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There’s this tweet that went viral that says:“Me faithfully texting my girl while I’m at a function telling her some bitch touched me come beat her ass”. Can you write about Carl at a party where a girl is really into his “white boy carl” phase and tries getting with him knowing damn well that he has a gf. So he calls his gf and starts snitching on the girl touching on him partly because he’s faithful and in love but also because he likes to see his gf jealous and possessive

^^^ thought i’d take a stab at my own prompt that i’ve been sending around.

Carl Gallagher x reader

still pretty new to writing so i hope this isn’t too bad.

i love requests, so send ‘em if you have ‘em

Carl Gallagher sat on the last few steps of the stair case tying his sneakers while he watched his girl chase Liam around the living room, Franny under her arm, attempting to get him into his pjs. “He’s not gonna sit still. I bought him a family pack of Reese’s so he’s pretty wired,” Carl announced as he stood up and made his way over to the trio. Y/N flashed him a glare and handed him Franny before grabbing Liam’s waist and throwing him hard onto the couch, laughing as he squealed when he bounced up high and landed on the cushion once again, having no time to recover before she was hovering over him pulling his fire truck pjs onto his body quickly before he could run away again. “You sure you don’t wanna come? The party’s supposed to be dope as fuck,” Carl asked looking down at Y/N as she reached out and took Franny from him, placing her on the swing chair that she had brought from work. In fact they had a lot of new things for Franny since she had gotten a job at the baby store down the street. He didn’t have to tell her how appreciative his family was for her help.

Y/N rolled her eyes and bent over to the DVD player, popping in a random animated movie before standing up and looking at her boyfriend who’s eyes where slowly scanning her body, taking in the little shorts and his sleeveless sweater that showed of her sides and the straps of his favorite bra. She laughed as she took a few steps forward, right into Carl’s arms, resting her chin on his chest so that her head was tilted back to look up at him, “I know, but I promised Fi that I’d babysit. And Debbie needs to get out of the house and away from Franny for a little bit. Just don’t have too much fun without me.” He rolled his eyes as his hands that once rested on her back, slipped lower and lower until they were lightly massaging her ass and dipped his head lower so that he could press a few sloppy kisses against the sensitive skin on her neck.. She quickly slapped his hands away and turned to make sure that Liam was still preoccupied with the movie. “I won’t have any fun without you.” Y/N turned back to him and before she could respond he was placing a gentle kiss on her lips, slipping his hand into her hair and tugging slightly in that way he knew she loved. “Stop,” she laughed as she tried to shove him away. “Do you really want me to stop?” He asked almost in a whisper as he ran his hand through his newly unbraided hair, his eyes scanning her face, his lips dangerously close to hers in a way that made her knees weak. Quickly she pulled away from him, before she gave in and dragged him up stares to his bedroom, and walked backwards towards Liam. “Yes I do because Liam and I are very busy having movie night, right Liam?” “Right, movie night!” Liam cheered hopping onto her lap when she sat down next to him, snuggling into her when she hugged him close. Honestly the sight of his girl cuddling his baby brother made him want to change out of his own clothes and settle down next to them for the night, but before he could do so Debbie was racing down the stairs and into the living room. “Okay let’s get the fuck out of here, I need some shots,” Debbie announced before leaning over the baby swing to coo at her baby, kissing her goodbye. Carl nodded and bent over to rest his palm on Liam’s head, pulling his head closer to lightly peck his forehead and then leaned in forward to place another kiss on Y/N’s lips. “Call me if you need me,” he told her with a smile before he and Debbie made their way out the door and a few blocks over to a house party. Meanwhile Y/N and Liam dug into their junk food and laughed together at their movie.

Carl sat on the couch in the living room, perfectly centered with a good view of the kitchen where he could keep an eye on his sister making drinks like she was a fucking bar tender. They had agreed that they’d stay for another hour, but he knew that Debbie was getting antsy about being away from her baby, so much so that she wasn’t as drunk as she could have been. He was about to stand and grab her so that they could head home when a familiar girl sat down dangerously close to him, her bare knee knocking against his. He recognized Adrianna Perez from his algebra class. Let’s be real here, how could he forget the brunette who sat in front of him, giving him the perfect seat when she had gotten her ass beat by his girlfriend.

Carl raised his blunt to his lips as he stared blankly down at his lap where her hand was boldly making its way onto his thigh. “Can I help you with something?” he asked lazily, hoping she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. “I didn’t see your girlfriend around,” she smirked getting straight to the point while pushing her hair behind her ear, and leaning in close so that he could hear her over the loud music. “What’s your point?” he asked glancing back at Debbie in the kitchen, kind of hoping that she’d drunkenly sway over to him and remove him from the situation. “Well,” she started, moving her hand onto his chest and leaning close to his ear, this bitch was practically on top of him now, “I was thinking that maybe you and me could go upstairs.” “Didn’t my girl beat your ass a few months ago? Didn’t she like, drag you into the hallway by your hair? Your extensions were all over the floor for days” Carl laughed, making her turn away in embarrassment and giving him the chance to grab his phone from his pocket just as she turned back to him. “Yeah well like I said, your girl’s not here. And if she was,” she got extremely brave and threw her leg over his lap, straddling him as he took another hit of his blunt, completely unfazed, “she wouldn’t fuck with me anyway.” Carl raised an eyebrow and pressed the back of his hand against Adrianna’s forehead to check if she had a fever that was making her delusional, “Are you feeling okay? Are we talking about the same girl?” “You’re punkass girlfriend Y/n right?” “Yeah my punkass girlfriend who’d pop off on sight if she saw you touchin’ on me like that,” he replied pushing her off of him and onto the couch. “She wouldn’t do shit.” “You think so?” “Fuck, I know so.” “Okay,” Carl responded with a smirk, unlocking his phone and going to his contacts, tapping Y/N’s name, “Bet.” Honestly he couldn’t help but laugh; sure he knew that he shouldn’t have let this girl get so comfortable on him, but it wasn’t like she was getting anywhere with him; not while he had Y/N back home.

Liam giggled loudly at the movie, making Y/N grin as she poured herself a glass of soda in the kitchen. Franny was fast asleep in her playpen, Liam was finally starting to calm down from his intense sugar rush, and Y/N was starting plan out how she was going to get the little boy to bed soon. As she walked into the living room she saw her phone buzzing on the coffee table, a picture of Carl filling up the screen, so she placed her glass onto the table and placed the phone to her ear as she played with Liam’s hair, making him a little sleepier. “Hey baby, how’s the party?” she asked, before pulling the little boy’s body closer to her so that she could drape a fuzzy blanket over them. “It was good. But Adrianna showed up,” Carl answered; she could barely hear him over the pumping music in the background. “Who the fuck is that?” “That girl you fought in my algebra class.” Y/N nodded in realization and took a sip of her soda, before placing the cup down again, “Her face still fucked up?” She bit her lip to hold back a smile when she heard him laugh. “Baby, she’s tryna smash” Carl announced (he honestly couldn’t keep the smirk from his face as he heard his girl go silent, and the sight of his smirk made Adrianna a bit nervous. Clearly she hadn’t expected this when she was talking big game.) “Trying to smash who,” Y/n asked slowly. She must have been throwing herself at one of his friends, because she couldn’t be stupid enough to touch Carl. “She said she saw that you weren’t here and wants me to take her upstairs and tear her ass up. She said you’re lucky you’re not here cuz she would’ve beat your ass” (Carl almost laughed out loud when he saw Adrianna get extremely pale at his exaggeration) Y/N’s grip tightened on her phone, and her hand stopped playing with Liam’s curls. She quickly hung up and placed the phone face down on the table, taking a deep breath to get a hold of herself.

She had fought many girls in her short life, but no one was as persistent as this bitch. She tried to calm herself down and tapped her foot restlessly for a few moments before standing and kneeling in front of the little boy she was babysitting. “Hey Liam, I know we’re getting sleepy but I was wondering if you, me, and Franny could go somewhere really quick before bedtime,” Y/N asked him, and he instantly nodded, hopping off the couch and heading for his slippers as Y/N slipped on her own before pulling on the baby carrier and tucking a now wide awake Franny inside, making a few silly faces at the chubby redhead to make her smile. She then made her way to the space under the stairs where she found Liam’s sweater and backpack, and tossed it to him, and some baby headphones that she placed in the baby carrier’s pocket. She then helped Liam into his sweater and helped him slip on the monkey backpack that had a long leash tied to the end of it. He’d run off on her too many times for her to trust that he’d walk calmly beside her. Y/N then grabbed her phone and tucked it into the pocket of her shorts before walking the little ones out the door and onto the street.

After Y/N had hung up, Carl had made his rounds around the party again, the annoying girl, whose name he had forgotten after another blunt, following close behind him like a possessive girlfriend. He had been listening to one of his friends tell a funny story about a deal gone wrong when he heard a few girls squealing near the doorway, and turned his attention to them, biting back a laugh when he caught sight of the commotion. There in the entrance of this raging house party was his girl, still in her pjs, baby Franny in the carrier on her chest big headphones covering her ears, and Liam beside her holding her hand and looking around at the drunks teens that packed the house.

“Which one of you is the least drunk,” he heard her ask a group, as the music started to lower as confusion set in at the sight of the kids. A blonde girl raised her hand and announced that she was the DD, and Y/N pulled the chubby baby and carrier off and placed her in the girls arms, laughing slightly as the wasted girls surrounding the blond leaning  in close to giggle about the cute baby, and then she squatted down to Liams height, looking into his eyes. “Liam, remember what I taught you about fighting?” she asked, smiling proudly when he nodded and repeated her words, “Fighting is bad. Use your words.” “That’s right. What else.” “If someone hits me, hit them back or tell you and you’ll hit them.” “And?” “If I see you fight close my eyes tight.” “Why?” “Because I can’t snitch on what I can’t see,” Liam repeated her words as easily as he would repeat the alphabet or his numbers. In this moment Carl remembered why, aside from helping around the house, his girl got along so well with his family.

Y/N praised Liam and stood up tall, giving Carl a chance to take in how good her legs looked in those little shorts. She then turned around and scanned the room, her gaze landing on Carl who glanced to his right at the girl latched onto his arm, still desperate for his attention. When Y/N approached the duo, Carl couldn’t help but compare the two girls in front of him. Adrianna had clearly put on her best outfit and makeup, and yet here was his girl in her pajamas complete with slippers on her feet still looking gorgeous as fuck and completely outshining the girl. Y/n made her way over to the taller boy, feeling butterflies in her stomach when she watched him tear his arm from the girls grip and placed his hands on her own hips instead, pulling her body against his and placing a sloppy kiss on her lips, leaning back to rest his back against the walk he had been leaning on previously. When she pulled away, Y/N reached up and ran her thumb along Carl’s bottom lip cleaning up a bit of left over saliva, before turning to Adrianna. “Is your name Adrianna?” she asked boredly, not giving way the fact that she knew exactly who this bitch was. Adrianna looked offended that she wasn’t recognized and stood tall, attempting to look a bit more confident in herself, “Ask your man, I had him moaning it over and over just a few minutes ago.” Carl bit his lip as he watched the scene unfold. He was in love with this girl who tried her best to keep him out of trouble and who took care of Liam like he was her own brother and who helped make dinner when Fiona was running late, but it wasn’t a secret that as sweet as his girlfriend was, she was possessive. She blamed it on living in group homes and having to hide her shit all the time and on shitty friends who thought they had a right to her previous boyfriends. Carl hated that she had struggled in the past but shit, he fucking loved it when she got possessive. “Baby, you know I’m not moaning any girl’s name but yours,” he hummed in her ear, nibbling on it slightly as he squeezed her ass in reassurance. “I know baby I think she’s confusing her dreams with reality.” “No bitch, the reality is that your boyfriend deserves better than some ugly ass slut who’s mommy and daddy put her in foster care because they didn’t want to raise a ho,” Adrianna yelled. Y/N paused and her gaze on the girl hardened at the mention of the rumor that had spread around about her home life.  “Liam!” Y/n called out, never looking away from the girl, whereas Carl turned to his little brother who slapped his little hands over his eyes quickly, making him wonder just how often this kind of thing happened. (side note it happened often at the park where Y/N often found herself shoving kids off of slides for even looking at Liam the wrong way)

Y/N stepped out of Carl’s grasp and strutted closer to Adrianna, “Right and you’re better for him. A trick ass bitch who thought she could let half the guys in town give it to her up the ass and still be considered a virgin.” The now forming crowd laughed at the information that had been exposed. “Your boyfriend fucked me before the party,” Adrianna announced attempting to get under Y/n’s skin when she realized that Y/N knew more about her than she thought. “How? He was too busy fucking me.” “He kissed me right before you got here.” “Yeah? How’s my pussy taste?” Carl almost choked as her words as he watched Adrianna turn red in anger and reach out to push Y/N who effortlessly grabbed the other girl’s hair and held on tightly to it as she used it to hold her head in place while she threw punches at it, ignoring the cheering crowd. The difference between the girls style was that while Adrianna was pulling hair and scratching skin, Y/N was busy slamming her fist against the girl until they had fallen onto the floor rolling around in an attempt to get the upper hand. But suddenly Adrianna’s back was against the floor, Y/N straddling her as she hit her one last time before she was grabbed from behind and pulled off of the squirming girl who still felt the need to talk shit as if she hadn’t just gotten her ass kicked. “My punk ass girlfriend wouldn’t touch you right?” Carl asked as he dragged his girl away from the crowd and to the kids where Debbie was now watching them. “If I wasn’t so happy to see my baby, I’d kill you,” she announced as Y/N squatted down in from of Liam again. “Ready to go home buddy?” she asked as she poked the back of his hand, his palms still covering his eyes tightly. Liam nodded and pulled his hand from his face, reaching out to hold hers, letting her lead them all back home, laughing about the unexpected ending of their party.

When they had all reentered the Gallagher home, Debbie and Y/N pulled Liam and Franny upstairs to tuck them into bed before Debbie hopped into the shower and Y/N returned to the living room where Carl sat on the couch, watching his girlfriend pick up the mess she’d left from movie night. “What?” she asked as she walked into the kitchen to place some cups in the sink, turning around just as Carl trapped her against the counter. “You just popped off on a girl who tried to fuck me and then came home to clean my house and tuck my baby brother into bed. You’re the definition of  wifey material,” he mumbled before he began kissing her jaw, pulling her hair lightly to make her tilt her head enough for him to litter he neck with kisses as well. “Maybe you should stop letting sluts touch on you.” “And miss that? Yeah okay,” he replied, dragging his hands down her back and down to her thighs before lifting them up, dropping her onto the counter and stepping in between her legs, his hand massaging her bare inner thighs. “I think you should apologize for making me jealous,” Y/n said with a smirk as she leaned back and rested her palms on the counter, watching as he pushed his sweatshirt, that she was wearing, up and pulling her shorts down, exposing more and more of her skin. “Shit I can think of a few ways to say I’m sorry,” he replied before he tugged her shorts off completely and got to work between her legs.

[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter 112)

All Chapters

Warning: Violence. Explicit violence.

A/N: I don’t want you guys to think I’m rushing to the end just to get it over with. It seemed better to me to evoke their situation and what hapenned in between that in flashbacks, rather than make two short chapters with months apart.

A month passes after our dinner, and I keep getting more pregnant. Things got a tiny bit difficult, especially at night. Most of the time I toss and turn for hours, never finding the right position, and then I get hot. Sometimes, pillows help. I sleep with four additional pillows, one between my legs, one under my belly, one tucked under my side, and I hug one. Oh, and belly and back sleeping have become old memories. My blood can’t circulate well when I’m on my back. I get short of breath and dizzy. 

Sex has become…strange. I crave it. More than food sometimes, it’s become a long process of deciding where to put pillows so I’m comfortable.

But Mark as absolutely wonderful with me. He’s kind, caring, gives me massages, belly rubs, talks to the baby whenever he can, carries me so I don’t have to walk. He made it a lot easier than it’s supposed to be. We celebrated his 33th birthday will everyone except Bea and Andy. I gave him a watch- he loves watches, and birthday sex.

A few days later, we fought. I wanted a little bit more freedom, and Mark wasn’t having it. One of my arguments was that Liam hadn’t tried to attack us in two months, and that he was probably not going to. He had multiple opportunities, and nothing had happened. When Mark tried to argue back, peanut gave me its first kick. I gasped and grabbed his hand, letting him feel the fluttering sensations inside me. We forgot about our fight then. We were euphoric. At this very moment of pure bliss and happiness, I jinxed the rest of our lives without realizing it.

The moments after that are a blur in my head.

I feel groggy and heavy. Like I’m waking up from the longest nap every. My body is numb, and everything is spinning.  I notice the smell first. The smell of rusty metal and oldness. Then vague, muffled sounds invade my ears. I stir, lifting my head painfully. My neck hurts.

“Look who’s awake." 

I wince, convincing my eyes open.


I blink, and the blue of the eyes observing me is comparable to the blue of mine. My vision is a blur for a moment, and then they focus and see clearly.

"Hello.” Liam beams at me, and I gasp in horror. He looks terrifying. He’s become skinnier, his cheekbones standing out, his blue eyes too big for his face. He let his hair grow, neglecting it, slicking the greasy mane back. I try to move, and realize my hands are cuffed behind the back of the chair I’m sitting on. My heart starts to race uncontrollably. I glance around nervously. We’re in a dirty dark room with no window. I don’t know where exactly.

Then it all comes back to me. They broke into our apartment, I screamed and woke up here.

“How’s it going there?” He asks, his mouth showing something too sharp to be a smile. I perceive Mark over his shoulder, and my first reflex is to squirm to run into his arms. I’m retrained, and my efforts are vein. Mark has a bruise on his cheekbone. He’s awake and he looks as panicked as me.

“Abby. Are you okay?“ He asks worriedly. "Are you hurt?”

“Hey.” Liam snaps his head at him. That’s when I notice he’s bent, supporting himself on his knees, with a gun on a hand. A visceral fear invades me, making tears well up in my eyes as I realize he has kidnapped us. “I was talking.”

“What do you want?” Mark grins out. Liam straightens up and snaps his fingers. His poise is bloodcurdling. He’s not nervous or agitated; he has a plan and he knows everything will go accordingly. He’s going to kill us.

“Yeah, let’s talk about that.” He prompts, gabbing another wooden chair, the only furniture in this angsty room. He sits down with the chair backwards, crossing his arms on the bac of it, his gun dangling from his long fingers.

“Do you want to talk about that?” He asks me, and his sudden attention to me tightens my throat into a knot of anxiety. I nod quietly, tears streaming down my face. How did I end up here?

“Thany.” He declares, his eyes sliding back and forth between us. “I want my girlfriend back.” He demands. We don’t even know where she went. And it’s precisely because we wanted to avoid this.

“She left you.” Mark reminds him.

“Because of you two.” He snaps, rising from his seat. I plead Mark with my eyes, beg him not to make him angry, but he’s too busy glaring at Liam with all of his hate to look at me. I can’t breathe.

Liam takes slow steps towards Mark.

“Because you raped my wife, you disgusting son of a bitch.” He spits back, giving him a wrathful stare.

“It was ten fucking years ago.” Liam argues, waving his weapon in emphasis. A small whimper escapes me as I try not to sob too loudly, but I am having a panic attack at this moment. I fear for Mark and for my baby. I don’t think either of us is going to make it alive. We don’t know where Thany is, and nothing in his behavior has yet made me think he could let us free.

“She still has nightmares about it sometimes.” Mark grinds out, and Liam steps in front of him, blocking my view?

“Are you sure they’re not wet dreams?” He retorts. Mark bristles, and I hear him toss in his chair, probably trying to jump Liam despite his bounds.

“Mark!” I call, begging him. I pull on my restrains, and the metal of the cuffs bite onto my skin, making me wince. Liam’s fist collides with Mark’s face, and I let out a sob of terror.

“Why did you have to bring it up after ten years?!” He yells, and punches him again.

“This woman made me happy!” He screams, whirling around to face me. I gasp and shrink inside my seat, shaking my head desperately, but he doesn’t loiter very long before turning back to Mark, who’s lips is bleeding abundantly.

“This is all your fault.” He mutters. Mark’s face is twisted in a mix of pain and anger, and he spits blood on the floor. Liam blocks my view again, but Mark’s words are very distinct.

“You better kill me, Liam.” He says, the calm in his voice chilling. “You better kill me because if you don’t, I’ll rip your fucking head off.” He threatens. Liam leans in, supporting himself on his knees again, listening closely.

“I will kill you so fucking slowly you’ll be begging me to end your life. People will be picking up your remains all over the walls.” Mark declares. There is a long pause during which they both stare at each other.

“Along with your wife’s brains?” Liam suggests, his arm pivoting backwards towards me. He pulls the trigger without even looking. The noise is loud and deafening. I scream and squeeze my eyes shut, howling loudly.

“Abby!” Mark yells. The shock gone, I start dry heaving in panic. “Are you okay?”

“Next time I won’t miss her.” Liam assures, letting his arm fall down. When I look up, Mark’s eyes are wide in panic, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Liam straightens and walks over to me. I tense and recoil as he stands behind me.

“Where is she?” He asks, his tone firm.

“We don’t know.” Mark shakes his head.

“Where is she?” He repeats, his hand grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling my head back.

“Mark!” I call.

“We don’t know! What have you been doing for the past two months? We thought you were tracking all of us.” Mark explains.

“I was watching her.” He mutters. I wince, my neck bending painfully. “I lost her trace in New York. I know you met her, and you gave her money.” He says. He was watching us all the time, but he didn’t do anything. He made us feel same so he could surprise us.

“Where did she go with it?” He asks, raising his voice.

“Liam, don’t-”

“Mark.” I sob.

“Where did she go?!” He yells into my ear. I jump and recoil. He smells of alcohol and filthiness.

“I don’t know.” I whisper. He presses his weapon against my temple.

“Liam!” Mark shouts. I wail, the sudden rush of fear making my bladder give up on me. I squeeze my thighs together and start crying even harder.

“What’s that?” Liam asks, letting my hair go. The hot liquid pools on my chair and trickles down trembling legs.

“Your wife is peeing herself.” Liam snickers, and he may be a crazy psychopath, the shame is I feel is heart-wrenching. I look down at my lap, my maternity pants turning dark around my crotch and sob quietly.

“She peed herself!” He exclaims.

“She’s pregnant, you douchebag!” Mark hisses. Liam grabs my chin, and his touch brings back old reminiscences. It’s enough to make me shudder in disgust. He just has to touch me for me to feel violated again. He pulls my head up to make me look at him, and places the barrel of his weapon under my chin.

“Liam!” Mark screams. I screw my eyes shut and ball my fists, preparing for the blow.

“I should have killed you in that parking lot.” He grinds out to my face.

“Reno!” Mark shouts, distress in his voice. “She’s in Reno, Nevada.”

There is a long pause, during which all I hear is my erratic heartbeat, and Mark’s heavy breathing.

“How do you know?” Liam asks, his gun still under my chin.

“I’ve been tracking her too. I have a folder at home detailing everything.” Mark’s voice is shaking. What?

“Where?” He asks, finally freeing me. I exhale deeply, eventually allowing myself to breathe.

“In my office. Top drawer of my desk. It’s a brown folder.” Mark murmurs. When I look at him, his eyes are filled with tears. Liam strides over to him.

“Thanks.” He says lightly, giving his shoulder a tap before ambling outside the room, locking us behind. Mar just gave her away. He probably condemned her. He did that to protect us, me, peanut and himself. I’m not surprised, because I always knew he wouldn’t hesitate to do the most awful things to protect me, and he’s not ashamed of it. It doesn’t erase the fact that it’s still wrong.

“Fuck.” Mark curses, blinking rapidly. More tears spring to my eyes, and I sob quietly.

“Baby.” Mark calls. “Abby, look at me.” He commands. I pull my eyes up to see his face. He looks sorry.

“I promise I’ll find a way to get us out of here.” He promises. He shouldn’t, because at this point he’s not controlling anything. He’s just going to suffer.

“It’s my fault. I jinxed it.” I mutter.

“No, you didn’t. They were probably on their way when you said that.” He says reassuringly. I shake my head. We’re going to die.

“He’s going to kill us.” I whisper. Honestly, at this point, I don’t want to fight anymore. I just want to tell Mark I will always love him.

I take a quick glance at Mark form the other side of the table. He has his hands joined on his lap, his facial expression unreadable. I know he’s trying not to distract me. He knows I’m so uncomfortable I’d do anything to escape the situation. Dr Davis shows an even more unsettling stoicism.

I lean forward and grab the last card pf the stack. The last question Mark wants me to answer is:

“Are you okay?”

I read it out loud, surprised by the simplicity of the question. Am I okay? Yes, or No? This part is the easiest part; deciding if I’m okay or not. The most difficult part is when the answer is no.

I wouldn’t be here if I was okay. We wouldn’t be here if we were okay. This vague question forces me to dig deep inside my heart, ripping all my wounds open so all my pain can flow out, comforting me in the obvious idea that no, I’m not okay. Tears well up in my eyes, and I don’t try to stop them. They fall down on the small card. My throat is a tight knot of emotions. A strangled sob escapes me.

When I hear Mark shift, I look up to see him standing up.

“Mark.” Davis admonishes, and Mark shoots him a look, but obeys. He sits back in his seat, his fists balled against his thighs. I wipe my tears as the doctor turns to look at me.

“So you’re not okay.” He says, and I nod quietly to corroborate.

“Can you elaborate?” He asks me. I swallow, my throat feeling so tight it hurts.

“I still think about what happened.” I confess, sniffling. “And the consequences it has on our relationship.”

“What consequences?”

“The fact that we can’t sleep in the same bed anymore.” I reply, my voice disappearing in a whisper at the end, failing me under the weight of my emotions.

After the incident with Liam and Olivia, we slept at my parents’ house for, because we both really needed support, but Mark didn’t sleep at night. I had nightmares, and I would wake up crying, and he would comfort me, but he never told me he couldn’t sleep. When he finally did sleep back home, he started having horrible, violent nightmares. They were affecting him so much in his sleep he would actually move and talk. The first and only time it happened with me, I woke up in the morning laying on my side, suffocating. Mark was behind me, his hand around my throat, and he was strangling me, telling me he wasn’t my toy.

I fought him, scratched his arms and kicked my legs until my heel hit his crotch. He let me go and woke up yelling in pain, while I fell out of bed and hit my head against the nightstand. For a short moment, I thought it was him. I thought he had done it on purpose. He was twisting in pain, and I was pressed against the farthest wall, catching my breath and holding my throat. When he opened his eyes and looked at me, his face fell like I had never seen before. He rushed to me and I screamed, yelled not to approach me, and I saw him blanch. He froze and started crying. He had no idea what had happened. He woke up and I was terrified of him.

A few moments later when I explained him what had happened, he said he wouldn’t sleep in our bed anymore. He said he’d go see Davis, and won’t sleep with me until he was fixed. I agreed. It’s been a month. We quickly went past the first fears and doubts. We both agreed that Mark never wanted to hurt me, that it was his problem and that we will try to fix it.

“Does it have a profound impact?” Our shrink enquires. I nod, more tears making my face twist.   “Because it’s not what we want. Yet, we have to. And we’re like that because of two persons.” I feel like they are still trying to punish us, even from hell.

“It’s not even our fault.” I murmur.

About half an hour later, or maybe a day – I don’t know, I don’t have access to my watch-, Abby and I hear the door being unlocked. My heart tightens in apprehension. This is probably the beginning of the end. Either he found that folder, which means he has what he wants and he can kill us, or he didn’t and is going to kill us as well.

I don’t mind dying. I just don’t want to see her die with our baby. Even if he killed me a nanosecond after her, it would be the most painful nanosecond. I can see Abby’s face contort with fear, and I want to reassure her, but she’s not oblivious to the situation. I couldn’t make her feel better even if I tried.

“Look what I found in front of your door.” Liam pushes the door open with his feet and enters with the folder in one hand, and a female body over his shoulder. Abby gasps in horror as he kicks the door closed. Liam bends until the woman’s feet touch the floor, and lets her fall down onto her back. The sigh grips my heart and laces it with horror. It’s Beatrice.

“Bea!” Abigail yells, tears streaming down her face as she discovers her best friend. She has a bloody wound on her stomach.

“What did you do to her?!” I utter, mortified.

“She wasn’t…very welcoming.” He says dismissively. In a rush of anger in my blood, I try for the billionth time to free myself from my cuffs, pulling until the meatal cuts my wrists open and I feel blood dripping down my fingers.

“Bea!” Abby cries. “Bea can you hear me?!”

“She’s pregnant, you son of a bitch.” I grind out, my blood boiling. The second I find a way to free myself, I’m going to torture him until he begs me to kill him.

“Thany was pregnant too!” He shouts at me, pulling his gun out of his belt. “And she aborted my child. My child!” He points his gun to his chest.

“Because of the stupid bitch that you are.” He mutters, turning to Abby.

“It’s because you’re a rapist!” I retort, and he shoots me a glare. When I think I used to look up to him. He was one of my few role models.

“Bea.” Abby murmurs, observing her friend with tears in her eyes.

“Shut up.” Liam snaps.

“This,” He prompts, holding the folder in his hand. “Is going to be very useful. Thanks.” He says nonchalantly. I look down at my lap, not proud of putting Thany in danger.

“Now,” He starts, putting the folder down. “My friend wants to talk to you.” He announces. What?

He walks around my chair and grabs the back of it, tilting it backwards. It slides so effortlessly I understand he but wheels under them.

“What? Liam!” I shout. I am not leaving my wife and my child alone!

“Mark!” Abby calls desperately. He drags me out of the room into a dark hallway. I trash and toss in my seat, but he keeps going, and I see dozens of doors pass by. I think we’re in a hospital. He kicks another door open, and I arrive in a bright, but still empty room. He whirls the chair around, and I fall face to face with Olivia. I go speechless, shocked.

“Have fun.” Liam declares before exiting the room. Olivia looks… She looks filthy. Her hair is greasy, she lost tons of weight, her skin has turned gray. She looks years older. She’s… a sad, nasty piece of horror.

“Mark.” She croons. Abigail.

My mind goes white, and my eyes see red. Anger sweeps through me like a heat wave.

“NO!” I shout as she walks to me. No! No! No! SHE WILL NOT HURT ME ANYMORE. Fuming, I grab my left thumb. Helped by my anger rush, a superhuman strength and willpower invades me. I tug on my thumb, quick and hard until it breaks.

“Fuck!” I howl, pain radiating in my wrist, all the way to my shoulder. I’m paralyzed for a moment, unable to move, the pain too strong.

“Shhhhh.” Olivia rushes to me and places her filthy hands on my neck. I jerk my head away and slip my broken hand out of my cuff.

“You filthy whore!” I spit at her face. Using my valid hand, and dragging my chair with me, I get up.

“Mark, what are you-” I cut her off by wrapping my fingers around her throat and slamming her against the nearest door. The modern chair dangles from my wrist, my left hand aching. Her eyes bulge out, and she tries to pull my hand away. I squeeze her throat, with all of my fucking strength, with all of the hate I feel for her and Liam, with all the pain she’s given me. She tries to articulate words, but I can’t hear her.

“I. Am. Not. Your. Toy.” I grind each syllable out, to make her understand this is over. Her eyes roll back. I can see the life escaping her body. I can see the end of the tunnel.

“Do you think we’ll get through this?” Mark reads out loud. It’s the last question I had for him. He keeps his eyes on the small card, running his thumb across the paper.

“I don’t see how we couldn’t.” He declares, looking up at me. I have to admit it’s the first time I see him so optimistic about our couple.

“We love each other and we both know why it’s happening. We know it has nothing to do with us.” He murmurs. My eyes start to sting with fresh tears as he puts the card back on the stack. I would usually be the one who says that kind of thing.

“I feel like what worries you the most is the time it will take.” He says quietly. I sniffle.

“Is he right?” David prompts, scribbling on his notebook. I nod in silence.

“I think the pregnancy, and the fact that you’ve been dealing with things like this for years is making you thin-skinned.” Mark ads. He’s not wrong. I feel like I don’t have the strength to fight for too long. I thought things would be perfect between us and in our heads by the time peanut is there, but now I’m not so sure, and I’m disappointed.

“You don’t think you’ll have the patience for more therapy and anxiety.” He states. Sometimes I forget how well he knows me. How he always does his best to understand me. Even if he had more problems that I did, it was never a one-way relationship.

“But I believe you’ll push through.” He says reassuringly. I have never seen him more solid and strong. Or maybe every time he Liam was around. “You always do.”

Liam examines the folder he found in our home, slowly pacing up and down in front of me and Bea. I don’t know if she’s still breathing. I don’t know if her baby is okay. I don’t know if she’s going to survive. Each passing second makes me think I’m going to lose her. What was she doing at our house? Was she there to make peace with me?

The door swings open, and I hear a loud detonation. I jump and squeeze my eyes shut.

“Argh!” Liam screams, the pain in his voice making me look up. He collapses to the floor, and when I look at the door, and see Mark standing in the doorway, huffing and puffing, a weapon in his hand. The look in his eyes make all the blood drain from my face. Liam moans and winces, reaching for his gun on the floor.

There is another loud sound, and Liam yells again. Mark takes slow and serene steps towards him. There is blood on Liam’s body. I can’t breathe.

Liam looks up at Mark, hiccupping, blood in his mouth. Peanut moves inside me. I feel the baby press against my belly button. I close myself then. I close my eyes and shut everything out, Mark included.

Peanut doesn’t know what is going on. It just woke up from its nap. It must be around eight in the evening. That’s usual when the baby starts to dance, after mommy has eaten and we’re both happy.

“I remember the night you went to that party.” I hear Mark say, but I don’t listen. I think about our baby. I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to see this.

“I had proposed a movie night at my place that night. You should have accepted.”

“Mark. Wait.” Liam begs, and I wait. I wait for it to be over. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re not. You’re scared.” Mark corrects. Soon, it will all be over. “Jackson told me what you said after I found out. You said she liked it.”


“You said she begged you to fuck her.”

There is another loud detonation, and a muffled scream. I can smell blood. I’ve seen too much blood today.

Liam utters undistinguishable syllables.

“Excuse me?” Mark asks. I want to ask him to stop. He’s wounded and can’t hurt us anymore. It’s enough, we can leave with Bea, but I’m sure he’s not listening. The look in his eyes… he wants to finish with all of this. He won’t stop until he’s totally free.

“Thany.” Liam murmurs, his voice barely audible. “I… I love…her.”

“You shouldn’t have touched my wife.”

Another gunshot.

“I told you a trillion times, Liam. You do not touch the people I love. This is what happens-” He grinds out. “Hey.” He calls. I don’t know what is happening. “This is what happens, when man like me falls in love.”

I hear one last gunshot, and then silence. There is a long pause. I reuse to open my eyes. I don’t want to see. I want to leave.

There is movement around me, and I hear Mark throw up on the floor.

“Fuck.” He curses, breathless. “Abby.” He calls.”

“I don’t want to see.” I whisper to myself. I don’t know how, but he hears me. I’m spun around, and when I open my eyes, he’s not in front of me. Nor is Liam or Bea. Mark is behind me, undoing my cuffs. I burst into tears.

“Mark?” I call.

“It’s okay. We’re fine.” He murmurs, freeing me. I bring my wrists to my eyes, and they are bruised and sore. I rub my hands together. I’m free. Mark crouches down in front of me, the man I know back into his eyes.

“Is he dead?” I ask quietly. He doesn’t reply. He cups my cheek with one hand, his eyes sad and tormented, traumatized even. His other hand is blue.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” I ask, wiping my nose on the back of my hand.

“I broke my thumb to free myself.” He explains.

“You broke your own hand?” I utter.

“I’ll be fine.”


“We have to get Bea out of here.” He cuts me off. I freeze.

“I don’t want to look.” I whisper. Without a word, he disappears from my field of view and comes back, dragging my best friend by her feet. At this sight, I shoot up on my feet, wobbling slightly but too anxious to mind. I kneel at her side and reach out, but freeze. She’s lost a lot of blood. Mark feels her pulse.

“She’s still breathing. But barely.” He observes. Oh, Bea. I’m so, so sorry.

“Take you cardigan off.” He orders. I obey immediately, taking the cloth off and handing it to him, feeling a little bit chilly in just a T-shirt. He makes a ball with it and presses it against her wound.

“I have Olivia’s phone in my back pocket.” He says, slightly arching and pushing his hip towards me.

“Olivia? Where is she?” I ask, fishing in his pocket and pulling the phone out of it. I catch a glimpse of Liam’s feet. He’s immobile. I shake my head and look at Mark, who’s eyes avoid mine.

“You were with her?”

“Yes. Call 911, Abigail.” He snaps. In front of the urgent situation, I don’t ask any more questions - although I think I know what happened and use the emergency call button to call or help.

It still amazes me how my heart trusted Mark after that. He killed two persons, and didn’t seem to regret at first, but I never considered him as dangerous. He has a harder time dealing with it than I do. He wasn’t himself when he did that. It was his hurt and angry subconscious taking possession of his body. I could tell just by looking in his eyes that he was back after it. He even got sick whenever he thought about it. He’s traumatized by what we’ve been through and what he’s done, but his strength amazes me.

“And it’s okay if you’re scared of the future.” Mark adds quietly as my tears start to pour again.

“I have been the scared one in our relationship for a long time. But I’m not scared anymore.” He assures. “I trust you, and I trust myself.” He murmurs. I suck in a trembling breath, his words sinking deep inside. He trusts us.

“So now we can switch roles. I can be the Abby of our couple.” He proposes. “But I know you. And I know you’re going to fight. I know you always fight for us, even when you don’t want to.” He says confidently, his eyes desperately trying to convince me, make me think I actually can do this.

“That’s just the way you are. And I love you for that.” He says, his words making my heart warm. I feel less weak now.

“Thank you.” I choke out. I needed to hear those words so badly, and I didn’t even know. Mark nods, his eyes encouraging.

“I think Mark is right.” Davis chimes in. I wipe my tears and try to regain some composure.

“You’re more fragile now. But on the other hand, Mark is stronger, and he’s here for you.” He explains.

After a few more minutes of talking, Davis lets us leave and tells us to come back next week. In the small lock between his office and the exit, Mark pulls me in a long embrace. I curl my arms around his middle and he wraps his around my shoulders. My ear is against his chest, and while closing my eyes I ca, hear his steady heartbeat, and let his warmth engulf me. In this very moment, we silently exchange our affirmations.

We can do this.

When I pull away, he tilts my head back and give me one of the most tender and loving kiss he’s ever gave me.

“I love you.” I whisper against his lips. He hums, his lips lingering against mine.“

"I know.” He breathes before kissing my nose. “I love you too.”

I take a deep, cleansing breath, and Mark runs his hands up and down my arms. I bury my face in the crook of his neck and drop a kiss there.

“Can we go see Bea?” I ask, looking up at him. He presses our foreheads together and takes my hands.

“Sure.” He murmurs, bringing them to his mouth and kissing them in turns.

“We’ll stop by my florist.” He declares.

Bea rests quite close to where Henry is, so I come and say hello to him whenever I come to see Bea. Her death was a shock, and the loss a deep wound still open and hurting. My eyes fill themselves with tears when Mark and I stand in front of her grave.

It’s only been a month and a half. It’s still too fresh. The voice of the doctor telling us she hadn’t survived her surgery to remove the bullet from her body is still too loud in my head. I still remember every detail of it. I still feel my heart being ripped apart whenever I think of it. I still remember Andy yelling at us, crying and throwing things at our faces. I remember him grabbing Mark and punching him in the face repeatedly. I remember Mark letting him do, not fighting back. I remember fainting. I remember feeling like my gut was being ripped out of me. I remember throwing up all day until I bled. I remember the pain in every aspect. I feel the pain in every aspect it can have. Until all that clarity becomes a blur in my mind, I won’t be able to move on.

Mark bends and place a bouquet of white petunias next to a fresh bouquet of roses that must come from Andy. 

Andy still hasn’t forgiven us for what happened. And we don’t expect him to. We went to her burial, but him and Bea’s parent had turned their backs to us. It’s our fault if she died.

She came to our apartment to make peace with me, and Liam shot her. She was pregnant and she was in love. She was robbed from her happiness; just like she said I would do.

I think this, losing my best friend, my sister, is what is making me so weak. I am devastated inside. Sometimes I think about her, and I feel dead. I feel empty and useless. I feel like an empty shell of a woman.

I hope she’s in peace. Her and her baby. I hope I will find peace too. But it will be a long journey until I forgive myself.

Mark stands and looks down at me, his eyes teary as well. He wipes the silent tears that have been pouring abundantly with his thumb. I let him do, but don’t try to stop crying, because I can’t.

“Do you think she’ll forgive me one day?” I ask him. He cradles my head against his chest and kisses my hair.

“I’m sure she will.” He says reassuringly. I hope he’s right. But even if he is; it’s going to take time. I have to rebuilt that aspect of my life. I have to find a way to live without her.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes. 

I can do it.

“I’m going back to work.” I declare. Mark pulls away from me, surprised.

I kneel down with a little difficulty, my six-month baby bump pressing against my thigh. I reach out and touch Bea’s picture with my fingertips.

I love you, sis. I will always love and miss you. You may be mad at me, but it’ll never erase the fact that I am happy and proud to love you as much as I do.

You left with a part of my heart. I want you to keep it. No one will ever replace you.



“I will forgive myself.” I declare, my voice shaking with emotion. Hot tears stream down my face, but I try to keep my tone even.

“I am not weak.” I state. 

“No, you’re not.” Mark crouches down next to me, one hand sliding up my back, his fingers curling around my nape. My heart swells painfully.

“We promised each other to be strong women.” I murmur. I can hear her voice. I can hear her giving me nightly affirmations every day during the period I lived with her.

What are you, Abigail?

“I’m-” I trail off, but the words get caught up in my throat. I hiccup. “I am… I-”

“Shhhhh.” Mark soothes, pressing his lips against my temple, his fingers flexing around my nape. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.

I can do it.

“I love you.” Mark says into my ear, his voice laced with emotion.

I realize that his love is my biggest strength.

What are you, Abigail?

His love gave me the strength to open up to him despite Liam. His love gave me strength to stop feeling insecure despite Ellie and Cooper. His love made me trust him despite Olivia.

His love is the key. And I have all of it.

I am…

Peanut chooses this moment to kick.

I open my eyes, balling my fist against my thigh.

“I am a warrior.”

Harry: *fangirling internally, surprised and silently pleased with the fact that his arms can enclose Louis’s waist entirely* (bless the size difference) *need to calm himself and try to look cool and flick his hair when they eneded the too long hug* love you boo, congrats.

Louis: *blushing* *silently afraid of what the management will do to them now, but love is tough and hard, who is he to go against the rule of nature* *enjoying the fact that he and hazza fits like a puzzle* love you too, haz, congrats.

Zayn: *slightly hesitant, dunno if Liam really like Peazer or not* (shall I go hug him or not, he is so cute with that excited grin and blush on his face…) *internal/ eternal struggle*

Liam: *hesitant and shy* (dunno if Zayn will want me to hug him, he is moving so slow, does it mean he doesn’t want to hug me???) *slowly open arms invitingly* *puppy look all the way*

Niall: *frustrated at how hesitant ziam is* (they are freaking blocking his view of a perfectly nice larry, and if they really want to do the blocking part, they may as well as do it when hugging each other) Hmph! you two! JUST HUG EACH OTHER ALREADY! *push zayn real hard*

Zayn: *stumbles, like a first born deer, though this normally applies to harry*

Liam: *his life flashes in front of his eyes * *gasp* Zayn! You aren’t going to fall are you?

Zayn: *stumbles into Liam’s embrace* I have already fallen, you idiot, I have fallen for you for so long.


Audience: *clapping for Larry and Ziam, and for the great job Captain Niall is doing*

Niall: *enjoys the view for a sec, moves on to hug Larry* Congrats, good job boys, the display of affection was impressive.

All the boys: *hug*

Ziam and Larry: *happy cheesy lovely couples*


(i guess this is one of the rare occasions that Niall doesn’t mind being left out) 

Obtained - Liam Dunbar

Summary ;;  in which a particular person that liam can’t stand says something disrespectful about y/n and liam hears every word.

Warnings ;; mild violence, swearing, making out

Words ;; 2.3k

Published ;; 7th august, ‘16


Stay safe + ily🐚

“What’s happening?” You asked, curiosity lacing your tone as you reached Scott and Stiles by the bus drop-in area; it was a home scrimmage tonight and due to the over-crowded entrance, you assumed that the opposing team had just arrived. What you didn’t understand was why the two juniors looked profoundly shocked like they had just seen Captain America strolling down the hallway. Apparently, it was a complete polar opposite of Cap having a casual tour of BHHS. 

“Liam’s old school is here,” Stiles explained, nodding to something behind you.

“Devenford Prep is the opposing team?” Why didn’t anybody, specifically Liam, think not to tell you? You shook your head of unimportant thoughts and swiftly turned around to see your boyfriend, talking to someone whom you didn’t recognise.

By the looks of their facial expressions and the fact that Liam was quaking in rage; his fists clenched tightly in attempts to try and control himself, you knew that this boy was probably one of the many that Liam used to angrily complain to you about, therefore, you knew that this couldn’t be good at all.

“I’ve got it,” You muttered to Scott and Stiles, not waiting for their reply as you rushed over to Liam.

“-And it’s gonna be all your fault.” You only caught the end of the conversation but you had a feeling you already knew what this was about. You already knew about what happened at Devenford Prep with Liam destroying his coach’s car because you were the first person that Liam told after he’d done it. 

The two of you had been dating for about a year and a half, you’d met at a party and instantly felt some kind of connection and had been together ever since. You both thought that going to different high schools would’ve been difficult for your relationship but after everything that happened at Liam’s old school, his mother and step-father gave him two other school alternatives and he immediately chose Beacon Hills because he wanted to be with you.

 “Liam?” You called out once you had reached the middle of the crowd which had gradually formed; you gently took his clenched first in your hands, ignoring all the stares from everyone surrounding as you subtlety intertwined yours and his fingers together.  “You need to calm down.” You whispered; standing in front of him to block his view but he just looked over your shoulder, not fully snapped out of his seeing-red, enraged state.

“Liam, look at me, babe.” His eyes drifted to your soft [y/e/c] eyes and he took a deep breath, his jaw unclenching and his glare instantaneously softening when he listened intently to your calming voice. You raised your eyebrows at him as if to ask him if he was okay now, Liam nodded slightly at you in confirmation.

But then the guy with the cocky smirk spoke up again, “Is this the famous [Y/N] that Liam used to talk about 24/7?” You turned your head towards the still unnamed guy, your eyebrows drew together in confusion as someone muttered something about you to him. His eyes widened in amusement as he laughed loudly, looking you dead in the eye, “Shit man, you’re right. She does, doesn’t she?” A couple other students from Devenford snickered as their eyes racked up and down your body.

You shifted uncomfortably under their stares as you turned back to face Liam, unsure about what to say but when you noticed how enraged he looked, you immediately wondered what his old classmates had said about you that made him this angry- certainly even angrier than before.

“What the fuck did you just say?!” Liam was practically shaking in rage, he stepped forward, an outraged glare in his eyes and his hand snatched out of yours as he clenched his fist so tight you were sure he would’ve drawn blood. 

You rapidly moved in front of him, blocking his way towards the tall blonde as you put both hands on his chest. “Liam, stop.” You tried to get him to calm down once more but he was too far gone this time and you knew it, the look in his eyes was enough to tell you.

“I said, she does look like a huge slut, doesn’t she? She looks like the type who is down to fuck whenever and wherever. I like that in a girl.” Everyone around him laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world, others kept eyeing you up and down and you even heard a few whistling at you as if you were a dog. 

Your cheeks heated up in embarrassment and your eyes widened at the false accusations, to say you were speechless would’ve been an understatement but your reaction was nothing compared to Liam’s. He moved past you in a flash and before you could try and stop him, he had snatched the tall, arrogant guy by the collar and shoved him with his werewolf force into the side of the bus which was still parked there, most likely leaving a vast dent in it.

Before any serious violence happened, Scott and Stiles instantly ran over, Scott used his true alpha strength to pull Liam off and dragged him past the crowd of people, some of who had their phones out: recording the situation at hand. Stiles finished up his ranting speech about god knows what and then the two of you ran after Scott and an extremely furious and out of control Liam.

When you and Stiles reached the locker room, Scott was already holding his beta under the cold showers but by the looks of it, even he was struggling to keep him under control.

Liam roared, baring his teeth and his eyes glowed a vibrant yellow as the two juniors tried to push him against the wall and under the freezing water. You stood in between both of them, but a fair distance away because if Liam fully succumbed to losing control, you couldn’t heal like Scott could - and Stiles was just stupid. 

He went somewhat quiet for a couple of seconds; his eyes connected with yours and he stopped struggling against the other boy’s arms but as soon as Stiles asked the inevitable question, “Okay, are you calm yet?” Liam remembered what had happened all over again, the anger filling him up and ultimately spilling over the top as he replayed what they had said about you.

A roar escaped his lips, even louder than the one before and you knew that if you didn’t step up and calm him down, someone was going to get curious and walk in here looking for answers as to what was all the noise. 

“Liam,” You started, stepping closer to him and he snarled at you but you didn’t back up or run away, you would never run away. 

“Listen to me, those things he said- they’re not true and you know it.” Taking another step towards him, you gestured for Scott and Stiles to let go of him, they both looked at you incredulously but you were adamant that you knew what to say and how to calm him down.

“He’s not going to hurt me,” You told them and they hesitantly let go, stepping back a couple steps but not too far just in case they had to hold him down again. Growling at you, Liam’s eyes flashed with yellow again but you didn’t care, you put your hands on either side of his face and made him look at you, both of you getting absolutely soaked under the shower, you couldn’t care less, though, you thought with a smile.

“Liam, babe, breathe. Find your anchor, something or someone that makes you feel human and tethers you to your humanity, makes you feel safe, or just makes you feel happy in general, focus on it. If it’s a person, focus on how they speak, what they say, the way their lips move, what makes them happy, what makes them smile. Focus on the small details that you love about them. If it’s not a person-”

“It’s you.” 

You stopped talking abruptly, the realisation of what Liam had confessed making you speechless. You thought it would’ve been an old friend or his mom, or step-dad and you felt ecstatic now that you knew the truth. You quickly noticed that Liam was back to normal now, his hands were now on your waist and his forehead resting against yours; the water still pouring down on the two of you but neither of you cared. You also noticed that Scott and Stiles weren’t in the locker room anymore, they wanted to give you and your boyfriend space to talk about what happened.

“Really?” You asked, surprise lacing your tone and a smile playing on your lips.

“It’s always been you, even when I wasn’t a werewolf. They told me in anger management that when I got too angry and wanted to punch something or hurt someone, to think of something in particular that would calm me down. It was always you.” 

You grinned at him, the same sense of euphoria -that you always felt when with Liam- coursed through you, “I love you.” 

“And I love you,” He smiled before pressing his lips to yours. You’d never get over the feeling you felt when he kissed you or vice versa, it always felt like the first time and even after a year and a half, you still got the same butterflies in your stomach, and the same warm feeling spread over you.

Eventually, you pulled away despite Liam’s childish protests. Laughing, you turned the shower off and glanced at your drenched reflection in the mirror

“I think I’m gonna need to borrow a top,” You giggled and Liam grabbed a spare, clean one from his gym locker and threw it at you; turning around so your back was to your boyfriend, you took off your soaked shirt and replaced it with Liam’s, not caring in the slightest that it reached down to your mid-thigh.

“Just ignore him.” You sang as you continued pulling Liam onto the lacrosse field to get ready for the scrimmage. He kept glaring at Brett -Liam told you his name just a few minutes prior- because the Devenford Prep player kept sneaking a glance over in your direction which angered Liam to no extent.

“How can I ignore him after what he said about you?” His jaw clenched and the glare from earlier was back and in full swing.

“Because you and I both know that was he said wasn’t true,” You replied simply, you knew Liam was more angry about what Brett called you more than you were, and you understand that Liam has trouble keeping his anger down and calm but you just didn’t want to talk about this right now. Not five minutes before the game, you didn’t want him to then take that anger out onto the field with him and hurt someone. 

“Okay, so how can I ignore him when he and everybody else from Devenford Prep keep checking you out?” Liam then asked with a low growl and you wrapped your arms around his neck; having to stand on your tiptoes as you subconsciously played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“How about we show them that I’m yours and only yours?” You bit your lip and rested your forehead against his, Liam’s eyes darted down to your soft lips and then back up to your eyes.

“I like the sound of that,” He murmured with a small smile as he rested his hands on your hips, not caring about the fact it was basically PDA central over here.

“Is he watching?” You asked, a devilish glint in your eyes as you couldn’t help but smile at the proximity of the two of you.

Liam glanced over your shoulder before turning back to you and breathing out a quiet ‘yes’, you felt his minty breath hit your lips, making them tingle.

“Good,” You whispered, promptly smashing your lips onto his. Liam’s hands ran down your back, over your hips and landed on your ass to which you smiled into the kiss at as you ran your fingers through his hair: lightly tugging and earning a quiet moan from him whilst your lips continued to move in sync.

“Liam! Ass on the field!” Coach shouted and you both pulled away for air, but you kept your arms around Liam’s neck and his on your lower back.

The two of you looked over to Brett and saw him roll his eyes, grab his lacrosse stick and childishly stomp onto the field. It totally worked, you thought as you laughed and looked back to your boyfriend who was already smiling lovingly at you, making your cheeks flush but in a good way definitely.

“Good luck out there.” You grinned and pressed your lips to his again quickly: pulling away just as quick. Liam, however, pulled you back in for another one, almost like he just couldn’t get enough but you pushed him away playfully when Coach shouted his name once more.

You raised an eyebrow over at him and he chuckled, “Okay, I’m going. Don’t miss me too much,” He began to walk away and you shook your head at him, a small grin playing on your now-somewhat swollen lips.

Well, today was eventful, to say the least.



Imagine #44 || Request #39

Another imagine!!! hope you guys would like this one, idk how it ended up this long (long for me at least) but here it is! And I am already excited for the movie Moana! honestly my friends were already thinking of disney cosplays and I immediately thought of her because I just need her clothes and accessories and boom! I’m her since I already have the same hair as her as well as the tanned skin ♥ ahhhhh much excite! but anyway, sorry for any errors!!


You honestly didn’t want to move back.  But you had no choice since you father had been relocated back to Beacon Hills, which then results to you and your mom following him back from England. You don’t like to go back, let alone the thought of it. Though some people would think that you were overreacting, majority would still go with your decision of going away and taking your mind off of him. You thought of him like a vile piece of sht that he is with what he’s done to you, and the fact that it was on your birthday and your anniversary that he did it.

“You okay?” Your father asked you, a comforting hand resting on the middle of your back as he smiled down on you. Not really the father who gave you life but the father that raised you to what you were now-strong and confident and would never make the same mistake again seeing that you’ve learned your lesson the first time as well as the kind of girl who’d never take sht from anyone.

“I’m fine, dad.” You smiled back before he leaned down and planted a kiss on your head before draping an arm on your mother’s shoulders and ushering both of his girls towards the stewardess checking the tickets of your flight.  The travel time seemed to be shorter, much to your dismay, making you end up already hailing a cab that would take you to your old home.

Once you’ve arrived and started unpacking, your mother already told you to get to bed early because you were already scheduled to start your classes tomorrow. Meaning that you were going to hell. Damn it. You did get to bed early since the air turbulence kept you awake during the flight which now took a toll to your body and knocking you out once your head hit the pillow.

“Hi, Y/L/N, Y/F/N.” You were at the school’s office already taking your schedule, Beacon Hills not really changing a bit.

Once you’ve gotten the list classes, you went to your locker and placed all the things you weren’t going to need for the next subjects before break time.

“So where were you telling us that you’re back?” The all too familiar sound of Lydia Martin’s said behind you making you jerk at the surprise before turning around with a growing smile that seemed to mirror the banshee’s.

You hugged her tight, missing her after the years you were out of the country. Her smile never left her face as you felt two more people approach you. You never really got to greet them because Liam instantly enveloped you in a tight hug.

“Trio finally back together again,” Mason said with a smile and giving you a hug after Liam pulled away looking a bit embarrassed with a light red tint on his cheeks, Lydia already on the list of things to do with you this week and catching you up on the things you’ve missed during your ‘sabbatical’ from the monster-filled Beacon Hills.

“Don’t forget, we have a game this Friday.” Liam said, already hinting for you to go and watch him and the pack play. Before you can ask who the other school is playing against them though, they already bid goodbye and hurriedly walked to their classes seeing that the bell already rang signalling the first class of the day.

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are harry and louis holding hands in this interview?

maybe i’m reaching, but i noticed something in one of the la jingle ball interview videos, which can be found here. i’m gonna walk through a few key things in this post.

1) in the start of the video, harry’s arms are crossed. he runs his hand through his hair, and then begins to put his arm behind his back before moving so that his arm is blocked by niall. notice that louis’ hand is on niall’s shoulder in these 3 screen caps.

2) in the screen cap below, harry’s left arm & louis’ right arm are hidden behind niall. as soon as harry’s left arm moved behind niall, louis’ hand moved from niall’s shoulder and goes out of view. i noticed that liam is off to the side but harry, louis, and niall are really close together, so i got to thinking, what if they’re holding hands behind niall’s back?

3) at one point, niall shifts a little bit and we can see that louis’ arm is not at his side. you can see the bottom of his sleeve right under niall’s elbow, which shows that his arm is reached out. it’s not on nail’s shoulder, and it’s not on niall’s waist or hip, so where is it? it would be very uncomfortable for him to just hold his arm out at that angle without it resting on or holding onto anything. even if they’re not holding hands, louis has to be at least resting his hand on harry’s arm or something.

4) a few moments after this, harry sways away for a moment (and fonds at louis). in this frame, his arm is behind his back.

5) then, harry moves so his arm is behind niall again.

6) now, at the end of the video, the boys start to walk away. when harry moves away from niall, his arm is at his side. now, if his arm was behind his back when he moved towards niall (#4) and when he backs away his arm is at his side, at what point did he move it?

here’s what this all looks like to me:

in #1, louis is just chillin with his arm resting on niall’s shoulder. harry fixes his hair or whatever and puts his arms behind his back. then, he moves so his arm is behind niall. at this point, #2, louis sees an opportunity and takes it. he puts his hand on harry’s arm or wrist (this is made obvious in #3 when his arm is outstretched). right after this, in #4, harry shifts away and then back. it seems like this is because he wants to move his arm from behind his back so that he can hold louis’ hand. this shift would make him moving his arm be a quick un-award movement. so, in #5, his arm is behind niall again. louis’ arm still isn’t visible. in #6, the boys start to walk away and harry’s arm is no longer behind his back, meaning that he moved it at some point while it was behind niall.

so, maybe i’m being really dramatic and maybe i’m seeing things, but this is what it looks like to me. and, honestly, it would be really cute because they were both really happy and giggly during this interview, so maybe it was because they were sharing a subtle, private, touch.


I’ve been getting quite a few requests wanting to know how this happened, so I figured I’d just make a post with all of the pics from Liam the photographer. Basically, my original badass sign saying “Liam, take my phone #selfie #video” got lost somewhere in the stadium, and I was a bit bummed so during 5sos I went out, found a blank sheet and recreated it, thinking that it was better than nothing. I held up the sign several times for him, Zayn, and Harry and I think they all acknowledged it with like a glance or a smile but nothing. I did get a point and wave from Harry (which was great btw, very very cute) but I wanted my pic dammit.  I knew my best chance was Little Things, so I prepped myself and the guard to not block my view (I was one seat away from the catwalk), and as Lima sat practically in front of me, I held the sign up and just waited. He got through his verse and I was like- yeah okay, maybe now- but ZAYN freaking reached back and interrupted what I was hoping would be my moment, and I flailed bc it’s ziam (at that point, Zayn and Liam had already given me a years worth of interaction. My babes were chatty and smiley :D) , so I just focused on recording that. AND THEN…

Liam got up, walked in front of me, grabbed a towel, gave it to a uard to give a fan, and then sat down and looked directly at me and asked me to give my phone to him. I pointed at the guard and said/gestured if I should hand it to him instead and he said no, and motioned for me to toss it. I always said I would never becuase if I break my phone, I’ll be so mad, but guess who caved when Liam Payne asked? ME. I’m so see through, lmao. I tossed it so damn quick and then a flurry of things happened. All the girls around me freaked out, 3 guards rolled up saying yelling about stepping back and then PADDY fucking PADDY jumps in front of me and yells “DONT DO THAT AGAIN” . I yelled back .“HE ASKED FOR IT, SOZ”. LMAO. The other guard was like- Liam’s the bigger so..

Anyway, I missed most of the picture taking bc of all that, but I saw Paddy pose for my camera and I choose to believe that’s his apology to me. Liam called him over and gave him my phone to bring it back to me and he handed it with an annoyed smile. SORRY , you gotta share Liam and Zayn Paddy. I don’t make the rules.

And that is alllllll. Much love to tomfjord @giggleshrug hisroyalhighnessmalik and my bestie Lina for a great weekend. It’s j ust now hitting me, and I’m actually shaking so I gotta go. BYEEEEEE.

Day 9-Christmas Wedding-Liam Dunbar

Teen Wolf Imagine:#73 Prompt:#…none?

Word Count: 783

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: This is a little different for me, let me know what you think!

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#347 - Sitting On His Lap

Harry: Wrapping your arms around his neck, you sat sideways on his lap. Nuzzling into his neck, he draped his arm over your legs. “You okay?” he asked you and you nodded your head. “Good.”

Liam: You cupped his cheeks, sitting with your legs wrapped around his waist. He locked his hands on your lower back and leaned forwards, pressing his lips against yours and keeping you close.

Niall: He locked his arms around your waist after adjusting the blanket over you. Careful not to wake you up, he pressed his lips against your temple. He was gentle about adjusting under you, not wanting to wake you.

Louis: Laughing out, he propped his chin up on your shoulder “Sorry am I blocking your view?” you asked, purposely moving to block him again. He rolled his eyes and poked your sides. “Loser.”

Zayn: He cradled you on his lap, running his hand slowly up and down the outside of your thighs. You pressed your lips lazily against his neck and his grip on you tightened, making you giggle out softly.


 Isaac glared at the back of the shorter boys head, clenching his jaw and crossing his arms at the same time. He couldn’t believe you were attracted to this guy before him, talk about shitty competition, the guy wasn’t nearly as good looking as he was. He wasn’t even close to Isaac’s height, even though he was still taller than you, but Isaac had him beat by a lot of inches.
 From what Isaac had overheard from you and your friend’s conversation over your old crush, he had assumed that the guy would’ve been at least tall. “Tch, there’s no way Y/N could’ve liked him.” he scoffed but as he did so he then began to second guess himself. Maybe you were actually attracted to him, maybe you still were. He shook his head in dismissal but the thoughts continued to breach his mind.
 What if you only dated Isaac because you felt bad for him, what if you didn’t actually like him? What if–
 “Isaac, take a picture it’ll last longer.” You call out as you begin to approach him, his mind finally stops wondering and he turns his head to look over at you. “What’s got you looking so serious anyways?” You ask inquisitively while trying to find what had caught his attention.
 “I– It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” He hesitates while shifting his body to face you. He smiles at you while trying to block your view of the boy and begins to wrap his arm around your waist, “Want to go get lunch?”

Immortal - Teen wolf (Scott) Imagine

Request: Hi. Can I get a Teen Wolf imagine where a girl knows a lot about thesupernatural and helps out the pack with research until one day she has to save them when they’re in a fight and Scott is trying to tell her to run, but instead she sacrifices herself to save him and while she lay in his arms bleeding out he tells her he loves her and she feels the same, but doesn’t want the bite and the next day everybody is mourning her and they walk to school and she’s there and says: I apparently can’t die.

Requested by: write2dream-write4luv


Being buried in books and papers about various supernatural creatures was the everyday life you`d gotten used to. You even liked it. But as of late, things had been oddly quiet around Beacon Hills. Nothing remotely supernatural had happened in weeks, no one had a bounty out on Scott`s or anyone else`s head and you were almost starting to miss it. Almost. The whole part about almost being killed on a daily basis you could live without, but the adventure and excitement about researching something new, that you missed.  Heaving a sigh you glanced at Scott from the bed you were lying on, he`d offered to help you with your math homework and you`d happily agreed. Not because you knew he`d be of help, you were pretty sure Scott was failing math as bad as you were, but because you enjoyed the company. Heaving yet another sigh you pushed yourself up from the bed and walked over to Scott.
“You done with that yet?” You asked as you leaned over Scott`s shoulder, eyeing the book in his lap.
“Yeah, not that I understand any of it but yeah, I`m done.” Scott sighed as he handed you the book, the words ´mathematics´ finely printed on the cover. Grabbing the book from his hand you returned to the bed, unenthusiastically skimming through the pages.
“Me neither.” You sighed and closed the book. “Are you sure there`s nothing supernatural you need me to research?” You asked hopefully and Scott smiled.
“No, nothing`s trying to kill us right now. And I`d honestly like to keep it that way.”
“Yeah, yeah, I get it. “You rolled your eyes and flashed him a smile. “We get to play normal teenagers for once.”
“Yep, so let`s get back to that math book shall we?” Scott rose to his feet and grabbed the book in your hands before he sat down next to you. However just as he was about to open it, both his and your cell phone beeped, signalling and incoming message.   You swiftly grabbed fished your phone out of your pocket and read the message. It was from Stiles.

“Trouble at Derek`s, get here NOW!”

Glancing over at Scott briefly you met his gaze before he nodded his head and the pair of you rushed out the door and scrambled into your car. As you drove you felt yourself gripping the wheel tighter and tighter as the seconds ticked by. Your teeth subconsciously bit the inside of your cheek and your gaze kept glancing back in the rear view mirror, worry and impatience at reaching your destination slowly taking over your body.
“Hey, relax.” Scott said from beside you.” whatever it is, we`ve probably faced worse. It`s not the first time someone or something`s been hunting us.” He cracked a smile, a sweet attempt at making you relax more. Granted you were only moments ago wishing for something supernatural to come knocking but that didn`t mean you wanted your friends to be in danger. You always worried when they were, even if the current danger was only an assumption at this point.

Pulling up at Derek`s loft your ears were immediately met with the sound of glass breaking and growls ringing through the air.  Rushing out of the car you headed straight for the door, Scott sprinting several feet in front of you. You were used to being left behind like that and you didn`t mind. You were only human and your strength laid in research and helping out from a safe distance. You always kept your distance in fights. But today it was like something was pulling you in. Some invisible force seemed to drag you all the way up to the loft, until you finally pushed the doors open and entered the room. What you saw however, was a blur of bodies crashing into each other making it hard to actually make out who was an enemy and who was a friend. You squinted and focused on the people fighting, you could just barely make out Malia and Isaac fighting what seemed to be another werewolf to your right while Derek was occupied with a different werewolf to you left. Liam and Kira had joined forces in taking down two larger wolves while Scott himself seemed to be taking on the alpha of the pack.
“Another pack.” You mumbled to yourself before moving your gaze from the mess right in front of you, you found Lydia and Stiles cowering behind one of the couches, their focus never leaving the fight as the seemed to be trying to figure out the best way to assist their werewolf friends. You knew you should have made your way over to them, it would have been to most logical course of action and you were going to do it, had you not glanced over at Kira and Liam just in time to notice that they seemed to be struggling a little bit too much for comfort with their opponents. Turning quick on your heel you tried as best you could to move along the side of the wall, well away from the more intense fights, towards Kira and Liam. Only when you finally reached them did you realize that you hadn`t actually thought of a plan. Your eyes quickly scanned your surroundings while you racked your brain for anything and everything you`d ever learned about werewolves and their weaknesses.  With your back pressed against the wall you moved your gaze from the roof to your right, noticing a small cabinet in the corner. The very same cabinet where you`d made a habit of always storing a pouch of mountain ash.
“It could work.” You mumbled as you dove down towards the cabinet, rushing to get the pouch in your hands.  

Checking to make sure the pouch still contained what you hoped you then moved to circle around the two werewolves fighting Kira and Liam, who were now covered in cuts and bruises.  Kira was gripping her katana tightly in her hand while she kept swinging it at her opponent with deadly precision while Liam kept bouncing around, making full use if his smaller frame in comparison to his opponents, and landing quick hits when their focus was elsewhere. Both Kira and Liam were reaching their limit but they still made good enough progress to be able to somewhat push their opponents backwards, a fact you decided to use to your advantage. Ducking behind a pillar you began dripping the ash on the floor making sure the circle you were creating would be wide enough to escape detection until it was too late. You also attempted to make eye contact with Kira or Liam, whoever noticed you first. You`d managed to create a good half of a circle when finally Kira noticed you circling behind her current opponent, the large werewolf in front of her almost but not entirely blocking the her view of you. You nodded towards your hand and then the ground where you`d strewn the ash, silently telling her to try and push both her and Liam`s opponent your way. Kira nodded slightly before she instinctively pushed up her katana to block and incoming blow from her enemy.  

While Kira and Liam worked together to try and push their werewolf opponents back you sneaked a quick glance at the other`s in the room. Malia and Isaac were making good progress with their opponent and they almost had her pinned down while Derek had moved on from his already knocked out opponent to assist Scott with taking down the alpha. Stiles and Lydia remained hidden behind the couch. With a small smile you forced your focus back to Kira and Liam who`d now managed to push their enemies far enough for them to enter the first half of your circle. Grabbing a new fistful of mountain ash you moved to seal the circle shut. You stepped out from behind the pillar, moving slow enough for the ash to hit the ground and form the perfect circle. When you had about a foot left to complete the circle you turned to Kira and Liam.
“Kira! Liam! Get out!.” You screamed to get their attention and Kira`s head whipped back to look at you. She took one glance down at the circle before she pulled Liam by the collar, barely dodging a swing from one of the werewolves, and pushed both him and herself out of the circle. With both Kira and Liam on the safe side of the circle you quickly closed it up, trapping the two werewolves inside. Then you heard a loud crash and your head snapped in the direction of it only to find Derek out cold on the floor and Scott badly, if not lethally, injured. Your eyes widened.
“No.” You whispered before your body moved on its own.  You rushed past Kira and Liam, who were both collapsed on the ground, injuries and fatigue finally taking its toll on them, and headed straight for Scott and the other alpha that was hovering above him. Scott noticed you coming and his eyes automatically widened when he realised what you were planning to do.
“No Y/N No! Run!” He screamed but you could barely hear him over the sound of your own panicked heartbeat. You didn`t know what you were going to do, you didn`t have a plan other than protecting Scott. Even if you were just a human.

The alpha hovering over Scott turned his attention to you and in any other situation you would have frozen at the sight of his cold dead eyes, but not this time. Which was why you didn`t notice the smirk that grew across the alpha`s face nor did you register his claws as they ripped through your abdomen until you felt blood bubbling up your throat and seeping out through your closed lips. The pain came only when your body hit the floor and you only registered what had happened when you heard Scott`s fierce growl rip through the air as he lunged himself at the alpha. After that you blacked out.

You weren`t out cold for long, probably only a few moments. But when you came back you could feel strong arms around you and Scott`s voice sobbing your name into your hair.
“No, Y/N, please Y/N don`t die.” You squinted your eyes once, twice, before finally opening them to see Scott`s tear stained face looking right at you. Any wounds he`d suffered in the battle with the Alpha had already started to heal. You smiled.
“You`re okay.” You whispered and reached up a hand to caress his cheek. Scott leaned into your touch before nodding.
“Yeah, yeah I`m fine.” He tried to smile but only managed to swallow hard ”I told you to run Y/N”
“I know, I ran to you. I always run to you.” Your hand moved from his cheek to settle on his chest.
“How bad is it?” You asked even though you were pretty sure you knew the answer. You still wanted to hear it from him though.  Scott choked back another sob, his grip on you tightening a little more before he looked into your eyes, grabbing your hand on his chest with his own.
“It`s, it`s pretty bad. He said and you closed your eyes briefly, a bitter smile spreading across your face.
“I could-I could give you the-“
“No Scott, no. I don`t want the bite.” You choke out between tears, trying to squeeze his hand to the best of your ability. But your strength was fading fast and Scott noticed it.
“No please Y/N.” He begged and you felt a fresh stream of hot tears fill up your eyes.  Scott pulled you close, burying his head in your neck while sobbing softly.
“I love you.” He whispered only for you to hear and you felt what little breath you had left catch in your throat before a warm smile spread across your face.
“I love you too.” You whispered back before you felt the last of your strength leave you and everything went dark as you drew your last breath.

The next day, Scott had heard nothing of what Stiles had said on the way to school. He hadn`t listened when the rest of the pack told him how it hadn`t been his fault or how he shouldn`t blame himself. He didn`t care that Lydia said she knew you wouldn`t have wanted him to blame himself or that she thought she knew you would have wanted him to move on.  He didn`t notice all the reassuring taps on his back or the comforting squeezes of his shoulder Stiles and Isaac gave him, nor the concerned looks from Kira and Liam. None of it mattered. You weren`t there anymore and it tore him up inside. He`d barely managed to get to school, the feeling of being swallowed up by darkness inside only growing bigger by each second that ticked by. Until he opened the door to his first class and his eyes fell upon something, or rather someone, he thought he`d never see again. You.

You were sitting on one of the desks, feet dangling in the air and a small smile on your lips.
“Hi.” Your voice was soft and Scott took half a step back when he heard it. Eyes wide in surprise as he couldn`t believe what he was seeing, you were supposed to be dead. You gave him a sympathetic look and pushed yourself of the desk, approaching him slowly and carefully before you spoke again.
“I uh- apparently I can`t die.” You reached out, tentatively, to grab his hand and Scott let you. He squeezed your hand tightly the moment he had it in his while his other quickly found its way to your cheek.
“It`s really you?” He whispered and you nodded.
“It`s me.” The words had barley left your mouth before his lips crashed onto yours and his arms encircled your waist, pulling you up of the ground and closer to his body. Scott smiled into the kiss, tears filling up and slowly sliding down his cheeks.  When he finally put you down he kept his arms on your waist and looked into your eyes and remained silent for a few moments.
“What are you?” He finally asked and you shook your head.
“I have no idea, but I`ll figure it out.” You laughed before wrapping your hands around Scott`s neck and pulling him closer for a second kiss.


A/N Gosh, okay. So I hit a major writers block wall with this one. I had some trouble figuring out the outline of the story and I`m not sure I managed to pull it of so well. I ended up changing it a little bit from the request and I hope you don`t mind too much. Still even though I had some trouble with it I also had fun writing it and I hope you enjoy it (^^) 

Can we just talk about this gif. Lol this is from a long time ago judging by Harry’s hair cut but this is my favorite gif rn. 

The one wrapping his hands around Harry is Louis ;)  

There’s Harry beaming as Louis grabs the back of his neck his neck. There’s the security guard literally moved blocking the view right when we all want to see what was happening. Then there is Niall who is just chillin’ in the background like “I’m the third wheel here and I don’t care.”



“Alright, get out,” your brother Stiles held the blue Jeep door open for you and you staggered out with your camera bag as he made his way onto the field with his lacrosse gear. You walked up the glistening grandstands, and sighed taking out your camera. This was the last way you wanted to spend your Saturday, taking and editing photos of the lacrosse team for this weeks sports section in the school paper, but at least you got to see Brett.
You started off the long morning ahead by taking wide angle shots of the players gathered on the field. You dreaded going back down to take individual shots of the players, but you knew it had to be done.
You took a deep breath and started snapping some shots.
Time started flying by as you got great stills of Stiles blocking the goal, dodging flying spheres, and Liam running down the field. You had gotten most of the players by now and even a dramatic shot of coach yelling. All you needed now was Brett.
You zoomed up on the blue eyed boy, heart pounding, you focused on his striking features and lightly tapped the button. The camera shuttered, signaling what you did. The picture flashed on the screen, and you notice the glare on his eyes. You stood there bewildered, you deleted the picture and changed the settings and exposure.
You looked in the view finder again only for no one to be there now.
“Sneaking pictures of me huh?”
You looked around and a dark figure came charging after you grabbing your camera, leaving you stunned. You took off down the field, shouting after the thief with the lacrosse team cheering behind. The figure stumbled down, camera still in hand and began looking through all your photos from earlier.
“Give it back!” You ordered, your hand grabbing for it. “You’re lucky, you could’ve broken it!”
“I’m sorry, I just wanted to see what you’ve been working on,” a familiar voice said. You knew who it was before he even turned around.
His resilient smile flashed up at you, causing a sharp pain to flood through your stomach.
“Well, it’s…its fine,” you stammered, checking for damage due to the fall.
“You’re pretty good you know,” he smirked.
“Um, thank you,” you uncomfortably looked around, “I’ve been taking pictures ever since I was little.”
“Ya, my mom had bought me a camera when I was little cause I always use to steal hers and I….I’m rambling aren’t I?” You laughed from embarrassment.
“You’re cute when you ramble,” he stared up at you still. The clapping and teasing of his teammates were the only thing filling the silence. Brett stood up and brushed the dirt off. Your shoulders sunk knowing this was it, so you started back off towards the bleachers to pack up your gear.
“Hey wait, y/n!” He caught up to you.
“You wanna um, hang out sometime? Maybe you can show me some of those beautiful pictures you take,” he winked.
“I’d like that,” you smiled before he took off again, met up by all his rowdy teammates.
“I’d like that a lot, Brett,” you whispered.

Punk Series - A Major Commitment

The final installment

We’ve enjoyed this thoroughly, hope you have too.

Harry: You’re leaning against the doorframe of Harry’s new office in the home he’d purchased; you’d purchased. The home you’d both purchased. It all seemed so surreal that your life had come to this, buying a home together. A home big enough to grow into, at least that was what Harry had said when you’d questioned why such a big farm house. “It won’t always be just the two of us,” he had said easily enough, barely glancing back to you from the window of the living room that would one day be yours. You had smiled at his words, pink painted lips pulling up before you’d had to bite the inside of your thumb so he wouldn’t notice. The home was secluded enough, pushed back amongst the trees of farmland long ago unused. Harry had no desire to start it back up again but had expressed an interest in purchasing horses one day when it wasn’t just the two of you anymore. “I can’t believe we did it,” Harry said from behind you, brushing past you with a kiss to your shoulder to present a framed copy of the lease you’d both signed ensuring the home belong to both of you and not just Harry. You stood back, arms crossed loosely across your chest, as Harry hung it over his old and worn desk that had belonged to his grandfather once upon a time. “Come on, I want to show you the plans,” Harry said with a bright smile, running his fingers through his day old haircut to push the rain-wet curls off his forehead. Allowing him to lead you back through the house towards the front door, you admired him dressed in a pair of Nike running pants, bright orange trainers, and grey hoodie; so casual for such a big moment. But, that was Harry; casual and laid back despite the circumstances surrounding him. “I know how you love white so I figured we could do white couches and chairs in the living room, maybe white side tables or whatever they are,” Harry explained, taking your hand in his and lacing your fingers together like your hands were one. You bypassed the iron railing of the stairs and glanced up at the open hallway above that you found it easy to imagine children running around before barreling down the stairs and towards the kitchen around the corner. “You could have a garden out back with flowers and we could use them to break up the white,” Harry continued, pulling you into the white kitchen with silver glass backsplash and you smiled as you listened to him explain everything you’d ever wanted. A casual dining set in the back of the kitchen in front of the glass alcove overlooking the back yard, a mud room leading out to the covered pathway connecting the house to the garage. Everything Harry explained were exact replicas of your “Farm House Living” Pinterest board and that was something Harry would only know if he did his research. At the other end of the downstairs would be your master bedroom with a connected master bath. All white and grey, of course. “I want to reconfigure the kids rooms so they each have their own bathroom, if we have to hear them complaining about sharing I think we’d go crazy,” Harry explained, pulling you into a room that would one day house one of your children. “Hopefully, he’ll like pirates… well, if he doesn’t I guess it doesn’t matter since we’ll be the ones decorating his room,” Harry comments off hand, glancing around at the room and you can’t stop yourself from lifting up on your toes to press a kiss to his moving lips. “What was that for?” He questioned, leaning back slightly with his eyes still closed before they fluttered open and you smiled. “The fact that you’re thinking of children,” you assure him, leaning into his open embrace and he smiled against the side of your head. “I got this blank space on my forearm for a reason,” he explained, pushing the sleeve of his hoodie up to reveal the blank space in the midst of swirling black ink and then he shrugged. “I wanted to be able to see any artwork dedicated to my kids,” he explained and you let a few tears slip down your cheeks. “You are so much more than the man I thought you were that day at Harrods,” you say with a watery smile, burying your face in his shoulder and Harry tightens his hold on your hips. “Am I finally your Italian leather and Saturday’s on the lake guy?” Harry teased, pressing a kiss to your jaw and you sighed. “You’re my guy, tattoos and piercings and all and I wouldn’t want you any other way,” you whispered against his smiling lips and Harry sealed your words with a kiss. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted,” he whispered, staring into eyes that had always held his future and with this house, you were starting it together.

Liam: “I look like a big fat blackberry,” you complained, turning to your left and then your right before you let out a loud, frustrated sigh. “I hate this… I hate you, that’s a lie but still,” you mumbled, staring down at the swollen stomach blocking your view of your feet. “I didn’t mean it, promise,” you assure the swell, running swollen fingers over the material of your black dress and sigh. “You’re kind of cool I guess, although I have no idea why people say pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. I’ve look like a big, hot mess the whole time and I think people are afraid I’m gonna topple over by the end of this nine months,” you explained to your unborn child, looking up in the mirror when you heard a chuckle from the doorway. “Talking to the gingerbread man again?” Liam questioned, rolling up the sleeves to his crisp white button down and you smiled at the sight of his tattoos on full display. “Well, I might have said I hated it but I was clearly talking to stretched out skin and not the gingerbread man so I wanted to clarify,” you explained with a smile, turning to lean your hip against the sink of your vanity and Liam grinned. His hands reached for your stomach, cradling the sides of your pregnancy before smoothing over the top with his fingers brushing the undersides of your covered breasts and he grinned. “I’m sure he understands how difficult it is for you to be carrying an award winning pumpkin around,” he teased, leaning forward to press a kiss to your pouting lips. “I look like a huge blackberry,” you complained, gazing up at Liam and from the look in his eyes you knew that was not how he’d describe you. In the seven months of your pregnancy, all Liam had done was praise you and shower you with love and gratitude at the rounding of your stomach. Pregnancy with Liam at your side wasn’t so bad, in the grand scheme of things. “You look lovely and pregnant and I’ve never loved you more,” Liam assured you, cradling your face with his hands before bending to press a loved kiss to your lips. “Why do you have to be so perfect?” You questioned aloud, leaning back and huffing as Liam lifted you to put you on the counter top. He shrugged before dropping to his knee and reaching for a swollen foot. “I hate it when you do that,” nodding to his fingers rubbing out the soreness in your feet while trying to resist the urge to kick him in the feet. “Being pregnant does not allow for your weird aversion to feet, not when they look like little fat chicken cutlets,” he teased, tugging on your foot when you tried to jerk it free but he settled for you kicking him in the chest. “Ew gross, touch them but don’t kiss them… you freak,” you mumbled out with a disgusted curl of your upper lip while Liam chuckled. “Come along mommy, time to go to Louis’s charity thing,” Liam said a few minutes later, helping you back to the memory foam bath mat before providing a steady shoulder for you to hold while slipping into your heels. “He better have good food, I’m starving,” you complained, keeping close to Liam as he lead you through the crowd towards the table Louis had reserved for him and his friends. “Come dance with me,” Liam said, helping you from your seat to lead you towards the crowded dance floor despite your protests and complaints about your feet hurting. “Just dance with your baby daddy,” Liam teased against your ear, holding your right hand against his heart while pressing a kiss to the swollen fingers of your left hand. “You’re more than my baby daddy and you know it,” you sigh against his neck, pressing a kiss to the ink swirling up beneath his ear. “Finally more than old leather and black coffee?” He teased with a chuckle and you pulled away to stare at him, eyes searching his and then Liam was quite. “Old leather reminds me of home,” you said simply, only loud enough for Liam’s ears only and he pulled you closer until your stomach prevented you from being closer. “I love you,” Liam whispered between the space between you and you smiled softly at him. “I love you, even with your black coffee,” you sighed, tipping your head back when Liam pressed his lips to yours gently. The kick against your stomach and against his let you both know you weren’t alone and in just a few months would be forever bound together through the love of a child.

Niall: You leaned back in your chair, glancing out at the people conversing before you. It had been a busy day, wedding days usually were Niall had said. Niall was making his way around the two long tables your wedding guests were seated at, making sure to speak with everyone and thank them for attending but he was mostly talking to the people he knew. He’d removed his grey suit jacket some time ago and left it on the back of his chair beside you, opting to undo the top button of his white button down and roll the sleeves up to beat the warm sun that had started to set. The tea lights above you had been plugged in not but a few minutes ago, lighting up the white lilies and silver vases lined up down the tables and reflecting off the crushed metallic colored table clothes. You drummed your fingers against the table as Niall made his way back towards you, the bright smile he’d had on since seeing you coming down the aisle still plastered across his face. “Wife,” Niall drawled out, bending down to press a kiss to lipstick he’d basically wiped off due to his constants kisses. There was a wedding picture somewhere on the photographer’s camera of you swiping your thumb over his lips to remove the pink stain and Niall had gazed at you with more love than you thought possible of one person. “Husband, is everyone having a good time?” You questioned, leaning into him as a light breeze rustled the trees above and Niall nodded. “You know, I’m glad we did this your way. Otherwise, it’d just be in some pub somewhere and everyone would be too drunk to dance or get home,” Niall said, almost too seriously and you searched the side of his face trying to decide if he actually was serious. “Seriously,” Niall answered for you, turning to press another kiss to your lips and you rolled your eyes with a giggle. He lifted your left hand off his forearm towards his lips, pressing a kiss to the peach champagne sapphire circle diamond ring with matching encrusted wedding band and you sighed as your fingers fanned out across his cheek before leaning into his lips for your own kiss. “Let’s dance,” Niall suggested, standing to offer you his hand and you smiled. “They haven’t announced that it’s time for our first dance,” you reminded him but he shrugged, collar of his button down pulling slightly with the movement to reveal the black ink against his chest. “Who gives a fuck, it’s our wedding,” he deadpanned, eyes challenging you to break tradition and you took a moment to admire him beneath the lights. His blonde hair was mussed from its earlier quiff, strands sticking up and disheveled but he’d never looked more handsome. “Alright,” you finally agreed softly, sliding your fingertips into his palm before he pulls you to stand at his side. Liam had noticed the two of you making your ways towards the dance floor and he jumped from his seat to rush towards the DJ booth. With just a few clicks he was ready to play your wedding song but with a glance from Niall, Liam put the microphone down but instead watched the two of you. The chords to “The Lonely Hour” began to play, Sam Smith’s melodic voice washing over the crowd as Niall spun you into his arms and held you close. He didn’t care if anyone saw your first dance for in that moment it was just the two of you. The fingers of his right hand danced against the flower embroidered chiffon of your wedding gown, tapping against the low back of your gown before he spun you away from him to gaze at the material of the bottom of your gown swish against your legs. The whole gown was virgin white, embroidered with handmade flower buds at the fitted bust of your gown before the flower bloomed into full flowers on the vine flowing down the full chiffon skirt of your gown. The light reflected against the crystals dusting your gown and Niall was enchanted at the vision of you spinning into his arms, hair pulled into a loose bun at the nape of your neck. The excitement of the day had caused a few strands to come loose and hang around your face and to Niall, you’d never looked more at peace. “Not so arrogant anymore,” you mumbled against his cheek and Niall pulled away to stare at your with a questioned tilt of his head. “When I saw you at the grocery store that day, I told you you were arrogance and motor oil and that was why we’d never work out,” you explained, holding tight when he went to spin you again. “I was wrong, so wrong,” you whispered softly, tears filling your eyes at the completeness of your heart in that moment. “You were always perfect for me, I needed you even then but I just didn’t know it,” you assured him, rising up on the balls of your nude heals to press your lips to his. “Love, we were always going to end up together. I knew you were it from that first moment. I might have royally fucked it up there for a minute but even then… I knew this was our future, that one day you’d be dressed in white and you’d have gotten me in some god awful suit for this but I always knew,” Niall assured you, the scent of the expensive white wine you’d ordered for the day laced with the mint of his toothpaste as his breath fanned across your face with his words. “You’d have made it to me one day, you were designed for me,” Niall recited against your ear and you smiled as the song ended, tears streaking down your cheeks at the realization of the wide expanse of his love. The sound of clapping faded out around you as Niall dipped you in his arms, fingers tight against your hips as he pressed his lips to yours. “I love you,” he whispered once he’d swung you back upright and into his arms and you chuckled at his words. “Can’t you tell Niall, I’ve always loved you even when I didn’t,” you assured, squeezing his fingers as he led you back towards your table and he kissed your wedding rings again, the silver of his own wedding band glinting under the light. ​

Louis: “Last match of the season,” he says, nudging you with his hip. You smile up at him, as he looks out onto the pitch as the players run past the two of you after warm-ups. “Are you ready for it?” You question, keeping your gaze still on him. He looks down at you and smiles. “I’ll be right back, love. I want to have a word with the guys,” he explains, stepping away from his position on the sideline to disappear into the tunnel. “Old Trafford!!” You hear coming across the loud speakers as two large screens unfold on either side of the stadium. You look up to see your boyfriend projected on the screen on both sides of you and a smile forms across you face. “Alright ladies and lads, before we get this final match of the season going, I just wanted let you in on some things,” he begins, as he shows himself in the center of the pitch. Your eyes fix on him as he continues. “As you all are aware of I’m sure, I have been here for several years and my love for this club is indescribable. You all have changed my life and for that I am forever grateful. However, there is only one person here that has had the ultimate influence on my life and I would like to tell you about this person.“ He pauses, looking directly at you before continuing, "I met this person here, well actually over there,” he tells the attentive crowd as he points over to the section where the two of you had first met. “You see I like to sit in the stands sometimes with the fans during the matches as you know and on this particular day I can say for sure that I made the life changing decision to sit in the stands.” Your eyes begin to water up as he continues. “I will admit that I’m not the most approachable guy,” he says, addressing the ink covering his body. “And this person made me very much aware of that on this first encounter.” You can’t help but chuckle as you remember turning down any hope of a conversation at your first meeting in the stands of this place that now seemed like a second home. “In fact they actually got up and left,” he reveals, allowing the crowd to laugh at your actions before continuing. “But after that I knew without a doubt we were meant to be together. You should have seen their face when I showed up at the football shop they worked at. Thanks Alexis for that,” he says pointing off behind you causing you to turn around to see your best friend who had been sitting with you the first day you met Louis. She comes over with a smile and wraps her arms around you as Louis begins again. “I will admit I was in there every day trying to get them to go out with me, and I failed many times, but eventually they agreed.” He pauses as he makes his way over to you, your friend removing her arms and stepping aside so he can approach only you. He stops less than a foot from you and as he kneels down in front of you, in front of everyone, he begins the most important part of his speech. “So now we’re here, on this last day of the season, and you just asked me a few moments ago if I was ready, and love, let me tell you, I’m ready. I’m ready to continue spending my life with the one person I know I’m meant to be with. I’m ready for you to continue blessing my life every morning when I wake up and you’re beside me. I ready to make this my life, forever. So (Y/F/N) will you make me the happiest and luckiest man in the world by allowing me to be your husband? Will you marry me?” You stare at him in shock, not expecting anything like this to come out of him, especially in this setting. Marriage was never an option. You close your eyes to try and clear your vision but opening them only reminds you of the tears you were still shedding. These silent moments of yours feel like days for Louis. He continues to look up at you with a smile, and you cannot help but smile back. Your head begins to nod as you manage to get a “Yes” through all of your emotions. The crowd, teams, coaches, and staff begin to cheer with elated happiness as Louis leaps up from his knee, latching his arms around your waist, spinning you around with excitement. His lips press emotional kisses to yours as he lets you back down to the ground. “I know we never really talked about getting married,” he starts as he places the 18 carat diamond on our finger, “but I just can’t go any longer without you having my last name. I need you more than you will ever know and I hope this showed you in the very least how special you are to me. I wanted everyone to know how much you mean to me.” You wipe the tears from your eyes as your arms wrap around his neck. “You are my everything,” you begin, your words only reaching his ear, “thank you so much for being so stubborn.” “I was never going to give up on you, or us,” he reminds you before pulling back and reaching to his back pocket. You step back to wipe your eyes once more as he hands you two glossed pieces of paper. You look down, laugh, and smile. He had handed you two tickets to the night’s match in the same seats the two of you had been sitting in on that first day. “I had to,” he says with a smile, taking your hand as he waves to the crowed before escorting you to the tunnel to go take your seats for the match.

Zayn: You say goodbye to your roommate and Sophie for the final time, hugging them both tightly before leaving the house you had all shared for the last two years. You knew Sophie was in good hands and that she would be joining you soon enough. The taxi, sitting outside, held Zayn and his final bit of luggage in the back. He gets out as you approach to help with your bags as you take your seat in the taxi. “I’m going to need coffee once we get to the airport,” you tell Zayn once he’s back in the taxi beside you. “Noted,” he counters with a laugh. He hands you his passport, knowing you were the more responsible one, as the taxi heads off to the airport. “How long is this flight again?” He asks for probably the fourth time in the last few days. “About seven,” you answer, laying your head on his shoulder. “You’re not nervous about this are you?” You inquire, hoping it wasn’t the case. “No,” he responds assuring you that your question was not necessary. The two of you were heading to New York, permanently. You knew Zayn’s art career would do wonders in the States even though the move was not his idea. The demand for his work was falling in the UK and it showed in his attitude. You caught on rather quickly and knew a major change needed to happen in his life and your relationship. You had suggested moving to New York a few months ago and he had been a little concerned at the beginning. “What about your job?” He had asked almost immediately after your suggestion. “Sarah and I have already discussed it and she said I could easily work from a home office,” you had told him to ease his concern. The cab slowly pulls up to the drop off lane and the two of you exit, getting your bags from the back and entering the airport. After checking in, handing the man at the kiosk both passports, you find your coffee and Zayn finds a place at the terminal gate for the two of you to sit. “Would you ever imagine that you and I would be in this place right now?” You ask him, handing him the breakfast sandwich you had gotten him at the coffee shop. “The airport, or moving?” He questions cheekily. You smile at him and chuckle at his response. “I wouldn’t do it with any other person,” he remarks, before taking a bite of his breakfast. Taking a sip of your coffee you settle in next to him to wait out the next hour before your plane takes off. “At this time we would like to invite the Sky Team members and those traveling in business class to now make your way to the gate, please had you ticket and passport in hand,” the woman at the gate desk announces an hour later. “That’s us,” you say, getting up from your seat and pulling your carry-on over your shoulder. “No it isn’t,” Zayn remarks, not getting up from his seat. “You haven’t even looked at the tickets,” you say, waving them in front of his face, “get up, let’s go.” “Business class, aren’t we fancy,” he mocks as he pulls his carry-on from under his seat. Your boss Sarah had been the one to provide the first class seating for your move to the States, she was so sure that the two of you would love the city that she insisted on being a part of your travels in some way, and this generous gesture was what she had come up with. She had also been the driving force in getting the office together to pay for the shipment of your things as well as Zayn’s to be shipped over a few weeks prior to the apartment you had already rented. As you settle in beside him in the bed-like seats provided by the airline you catch him starring at you from across the divider. “What?” You inquire of his actions. “No,” he answers. “No, what?” You counter with slight confusion. “No, that’s the answer to your question. No, I never imagined you and I would ever be in this situation.” You smile at his response, sitting up to be able to see him better across the divider. “People like us aren’t meant to be together, yet we found a way. You found a way to accept me for who I am, even after I interrupted your walk every day…on purpose. I let my emotions get the best of me sometimes but you were always behind me when I needed you. I love you and I mean it when I say I would not want to do this with any other person.” You allow tears to form in your eyes and quickly wipe them away once they begin to fall. “I love you so much Zayn,” you tell him, shaking your head in disbelief at the honesty he had just presented you with. He reaches over the divider and presses a kiss to your forehead before the attendant comes around to provide you with the papers you will need to start the next chapter of your life together.  

Where Is He?!- But I’m Useless Part 3/4


Part 1 Part 2

Liam’s eyes were drooped shut and a mixture of blood and goo was oozing out of the two wires in his head. His face was glossed with sweat, his skin waxy and pale in the light. He looked dead.

“Liam.” I breathed, hearing the blood rush in my ears as my legs went weak.

“Liam!” I cried, stumbling towards him. My hands gently cupped his face and I breathed a sigh of relief when I felt his heartbeat.

“Well, look who it is.” A voice rang around the eerily quiet room and I jumped, flying round to find the source.

Sitting like a Queen on her throne, Tracey glared down at me, a proud smirk on her face.

“I think I’ve won now, haven’t I?” Tracey teased and a hot, blinding surge of anger ran through me as I growled, “What the hell have you done to him!”

Tracey throws back her head, revealing the green scales that were making their way up her skin. “Nothing too bad, sweetie. Well at least nothing yet.” She taunted, waving over to the corner.

My head snapped to the side to see Josh, glowing away in the corner. His eyes were a dark stormy grey as he wrapped his hands around two wires.

I followed the wires with my eyes and just as I realized what was happening the wires lit up, sparkling with electricity as Liam whole body lights up like a Christmas tree, his eyes snapped open and a bright beta yellow.

His body relaxes as the electricity stops and he lets out a deep breath, “Y/N?” He gasped and I cup my hands around his face. My fingers run to the wires but the voice in my head suddenly screams, “No! They’re in his brain. If you pull them out not even his werewolf healing will save him!”

“Take out Josh.” The voice instructs and I look to the left, looking at Scott.

He caught my eyes and I nodded towards Tracey. He nodded and with a loud, terrifying roar he vaulted over one of the machines, tackling Tracey off of the one she was sitting on.

I look at Stiles and he dashes over to me. “Look after Liam, and whatever you do, do not touch those wires!” I warn and Stiles nods, already feeling Liam’s neck for a pulse.

The smell of burnt toast fills the air as my clothes rise slightly from the static surrounding everyone.

I was already fully shifted so when I leaped at Josh my nails slashed at him painfully. He glows extra bright and Liam screams from behind me as Josh laughs, manically.

A familiar smell burns my nose and I look around, searching for it. For him.

When suddenly the lights go out, leaving the place in pitch darkness, except for the many glowing eyes and the long wires that shone like beacons in the dark.

I could feel Theo getting closer to me and I braced myself for whatever he was about to do to me. I heard his long nails grow in and with one quick flash he cut through both the wires, the electricity fizzling out of them.

I opened my mouth to say something but suddenly Theo turned slightly and shoved me, so hard I went flying across the room, hitting the wall with a loud crack.

I groaned loudly, blood trickling down my neck. I could hear Stiles screaming my name, Scott was roaring and Liam was gasping for breath, mumbling my name.

“Get up.” The voice snapped and I moaned, not moving. “Y/N, get up and help your friends. You can do it.”

I blinked my eyes into focus as I gripped onto the wall, hauling myself up. My hands brush against the light switch and I turn it on, watching the lights starting to flicker on.

“Now go kick some chimera ass.” The voice said and I grin to myself before picking up one of the needles on the tray next to me, one the size of my forearm. With a deadly accurate aim that I knew was definitely not mines I launch the needle and it stabs Tracey right in the neck.

“Bulls eye.” I smirk, storming forward as Tracey sways around, almost drunkenly. With one sharp punch to the jaw she was out and collapsed at my feet.

I turn to face Josh, growling threateningly. He shifts on his feet, looking between me and Tracey. Then his gaze shifts to Theo and he turns and scarpers, leaving behind a smell of burnt toast and crackling electricity.

Theo turns, looking straight into my eyes. There was a long gash along the side of his neck, which was healing even as I looked at it. There was blood staining his arms and hands but checking the condition Tracey was in I highly doubt it was his.

“Y/N?” I heard faintly and I stumble over to Liam, who was being carefully sat up by Scott and Stiles. Scott gently pulling Liam up and Stiles supporting his back for him.

“You okay? You’re okay now.” I hush, cupping his face gently, before bringing him into my chest, hugging him close.

“You saved me.” Liam gasped, holding onto me with shaking arms. “Thank you.”

I pull back and smile, “I’m not done yet, sweetheart. Gotta get you out of this dungeon first.” I rub his back. “Then we’ll deal with these.” I trace my fingers lightly over the two wires, and Liam winces.

“Can you stand?” I asked and he nodded, and with some help from Scott and Stiles, Liam soon stood unsteadily on his feet.

I looped my arm around his waist, taking most of his weight off for him.

“Let’s get out of here.”

It didn’t take as long as I thought to get Liam out. Every time he stumbled or tripped Scott or Stiles would catch him, ghosting their hands around him, ready to catch him the next time.

Eventually we made it to Stiles’ jeep and we all carefully hoisted Liam in the back seat.

“Y/N!” I heard from the trees. I turn to look and saw the faint outline of Theo, barely a silhouette against the night sky.

I glance back at Stiles and Scott, who both shake their heads. I glance at Liam, who was leaning against Scott’s shoulder, eyes drooping shut in exhaustion.

“I’ll just see what he has to say, okay? Scott, keep Liam awake and whatever you do, do not touch the wires.” I instruct and Scott nods, shifting Liam and shaking him gently.

I jog over to where Theo was, noticing how the tree’s blocked us from the view of the jeep.

“Y/N,” Theo gently brushes my arm and I fight back a scream of fright.

“God, Y/N I am so sorry.” Theo says and I freeze in shock, my eyes large and blinking.

“You’re-you’re so- what?” I stammer and Theo bites his lips gorgeously if I might add.

“I’m so sorry. I had no idea. When I got here I tried to stop them but they wouldn’t listen to me. Then you arrived and fought them an-“

“You threw me into a wall!” I exclaim and Theo hurriedly shakes his head.

“Tracey’s claws were aimed for your throat I panicked!” He told me before sighing.

“That was all I wanted to say, I’m sorry.” And he began backing away before-

“Theo! Wait!” I grab his arm and with a burst of spontaneous adrenaline I smash my lips to his.

Theo’s hands come round and cup my face as he kisses me back. I pull back after a couple of seconds and breathe, “I forgive you.”

27. “I’m pregnant.”

Well, this one got went a bit away from plan. It was supposed to be a fun, silly little bit of drabble. Yeah, guess I’m feeling a bit angsty these days. Oops.

Hope you like it anyway, @carbs-on-carms


Liam had been bent over his laptop since dinner. Zayn watched his eyebrows furrow for a moment before Liam’s fingers would start tapping rapidly on the keys again. Zayn had been so proud of Liam for going back to school to earn his Masters but had admitted to his mum the other day that he missed Liam.

“He’s right there, sweetie,” Trish reminded him.

“Physically, yeah, but between work and schooling, I think he’s forgotten I even exist,” Zayn whinged, blinking back tears.

“You and I both know that is not true,” Trisha gently reminded. “Just talk to him, don’t let it fester and become a bigger deal than it needs to be.” Zayn sighed, words not coming to him. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, mum,” Zayn responded, his heart still hurting, but a bit of the edge taken off by his mum’s confidence in his relationship with Liam.

“Hey, Li,” Zayn said, leaning in the doorway of the kitchen, staring at Liam’s hunched over form. Liam hummed in response. “My parents were wondering if we could come down to see them this weekend. There’s a party for Doniya’s birthday.”

“Sure,” Liam answered, without looking up, so Zayn wasn’t convinced he’d actually even heard what Zayn had said.

“Her party is going to be a big one. Think they hired a DJ and everything,” Zayn continued. “Should be a lot of fun.”

“Sure,” Liam repeated, confirming Zayn’s suspicions.

“You know, if you’re too busy, I can ask this guy I met the other day at work if he’d be interested instead,” Zayn said, keeping his voice in the same even tone, refusing to let his upset show through.

“Sounds great.” Liam turned his head towards an open textbook on the table, flipping a few pages.

“Yeah. He’s really great. Says he’s an alien from the planet Lucozade where they grow golden flowers,” Zayn continued, wanting to laugh at himself, but feeling really frustrated by Liam’s lack of reaction.

Liam’s head turned back to the screen in front of him, his fingers tapping out a few more keys. He moved his fingertips over the mousepad, nodding his head. “Cool,” he finally spoke up.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure if I should really go out with him or not. You know, being married to you and all,” Zayn said, finally allowing a little bit of venom to enter his tone. Liam was still clicking on the laptop, leaning closer to the screen and squinting. Zayn let out a huff. “Even more so since I’m pregnant.” Liam hummed under his breath, nodding. “You know what, forget it. I’ll just go home by myself,” Zayn snapped, pushing off from the doorframe to turn away. “Maybe I won’t even come back, see if you notice then,” he muttered to himself.

Zayn was in the bedroom, tears streaming down his face. He wasn’t even paying attention as he emptied his drawers, throwing items of clothing haphazardly into an open suitcase on the bed. He could feel it when Liam came into the doorway, mirroring the position Zayn had been in earlier. Liam didn’t say anything at first, making the tears fall even faster. He didn’t even care that Zayn was leaving him. He just stood there watching it happen, allowing it to happen.

“So, when are you due?” Liam’s voice was casual, quiet, but Zayn froze, his neck nearly snapping at the speed he turned to face Liam.


Liam shrugged, the corners of his mouth quirking a bit, but Zayn saw another emotion in his eyes. “You said you were pregnant. When are you due?”

Zayn scoffed. He began muttering to himself under his breath as he continued to pack. He stopped when he felt arms wrap around him from behind. “Let go.”

He felt Liam’s face press into the space between his neck and shoulder, surprised when he felt dampness soak into his shirt and a tremble from Liam’s chest that was pressed against his back. “No,” Liam whispered after a moment. “Never.”

“You won’t even notice I’m gone,” Zayn countered just as quietly as he tried to pull away.

“I’ll notice,” Liam argued. He turned Zayn in his arms, so they were facing each other, refusing to let go. “How could I not?” Zayn stood in Liam’s arms, his own dangling at his sides; he refused to give in. He was too hurt, too angry, to let Liam in right now. “Seriously, Zayn, how could you think for a moment I wouldn’t notice you were gone?”

“You never notice when I’m here now.” Zayn knew he sounded petulant, could feel his lower lip pouting out as he stared towards the floor, his view blocked by the close proximity of Liam’s body.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so busy with work and these classes.” Liam’s voice was gentle as he slowly moved first one hand, then the other up to Zayn’s face, forcing him to look up at him. Zayn blinked at the amount of tear tracks on Liam’s face. “I’m doing this for us and I’m really struggling.” Liam looked up to the ceiling, Zayn’s eyes tracing the stretch of his neck, the beautiful birthmark his mouth was twitching to press against. When Liam spoke again, Zayn realized that he’d been trying to collect himself, but his voice was wrecked by tears anyway. “I remember why I hated school. How much I struggled every day. These classes are making me feel stupid, and I don’t want you to realize that you’ve made a mistake marrying me, someone who will never be as smart as you.”

Zayn felt his own heart breaking. He wanted to kick himself for not even considering what Liam was going through, only thinking about himself. “I’d never realize that because I didn’t make a mistake in marrying you. You are the hardest working person I know. You fight for everything you want, that’s something I’ve never been able to do,” Zayn told him, reaching up to grip his chin gently, forcing him to look at him. “Look who was ready to give up, run away, and who came in here ready to fight for us.”

“You wouldn’t really have left.” Zayn wasn’t sure, but Liam seemed confident. “I promise, I’ll be more attentive, yeah?” Liam asked, his eyes hopeful. “I’ll set aside study time.” Zayn shook his head. “If that’s not enough, I’ll quit school. Whatever you want.” Liam’s voice had a pleading quality to it, making Zayn feel even worse.

“If there’s a way for me to help you study, I will,” Zayn told him. “I just ask for twenty minutes after dinner each night to talk about our days. To listen to each other.” Liam nodded, a real smile finally crossing his face. “Then, as long as you aren’t behind in your schoolwork, one night a week just for us. Dinner out. Maybe a movie.”

“Every Friday. If I have to, I’ll get up extra early on Saturdays to study,” Liam promised. Zayn nodded, smiling before pressing his lips to Liam’s. When the kiss broke, Liam’s eyes had a mischievous glint to them. Zayn quirked an eyebrow in question. “So, you’re not pregnant.” Zayn rolled his eyes, shaking his head in fond denial. “Let’s work on changing that, yeah?”

Zayn was laughing as he let Liam lead him back to the bed, falling onto it, laughing harder as he shoved the suitcase to the floor, spilling the contents. “Maybe you need a class on human anatomy if you think that’s a possibility,” Zayn teased, nipping at Liam’s lower lip when he laid over him.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t pretend,” Liam responded, attempting to wink. He leaned in, stopping just before their lips touched again, and pulling back with a glare. “Oh, and one more thing.”

“What?” Zayn asked, attempting to lean up for a kiss, but Liam’s arms tightened around him, keeping him in place.

“You’re mine. You better tell that Lucozadian wanker to go home.” They were both laughing as their mouths touched, and Zayn had never felt more loved.

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ziamandcaryl  asked:

Hi Sasha! :) Hope you had a great day//will have? I don't know where you live, sorry. It's almost midnight here. Anyway, today I was wondering something and as always, I thought you could help. So here is it. When Elounor was a thing, Katie Ray was the girl that was looking up for them. I was wondering if Sophiam had one?? And what about Zerrie? Im a bit late since its all over, sorry again. Thanks for answering! :)x

And here is another question I will never be sure of : Was Diam/Payser real? I never here about them anymore and since I’m ZS since like some months, I’ve never been in the good times to look at it. Is there any links to some evidence that is was fake? Or is it just simply real? I always thought they looked cute and much realer than Sophiam, but I could be wrong. I don’t really know. Please, help me.

All the fauxmances have had what I like to call stunt coordinators. Basically, the same as was theorized with Elounor. Someone who, among other things, makes sure the happy couple is in the right place at the right time providing the right photo ops.

For Sophiam, it seems to have been this lady.

Third wheelin’ on date night:

Arriving with Liam and his parents when Sophia didn’t:

Lurking and making sure pix are supplied:

Chaperoning Sophiam and other friends of Modest:

For Zerrie, it’s been speculated that one of Little Mix’s managers, Sam Cox, acted as their stunt coordinator.

She’s most infamous in the fandom for this fuck up:

Subtle. And it’s my opinion that she staged a video snippet in which one of Little Mix’s back up dancers posed as Zayn next to Perrie. Her head conveniently helps block the view of the fella, who keeps his head down the whole time.

She happens to be friends with said dancer.

And as for Payzer, the widely agreed upon theory is that Liam did genuinely date Danielle for a bit, developed feelings for Zayn, then broke up with her. Once 1DHQ was clued in that the break up occurred because of Zayn (2nd 1D couple, 2nd headache), she was brought back as a temporary beard while 1DHQ auditioned a long term replacement. So when you see Payzer 1.0 and Payzer 2.0 references, that’s what people are talking about.

That theory was supported by Zayn shading Danielle shortly after Payzer 1.0 ended:

And it gained more credibility once Liam got this tattoo:

And then gained even more credibility once “I Won’t Mind” was released into the fandom:

Don’t look around ‘cause love is blind,
And darling right now, I can’t see you.
I’m feeling proud so without a doubt,
I can feel you.

'Cause we are who we are,
When no one’s watching.
And you’re right from the start,
You know I got you.

Yeah, you know I got you…
(Yeah, you know I got you)
I won’t mind,
Even though I know you,
You’ll never be mine.

I won’t mind,
Even though I know,
You’ll never be mine.

(Never be mine)
(Never be mine…)

We messed around until we found,
The one thing we said we could never ever live without
I’m not allowed to talk about it,
But I gotta tell you…

'Cause we are who we are,
When no one’s watching.
And you’re right from the start,
You know I got you.

Yeah, you know I got you…
(Yeah, you know I got you)

I won’t mind,
Even though I know you,
You’ll never be mine.

I won’t mind,
Even though I know
You’ll never be mine…

The song seems to be referencing the pre figured it out Payzer era.

Hope this answer helped!

Infinity only lasted a minute, but what a minute

Sitting alone in 02 seemed a hell of a lot scarier than riding the Brussels metro in a rainbow wig all by myself.

I only found out that itt was just gonna be me as we were walking in from the meetup - which was so so wonderful. To be able to put a face and a name to all these blogs, the crafts, the stories, the hugs, the understanding. To share and to ramble and laugh over a smoke together… and the Slug N Lettuce employee who took one of the rainbow hearts from us and wore it.

So I was really really nervous about the show. That was until I realized the older lady (if not twice my age, definitely still more than thrice the age of the average 1D fan) sitting next to me, was not waiting for her grandkids to come back to their seats – she too was there on her own. We had a lovely chat during which she told me she had been a fan ever since the X factor, this was her fifth show and, surprise, Harry was her favourite. The crowd was very diverse by the way - entire families with moms singing along and very young kids as well as the public that was there from the start that’s grown up and an increasingly larger twentysomething hipster crowd. Like Mareike said at breakfast the next day “We are the hippest of hipsters. We liked them before they were cool”

I had heard the rumours about RBB, his friend, and Larry, and was super pleasantly surprised that when I turned my head I found I was sitting only metres from the P.A, and them.

I stupidly did not go and take a closer look, thinking I could still do that after the show, because as I turned my head again during the safety announcement, I realized they were already gone, and found myself looking into another familiar face…

Hello Richard! I think you were about the only person not bopping to No Control, whathappen?

Great move to immediately set the mood with that song though.

That also marked the only time of the day I had the reflex to obtain receipts. Too much happened after that.

Liam giving a shoutout to someone with a rainbow sign, remarking on the colourfulness of their friends. Harry saying something about celebrating love. All four of them looking very much on point. There were loads of rainbow signs

My seat really wasn’t bad and became even better when I realized the front row in my block (C1) had remained empty and I decided not to let those great seats go to waste. Marvellous view on the B stage, Louis’ side. Like in Brussels, he seemed super chirpy, but this time I could actually see all the little smiles and waves and skips for myself, and kept wondering whether those thumbs up here and there were directed at any of the friends I’d just met who were in block B.
The show was really good, they looked on point, they sang on point, and my admiration for Liam and Niall really grows exponentially every time I see them live – the two of them really carried the whole show this time (or maybe I was just sitting too far from Harry as I remember nothing but Harry – and SadLouis! From my first show in Duesseldorf – auch – thinking about that show always makes me miss Zayn – even though they covered for him marvelously). They’re both fantastic singers, Liam always was but Niall just gets better and better, you can hear how comfortable they are and I just loved their harmonies, which the O2 was so much better for than all those fucking stadia. It was fully worth the extra cost of a Eurostar ticket and hotel, to actually being able to hear them properly – another reason why my seat next to the P.A. was amazing.
Harry’s voice soothes the soul, it still seemed a bit strained, and that always worries me, but his outfit, his hair… he seemed good. And Louis is such a big ball of skipping sunshine – he seemed supercomfortable and sounded great and strong today.

I screamed a big fat “yes, show them you’re a BAND” when Niall saved the day and took it upon himself to provide a little acoustic set while the actual band was sorting the technical issues. You could feel this was a unique moment.
Infinity lasted less than a minute, but SO MUCH HAPPENED in that minute! They proved they are musicians rather than a prefabricated boyband of puppets, we proved we are the best fans in the world knowing the lyrics to their song that’s been out only 48 hours better than they do, Niall must have felt the power as he shaded Simon, I dropped one of my rainbow hearts out of pure shock and made two of my neighbors really happy by letting them have it, setting a great mood for the rest of the show. And then the show director proved to be Captain Larry again, showing a sign that said “Louis is Harry’s Infinity” full on screen during those seconds of bliss where band and fans realized “hey we just did something great together”. The acoustice intermezzo was all round the most satisfying set songs I have ever heard from them. Do an intimate acoustic tour and I will buy tickets for every single show.  I felt like a little kid on Saint Nicholas Day (that’s Christmas Day for you guys yes).

Louis’ bladder is tiny, just like almost everything else on him.

The setlist was great – I am probably the only person who likes Diana – and I didn’t even mind WMYB this time.

Hearing Fireproof and Through the Dark and Act my Age live also very much confirmed my musical appreciation for this band – and I hope at some point they take Little Black Dress and Little White Lies out in favor of Happily and Strong, the latter being the only song I really really missed.

Louis forgot to sing his lyrics at some point and Liam was teasing him for it I think – overall the interaction between those two just kills me. I am such a sucker for Lilo and it was a very Lilo show.

You could not see the rainbow lights from the floor, but early on in the show, I tried to take pics of some rainbow coloured graphics that were playing on screen – the pics failed, but I know they were there. That was when Richard was still on post – I gave him a quizzical look to see if he approved but he only had eyes for his phone.

I love Harry. That’s a disclaimer so please remember that while I tell you I felt a bit annoyed during the KissCam moment. I loved that he picked a guy and told him he looked sharp. I did not love that after  he asked him whether they were on a date, the guy shook no, and he said “friendzone huh”, then organized a kisscam to make her kiss him.  Or maybe I did and I just realized the drama Tumblr would make of it. In any case, I did like the girl for going for it full force and kissing the guy full on the mouth. I also loved the older couple that asked for the camera next and answered “we are Spanish” to Harry’s question how long it had been since the husband had last kissed the wife, as she seemed so eager. Cue the director proving his greatness by immediately showing a girl happily waving a little Spanish flag on the screens. I salute you sir. I felt like saying “tsk Harry” though. Really. This was a moment that ASKED for a same sex couple to be shown and when someone asked to have the cam, and Harry said  “no kiss cam’s over now” and he said “but kiss her anyway” it was the director and not Harry, who MADE MY FUCKING DAY by giving the two girls the kiss cam anyway. I shouted and waved my flag wildly and I think that was the moment when all of my other neighbors finally understood what I was doing there with that flag. I love Harry, did I tell you this before? Uncle Sy and Uncle Rich were there, as I had expected after that little run-in, Harry did not run around stage with a rainbow flag this time, and I so I wasn’t really surprised that he did not pick out a same sex couple in the first place. Mr. Director’s rebellious action more than made up for that. Give me his number, I wanna recruit him.
I felt very puzzled though – there’s uncle Sy and uncle Rich, and all the shade, and all hesitation and some visible discomfort – but there’s also the bears, and the rainbow lights and screens, and Mr. Rainbow Director, and there was Rainbow Harry just two weeks ago (but not now) and Harry with a rainbow cup in Drag Me Down. What the fucking fuck is that? How does it work? Where is the logic? Who okays the rainbows and who gets to censor them away?
I spent much of the concert with my mind turning in circles full speed but I am so glad I got to forget all about that during Drag Me Down. For the entire show, I had only had eyes for Louis, except during Niall’s moment of acoustic heroism, and even though I must have been somewhat visible from B stage with the flag and two metres of empty space in front of me, I didn’t think he’d  seen me. Which was a good thing – I had felt very visible and exposed  in Duesseldorf which inhibited me a little there (I blame Harry for making fun of me and my tiny flag).  In Brussels, being an invisible dot in the back somewhere was so important to my enjoyment to the full of every moment. I went WILD during that concert. So during most of the O2 show, I sang at the top of my lungs, danced with my flag, and waved it for every moment of glory. One of the most powerful images of the OTRA tour so far, for me, was the group of girls dancing around a rainbow flag during an entire concert. They were perfectly content in the back, having fun by themselves and they were so inspiring to others, to me. During Drag Me Down, a song that is so personally important to me, because of the lyrics and the time it came out and because of the video, I felt some of the tension of my life and this day leave me, this is where I wanted and deserved to be, with this band, these strangers around me, in this place where I could dance freely and dancing with the flag was making me incredibly happy. I could only hope that, if there were young people struggling with gender and sexuality issues in my surroundings, that they would take courage from seeing the flag, but it was worth doing this even if just for myself.

It came as such a surprise that I would have missed it if it had not happened during the final seconds of Drag Me Down and of the concert itself: several people at the back of block B1 in front of me had left before the encore, which had freed up a pretty big space in the direct line of vision between me and Louis’ mic stand on B stage – I had a great view and stopped dancing for a while to fully take in the last lines of that song and the show.  In a moment of big emotion I forgot about being mindful of the three minus 10 year olds just behind me and held my flag high up in the air for a second or two.  As I took it down and hugged it, I saw Louis smile and wave, and give the quickest little thumbs up.

And then he ran to take the final bow with the boys.

Fantastic last show.

For now!

One Direction Preference

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You’re in the Military and Surprise Him on Tour


Liam: He was having a bit of a rough time on the tour; he the thought of you being overseas more than he thought about singing the songs from their albums. “Li, it’ll be alright. She’ll call back when she has a chance.” The other lads would reassure him constantly. Liam knew you were busy and he didn’t even know the time-zone difference that kept you apart. He never expected you to call back right away, but that also lead him to worry constantly. “For tonight’s show we thought we would do something a little different.” The crowd cheered in response to Niall, although they were unsure what he meant. Liam, too, was unsure of his friend’s statement. “What do you mean Niall?” He asked into the microphone, keeping it against his lips. The others exchanged smiles with one another. “Yeah,” Niall began once again, fixating the strap of his guitar around his neck. Random screams could be heard from the crowd as Liam panned over it, a puzzled look plastered on the screen behind him. “We’re all going to close our eyes on the count of three and hold up a number. Who’s ever number is the highest that’s how many more songs we’ll sing.” Liam raised an eyebrow at Niall. “What on earth.” “Just do it Liam! Don’t be a bum.” Louis joked, earning an eruption of chuckle from the crowd. “Alright, alright.” Liam replied. “Let’s go. 1, 2, 3.” On the count, Liam shut his eyes while the other lads hurried to the side of the stage. “Alright when are we opening?” Liam chuckled to himself. “Not yet!” Harry called into the microphone. With the crowd muffled words mushing together to create one big wave of voice, it was hard to make out anything they were saying. The boys walked with you in the middle. A wide smile was spread across your face in anticipation to the surprise. “OK.” Niall instructed. “And open.” “I think my number-“ As he opened his eyes whilst holding up the number 4 (because that’s how many songs he remembered being left on the set-list), he was bewildered by your presence. “Y/N?” He said into the microphone, moving it away from his mouth and dropping it on the stage. “Y/N is that really you?” He quickly engulfed you in a tight hug and you felt your breath hitch. “Last time I checked it was.” You shared a giggle with him as well as a loving gaze. The crowd suddenly erupted with awe’s and cheers, all because you surprised him on tour and warmed everyone’s hearts.

Zayn: You were so excited because after four months you would finally be able to talk to Zayn. You could see him and touch him and give him a hug. When you would lay in your bunk at night, the only thing you would think of would be giving him a hug. Once during a practice raid, his picture was the one thing that kept you going and your team ended up winning. You had been able to keep in recent contact with Paddy, having told him your idea to surprise Zayn, he was all for it. He helped you get a pass and on the day of the show he even got you a car that would take you to the venue. The plan was for you to stand in the large space between the stage and the first row of seats. That way he would be able to see you with no trouble. You planned on wearing your military uniform, too. That way Zayn’s thoughts would be confirmed when he laid on you. When they first came out, he didn’t see you. You were becoming nervous, worrying that he wouldn’t for the entire show. Before the end of the song, he had actually come to that side of the stage. Paddy had talked to Cal and told him to put the camera on you at one point, so at the same time Zayn was standing in front of that side of the stage, Cal had panned the camera on your smiling face. Your cheeks were red and nervous. Zayn was singing along to Clouds, but when he turned to his side, he noticed the screen behind him was filled with your face. At first he thought it only to be a prerecorded video, but he soon turned around and looked straight down at you. His eyes lit up and he couldn’t find the words to speak. You waved at him shyly, lips in a flat and wide grin and you mouthed a “hi.” People in the crowd were yelping with how cute Zayn was as he waved back at you with an unbelievable smile on his face, representing how unbelievable he felt this moment to be. 

Louis: Your plan was to hide in the front row of the crowd and surprise Louis with a sign. That plan wasn’t working out though. The security at the building didn’t believe you were Louis’ girlfriend and the worst part was the thought of ruining the surprise. You had tried calling Liam and Niall, but they weren’t answering. You knew that if you would call Louis, the surprise would be completely thrown out of view. “Please I promise I’m not a crazy fan!” You begged the guards who were at the front of the area blocked off because it led to the dressing rooms. “Miss that’s nice and all but we can’t just take your word. We have to follow strict rules. I’m just doing my job. If you don’t want to be escorted out of here then I suggest you leave on your own.” You rolled your eyes and kicked at the floor. “But I’ve shown you pictures why can’t you just take my word?” “Miss, the other girlfriends were put on the list.” The guard was doing his best to not sound rude, and you appreciated it, but you were still becoming annoyed. “I’m not on the list because I’m a second officer in the military. I was at basic training and decided to surprise him.” The guard shoo his head. “I’m sorry I can’t let you through.” You huffed and paced away, bringing out your phone and pulling up Louis’ contact information. You knew at the smallest sight of your name on the ID he would answer his phone. “Y/N, hey babe. How’s it going?” You ignored his introduction and got straight to the point, for your patience was thin. “Can you come tell these two guards that I’m your girlfriend please? They won’t let me pass?” You could hear movement through the speaker, “Wait, you’re here? Like in the stadium?” “Yep.” You told him with a flat smile. “Y/N?” You heard his voice through the speaker, but as you whipped around you also heard him physically. “Hi Louis.” You grinned, glancing at the guards with a smirk. He hoped over the rope barricade and hurried over to you. “Y/N I didn’t actually think you were here! I thought it was a joke or something!” He said into your neck as he picked you up and spun you around. “Well, I was going to surprise you but my name wasn’t on the list and the didn’t believe me.” You had a saddened look on your face. “Y/N this is the best surprise in the history of surprises.” He quickly wrapped his arms around you once again. “And I promise, even if I know you’re not coming I’ll put your name on the list.” 

Niall: Your Skype call was blotchy. The sound was terrible and you blamed the lack of WIFI in the back stairway of the hotel. “I know, I miss you too.” You put on your best frown, showing Niall how much you missed being away from him. However, he had no idea that you were in the stairwell of his hotel room and ready to surprise him at any moment. You were discharged a week early, giving you the opportunity to meet Niall while he was on tour, surely giving him the surprise of a lifetime. He had no idea that Mark was giving you the heads up, letting you know when they were on their way back from the show so you could sneak into his hotel room with the extra room key that Mark had arranged. “Babe, I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to go.” You pouted to the screen. Through a fuzzy video, you saw Niall nod. He was skyping from his phone, but even on the small screen, you could admire each feature he had. “I know.” He replied, sighing. “I’ll call you tomorrow. I love you.” This time when you said those three words, there was a hint of excitement that you couldn’t contain. Mark had sent you the OK to go ahead and wait in Niall’s room. After a few hours of poor local television, you were startled by voices outside of the hotel room. “Yeah let me just get my wallet.” You peeked around the corner to see Niall standing in the doorway. Your breath hitched in your throat as he turned around and continued walking toward the bed, then walking straight passed you without noticing your presence. “You’re wallets on the bed.” You told him from a shadow. “Oh thanks-“ He cut off his search and whipped around, eyes widening with delight when they landed on you. “No way.” He said to himself, making you laugh. “Yeah way.” A sigh of relief left his lips and he yelled out to the hallway, “Change of plans lads, there’s no way in hell I’m going out tonight.” Seconds later, his arms were around you in a long-awaited embrace.

Harry: “Y/N is that you?” His voice was loud, booming throughout the stadium. You giggled and waved as he stared at you with a wide and shocked expression. “I don’t, I absolutely cannot believe this!” Harry could feel himself on the edge of tears ready to pour down his face. He quickly did a 360 turn to see what the other lads were up to on the stage. It was Zayn’s turn to speak to the crowd so he figured he had a few moments to hop off and give you the proper greeting that you deserved. “I have to pee.” He said to one of the stage crew, but it was more like just mouthing the words because the crowd was too loud to hear anything. Within seconds he was rushing over to you, encasing you within his arms, picking you up and swinging you around. “I cannot believe this.” He muffled into your neck, head buried into your sweet skin that he missed so much. “I thought you were going to be another month?” Harry asked once he set you down on your feet, but he kept his arms snug around you. “I get a couple of days before I have to go back.” You told him, grinning up at him shyly. “I’m so glad you’re here.” Once more, he pulled you into him with an oomph. His arms were so tight around you there was a chance he would never let go, and you were quite OK with that.