and then more work but yes


A collection of mini comics I’m too lazy to color! Clic the images for stuff to read!

1) “hi baby” is something you can actually say to him in an episode! He normally will laugh, but I thought if it was Leaf telling him that he would just. Not be prepared. Also Leaf totally saw Nevra say that to a lot of people (and wink) and thought it was a normal way to say hello!

2) Chrome being angry for whatever reason and Leaf trying to help. They did hear something about petting heads but at the same time Leaf don’t always pay attention to what people are saying so they’re not sure anymore. But hey, it worked! Again, because Chrome wasn’t prepared for Leaf doing that, not that he’s usually ok with people petting him. BUT IT’S LEAF SO.

3 ) Based on the last ep I played. Was like “wow” when he said that cause wanting to help/be useful is everything for Leaf! And couldn’t believe for a second tat they had something so important in common. Also they’re both looked down for being young, push aside, mocked, ALL THE FUN STUFF!

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do you have tips on telling the difference between an Intense Daydream and actual astral or magical work? i'm having a lot of fun with my new friends but im worried they are purely imaginary and no one else will be able to sense them to confirm what i'm doing is working


In my belief system the human mind is HIGHLY magical. That is why it is so hard to tell what is “you” and what is “them”. Because they’re magical and we’re magical and it just gets confused.

But in general yes I do have some tips!

  • Spirits should move and speak independently. If you are willing them to move and speak, it is more likely you are working with thoughtforms or just having a daydream. The inner will to direct a daydreamed being may be only milliseconds long, so pay close attention to figure out if you are doing it.
  • Ask your spirits to send you signs when they meet you. This sign means “I am the real spirit you are intending to meet! Here I am!” An example is a specific greeting. Ensure you never will this sign to happen and wait for it to occur when you are trying to connect with your spirit friends.
  • Ask your friends to visit you spontaneously using the sign you set up. This helps you realize they exist independently of you :)
  • Sometimes spirit communication gets confusing because we can easily trick ourselves. If a spirit is not actually present we can switch to a daydream where we control a puppet that looks like them. Use careful discernment and practice to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. Focus on the minute details of what real spirit contact feels like to you.

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Can I make an altar even if I don't believe in any deities?

Yes. Why not? If you want a designated space for your workings, you’re free to create it in any fashion you choose, with or without venerating godforms. That’s my perspective, anyways. I myself have an altar dedicated to my familiar, which is a little different, but as an agnostic witch I see no reason altars shouldn’t be part of my practice. Maybe some folks out there in Tumblr who have more time to type than I do can suggest some ideas for creating a working altar not centered around deity veneration, but I’ve got a reading to do, so I must pop off for now. Thanks for writing to me!

Wedding Blues

So basically, Dad Harry had been blowing off my mind and need ideas for writings if you want more of dad Hazza. Plus, any potter heads here? I’m thinking of doing a Harry Potter ask day. If you are a potter head as well then send in anything related to them. I know it is dope but you uys rarely interact with me, so that’s all i can do:) .

Plus you can take this imagine as a second part of ‘Love me now

Hope you guys enjoy. Don’t forget to give me feedbacks.

From the moment Harry proposed you, you’ve been nervous. Not because you said yes, but because of the wedding planning and other work. You wanted everything to be perfect. Even though Harry assured you many times that he’ll manage to make everything perfect. You know it wasn’t possible to get everything done at the same time. But you wanted it to be done at the same time!

Harry proposed you on valentine’s day and you both decided to get married exactly two months after that. Which meant you’d be having your wedding on 14th of April. You and Harry both agreed to have it small and with all family members and few close friends in Verona, rather than having a grand, media attracting.

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It's why I ask about Miyu, for more Miyu details, Gunter is lucky though, he should TOTALLY Tap that until she's satisfied for life, OH! I BET MIYU Would look amazing in a wedding dress :D

Shrieks….. thank you anon omg…

As for the wedding dress… Well. I’m about to make your day lmao…

Anyone remember this old piece? It’s like from early 2015, and I’ve been meaning to re-do it, but never had the patience to start trying to work around that dRESS and all those FLOWERS sob… But yes, here’s (young) Miyu, young bride and a queen-to-be lmao… I doubt a mere soldier would be able to afford a dress quite like this… but other than that, here’s what fatesona-verse Miyu probably looked like around the time of her first wedding?

Times are desperate now, time to get back into this

I do, Lines, Flats, and Fully shaded cartoon/anime works

I will not do anything overly detailed, hate art, extreme/taboo works or fan characters 

email me at for more details with the subject as “Commission”

payments are made upfront, I will send you an invoice, money is held for 7 days, if the commission is not complete after 7 days, you will be issued a refund.

Keep in mind that I can’t say yes to everything, some stuff I cannot do, look around my gallery to see what I can do

thanks for looking!

Shock and Awe

So, Juni throws fits. Some smaller ones where she cries LOUDLY, wails and gnashes her teeth. Other bigger ones which include rage screaming, shaking her fists and flailing about. Occasional dramatic floor flopping or trying to pinch/scratch/bite/hit me and S. She has thrown these since the day she came into our lives. Once they were like 15+ a day. Now after almost 2 years, we average about 3-6 per day, sometimes less, rarely more. Drastic improvement, guys. 

They used to be worse in the sense that her cry sounded like a literal donkey. I am not exaggerating here. The first time I heard it she was in another room and I was literally like “WHAT IS MAKING THAT DONKEY SOUND. DID THE NEIGHBORS GET A NEW ANIMAL. Oh, it’s my (foster) daughter. Hm.” To cope with this we have named her Donkey Cry “Nester” (after Nester the Long Eared Donkey) and it really works. (Yes, I know this was from trauma, etc, but you have to cope somehow.) Instead of “Omg she’s throwing a fit again!!!! *internal rage*” It’s like “Aw, Nester came to visit!”, said with a smile. She rarely cries like that anymore and occasionally I find myself missing Nester. Key word here being Occasionally. She still cries, it just sounds more like your typical kid. Again, progress.

Today was a Bad Day. I teach her Preschool Worship class (like kids church during the adult service) on rotation and I rotated in today. She normally does great when I am in there. Not today. By noon we were up to 5-6 fits and she had earned a nap. By about 4pm we were well beyond our typical 6 fit limit. I had tried taking away her tablet, positive praise, earning rewards. Nothing was working. 

I was desperate. She was on fit number 10 or so with increasing decibels and rage. 

So, out of options, I told her throwing a fit was a privilege that she had lost, and that she was not allowed to throw anymore fits today. 

It. Worked.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why but thank all the higher powers that exist IT WORKED.

She immediately ceased the fit, pouted that she lost it and cleaned her room up. She followed the rules and kept the defiance and sass to a minimum the whole rest of the day/evening. No time outs, no other punishments. It was a…peaceful evening. At one point S reminded her when TV time was over she was not to throw a fit and Juni looked at her like “…duh, I lost that today.” 

New tool in the tool belt? CHECK. 

so you know how at the bottom of people’s work emails it always says “think twice before printing/save a tree” or whatever

haha it turns out, not if the person who sent the email works for ag extension in a Southern state that’s heavy on the pine plantations for paper pulp

in that case their email footer says 

“It’s OK to print this email. Paper is a biodegradable, renewable, sustainable product made from trees. Growing and harvesting trees provides jobs for millions of Americans. Working forests are good for the environment and provide clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to improved forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago. Be sure the paper you are using carries the Sustainable Forestry Initiative label”

and your inner ecologist just smdhs

yes wow that’s an ecological powerhouse right there very monocrop such uniform

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hi! i think i understand your stance on dan's political views(or lack of). while of course the amount he discloses or keeps to himself is completely up to him, he does have a huge following. one that is primarily young girls. him speaking out on controversial problems could potentially change the mindsets of the people who look up to him. i totally agree! (also, i love how thought provoking you are and really admire your mind!)

thanks so much, what a lovely message! and yes,, it’s almost less about dan “changing minds” but more about him sort of backing up all the credit he gets for being politically progressive/feminist with actual, substantive opinions or work. he definitely has the capacity to do so much good and shed light on populations and issues that are frequently erased or overlooked. i’m so happy i’ve been able to make you think a little bit about some of these issues. that’s honestly some of the most meaningful feedback i could get and it makes my whole heart feel so warm :) i hope you’re doing well! xx 

The weekends tend to fly by this semester since I basically work straight through it…but this weekend I had my Saturday night off and got to see Beauty & the Beast and have sushi…girl’s night! Still have a huge to-do list though…

Also, yes, I’m back to my bullet journal! I used my first bullet journals for about a year and a half. I tried something else more structured for about 3 months and decided - back to the bullet journal! It is definitely the way to go for me. Also, check out the super cute sumo sticker from Pipsticks! ($5 off the first month if I refer you, so just shoot me a message if you’re interested!)

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Hi Nicole! How are you? I was wondering if you ever read fanfic? If so, which stories/writers are your favourite?

I’m good, thanks! Coming to the very end of the weekend right now, though, which is always HORRIBLE because ~work~, etc. I do read fanfic, yes (and have done for multiple fandoms for like twelve years now…), although not everything that gets published. Let me go through the authors alphabetically and pick out a few faves. Some have only written one; others were/are a little more prolific…

aurora b

And obviously these aren’t chosen as a slight to ANYBODY else. I do read and love other fics/authors as well, but these are the ones whose names make me go: “OH YES. REC REC REC.”

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they should give richard speight jr more episodes to direct

Me: YES OMFNDB. I love him and his eps so much and I post about it sometimes like, how full my love for him is. Can you imagine though, him as a standard director in the series, working together with Dabb and Yockey?? The perfection of those episodes? Also, he feels the characters and the fans SO SO MUCH like please give him all the episodes thank you

Diana: no i dont think he should direct more episode i think HE SHOULD DIRECT ALL THE EPISODES MOREEE (sorry i get way to excited haha) but i mean the hand thing. The i love you. Just my imagination. Also everything that Rose said because hell yeah. LET DICK LEAD US ALL

(send me and @thedisgraced unpopular or popular opinions and we agree/disagree)

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People are legit acting like Amber was jobless and in the dungeon all last year when in reality I saw her the most (behind victoria cuz she's always busy) in the past 2 years lmfao. She was everywhere in 2015 and in 2016 she was doing SO many things. Now whether or not the activities sm gave her permission to do were ones she wanted or ones sm pushed on her but at the end of the day she got alot more than even some other sm idols have. I didnt expect it to last if she wasnt making a big profit

she gets work, yes, but i don’t think it’s the work she wants to do. her frustrations stem from her not being able to release music, and them turning her down for what sounds like a lot of projects and proposals she’s brought to them.

i don’t think she has it as bad as some sm idols…. she’s definitely been given chances to work, got to do ranting monkey, and has been very visible through photoshoots and some articles and interviews throughout the year. 

the problem is that she’s not exactly in an industry where you can be picky…. that’s why i think she really needs to reevaluate where she’s at and where she wants to be in life, because as much as she loves being in f(x), it looks like she can’t have the solo career SHE wants and be an SM idol at the same time. i think this is a years long issue she has with them, and probably came to a head when they very clearly stopped her from finishing Crossing.  

So here’s a funny story for you: some genius left shrimp casings, of all things, in the bathroom sink in the dorm and has yet to throw them the fuck out. Now yes, this is gross, and a weird as hell place to do any prep work, but more importantly, why were they peeling shrimp in the first place? We don’t even have a kitchen! You can’t microwave shrimp, that’s gross and they’ll get all rubbery. Regardless, if your going to do something weird like that in a public facility, please please please clean up after yourself.

“Hello. Ahem Mr. Claus?” The male says into his phone, clearing his throat, “Mr. Santa Claus?” He gives the person next to him a wink before grinning down at his daughter, “Yes hi. I’m calling on behalf of my daughter who just wants to thank you for all your hard work even during the non-Christmas days and to make sure that you know that she wants the new Moana doll for Christmas.” Dani tugs at his shirt, brows furrowing as she whispers into his ear, “Oh okay she also wants me to tell you that if another kid deserves it more and you run out, she’ll understand.” Jeremy gives his daughter a thumbs up, “I think you’re getting the doll, baby girl.” Though he quickly turns to the person beside him, “Sorry. Sorry. Fatherly duties. Want me to put in a good word for you with the Big Man?” He teases.