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Backup story art by RICK LEONARDI
Variant cover by DAVID FINCH
Now that the mega-monster has been untangled, a small army of monsters lurks around every corner waiting to destroy the gang forever. Little do they know, the greatest threat is one they can’t see. Can Scooby’s nose save the day? Then, in our backup story, Secret Squirrel embarks on his latest mission with the help of his trusted partner, Morocco Mole.
On sale SEPTEMBER 13 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T



Few things in FFXIV have had an impact on me like <JH-RP>. It had a great theme, filled with enthusiastic RPers who loved what they do and wanted to share it with others, whether through FC events, the Sunny Seaside Bar, or bombarding public events as a group to support them.

Above all, it had solid leadership who strove for nothing but to create fantastic RP experiences in more than just activity. I remember countless times where Kilid, Inarah, or another member would walk up to me while I was nervous in a corner, making sure that I was having a good time with the rest of them. Those little nudges meant a lot to me; it built up my confidence, and it’s been a big influence on how I try to treat other RPers in return.

Like all good things, the FC had to come to an end. After 2+ years, I’m very sad to see it go, but I am so, so glad that I was able to be a part of it.

Thank you for all the memories, Jackal & Hide!


Lebeaux’s room at the fc house.

Haven’t entirely decided what it’s for but there’s a window nook. With tea. Messy book corner. Office-sort of area complete with pretentious stained glass windows and candelabras. And a mini clinic section for those who are injured, or had a little too much somnus, to sleep it off.

Missing wallpaper or paint in a few spots but I’m pretty happy with how it’s going.


Happy 4th birthday the most passionate little cule Milan Pique Mebarak [22/01/2013]

“Milan is a football freak. The number of the players he know, jerseys and all the equipment … everything. It reminds me of when I was little. He lives football with passion and with only three years he spends 90 minutes hooked. I am proud that my son likes football the same way as me. He mostly asks me why we lost a game. He doesn’t understand a Barça loss, something that new generations think happens a little.He also questions a lot of the rules of the game such as a penalty, fouls or corners.”

It’s Just A Flu

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I love London, I really do. But one thing I hate is the weather. The plummeted temperatures increased my body temperature, imprisoned me in severe flu. There’s nothing for me to do today but lying uncomfortably in bed with my back pain, watery eyes and a runny nose while looking at my husband who’s getting ready for his daily practice.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see the doctor, Love?” Kieran walked up to me, he touched my forehead with his left hand while another hand pulling the zip of his jumper.

“Ah, it’s just the flu. I’ve been drinking the medicine. I will be okay after a good quality of sleep” I said, taking his hand from my forehead and entwined it with mine.

“I really wish Jaydon could stay to look over you, but he seems busy today and Boss told us to practice hard today’

“Yeah, Dinamo Zagreb and Chelsea” I muttered.

Kieran nodded, “Do you want me to call my mom?”

I nearly choked on my saliva, “Do you want to kill me?”

“Why?” Kieran giggled, ruffling my hair with his left hand, “You two get along well”

“I know, but… it’s your mom!”

‘Nice’ would be the perfect word to describe Kieran’s mom. Almost every Sunday we visited Kieran’s family, not just his mom, but also his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their children. Kieran’s mom was the one who make me feel like I was with my own family, not like they’re not my family, but you know what I mean.

She took care of me well, asking how I’ve been, how’s thing going, etc. But… She is Kieran’s mother! It’s always nerve-wracking to be around your mother in law!

“I look awful!”

“You’re still outstanding, although your face is pale” he said, looking at me with his deep brown eyes.

“Ki, don’t spray too much perfume. It’s only nice with good amount, but not too much” I said, pushing his body away from me.

“What? This is the usual though, with usual amount as well. I thought you’re catching cold”

“I know. It’s just sometimes my nose turns more sensitive when I got the flu although it’s runny.”

“How can you smell it if the nose clogged? Maybe the flu made a little damaged to your head”

“Ki!” I hit him with my pillow that he could easily dodge.

Kieran laughed hardly, his dimple emerged from his cheek. “Okay-okay. Are you sure I can leave you though?”

“Just go. If anything happens to me, I’ll let you know right away”

Kieran kissed my forehead before he disappeared behind the door. I could hear the sound of his car slowly disappearing in distance. I starred out to the window to check Henry in the backyard for few minutes before my eyes felt so heavy and I had to close my eyes. I staggered to the bed, slipping my body under the covers. I even had to breath with a mouth open. This flu is much worse than I thought.


About two hours later I woke up to the ruckus outside my room. Maybe Mr. Wenger was having a good mood today and decided that Kieran could go home early.

My head was still as heavy as before and the noise from outside getting louder. I reluctantly dragged my body to walk outside the room. I could smell something like ginger being cooked from the kitchen.

“Oh, (y/n)! Did I wake you up? I am so sorry, I didn’t know where you put the pot and stuffs.”

“No, it’s fine Mrs. Gibbs” I walked up to Donna, Kieran’s mom, who’s standing behind the kitchen counter. I swear I’ll get you later, Kieran Gibbs!

She put her hand on my forehead. “Wow, you still have the fever, sweetheart. Just lay down there, I’ll get the soup ready for you”

“Please, you don’t need to do this, Mrs. Gibbs”

She waved her hand motioning that she didn’t mind, “Just sit down, dear. Oh, and you can call me Donna, you’re my son’s wife and I’m not exactly Mrs. Gibbs anymore remember?” She showed me the ring on her finger.

I smiled at her. I remembered Kieran excitedly picking the right shirt to wear to his mother’s wedding, he didn’t want to use the same shirt as Jaydon but ended up the same since it’s supposed to be a uniform. They were really happy to see their mom walking down the aisle with the man of her life.

I really want to help her really but my head was too dizzy that I had to give up and finally throwing myself on the couch.

Donna sat down next to me with a bowl of soup, “Are you using white musk now?” I asked.

“You’re sharp. It’s a gift from a friend” she smiled, handling me the soup. “This will make you feel better”

“Thank you.” I held the bowl with my hand then adjusting my position in the couch. It looked good, chicken ginger soup with noodle. I knew she’s a good cook, I was glad by the fact that she still let her son married with a girl who knew nothing about cooking!

I cut a piece of chicken with the spoon and put it to my mouth. The next second I knew, I spitted the whole piece of chicken back to the bowl. It was the ginger I couldn’t stand, and now the smell was even clearer it urging me to puke.

I turned my face to Donna and she looked terrified. I apologized to her before I ran to the bathroom. I squatted down, getting ready to throw everything but nothing came out. I took a deep breath, sitting myself in the toilet seat. Fucking flu! I never had problem with ginger before. I love ginger! Ginger tea was one of my favorites.

I heard knocking on the door, “(y/n), are you okay? I just called Kieran, he said he’ll be home in an hour.”

“I am okay! It’s just upset stomach” I opened the bathroom door, and smiled to Donna, her worry face shown.

“Why? Was the soup that bad?”

“No, no-no-no. you’re a good cook and you know that. It’s just the taste and the smells of the ginger made me sick”

She raised her eyebrows, perhaps a little surprised by the answer, “Well, how about mint? I can still make you mint tea if that makes you feel better”

I took a deep breath, “I guess that will be okay” I reassured her with a smile.


“Hey! Hey! Baby, are you okay?” Kieran barged in with a loud noise, cutting between the talk I had with Donna.

“Yeah. Your mom and I was just talking about how you and Jaydon always put your hand on your nipple when you drank your milk.” Donna and I let out a laugh.

Kieran smiled to the two of us, then he placed his left hand on my forehead. “It’s getting better now.”

“Yes! Thanks to your mom’s greatest mint tea!” I said, holding up the mug higher.

“Thanks mom” Kieran muttered to his mother and he motioned to the kitchen asking his mother to speak with him privately.

I knew Kieran didn’t believe what I said and was going to make sure that I was really okay. I just shook my head leaving the funny thought; maybe he was just confused since it’s the first time I got sick after almost a year of marriage. I saw Donna pointing at the counter, where she left the leftover soup that she gave me earlier. Clearly she was telling Kieran what had happened. I turned my attention to my phone when I received a message from Coleen, wishing me a speed recovery. Kieran must have told Rambo.

Donna sat back next to me, grabbing the TV remote from the table. “He’s going to call the family doctor”

I shrugged, “You know I am okay”

Donna turned to me and smiled, “You know he’s a worrywart, he won’t stop until he’s really sure that you’re okay”

I giggled, “Maybe that’s better, so the Doc could tell him that I am okay!”


Kieran and his mother stood side by side on my bedroom as they watched the doctor put his stethoscope on my chest, then my belly. “Take a deep breath” he ordered. After a few second, he put back his stethoscope and grabbed what looked like a small flashlight. “Open your mouth, stick your tongue out.” I did what he said until he turned of his flashlight.

“Flu, right?” I asked the doctor, taking a glance at Kieran who shook his head mischievously.

“Yes, correct. You’ve taken the right medicine also. But I have several question” the doctor said.


“Do your back feel sore?”


“Do your breast feel sore too?”

I took a glance at Kieran then his mother, they both looked intense this time. “Well, sometimes I feel like a tingling sensation, but nothing more than that”

“Do you have a regular menstrual cycle?”

I frowned to his question, this time I didn’t dare to look at Kieran neither his mother. “I don’t really count… It usually in the beginning of the month” I answered unsurely.

“Well, then that could be the answer to Mr. Gibbs question.” The doctor turned his face to Kieran.

“What question?!” I starred at Kieran who’s now biting his lips.

“The pregnant signs Mrs. Gibbs, but we will be sure after you take the pregnancy test to know the result” Doctor announced. He smiled at me then he stood up, shaking Kieran’s hand, he walked out the room with Kieran’s mother, leaving me gawking.

Kieran stoned at his place, still biting his lips but his eyes were somewhere else. Am I really pregnant?

I counted to ten before I called him, “Kieran”

“I bought this before I came” he took out something from his pocket and handed it to me.

“A pregnancy test?! Kieran Gibbs! How can you-“

“The mood swings, bigger food portions, the cravings.” He said. Yes, I was desperately asking for a taro gelato at 10 pm three nights before, where Jaydon had to take me to the downtown since Kieran’s having a practice in the morning.

He smiled at me, extending his hand to guide me to the bathroom.


“We open our eyes together after I count to three, okay?” Kieran mumbled, his hand held mine tightly.

I just finished doing the pregnancy test, waiting for two minutes seemed like decades. Kieran asked me not to see for myself; instead he wanted us to see it together.




I slowly opened my eyes, adjusting to the light before I saw two red stripes appeared on the pregnancy test. I looked at Kieran who’s now smiling ear to ear. He put his arms around me, hugging me tight. Kissing my forehead repeatedly, “I am so happy”

“Me too!” I really do! Kieran and I, we’re going to have our mini version soon!

Kieran turned my body facing the mirror in the corner of the room, his hand now rubbing my belly. “Little baby, please take care of mommy. She needs to be really healthy to give you all the delicious meals.”

I giggled, “That sounds really funny”

“Yeah?” Kieran turn my body facing his before he put a deep kiss on my lips, “I love you, (y/n)”
“I love you too, Kieran”

He escorted me back to the bed, “You need to lay down.” He said, putting his serious face back on.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to call Theo and Rambo!”

Reader comes home and kisses her pet on the head after school/work one day. This breaks the spell on her pet and he magically transforms into FC! What now?

I gotchu :U

I made this way sillier than I should have but okay

Dogs? Dogs.

(F/C): Favorite character

(FC/H): Favorite character’s hair color

(FC/E): Favorite Character’s eye color

Written by: Jen

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football meme

↳ 2/5 frienships: Steven Gerrard & Jamie Carragher

“I’ve bounced a lot of things off him, highs and lows, and we’ve come through it all together. No one’s going to miss Jamie more than me.”

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A scene I never get tired of is the one in FC in which Erik pushes Banshee and he flies for the first time. When Charles looks at him, Erik goes all "What? You know you where thinking the same!" with a playfull smile on his lips. I know it's just a silly little scene but I can't stop thinking that right there, training the kids, together, they where both happy. *emotionally sobs in a corner*

I KNOW IT GETS ME EVERY TIME. I think it’s when they finally trust each other…