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Kang Daniel | Gift

prompt: daniel forgets that it’s your birthday but does his best to arrive to spend the last few hours of it with you.

noteday 6 of DANIEL WEEK aka MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! this is the week i post seven days of daniel stories as a treat to myself! the inspiration for this fic = me actually forgetting to write a birthday fic for myself AND THIS ADORABLE PICTURE OF DANIEL LMAO. 

  • you woke up on your birthday to the dings of text messages from all of your friends and family
  • and you felt like you were getting phone calls every ten minutes or so
  • but for some reason, the person you cared for the most didn’t seem to say anything about your birthday

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Wait but... what if when Jack goes to Pax, and pre-records his videos per usual, he does videos about the EGOS. Jack could f@$k up the fandom and get away with not being hurt or anything, because he's left the egos in charge while he's gone. (1/2)

Chase being called in to play games due to somebody skiving off work. Marvin posting magic tricks on Jack’s channel, getting excited over how many people love his magic. Schneeple getting concerned over the state of the fandom + how to use social media in general. (“Vhy are you all tumbling around? Is zis zome kind of zymptom?”) Jackaboy Man giving a (literal) crash course on how to stay safe at night/when driving/saving the world. (2/2)

The SepticEgos watching over the channel (and posting their own videos in the process) while Jack is away for PAX?

Hahahaha xD oh that could be very funny.

Silly you.

Hi! I have been so busy lately, I hardly ever posted anything that wasn’t on queue. I finally have some time today and hopefully; I can get through some more requests. As per usual, this is a gentle reminder that: yes, requests are open until stated otherwise and I will get to your requests as soon as I can. This was inspired by a comic strip that I found when I was looking up recipes for potato egg salad (I want to make some for dinner!) and it just became like this. Hope you enjoy it! 

Sometimes the two of you argue about the silliest things. When you think about it, it always manages to make you blush in embarrassment and laugh at how most of the arguments started. Out of all the stupidest things Jason and you argue about, it had to be that one time when you were sun-tanning at the back of your house, eating boiled eggs – you were craving for some boiled eggs that week – and making sure your Alaskan Malamute – Hood, very original name from Jason – is getting the exercise he needs. You had been about to sit up when one of your boiled eggs rolled off of your plate and fell on top the chair before falling to the ground.

You gasp, setting as the now empty plate on to your table and is about to reach for the fallen egg – you reckon if you wash it, it will still be alright – when Hood races towards you and gobbled up the egg right before you. He barks happily and puts two of his front paws on your thighs, reaching forward to lick your face before rushing off to run around again.

Jason walks out of the house to see you looking extremely annoyed and sad at the same time so he approaches you. “What’s got your panties in a twist?” He asks, sitting down beside you.

You turn to face your boyfriend. “Hood just stole my egg.”

Jason raises one of his eyebrows, looking at you for further explanation. “What?”

You repeat your previous answer. “My egg fell off my plate to the chair and on to the ground!” You explain and Jason nods his head. “Hood took it right before I could even reach it and now it’s gone!” Your voice is starting to raise in volume now and Jason looks at you as if you had another head coming out of your shoulders.

“So? It’s just an egg, babe. Hood eats anything and everything he feels like.” Jason glances at Hood who is currently rolling around on the grass. No matter how many times the both of you tried to manage Hood’s diet, he somehow manages to destroy what effort the both of you have put in.

“It’s not just an egg, Jay! I wanted to eat that egg!” You exclaim, starting to get annoyed about how nonchalant your boyfriend of four years is being and Jason turns to look back at you again. “Why can’t you be considerate to my feelings, Jay? I really wanted to eat the egg!” You cross your arms, narrowing your eyes at Jason.

Jason is slightly taken aback by your expression. “Babe, it’s just an egg – why are you getting so worked up about this?” Sometimes he really wonders what goes on in your head. “If it means so much to you, I’ll boil one egg for you, okay?” He stands up, shaking his head. “It’s just an egg, Y/N. Come on.” He picks up your plate and holds on to your arm before tugging you back inside the house.

You pout and sat by the counter, watching Jason move about the kitchen. He poured water in to a pot and waited for it to boil before placing the egg inside. As the minutes tick by, you are slowly starting to realize just how much of a jerk you had been and honestly, you should not really be surprised by Hood stealing your food – you know Jason feeds him chicken and baby carrots topped with peanut butter, every now and then – he does it all the time. Like one time, the two of you got him a new bed and guess who didn’t sleep on his new bed at all? That’s right, Hood. But that’s another story for another day.

When the egg is boiled, Jason even went as far as peeling it open for you. He sliced the egg in half before drizzling them with some warm olive oil and sprinkled it with flavored sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper. He brings the plate over to you and places it in front of you.

You blink a couple of times at his sweet gestures. “I’m an idiot.” You tell him as you reach for the plate.

Jason rolls his eyes before chuckling affectionately. “Yeah, well, I’m the idiot that’s dating the idiot.” He tells you cheekily, causing you to laugh.

See, sometimes the arguments the two of you have – though half of the time, it is you who tend to blow things out of proportions – are just the silliest but you know, you will never trade it for anything else in the world.

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PLEASE HELP. K so im new to the tf fandom (literally finished tfp tonight) and people keep tagging their posts with 'maccadam' and so i searched it up and its a diddly dang bartender??? who might be an original but idk??? but anyways why does EvErYoNe tag their posts with that i dont get the joke please explain it to a poor soul.

It’s not really a “joke” or anything like that. If you go into the generic tag “#transformers” then usually you’ll be bombarded with spambot posts, posts about the humans/actors in the Michael Bay movies, RP and “headcanon/imagine” blogs spamming the tags with pointless posts, etc.

Sometimes those headcanon/imagine blogs still spam-post into the character tags and at any given time you’ll see about 5-10 spammy “scenario/imagine” posts per page. It’s fucking annoying unless you block them constantly.

For a lot of people (including myself) who wanted to just focus on the comics/tfp/tfa/g1 and not the Bay movies and not be bombarded with spam, it got to be super annoying and eventually the generic transformers tag became taken over with just spammy and pointless things.

So the fandom kinda got fed up with the spam (especially during what I call the Great Russian Spambot Raid of 2014-2015 – when all major fandom’s tags were literally destroyed due to Russian spambots posting p*rn and gore into the tags) and created it’s own tag — #Maccadam. The tag has been around since 2012 from what I can tell, but not many people used it until the 2014-15 Russian spambot raid.

Maccadam is indeed a comic reference to Maccadam’s Old Oil House and the TF fandom found it obscure enough to be hidden away from all the spam. And it worked. Eventually all/most fandom people moved to the Maccadam tag to escape that spamming and it’s now just used because it’s easier to see actual fandom art and such things there instead of in the generic Transformers tag – where it’s still fairly spammy and annoying.

Dear friends, I am going to be on my bullshit again starting October 1st. This means I’m going to be posting horror movie gore & caps in great amounts. Uhhhhh pretty much anything goes, although I generally stay away from giffing rape and animal abuse (if it’s a mutant/monster animal or if it’s vicious or especially dangerous I might make an exception. Depends on the feel/context). The most you really need to worry about is spoilers for the movies I’m giffing (I usually try to avoid them but sometimes I don’t), the amount of posts I’ll be putting up (may be between 30-100+ posts per day), my sometimes funny and sometimes awful captions, and tons of all different kinds of gore. If you are sensitive to graphic stuff, you might want to unfollow me. Here’s some of the stuff in the gifs this year:

  • genital mutilation/discharge
  • vomiting
  • nudity/sex
  • physical abuse (unarmed)
  • stabbing/hacking with knives/edged weapons
  • maiming with power tools (chainsaw/drill)
  • slicing skin/flesh with blades
  • severed arms/legs/decapitation
  • blood/entrails
  • bludgeoning/head smashing
  • vehicular kills
  • monster & animal attacks
  • graphic gun kills
  • eye stuff (cuts stabs gouges and pop-outs)
  • graphic violence on kids
  • teeth stuff
  • body transformation (stretching/pulsing/bulging/growing nails)
  • worms/spiders/bugs (in ears/nose/mouth)
  • melting people
  • tentacle stuff (binding)
  • strangulation
  • grabbing/groping
  • people on fire
  • cult stuff
  • glass stuff
  • removing of skin
  • corpses (w/maggots, etc)
  • forced broken bones (bending/twisting body parts the wrong way)
  • exploding heads
  • falling death
  • really gross slimes and sludges and other fluids
  • staking
  • branding/burning
  • hanging
  • eating gross stuff
  • electric shock
  • cannibalism
  • impalement
Trailer Thoughts and Theories.

First things first, watch that.

Secondly, I won’t be going over the Lars and Off colors trailer since there’s nothing i can really theorize about there (other than what will happen in that episode, and I’ll leave that to the others in the community to theorize)

Third, yes that is a new icon thank’s for noticing it’s basicly the aftermath in my brian from the season five trailer. I’ll change it again once i can finally make sense of this show for good or whenever i feel like I need a new one.

Now onto my thoughts, and I won’t do these types of posts often since usually I’m one of the last theoriest to post sometihng about anything, mostly because i want to see what others are saying about things.

I’ll only talk about what stood out to me the most:

Steven’s daily dose of anxiety is increasing and his self confidence is decreasing (as per the norm latley for the poor kid, he’s only 14)

“You ran from blue and yellow diamond?!” This is obviously a big deal (not that we didn’t know that already) but now we’re probably going to learn how big of a deal it was.

Then we hear Greg talking to the gems about not knowing much about their planet/culter or anything to do with them really. THis is said over th eimage of a battle ofagians’t who we assume to be pink diamodn before flashing to the kindergarden and a house that looks like greg might be living in (?). Pearl also explains it’s not easy to explain.

Then we see some things with lapis and battles

“Earth is our home now isn’t it worth fighting for?”

Now onto the theories!

I have a feeling we are going to learn something about PD from the crystal gems. But I don’t think we’re going to hear them say it to Steven… I think Steven’s going to overhear them telling Greg. The only reason i say this is we don’t see Steven in the scenes at the odd house, But he’s obiously there since we see the series  with him as our window. 

I also forsee a possable falling out between everyones favorite pumpkin moms. Peridot want’s to protect Earth, but Lapis is affraid of being a victum of war again.

But why would I claim they’re gonna have a fall out? Well… Something struck me as I rewatched the trailer. Now the very last scene with a character is Peridot looking up around sunset, holding her hand out towards somebody talking about protecting the earth. Now this person can’t be steven because her head is angled to far up, to the point that no matter who story boarded her Steven could not be the person she was looking at. But as I rewatched the trailer i noticed soemthing … Very odd during those actions scenes, and very out of place. You see lapis, but she isn’t fighting. She’s looking down at someone like she’s about to regret leaving them and flying off, another thing to note is it’s also sunset in that scene. Now I’m only guessing that Peridot and Lapis are together in this scene and Peridot asks Lapis to fight for their home only for lapis to fly off, giving peridot her answer.

So to sum things up:

I think Steven is going to over hear some things about the gem’s past told to Greg, and Peridot and Lapis are going to have a falling out. 

Depending on if/when new information comes out i may make a follow up post on weather or not I’m sure of these event’s, but oh boy. Season 5 is going to be a rough one.

Feb 22: Slippy’s Birthday Rec-travaganza

Okay, I’ve been mulling it over after this morning’s post, and yes, this is what I want for my birthday.  Yinz have one week.  (Although, you know, I am not the boss of you or your calendar, feel free to start sooner or run past the 22nd, I’ve heard Birthday Week is a thing although I usually confine myself to a day.)

My birthday request from the fandom this year is recommendations for fandom things you love, or things you have made yourself that you are proud of.

So!  On the 22nd, give or take, please post or send me some recs for Hannibal-related* fic or art or fanworks of your choice.  Any kind, any rating, any ship, whatever.  Old, new, anything.  No rules per se, but a couple of requests:

1) It would be awesome if you would err on the side of including newer or less-talked-about folks that I might not already be familiar with.  

2) If you do your own fic, art, whatever, please include at least one rec for a thing of your own.  (Not required if you’re shy, but I really would like it.)

I can’t 100% promise to read/look at everything immediately depending how much there is, how busy I am, how much my government is turning into a trashfire causing my to spend my days protesting in the streets, and how active my brainweasels are.  But I will try to make my way through everything sooner or later, and I will definitely do a round-up masterlist post linking to everything I’m sent.**

That’s it.  Them’s the rules.  Bring me some birthday joy to share with the fandom, buttercups.  @ me into your posts or tag them #recsforslippy so I can find them, okay?

- Love, Slippy

*The birthday girl would like Hannibal stuff for this so it can be a gift for the fandom as well as a personal gift.  But LBR, the authoress is also rolling around in a pile of YOI fic, will have Bucky Barnes feelings forever, and is just generally interested in whatever is well-written even if it’s not a fandom she goes to, so feel free to also send her other recs for things you like or things you have written/drawn, too.  Shower me with distractions, darlings, the world is terrible.

**The birthday girl does reserve the right to leave things out of the masterlist or link but skip personally reading things, if they happen to hit her personal trigger/nope buttons.  But she will try to use that right very sparingly.  If you’re wondering whether something might be over her line, feel free to check in with her beforehand.

Hey! So I know this post has been covered a hundred times, but I just wanted to give my take on it and hey a little more info can’t hurt anybody.

So what is a studyblr?
Studyblr: study + tumblr; a blog about studying.
It’s a blog to help motivate you to study or to learn new ways of studying! You can also gain amazing resources that’ll help you in your classes and throughout school.

Pros & Cons of Starting One:

  • Pretty pictures of notes
  • Learn how to take great notes
  • Motivation to study
  • Meet new people with the same interests as you
  • Get resources and helpful tips for the classes you’re taking
  • So many masterposts and helpful tips!
  • Inspiration for study spaces
  • All around great community!


  • Literally nothing…

How to Start:
Create a url: it can be anything you want it to be.

  • The most commonly used urls in the studyblr community are something with “yourname” + studies or studywith + ”yourname”. For example mine is “chinazomstudies”
  • Anything with the word study or related to studying is pretty common as well.
  • You can also use inspirational people, historical figures, or fictional characters as your url! The possibilities are endless.
Choose a theme: this can also be whatever you want.
  • You can go minimal or loud, use one or two columns, have a sidebar or not…whatever you think looks best or fits what you want.
  • The key pages to a great theme are the about page and tags page. These pages really bring a blog together but they aren’t necessary. The about page is where we really get to know you! The tags page is great because I like to look for certain things and it’s nice when there’s a page where I can look at all your tags.
  • As for an overall theme, most studyblrs like to go minimal. I like to use fansite themes and tweak them just because I think it looks nice.
  • Here’s where you can get just about any theme ever made. +another one
Branching out: it’s also important to have posts to look at so you should find people to follow! Getting Noticed:
Make an introduction post: this is the best way to become introduced to the studyblr community.
  • Here’s mine.
  • I gained 150 followers by making one! Just make sure to follow everyone that follows you! It’s lowkey rude when you’re just starting out and make this post just to get followers. The point is to meet new people and gain some friends. Making an introduction is a great foundation to starting out.

BOTM: another great way to get noticed.

  • You can enter into blogs of the month competitions or blog rates. These will get your blog promoted to a bunch of other studyblrs.


  • When reblogging, you could keep a queue of about 30 posts (1 per hour) to keep your blog active if you won’t be on Tumblr all day. I usually keep my queue running while I’m sleeping so my followers on the other side of the world can see I’m active.
Making Posts:
What to post:
  • ANYTHING? But since we’re focusing on a studyblr, you should probably post things related to studying.
  • Study pictures, study guides, helpful tips, masterposts, playlists, bullet journal, study space, stationery, books, etc..
  • A great way to stay active is by participating in the 100 days of productivity.
  • ALWAYS POST ORIGINAL CONTENT! NEVER REPOST (taking someone else’s content and posting it as your own without permission). This is incredibly rude and will make you look untrustworthy and deceitful. Never do this. Only post what you have created unless you have the original owner’s permission to use their content.
How to edit photos:
  • There’s so many tutorials and posts about how to use lighting, angles, and editing - but here’s a great one. You can also look for tutorials on @yeahps or @itsphotoshop.
  • If you don't’ have Photoshop, use: VSCO, Pomelo, Pixlr (online), or Afterlight.

Getting your content seen: the most efficient way to getting your content spread is by tagging it!

  • Make sure to TAG your photos and posts with popular tags that pertain to your post.
  • The most popular tags in the studyblr community are: “studyblr”, “studyspo”, and “studying”.
  • You can also tag studyblrs that track their tag. Look for popular studyblrs that have tracked tags.
Extensions / Apps: some extensions that you’ll find studyblrs using or posting about
  • Momentum (the pretty new tab page that almost all studyblrs have)
  • Lanes (another pretty one)
  • Pomodoro (app)
  • Forest
  • Fliquo
Below is just some stationery you may have seen every studyblr using. These are really nice things to use for your notes!

And that’s just about it! I hope I covered everything and I’ve helped you in starting a studyblr. Good luck and welcome to the community! ❤

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Random question for Admin. (No picture needed, just curious) How many questions do you think this blog gets daily?

Depends. I usually get a fluctuation of asks if I post something. So, on average, if I don’t post anything for a day, I’ll get about 15 asks. And then I’d say I get maybe 5 asks per post I make?

*puts on glasses and green visor* Let’s do some math now. I made this blog on 16 November 2014, which was 696 days ago. I have 13,568 asks in my inbox, and 778 posts (not all my posts are asks but idgaf), which adds up to 14,346 asks. That averages to about 21 asks/day. Yeah, my guess was pretty close.

frostpebble  asked:

hee ho! just popping by to say I loved your akeshu meta post. particularly the satanael part! I would LOVE to hear your theory on robin hood because I find there's a lot of possible ways to interpret him. (it would help to know anything at all about akechi's awakening, the lack of info here kills me) sooo yeah, big thumbs up for your post (and blog title!) + invitation to discuss more p5 meta. :D

hee hoo!!!! jack frost is our lord and savior.

but thank you for the kind words! i rly enjoyed writing that last meta, tho i must credit the majority of that satanael part to my darling, lovely gf, @kamooi. shes the one who pointed it out initially, & we just discussed it from there (& then i just happen to be the one who posted it!)

(& fob is love, fob is life. M A  N   I   A is highkey my p5 album so far; ‘young & menace’ for akechi, ‘last of the real ones’ & ‘hold me tight or dont’ for akeshu, & ‘champions’ for the thieves en général. id be willing to discuss this At Length, should anyone want.)

but enough about that - lets get into some (spoiler heavy) theories on akechis persona situation, the theory my gf & i have, & some bones i have to pick w atlus c:

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Fic Commissions!  (Redux)

Not sure how many people know that I do writing commissions, but here’s your chance to get an awesome fic just for yourself!  Interested?  Read on~

For full info on my commissions, you can check out my commissions page here.

If you want a TL;DR version:

1. I’ll write just about anything (RPF excepted).  I might not post it (like if it’s not a fandom I usually have on my blog), but I’ll get it to you.  Here’s my AO3 and fic tag if you want to view what you’d be buying!


  • 500 word pieces are $5
  • 1000 word pieces are $10
  • 1500 word pieces are $15
  • 2000 word pieces are $25
  • Any pricing over that will need to be discussed.  It is usually one of two things: a requested word count (i.e. 5k) and I will charge you $1 per 100 words plus $5, or a “write until you stop” request that is a flat $1 per 100 words.

3. Contact me at if you’re interested!

Still, even if you can’t afford one or aren’t interested, I’d appreciate a signal boost.  Thanks so much!

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How are things between Bree and Varric in Inquisition? There's a lot of unresolved anger there on Varric's side through the whole game, probably even more so after Morowa leaves Bodran in the Fade, and Bree can be a bit annoying? Not to mention all the ways she's connected to Anders - coming from Kinloch and being the Arlessa of Amaranthine. I thought about it a lot lately, lol.

Holy smokes! I’m so flattered (not to mention impressed) at the amount of thought you’ve put into your question!

As per usual, I’ve written a lengthy rambling response below the cut. 

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let me discuss how frequently I underestimate how long it takes me to draw, which leads to multiple instances per month where I attempt to rush out a neopets art gallery entry half an hour before the gallery updates… this was supposed to be for jhudora day but was posted a day later because I sent it like twenty minutes after the winners were already put up.



my other one was a bit out-dated, so i decided to make a new one :^)

im opening up 10 commissions slots! payment upfront and through paypal only. email me at with inquiries and make sure to specify which type of commission you want so i can price it correctly! image references are highly appreciated.

this is for single characters only (one character per canvas).

i will not draw:

  • realistic animals
  • nsfw

i will draw just about anything else, however, but if the subject matter is uncomfortable for me i may refuse. 

final image is usually between 1000px - 1500px width or length (but if you need it bigger make sure to tell me), and if i choose to post it on my blog i will resize them and add a watermark. if you do not want your commission posted, let me know.

my turn-around time is usually never more than 2 weeks.

i will update this post as slots get filled.

  1. thosedistantstars
  2. souveri
  3. hijikata
  4. fucking-king-of-the-world
  5. yummykuris
  6. infurnal
  7. coffeelotte
  8. gwiihan
  9. reina

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I don't know I think it could be a real back? There are some private family photos being leaked and I think if it was staged they would just post the Hendall ones?

i really doubt it. i mean, think about it, really. harry and louis’ families are hacked like multiple times per year. at this point, after going on six years of this, they’d have proper security in place over their pictures and their passwords. they would know better. it’s not hard to protect your stuff. and none of the pictures that have been leaked of harry are incriminating or anything like that. they’re harmless. one direction and their families have probably never been hacked, and it’s not a coincidence that it’s usually (i can’t remember if it’s happened to the others) harry and louis’ families that are the ones being hacked.

but, if you really do think it was a hack, then spreading those pictures is about doubly fucked up.

shit, i forgot to ask you

Title: shit, i forgot to ask you 
Fandom: The Flash
Characters: Iris West, Barry Allen
Relationship: WestAllen

Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2600+
Summary: Junior prom is coming up and Barry’s a little stressed out about making sure it all goes perfectly. Based on the “shit. I forgot to ask u” post (x)
Links: ao3 | ffn

A/N: This is un-beta’d and I haven’t written anything in forever so be gentle

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