and then neal saying that emma was right

Alone, Until I Get Home (6/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N:  Ok, I’m a little bit “leave, get away from me, get out of my life” with this chapter right now, so there may be some errors that I’ll try to correct within the next few days when I can read it again with a clear head. The next two chapters will probably drop back to being shorter, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get them finished faster than in two weeks, but, you know…LIFE.

Also on: AO3

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Caught Hook Handed

Lines are tested at Thanksgiving dinner! Lots of fluff and of course lots of smut;)

Rated M You can read more of my work here:

“I still don’t really get what this holiday is all about. Every year I try to understand, but it just seems like everyone is getting together just to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Besides there are much more important things pie,” Killian teased, playfully biting the soft skin between her neck and shoulder.

“Killian, I already told you. We don’t have time. We are already going to be late,” Emma giggled, a shiver running down her spine from his ministrations. Damn, that man was gonna test her self control today.

“Let them wait, darling,” Hook practically purred in her ear.

“I know they know why we are late every time. Our family doesn’t need anymore reasons to pick on us,” She moaned, as his hand traveled further down, playing with the seam of her navy blue dress. She could feel his hardening erection against the crease of her ass. Pull it together, Emma she thought!

It was crazy that they had been married for almost five years and he could still pull this kind of excitement from her. God, she had it bad. Emma quickly turned around and placed a brief chaste kiss to his lips, then spun around making her way to the kitchen to take the pie out of the oven.

“Easy tiger, you think you can wait a few more hours?” She laughed, staring at the bulge in his pants.

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Just some thoughts on a previous anon.

I had an anon a few days ago saying that swanfire fans think Emma is a prize for Neal and a few other accusations. I don’t know why I was ruminating on this today? Maybe I didn’t have enough to do or something?

Anyway, I was thinking of Emma with Regina and Neal vs Emma with Hook. None of the relationships outside of Snow and Charming are particularly healthy on that show but Emma’s relationships with Regina and Neal which started out not so good actually became healthy over the seasons. Rumbelle’s relationship did as well so I was thinking how

can these two

Get it right with these two

these two

and these two

but get it completely wrong with these two!

I think it is because they made Emma, Hook’s moral compass. They did it with Rumbelle who started out healthy with Belle inspiring Rumple to once again become the good  man he was, than made her Rumple’s moral compass. This made the romantic relationships become unhealthy because no one should be anyone’s moral compass. Loving someone is about accepting them as they are, not trying to change them. A healthy relationship inspires and brings out the best in both partners. By making someone a moral compass, you are giving too much power to one and putting too much pressure on both partners.

I finally understand this line!

Either they lower themselves and accept blindly (Emma and Hook) or one partner becomes judge and jury, or parent to the other (Belle and Rumple).  Emma with Neal and Emma with Regina, is carefree and more open with them because she doesn’t have this responsibility on her shoulders. Are her relationships with Neal and Regina perfect? No, but there is a breath of fresh air when Emma interacted with Neal and Regina that isn’t there with Hook. The same for Rumbelle when they finally let them work together and have Belle no longer be Rumple’s moral compass. He was free to make his own choices and has proven now and in the past, that he can make the right choices. Hook, outside of Emma’s influence, can’t and that is what makes them seem suffocating and toxic to me. This relationship is not good for Emma or Hook, yet they got a happy ending, one they did not earn nor should have. CS bring out the worst in each other and that makes it an unhealthy relationship altogether.

Which is why I question how Adam and Eddie can get it right relationship wise, but screw up at the same time. CS is not nor has ever been portrayed as healthy so why are they together? Fan pressure? Executive pressure? Media pressure? I wonder if we will ever have the answer!

A Helping Hand

Chapter 3 

Summary: My girlfriend just dumped me and I’ve gotten piss drunk and somehow managed to get into your apartment instead of my own. I’m trying to masturbate my feelings away and boy were you surprised. Based on a Tumblr prompt that spiraled out of control. 

Rated: Mature

Tagging: @rouhn @captainswanandclintasha @deathbycaptainswan @slimacwrites @teamhook @onceuponaswans @piratesbooty63fan @idristardis @ladyciaramiggles @truefangirl97 @t-tamm- @takhisismb @julesep3026 @swanjonescaptain @cynmoon @mayquita @kday426

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Also available: AO3 FF.N

Ch 1 Ch 2

Killian was walking briskly down the street for what seemed like forever, trying to remember something — anything at all — about last night. He still had so many questions, but he was too humiliated to be in Emma’s presence, let alone ask her more questions that would possibly reveal more of his inappropriate behavior.

When he had woken that morning, things certainly hadn’t turned out how he had expected. He would have preferred a one-night stand with the gorgeous blonde as opposed to jerking off in her tub naked. And he lived across the hall from her. How was he ever going to be able to look at her ever again?

Knowing that he was engaging in something so private and compromising in front of this amazing woman wasn’t exactly an ego boost. It was one of a man’s greatest fears — getting caught masturbating. Needless to say, he felt like a pervert.

Oh gods, and she was best buddies with Liam.

She was going to tell him and Liam was undoubtedly going to kick his arse out and send him back to England. Maybe Killian was better off going back anyways. Maybe this was a sign that he should have never left to begin with.

Killian was pondering the question of whether he should go to the bar or not, to try and forget the whole incident with some good ole rum, but who knew what kind of shenanigans he would get himself into this time around.

Maybe just one drink wouldn’t hurt.

He walked into the bar and took a seat in a lonely stool, leaning his elbows on the counter with his face in his hands. Gods, he felt so hopeless and miserable.

The bar was really the last place he should be right now. He told Liam he was going to turn his life around and so far, he had failed in so many ways. Now he was just asking for more trouble. The thought of alcohol didn’t even sound at all appealing to him. Only the possibility of forgetting everything.

It’s all he knew. Whenever he had gotten into arguments with Milah about her husband, he had turned to rum for comfort. The thought of her being with another man had crippled him. So he used alcohol as an outlet. He knew it was unhealthy but it was the only thing that got him through. He didn’t have his older brother to turn to, nor an attractive neighbor to confide in like Liam did.

Killian’s gut twisted at the thought of Liam going to Emma instead of him, his own brother. Even though he hasn’t been close to Liam in a while, he still knew his brother rather well. Liam was normally shy around women he was crushing on, and Killian imagined that when he took a liking to Elsa, he went to Emma for advice.

It was Killian’s own fault though. If only he had listened to Liam in the first place, none of this would have happened. He would’ve still been without Milah, but at least he wouldn’t be unhappy, and at least he’d have his brother.

“Can I get you something?” the male bartender asked, pulling Killian from his thoughts.

Killian dropped his hands to surface of the bar counter and shook his head. “No thanks, I’ve changed my mind.” He was not going down that path again. He started to remove himself from the stool when he saw someone take the one next to him out of the corner of his eye.

“Do you always start drinking at noon? No wonder you can’t remember anything about last night.”

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Captain Swan x His Dark Materials - Part Three (Final)

It’s done! It’s very long (about 11k words long) but it’s ready! This is going to be the last big chapter I’ll write for this fusion. I’m planning on writing a few more scenes from that verse, as well as a couple headcanon posts about it, but they will not be in chronological order.

This part covers all of Season 5B (plus the end of 5x11), but with a few minor but important for me changes in the plot. #Milahdeservedbetter

Part one (covering Seasons from 1 to 4A)
Part two (covering from 4B to 5A)

Tagging @jollysailorswan because her enthusiasm about this fusion has inspired me tremendously :)

Emma faintly registers the sky turning brighter. She’s locked herself in the bathroom, one hand holding Addar against her body, the other clutching Killian’s ring. She stayed there all night, despite the occasional pleas from her parents to open the door or talk to them. She’s run out of tears, body tired from the sobs that shook it all night, feeling numb. Addar is nuzzled against her chest and hasn’t said a word; she has forgotten how stronger their connection felt without the Darkness intervening. The sun rises and Emma finds herself unable to move.

Until she hears the whispers.

Sitting up, she feels perplexed. The Darkness is gone; that’s why she had to… do what she did in the first place. Addar looks at her frustrated as well. She knows she can’t tune his voice out now. She stands up and walks to the living room. Her parents are sleeping, though apparently uneasily so, so she steps outside and follows the whispers.

As Gold explains the situation, Emma can feel her blood boil. Killian sacrificed himself - he didn’t even have to spare that monster’s life - and it all was in vain. She lost him so that Gold could have everything.

She won’t accept that, and she can’t just stand by. She feels that threatening the Dark One is the least she’s capable of.

The first thing she does once she walks out of the pawn shop is to go to the hospital and preserve Killian’s body. It always makes her shiver, how they look so much at peace, but this time she simply looks at his face to fuel her determination.

The next time she will look at his real body again, he’ll be alive.

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All you have to do is call my name (1/3)

A small town in Maine that’s chock-full of Characters, and everyone’s looking for happiness and love, one way or another. 

OUAT Gilmore Girls AU, Fifth Installment 

Read the first story here: I Always Wanted a Real Home with Flowers on the Windowsill

Read the second story here: If You’re Out On the Road

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Read the fourth story here: Loving You the Way I Do

A product of the brilliant minds of @asthewheelwills and @wholockgal

Catch up with this story on Archive of Our Own

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Additionally, and not for nothing, I have been asked to tag a few people.  We’ll see if this works: @lenfaz​, @lenfazreads​, @disastergirl​, @beautiful-swan​, @blessed-but-distressed

The Jolly Roger wasn’t yet open when Emma arrived and peeked in through the front windows. She was no lover of early mornings, but the news she wanted to share with Killian was too good to wait for normal business hours.

She could see him there, dark hair still damp from his shower, chin unshaved, moving from table to table, checking levels of salt and pepper in the shakers on each. He’d hired Jim Hawkins and Ned Land at the beginning of the summer to help, but he still insisted on doing the morning preparations himself, before the boys came in.

Emma knocked on the glass of the front door and grinned when he turned to look at her, scowling. She knew him well and could see the slight tilt of his lips and the sparkle in his eye that said he was happy to see her. It had also been well over a week since they’d been able to arrange their schedules to have more than five stolen minutes in his pantry together. She knew he’d missed her, though he probably wouldn’t say it. She had missed him as well, which was her secondary reason for choosing the early hour to bring him the news.

He crossed the diner with a slow, deliberate swagger and Emma rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming. He unlocked the door, taking his time (Emma swore she’d pick the lock herself next time- Sheriff Humbert would forgive her) and when she’d have pushed the door straight in, he caught it and held it open a bare inch.

“We’re not open yet, Swan,” he said through the crack. “Did you turn your alarm clock upside down and read the six as a nine?”

“Let me in, Kil,” Emma said, leaning on the door. It both annoyed and impressed her that, even with almost her full weight against it, he still managed to hold the door steady at that one, frustrating inch.

“What are you doing here, Emma?” He was no longer even pretending to scowl at her. He was smirking, an expression that shouldn’t have been nearly so appealing, but he managed to make sexy. He knew he was frustrating her and was enjoying the game.

Though she’d hardly admit it to him, she was enjoying it too. Circumstance had robbed her of the usual youthful pursuits of flirting and play, and she found as an adult that they were remarkably fun.

“I’m looking for advice,” she said, leaning against the door again which still didn’t budge. She glanced down and saw that his black boot was blocking it, which would explain why she couldn’t move him. “See there’s this guy-”

“Should have guessed,” Killian interrupted, crossing his arms and affecting a casual air. “Handsome bloke?”

Emma shrugged, trying and failing to repress her grin. “Depends on who you ask. I suppose he’s alright if you’re into that sort of thing.”

“‘That sort of thing’ being stunning blue eyes, movie-star faces, and god-like physiques?” Killian asked.

Emma just flapped a hand in the air as though this were nothing and he shook his head.

“If he’s not handsome, then he must be charming,” he drawled.

“Well he certainly thinks he is.”

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Once Upon A Time Season 7- Babies are like teens now

What I want from season 7 is Neal, Gideon, and Robin up to teenager stuff. Like they don’t need to be main characters or anything but they should totally be in the show. Hell they could amazing Never Have I Ever sessions. 

“Never Have I Ever been babysat by Granny” “Never Have I Ever tried to kill someone” “Never Have I Ever had my heart stolen” “Never Have I Ever been named after a family member who recently died” “Never Have I Ever been born of true love” “Never Have I Ever been a major factor in casting a curse” “Never Have I Ever been in the underworld” “Never Have I Ever been stolen by somebody in this room’s family”

Like they won’t even remember most of this crap happening to them, but I’m sure they heard stories about what happened to them as infants. Also most of these I wrote thinking about only one child but like most of these apply to at least two if not all of them. Also fun fact is none of these three actually are blood related which is insane when you think about it. Like every single one of their families are related between marriages, children, and adoption but these three don’t share a single ounce of blood. WTF? I know right. Don’t believe me.

Gideon is Rumple and Belle’s kid. Belle’s family only really goes back to her parents and since we know next to nothing about Belle’s mom we can say that their probably is no relation. Rumple’s parents both only had one child so nothing there and Rumple’s only other kid- Bae- had one son, Henry. So no blood there. Except Gideon and Henry totally share blood which is important when looking at baby Neal.

Baby Neal is Snow and Charming’s second kid, first being Emma. Snow was an only child, and Charming’s bro died before having kids. Neal is Henry’s uncle, and so is Gideon but neither of them are related to each other. Snow’s stepmom and Henry’s adoptive mom are both Regina who is baby Robin’s niece. So like Henry is also cousins with Robin.

But since Regina can’t have any biological kids and Zelena only had Robin, and they are the only two living people out of the Miller’s, Robin isn’t really related to many people by blood. So none of these three are actually related to each other, but they are all related to Henry, and if that doesn’t require drunk teenage sessions of “joking”/ trying to get over the trauma which is their family tree/ childhoods- like that is a wasted storyline. 

To Catch A Swan (12/22)

I got REALLY irritated last night.  Enjoy!

“Neal! What the hell?!”

Neal barely heard her.  “Guardian angel? I’d say you’ve been doing a pretty crap job.”  “She has a destiny. And you? This life? You’re going to keep her from it.”  “And if I can’t be there for her, man, you got to promise me that you will be…if anything changes, and she does her job, this inanity ends, and she’s free…”  He pulled his arm back to get another punch in but was abruptly stopped by Emma snatching his arm and pinning him to the counter.  

“Let go, Emma,” He growled, watching August scramble up and back away quickly. He weaseled outside and Neal attempted to wrest himself free from Emma’s grip.  He was rewarded for his efforts by another slam on the counter. 

“Forget it,” She snapped and he heard the clink of cuffs.  He groaned when she handcuffed him.

“Are you serious?!” He snarled at her. “Are you seriously cuffing me?”

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The Wedding Planner - Chapter 1

Fandom: Once Upon a Time (also The Wedding Planner)

Pairing: Rumbelle, established Swanfire

Rating: G for now

Summary:  Wedding planner Alan Gold doesn’t have much faith in romance, and little to none in marriage. A chance encounter with sweet librarian Belle French has him almost reconsidering his beliefs until he receives a nasty shock: she’s the bride in the most important wedding of his career. 

“What is the problem in here?”

There was a rustle of silk and lace as the woman in front of the mirror turned to stare with wide, panicked eyes at the slight figure in the doorway. Her lips trembled and tears shone in her eyes, threatening to fall and ruin her mascara.

“A moment, please,” the man said coolly, his eyes fixed on the bride.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gold,” she whimpered, “I can’t. I can’t go through with it.”

“Miss Boyd,” he sighed, stepping forward and handing her a snow-white handkerchief, “that is utter nonsense.”

“No, it isn’t,” she insisted, dabbing lightly at her eyes. “I can’t go out there. I just can’t. This is a huge mistake, I’m gonna marry the wrong guy!”

The stern lines of his face softened, and Mr. Gold stepped closer and crooked a finger under her chin. “Look at me,” he said firmly. Reluctantly she looked up and into his eyes, and he stepped back a bit and folded his hands over the handle of his cane.

“You are exquisite,” he said matter-of-factly. “You’re timeless. You are the envy of every woman here today.” His mouth quirked a bit at the corners. “And you ought to be, in that dress, even if I do say so myself.”

Ashley sniffed and rolled her eyes.

“And you have the love of a man named Sean, who last night at the rehearsal dinner, said to me, ‘I can’t believe she picked me. I can’t believe I’m marrying the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.’ Your marriage isn’t just going to work. It’s going to last forever.”

Lips trembling, Ashley smiled. “Really?”

“Oh, yes. You see, the two of you share something that doesn’t come along every day. True love. And true love, you know, lasts a lifetime.”

Ashley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “You’re right. I know you’re right.” She opened her eyes again and smiled brightly. “Thank you, Mr. Gold.”

“Of course, my dear. My pleasure.” He pocketed the handkerchief when she held it out to him. “Let’s get you married, shall we?”

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  • Regina: rapes Graham and kills him for saying no.
  • Fandom: Well that's not REALLY rape cause...... Reasons.
  • Rumple: takes away Milah's reproductive rights, kills her for not loving him, rapes Belle by deception and reduces Snow and Ashley to baby factories.
  • Fandom: Well Milah was mean to him so....
  • Neal: belittles Emma's driving skills on the basis of her gender, has unprotected sex with a minor, takes away her agency by sending her to prison for his crimes and tells her that he'll "never stop fighting for her" even though she just said she was hoping he was dead.
  • Fandom: He didn't have a choice and anyway she was emotionally mature enough to have sex.
  • Killian: makes an innuendo.
Of Fathers & Daughters

So enough of y’all yelled at me about this post that I figured I should just go ahead and write it. Sort of a little companion piece to the feels fest that is Safe and Sound For You, but you don’t have to have read it to know what’s going on. You can check it out on if that’s your preference.

Those who asked for a tag: @sammmtacular @timeless-love-story @pirateherokillian @mahstatins @snowbellewells @its-about-bloody-time-cs @katie-dub @hooksheroicheart @abbadons-little-witch @captainswan46 @bleebug @enjaydreaming @hollyethecurious @juneqparis @fuckyeahkillianemma @katealexandra26 @the-reason-to-sail-home @whimsicallyenchantedrose @marajade4s @iswearonouat @gldngrl7 


Word count: 1.9k

Snow walks into the hospital room, a bag of food from Granny’s held aloft before her and Emma’s eyes light up.

“Give me the food and I give you the baby,” she says, drawing a chuckle from her mother. “I’m starving.”

Killian shoots her a look, annoyed. “I asked if you were hungry fifteen minutes…”

“I couldn’t smell it then,” Emma says, crossing her legs to make room for her mother.

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ONCE season 6 finale...

I gave in and watched it. I had to know how they would finish this chapter.

I quit the show 3 years ago after they killed off Neal to shove Hook into every storyline he didn’t belong in or deserved to be a part of. To me everything this show was supposed to be about - family, true love, second chances, common sense… - was buried with Neal. And everything I read on tumbler ever since about how they turned the show upside down and destroyed Emma’s character only proved to me I made the right choice - the show I loved simply didn’t exist anymore…

But a small part of me still loved and missed the original characters, so I caved in. I attempted it twice because the first time I noped out after seeing Hook saying that “operation best man” might be Henry’s most important mission yet… not finding Emma or helping her find out who she really is or breaking Regina’s curse… nope it’s Craptain Swan’s wedding fiasco! *barf*

Apart from having a major nostalgia attack and getting pissed all ever again about what kind of show it could’ve been if it they didn’t turn it into Once Upon a Hook…. I’d like to give a shout out to SQ peeps- looking at Emma and Regina in the finale battle scene I could certainly see what you guys see there… and ultimately it was Regina who supported Emma and helped her find the right way to go. Such a beautiful scene with true understanding, partnership and real emotional connection! And when they were walking Henry to school - major family feels! All while Emma’s so called “twu wuv” Captain Rapey was…um, there. As a prop. That’s it.

Btw, making Henry the one to say that Hook is her true love… really, Kitsowitz?! FUCKING REALLY?!! Like Neal’s son who barely tolerated that leather clad nonsense for his mom’s sake would ever say that even if he was cursed, drunk, high and lost his mind at the same time!

All in all, I mostly enjoyed it and I’m happy that they finally gave Rumbelle a VERY WELL DESERVED happy beginning!

Also, I am intrigued and curious about the grown up Henry’s story… I even almost considered watching the show again (given how there would be no Craptain Yawn anymore and all)!! But then I remembered that there would be the same show runners… and, yeah, the last thing I want is to get attached to new characters/story lines with great potential only to watch those two “geniuses” destroy them again.

Once Upon A Time: Reimagined

First official chapter to my story…

Chapter 1
   Emma Swan moved around the room of the bed n’ breakfast as she finished packing up the rest of their things. She glanced over to her son’s side of the room as the ten-year-old continued to play with his electronics.
“Henry could you please finish packing up your things?” she sat on the edge of the bigger bed to rest for a minute. “We need to get on the road soon.”
“But mom,” he whined.
“Listen to your mother,” Neal came out of the bathroom after he packed up all of their essentials. “We need to get on the road soon if we want to make it home in time for you to get to school on Monday.”
“Well I don’t,” Henry mumbled.
“Henry, please.”
Henry sighed dramatically as he finally got up off the bed and started shoving his things into his suitcase.
“It’s too early for him to be morphing into a teenager already,” Emma commented as Neal closed his suitcase and went to her, who was running her hands over her swollen belly.
“How you doing today?” he asked her as he sat beside her, placing a hand over hers on her belly.
“Be prepared to stop every five minutes for my bathroom breaks,” she sighed.
“Sooo….Have you thought anymore about-”
“Neal,” she sighed. “Please-”
“I know you’re scared,” he interrupted her. “I know that we both have trust issues a mile long, but we’ve gotten to a good place now. We have been living together for over a year now, we have Henry, and we have this little one on the way.”
   Emma smiled as Neal moved his hand over her belly and she felt a swift kick like she always did whenever he talked to her belly.
“We’re already a family.” Neal stated. “I just-I would like to make it official.”
“I just-I need some more time,” she looked at him. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry,” he pulled her closer as she lay her head on his shoulder.
“You’re not mad?” she whispered.
“Not at all,” he softly kissed her cheek. “We both know that we each have issues that will be with us for a long time. Our parents-”
“There is a chance that they’ll find us,” he told her as he glanced at Henry, who was finishing up his packing. “We have to be prepared for when they do.”
“We will be,” she assured him as she slowly stood up with a little help from him.
   Neal and Emma finished packing everything up as they tried to move Henry along. Neal went out to start loading up the car as Emma double-checked that they had gotten everything. She looked over at Henry as his bag sat beside him on the other bed. He had abandoned his tablet and was replaced with a thick book that was positioned on his lap as he silently looked through it.
“What you got there kid?” she asked him as she closed up her suitcase.
“I found this in the bottom of the dresser,” he looked up at her. “It wasn’t there before. It’s like it just appeared.”
“Things don’t just appear out of thin air,” Emma looked at Neal as he came back into them.
“This did,” Henry told them.
“What kind of book is that?” Neal asked his son as he sat beside him.
“It looks like a fairy tale book, only different.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s like background stories of all the fairy tales you’ve read to me,” Henry told them. “And it’s like continuations of the stories.”
“Neat,” Emma smiled.
“Can I have this?” Henry looked at his parents. “Maybe the people who were in this room last didn’t want it and left it here on purpose.”
“Well with that logic…” Emma started.
“Sure kid,” Neal smiled at his son. “You can have it.”
“Awesome, thanks!” Henry started to help them with all their bags.
“At least it’ll keep him off the electronics,” Emma stated as Neal helped her stand.
“They make him happy,” Neal defended himself.
“They distract him from his schoolwork,”
“You were the one who got him the game system,” he told her as they all walked out of the bed n’ breakfast with the rest of their things.
“It was Christmas,” she said as they all climbed into the car.
“OK, enough,” Neal started up the car. “We need to get going.”
“I will be sleeping most of the way,” Emma closed her eyes.
“Good, you need your rest.” Neal pulled away from the bed n’ breakfast as Emma lay her head against the back of the seat; she was out before he even turned off the road.
“Emma,” she barely heard the soft whisper near her ear.
“Mom,” she felt gentle shaking.
“Come on Sleepyhead,” Neal said a little louder.
“What-” she grumbled as she blinked her eyes open.
   She gave a small smile as she saw that they were parked in the lot of a small late-night bakery. She slowly sat up as she saw Neal and Henry with smiles on their faces as they stood on her side of the open car door. Neal knelt down before her as he took the single cupcake out of the box and lit the lone candle.
“Make a wish, Birthday Girl.” Neal held the cupcake before her.
“You know I don’t like my birthday,” she stated.
“Which is why I always have to plan these trips before your birthday,” Neal told her. “But we both decided that we had to acknowledge your birthday in some way. Now please make a wish.”
“I have my boys with me,” she smiled. “I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Emma slowly blew out the candle and smiled at her family in front of her. She kissed Neal on the cheek as she split the cupcake in half to share with her son. Henry gladly accepted it as Emma licked the frosting off her half.
“Thank you,” she smiled at her boys.
“All right,” Neal stood up again and he and Henry got back into the car. “We should make it to New York by morning. Then it shouldn’t be much longer until we reach home.”
“So how old are you now Mom?” Henry asked as Neal pulled back onto the road again to continue their journey.
“Twenty-eight,” she looked back at him. “If I hear you say the word old-”
“You’re still young mom,” Henry smiled at her.
“Good answer,” Emma smiled at her son.
“I’ve taught my boy well,” Neal told her.
“It is strange though,” Henry mumbled.
“What’s strange?”
“This book I found,” Henry opened it up again.
“The fairytale book?” Emma looked back at him.
“Yeah,” he turned some pages. “There’s an Emma in it.”
“Is that Emma as fierce as your mom?” Neal asked as he made it back onto the highway. “Is she a fighter like your mom?”
“I’m not sure. The book ends when she’s born and she’s being put into a magical wardrobe.”
“Wardrobe?” Emma looked at Neal.
“They call her The Saviour. She’s supposed to break a curse that the Evil Queen put on all of the fairytale characters when she’s twenty-eight.”
“Calm,” Neal mumbled so that only Emma could hear him.
“This Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.” Henry revealed.
“Really,” Neal started getting an uneasy feeling.
“And the Evil Queen put a curse on all the land so to save their daughter Snow White and Prince Charming sent her through the magical wardrobe to give her her best chance.”
“That sounds interesting,” Emma said softly.
“They sent her into this world, our world” Henry continued. “Wouldn’t that be cool? All the fairytale characters living among us and we would never know?”
“Totally,” Neal stated as he and Emma shared a look. “Relax, it’s nothing.”
“He has a storybook that appeared out of nowhere that tells the story of us,” Emma hissed softly.
“It’s nothing. We’ll be back in New York by morning and back to our normal lives.”
“What the-this can’t be,” Emma resurfaced as she heard Neal’s panicked voice.
“What’s going on?” she slowly opened her eyes.
“It’s nothing,” he told her as she sat up.
“What time is it?” Emma glanced back to see Henry fast asleep.
“Going on six am,” Neal told her.
“Then why doesn’t this look like New York?” she looked out the window.
“Don’t panic,”
“Not even five minutes ago I saw a sign for New York. Now I just saw a sign that says we’re in Maine.”
“How’d we get in Maine? We never pass through Maine.”
“Either we got turned around somehow or-”
“Or someone really wants us here,” Emma spotted the miles of woods surrounding them.
“It’ll be ok,” Neal assured her. “I’ll just turn back around-what?”
“What is it?” Emma looked over at him.
“I can’t turn around,” Neal said as he struggled with the steering wheel.
“Oh my god,” Emma gasped. “We’re in-”
“Storybrooke,” Neal stated as he started struggling with the brake pedal.
“What’s going on?” Henry’s soft voice came from the backseat as Emma saw him slowly waking up. “Are we home? Wh-Where are we?”
“We got turned around somehow,” Emma told him. “We’re trying to find an exit so we can turn around.”
“I don’t see one,” Neal told her. “Something is very wrong here.”
“Hang on Henry,” Emma reached back to try to stop a possible impact with the back of her seat.
“Oh no,” Neal tried frantically to stop the car as they passed through a seemingly invisible barrier and they all felt the impact.
“Henry!” Emma screamed frantically.
“Mom!” Henry slammed against his seatbelt.
“Emma!” Neal watched in horror as her forehead hit the windshield.
   Sheriff David Nolan walked into his loft apartment that he shared with his wife Mary Margaret in the early morning hours. He had volunteered for the late shift so that he wouldn’t think about the fact that he was missing yet another one of his daughter’s birthdays. Twenty-eight years; twenty-eight birthdays they had both missed. Twenty-eight years of missed milestones for the both of them.
Charming knew that it was the best decision he had made when he had put his daughter through the wardrobe just minutes after Snow had given birth. When The Evil Queen and her guards had stormed the castle he was able to get her in the wardrobe just in time. After the battle had ended and Regina cast her curse on everyone in the Enchanted Forest-Snow and Charming realized that they weren’t affected by it.
Everyone from their world were transported to the nonexistent-to the outside world-town of Storybrooke, Maine. Snow and Charming were the only ones that still had their memories from before. Everyone else believed they had different identities, thanks to Regina-the mayor of their new residence. They kept it a secret from everyone else when they realized that they would never be able to convince everyone of who they really were. To the other residents of Storybrooke, they were David and Mary Margaret Nolan. Behind closed doors though, when it was just the two of them, they were Snow and Charming.
David hung his jacket up and silently walked through the loft apartment and pulled the curtain back separating their bedroom from the rest of the apartment. He carefully climbed onto the bed behind Mary Margaret as he saw a picture clutched in her hand. He smiled softly when he saw that it was the picture that Happy was able to snap of their family of three just after Emma was born; right before the battle at the castle had begun. The picture had somehow made it’s way with them into this new world. They managed to keep it hidden, only getting it out when it was just the two of them.
“We missed another one,” Snow whispered as Charming took the picture from her.
“I know,” he kissed her temple as she turned over to face him. “I thought about her all night long.”
“Twenty-eight years,” Snow teared up. “We missed twenty-eight years of birthdays, milestones, her first steps, first words, first friends, first days of school, first dates, first dances….”
“I wanted it all too,” he held her. “I wanted to be there to teach her everything a dad should, to take her for her first day of school, teach her to dance for her first big school dance, threaten her dates that they would never be good enough because I would always be the number one guy in her life…”  
“She would’ve been such a daddy’s girl,” Snow smiled up at him.
“But you would’ve been so close with her too,” he assured her. “Especially when she hit those teenage years and started liking boys. I imagine we would’ve had full-on screaming fights because I would’ve definitely gone into overprotective dad mode when they started coming around.”
“And when one of those boys broke her heart for the first time she would see that you had good reason to act the way you did,”
“If only,” David sighed deeply.
“If only,” Snow murmured in agreement.
   The silence was broken and they were brought out of their daydream when they heard David’s phone go off. He sighed as he reached into his pocket to retrieve his cell phone.
“Sheriff Nolan,” he answered. “Graham, what’s going on? I just got home.”
   Snow watched as David talked to the deputy that he had left in charge in his absence at the station. He sat right up on the bed again as he digested what Graham was telling him.
“I’m on my way,” David responded before he hung up his phone abruptly.
“What is it?” Mary Margaret looked at him in concern.
“There’s been an accident,” he started to climb out of bed again.
“Who is it?”
“Graham didn’t recognize the car.” David looked at her. “It’s at the town line.”
“Wait,” Mary Margaret stopped him. “Are you saying that someone got past the barrier? Someone not from here?”
“I’m telling you what Graham told me,” David told her. “Would you like to come along? Graham said that there are multiple victims.”
“Anything to take my mind off of today,” Snow followed him out the door, grabbing their coats along the way.
   David and Mary Margaret pulled up to the scene of the accident as they saw all the excitement. A single car was turned over onto it’s side as Graham and the EMTs worked to help the victims inside.
“What do we have?” David rushed up to them.
“It’s a family of three,” Graham told them. “Mother, father, and a child in the backseat. The child is conscious but he keeps yelling for his parents so we haven’t been able to get any information out of him.”
“Let me try,” David went to the back door and tried to jimmy it open.
“Mom! Dad!” the boy continued to yell.
“Hey kid,” David smiled at him through the crack in the window. “I’m Sheriff Nolan, but you can call me David. Can you tell me your name?”
“How old are you Henry?” David took the crowbar from Graham to try to get the door open.
“Ten,” Henry struggled with his seatbelt. “I need my mom and dad.”
“We’re going to get you all out,” David assured him. “But right now, my concern is you. Are you hurt anywhere?”
“My hand hurts a little,” the boy admitted.
“Can you try to make a fist for me?”
While David was getting Henry to calm down, Mary Margaret went to the front of the car to see how bad of shape the other two victims were in. She got to the door as the driver was coming to.
“Hey,” she smiled at him. “Good, you’re awake.”
“What-” the man looked disoriented.
“You’re going to be ok. Can you tell me your name?”
“N-Neal,” he looked around. “Where-”
“Your son is fine,” Mary Margaret assured him. “We almost have him out.”
“My girl,” Neal looked next to him and saw the gash on her forehead as the blood trickled down. “You have to get her out right now.”
“We’re working on getting all of you out.”
“You need to get her out now! She’s pregnant.”
“David!” Mary Margaret yelled over to him as he was helping one of the EMTs cut Henry out of the seatbelt.
“What’s the matter?” he called back.
“The female victim-she’s pregnant.”    
   David got Henry seated in the back of the ambulance with one of the EMTs checking him over. He rushed back over to the car with the other EMT following him. The driver was still struggling as he tried to reach over to the passenger side.
“I’m Sheriff Nolan,” David got his attention. “What’s your name?”
“Neal,” he continued to struggle. “You have to get her out.”
“And we will, but you need to calm down. The more time we have to spend trying to calm you down, the less time we have to help your wife.”
“Not wife,”
“Sorry, girlfriend.”
“Kind of fiance, I hope. It’s complicated.”
“We will get your girl out. Do you know how many weeks along she is?”
“She’s thirty weeks, seven and a half months.”
“Mary Margaret,” David looked over at her as she tried to help the EMT. “She’s thirty weeks along.”
Mary Margaret couldn’t say anything; she was trying to stay out of the way of the EMT as he checked the female victim over. There was no response from her yet. Mary Margaret went to grab her hand in comfort when it happened. As soon as their skin touched, Mary Margaret got flashes of memories. The one that stood out above the others was an image of David putting their daughter in the wardrobe.
“Emma,” Mary Margaret gasped as the victim’s eyes fluttered open and looked right into her eyes.

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Isn't it creepy that Neal is also centuries older than her in canon? Also- why do you feel the need to post negative stuff? Can't you internalise that shit?

Okay first of all, Neal was a fourteen year old
boy for two centuries who might I add was tormented physically and psychologically by a demon. She was not a fetus and he a grown man at the time of their initial meeting. Now, I realize Hook didn’t actually meet Emma at that point, but I digress. This is MY blog and to be quite blunt I have the right to post whatever the hell I want to. Sometimes a person feels the need to vent. Out of respect, I tagged the post with anti tags. If you sought that out, that is on you entirely. I’m not here for a follower count. I’m here because I enjoy writing Neal Cassidy. I’m on a bit of a hiatus atm for personal reasons but I did want to respond to this. This will be the last I will say on the matter. This is not a Swanfire blog, nor is it an anti Captain Swan blog. It is a Neal Cassidy roleplay blog.

That being said, I as the mun, do have opinions and as this is my blog, I am entitled to share those opinions whenever and however I choose. If you don’t like this, I suggest you block the anti tags, and/or unfollow me.


238 (no, I’m not kidding) Captain Swan canon and au fics. It will be updated regularly. [updated: 25.01]

SEASON 2 (ish)


  • Trust and Hope - M - Word Count: 18,461 -  Emma never left Killian on the beanstalk, and he never went back to Cora. Bonus: Emma kissed Killian. Follow their journey as they attempt to get back to Storybrooke, and what happens if they do.

  • I’m Not Done With You - T - Word Count: 21,094 -  After two weeks have passed and Killian hasn’t been seen anywhere in town, Emma takes it into her own hands to find the missing pirate.

  • Ten Hours - E - Word Count: 11,110 - When Hook arrivs in Storybrooke (in Season 2), he tracks down Emma Swan, who owes him ten hours after leaving him atop a beanstalk.

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Family I Never Had

OUAT Gang X Reader

Word Count: 900

Requested: Anonymous

Request: Once upon a time imagine where your Emma’s daughter and she finds you homeless in New York when they go to find Neal, her and Henry try to convince you to come back with them but you keep saying no as you think you will ruin their lives as you have low self-esteem issues. The story ends with you going back with them and nearing Snow and Charming. (Let’s say they tried to find her but she ran away from the orphanage so they couldn’t)

Originally posted by lookin-for-my-happy-ending

You caused trouble, that’s what you do, you steal, cheat and lie your way out of a situation most of the time it was people worst than you but that didn’t mean that you weren’t in trouble. Your mum gave you up after your dad left her when she was 18, you were 4 at the time, the only thing you knew was the slight of hand tricks that you dad used to show you, you were closer to him than you were to your mum, you were confused when he left and even more confused when they took you from your mum and came to the conclusion that your mum blamed you for your dad leaving so she got rid of you. That’s what lead you to the trouble you were in today, you figured that if you caused trouble without meaning to you might as well start meaning it. As of right now, you had no clue how you’d got on the roof but you were on a roof running from people who want what you stole. Ran down a fire escape realising too late that there were people on it. “Damn!” You mumbled as you come to a stop behind a boy with a woman stood in front of him.
“Hey!” the boy following you yelled.
“Hey! How are you still following me? I’m not following me!” You yelled as he ran down the stairs.
“Nice try! Give it back!” He yelled coming down the stairs.
“No seriously when did we end up on a roof?” You asked running through the chase in your head.
“Give!” He ordered.
“What are you 5?” You asked and he just glared “fine if you can tell me what I stole then you can have it back.”
“What?” he asked.
“Tell me what I stole.” You answered and he glared “I mean if you go to the police they’ll want to know what I stole but you can’t tell them that can you?” The boy glared at you. You waved and he turned away, he turned quickly and his fist shot out you duck under it and punched him in the face, he groaned before finally leaving. You turned pushing passed the women.
“Hey!” You turned to look at her.
“(Y/N)?” she asked and you shook your head before ducking through the open window.
“Hey!” Someone else called as you run through the bare apartment.
“Oh my God what?” You asked turning. “No.” You said upon seeing your Dad, you continued running and left.
“Where’d she go?” Emma asked helping Henry through the window.
“She left,” Neal answered.
“What you’ve not seen her around before?” he asked.
“No, I haven’t, I’m sure that she planned it that way,” Neal answered.
“Who was that?” Henry asked.
“Um, you remember I told you that you had an older sister?” Emma asked and Henry nodded.
“Yeah we tried to find her. Is that her?” he asked a smile stretching across his face.
“Yeah, that’s her.” Emma nodded.
“Well, then we have to go after her.” Henry insisted and Emma nodded Rumpel rolled his eyes and Neal seemed on board with the idea.

They managed to track you to an old Warehouse “What are you doing?” Emma asked as you hid behind the storage containers.
“Sustaining my living.” You answered.
“By stealing?” She asked.
“Don’t look at me like that!” You glared deciding you weren’t getting anything done with the other around.
“Hi!” Suddenly and a cheery voice said, you looked next to you to find the little boy walking next to you.
“Look, kid, I’m not the best influence so you should just go.” You said.
“No, you’re my sister I want to get to know you.” the boy informed you.
“What’s your name kid?” You asked.
“Henry!” He answered.
“Well Henry,” you knelt down to his level “I’m not someone that anyone wants to know, I’m the type of person that people like to throw away.”
“No, you don’t understand I’ve been looking for you since I found Emma,” Henry explained.
“Nobody wants to throw you away,” Emma added.
“Says the first person to throw me away.” You glared standing up and starting to walk away.
“Hey, (Y/N) wait!” Neal called after you as he tried to catch up.
“What?” You bit out.
“You know that you don’t want to live like this, you can come back with us-”
“And play happy family?” You asked.
“No. I’m not asking you to forget what we did to hurt you, I’m asking you to give us another chance, Emma did what she thought was right after I left and we didn’t come to find you but Henry did, so just come back with us for him, so he can meet you,” Neal begged and you looked at the boy.
“Even if I wanted to I can’t, I just cause trouble everywhere I go.” You argued.
“Well, me and you are thieves, your mum and grandfather both abandoned their kids and Henry… Well, I don’t know him every well at all but we’re all trying to make sure that we don’t mess up this time so we’re hoping that you’ll help us out.” Neal smiled. “And this time I won’t leave you.”
“Well, I guess it’s time to get used to the family I’ve never had.” You mumbled. Neal smiled pulling you into a hug.

Requests and general question!

A missing scene set sometime during the early chapters of Given The Choice. You don’t need to read that to get this, I think, all you really need to know is it’s post-Neverland, without Pan causing trouble, leaving Emma and Hook free to argue and fight their feelings and amuse everyone around them.

So, missing scene/ficlet, in which Emma and Hook test the waters of jealousy, with decidedly mixed results. Thanks to the ladies at the CS writers hub for the help!

It’s been a long day. Emma trudges up the steps towards Granny’s diner, hoping against hope that Regina is already there with Henry and she can just take the kid and go home.

But no such luck. The place is buzzing with conversation and clattering cutlery, but there’s no sign of Regina and Henry yet as she sweeps a quick glance around the diner. She spots Neal and Belle in one of the booths, some of the dwarves in another, and a few people she only recognises by face.

And, leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, Captain Hook. He’s been talking to Ruby, who is on the other side of the counter, but now his eyes are on Emma.

Ruby’s are, too. She smiles, and waves, and Emma smiles back and makes her way over before she can reconsider.

Hook is smirking, of course. He’s half-perched on his stool like a model for a photo shoot, and Emma would accuse him of doing it on purpose if she didn’t know that he has no idea what a photo shoot is.

“Hey Emma!” Ruby calls. “Hot chocolate?”

Emma hesitates, but between the long day at work and the unexpected presence of the most provoking, infuriating man she’s ever met, the lure is too strong to resist. Sugary, warm, cinnamon-scented goodness is exactly what she needs. She gives Ruby a grateful look. “Yes, please.”

And that’s how she ends up next to Hook at the counter, talking to Ruby and Granny as they work. They’ve treated her differently ever since she and Snow returned from the Enchanted Forest, but since Neverland, things have changed again. Emma is asked for news of Henry and her opinion of Chimaera meat and the current weather and Chris Evans, of all things.

“You keep talking about this Chris Evans fellow,” Hook says, looking confused – adorably so, if Emma is honest, which she doesn’t really want to be right now. “Who is he?”

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Neal Cassidy is So Important Week
Day 5: why neal is an important love interest

“But listen, I don’t own Emma, and she doesn’t owe me anything.” –Michael Raymond-James on Neal’s relationship with Emma in season 3.

What I love about this that it sets up Neal’s mindset and approach going forward with Emma– it clearly defines where he’s acknowledged where he’s messed up in that past, what he needs to do differently this time, and, most importantly imo, that this doesn’t entitle him to anything. 

Neal is told by Emma in SSttR how much it hurt that he didn’t look for her. He tells Mulan that this is the greatest regret of his life, and that it happened because he was too scared of rejection. So going forward, he resolves to get back to her, to let her know that he loves her. to get to neverland and save their son and get his family out and support them the way he hasn’t gotten to do before. this is the moment that leads to “i’m going to get my family and go home” and “i’ll never stop fighting for you” and asking her to talk once they’re all safely home.

But it's also the moment we see him acknowledge that recognizing his mistakes and acting accordingly doesn’t entitle him to anything. “I need you, I love you” doesn’t mean we’re going to be together and live happily ever after. Neal knows he’s going to try to do right by her this time, but that it doesn’t mean she’s ready to try again– it doesn’t mean she ever will be. 

And to me, that’s a massive point in Neal’s development as a character and in terms of Emma romantically. The idea that she’d never forgive him is one of his biggest fears. And the thing that fear does to him is fucked up, and it wasn’t fair to Emma, and he’s not going to let it dictate his actions. He’s not going into this expecting it to work out– he knows that he has to step up and be there, in whatever capacity she and their son need, because they all deserve better this time. Emma deserves to know that she is loved, and she deserves the right to say that’s not enough, and the right thing for Neal to do is to give her both those things. 

 What’s so important to me about how he’s portrayed as Emma’s “love interest” is this: He acknowledges his mistakes. He listens to what hurt her. He acts differently not to be something she wants or to entitle him to her love, but because he knows he fucked up and he knows he loves her and he can do better by that love. He knows that her loving him doesn’t mean shit until she says it does/if she ever says it does. It’s respectful and layered and character growth and portrayed in a deeply human way and idk where I’m going with this sentence, but I love it.

31 Days of Positivity: Day 28: Fairytale

My husband has a longstanding hatred of Winnie the Pooh. We don’t know why.

“Not that one again.”

Emma pauses, her eyes flicking from the copy of Winnie the Pooh open on her lap to her baby brother kicking away between them.

“Why not? It’s his favourite.”

Killian grumbles, looking down at the well-worn book with something not unlike disgust.

“He must have heard it a hundred times. And regardless, that bear’s a menace.”

“Oh, and what would you suggest then?”

“Something a little more swashbuckling perhaps?” he waggles his eyebrows and sends Neal into fits of giggles.

“I’m trying to get him to sleep, not traumatise him.”

“You wound me, Swan. I’d never dream of upsetting the little prince.” He sticks his tongue out, and Neal gives another shout of laughter before muting it with a well placed foot.

Emma narrows her eyes, unconvinced. Killian’s sudden enjoyment of babysitting is something she’s yet to get her head around - it’s hardly swashbuckling after all - and she’s reasonably certain he has ulterior motives for volunteering their services. She just hasn’t figured out what they could be yet. Especially since Neal seems to save all his grossest moments for when Killian is around.

“I dunno,” she says as if considering the likelihood, “He did puke in your mouth earlier.”

Killian cringes slightly, rubbing at his mouth with the back of his hand and clearly wishing that he could rinse the memory away as easily as the taste.

“A fact I shall be sure to bring up quite regularly when he’s susceptible to shame I assure you.”

Emma sighs, and closes the book. Truth be told she’s pretty tired of the gluttonous little creature herself.

“All right. What are you gonna read him?”

“Ah!” Killian grins down at Neal, and leans over to pull Henry’s beloved storybook from underneath the coffee table, “It’s about true love, a beautiful princess, and an extremely dashing pirate.”

Emma rolls her eyes, but she can’t help the smile that follows the way Killian oh so carefully tucks Neal into the crook of his elbow and pays no mind whatsoever to the tiny fists grabbing for his jewellery.

“Now settle down, little lad, because this is my favourite fairytale.”

Once Upon a Rant - Rape Culture and Abuse, let's tell the truth

I’m constantly asked about my point of view on the rape culture debate when it comes to Once Upon a Time, if usually, I remain silent on the subject, I’m passed across a post that mad me see red.

Of course, nothing I will say will change people’s minds, but again, if there’s people reading 50 shades of Grey thinking they are reading romance, there’s people who will think Hook is a rapist.

The truth is, people think he’s his cartoon character, or just forget about one season of character development. What is, even more serious, is that Hook is shot down in favor of a man like Neal.

To me, Once Upon a Time biggest issue isn’t rape culture, even though Graham’s rape and death is a case. No, my biggest problem with Once Upon a Time is how they handle abuse.

This show is the first one when it comes to portraying abusive relationships with a parent, some of them better handled than others, but also romantic abuse : the relationship between Emma and Neal.

I read a lot of things about how we were supporting the rapist and the one to blame when we took down the victim: Neal

This point is my biggest problem because this fandom isn’t seeing, hell even the writers which is even more problematic, Neal as an abuser when he was portrayed as such, this fandom isn’t seeing Regina as an abuser.

Killian has never been once taken for the victim, the fandom constantly puts him in the baddie position (he wants to get into x’s pants, he’s working for y, he’s a monster)

However, the fandom makes sure to ignore every single interview about his character and everything that has been said about him so far, he’s not just a villain, it’s far more complicated than that.

I’ve read a lot of stupid comments about how Emma was an object, about how she was a victim of Hook’s desires and such things, the thing is, all those comments are stating one same argument: Emma’s agency being brushed off for the sake of his character.

Which leads me to roll my eyes when I’m not screaming, that’s how far people are going and how hard they are closing their eyes, and how fucked up my generation is.

Swanfire is an abusive relationship. Swanthief ended because a man took away a woman’s agency : two men plotted her end without asking her opinion on the subject.

If there’s a man in Emma’s life, who refused her her agency, it’s him. Yet, the fandom praises him as the ultimate hero. Hell, the writers are trying to make us buy he’s the ultimate hero.

Just because Neal doesn’t get the villain etiquette doesn’t mean he can’t be seriously fucked up, and putting it on the back of a “complex character and well written one” makes me stare in horrible wonder: Neal has been the worst character they have ever written, his lack of constitency isn’t enjoyable: much like other characters minus centric episodes, Neal is the one character the fandom spends hours making up fanon headcanons and taking them for accurate.

There’s nothing wrong with imagination, however, placing fanon in the first position when you watch a show is quite serious and stupid : it leads you to comment such as Neal and Emma are perfect and romantic and epic and Hook is a rapist.

I would like to point out, that I’ve read, I’ve seen, people saying, stating that Neal putting Emma to jail is the ultimate romantic gesture, the ultimate sacrifice.

Translate this in real life, you get the biggest asshole on earth abusing a young girl: it’s called a minor being abused by an adult and ending in jail because of his doing.

Yet, in the OUAT fandom, it’s romantic, hell, it’s the ultimate poetic gesture.

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