and then my heart broke again

so maybe yoonkooks girls serve to be memories they can’t escape. They have to learn to accept what happened, and accept each other again. The girls push them toward reconnecting.

The girl follows tae but namjoon follows a girl– tae left everyone behind but namjoon is still searching for him, watching over him from afar even tho tae feels betrayed by namjoon (he tossed his phone that he used to call namjoon in prologue)

The girl in jihopes scene/ she’s the only girl that can serve as a mother or sister figure and makes hobi feel better about what happens but that’s what jimin wants to be for hobi so he watches and learns from the girl

Jin’s girl wasn’t in there but seeing her run and leave stuff that fell behind made jin realize he can’t run away from the past and leave things broken. He has to confront what happens just as he’ll have to confront the girl to give her the notebook back

You broke my heart and there is absolutely no poetry about it.

Nothing beautiful about a tear soaked pillow.
Nothing beautiful about dreams invaded by what could have been and all the words that were left unsaid.
Nothing beautiful about wanting to rip your heart out to stop you from loving again because if it’s not them then what’s the point, right?
Nothing beautiful about hearing the songs they dedicated to you and having to shut it off because each word feels like a pin in the neck.

You broke my heart and I refuse to defend you any longer.

—  This is me letting you go.

My heart broke, when Jisung talked about the tiny fly infested apartment he lived in, on Happy Together. The fact he endured that for 7 years on his own and told the story with a smile proves how badly he wanted this dream and how strong he is. No one deserves to debut more than Jisung and I’m glad he is part of Wanna One. I hope this is a turning point in his life and he never has to go back to living in that apartment again.

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜

This is why I left:
I saw a life with you. Not in a romantic way, but the way where when I looked at the future I saw you sitting at my dining table, confessing your worries for the 1,800th time. I saw you meeting the love of my life and introducing me to yours. I saw you loving my kids like they were your own and I saw us loving each other - platonically, simply.
But through our late night conversations about the world and about our futures - mere kids aspiring to be something great in a city that was always so poor - you spoke more about the way my smile lit your world up instead of what you’d do to create your own. You stopped fantasizing about meeting the love of your life and insisted that I was already in it, despite the fact that I said it wasn’t what I wanted. That this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.
I caught the lingering stares and the subtle comments. More than anything, I noticed how we changed; how you tried to force something on me that I didn’t want, and how you kept getting hurt in the process - silently blaming me for not reciprocating feelings that I didn’t harbor in the first place. 

Three years later and I feel the hatred steam off of you when you see me on the corner of my block. I ripped you off of me like a dying limb because I knew that if I held on to you, you’d  cling for dear life - never looking forward to another version of your own future again. I left because I’d rather hurt you now and have you move on in due time, as opposed to not at all. I didn’t want you meeting the love of my life with a cold smile and tension wrapped around your first handshake. I didn’t want you to go home at night with no one beside you. I didn’t want you to look at my kids and wish they were ours. I didn’t want you to look backwards. I needed you to look forward.

I broke your heart for your own good. But believe me when I say that you broke mine, too.

—  Fri[end]zoned // n.b.
Not again

I spoke to you today after months of silence and days of constant heartache and missing
You apologised but said you didn’t have any excuse
You told me you haven’t been happy since our last happy conversation
You told me what we had was very precious and so damn rare
I told you that I still love you. Of course I do.
I told you but I don’t respect you and I can’t ever trust you.
You cried and told me love is important
I cried too and said it is but not only when you fancy
And then I heard you plead like a scared little child,
‘Please! Please stay’
And in that moment I thought to myself ‘why the hell not?’
Until I heard my heart whisper timidly at first and then scream with rage
'Leave. I don’t want to be broken again’

“Light and Daffodils”
(Please do not repost without permission and credits)

Well, Mystic Messenger is one of my recents obsessions (all this year xD) and it’s so SO sad that I don’t have any friends who likes this game too!! I’m all alone! :(

Anyway! this Wednesday Cheritz confirmed V route! OMG!!! I just want to save him! >___< I heard the song (kind of) "Light and Daffodils” in the video that they released, and it just broke my heart!! T___T violin and cello, omg T____T
Then I just saw this image of V in my mind while listening it and I had to draw it!! (it was midnight then, but who cares haha)

In the end in of the song, the lyrics says: You can take my all, representing V’s feelings… * cry again * 

I hope you like my illustration! It was made with many, many tears xD

Headlines - Peter Parker

request -  I LOVE YOU WRITINGS Can you PLEASE write a fic were peter takes his s/o on dates to the tops of buildings as spider man a lot to the point were people beging looking for spider-man girlfriend and pictures of them start showing up on websites and news broadcasts 

a/n - i’ve gotten multiple requests to write this kind of fic, and i hope it doesn’t disappoint and is a flop like me anyways don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like or follow! also peter looks like he’s listening to a pretty funky beat in the gif LMAOOOOO

The sun was setting over Queens after the clock struck seven in the evening. My back was pressed up against Peter’s chest, breathing in the view as he was holding me close by. His mask was in my lap as his chin rested on my shoulder, rocking me from side to side.

Sitting at the roof of a busy building in town was a bit of a risk, but somehow Peter and I were willing to make such an attempt. During times together like these, he would become so equipped and steady to grab him mask at any point and run off with me, keeping our affair a secret as best as he could.

I leaned back even more and look up at his face, only being able to see his cheeks. I chuckled as he looked down, pressing a kiss on my lips as a smile melted onto his face as well. Our hearts were both jumping from mile to mile until Peter broke the kiss, putting his mask on within a second.

“What happened?” I asked while he put my hood up.

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You will always be the one who broke my heart but I no longer wish to feel as though you’ve broken me. I need my life to once again have meaning… for there to be some purpose to the pain… So instead I will say that you are the person who made me; that you may have ultimately broken my heart… but you also taught me how to feel.
“Did that miscreant hurt you, mother ?” - Batmom x Batfam

Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera, and sorry cause, as I just finished writing it, I realize this probably wasn’t what you wanted at all…I hope you guys will like it

My masterlist blog :


-…And I swear if ANY of you set fire to anything again, you’ll be grounded for the next six months with NO chance of parol ok ? 

Your sons nod a bit grumpily (until you glare at them and then they nod vehemently : “yes m’am”), knowing damn well how serious you are right now, and already dreading the long gala that awaits them, and how well behaved they will all have to be. 

It means no flirting for Dick. It means no fighting for Jason. It means no sarcastic comments to people for Tim. It means…No talking or moving for Damian really, as he knows when he starts, he can never stop. He’d rather just stand by his parents or brothers and not talk at all (Gotham’s media thought he was mute for the longest time, until one day, he called a journalist that was asking him something rude a “troglodyte” and…of course it made every news papers’ headline…uh). 

It  basically means no-anything-that-could-get-them-in-trouble. And if you had to make a speech each times before a social event to keep your family out of the scandal news, then you would. Pictures of you guys buying groceries, or eating at a food truck, having fun at the local fair or you and Bruce kissing ? To be honest you know it comes with the package to be a Wayne. And you’re fine with this. But scandals ? It always upsets you too much to think anyone could think heal of your family…

Now of course, you know some people hate your family just because you’re rich and famous, but at least, it’s not because you did something that gives them an actual reason to hate you all. Besides, most of the time, it’s just misplaced jealousy. 

Those people had no idea what it really was like, to actually be Mrs. Wayne. The only thing they knew, was that yes, it seemed not that easy to raise those boys of yours as they also seemed very…full of life. But other than that, they had just not a single clue what it was to be Mrs. Wayne. If they thought it was easy, that you just bathed in wealth and you’re husband was just a damn sexy and smart bastard…then they were wrong. Of course he was smart and sexy, but oh, oh being his wife wasn’t easy. 

Being able to pull him away from his dark thoughts was a full time job. Cheering him up and making him smile, genuinely smile, was a constant struggle. But, of course, you wouldn’t have it any other way…And as he snakes an arm around your waist to lead you toward tonight’s gala, your boys chatting with each other in front of you, you know that yes, this is all worth it.

You’d go through Hell for Bruce Wayne. If those journalists and people who judged you and your family could also go to hell in the process…Ahem. 

And oh how cute is it, that your boys try to make sure to be right in front of the cameras’ flashes so they don’t blind you ? Those kids…


You’re used to it. The silence whenever you all arrive somewhere. 

It’s always the same. 

Outside, it’s mayhem. 

People screaming things at you, how much they all love you. Journalists yelling questions in your face, girls swooning over your husband (it doesn’t annoy you as much as it used to, as you understood long ago that Bruce was somehow completely impermeable to this attention, that he only had eyes for you, quite literally). 

But when you get inside, where photographers and such are forbidden…

Complete silence for a few seconds, as people take in the “great and famous” Wayne family. As people stare at you all shamelessly. 

How handsome your sons are getting (”the oldest one, Richard, he’s legal right ?” you heard more than once), how well dressed you all are (everyone is, but you guys ? You pull it off better than any other rich fucks in this town), how perfect your family is (Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)…There’s always a small silence, before conversations start once again, your boys go off on their own to find drinks and food, and Bruce get swarmed by tons of people that wants to talk to him. 

Years ago, you used to hate this. Because they all always ignored you. But now ? Now people want to talk to you as much as they want to talk to Bruce…Though sometimes they’re a little scared of your wits. They’re very careful not to be rude around you. Just like Damian (and Hannibal Lecter actually…though you don’t eat people), rudeness is your pet peeve. 

This time is just like any other time, except that the silence is way shorter than usual. It takes you a few seconds to register what’s going on, and when you go completely stiff in Bruce’s arms. Instantly, he gives you a worried look and do not understand what made you so tense all of a sudden, when, while it’s still supposed to be silent around, he hears the smuggest voice he ever heard in his entire life (and he spend his life around smug people…) : 

-(Y/N) !! Oh my oh my oh my, long time no see my little fox ! It’s so gooooood to see you ! 

“Who was that guy ?” is what everyone was thinking right now. How dare he interrupt this sacred few seconds of silence while they were all admiring the Waynes ? And how dare he talk to Mrs. Wayne like that, in front of her husband who was known to be a bit…territorial sometimes with her ? (After all, they witnessed countless times him kissing you passionately because someone even remotely flirted a tiny bit with you…). 

That guy…That guy was Edward Gibson. 

The only man besides Bruce with whom you had a serious relationship with. 

The only man (and hopefully he’ll always stay the only man) that broke your heart. 

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its-the-tenerife-sea  asked:

Hello! I have an idea for the ficlet (feel better btw!). Okay: HS AU with popular!Dean and popular!Cas, they're those two annoying guys who make funny (but also obnoxious) comments in every single class, and make stupid, flirtatious remarks to each other like "Cas looks pretty hot today guys" or "I'm totally dating Dean, everyone" etc. Only thing is, they're secretly in love, but neither will admit it. I've had this idea for a while and I'd LOVE for a talented author to execute it.

Aaaahhh it’s been too long since I’ve done a High School AU and I’ve missed it. Thanks for this one and thanks so much for asking me to fufill the prompt! I hope I do it justice :)


“Please take your seats quickly. I want to discuss your quiz scores so we can go over any questions you may have before the final test.” Ms. Mills said with a stack of papers clutched against her chest.

Dean stretched his arms above his head as he flopped into his usual seat on the third row, next to the wall so he could lean up against it in times of extreme laziness. He sprawled out accordingly, dropping his backpack to the floor and draping his letterman jacket over his seat until the air conditioning kicked in during the middle of class like it usually did.

“Hey, hot stuff.” Dean said with a nod as Castiel sat down in the seat next to him.

“Good morning, Dean.” Castiel said, barely looking up as he aligned his binder and world history book neatly on the small desk in front of him.

“How was that student council thingy yesterday?” Dean asked, popping a piece of gum into his mouth.

“Absolutely dreary without your shining personality to brighten all of our days,” Castiel murmured, completely straight-faced.

Dean winked as Ms. Mills began talking again.

“Some of you need to look at your notes from the beginning of the year again,” she said as she began passing back the quizzes. “And some of you need to remember that - if you want full credit on the final test - the answer to ‘What are the seven wonders of the ancient world’ is not ‘Castiel Novak’s Ass’ written seven times.”

She frowned when she got to Dean’s desk, dropping the paper on his desk as the rest of the class laughed.

Dean clicked his tongue and made a finger gun at Castiel with another wink.

“Really, Dean? Don’t be childish.” Castiel said, just loud enough for everyone to hear. “We all know that’s not true. I haven’t done any squats in at least a month.”

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Making You Happy

Request: @buckyappreciationsociety   Here’s my request. Prompt #3 with Bucky. Thanks my friend.

And someone had requested number 1, but the ask despair of my inbox,

Prompts:  1) “Close your eyes.” + “I swear if you do something nasty I’m out of here.”

  3) “I should be the only one making you happy.”

Words: 1181

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy and angst. Don’t worry this has a happy ending.

Thank you @widowsfics  you are the best and i love you.

credits to the gif owners 

It’s been 3 months since you broke up with Bucky, it’s been 3 months since he moved out of your shared apartment and it’ been 3 months since you haven’t slept or eaten well. You don’t know how this happened, one day you two were happy, making plans for the future and the next one you were screaming for him to get out of your life.

You miss him every day, you miss talking to him about your day to day life, you miss cuddling to him every night and having that feeling that you are safe. More importantly, you miss knowing that he is happy and safe and if you could turn back time, you would, and you wish you never had that stupid fight.

That is the problem with loving people; you are always going to end up being hurt and you are always going to hurt them as much as you don’t want that, it is unavoidable. You take a deep breath looking at the phone like you do every night, you just need to gather the courage to talk to him, say that you are sorry and that you miss him.

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The Video

Note: yikes, what a title, lmao. I hope you’re all doing well! so, this isn’t entirely how it went in the movie, but I hope you enjoy it, anon! thank you for the request! comments and feedback are more than welcome! I appreciate hearing back from you guys.  ❤️

Request: hey :) could you write an angsty one shot where the reader sees videos of bucky being tortured by hydra and later brings it up to him that *you* saw them? thank you <3

Originally posted by sxy-seabass

You were just finishing up writing a mission report late at night-given you arrived an hour prior from said mission-, in extreme detail since Nick was upset that you left out what weapon you used to kill a guard last time. He was surprised when you held up your dominate hand with a shrug. So, if he wanted details, he was gonna get them. As you typed away, Tony was to your left, sorting through old files. He was moving them into the new safe Nick had brought in, when he let out a rather loud and long yawn.

A smirk formed on your lips as you looked up from your laptop. Tony was sitting in a swivel chair, stacking old manila file folders on the ground. “It’s not even ten-thirty, and you’re already tired?” You shook your head, mocking him. Nick wanted him to sit the mission out and do this for him instead. 

He scoffed and glared at you, sighing heavily. “I’ve been moving these files all day long! And he wanted to organize them by year, and some of them aren’t even dated!” He complained, groaning in frustration.

You tapped your thumbs against your laptop as you thought to yourself. You were nearly finished with your report and Tony did look tired. Pursing your lips, you turned to look back at Tony. “I’m almost done here, why don’t I finish that up?” You offered with a small smile. Tony whipped around to face you with a shocked expression. “Who are you and what have you done to Y/N?” He asked with caution, crossing his arms.

Your eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets. “You have ten seconds flat to leave the room or I withdraw my offer.” You began typing on your laptop again, laughing softly to yourself when you heard his shoes squeak against the floor, his speedy steps echoing as he ran out of the room.

After half an hour later of typing your mission report, you sent it in an email to Nick. You sighed and cracked your knuckles, stretching your arms above your head. Your body was sore from the mission and your eyes had grown tired, but you told Tony you’d finish the files. 

Walking over to the stack he left on the ground, you picked them up and brought them over, tossing them down onto the table. A white square envelope slid out of the top folder, a shiny disc catching your eye. Your eyebrows creased with confusion and you grabbed it, flipping it around to look for a name or any piece of information that told you what was on here. You opened the envelope, only to find that the disc was plain, too.

You were always a curious person. Almost everyone in the tower had trouble with accepting that, but you couldn’t find it in you to care. It was in your personality to be curious. And that’s why you sat down in your chair and slid the disc into your laptop.

Biting your lip, your cursor hovered over the play button. What if this was something bad, something terribly horrid, something you’d never be able to un-see. You’d dream of it, think of it, and have so many questions. Or what if it was the long-lost embarrassing drunken karaoke video of Sam and Tony at Bucky’s birthday party?

You quickly pressed play and sat back, anxiously waiting for it to start. 

You realized that this was not the latter as you saw darkness, The camera shook a little bit as it showed a brightly lit room - or rather a lab of sorts. Suddenly voices started coming into the room. 

One by one, a group of men came into frame. Men with lab coats. Your stomach churned and your fingers shook as you heard Bucky’s voice. “Stop! Don’t do this! I knew him!” The camera was shakily aimed at him and you could see him struggling against them. They were dragging him towards a large chair and shoved him down. You knew you needed to stop watching. But you couldn’t look away. Not now.

Bucky had a thousand yard stare, as if everything about him and his life was rushing back and he knew he’d lose it soon. A few seconds later, he was out of control and shoving a guard away from him; he was angry and unstable. You looked away and bit your trembling lip as your finger hovered over the power button, but when you heard more footsteps, you willed yourself to look again.

“Mission report.”

Alexander Pierce was there, leaning down in front of Bucky, his hand whipping out to slap Bucky in the face. The camera had a muffled sound from the person shaking so much. You figured this wasn’t actually supposed to be filmed, or it was and the person was extremely afraid to be around Bucky, or in this case, The Winter Soldier.

Your eyes filled with tears as you watched Bucky look at Pierce. He looked hopeless, he was tired and you could see a spark of fear behind his eyes as he spoke. “But I knew him.” His eyes held so much emotion, something you didn’t see when he first arrived at the tower. It took him a few months to even come out of his room when everyone else was awake. After that, it took a year to get him back to as normal as he could be, given everything that happened.

One more year, and you two were happily together. You both had grown close to each other, you helped him with his nightmares and he always stitched you up, both of you taking bullets for each other. Though the two of you were unstoppable on the field, working together like it was meant to be.

“Wipe him.” 

Those words brought you out of your thoughts and your breath picked up as you watched two men push Bucky’s back against the chair, his hair framing his face. You realized your were gripping the edge of the table when your hand started to hurt from the pressure. Tears filled your eyes as you watched them stick a mouth guard in front of him. He accepted it; he knew he wouldn’t be able to fight back.

The machine came to life and his chair leaned backwards, the electric headpiece coming around towards Bucky’s head. It fired up and you saw his chest rise and fall before he started to scream, the machine shocking him. A sob escaped your lips and your hand flew up, covering your mouth as you cried into it. He continued to scream, his voice breaking and the sound of his metal arm fighting against the restraints shot right through you.

You slammed the laptop shut and squeezed your eyes tightly, but all you could see was Bucky’s face behind your lids. You’d only heard bits and pieces about Bucky’s life with Hydra. 

Now that you’ve seen it with your own eyes, it was something you’d never want to see again.

Two weeks have passed since you watched Bucky’s torture video. You’ve become silent almost, timid around anyone. Telling Bucky about watching the video wasn’t something you wanted to bring up. But you knew he could tell that something was wrong. 

He watched you from the door, your fingers typing on your laptop as you wrote out another mission report. It’s taken you longer than usual because you kept thinking about the video. You noticed you were typing out the details from said video instead of the mission you and the team went on, and you groaned, backspacing two sentences.

“Y/N, you need to rest.” Bucky’s voice startled you and you looked up from your screen. You swallowed nervously and let out a shaky breath. “I need to finish the miss-an email.” ‘Mission report’ suddenly sounded like a terrible set of words to use, despite Bucky’s mind being cleared for the most part.

Bucky sighed and walked into the room. He stood behind you and let his hands rest on your shoulders. You melted into his touch and your lip trembled when you felt the coolness on your left shoulder. Everything you’ve been holding in finally came out. “Bucky..” Your voice broke and you tried to hold back your sobs, but it was useless. He quickly turned your chair to the side and bent down onto his knees in front of you.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” His eyebrows creased with worry and his hands grasped your cheeks. You couldn’t form the words, you could only cry. Bucky felt his throat tighten at seeing you like this, your eyes filled with tears and the hiccups coming from your throat. 

He wiped your tears as they fell, giving you time to catch your breath before speaking again. “Y/N, are you okay?” He asked softly, moving his hand to yours, caressing your skin with his thumb. You sniffled and took a deep breath, huffing it out as you let your eyes fall to his metal hand in yours. You weren’t scared, you weren’t angry; just seeing him like that broke your heart.

“I need to tell you something, but I don’t want you to be mad at me.” You sobbed again and Bucky stood to his feet, picking you up out of the chair bridal style, so he could sit in with you in his lap. He shushed you softly, cradling your head on his shoulder. “Doll, you’re makin’ me nervous. Please, tell me.” He pleaded softly, looking down at you. 

Wiping your cheeks, you took another breath. “I watched a video.” You whispered quietly, hoping he missed it. But he heard you clearly and his heart jumped in his chest. He knows exactly what video you’re talking about.

He was silent as he gathered his thoughts. Your heart sank as the minutes ticked by without a word from him. Right when you opened your mouth, he did the same, only he could use his voice. “I’m not mad at you, Doll. I wish you hadn’t seen me like that, though.” He held you closer, pressing his lips to your head.

You sat up in his lap and looked into his eyes. The looked sad and he had light circles underneath them. Your hand rested on his cheek and you caressed it. “You’ve come a long way, I know that. But seeing it, it broke my heart all over again, Bucky.” Your lip trembled and Bucky reached up to rub it with his thumb. 

“Hey,” He met your eyes and leaned in to press his lips to yours. The kiss was short but sweet. “It won’t happen again; I’m confident about that now. I have such an amazing team and girlfriend that will make sure of it.” Bucky let his metal hand cradle your cheek. Even touching you with it was proof that he’s one hundred percent sure he’s okay. 

You smiled sadly at him. You sighed and played with your thumbs for a few moments. “I was hoping it was that embarrassing video of Sam and  Tony, singing horribly at karaoke night on your birthday.” You admitted bashfully. Bucky suddenly laughed, which caused your heart to soar at the sound.

Bucky’s laughs calmed and he stood up with you in his arms still, leading you out of the room. You let your head rest against his chest. “Where are we going?” You asked softly, playing with the ends of his hair. “Always so curious.” He chuckled deeply, the action causing his chest to vibrate against your side.

“Well?” You looked up at him, raising your eyebrows expectantly. He stepped into the elevator and a smirk formed on his lips.

“To watch that exact video.”

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