and then louis with that smirk


Y/N would have never imagined the amount of attention being Harry’s best friend would bring. There’s also always speculations, suspicions that the two might be more than friends, given the fact that when they go out, it’s like they might as well be joined at the hip. Where Harry is on a day off, Y/N is sure to follow, and the paparazzi gets pictures of it all. But Y/N’s always been just a friend. It’s not like she trails behind him like a puppy, no. Harry just always loves having her around, finds comfort in the way she talks to him without a hint of glorification. Tracing back to the beginning of their friendship, Y/N didn’t tip toe around Harry, trying to make sure to not say the wrong thing, never really made impressing Harry a priority. And Harry really appreciated that.

And the relentless bother and questions of “are you two dating?” doesn’t end with the public, no, it continues, and probably gets more intense coming from their group of friends.

Whenever Y/N steps away from Harry’s side, there’s always one of the boys whispering to him about how they’re sure she’s got him wrapped around her pretty little finger. How at the call of his name, Harry never thinks twice about dropping everything and tending to her wants and needs. They make it sound awful in a way, as if Y/N is always needy of Harry and demanded his attention. But they don’t mean it like that really, just like bothering him about it, specially because he gets all worked up in trying to defend her.

They even comment about how they’ve taken notice to the fact Harry’s smile can stretch for miles at the mention of her name, which Harry has never denied. Only nods his head in amusement at the fact others notice.

And maybe their secret little escapes to what they refer to as “friend dates” are no help. They’ll be having a night in on the sofa, Harry sat at the edge of it, elbow propped on the arm rest, mindlessly scrolling through texts and thumbs swift on the screen, typing replies to friends. And obviously Y/N’s with him, lying down and feet resting on his lap, her head flat on the cushion, eyes shut because she quite enjoys just lying about in a silent room, knowing Harry’s there. And it’s not until he shuffles to stand up, pushing her legs off him in the process, that she opens her eyes and follows his body across the room where he doubles over to slip on his YSL boots before he goes for his coat. With a small whisper of “ye’ comin’?” Y/N is sure to follow his steps. Most nights like that they end up in some random bar or restaurant, sat on a stool or a booth, laughing and eating. Harry will often opt to sit next to her rather than in front, taking the chance to lay his head on her shoulder. Even kiss at her neck sometimes.

And when the boys catch a glimpse of the paparazzi photos taken of them all cuddly on a random Tuesday night at a local cafe, Harry’s phone just about overloads with texts from Niall going on about “I knew it!” And “just ask her, man!”

So no, it’s not out of the ordinary for Louis to make a ‘wuh-PSSSH’ sound followed by something snarky like “so whipped, mate. And she’s not even ye’ girlfriend,” when he notices Harry’s stare trailing to where Y/N goes as she makes breakfast for the lot. Harry tries to disregard the comment as Louis takes a seat next to him at the kitchen island.

“What’re you guys going on about over there?” Y/N asks, giggling to herself, “got Harry blushing and all.”

And of course with no chill what so ever, Liam pats Harry on the back, a devilish smile playing on his lips, “Harry here has found himself head over heels.”

Y/N can’t deny that her heart sinks a little at that, but she doesn’t let it faze her, or at least she doesn’t show it. “Really?? Oh who is she??”

“Yeah, Harry! Tell our lovely Y/N who’s the lucky woman!” Harry would hope Niall would be the one not to indulge in his current tormenting.

But Harry can only look at Y/N, her eyes locked on his from across the room. And Harry swears he’s never seen her look at him the way she is right now.

And the boys don’t mean to over tease him this time, just wish he’d finally let it out and tell her because they’re rather sure Y/N feels the same. It’s hard not to notice the way she looks at him, eyes full of adoration and dare they say, love.

When the air has fallen silent for far too long, Liam decides to change the subject for Harry’s sake and stands up to give Y/N a hand with the pouring of the beverages.

“You two have gotten to the point where you grocery shop together.” Liam starts again when Y/N steps away for more milk, “you cook together. You do laundry together. You’re always going on dates. You go with her for manis and pedis, and I’m sure you enjoy it, too.”

“So wha’?? I like spendin’ time with her.” Harry doesn’t really see why that’s so bad, being whipped and all.

“You sleep together,” Louis chimes in, “hell, wouldn’t be surprised if you showered together.”

Now that’s just nonsense.

“Sod off ye’ prick.”


It’s been a few weeks since the day Y/N found out Harry’s interested in someone. And she’d be lying if she said it doesn’t keep her awake at night. Awake while she’s lying next to Harry because of the fact that they’d much rather sleep together than alone. But when she looks over at him, she can’t help but smile.

She’s lying on her side, eyes tracing his, rid of any wrinkles they get when he smiles or frowns. They trace all of him. From his eyes to his eyebrows, then his cheeks and to his nose, where she kisses lightly, careful not to wake him. He only crinkles it for a short second, to which she only smiles. Her eyes linger down his neck, tracing every muscle and crevice until she’s looking at the tattoos on his chest, the steady rise and fall of it has her breathing adapting to his.

It’s when she looks at his parted bubble gum pink lips that she raises a hand, her index finger ghosting over his bottom lip. The touch has Harry stirring, eyes open for a moment before he puckers his lips to peck her finger, a smile on his face. He flutters his eyes shut for a second before resting his hand on her waist and rubbing his thumb gently on the exposed skin. He moans in content, pulls her body closer to his and rests his lips on her hair line.

“Go t'sleep, pet.”

And why oh why did she ever think some friendly flirting and bed sharing with her best friend could never lead to any emotional attachment.


The cuddles haven’t stopped. Harry’s lingering kisses and hugs haven’t stopped. The boys teasing on Harry behind Y/N’s back hasn’t stopped. Y/N sleeping in Harry’s bed hasn’t stopped. And Y/N’s constant self reminder that Harry might just be in love with someone else has not stopped.

If she’s being quite honest, she’s not liking the way the boys snicker and whisper to Harry when she walks off. And she really doesn’t like how whatever and whoever they’re whispering about is making Harry blush and smile sheepishly like crazy. Wishes she knew what they’re always being so secretive about. But giving it a second thought, maybe she doesn’t wanna know. It’s all the same to her now though.

The movie on the telly doesn’t seem to distract her anymore, not from her thoughts which are taking over her mind the more time she spends in Harry’s home. And to add to that, the second she steps back into the room with a bowl of popcorn the boys go silent. It makes her feel awful…left out, but she’s sure they don’t mean to do it. She should be thankful right? At least they’re nice enough not to talk about Harry’s girl in front of her, or maybe that’s just something she wants to believe.

“Oh popcorn.” Niall’s first to reach out and grab a handful before she’s even had the chance to get to her seat next to Harry.

“Thanks, love.” Harry whispers, kissing her cheek the second she sits down.

She notices out of the corner of her eye how Louis smirks and nods his head when Harry wraps his arm around her shoulder. What’s so funny??

The moment Harry presses another kiss to the top of her head is the moment she realizes she’s had enough. It’s the moment she realizes she can’t keep pretending and letting herself fall even more. Not after what Liam said.

“I have to go. It’s getting pretty late.” This catches everyone off guard, especially Harry.

When she stands up to leave, his fingers around her wrist are quick to make her stop and have her look down at him, still sat on the sofa. “Wha’ do ye’ mean? Ye’ always spend the night, poppet.”

His brows are furrowed now, grip tight on her wrist, fearing that if he loosens it she might just slip away.

Of course they can’t ignore the other people in the room though, so when Y/N’s eyes avert to the boys, Harry is quick to stand up and lead them away.

“Everythin’ a'right?” His eyes scan hers for answers, his hand now cupping her neck, thumb rubbing soothingly at her jaw.

The cool of his rings on her skin keep her at ease. But the uncertainty in her eyes has Harry feeling all types of useless.

“Tell me wha’s wrong, little one. Wha’ can I do to make ye’ feel better?”

And those words would have made no sense if it wasn’t for the sudden feeling of Harry wiping away a stray tear she didn’t notice she’d shed.

She can’t. She can’t break down. Not in front of him. What can she say for him to let her go??

“Nothing’s wrong, Harry.”

But she’s sure he doesn’t believe her, not one bit. He knows her too well.

And she can tell he’s about to say something else, and she knows if she lets him, she’s sure to fall back into whatever they have.

“I’ve really got to go. I’ve got a date in an hour and I have to go get ready.”

As much bullshit of an excuse as that is, Harry’s grip on her wrist loosens, and the hand on her neck falls.

And she takes the opportunity to slip out the door.

Whipped…friends?? Or.. (Part Two)

dirty laundry looks good on you by suspendrs (19k)

“So um, Niall mentioned you haven’t lived here long. What brings you to London?”

“What is this, an interview?” Louis smirks, stealing Harry’s drink and taking a sip. “Wanted a change of scenery. Dunno.”

Harry hums and takes his drink back, narrowing his eyes playfully at Louis as he takes a long sip. “Can I buy you a drink, or would you rather keep sharing mine?”

“You most certainly can buy me a drink,” Louis grins, grabbing the bottle back out of Harry’s hand, “but I’m still going to be stealing yours.”

Or, Harry is jaded and sad and resigned to be forever alone, until Niall sets him up with a friend of his whose broken pieces may just fit pretty well with Harry’s.

the timing is all wrong- h.s imagine

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You chuckled softly and excused yourself from the conversation you were having with one of your friends.

Harry drunkenly plopped his body next to yours, his body almost on top of yours. He buried his face into your neck and smiled.

As if your hands had a mind of their own, they started to rub his back in a soothing matter. “How are you doing, birthday boy?”

Harry hummed and pulled his body back so he could look at you properly. He had a stupid, drunk, smile on his face. “I’m having the time of my life!”

You laughed, heart swelling at your best friend. “Good! You deserve the world.”

Even in Harry’s drunken state, his stomach did backflips hearing your words.

“Harry! Come on, let’s dance!” a female voice shouted from the middle of the dance floor.

You cleared your throat and nodded your head towards her, “Your girlfriend is calling you.”

Harry looked back between Brooklyn and you. He opened his mouth but was interrupted by Brooklyn calling him once again.

You tapped on his cheek, “Go! We’ll talk later!” Harry gave you a peck on your cheek and promised to meet up again later and proceeded to dance with Brooklyn.

You stared as he wrapped his arm around her waist and gave her a hard kiss to which she returned, her arms wrapping around his neck. You cleared your throat and looked down at the beer bottle in your hands before taking a long chug from it.

Louis came over and sat next to you, placing a hand on your thigh. He leaned into your ear and whispered, “I saw that.”

You looked at Louis and smirked, “What? Saw Harry acting like a proper drunk idiot?”

Louis shook his head and returned a smirk back to you, “No. Saw you drooling over the drunk idiot.”

You smacked Louis hard on his chest. “I told you that in secrecy!”

Louis rubbed where you hit him and gave you a look, “Oi! I haven’t told anyone!”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “I’m surprised you haven’t with that giant mouth of yours.”

Louis held his hands up in defense, “To be honest with you, I am too.”

You gave him one more look before the two of you burst out into laughter. You shook your head and looked back to Harry and Brooklyn dancing to a slower song, arms wrapped around each other. Still looking at him, you told Louis, “Doesn’t matter. He would never feel the same anyways.”

The next morning, you woke up to a slight headache. Damn it. Should have drank more water last night. You picked up your phone to see several messages from Harry, no doubt he texted it to you when he was drunk; the thought making you smile softly.

Y/N love! Miss you!

We should totally rent a boat.

Promised you a dance! Where r u

Did u leave u dick

LOL you don’t have a dick

Wait do u




You laughed at Harry’s texts, wondering how in the world could he ever get these kind of ideas in his head. You glanced at the time at the top of your phone and figured you should make sure he got home alright.

“Hello?” Harry groggily answered.

“Morning sunshine.” You smiled getting up from your bed, heading over to the kitchen.

“I am anything from being in a sunshine mood this morning” Harry said, eyes closed, snuggling into his covers. “Can you bring me breakfast?”

You shut your fridge door and balanced the phone between your ear and shoulder, twisting a water bottle open, “Pass.”

Harry groaned loudly into the phone, “But it’s my birthday!”

You gulped down your swig of water, “It was last night, idiot!” Harry pouted, “But I’m hungry. And you love me.”

You rolled your eyes and chuckled. Harry whined, “Please Y/N.”

You sighed and smiled, shaking your head. “Fine.”

Harry cheered before wincing from the sudden movement, very hung over. “Maybe bring some aspirin as well.”

You were humming to yourself softly, holding a bag filled with Harry’s favorite breakfast: Avocado toast. Yours: A chocolate croissant.

You walked up to George, Harry’s doorman and dropped a bag in front of him. You smiled, “Hey George.”

George looked up at you and smiled before reaching into the bag. “Morning Miss Y/L/N.”

“I grabbed you a breakfast sandwich this time. George put his hand over his heart, “A woman that knows my heart.”

You laughed and walked away, “See ya, George!”

After taking the elevator to Harry’s apartment, you finally got to his door. You pulled his spare key out of your pocket and unlocked the door. You shut the door quietly, careful not to make too much noise. You placed your purse and bad with food on the counter. You began to walk to Harry’s bedroom but froze instantly. You heard a very loud moan come out of his room. You peeked your head from behind the hallway and were met with a rather disgusting sight. Brooklyn was on her knees in front of Harry. You quickly turned around and walked away, picking up the food and purse on your way out. Once you finally exited his apartment, you leaned against the door and sighed. She must of came over as soon as we hung up. Not wanting to let the food go to waste, you reached into your back pocket and pulled out your phone.


Louis sat at his dining room table, hand on his chin, pouting, “If I knew you were going to give me this, I wouldn’t have answered your text.” You shrugged your shoulders, finishing the rest of your croissant. “Harry loves that.”

Louis crossed his arms and mumbled, “Harry also likes sardines.”

You wiped your mouth before Louis spoke up again, “Why didn’t you just give him this then?”

You picked at the button on the top of your shirt, “I was but decided not to.”

Louis stared at you, “Brooklyn was there wasn’t she?”

You sighed and shook your head yes. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Brooklyn. She was a very sweet girl. You tried to look for something small to dislike her but unfortunately, you couldn’t. Brooklyn was lovely. She was someone Harry needed.

Louis bit his lip, a look of sympathy on his face. He didn’t understand how Harry could be so blind. Y/N was perfect in his eyes. She was funny, the right amount of sassy, and beautiful. Anyone would be lucky to have the honor to call her their girlfriend. Wanting to change your mood, he asked, “Let me show you something.”

“Louis! That was awesome!” You shouted. The two of you were sat in Louis’s mini studio inside his apartment. He just played back a song that he was recently working on, planning for it to be his next hit.

Louis pressed the stop button and smiled brightly at you, “You liked it?”

“Loved it! So proud of you!” You smiled, giving him a hug. Louis smiled and hugged you back a little tighter, “I’m glad.”

Harry was sat on the couch in your living room apartment, feet on the coffee table. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in a while.” You came back into the living room, popcorn in your hands. You sat next to him, getting into the same comfortable position as well. You shrugged your shoulders and grabbed the remote, going through the DVR. You clicked on the episode of Game of Thrones you were looking for and nestled into the couch a little more. “Wait, you skipped an episode. We didn’t watch that one yet.” Harry interrupted you.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I watched that episode with Louis the other night” you said, grabbing the remote again. “I’ll watch it again if you’ll like.”

Harry turned his body so it was facing you, “Since when have you and Louis started hanging out?”

You shrugged your shoulders once more, “We’ve always hung out.” Harry scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah..but never alone..”

You gave him a confused look, “What does that have to do with anything?”

Harry sighed, “It doesn’t but I didn’t know you guys were on that friendship level..”

You gave him one more look before laughing, “Louis is great company, what’s the big deal?”

Harry got back into his position and rested his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer, a sense of worry going through his body. “I’m being silly, sorry love. Can we watch the episode?”

You were holding your chest, trying to gain your breath back. Louis stood next to you, tapping his foot, hands on his hips. “Y/N-” You held up your finger, still trying to catch your breath.

He rolled his eyes. “Oh for fuck’s sake, Y/N it was only a block!”

You and Louis started to grab some takeout. While you guys were walking back to his apartment, it started to rain. Not wanting the food to get ruined, Louis suggested the two of you to run the short distance. Finally, you were able to breathe. You narrowed your eyes at him, “I could have slipped on the rain and died.”

The two of you stepped into the elevator, he smirked at you. “That would be an unfortunate way to die. ‘Girl defeated by rain.’ Now that’s a buzzfeed article I would read.”

Ever since Harry’s birthday party, you and Louis became insanely close. At first you saw Louis as a distraction from your feelings for Harry but eventually you grew to really enjoy his company. Louis always admired you and hanging out with you lately has made his feelings for you grow more.

After the two of you finished the food, you really wanted to hear Louis’s new song again. Louis pretended to be annoyed but his heart warmed at the thought of you loving his song. As Louis played back the song, you began dancing like a mad woman. Louis was watching you, laughing at your horrid dance moves. As you were dancing, your foot caught on one of the wires that was on the floor. Louis quickly grabbed you before you fell to the floor. You placed your hands on his arms and looked up at him. You don’t know who kissed who first but you soon found yourself sitting on Louis’s lap, hands tangled in his hair. The two of you kissing as his song was playing quietly in the background, repeating itself.

You were walking to your door, hand in your hand, smiling at Louis’s latest text to you. You quickly sent him a text, arranging to meet up later. As soon as you opened the door, Harry was on the other side. His hand was up, looking like he was going to knock before you opened the door. “Hey. what are you doing here?” you asked, putting your phone into your back pocket.

“I broke up with Brooklyn.”

part 2?


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments

I hate that Harry was going to say something, but Louis started talking and Harry stopped himself and almost broke his neck to look at Louis

And he obviously smiled, because yes, it’s so fucking cute that you were going to talk and your husband did the same

Do you think he smiled and then he simply listened to his beautiful man? No. He kept smiling the whole time. You can see his smirk face when the camera went back to him

Just.. why?

Just Me & You

A Love Story is Better With You: Just Me & You - One Shot Series #4



You shut your lip gloss shut and smacked your lips together, checking yourself once more in the mirror before heading to your shared bedroom and finding Harry sitting on the bed, pulling on his sneakers. You sat beside him nervously, not saying anything, but wanting to be close to him.

“You alright love?”

“I don’t know…I mean, I am…I guess i’m just nervous”

“Nervous of what? It’s just Grim” he chuckled, tying his laces before moving sideways on the bed to face you and hold your hands in his. “He’s been excited to meet you, baby. I’ve told him all about you and he’s so excited to finally get to meet you. He’ll probably mess with me more then he’ll mess with you, and he’s been kind enough to offer us the night at his place so I don’t have a doubt in my mind of how he’ll feel about you, he wouldn’t just open his home to anyone” he reassured, bringing you closer and pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“I guess you’re right..are you sure this is his favorite drink? You sure he likes whiskey?”

“Baby, relax. He’ll be grateful you got him anything, besides, if it’s something that has any percentage of alcohol, Grim will be sure to love it” he chuckled, kissing your hand before standing up and grabbing the duffle bag where both your stuff was placed inside.

Checking that you had everything, you took one last glance in the mirror and followed Harry down the stairs and into his car.

You didn’t know why you were so nervous, you had met his friends before, people who were close to his heart. You had met Jeff, which you got along pleasantly with, along with his girlfriend, Glenne, you who just automatically clicked with, and ended up becoming good friends. You’d met two of the boys, Niall and Louis, due to circumstances that they were visiting and needed a place to stay, so Harry offered, giving a perfect opportunity to meet them both, all of them promising that they’d have to add Liam to the bunch one day and just all go out together, which you happily obliged too.

But there was something about his friend Nick, that made you a little extra nervous. He had a place near and dear to Harry’s heart, and if Nick didn’t approve, then you had a feeling that would put some sort of strain on yours and Harry’s relationship, even if he assured it wouldn’t.

Him and Nick had been friends for years, automatically clicking. They had the same personality, along with the same sense of witty humor, which got them to get along so well over the past few years, and you were secretly hoping that this evening, would go very well, and he’d love you as much as he loved Harry.

You sat in the passenger seat, leg slightly jittery as it moved up and down. Harry looked over from the corner of his eye, smirking quietly to himself due to your nerves, before grabbing your hands and linking his fingers through yours. He felt you give a tight squeeze and he kissed your knuckles.

“Baby, there’s really nothing to be worried over. I’d have been more nervous you meeting Niall and Louis, compared to Grimmy” he chuckled, running his thumb over your knuckles.

You shook your head, releasing a breath you were holding.

“You just don’t get it…if he doesn’t like me, I feel like–I don’t know, I feel like it’ll put a strain on our relationship. Harry, you love him. He’s one of your best friends, and I can’t comprehend the thought of him not liking me, it worries me so much I feel as if i’m about to be sick in your car” you mumbled sadly, looking over at him.

“Okay first off, please don’t get sick in me car” he chuckled softly, trying to lighten up the mood but you weren’t feeling it. “And second off, you don’t need to have these worries. Me and him have spoken of you many times, and he seems genuinely excited that i’ve found someone like you, and if he doesn’t like you, which I know he will, he’ll just have to man up, because I do not plan to leaving you any time soon, or ever” he reassured, turning onto a quiet street before pulling up into the driveway.

As he turned off the ignition and pulled out his key, you couldn’t help the gulp that made it’s way down your throat and you swore you were about to puke.

“Harry, I don’t know if i can do this…really” you whispered shakily, turning to him in the passenger seat.

“Come on love, don’t be silly. Take a deep breath and relax. I’ll be right by your side this whole time” he reassured. You nodded, as he gave you a quick peck on the lips, reaching to the back seat to grab your duffle bag and hopping out the car and you followed close behind.

He linked his fingers through yours making your way to the front door. You left hand in his and in your right hand, a small bag with a bottle of Nick’s favorite whiskey and a box of his favorite chocolates, according to Harry.

Harry smiled over at you, not being able to contain his excitement to show you off to Nick, as you could barely keep up on your two shaky feet.

He pressed the doorbell, a soft ring going throughout his whole home, as loud footsteps were heard through the opposite side of the door.

“Is that my favorite pop star?” Nick hollered, from the other side of the door before swinging it open with a grin.

“Grimmy!” Harry shouted, with a large grin, eyes crinkling, letting go of your hand and letting the duffle bag drop before pulling him into his arms. “Man it’s great to see you!” Harry sighed happily into his shoulder, giving him a pat on the back.

“Same for you, mister pop star. Now who’s this beautiful lady beside you?” he smiled, turning to you as you softly blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“This is my girl, (Y/N)” he smiled. “She’s been a bit nervous” Harry teased, placing a soft hand on your lower back as you blushed more before sticking your hand out to shake his.

“Oh nonsense love, none of that hand shaking stuff. Bring it in” Nick smiled, opening his arms and giving you a soft but warming embrace, which helped you relax a bit.

“I heard you liked whiskey, so I got you some Malt Whiskey, along with some chocolates” you smiled, showing him the bag as he took it was an agape mouth.

Oh boy, I love her already” he smirked. “You better hold on to her before I snatch her, Styles” Nick teased stepping aside to invite you both in. “Make yourselves comfortable, I have the room down the hall ready for the two of you, you’re welcome to put your bags inside” he offered, closing the front door.

“I’ll go put them in, I have to pop into the toilet anyway, go on and catch up, i’ll be out in a moment” you smiled, pecking Harry’s cheek quickly before scurrying off.

“Well she’s a beauty…” Nick breathed, walking into the kitchen to grab three glasses as he poured a bit of whiskey into each.

“Isn’t she? God, she’s wonderful, really. Inside and out, I don’t know how I got so lucky. I still pinch myself in the mornings sometimes, wondering if she’s really mine”

Nick smiled, sliding the glass over to Harry before taking a small sip.

“I’m glad to see you so happy mate, she really seems to bring the best out in you”

“She really does, it’s so strange. We’d not known each other for long, but we just clicked. Like after meeting the first time, and spending a bit of time together, she’s like that missing piece that i’ve been looking for. It’s weird, i’ve spent so much of my time, looking for the right girl, and unexpectedly, she pops into my life and I cannot imagine my life without her in it now” Harry breathed, completely infatuated with you, and just talking about you, made his heart flutter.

“Well I can tell, mate. The smile is clearly evident that you care for her. Have you told her you loved her?” he questioned, as Harry cheeks pinked.

“No we haven’t said it yet…there have been moments where i’ve almost blurted it out, but I get nervous and flustered, and just decide to not say anything” he sighed, shaking his head with a soft chuckle.

“And I know I shouldn’t be nervous-”

“Nervous about what?” you interrupted, walking into the kitchen making your way beside Harry and wrapping your arms around him.

“Oh nothing love” he chuckled softly. “Just silly stuff, man to man banter” he replied, trying to cover the topic at choice. You cocked an eyebrow, but nodded slowly before taking your glass and quietly thanking Nick for pouring you some.

“So tell me love, how’d you meet this sexy piece of male specimen” Nick teased, with a smirk elbowing Harry, as you all made your way to the couch in his living room.

“Well…” you started, making yourself comfortable next to Harry as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “I sort of bumped into him on the street…okay, more so tripped and fell in the middle of the sidewalk, whilst he was getting out of his car during a mob, and he offered to help me up and fix my cut on my knee, but I was almost late for work, so i kindly rejected him and ran off” you chuckled, cheeks pink.

“You ran away?!” Nick laughed loudly, clearly amused by the story. “Oh man, I don’t think i’ve ever heard of such a thing, a woman declining the Harry Styles” he chuckled.

You giggled, taking one more sip of your drink before putting it back on the table.

“Well what happen after that?”

“Well that following night, I promised my best friend, Lucy, that i’d go out with her for a late birthday shabang. So we got to the club and my friend went to the loo, and I ordered me and her two Gin and Tonics’ and that’s when Harry appeared at the bar.” you smiled, looking up and him with a smile, heart fluttering at the memories you were reminiscing by.

“Oh that’s so sweet, and she loves gin and tonics? Harry she really is meant for you” Grimmy smiled, leaning back comfortably on the couch.

Harry nodded with a smile, as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Alright, I’ve got to go to the toilet, i’ll be back in a minute” he smiled, squeezing your hand and walking down the hall, into the bathroom as you heart started to slowly beat faster.

You looked around the room, trying anything but to keep eye contact with Nick, because if you did, you felt that you’d be sick on his floor. He had made you comfortable, and you seemed to be getting along. But right when Harry left, that sense of security and comfort diminished, and you felt like you were going to be sick.

“So, what is it that you like about my fellow lad over in the other room?” Nick smiled, looking over at you with warm eyes.

You played with the hem on your shirt, not being able to wipe the smile off your face.

“Gosh, there are so many things, I don’t know where to start really.” you chuckled. “I guess, the first thing that really grabbed my attention was of how caring he seemed to be. Like when he first encountered each other, once he saw I was hurt, it seemed that all his main priorities had shifted and it felt like he had eyes only for me, and he was genuinely seeing if I was okay, and hurt. As time went on, I just started to fall in love with the way he treated others, and cared for others more than he cared about himself, and he’s such a goof, which I love, because he always has me giggling, even when laughing is the last thing on my mind” you breathed contently, finally making eye contact with Nick to see him smiling.

“Did I hear you say you were…falling in love with him?” he suggested, with a small smile.

You blushed, looking down and biting your lip.

“I guess I did…” you whispered, a small smile creeping onto your lips as Nick let out a small squeal like sound.

“Well, if it gives you any solidarity, i love you.” he reassured, with a smile getting up to hug you, which finally made you release a breath of air you didn’t know you were holding.

“Really?” you whispered.

He smiled, pulling away from the hug and placing both hands on your shoulder.

“Really. I haven’t seen him this happy in a long time, and it takes a lot for him to grin and giggle as much as he does around you” he reassured with a soft grin.

“Well, what are you two up too? Hope you’re not stealing my girl?” Harry teased, walking over to you and pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“Can’t make any promises, Harold” Nick teased, playfully shoving his shoulder, as all three of you headed to the back patio to chat, and order some pizza for dinner.


You happily sighed, slipping Harry’s soft tee over your chest and slipping on a pair of sweatpants to keep warm, since the nights were still chilly.

“Well that went over a lot better than I expected” you smiled, crawling in bed beside him as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and putting his phone down.

See? I told you there was nothing to be worried over, love. You’ve got to trust me” he grinned. You rolled your eyes before snuggling closer to him and pressing a peck to his chin.

“I do trust you, and you know that, but sometimes nerves just get the best of some people. Happens to you too, imagine when you have to meet my friends and family” you suggested, with a raised brow looking up at him to get his reaction.

His eyes widened, his adam’s apple bobbing in his throat before he looked down at you.

“What’s that suppose to mean? Why’d you say it like that? Would they not like me?” he questioned hurriedly, one after another and you just smirked.

“See” you stressed with a smirk. He glared at you playfully and groaned, rolling over on top of you, leaning his forehead against yours staring into your eyes.

“I hate you sometimes” he playfully teased and you grinned.

“Nah you don’t, you love me” you chuckled, suddenly going quiet, noticing what you had just said, but Harry didn’t falter.

“You’re right” he breathed. “I do.”

You paused, blinking multiple times and grabbing his face with both your hands to get a good look at him.

“What?” you breathed quietly, not sure if he even heard the word escape your lips.

“You’re right, I do love you” he smiled softly, stroking your cheek. “And I have for a while, but I was too nervous to tell you. But I do, I love you. I love you so much” he smiled.

You let out a breathy chuckle before smiling. “Oh I love you too Harry” you beamed, caressing his face and bringing his lips down to yours. “So much” you whispered against his lips as he deepened the kiss.

“I’m glad, because otherwise, we’d have a big problem” he teased, against your lips and you giggled swatting at his chest with an eye roll. “You sure know how to ruin a moment” you retorted with a playful eye roll and a whine escaping from his lips.


You were laying in bed, head on Harry’s chest, and you couldn’t fall asleep, you were just so happy and your heart just couldn’t stop pitter pattering.

“Are you asleep?” you whispered, out into the dark.

“No” you heard a deep mumble coming from his chest, followed by a yawn. “Not any more” he groggily chuckled.

“Oh, sorry” you sheepishly replied. “I’ll let you go back to sleep” you whispered, placing your head back onto his chest.

“Mm, no it’s okay. I’m awake now anyways, what’s up”

“Nothing, i’m just really happy” you gushed quietly. “I just love you, a lot is all” you smiled.

He grinned, turning his head to you before pressing his lips against yours and keeping them there for a moment.

“Come with me” he whispered against your lips getting up, slipping on his cotton pajama pants and slipping on one of his soft tees.

“Where are we going? Harry it’s one in the morning” you whispered, following him out into the hallway quietly, hoping none of the floorboards would creak.

“Just shush for a minute” he chuckled quietly, leading you through the home and into the backyard, past the small cobblestone path and headed towards what seemed to be a small guest home.

“What’s this?” you questioned quietly, squinting your eyes, trying to see as best you could in the dark.

“This…” he started, sliding the sliding door open and flipping a switch. “Is where we’ll be staying for the rest of the night. Grim and I set it up earlier today, but I couldn’t find a moment to whisk you back here before, so I figured we could just come now, since you couldn’t sleep anyway” he smiled, watching your reaction, hoping you’d love it.

It was beautiful. From the outside it looked small, but once you step in, the first thing you noticed were the soft fairy lights dainty hung around the room to give it a nice dim lighting. Followed by a soft fur carpet and two chairs and a large bed with lots and lots of pillows, along with a small kitchen nook and a bathroom. 

“Harry…” you whispered.

“Do you like it? I thought maybe it’d be a bit more sentimental if I surprised you with this, since you were so nervous about today-”

You cut him off by wrapping your arms around his neck and pushing your body close to him and bringing you lips to his.

The kiss started out soft, just two pairs of lips against the other, feeling each other out, but soon enough you deepened the kiss, making two tongues fight for dominance and see who would win.

You let out a soft moan when you felt Harry’s hands cup your bum and you hopped up onto him with your legs around his waist as he brought you over to the bed and laid you down, hovering over you and keeping his lips connected to yours, refusing to depart.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispered, splaying kisses from your chin down to your neck and collarbone back to your lips.

You let out a small whimper, feeling that this was it. It was time, and you were ready.

“Harry” you panted, running your fingers through his hair, as he kept plotting kisses down your neck. “Harry” you panted again, a bit more loudly this time so he could hear you.

He lifted his head up, about to question if you were okay but you just smiled and caressed his cheek.

“I think i’m ready” you stated, looking him in the eye, not cutting eye contact. His eyes went wide, not really expecting you to say what you just said.

“Really? Love, are you sure? You know I don’t expect anything from you-”

You nodded your head and pressed your lips to his again.

I know, and yes, i’m sure. I want to share this moment with you. I love you.”

That’s when Harry felt his heart do a swan dive, this was really happening. Him and you, and he had hoped this moment would come soon because he loved you so much, and he wanted to share that intimate feeling with you for the first time and wanted to remember it for forever, and he knew that with your struggled past, this was a big step for you, and it warmed his heart that you wanted to take that step with him.

“Oh sweetheart, I love you too” he whispered, deepening the kiss between him and you. “Let me make you feel good tonight, hm? It’s all about you” he hummed against your neck giving you the shivers.

It started off with slow touches. His hands kneaded at your hips, while his lips were pressed to your neck, sure to leave some love marks. Slowly pulling off your shirt, your beauty just stunned him. You were so different, so beautiful.

Stretch marks adorning your body, to show how you’ve grown and changed over the years. Small little scars from past experiences that you had been through and he made sure to show those some extra love.

“You’re so beautiful, god i love you” he hummed, slowly pulling your soft sweats down your thighs and tossing them behind him mindlessly, and watching you there, in such a vulnerable state, only bra and panties left on, that was enough to get him twitching in his sweats.

“Well, you just gonna sit there and gape at me or are you gonna finally fuck me” you whispered, seductively, eyes growing darker.

And if Harry was hard before, he was definitely hard now.

Shit baby, I love when you talk dirty” he smirked, leaning down and unhooking your bra and tossing it behind him, quickly removing his own shirt and sweats, leaving him only in boxers.

“Wow, you’re stunning” he breathed, rolling one breast in your palm, as his lips attached to your other breast, causing them to bud up, as his teeth gently grazed them.

“Mmm, Harry. That feels s–so good” you whispered, fingers grazing through his hair. He smirked, eyes locking with yours before spreading kisses all the way down your stomach, your hips down to the spot right below your navel.

“Mmm, don’t tease” you groaned, clamping your eyes shut as you legs snapped shut, as you felt the tingles going up to your belly.

“Shh, let me take care of you” he reassured. “Where do you want me?” he breathed against your thigh, sponging soft and slow kisses on the inside of your thighs, leaving you to groan and he loved it.

“Harry, please” you demanded. “I need you, now.” you pressed, he just smirked and licked his lips.

“Alright, all you had to do was ask” he smirked, leaning down and taking his forefinger pushing your panties to the side, allowing the cool air to hit your core as you shivered. You felt his warm breath, right where you needed him.

He looked up at you, waiting for your eyes to open, and once he did, and you two made eye contact, he took his tongue and licked a stripe up, collecting all your juices.

“O–Oh, shit” you stuttered, grabbing onto the sheets beside you. “Harry” you panted, as his fingers separated your folds, and his tongue dove further in, flicking against the bundle of nerves, causing you to snap your thighs against the sides of his head.

“O–Oh, fuck!” you squealed. “H–Harry, i’m gonna…” you panted, not being able to catch your breath, hands gripping anything you could grab at as Harry picked his moments.

“I’m gonna cum, fuck baby!” you panted with a squeal, feeling the tingle low in your belly and your toes start to curl.

“Mmm, go ahead. Cum, cum all over me” he hummed against your warm center, causing you to squeal and a rush of relief was washed over when your orgasam came rolling out of you, soft moans escaping your lips as your hips moved with your orgasam.

Harry licked his lips, staring deep into your eyes before pressing his lips to yours into a deep kiss causing the both of you to groan.

Fuck baby, you taste so good” he mumbled against your lips. You smiled seductively against his lips as he pulled his boxers down and disregarded them as fast as he could.

“I can’t wait to make love to you” he panted, taking his hand moving it up and down his shaft, ready to enter your warm core.

You smiled, placing your hand behind his neck, pulling him close. “Then do it” you whispered, against his ear causing a groan to elicit out of his lips.

He pumped himself a couple of times, and guided himself to you, slowly pushing in.

“Let me know if you want me to slow down, or stop.” he whispered, catching the hint of nervousness in your eyes, as you nodded, biting your lip.

He brought his hips to yours slowly, closing his eyes in ecstasy, and trying to keep his moans at bay but he couldn’t.

“Fuck baby” he let out, in a groan. “You’re so tight” he breathed, looking over at you to check how you were doing.

Your eyes were closed, lip bitten red, cheeks flushed.

“You doing ok? Am I hurting you?” he questioned quietly, lips pressing to your cheek.

“Mmm, no, you’re doing perfect” you breathed. “A bit of an adjustment, but it feels amazing” you breathed, looking him in the eye with a soft smile, as he sunk his whole self in and let out a battered breath.

Oh fuck, baby” he panted, slowly moving out and in.

You moaned, throwing your head back as that familiar tingle slowly made its way back up to your belly. You placed your hands on his bare bum, trying to bring him closer.

“Come on, baby, faster” you insisted, bringing your lips to his, tongues brought together.

It was all happening so fast. The tingle back in your belly, the curling of the toes. Warm bodies close together, trying to hold on as long as possible. The moans and groans, the scratching of your fingernails along his back when he hit that one spot that had to squealing. Rough and sloppy movements as you both reached your climax, and then it was over.

You laid back in the bed, both on your back as you both panted, looking up at the ceiling.

“How was I, was I okay?” he let out in a bit of a pant and you smiled, tugging the sheets up closer to your chest.

“You were amazing, thank you. I love you” you whispered, leaning closer to him and pressing a soft kiss by one of his swallow tattoos.

He hummed in content, wrapping his arms around you, to keep you closer.

“Want to watch a film?” he whispered groggily. You hummed and nodded, as he switched on Pretty Woman, and ten minutes in, you two were out like a light, snuggled into each other, head on his chest, and content as ever.

Call Me Shallow But I’m Only Getting Deeper

Words: 7,367


Harry gripped the back of Louis’ chair and rested his left hand against the table’s surface. He slowly arched his back and let his lips hover just above the shell of Louis’ ear. Louis instantly reacted to Harry’s change of demeanor, his shoulders subconsciously pulling back. A smirk twitched the corner of his mouth when Louis’ thighs slightly parted.

“You want to keep acting like some bratty princess?” Harry quietly asked, lowering the tone of his voice. He slipped his hand from the back of Louis’ chair and clasped it around the nape of Louis’ neck. “Fine,” Harry gently squeezed, “That’s exactly how I’ll treat you, Baby.”


The one where Louis is a brat so Harry spanks him with a riding crop.

Bae in a bae?

Night Routine

My night routine was always more extensive then Harry’s ever was or will ever be. I can’t even count the times Harry has complained over the years about me taking to long to get into bed.

“Come on babe, wearing your makeup to bed once wont kill you!” Or

“Petal come cuddle I’m going to die of loneliness!”

Did this ever make me go any faster? No, but it did make me smile and my heart swell just a little bit.

A little bit ago we got home from Interviews. Interview days were good and bad. Good because they weren’t too hectic and I got to be with Harry. The bad part was I was with Harry but couldn’t talk to him.

After getting done with some work of my own around 10:30 P.M I decided the start getting ready for bed. Swiftly I shut my laptop and sat it down on the couch beside me. Harry was sitting on the other couch across from me writing on several different pieces of papers. Not sure what they were, music I assume.

I stand up, stretch my arms up above my head, and letting out a little yawn.

“Where ya goin’ bug?” Harry asked briefly looking up from the papers in his hands.

“I finished my work so I’m gonna get ready for bed.” I say going over and kissing him on the forehead.

“Okay, I’ll be up in a minute, I’m almost done.” Harry says softly before turning right back to the papers.

I lightly pout. When I don’t walk away Harry looks up at me.

“Somethin’ else?” He asks then looks back at the papers.

I get right in front of him, take the papers out of his hands, and set them beside him on the couch.

Immediately Harry snaps his head up. He’s about to say something but I cut him off.

I bring my hand down to the collar of his shirt and lightly tug.

Harry’s face breaks into a dimpled smile.

“I jus bout forgot din I?” He ask with a smirk tugging at his lips.

Quickly Harry pulled the shirt over his head and handed it to me.

I tilted his chin up towards me and kissed his lips.

“Thank you babe.” I say then head to our bedrooms bathroom.

Ever since we started dating I always loved to wear Harry’s clothes but especially after he wore them. If he ever wore a casual t shirt all day, then that night I’d want to wear it because it smelt like him.

Once I got into the bathroom I changed into his shirt and clean underwear. Throwing my hair into a bun I quickly wash my face and brush my teeth. I don’t think I take too long getting ready for bed, Harry just always washes his face and brushes his teeth right after dinner. Also he is a very impatient booger.

In the middle of brushing my teeth I look in the mirror and can see Harry lying on the bed more thank likely just in boxers, under the blanket. His left hand is behind his head while is right props his phone up on his chest scrolling through who knows what. Probably Instagram even though the boy never uses it.

When I get done I turn the bathroom light and head towards the bed.

Harry sees the light go off out of the corner of his eye and locks his phone setting it on his bedside table. Then he looks up at me and out stretches his arms.

“Come ere’ bugs, I’ve missed you.”

I giggle but do as he says, laying my head on his chest and his right arm wraps around me and lightly kisses me on top of my head.

“Harry we’ve spent the whole day together.” I say smiling and lightly kissing his chest.

Instantly his fingers start running through my hair.

“Yeah but I’ve been doing stuff all day and besides we haven’t really been alone.”  He says still playing with my hair.

I take a deep breath in, just inhaling his wonderful scent. I know this sounds super creepy but I’ve never smelt a more wonderful smelling person in my life.

My right hand slowly traces random shapes on his bare chest. And for a while that’s all we do. No talking, just enjoying each others presence.

After a little while of doing this though I get a little bored. I needed more contact, if even possible.

I scoot up higher to where my head is now resting right by his neck. I turn my lips to wear I can kiss him. And that’s just what I do.

Anywhere my lips can reach I kiss. Lightly sucking every so often, especially behind his ear where he’s most sensitive.

I swing me leg over his body to where I’m straddling him and get to work on his other side.

Harry’s hand slide under my shirt and grab onto my hips.

“I thought we were supposed to try to go to sleep?” He asks lightly chuckling.

“Sleeps boring, I’d rather do this.” I mumble kiss up his jaw.

Suddenly I’m flipped over and Harry’s on top of me.

“Oh you don’t know what you just started.” Harry says with a smirk and wild eyes.

Lets just say we did a lot of stuff other than sleeping.


Sorry I haven’t written in forever!! I’ve sadly had no motivation but I’m back!! Hope you liked!

I tried not to make this smutty but if y’all would like a part 2 smutty version let me know!!


Prompt: Damian meets the reader at a park while he’s walking Titus and they hit it off? Then his brothers find out and stand behind the reader and tease Damian and just basically give him a hard time? The reader finds out and thinks it’s hilarious though. Also, your blog is amazing and I’m so glad you write for us even though you don’t have to. Thank you, Lady Panda.        

Requested by: @books-netflix-and-pizza

   You watch as Louis and Titus chase after the same ball, before they eventually collide into each other. You smile at Damian, “Looks like they aren’t that great at sharing.”

   When he doesn’t respond you poke his forehead. He blinks several times, before raising an eyebrow at you, “Did you just poke me?”

   You shrug, “You were a million miles away, and I was talking to you.”

   He leans back into the bench, “About what?”

   “Our goofy dogs. They don’t share well.”

He smirks, “Titus is a good boy, Louis on the other hand …”

“Is an excellent boy.” You poke him in the ribs, “So why are you so distracted today?”

He scowls, “My brothers.”

You smile, “What did they do now?”

He nods in the direction behind you. You turn around just in time to see four men look at anything other than you.  “And why are they here?” You ask.

His tone turns mocking, “Because I’m the baby. I’m taller than all of them, but somehow, I’m the baby.”

You smile, “Do they think I’m going to steal your innocence?”

He rolls his eyes, “They’re jerks with no lives of their own.”

You smile, grip his chin, before pulling him down for a kiss. When you pull back you say, “Might as well give them a show.”