and then looked up at me


i never call him Gladiolus, just gladio

i have my final road test tomorrow. having postponed it twice last year, and having started practice driving when i was 16, it feels… surreal, to say the least, to think i could actually finally get my driver’s license for real.


Horror, romance, shoujo

The Bathory Academy is a prestigious school sitting high atop a mountain, far from any city. It has a reputation for taking and producing only the finest, but every fifty years or so, a female student in her senior year goes missing. The story has become a local legend, with many odd rumors regarding the headmistress, Mandalina Elendil. Some say the same woman has run the school for centuries; others will tell you she’s simply the descendant of the original headmistress.

A chance encounter with Ms. Elendil’s young and mysterious assistant, Cyrillien, prompts the 18-year-old Iieha Beautemps to apply and get accepted into the Academy for her final year of schooling. Little seems out of the ordinary until she accidentally overhears Cyrillien and the headmistress discussing “sacrifices” in the teacher’s lounge. Even stranger– Cyrillien refers to Ms. Elendil as “Liz”!

What’s going on here at Bathory Academy, exactly? What will become of Iieha? Find out in Volume 1 coming April 1st!

        YOOOO. I need a refresher. & I want some new interactions. I will be keeping the drafts / replying to @kuroganeslayer, @venomslayer, @absolutexdarkness, @freedthedark, @eternalfaction, @arboluspugnitor, @doranbabe, @wildcerberus. These are the only threads I currently have some inspiration for (however, if you’re one of these people & you’d like to drop/change our thread, just let me know!!). Everything else will be dropped! Sorry fam!!! 

BUT SILVER LINING: like this for a starter !!! ONLY like this if you’re fine with having your muse thrown into possible random scenarios / conversations. & PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT’S GOOD IN THE WORLD only like this if you have the intention of actually replying. Lengths may vary from one-liners or small paragraphs! But there’s always potential to grow. (: If you’d like to request a specific verse / time frame or would like to plot instead (i’ll still write the starter) let me know !! 


Making more Ryders because I can’t sleep and I want to attempt to replay andromeda without the salt™ affecting my playthrough this time (emphasis on attempt)

Flynn Ryder is gonna romance Reyes (again) while his alternate universe twin Miranda is going to romance Liam

(yes I’m still salty about him not being bi but I’m trying to be positive at like 6am sh)

I just felt this wave of existential dread in my stomach because I thought I had work tomorrow at 7AM… but then I remembered I have off until Thursday, and the clouds parted.

Ah yes. my reacuring chris pine dream *in which he strangles* me came back. Only this time it was a dream in which i am talking about how much that dream bothers me with flashes of said dream. Fun times. Fun times.

Hellooooo… (* ^ ω ^) 

I’m looking for someone who would be interested in betaing (I don’t think that’s an actual word) a JongYu fic. 

The story is a 8000+, G-rated, very fluffy (in a non-fluffy way), innocent AU oneshot. The plot is quite simple and takes place in a span of only 2 hours. There is nothing dramatic happening…no warnings…just a slice of life so to speak. 

Plut summary: Cuddling

I’ve never actually written any JongYu in my life, so this is a first (this is a half-truth…I’ve tried to write JongYu once 7 years ago…and abandoned it after chapter 1). I just wanted to try something else for a change. Turns out JongYu works perfectly fine when I want to write innocent things.

I don’t have any requirements as long as you notice mistakes I’ve made. If you are interested, just send me a message or reply to this post, and I will contact you…^^ (this sounds way too formal…like some business proposal)

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If you haven’t read anything I’ve written so far  -> there you go ^^

stoner comedy is completely realistic and i had no idea.

I’ve been watching my aunt (stoned af, drunk af) for the last ten minutes or so go outside to smoke a cigarette, realize she doesn’t have a lighter, come back in for one, and grab another cigarette instead. 

She’s up to three in her off hand, and one poised in her right. Incredible. 

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I 100% agree with your thoughts about Gillian as Media. I hate to say it but I wish they just used CGI to make it look like the actual Lucy was talking. But who knows, maybe they couldn't get the rights to I Love Lucy? But they could have gone with the news anchor lady which would have been hilarious to see Gillian as some kind of FOX News host.

Yeah, I would guess that getting the rights to old TV shows that they could then modify with CGI would (a) be an extremely expensive legal nightmare that (b) would only lead to an even more expensive technical nightmare. Unless this is a movie with a Forrest Gump (adjusted for inflation) budget, that was never going to happen, I would bet. 

But, I forgot about the news anchor (and Media appears more than once as a news anchor, doesn’t she?) – that would have been AWESOME. I would love to see GA take that on. (Who knows, maybe something like that is in store for us also.) And they could have done a lot of those that didn’t have to be recognizable people. Like – GA as a lady jumping around inanely in a Target (or Target-like store) commercial. GA on a stereotypical Philly Justice-esque procedural show (maybe that would be too close to XF/The Fall). GA as a sitcom mom. GA as a perky home design show host. GA being a super hyped-up celebrity-fashion correspondent (she’d probably love doing that). GA on some kind of trashy reality show like the Kardashians. It would have been fun and, I feel, not super difficult to create spoofs of TV genres/tropes that would be immediately recognizable to viewers and feel very real and familiar without being literal recreations of existing stuff. 

Media is supposed to be the god of *television*. Because of television being one of the things that modern people worship rather than the old gods. Not, the god of celebrities that Bryan Fuller likes. I guess “celebrity” sort of falls into that category, but like, I think the idea is supposed to be that television/media is a seductive presence that shows you shiny things that steal your attention and make you passive consumers of the vapid, glitzy, ultimately advertising-driven stuff they tempt you with (NOT THAT I, SOMEONE WHO SPENDS HOURS ON A WEBSITE TALKING ABOUT A TV SHOW FROM THE ‘90S AND THE PEOPLE ON IT, WOULD KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT). David Bowie, at least, is certainly to my mind not a particularly great representation of that. Also, when we think of modern media that destroys people’s brains/souls through shallowness and crass commercialism, is Easter Parade starring Judy Garland really one of the biggest offenders that comes to mind? I would have loved that concept to be UPDATED from the novel that was published 15-some years ago, not further retro-ized. (Unless the whole thing is taking place in some kind of timeless retro universe, which is not unlikely.)

But, again, we are left with the fact that, when you get down to it, Gillian does not really look that much like any of the celebrities she is portraying, because, you know, human beings look different from each other and stuff, even the beautiful ones; and so, to me, just because Media manifested as Lucy in the book, the leap from there to “GA impersonates a bunch of celebrities” is not necessarily the direction to go that makes the most sense for the concept. 

ANYWAY. It’s not my show, Bryan Fuller is a genius, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, overall I love his weirdo, over-the-top artsy style, and all I have seen are teases and publicity shots and I have no idea how it’s being structured or executed. I will reserve judgment! And, again, I stress, I love Gillian and seeing her play dressup this way will be super cool. I just fear the celebrity-impersonation angle may end up detracting more than it adds, which isn’t something I want for Gillian OR for the show (which I am super excited about regardless of Gillian’s involvement). But we will see!

can you believe there are people out there who speak MULTIPLE languages and then APOLOGIZE for not having perfect grammar in their third or fourth language?????? like do you know how incredible you are???