and then licked him

Lance: *sniffing shirt* Hunk do I smell weird?

Hunk: not really…why?

Lance: Keith keeps covering his nose when I enter a room.


Keith: fuck!

Shiro: what’s wrong?

Keith: apparently Galra have super strong noses and Lance smells really fucking good

Shiro:*alarmed* you want to eat him!

Keith: no… well kind… like I have an uncontrollable urge to hold him down and lick him… does that count?

Keith: Shiro?

Shiro: *internally* oh fuck I’m gonna have to give him the talk! How do I give him the talk? Should I call the blade! Oh jeez I am not enough of an adult for this!

lonelypaperbagtrash  asked:

How does Rex act when he does sex with Mystery? (I need this for writing) try to go into a little detail too (Sorry I didn't know I had to ask this on here)

shshsh it’s okay
Well when Mystery try to have sex with him he is like “ AHHH NO MYSTERY DON’T!! “ but after Mystery start to touch, kiss and other he only want more
Blush so much, say everytime “ Mystery “, lick him when he can, want more stuff

How the team finds out Lance is Bi

*teams is at a male only populated planet*

Shiro: I wonder why there’s only males here.

Hunk: At least, I think they’re all males?

Pidge: *nods* Yeah, Allura and Coran both told us that this is a male dominate planet.

Keith: *I don’t know, he just, licks his knife or something edgy like that*

Shiro: Lance? Are you okay? You’ve been unnaturally quiet.

Lance: *folds hands, crouches down, and deeply inhales*

Team: ……

Aliens: …..


Keith: jeSUS CHRIST!

Hunk: *whispers* hallelujah it’s raining men

Lance: AMEN!!!


Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%