and then neal saying that emma was right

Hidden Delights

… in which David follows Emma, Hook and Neal on the way to Dark Hollow, and regrets his choices immensely when they meet an unexpected obstacle that threatens to get way too personal.

( @phiralovesloki did the smutty version… this is the crack-y version. And it’s all @justanotherwannabeclassic‘s fault.)

David ignores his wife’s exasperated look as he turns towards the narrow path that leads deeper into the Neverland jungle. Ahead, out of sight already, he can still hear the crash and snap of branches and the crunch of footsteps on the leaf-strewn ground.

He knows that Emma is a grown woman. He knows that she doesn’t need him to protect her.

He also knows how Hook and Neal both look at her. And he really, really hates the idea of her traipsing around the jungle with Hook and Neal. The only way it could be worse would be if it was just one of them.

And, after all, if nothing happens, they need never know he was there.

His mind made up, David sets off in pursuit.

He can hear Hook’s voice up ahead. The words are unintelligible, but the tone is his usual mix of insolence and flirtation, setting David’s teeth on edge. Emma’s voice cuts him off, the words equally unclear, but she sounds sarcastic. David permits himself a smile.

The jungle gets thicker, and David quickens his steps a little to make sure that he won’t lose them. This brings him within earshot, just in time to hear Hook say, a little smugly, “—want me to show you, all you have to do is say the word, love.”

“I can manage just fine on my own.” Emma sounds annoyed, at least. Good.

“You’re the one who complained about your technique not working for you,” Hook says, still sounding far too smug.

David feels his fists clench.

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maybe baby

One-Shot, rated G

“So. The only solution to this mess is this spell?” Emma asked, finger still poised above the place it was written down in the book.

Regina inclined her head slightly. “I suppose I could find something different, but I hardly see why. The spell is not overly complicated; you should be perfectly capable of handling it.”

“But you could find something else.”

Frowning, Snow inquired, “Emma, what is this about? Are you worried about your magic? If Regina says you can do it, I'm sure you can.”

Everyone else wore equally puzzled expressions; David, holding Neal and sitting next to Henry in a booth, Zelena, rocking a fussy Robin, and Killian, who as usual seemed to see right through her pretense.

Regina, book still in hand, reread the section about the spell, her eyebrows drawn together. “I agree. The only difficulty is that it has to be cast with light magic. That is why I suggested you do it. My handle on light magic is still… slippery. But you should be fine, Emma.”

Emma wrung her hands nervously, saying, “I’m just not sure this is the best idea…Regina, maybe we should look for something else.”

Her husband, who had been silent for a long time, redirected his gaze from her fidgeting hands to her anxious face. “Love, what is this really about? You’ve been confident in your magical abilities for quite a while now. What about this particular spell is making you so uneasy?”

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When in Neverland: The Choice

As promised here is he first one shot of my Neverland One Shot series! There will be some angst, lots of fluff and most importantly smut! Hope you enjoy!

When Pan captures Neal and Killian how will Emma get them back? And how will that change things?

Rated M

Read more of my work on ao3 and FF!

“No, David, you read the note. It said come alone, I’m not risking their lives any further by not following his instructions,” Emma reasoned with her father. “I’ve got this. You guys just keep focusing on Henry.”

“Why is he even doing this? What could he possibly want with them? What is he doing, creating his own island version of the bachelorette featuring the one and only savior and her two school girl crushes?” Regina snarked crossing her arms. Everyone scowled in her direction.

“Seriously, Regina not now,” Snow pleaded rolling her eyes while stepping forward, completing the circle in the center of their camp.

“I shouldn’t be gone more than an hour or so. Pan wants us to shift our focus away from Henry. Don’t give him that. Keep searching for him, I’ll be back soon, hopefully with two more members of our team,” Emma added before taking off into the forest, following the map Pan provided. Whatever he wanted, whatever game he was about to play, she was gonna be ready. Even though Emma had mentally prepared for the rescue mission she was still physically exhausted. Every fiber of her being ached. Even though they had been in Neverland for two weeks now, Emma was far from used to the terrain and constant stress that came with living on the island. The only thing that had been occupying her mind was Henry, up until last night when the jack ass flying man child kidnapped the other two men in her life. Why does this always happen to her? Would she ever get a break? She pondered the mess that was her life as she peered through some branches. There hanging before her was her first love, Neal and the man who had volunteered his heart, ship and services all to save her son. Killian and Bae were hanging in wooden crates several feet in the air. They looked rough. Sleep weighed heavy on their eyelids as they both leaned against the bamboo bars. She couldn’t help but worry about them. Did they sleep at all? Have they eaten? Had anything to drink in the last twelve hours? She swore if there was one scratch on either of their heads she would end this evil piece of shit. Speaking of that crazy man child, he was nowhere to be found. Surely he wouldn’t leave his hostages unattended like this.

“Took you long enough, Savior,” Pan smiled deviously just feet behind her. Emma jumped slightly when she heard his prepubescent voice cut through the humid air. He circled around her with his arms crossed, slowly inching towards her. Emma’s presence must have awakened Killian who was sleeping in the cage.

“Emma! Get out of here! Don’t listen to him. Save your boy, take the Jolly and go home!” Hook shouted quickly from his pen. His yelling stirred Neal while Pan let out a devish cackle.

“Emma!” Neal hollered grasping tightly to the wooden bars.

“Let them go!” She demanded firmly. She was surprised when Pan didn’t say anything. His motives were not always apparent but what he wanted in the moment was almost always clear. “What do you want, Pan?”

“Choose one,” He so simply state, his beady little eyes staring into her very soul.

“Choose one what?” She implored her arms bulging through her shirt as she crossed them again. Pan shifted his eyes from her to his two prisoners. He stared,  watching her mind work as his words finally clicked. Pan wanted her to choose Neal or Hook.

“Choose one? I’m not gonna choose one, you sick twisted son of a bitch! What are you going to do kill the other?!” Emma yelled at Pan now standing just yards away from her. Her heart was breaking. She caught a glimpse of Killian through the bars. There was something in his eyes that she couldn’t identify. It was worry with a hint love, and that scared her. Neal on the other hand just looked scared.

“Oh, please have a little faith, Emma. I’m not that devious,” He chuckled inching towards them. “Choose the one you love and I’ll let them go.”

“Who says I love either of them?” She remarked, lifting a single eyebrow.

“Well I know that’s not true. It has to be Neal, right? He was your first love, the father of your child, not the pirate who pines for you hell set on revenge. But then again, you kissed him and not your baby daddy, right?” The 300 hundred year old teenager taunted looking for a reaction. Emma sighed hard now understanding Pan’s plan. He always had his reasons and she was starting to figure out that this time was no different. He wanted to create a wedge and it was working. A fire set in Neal’s eyes, shaking the bars.

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CS FF: We’ve Got This (3/4)

A/N: For @laurnorder, who won a fic of her choosing in my follower appreciation earlier this summer. She requested friends to lovers with a dash of bedsharing. I may have gotten carried away. Thanks to @lenfaz for letting me toss this at her unexpectedly and providing helpful feedback. Part 4 soon! I promise!

Summary: They’ve been using all sorts of things to avoid what’s right in front of them. Some off the cuff words, though, might get them on the right track.

Words: 3900 | Rated: M | Tumblr - 1, 2 |  ao3


“A man would have to be an idiot to not want to be kissed by you.”

With that he turned, not giving her a chance to answer. He made his way back to the door, pulling it open and ducking through without looking back. He knew that if he did, if he so much as looked at her, let alone waited for her response – either to the kiss or his words – it would be too much. That he’d be unwilling to make the trip home.

The door to her apartment closed with a thud and Emma couldn’t find it within herself to move, instead she continued to kneel there, hands on the back of the couch, her mouth hanging open.

Killian kissed her.

Killian kissed her, and not a peck to the top of her head, or a brush across her cheek kind of kiss. That was full on, smacking noises, tongues and teeth type kissing. There was definitely some biting. And groaning. She wasn’t even sure which of them had done it. If the couch hadn’t been between them, or he hadn’t just walked out of her apartment, she would have gladly pulled him down on top of her for some truly teenage making out on the couch.

She dropped her chin to her chest and groaned, her clit throbbing at the thought of his weight on her, him grinding down with a leg between hers. She imagined him sliding down the couch, his blue eyes flashing up at her as he pushed up her shirt and trailed a set of a wet kisses down her belly.


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Given The Choice (14/?)

… in which Zelena makes good on a threat, Regina makes a startling discovery, and everyone keeps making the wrong assumptions, much to Emma’s annoyance.

Post-Neverland AU where Pan did not escape Pandora’s Box and Emma tries to come to grips with her strange new life featuring pirates, parents, and flying monkeys. Catch up here, or on ao3!

And major thanks to @businesscasualprincess for helping my figure out that last scene - any credit should be hers, any blame is mine ;)

Killian does not find any answers during the night. He does manage to get through almost all of the material he brought with him before finally throwing in the towel at dawn, and getting a half-hour’s sleep before going down for breakfast and more research.

Coffee helps. So does the bright electric light, and Granny’s comments, which always keep him on his toes.

“You look exhausted,” she tells him irritably as she refills his cup.

“And you look as lovely as ever,” he counters.

Granny is not charmed. “Don’t change the subject. You should go back upstairs, get some sleep. You won’t be any use when you’re falling asleep.”

“I don’t intend to fall asleep,” he assures her. “I’m fine.”

It’s only a little untrue. “Fine” is something else, but “fine” isn’t a possibility at the moment, even if he sleeps for a week. But he’s captained his ship through storms on less sleep than this.

“Y’know Emma’s not gonna think much of your devilish good looks today, either,” Granny tells him bluntly, the provocation clear.

“She never does,” Killian retorts. “I’ve given up my efforts in that regard.”

Granny snorts with laughter. “Of course you have.”

Killian glares at her.

As soon as he can, he makes his escape from the diner and gets back to work. By the time Belle and Ruby join him, he’s almost finished looking through his stack of journals and papers. By the time Henry shows up, he knows that there’s no answer in there.

Nothing except a confirmation that Zelena’s curse works, and that his selfishness is to blame for it.

He shouldn’t love Emma. He doesn’t, really, does he? Love is selfless, even he knows that. What he feels isn’t real love, it’s a pretension of it.

And maybe, just maybe, if he can manage to get rid of his feelings for her, the curse won’t work anymore. He needs to get over this infatuation of his, accept that there are things that simply aren’t in the cards for Captain Hook, and stop dragging good people down with him.

He hates this plan. Unfortunately, so far, it’s the only one he’s got.

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Alone, Until I Get Home (6/?)

Summary: In Boston, Henry Swan’s six-year-old brother Ian finds a book titled “Once Upon a Time” hidden beneath the seat in their mom’s old yellow bug. As soon as Henry touches it, he remembers.

Season 3 Canon Divergence-Emma finds out she’s pregnant a few weeks after she and Henry leave Storybrooke with new memories and new lives. Nearly seven years later, another Dark Curse puts her family in danger, and Emma must return to Storybrooke to help them.

Who’s powerful enough to cast the Dark Curse? And how the hell is she going to tell Hook they have a son together?

A/N:  Ok, I’m a little bit “leave, get away from me, get out of my life” with this chapter right now, so there may be some errors that I’ll try to correct within the next few days when I can read it again with a clear head. The next two chapters will probably drop back to being shorter, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get them finished faster than in two weeks, but, you know…LIFE.

Also on: AO3

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Caught Hook Handed

Lines are tested at Thanksgiving dinner! Lots of fluff and of course lots of smut;)

Rated M You can read more of my work here:

“I still don’t really get what this holiday is all about. Every year I try to understand, but it just seems like everyone is getting together just to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Besides there are much more important things pie,” Killian teased, playfully biting the soft skin between her neck and shoulder.

“Killian, I already told you. We don’t have time. We are already going to be late,” Emma giggled, a shiver running down her spine from his ministrations. Damn, that man was gonna test her self control today.

“Let them wait, darling,” Hook practically purred in her ear.

“I know they know why we are late every time. Our family doesn’t need anymore reasons to pick on us,” She moaned, as his hand traveled further down, playing with the seam of her navy blue dress. She could feel his hardening erection against the crease of her ass. Pull it together, Emma she thought!

It was crazy that they had been married for almost five years and he could still pull this kind of excitement from her. God, she had it bad. Emma quickly turned around and placed a brief chaste kiss to his lips, then spun around making her way to the kitchen to take the pie out of the oven.

“Easy tiger, you think you can wait a few more hours?” She laughed, staring at the bulge in his pants.

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Just some thoughts on a previous anon.

I had an anon a few days ago saying that swanfire fans think Emma is a prize for Neal and a few other accusations. I don’t know why I was ruminating on this today? Maybe I didn’t have enough to do or something?

Anyway, I was thinking of Emma with Regina and Neal vs Emma with Hook. None of the relationships outside of Snow and Charming are particularly healthy on that show but Emma’s relationships with Regina and Neal which started out not so good actually became healthy over the seasons. Rumbelle’s relationship did as well so I was thinking how

can these two

Get it right with these two

these two

and these two

but get it completely wrong with these two!

I think it is because they made Emma, Hook’s moral compass. They did it with Rumbelle who started out healthy with Belle inspiring Rumple to once again become the good  man he was, than made her Rumple’s moral compass. This made the romantic relationships become unhealthy because no one should be anyone’s moral compass. Loving someone is about accepting them as they are, not trying to change them. A healthy relationship inspires and brings out the best in both partners. By making someone a moral compass, you are giving too much power to one and putting too much pressure on both partners.

I finally understand this line!

Either they lower themselves and accept blindly (Emma and Hook) or one partner becomes judge and jury, or parent to the other (Belle and Rumple).  Emma with Neal and Emma with Regina, is carefree and more open with them because she doesn’t have this responsibility on her shoulders. Are her relationships with Neal and Regina perfect? No, but there is a breath of fresh air when Emma interacted with Neal and Regina that isn’t there with Hook. The same for Rumbelle when they finally let them work together and have Belle no longer be Rumple’s moral compass. He was free to make his own choices and has proven now and in the past, that he can make the right choices. Hook, outside of Emma’s influence, can’t and that is what makes them seem suffocating and toxic to me. This relationship is not good for Emma or Hook, yet they got a happy ending, one they did not earn nor should have. CS bring out the worst in each other and that makes it an unhealthy relationship altogether.

Which is why I question how Adam and Eddie can get it right relationship wise, but screw up at the same time. CS is not nor has ever been portrayed as healthy so why are they together? Fan pressure? Executive pressure? Media pressure? I wonder if we will ever have the answer!

Given The Choice (13/?)

… in which Emma and Killian both struggle to get to grips with magic, albeit for rather different reasons, and learn that feelings can be extremely inconvenient.

Post-Neverland AU where Pan did not escape Pandora’s Box and Emma tries to come to grips with her strange new life featuring pirates, parents, and flying monkeys. Catch up here, or on ao3!

Thank you to @mahstatins, @seastarved, @ofshipsandswans, @justanotherwannabeclassic, @shoedonym, @starlessness, and all the Hub ladies for the help with figuring out Emma and Killian’s (many) feelings, and the cheerleading! <3

Emma doesn’t sleep well that night. When she wakes the following morning, it feels like no time at all has passed. She can hear the wind outside, rattling at the windows. A sleepy, squinting glance past the curtains tells her that the snow has finally arrived, though it’s a sleety, wet mess as it’s whipped past by the wind. Emma gives it a half-hearted glower and pulls the covers up to her chin. All she wants is to stay in bed and sleep for another three hours at least.

Unfortunately, she has a meeting to get to.

When she and her parents get to Granny’s, Regina is already there, looking far more elegant and put-together than anyone has a right to this early in the morning. Ruby is busy setting tables and helping Granny behind the counter, and Belle arrives just as David is helping Snow out of her coat. Emma catches her eye, and offers her a smile. She still doesn’t know what exactly happened with the dagger and Gold, but she can spot the signs of betrayal, and she knows how it feels. Belle smiles back, and makes to join her.

Strolling in behind Belle, looking a little sleepy, is Neal.

“I told him about the meeting,” Belle says to Emma. “That’s okay, right?”

“Yeah, of course.” If it had occurred to her, Emma would have texted Neal about it yesterday. But Snow and David had wanted a play-by-play account of her encounter in Gold’s shop, and then she’d called Henry to say goodnight and reassure herself that he was okay, and it had just slipped her mind.

Neal takes up position on Belle’s other side, leaning back against the counter. He has a smile for Emma, but it doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He looks tense, almost like he used to look before a job. Emma can’t blame him. If her father were in the clutches of the Wicked Witch…

“We’re gonna find him,” she says. “And Zelena. We’ll get him away from her.”

Neal gives a jerky nod. “Yeah. I know. Belle said she’s the Wicked Witch?”

“Yeah.” Emma gives him the wry smile that they usually exchange when the whole “our parents are fairytale characters” thing comes up, but for once, he doesn’t return it.

“Guess that’s where the flying monkeys came from,” Neal mutters. “I didn’t know.”

“Neal knows her,” Belle says, with a sympathetic look at him. “We both do. She came into the library a lot.”

That explains Neal’s tense mood. “I take it she never mentioned the whole Wicked Witch thing,” Emma says.

“Not really, no.” Neal shakes his head. “Getting a little sick of women who aren’t who they say they are…”

Emma wants to make a quip about how at least he didn’t propose to this one, but she doesn’t think it would go over very well. Nor, for that matter, with Belle, whose own engagement is off to what could charitably be called a rocky start.

David comes up beside Emma. The smile on his face is friendly enough, and he seems to have decided to let old grievances lie for the sake of working together, but his stance and his closeness all but scream “protective dad”.

Emma has to bite back a grin. David is a lot of things, but subtle isn’t one of them.

“Hey. Are we ready?” he asks.

Emma glances around the room, as if she doesn’t already know that they’re missing someone. “Just waiting for Hook.”

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A Helping Hand

Chapter 3 

Summary: My girlfriend just dumped me and I’ve gotten piss drunk and somehow managed to get into your apartment instead of my own. I’m trying to masturbate my feelings away and boy were you surprised. Based on a Tumblr prompt that spiraled out of control. 

Rated: Mature

Tagging: @rouhn @captainswanandclintasha @deathbycaptainswan @slimacwrites @teamhook @onceuponaswans @piratesbooty63fan @idristardis @ladyciaramiggles @truefangirl97 @t-tamm- @takhisismb @julesep3026 @swanjonescaptain @cynmoon @mayquita @kday426

If I missed anyone or if anyone else would like to be tagged please let me know.

Also available: AO3 FF.N

Ch 1 Ch 2

Killian was walking briskly down the street for what seemed like forever, trying to remember something — anything at all — about last night. He still had so many questions, but he was too humiliated to be in Emma’s presence, let alone ask her more questions that would possibly reveal more of his inappropriate behavior.

When he had woken that morning, things certainly hadn’t turned out how he had expected. He would have preferred a one-night stand with the gorgeous blonde as opposed to jerking off in her tub naked. And he lived across the hall from her. How was he ever going to be able to look at her ever again?

Knowing that he was engaging in something so private and compromising in front of this amazing woman wasn’t exactly an ego boost. It was one of a man’s greatest fears — getting caught masturbating. Needless to say, he felt like a pervert.

Oh gods, and she was best buddies with Liam.

She was going to tell him and Liam was undoubtedly going to kick his arse out and send him back to England. Maybe Killian was better off going back anyways. Maybe this was a sign that he should have never left to begin with.

Killian was pondering the question of whether he should go to the bar or not, to try and forget the whole incident with some good ole rum, but who knew what kind of shenanigans he would get himself into this time around.

Maybe just one drink wouldn’t hurt.

He walked into the bar and took a seat in a lonely stool, leaning his elbows on the counter with his face in his hands. Gods, he felt so hopeless and miserable.

The bar was really the last place he should be right now. He told Liam he was going to turn his life around and so far, he had failed in so many ways. Now he was just asking for more trouble. The thought of alcohol didn’t even sound at all appealing to him. Only the possibility of forgetting everything.

It’s all he knew. Whenever he had gotten into arguments with Milah about her husband, he had turned to rum for comfort. The thought of her being with another man had crippled him. So he used alcohol as an outlet. He knew it was unhealthy but it was the only thing that got him through. He didn’t have his older brother to turn to, nor an attractive neighbor to confide in like Liam did.

Killian’s gut twisted at the thought of Liam going to Emma instead of him, his own brother. Even though he hasn’t been close to Liam in a while, he still knew his brother rather well. Liam was normally shy around women he was crushing on, and Killian imagined that when he took a liking to Elsa, he went to Emma for advice.

It was Killian’s own fault though. If only he had listened to Liam in the first place, none of this would have happened. He would’ve still been without Milah, but at least he wouldn’t be unhappy, and at least he’d have his brother.

“Can I get you something?” the male bartender asked, pulling Killian from his thoughts.

Killian dropped his hands to surface of the bar counter and shook his head. “No thanks, I’ve changed my mind.” He was not going down that path again. He started to remove himself from the stool when he saw someone take the one next to him out of the corner of his eye.

“Do you always start drinking at noon? No wonder you can’t remember anything about last night.”

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If the Stars Align - Chapter V

Summary: The Musketeers AU. Danger lurks around every corner in the French court and as a Musketeer in service of the royal family, Killian’s duty is to protect them from any and all threats. As his relationship with Queen Emma develops into something more than just friendship, threats against the queen escalate and put everything they hold dear into jeopardy.

Rating: M

Content warning for the story: violence, mature themes, minor character death.

Art by @hook-and-star-ink​ , @acaptainswaneternity and @seastarved. Follow this to check all the pieces currently published and give them some love!  

Catch Up on tumblr: ch1, ch2, ch3ch4

AO3: ch5

It had taken several hours to get the situation at the Bastille under control. After making sure Emma was safe at the Louvre, escorted by palace guards to the court physician to check for any injuries even against her protests that she was fine, Killian and David returned to help out the others. City guards were there too by the time they had arrived, aiding the Bastille guards and the Musketeers, but it had still taken a long time for the situation to settle. Somehow, some of the prisoners had been let out of their cells too, and it took a long time to round them all back up, with some still on the loose and nowhere to be found. All the deserting guards (those still alive, at least) were arrested for treason, housed in the very prison cells they had once guarded.

By the time everything was said and done, it was late in the day and all the Musketeers were exhausted. Captain Humbert had visited the Louvre to update the king on what had happened, but the next day, all of the Musketeers were summoned for a meeting.

Captain Humbert leads them to the palace, and worried rumours and whispered theories trail their steps all the way to the palace, the news of the attack having circulated around Paris overnight.

“I heard the Queen was the one to shoot the ringleader!”

“Those guards deserve to hang alongside the other murderers in that place!”

“If even the Bastille guards aren’t happy with the monarchy …”

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Snow says it’s (love)

Emma nods her way through Snow’s nagging, inching toward the door with every sentence from her mother. 

Just as Emma’s hand is on the doorknob, the door opens, hitting Emma’s back and causing her to stumble forward, which would have been fine except for Neal’s alphabet blocks, which tangled in her feet and sent her thumping to the ground. 

“Emma!” “Idiot.” two voices call in unison. 


Emma rolls onto her side cradling her knee and willing tears not to spring to her eyes. Owowowow.

“Oh, honey,” comes Snow’s saccharine voice. Emma hates that she thinks it, but she kind of just wants Snow to just go away

“Stop babying her,” Regina’s voice says sharply to Snow. The older woman crouches down to Emma’s level, softly removing Emma’s hand from her knee. She makes a light tsk noise with her tongue, straightening out Emma’s leg despite her protests. 

“Do grow up, dear.” Regina snaps. “If you didn’t wear jeans meant for a twelve year old, I could actually have a look at your knee now, couldn’t I?” 

Emma does her best impression of a growl, the noise belying the fact that she sort of liked being fussed over by the prickly woman. 

Regina rolls her eyes, running her fingers over Emma’s leg and pressing in different places to ensure Emma hadn’t seriously hurt anything. Satisfied, she wraps an arm around Emma’s back and a hand around her waist, pulling her up as she rose. 

“T-thanks,” Emma gets out, feeling a little lightheaded. She’s unsure of whether it was caused by getting up so quickly, or the warm hand that has yet to leave her waist. 

“Of course,” Regina says, dismissing her gratitude. Regina’s hand trails along Emma’s back before moving up the front of Emma’s coat, smoothing its wrinkled lines. She straightens the beanie on Emma’s head and tucks a lick of blonde hair behind her ear. “There,” Regina says with a degree of finality. “You don’t look like you just got swept off your feet.” 

Emma thinks perhaps that’s the sort of statement one feels affronted by. She huffs, “Sweeping? More like shoving.” 

“I’ve tried shoving, trust me,” Regina quips, sweeping by her and into the loft’s kitchen. 

What the fuck was that supposed to mean, anyway?

“Emma, weren’t you leaving?” Snow asks, Neal gurgling on her hip. 

Huh. So she was. Now she’s here in the kitchen. “You were so concerned about me two seconds ago and now you’re just kicking me out. I see how it is!” 

Snow shoots Regina a look. It should bother her that Snow and Regina give each other these kind of looks often, but she finds it kind of endearing, even if she’s not quite sure she’d like what they mean if she knew. 

Snow opens her mouth, and Emma can almost see the nags hanging off her lips. “Okay, okay. I know. Get the Turkey–25 pounds. And the flowers you ordered. And pick up the sweet potatoes.” Emma reiterates. Before Snow can open her mouth again, she quickly adds, “And ‘Don’t forget to confirm Ruby is coming,” in a slightly higher tone that ostensibly was supposed to be mimicking Snow’s voice. 

Snow nods with an approving smile and starts shooing Emma out the door with her one free hand.  

“Okay, okay. I’m going, see?” Emma huffs, shooting one last plaintive look at an unconcerned Regina before heading out the door. 

She manages to get the turkey and potatoes without much of a problem, also picking up a bottle of whiskey on a whim. Belle is tending the shop at Game of Thorns when she arrives, and is busy arranging a monstrosity of red, green and silver that Snow had undoubtedly ordered. She packages up three small brown boxes as well, sliding them over to a confused Emma.

“Mistletoe,” Belle says in answer with a sly smile. 

“No way-” 

“It’s what Snow ordered,” Belle says with a shrug.  

Emma sighs loudly. She sincerely hopes that the mistletoe isn’t for her benefit. Ever since she broke up with Hook months ago, Snow had seemed strangely insistent upon Emma ‘getting back out there’ and ‘finding her True Love.’ It had led to a number of frustrating arguments, two unexpected Blind Dates and three attempts at making Emma online dating profiles. 

“Just swipe right on one of them,” Snow had said plaintively. “For me?” Emma had swiped left in quick succession, swiping past three dwarves, Henry’s science teacher and…(vomit!) Blue. Her finger hovered over the next picture, however. The picture was definitely taken candidly, as there was a slight look of surprise on her face and a ridiculous snapchat filter giving her a princess crown and hearts. Emma had smiled, immediately knowing that Henry would have taken it, and Regina would have demanded he delete it at once. Her finger had hovered–would it be rude to swipe left on Regina? Would Regina ever swipe right on her? What if Emma did and she didn’t? Snow had looked suddenly disinterested, claiming that she heard Neal fussing, leaving Emma alone with her hovering finger. Emma deleted the app. 

“She’s just trying to help,” Belle says softly, eyes bright and knowing.

“Help? More like cause me middle school dance-level embarrassment.” 

She had always felt jealous when other kids expressed embarrassment about their parents. At least they had someone to fuss over them, to show up at school with their forgotten lunches or to chaperone school dances and field trips. To have someone care for her like that–

She would have given up almost anything. 

But Snow was certainly making up for lost time. Emma still flushes with embarrassment every time she passes Blind Date Number 2, Sebastian, on her way to Regina’s office. At least Blind Date Number 1 had been Mulan, and the two of them had been able to grab a drink and laugh over it. 

“She cares for you,” Belle responds, handing Emma the arrangement. “See you tomorrow?” 

“Yeah,” Emma responds from the forest of pine and ribbons in front of her face. “Can’t wait,” she finishes dryly. 

Emma carefully places the arrangement in her car, grumbling a little as pine needles scatter onto the seat. She pulls into a parking spot in front of Granny’s, happy to note that it was just about time for lunch. 

“Hey, Rubes,” Emma greets the waitress, sitting down on one of the squeaky bar stools. 

“What can I get ya?” the woman responds, leaning onto the counter between them. 

“The usual.” 
“Are you sure?” 

“Yeah, why?” 

Ruby tips her head in the direction of the door, bringing Emma’s attention to the arrival of one Regina Mills. “The wife’s here.” 

Emma huffs at her friend, “I told you–”

“Yeah, yeah, not to call her that. Should I sub the milkshake for a water?” 

“Yeah,” Emma grouses, kicking the wall of the counter petulantly with her feet. Regina was always commenting on her diet and not-so-subtly attempting to get her to eat ‘healthier’ for the sake of their kid. 

“Oh, hey, Rubes?” Emma asks. “Mom wanted me to make sure you were coming to Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow. Can you make it?” 

“Yes,” Ruby responds, drawing out the word. She shouts Emma’s order to Granny in the kitchen. “I already told her I was coming.” 

“Huh.” Why would Snow have her ask Ruby about dinner if she already knew she was coming?

The door opens, letting in a cold sweep of air, and suddenly, Ruby starts laughing.  

“Oh, Emma,” Ruby says, patting Emma’s hand on the counter. “Your mother’s such a shit.” Seeing Emma’s confused look, she continues, “Your mom wanted you to ask me as your date.” 

Emma’s mouth opens once and closes again, no words actually forming. 

“Date?” Regina asks, placing her purse on the counter and sliding in smoothly next to Emma. 

“Yeah, looks like I’m Emma’s Christmas date tomorrow night,” Ruby says with a wolfish grin. 

“You are?” Emma asks at the same time Regina says, “She is?” 

“Yep,” Ruby says with a roguish wink. 

Well, then.

“Anything I can get you, Madame Mayor?” 

A leash, Regina thinks angrily. “My usual,” she grits out instead.

Once Ruby has bounded away, Regina turns to Emma with an icy smile. “So.” 


“How did this occur?” she asks, gesturing between Emma and the absent Ruby. 

“You don’t want to know,” Emma grumbles. 

“Don’t I?” 

Emma hates it when Regina gets all rhetorical, mostly because she’s never quite sure how to respond. “You don’t. Trust me,” Emma sighs. There’s a few beats of silence between them. It’s far from unusual, but this time it feels…tense. “You, uh, ready for Snow’s inevitable Christmas jumpers?” 

“As ready as I am to see Henry go to college.” 

Emma snorts a little. “She can’t top last year.” The previous Christmas, Snow had gotten them matching Christmas jumpers, complete with snowmen made of pompoms and the words, ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ written in script below. Nothing like wearing the lyrics to the world’s rapiest song to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

They ended up singing it together after quite a few spiked eggnogs, much to Henry’s delight. The little shit still hadn’t deleted it off his phone, and would randomly send it to them despite their hollow threats of grounding. 

Yeah, it was a good Christmas, even despite Hook getting into a pissing match with Regina over where Emma would spend her Christmas morning. 

Emma’s glad that relationship is history.

The two eat their lunches with companionable chatter, Regina slipping fries off Emma’s plate and Emma deciding not to comment. When they ask for their checks, Ruby only comes back with Regina’s. 

“Yours is on the house,” Ruby says with another wink.

Regina, thinking of leashes again, grinds out, “Nonsense. I’ll cover it.” 

“No, really–” Emma protests.

“Not at all! It’s the least I can do for my dat–” 

“Which is tomorrow, I might add,” Regina huffs, throwing a $50 bill on the counter and shrugging on her coat as she marches out the door. 

When Emma turns back to look at Ruby, the woman is positively grinning

“Someone’s jealous,” Ruby teases, picking up the empty plates. 

“Who? Regina?” Emma asks, replaying the last thirty seconds of her life. No–Regina was just…protective about certain things. Or something. Honestly, Emma had given up trying to analyze certain aspects of Regina’s behavior long ago. “No!” 

Ruby snorts, humming out a “Mmm-hmm,” as she saunters into the kitchen.

Emma sighs, running a greasy hand through her hair. What had her mother gotten her into?



“Behind Gold Bars”: Prologue

Yes….I’m doing the thing. The fic version of those gif sets you guys have been incredibly supportive of. I’m going to be uploading it to AO3 later, but for now, here’s this:

   His head felt heavy; throbbing with a dull pain that worsened every time he moved. Crinkling his brow, he drew a hand to his eyes, shielding them from the offensive sunlight that filtered in through the bars.
   “Ah,” a woman’s voice said wryly. “Sleeping Beauty awakes.”
   A chair creaked; a pair of boots began scuffing against the floor, keys jangling as she made her way across the room. Roman squinted, half-lifting himself off the cheap cot he’d spent the night on.
   “Em?” he croaked, recognizing the derisive-looking blonde sauntering toward him. Her sheriff’s badge glinted, reminding him that in this moment, she was not his daughter-in-law, but the local head of law enforcement. Which meant…
   Roman closed his eyes, and swore under his breath. “Shit.”
   “Shit, indeed.” Emma stopped in front of the cell, propping herself against the bar with folded arms as she studied him. “You remember anything about last night?”
   “Mmm…” Roman scratched the side of his stubbled face, trying to piece together the blurry images. “There was alcohol involved, I know that much. And I seem to remember an altercation with…somebody or other.”
   “The bartender,” Emma nodded, raising her eyebrows. “After he refused to serve you any more drinks, you tried to brawl with him.” She pursed her lips disapprovingly as she added, “I convinced him not to press assault charges, but I still had to take you in for ‘drunk and disorderly conduct’.”
   “Again?” Roman exhaled, falling back on the cot. He stared up at the ceiling, regret slowly building in his chest as his son’s face came to mind. He’d promised to do better this time…and to see Neal, knowing that he would be disappointed, but not surprised…
   “Shit,” he muttered again. He pushed himself up and swung his legs over the side of the cot, resting his head in his hands. After a minute, he opened his eyes, looking through his fingers and the strands of silver-brown hair in his face to stare at Emma’s boots.
    “You already call Neal?” he asked her, his voice flat and mechanical; feeling her narrowed eyes on him.
   “Not yet,” she returned coolly.
   “Are you going to?”
   Roman raised his head, creasing a bitter smile at her. “I don’t suppose we could keep this our little secret?”
   “You promised him,” Emma said flatly.
   “I know.”
    “You keep promising him. Promises aren’t enough, Roman. Not if you don’t make any effort to keep them.”
  Roman nodded, silently agreeing with everything she said as she went on to lecture him. He was draining the life out his son. All his drinking, all his unruly behavior—it all fell on Neal’s shoulders. And when did Roman take any responsibility for it? When did Roman make up for being a constant worry to his son, an ever-present burden on their family? They could never abandon him, family didn’t do that—but family didn’t do this, either. Didn’t he care? Didn’t he care about the effect he was having, the pain he was causing?
   “Of course I care,” Roman said through his teeth, glowering as he cut through her tirade. “You think I’m proud of this?”
   “I think if you really gave a damn, you would change,” Emma said abruptly, undeterred. “Stop drinking. Stop ending up in my cell.”
   “Stop arresting me, then!” Roman scoffed, throwing up his arms.
   She tilted her head, her eyes turning to incredulous slits. “You’re kidding, right?”
   Roman looked away from her, his mouth tightening to a line. She was right. Of course, she was right—she usually was. And however much her words burned, he knew they arose out of concern for not only his son, but for him, as well.
   She didn’t understand, though.
   She didn’t understand the hell their lives had been—the reasons why he drank like he did, why his temper raged like it did. She didn’t understand that when Neal’s mother walked out, she left a broken man trying to care for a breaking boy; that Roman blamed himself for his son growing up without a mother, and that that guilt pushed the bottle ever closer; that he knew from the beginning he was going to be a disappointing father, because how could he be anything but?
   Neal was the stronger one—he always had been. When Milah left, he was the one who sat down to a tear-stained Roman on the steps and carefully wrapped his arms around his father’s neck. “It’s all right, Dad,” he’d said, with more solemnity than a ten-year-old should have been capable of. “You’ve got me.”
   And so he had—for near-twenty years, now. Roman’s habit of colliding with law enforcement had been poor repayment (although, it had been what introduced Neal to Emma, so there was a silver lining to that thunder cloud). Neal didn’t say anything, but Emma said enough for both of them, and she didn’t mince words.
   He promised to be better. He wanted to be better. But…
   “I’m sorry, all right?” Roman said quietly, raising his eyes to meet hers. “I’m …trying, Em. I’m really trying.”
   Emma looked at him for a long time, sadness in her gaze; and sighed. “No,” she said, dropping her arms. “You’re not.”
   Roman watched as she walked back to her desk, the keys still dangling temptingly at her belt. “How long am I in here for?” he asked, jutting his chin at her.
   Emma barely glanced up, shuffling through legal-looking papers. “I can keep you in here for as long as six months,” she said. “Bail is set at a thousand dollars.”
   “A thousand, eh?” Roman nodded slowly, trying to decide whether he could swing it. A thousand dollars was a lot of money for him: owning a coffeehouse in small, run-down town like this meant very modest earnings. But six months in jail would surely ruin his business, and he had employees depending on him for a paycheck…He’d have to swing it.
   “Neal already paid,” Emma said, as though she could hear his thoughts. She looked up, peering at him over her folders. “He’ll be here to pick you up in twenty minutes.”
   A fresh wave of guilt washed over him. Roman scratched the back of his head, looking around the cell with anxious eyes; trying to think of something to say. “Oh,” was all he could manage. “H-he did, did he?”
   Emma raised her eyebrows. “Of course, he did,” she said. Her voice was calm and level, but it stung as much as if she’d hissed it though the bars when she added, “You’re his father.”


Paring: captain swan


Killian tries to leave without being caught by unsuspecting parents

Work Text:

Emma rolls over in bed at the sound of her phone alarm going off, coming in contact with a chest belonging to the pirate who shared her bed last night and the past few as well. 
“Mmm…morning beautiful.” mumbling into her hair.
“It is way too early to be awake” Emma groans out, burying her face further into Killian’s shoulder.
“You are the one that suggested I vacate this time each morning before your parents awake”
“I know. I really need my own place”
“Mmm” he responds running his fingers up her spine
“I’ll get around to telling them” she gasps as lips find her neck. “I just…” she sucks in a breath as she feels teeth bite down “….like the calm right now” groaning as his tongue laps over the bitten spot.
“Whenever you are ready” he says kissing her on the forehead moving from the bed. She sighs and lays back watching him move around the room collecting clothes from the night before. She hums in appreciation as he bends picking up the last bit. Sliding pants on he turns to look at her.
“Keep that up and they may find out way more than they want to know” he says making his way over to her leaning down slowly over her on the bed, hand sliding along her thigh as he goes. Stopping with lips wonderfully close
“I’ll be needing this love” he says tugging at the collar of his shirt she wears, pulling back to smirk at her. Tongue running over bottom lip as he watches her remove the shirt
“That’s rude” she smirks moving across the room to grab another shirt.
“speaking of own places, I spoke with Belle yesterday and she told me there is a small apartment above the library and that it could be mine if wanted in exchange for some help around the library. “ He tells her buttoning a couple of buttons of his shirt. 
“Are you going to take it?’ Emma asks
“I’m thinking so…it would be very nice not having to tiptoe around when with you.” He says putting arms around her waist. “Plus I really think she could use the help now with the shop to run as well” he says laying kisses along the side of her neck.
“Mmm…that could be wonderful” she hums tilting her head to the side allowing him more access.”
Spinning her around and kissing her
“Yes it will, but I better be going” he kisses her once more before heading to the door.
“I’ll be by the station later with lunch”
“Mmm” she hums barley auditable as she slide back down into the bed.
He lightly closes the bedroom door, boots in hand as he quietly makes his way down the stairs in hopes of not disturbing any of the other house occupants. He is barley off the bottom stair and past the kitchen counter when he is startled by quiet but surprised ”oh” he turns to the couch to see Snow sitting rocking baby Neal.
“Morning your majesty” he stutters in surprise
“Killian…I uh didn’t know that you ….um came with Emma last night” Snow winces at her wording
“I uh “he laughs a little scratching behind his ear “Yea, I was just heading back to Granny’s, I hope I didn’t wake you”
“No. no Neal was awake and wouldn’t settle back down”
“Well best be going”
“Killian if you were just leaving so we wouldn’t know you stayed, there is really no point in it now. It’s cold and snowy outside might as well just go back up to Emma and stay for breakfast”
“Right, that actually sounds like a wonderful idea.” He says turning to head back upstairs
“I’ll be sure David knows you will be joining us ahead of time. To give him some time to settle on the idea”
“I’ll be prepared for the worst, thank you” he laughs heading up
Snow grins to herself getting up to place Neal in his crib and head back to bed herself.

Emma is so already back to dreamland that she doesn’t hear Killian close the door and head to the bed shedding shirt and pants as he goes. Doesn’t feel him slide in behind her arm going around her waist. Only starting as lips and teeth meet her ear.
“What are you doing back?” Her words slowly turning into a moan as his lips find that spot right behind her ear.
“The lady of the house was awake soothing the young prince” he mumbles against her neck hand sliding under her shirt and across her stomach.
“Oh and how did that go? “She asks breathless moving her hips back against him
“Not bad, little awkward” he huffs out hand moving lower “although I feel should prepare for another hit to the face from your father”
She laughs turning over to pull his mouth to hers.


238 (no, I’m not kidding) Captain Swan canon and au fics. It will be updated regularly. [updated: 25.01]

SEASON 2 (ish)


  • Trust and Hope - M - Word Count: 18,461 -  Emma never left Killian on the beanstalk, and he never went back to Cora. Bonus: Emma kissed Killian. Follow their journey as they attempt to get back to Storybrooke, and what happens if they do.

  • I’m Not Done With You - T - Word Count: 21,094 -  After two weeks have passed and Killian hasn’t been seen anywhere in town, Emma takes it into her own hands to find the missing pirate.

  • Ten Hours - E - Word Count: 11,110 - When Hook arrivs in Storybrooke (in Season 2), he tracks down Emma Swan, who owes him ten hours after leaving him atop a beanstalk.

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(where i am)

Neal-centric. Season 3 canon divergent. “He never fucking learned.” Inspired by “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” by the Postal Service. Or: I am finally seeing why I was the one worth leaving.


i am a visitor here

i am not permanent


            He doesn’t know why it never occurred to him. Maybe because he was so busy being distracted by the asshole who knew his past, or the cops on his tail, or the fact that his father was here, in this realm, possibly looking for him. His father, the monster. Maybe he was too busy beating himself up for setting her up, for knowing she was rotting in a jail cell meant for him, knowing she must hate him—debating doing something, fucking August be damned, or getting as far the fuck away as possible, changing his name, maybe, leaving the country—anything to get as far from his fucking father as fucking possible.

            Or maybe he’s just still that dumb kid who doesn’t think too hard about birth control or condoms, the same kid who sat with that girlfriend he had in Wichita, the one who worked at the diner—Sarah, was it? Sandy? Something with an ‘S’—sat with her in the bathroom while she cried because what would they do if the test came back positive?

            It came back negative, and he left town without a word the next day.

            (He knows it probably makes him an asshole, but he knows he would’ve left just the same if it’d been positive.)

            Funny, that he never learned from his mistakes.

            (Almost mistakes.)

            Funny, that he never did care too much about condoms, or pulling out, or morning after pills, or whatever the fuck.

            Funny, that it never even occurred to him that he might’ve gotten her pregnant.

            (There was Sally or something in Wichita, Abby in Reno, Taylor in Austin, Diana in Chicago. Three negatives and a false positive. He made her take another test, and that one came back negative.)

            He never fucking learned.

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Once Upon A Time Season 7- Babies are like teens now

What I want from season 7 is Neal, Gideon, and Robin up to teenager stuff. Like they don’t need to be main characters or anything but they should totally be in the show. Hell they could amazing Never Have I Ever sessions. 

“Never Have I Ever been babysat by Granny” “Never Have I Ever tried to kill someone” “Never Have I Ever had my heart stolen” “Never Have I Ever been named after a family member who recently died” “Never Have I Ever been born of true love” “Never Have I Ever been a major factor in casting a curse” “Never Have I Ever been in the underworld” “Never Have I Ever been stolen by somebody in this room’s family”

Like they won’t even remember most of this crap happening to them, but I’m sure they heard stories about what happened to them as infants. Also most of these I wrote thinking about only one child but like most of these apply to at least two if not all of them. Also fun fact is none of these three actually are blood related which is insane when you think about it. Like every single one of their families are related between marriages, children, and adoption but these three don’t share a single ounce of blood. WTF? I know right. Don’t believe me.

Gideon is Rumple and Belle’s kid. Belle’s family only really goes back to her parents and since we know next to nothing about Belle’s mom we can say that their probably is no relation. Rumple’s parents both only had one child so nothing there and Rumple’s only other kid- Bae- had one son, Henry. So no blood there. Except Gideon and Henry totally share blood which is important when looking at baby Neal.

Baby Neal is Snow and Charming’s second kid, first being Emma. Snow was an only child, and Charming’s bro died before having kids. Neal is Henry’s uncle, and so is Gideon but neither of them are related to each other. Snow’s stepmom and Henry’s adoptive mom are both Regina who is baby Robin’s niece. So like Henry is also cousins with Robin.

But since Regina can’t have any biological kids and Zelena only had Robin, and they are the only two living people out of the Miller’s, Robin isn’t really related to many people by blood. So none of these three are actually related to each other, but they are all related to Henry, and if that doesn’t require drunk teenage sessions of “joking”/ trying to get over the trauma which is their family tree/ childhoods- like that is a wasted storyline. 

Out of the Frying Pan (23/?)

“No, no” Emma said quickly and his nervous smile would probably be her undoing at some point. “I just…you’re right.”


“Being nervous around my brother. I told you he blames himself for Neal and everything that happened and he’s absurdly overprotective. Is it super lame to say that I just want my older brother to like my boyfriend?”

He kissed her – and it was over before it really began, which was probably for the best since they were absolutely going to be late. And they were already late to begin with.

AN: I feel like there should be some kind of fireworks joke since I’m posting this on 4th of July, but there are no fireworks here. Just fluff. And talking. And pie. As always @laurnorder is a GIFT. 

Living over here on Ao3 and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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All you have to do is call my name (1/3)

A small town in Maine that’s chock-full of Characters, and everyone’s looking for happiness and love, one way or another. 

OUAT Gilmore Girls AU, Fifth Installment 

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A product of the brilliant minds of @asthewheelwills and @wholockgal

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Additionally, and not for nothing, I have been asked to tag a few people.  We’ll see if this works: @lenfaz​, @lenfazreads​, @disastergirl​, @beautiful-swan​, @blessed-but-distressed

The Jolly Roger wasn’t yet open when Emma arrived and peeked in through the front windows. She was no lover of early mornings, but the news she wanted to share with Killian was too good to wait for normal business hours.

She could see him there, dark hair still damp from his shower, chin unshaved, moving from table to table, checking levels of salt and pepper in the shakers on each. He’d hired Jim Hawkins and Ned Land at the beginning of the summer to help, but he still insisted on doing the morning preparations himself, before the boys came in.

Emma knocked on the glass of the front door and grinned when he turned to look at her, scowling. She knew him well and could see the slight tilt of his lips and the sparkle in his eye that said he was happy to see her. It had also been well over a week since they’d been able to arrange their schedules to have more than five stolen minutes in his pantry together. She knew he’d missed her, though he probably wouldn’t say it. She had missed him as well, which was her secondary reason for choosing the early hour to bring him the news.

He crossed the diner with a slow, deliberate swagger and Emma rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming. He unlocked the door, taking his time (Emma swore she’d pick the lock herself next time- Sheriff Humbert would forgive her) and when she’d have pushed the door straight in, he caught it and held it open a bare inch.

“We’re not open yet, Swan,” he said through the crack. “Did you turn your alarm clock upside down and read the six as a nine?”

“Let me in, Kil,” Emma said, leaning on the door. It both annoyed and impressed her that, even with almost her full weight against it, he still managed to hold the door steady at that one, frustrating inch.

“What are you doing here, Emma?” He was no longer even pretending to scowl at her. He was smirking, an expression that shouldn’t have been nearly so appealing, but he managed to make sexy. He knew he was frustrating her and was enjoying the game.

Though she’d hardly admit it to him, she was enjoying it too. Circumstance had robbed her of the usual youthful pursuits of flirting and play, and she found as an adult that they were remarkably fun.

“I’m looking for advice,” she said, leaning against the door again which still didn’t budge. She glanced down and saw that his black boot was blocking it, which would explain why she couldn’t move him. “See there’s this guy-”

“Should have guessed,” Killian interrupted, crossing his arms and affecting a casual air. “Handsome bloke?”

Emma shrugged, trying and failing to repress her grin. “Depends on who you ask. I suppose he’s alright if you’re into that sort of thing.”

“‘That sort of thing’ being stunning blue eyes, movie-star faces, and god-like physiques?” Killian asked.

Emma just flapped a hand in the air as though this were nothing and he shook his head.

“If he’s not handsome, then he must be charming,” he drawled.

“Well he certainly thinks he is.”

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Daemons of Another Kind - Part Three (Final)

It’s done! It’s very long (about 11k words long) but it’s ready! This is going to be the last big chapter I’ll write for this fusion. I’m planning on writing a few more scenes from that verse, as well as a couple headcanon posts about it, but they will not be in chronological order.

This part covers all of Season 5B (plus the end of 5x11), but with a few minor but important for me changes in the plot. #Milahdeservedbetter

Part one (covering Seasons from 1 to 4A)
Part two (covering from 4B to 5A)

Tagging @jollysailorswan because her enthusiasm about this fusion has inspired me tremendously :)

AO3 | FFnet

Emma faintly registers the sky turning brighter. She’s locked herself in the bathroom, one hand holding Addar against her body, the other clutching Killian’s ring. She stayed there all night, despite the occasional pleas from her parents to open the door or talk to them. She’s run out of tears, body tired from the sobs that shook it all night, feeling numb. Addar is nuzzled against her chest and hasn’t said a word; she has forgotten how stronger their connection felt without the Darkness intervening. The sun rises and Emma finds herself unable to move.

Until she hears the whispers.

Sitting up, she feels perplexed. The Darkness is gone; that’s why she had to… do what she did in the first place. Addar looks at her frustrated as well. She knows she can’t tune his voice out now. She stands up and walks to the living room. Her parents are sleeping, though apparently uneasily so, so she steps outside and follows the whispers.

As Gold explains the situation, Emma can feel her blood boil. Killian sacrificed himself - he didn’t even have to spare that monster’s life - and it all was in vain. She lost him so that Gold could have everything.

She won’t accept that, and she can’t just stand by. She feels that threatening the Dark One is the least she’s capable of.

The first thing she does once she walks out of the pawn shop is to go to the hospital and preserve Killian’s body with magic. It always makes her shiver, how they look so much at peace, but this time she simply looks at his face to fuel her determination.

The next time she will look at his real body again, he’ll be alive.

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