and then my ovaries exploded

Once, when they were teenagers, Isabelle saw a handsome man holding a tiny puppy. 

She grabbed Alec’s arm and squealed, “oh my god, it’s like my ovaries are exploding.” 

Alec at the time had rolled his eyes and shook her off of him, largely because they were supposed to be tracking a demon but also because he didn’t get it. Sure, the man was handsome- but Alec isn’t really a dog person. 

Flash forward eight years and Alec thinks he finally understands what Isabelle was trying to say. The Shadowhunters needed something from Magnus so Alec took the mission (mostly because Magnus would probably say no if it was anyone else). Alec didn’t really text Magnus that he was coming over because he knew that the Warlock would be home today. Magnus mentioned something about needing to be at home for a few hours in the afternoon because he was doing a favor for a friend. 

So Alec was unprepared for the sight on the other side of the door. Magnus was shirtless (already too stunning for Alec to comprehend) and he had a one-year-old slung casually on his hip. She was beautiful, with dark rich skin and surprisingly (unnaturally) iridescent eyes- warlock child. She was gurgling happily in the older Warlock’s arms. 

“Alexander,” Magnus said happy and surprised, “to what do I owe the pleasure?” 

“I… I…. The institute….” Alec tried to get out, but his mind was entirely focused on shirtless Magnus holding a baby. 

Yeah- he definitely got what Isabelle was trying to say now. 

“Who… baby?” Alec tried helplessly again.

“Oh! This is Saanvi, a friend of mine asked me to watch her for a few hours today,” Magnus said before turning to the child in his arms, “and how could I say no to such a pretty face? Huh?” 

He said the last sentence in a silly baby voice and Saanvi squealed with delight and clumsily clapped her chubby hands together. 

Alec felt the honest to god temptation to put a hand on his chest and sigh. Then Magnus turned to Alec expectantly and he realizes he still hasn’t managed to tell the other man why he’s there. Instead of trying to form words again he steps close to Magnus and grabs him by the arm that isn’t holding the baby and kisses him gently. He tries his best not to imagine kissing Magnus like this with a child of their own in his arms. Tries not to imagine them as parents together, and coming home after a long day at the institute to a sight this beautiful.

Magnus sighs happily as they break apart, his eyes flutter open, “well, darling?” 

Alec shook his head to clear it of beautiful, hazy daydreams and opens his mouth to tell his boyfriend what he came for. 

But he couldn’t stop thinking of that beautiful sight the entire way back. 

BTS REACT TO YOU RAPPING (25 Days of Bangtan: Day 5)


“Trying to mock me huh? This calls for a punishment don’t you think”

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“Jagi, why are you so good at everything. Stop being a JungKook”

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“Good girl, you learned from the best”

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“God you’re perfect for me”

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“I wanna join in! *proceeds to embarrass himself*”

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“Yes girl get it! Work that invisible microphone!”

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*just sits there staring in awe at how cute you look trying to be gangster*

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