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super quick follow spree!

hi so i’m doing this again really quickly because i feel like my blog content has changed a bit and my dash. is. still. slow. what. the. fuck.

anyway if you post any of the following reblog this and i’ll check you out:

Bold means esp that

  • Seinen anime, esp Erased, Psycho Pass, Death Note, Durarara, Mawaru Penguindrum, Kekkai Sensen, Mob Psycho 100, Tokyo Ghoul, Code Geass, Zankyou no Terror, Acca 13-ku Kansatsu Ka
  • Josei anime, esp Princess Jellyfish, Kids on the Slope, Tsuritama, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Nana
  • Seasonal anime
  • Nintendo games, esp Pokemon, Zelda, Earthbound and Fire Emblem
  • Other games, esp TWEWY, Final Fantasy, Ace Attorney, Non-rotary like 999, Professor Layton, Undertale, Ghost Trick except no one knows that game
  • Anime/aesthetic graphics (doesn’t mean specifically you make graphics, you can, just mostly also you post this content)
  • 80s/90s/00s anime 
  • Art 
  • Voltron, esp KEITH, LANCE AND KLANCE

Bonus if you

  • Tag your stuff
  • Are active/have a queue
  • Your blog is clean
  • Want to be friends

Mutuals if you can please reblog this that will be great I’m not going to do this for a long time like last time this is just a quick thing thanks!

Yona ch.136 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 136 “Message” summary with pics and color title page

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

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anonymous asked:

I'm a sixteen year old working in a thrift shop and there's this gay bloke (in his fifties, I think?) who works with me. As a lesbian, I am totally cool with it!... until he always insists on hugging me and shamlessly drums on/gropes my bum, makes comments on my chest and really graphic descriptions of me with another girl. Tried to say something but he's gay so it's an 'innocent joke'. He's been doing this for a year now and it's making me panicky, like, if he was straight it'd be assault?

It’s still assault. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s exempt

BuckyNat Mini Bang Artist Sign-Ups

Do you draw? Do you make graphics? Do you ship BuckyNat? Would you be interested in collaborating with an author and illustrating a scene from a Bucky/Natasha fanfic?

If you said yes to the above, THE BUCKYNAT MINI BANG NEEDS YOU!!!

We need 19 artists and graphics makers to sign up for the Mini Bang, which takes place during this year’s #buckynat week and runs from March 20 through March 24. If interested, please sign up here: BuckyNat Mini Bang Artist Sign-Ups Form

Thank you so much!


oh my gosh. okay so in january when i had 200 followers i was like “juliet!!! by the end of the year, try to get to 1k!!!” and it’s MARCH. like !!!! 

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. do you even understand how much i appreciate this,,,like i can’t say thanks enough

thank you to my followers for sticking through me with crappy original content, memes, random ramblings, and the occasional christian post.

thank you to my mutuals (even though i dont talk to most of u rip) for just existing because i dont even know how to thank yall (’:

SOO in honor of this gr8 honor (XD) i’m going to be doing motivational monday concepts!!

i know that a lot of studyblrs do motivational monday (but im trash at making graphics so,,,) and a lot of studyblrs make those aesthetic concepts where they’re like “i wake up to the sun and i have clear skin and feel refreshed and content with my life” (lets be real this doesn’t happen to any of us). so since im unoriginal creative, im combining them both!!

so on mondays (sometimes sundays), ill do my best to post a motivational concept that will hopefully get us all through the week. (’: note that these are going to be as realistic as possible, seeing as these concepts are my dreams for the future and through hard work and success, i plan to make them a reality. hopefully they’ll motivate you all too!

finally, i wanna thank all the friends and fams that i’ve met so far on my studyblr journey (in no particular order)!!:


@laminar / @ciellene 








and more !!!

once again i thank you all so much for sticking with me. this is a huge milestone for me and i cant even begin to show my appreciation for yall. <3

anonymous asked:

What's your hobby? What do you do in your free time?

Wow i never thought i would get this ask. Well this isnt exactly a “hobby” but i love debate, which I do in school and I spend a significant portion of my time learning and reading about debate. I also love sketching, reading, and recently Ive gotten into writing as well. I also make graphics on photoshop and ofc my biggest hobby is obsessing over the music groups– exo and bts!

SHUNTERSDAILY is looking for members! If you love Shadowhunters, know how to make quality gifs and/or graphics, and are willing to make gifs of shadowhunters at least once every two weeks then this is the place for you!

If you’re interested please submit the following:

  • name & url:
  • link to gifs/graphics:
  • how often can you post:
  • anything else you want us to know:

if you’re accepted, I’lll get back to you within the next two week. 

casinthongs  asked:

4, 5, 13 & 20 :) That's the first time I'm seeing questions for graphic makers!

I know right?! Oh my god, I was so happy to see it?? :D

4. Who/what inspired you to make graphics?
I’ve always been interested in making graphics. Especially when I joined tumblr, but I never knew where to start. Honestly though, I remember the first person that actually made me say “holy shit i wish i was this good” and that person was @gabricl (back when she was willamholmes lol). There are a few other graphic makers that helped inspire me, but she was definitely the one that made me realize that yeah i want to make graphics lol.

5. Link your first ever graphic (or earliest you can remember):
Oh god. This is going to be disgusting. I never delete my graphics, so here’s the link to my very first one. It’s bad, I know. But here’s the link to the first one I was actually proud of (even though it’s not that good now that I look back on it lmfao.

13. What have you learned since the beginning of your graphic making?
Already answered, click here.

20. Advice you would give to beginner graphic makers?
Already answered, click here.

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