and then look at that

don’t imagine dan and phil on their last night in the london apartment, lying in phil’s shitty wicker bed and reminiscing about all the memories of the place that has sheltered them for the last five years, the good and the bad

don’t imagine them facing each other and staring into each other’s eyes, holding one hand in between them and giggling endlessly about the cracks and dents in the walls and floor due to the age of the building, and the ones they managed to make themselves over the years

don’t imagine them whispering quietly to each other about how excited they are for the new place, and how much they can’t wait for this next big step in their lives because as sad as it is to leave this place behind, many more amazing things still lie ahead of them

don’t imagine them cuddling up to each other before they fall asleep, dan wrapping his arms around phil’s waist and burying his face in his chest while phil rests his chin on top of dans head, rubbing the younger boys back- a position they’ve been in for thousands of nights, but it’s the last time that it’s happening in that particular bed, in that particular room, in that particular flat

don’t imagine dan whispering into phil’s chest when the older boy is fast asleep: “i don’t care where we go; as long as i’m with you, i’ll always be home”


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so charlie and mac have been best friends since they were little tiny babies right and they have their own special rituals and traditions and history that the rest of the gang isn’t really privy to and just like. in high school they all start hanging out as a group, right, and dennis starts having more-than-friends feelings for mac, and he’s trying to sniff around and get some intel and so one day in math class he’s sitting next to tim murphy and he’s like, “hey, do you know which girl ronnie the rat is going out with?” and tim murphy wrinkles his nose and goes, “girl? i thought ronnie the rat was dating dirtgrub” and dennis is uh. shaken. and all of a sudden he wonders? if mac and charlie have been dating this whole time and he just didn’t realize it?

so overnight he gets extremely jealous as fuck of charlie and the entire group notices the shift in dennis’s attitude and they have no idea what happened with him or what’s making him act this way, and the three of them congregate and are like, “??? i think charlie did something to piss off dennis? charlie you should swing by his locker after school and see why he’s so upset.” so charlie shows up at dennis’s locker holding a fruitcake and he’s like, “hey dennis” and dennis is like “what the fuck do you want” and charlie is like “okay dude what is up why are you acting like this what did i ever do to you” and dennis is like “i think you know” and charlie’s like “i promise you i do not” and dennis is like, “w/e charlie, just leave me alone and go hang out with your boyfriend” and charlie’s like, “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

and he reports back to mac and dee who are stationed around the corner and he starts eating the fruitcake with his bare hands because dennis didn’t accept it obviously and mac’s like, “so??? what’s up??? what did he say he looked pissed” and charlie’s like “oh dennis thinks you’re my boyfriend for some reason and he’s acting all weird about it… dude i think he has a boner for me. it’s kind of flattering you know he’s a good-looking guy.” and mac - who, naturally, is not dating charlie and is in love with dennis - is very coolly like, “oh. that’s. interesting. well. i have to go home and… iron my… dog” and he turns briskly and walks down the hall and charlie’s like “what the fuck is his problem” and dee is like “oh my god every single one of you is the stupidest person alive”

and then over the course of the next two weeks charlie and mac and dennis stop speaking to one another and filter all messages through dee who tries desperately to convey to them the truth of what is happening and get them to like, speak to one another, but the three of them are super preoccupied in this whole soap opera love triangle As The Gang Turns bullshit and they don’t want to see reason.