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Did Choose to help Saadia or Kematu?

Saadia – or Iman, I guess. I was still new to Skyrim then, and even though she’d been in the country a lot longer, we were both alone, in an unfamiliar place without allies. 

And when she mentioned that she was from House Suda… well. Tariq was from House Suda; she could have been his sister, or his cousin, or some relation of his. And I was still hurting from Tariq’s death, so that made my decision for me.

Winter Break: Christmas Day Night

Winter Break: Christmas Day Night

Winter Break: Ice Skating

Winter Break: Weekend Get away

Winter Break: Sleepless Night

Winter Break: Snowy Morning

Winter Break: Staying Warm

Has not been edited for mistakes! Just posting the rough draft. I hope you like this update!

It was the night of Christmas day and all the presents had been unwrapped in the house and piled into everyone’s room. All the family members had left for their homes and everyone had taken their after lunch nap. There were left over from the Christmas meal in the fridge along with the desserts. Candy dishes were still full of candy and the tree was still lit and decorated, but instead of cheer there was a subtle sadness lingering in the air of Christmas day passing. 

The family along with you were sitting in the living room watching The Maze runner, the movie your sister got for Christmas, eating left over dessert for dinner and drinking hot cocoa. There was a fire going and you were sitting on the floor with your back to it watching the movie. Suddenly your phone vibrates and you check the message that was received “Merry Christmas!” it was from Brett and you hadn’t seen Brett since the day you arrived back from Lydia’s lake house. It had been almost a week since he had last spoken to you, not even a text message had been sent since then and then this out of the blue text message. You look down at the message trying to decide if you should respond or not, he took a while to even send you a message, but maybe you should have been the one to send him one first. And then maybe there would have been more messages sent back and forth through that week. You sit your plate down on the fireplace and quickly type “Merry Xmas!” with a tree emoji and press send, that was a casual enough message to reply back with.

“Well that is probably a bust!” You sigh stabbing your fork into a piece of cheese cake. Quickly you stuff it in your mouth.

“What’s a bust?” You sister asks. 

“Nothing, don’t worry about it.” You shake your head and move the plate back into your lap.

After finishing your food you take it into the kitchen and place the plate into the dishwasher. You look at the time and see it was almost 9 o’clock and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go wash your face, take your shoes off, put on some comfortable clothes for bed and maybe sleep off the post Christmas sadness. You enter your bathroom and run the water a bit until it was warm then you pump some face wash into your hands. As you were able to wash your face the front door bell rings. You snap your head toward the direction of your bath room door.

“Hey is (y/n) home?” You hear a voice down stairs. The voice sounded a lot like Brett’s. 

“Yes she is,” Your mom says. “(Y/n) you have a guest!”

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