sighted? was tony like “yes, i know what i will do, i will ensure that daredevil’s ID card is just brailled with his name and not the type of card it is, because otherwise he will… forget his name. this definitely will not compromise his secret identity if found at all.” whatever it’s chill i’m chill

[image: a single daredevil panel. a woman’s hand is seen passing a letter written in braille to a doctor. printed text behind it reads “Please know that whatever your doctors or your parents may try to tell you, you did hear my voice the other day. You were in my apartment. That was real. Someone played on your confused state of mind just to get to me. You didn’t deserve that.”]


please know that

whatever your doctors

or your parents may try

to tell you, you

did hear my voice the

other day’ you were in

my apartment’ that was

real’ someone played

on your confused state

of mind just to get to

me’ you didnfort deserve

(obscured)t’ if, through some

(obscured)roke of luck,  you

are reading this note,

donfort let your doctors

find it’ i shouldnfort

CONCLUSION: so this is basically right! but with no capitalization and really fucked up punctuation (i’m pretty sure all six dots is not an apostrophe, and i’m pretty sure what they’re using in place of a period IS an apostrophe). the reason each line as barely anything on it, though, is that it’s in the most basic possible braille there is- it’s like instead of speaking something, spelling it out letter by letter instead.

[image: a single daredevil panel. matt sits in the foreground, pouring over a braille book. foggy is in profile in the background, opening a briefcase. the book matt’s ‘reading’ is mostly blank with the occasional scattered dots.]

LINE BY LINE TRANSLATION: nope there’s literally nothing i can do with that sorry


[image: a single daredevil panel. matt sits at his desk, looking tired and overwhelmed. the desk is covered by stacks of papers. in the foreground is a desk plate, labeled in braille.]


Matt Murdock 


CONCLUSION: i’ll cry. i’m literally crying right now. this is all i’ve ever wanted. capitalization, punctuation, letters???  

[image: matt’s bandaged hand holds a syringe, labeled in braille. the narration box reads “On the label. ‘Got you.’ 


GOT (obscured, capital letter marking, probably)


so this is both right and really valuable to the story, and i love it. like, this is the villain messing with matt, not only by showing that he can hurt foggy, but by showing that he knows matt’s identity, has power over that identity remaining secret(ish), and is fully willing to fuck with matt murdock as well as daredevil. ‘got you’ is not that powerful, but ‘got you’ in braille is lovely storytelling.

How Much For That Bear in the Window? (Ch. 8)

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Summary: Dan, an eighteen year old boy who has finally reached the age to be sold from the whorehouse he used to call home, is given to a man with dreamy blue eyes who makes this seem a lot less terrifying. 

Pairing: Phan

Prostitution Fic/Bought

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