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A big thank you to the folks at twitter who gave me great ideas. I tried to put them all in one picture. Ichigo shouldn’t have made Grimmjow any promises he couldn’t keep. Who cares if it’s 3am? He wants his fight! 


Happy birthday Japan! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

National Foundation Day (建国記念の日 Kenkoku Kinen no Hi) is a national holiday in Japan celebrated annually on February 11, celebrating the foundation of Japan and the accession of its first emperor, Emperor Jimmu on 11 February 660 BC

AU in which Lance is separated from the rest of team Voltron during a big battle and ends up crashing on a planet in a pocket of hyper dense space-time.

The crash leaves the Blue lion badly damaged and practically non-responsive at the bottom of the ocean, and Lance is thrown into the middle of yet another war that isn’t his own.

He starts off spending time slowly fixing Blue with whatever parts he can scrounge up, working as a mercenary to earn money for food and the more difficult to find parts.

Initially, he hopes that the others will be able to find him. He manages to set up a beacon to hail the castle (with a lot of help from some locals that had taken a liking to him), but as more and more time goes by he loses hope that they’re ever coming back.

It doesn’t take him much to theorize that they’re all either dead or captured, because even if they didn’t want to come and find him (Who would want to? It would be better if they found a new blue paladin, one with more to offer the team, he thinks to himself.) then they would at least need to come get Blue and his Bayard.

Without her there is no Voltron.

Without Voltron, the universe has next to no hope left.

After 3 months (Blue had been counting. She’s gotten good at waiting, but it’s always nice to know exactly how long it’s been) one of the warring countries gets wind of his talents and invites him to join their army. Invites from the other two followed soon thereafter, all of them easily able to see that he could be the key to breaking the deadlock they’d gotten themselves into.

After 5 months, he conceded and joined one of the armies. All the parts he still needed to fix Blue were rare and out of his price range, and he had sworn to protect her until his dying breath. He couldn’t let her fall into the Galra’s hands. He couldn’t let Voltron be used by those who sought to harm the innocent.

He’d fix her, protect her, even if it killed him.

He was a quick study in the art of war, winning fight after fight, battle after battle. But as he rose up the ranks, the death count on all sides dropped dramatically, much to the confusion of all concerned. By the time he’d become a General the battles were nearly bloodless.

Then the number of battles started to decrease. He enabled and encouraged peace talks between the countries, and by the time a treaty had been signed he finally had everything he needed to fix the Blue Lion.

It had taken a few years (She still counted, but he had long since stopped asking her to update him, lost in battle after battle) but they finally managed to leave.

When they re-entered normal space (not that they knew it until long after) the beacon that was still active down in the depths of Blue’s mechanics finally managed to make contact with the Castle of Lions.

Team Voltron hadn’t stopped searching for the Blue Lion or Lance since they’d disappeared.

And as they searched, they were slowly falling apart.

None of them had really realized how quiet the castle would be without him dancing around singing as he cleaned.

None of them realized he’d been leaving plates of food goo when they hadn’t eaten all day, carrying them back to bed when he could and giving them pillows and blankets when he couldn’t after they fall asleep in odd places, guiding them towards the showers when they’d been training and forgotten to change.

They hadn’t noticed that he had a knack for finding them and distracting them from what was worrying them, until they had a breakdown and had to piece themselves back together.

So, to say they were relieved when they located the beacon spewing out the Blue Lion’s energy would be an understatement of the gravest degree.

They’d been expecting to find the Blue Lion crashed on a planet.

They’d been expecting Lance to contact them as soon as they were in range, spouting off some tall tale of how he valiantly saved the entire planet single-handedly, rushing back into the castle where they could shower him in hugs and love and affection that he would ultimately be confused by.

They’d been expecting to reunite and have everything simply click into place.

They hadn’t expected to find the Blue Lion, deep scores marking her armour, with small pieces of what looked to be some kind of alien reef valiantly clinging on, to be flying at a breakneck pace through the depths of space.

They hadn’t expected both Lion and Paladin to be wary of the Castle of Lions, their audio only transmission fizzling with static as they demanded to know how they’d come to claim the Castle.

The tension in the air was palpable as the Blue Lion gingerly lowered her head and setting down her ramp, seawater gushing from various cracks and crevice’s.

They hadn’t been expecting to be greeted by a Lance far more subdued and soft spoken than they could have ever imagined. Despite this, he stood tall, proud (guarded, imposing) as he looked them over with a critical eye (judging to see if it were truly them, or some cruel trick played by whoever wanted the Blue Lion).

He was missing pieces of his paladin armour, decked in odd replacements and accessories, with a cape that shimmered like sunlight on a pool of water. His face scarred, his eyes heavy and wearing a ponytail of all things.

(Much later, he joked that it was kind of hard to cut your hair underwater with a blunt knife, and it almost felt like no time had passed)

They hadn’t been expecting the few weeks they’d spent searching to have been years for their Blue Paladin.

They hadn’t expected him to come back so different.

(He hadn’t expected them to come back at all)


Pairing: Connor Murphy x Reader

Words: 833

Warnings: None?

Requested by anonymous: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Connor x reader with the prompts 231, 236, and 243, but like it’s set in the 1950’s and Connor is a greaser along with Jared and Evan and the reader is middle class (like how in the outsiders there the greasers, socs and the middle class if that makes sense????)? Thank you!

Prompt(s): 231. “May I have this dance?” 236. “My parents asked about you.” 243. “Oh, my God! You’re in love with her!”

A/N: I haven’t uploaded in forever jeez sorry !!! ((I haven’t read The Outsiders in a LONG time so it’s pretty different but I hope it’s decent!)) So like I just chose random names ?? I don’t remember the girls’ names in The Outsider except wasn’t one of them named Cherry?? Sherry??? It was something like that right? Idk

You stood near the walls, chatting idly with your friends while people danced around the room. Music played softly, and peaceful laughter filled the party.

“And how did it go?” You spoke, looking to your friend, Martha, in excitement.

“It went-” She was cut off when Amelia nudged you in the arm.

“Don’t look now, but Connor Murphy is walking over here.” She whispered. You stopped, surprise evident on your face.

“Connor Murphy?” You squeaked.

The girls around you laughed at your response, before their gaze shifted to something behind you.

When you felt someone tap on your shoulder, you spun around quickly, your skirt swinging along with your movement.

“May I have this dance?” Connor stood in front of you, hand outstretched.

You felt your face heat up, and nodded silently, not trusting your voice. He pulled you away from your friends, who were now watching you two and giggling.

Music filled your ears as you swayed gently with Connor to the beat.

You stayed like that for a while, but the time was cut short when the song ended and his friend - Jared if you remembered his name correctly, dragged him off.

Arriving back to your group of friends, they all turned to you.

“So, how was Connor Murphy?” Amelia put extra emphasis on his name, giggling softly.

“He was nice.” You mumbled, feeling your face heat up once more, much to the enjoyment of your friends.

When Martha dropped you off, the sky had already gotten dark. Walking inside, you found your mom relaxing in the living room. Your dad joined her soon enough, both greeting you as you passed them.

“How was the dance?” You dad wondered, making you stop in your tracks.

“Anything interesting happen?” Your mom pressed, causing you to collapse on a seat near them.

“There was this boy.” Both parents were immediately attentive, leaning forward to hear about him.

“Do we know this boy?” You dad questioned, a hard look on his face.

“Connor Murphy?” You tried, feeling a slight pit in your stomach as your dad recalled him.

“Isn’t Connor Murphy one of those greaser boys?”

“He is.” You responded, quieter than you intended.

“What’s this Connor boy like?” Your mom inquired, her kind eyes staring at you.

“He’s nice.” You said quickly. “Um, he’s really pretty and smart and talented and he can be really caring when he needs to be and-” You paused, looking to your parents.

“Sounds nice, sweetheart.” Your mom glanced to the clock. “Now get to sleep, it’s late.”

With a quick nod, you rushed upstairs into your room.

The next day, you were walking home from the store when a car slowed beside you.

“Hey.” A familiar voice greeted. Your head snapped up from your focus on the ground, smiling when you saw Connor.

“Hi.” You replied meekly. The car he drove was slowed so it matched your pace as you strolled down the street.

“On your way home?” He questioned, one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the back of the seat.


“Here, I’ll give you a ride.” He whispered something to Jared, who sat in the passenger seat. After a moment of their quiet conversation, Jared reluctantly climbed into the backseat next to another boy. You didn’t hear him speak that often, but you were pretty sure his name was Evan.

As gracefully as you could muster, you clambered into the seat Jared had been in previously.

“My parents asked about you.” You whispered after a few minutes of silence.

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh yeah.” You laughed lightly. “A lot of questions.” That earned a laugh from Connor, which sounded more beautiful than you could describe.

When you finally arrived at your house, you waved goodbye to Connor and the other two before rushing inside with a smile spread across your face.


Connor stared after you long after the door to your house had closed.

Jared and Evan sat quietly for a moment before Jared’s voice cut through the silence.

“Oh my god! You’re in love with her!”

658: Talking of Michelangelo (Bayside)

Kept imagining a flushed pet gator growing up in the sewers wondering why they lost their owners love, and growing bitter and violent.

Requested by Anonymous

The Song


meowrails wearing meowtching horsefits :^) (i’m shit at cat/horse puns ok)

also a separate image for both of them cause you can’t see equius’s little horse tail otherwise (thanks nep)

voltron force sven redesign to go with hunkallura, lance, keith and pidge! i couldn’t leave out the second blue lion pilot, especially when his story is so interesting!

this design pulls up the elements of sven being a resident of pollux and also a father - instead of his modern-looking arctic gear he gets something a little more in line with the fairytale aesthetics of arus and pollux, combined with a norse/viking feel to elicit sven’s own heritage. the embroidery on his tunic mirrors this set’s redesign for allura, connecting them as blue lion pilots. his general appearance vaguely mirrors king alfor, drawing connections to someone associated with royalty, maturity, strength and bravery; as well as that protective sense of fatherhood allura remembers so fondly. 

additionally, the severity of sven’s haggarium infection is enhanced, giving a far more visual explanation for his retreat to crydor with his son (and if it’s unclear, he’s holding the baby in swaddling under his cloak). the white streak in his hair - which mirrors daniel’s once his own haggarium infection takes over - is a further result of the poisoning, but is braided away from his face to minimise negative focus on it.

i’ll probably post all these as a set later on now all the pilots are done! i had a huge amount of fun with these designs and i’d like to draw more sometime if i get the chance, i hope everyone enjoys them! ヽ(・ω・ゞ)

Bts reaction to their s/o giving them hickeys

Concept: You left lots of hickeys and bite marks all over their shoulders and neck, but they left much more on you and yet dare to complain

Seokjin: Jin would act all dramatic trying to tease you. 

“Jagi, I can’t believe what you did to me! Jungkook noticed the hickeys from yesterday and made fun of it!” You get grumpy.

 “Oh no, one little hickey was seen! Did you already forget how my body looks like? It’s about ten times worse and I had a meeting today!” He starts laughing as you show him your marked body.

 “Someone did a good job yesterday, I’m sorry for complaining”

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Namjoon: Namjoon would be really cocky. “Babygirl, I think I need to punish you. Look at my body!” He takes off his shirt. You look at him skeptically.

 “What? What’s this look suppose to mean?” You take off your shirt too, exposing your body which is covered with love marks and bites.

 “Did you forget this?” Namjoon starts smirking while walking up to you.

 “Don’t be so bratty, you’re not a celebrity. It’s not as important to you as for me. I think you indeed need to be punished.” 

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Yoongi: Yoongi would most likely stay calm. “Don’t you think you took it too far yesterday?” He’d say looking at you.

“Excuse me but take a look at your work!” You show him your body and he starts smiling proudly as if he just won an award.

“The marks of my lips suit you. Even though I didn’t plan them to be so big…” He’d kiss you softly.

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Hoseok: Hobi would be totally proud of the hickeys you gave him. He’d wear a low cut shirt on purpose so everyone could see your masterpiece. It would be a bit embarrassing for him to admit though so he’d blame you playfully.

“I had no choice, I just couldn’t resist and push you away.” You’d start laughing.

“Are you for real? You were the one who wouldn’t stop sucking.” You’d joke and you two were laughing for almost an hour.

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Taehyung: Tae would kinda be like Hobi in this point except that he would remind you every thirty seconds about your ‘unthoughtful act’ 

“My fans, the media, the members. Everyone could find out!” 

“Then why aren’t you wearing a turtleneck or something? I got it worse and I’m not exposing myself like you so stop complaining.” You’d tease him to fresh up his memory.

“Jagi!!! You liked it yesterday, remember!” 

“You liked it too, Tae. Are we done? I’m not gonna argue about it” He’d hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek. 

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

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Jimin: “Wow you’re such an animal baby!” He’d say looking in the mirror admiring the hickeys. He’d try to put make up all over his neck and shoulders but it turns out a mess. 

“Watch your mouth, tiger. I can’t even wear a skirt cause my legs are full of hickeys too.” 

Jimin would smile and give you a kiss as an apology.

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Jungkook: “They’re gonna kill me.” Jungkook would also try to cover the hickey up. 

“Who is gonna kill you?” You’d ask. His face’d turn jungshook real quick.

“Don’t you remember that one time at the airport when fancams took pictures of my hickey and everyone got crazy?” 

“I have dinner with my parents tonight, and considering that I have much more hickeys than you and the strictness of my parents I think I got it worse.” You complained.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry I did this to you!” 

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Just did the reaction again cause my laptop crashed. I hope you like it peeps, tell me your opinion on this one!