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I just love harry so much? like wow… sometimes it hits me harder than ever? almost everything in this world screams violence and coldness and sadness, and then there’s him. Preaching kindness 24/7 and practicing it, too. Waving rainbow flags around, dancing with them and tying them to his mic and making people feel good about themselves. Spreading the love and making strangers ~ embrace and tell each other that they love each other. And on top of all that, he’s one incredibly talented human. The warmth, love and positivity he radiates can be felt even through a LQ video and I think that’s the most beautiful feeling ever. That’s his biggest power™

If you have some headcanons about the Rebels AU hmu- I’m gonna say if it’s true or not
(I actually just don’t want to do school work, even tho it’s 9 pm and I SHOULD do school work rip)


“I can’t believe you ask me to hang out.”

The opinion no one wants.

About this whole Seb debacle. Yes I’m a fan. Yes, I still adore him.

Do I think the joke couldn’t have come at a worse time? Absolutely. Do I think he should apologize and delete the post? Yes.

Do I think it’s fair for people to comment and tell him that one misstep like this will ruin his entire career? No. No it’s not. As I told @sarabeth72 earlier, it was a poorly timed post. I’m all for the “take a knee” protests. Good on the guys for doing that. But to attack him for making a completely unrelated post, poorly timed or not, is awful.

Poor taste does not justify how people are suddenly neglecting all the good and kind things he’s said. There are stars who have said and done far worse.

He should apologize and delete the post, but people need to grow up. It’s a two way street, guys.


Thank you all so much this is so nice gajhcbukagzhaukjgzchd I don’t even know how to react to all the sweetness-

Btw- I had to delete my whole inbox after that, no joke, there were over 1000 messages and I was too overwhelmed-
So if you submitted anything I haven’t seen yet, maybe submit it again!!!

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Cassian *is lying in bed*: I’m dying

Neata: no you are not stop being over dramatic

Nesta *feels cassian’s forehead*: wow you really are warm

Cassian: you could almost say I’m hot-

Nesta *whacks him with a pillow*

they’ve started filming for s3, but still! no! season 1 or 2! bloopers!!!!! i swear to god we better get some at NYCC because it’s such a wasted opportunity. I need to see all of them effing up their lines, particularly matthew daddario cause ya’ll know the boy is gonna say “fuck” everytime he messes up and also matt and dom cracking each other up and behind the scenes of malec scenes with captain daddario and shum jr. I need this man. 

anonymous asked:

can you make a post about the bands each house listens to?

I can definitely try. However fair warning I don’t listen to a whole lot of music on the regular so it’s going to be a bit all over the place.

Hufflepuff: Listens to k-pop and j-pop bands 24/7. If they could add in an extra hour of the week just to listen to k-pop and j-pop they would do it. Particularly loves BTS and Big Bang.

Slytherin: The kid who can’t help experiencing some sense of nostalgic love and panic whenever the g note from The Black Parade by MCR is played. Still listens to tons of Panic! At the Disco and Twenty One Pilots.

Ravenclaw: Lots of orchestra music. Is also the most likely house to have songs from musical soundtracks on their phone. Also listens to a lot of parodies like Jon Cozart’s After Ever After or K-Face Rules’ Talk Nerdy to Me.

Gryffindor: Likes songs that make them feel all the feels or songs that make them feel powerful. Definitely has Adele, and Beyoncé on their phones. Probably owns some Ed Sheeran merch. Has a secret love for Taylor Swift but probably won’t admit it.