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Sherlock characters Hogwarts houses (Opinion list)

Always that disclaimer of “disagree If you must, just don’t think I care enough to argue about it”. Enjoy.


Sherlock: I’ve gone over this many times but I guess I’ll go over it once again. A lot of people assume that he is a Ravenclaw because he’s smart. False. Sherlock Holmes is a textbook Slytherin. Yes he’s smart, but he’s smart about what HE likes to know. In the books for example he doesn’t care to even know that earth revolves around the sun & he even goes as far to say that he doesn’t care to even remember the fact. A Ravenclaw would NOT act like that. Sherlock is just a snarky, sarcastic, SOB who has very singleminded goals and aspirations. He isn’t a bookworm if the book doesn’t pertain to what he’s doing at the moment.

Mycroft Holmes: He’s fantastic for a sarcastic one liner. He’s like Sherlock but he’s even more of an asshole in my opinion. He and Sherlock constantly try to one up each other, but they don’t have similar goals necessarily so it never gets too rough. Totally a Slytherin.

Mary Watson: Two words… DECEIVED EVERYONE. She’s fantastic. Also very resourceful and has straightforward goals / aspirations.


John Watson: He’s brave, daring & it takes a bit of recklessness to follow after Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant friend. I just feel like Gryffindors would do the John thing and just make faces if they disagreed 😂

Greg Lestrade: Also a very obvious Gryffindor. Courageous and daring. He’s very friendly and seems like he would be popular with other humans.


Mrs. Hudson: She’s just a cute little puff. Ya gotta love Mrs. Hudson. Fave. PLUS she just kind of loves Sherlock & that’s just a cute little like family Slytherin/hufflepuff thing ya feel ❤️

Mixed houses…

Molly Hooper: This is only based on the show BECAUSE THERE IS NO MOLLY HOOPER IN THE FREAKING BOOKS. Anyways… she’s like a mix between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. She’s absolutely brilliant at what she does so I’ll credit that to Ravenclaw. She’s got hufflepuff traits too though like she’s loyal (even when Sherlock is awful to her lol), she’s a hard worker, she’s V PATIENT (with Sherlock again lol). Like idk she’s both in my mind. She doesn’t fit in just one house.

Jim Moriarty: This is gonna be an unpopular opinion to many because he’s the bad guy… but I wouldn’t say he’s 100% Slytherin. Like yes his goal is to beat Sherlock, but he’s kinda brilliant and he’s got the cocky thing from Gryffindor. So like he’s a Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw. He’s so calculated and ingenious, but again he’s a cocky bastard & he’s very straightforward with his goals aka he has one goal in a sense.


Anderson and Sally: I loath them. They don’t deserve to go to Hogwarts.

anonymous asked:

Hi River! Can you link us to some meta, analysis, commentary, or basic evidence of Sherlock being trans, particularly in BBC Sherlock? I just haven't really read anything in depth about this so I'm interested to know more. Thanks!

hey! i’m just going to compile my own list of things i’ve caught but you can certainly go to @marcelock‘s trans sherlock tag for more!!!

so firstly, most of the canonical evidence is in s3 and tab but i thought i’d start with something that caught my attention in the great game

here, sherlock is excitedly giving his deduction about the golem

and john, pressed about the earlier confrontation he had with sherlock about moriarty, and impatient, replies with this

which leads sherlock and lestrade to have these reactions:

now QUITE obviously sherlock and lestrade know something here that john does not. lestrade looks down and away immediately after john’s comment and sherlock looks at lestrade with a look which vehemently reads “don’t say anything, he doesn’t know” 

to me, this is an extremely obvious misgendering of sherlock that john does ignorantly and unintentionally because he honestly doesn’t know, and i can adhere to this personally because it has happened to me on multiple occasions 

now, throughout the next 10 minutes of the episode sherlock distances himself from john by telling him that they should split up to get more done, which isn’t an unusual occurrence but it is DEFINITELY unusual when john is doing something that only police should be doing (interviewing the dead man’s roommate) 

i see this as sherlock needing to distance himself from john for just a little while because of the earlier instance. he’s obviously not mad, just a bit upset and jarred but as you can see by the end of the episode everything between them is completely fine again

in s2 there isn’t much in the way of physical evidence like above, it’s more subtextual, in asib it is brought up at least twice that i can remember that sherlock is a virgin 

“sex doesn’t alarm me” “how would you know?” 

“he calls you the ice man and the virgin” 

this can be attested to that sherlock is just a genuinely awkward person and uncomfortable with contact as such but it can easily be read that because he is trans that he experienced and experiences body dysphoria which would lead to him not being comfortable with his own body, let alone allowing someone else to be with it so intimately 

“but what about top surgery scars?????” you may ask

not all trans people get double mastectomies!!! some of us don’t ever get surgery! but sherlock could have easily had the key hole operation which would not leave the double incisions on the chest that you see on many trans men 

sherlock having little to no body hair is also incredibly telling, as many trans men, even on testosterone, are unable to grow it and if they do it’s usually patchy

in both thob and the google maps of 221b, there is an injection gun sitting on the table

injection guns are used to inject medication accurately and frequently, and, sherlock constantly on the move for cases, would need to administer his testosterone quickly and efficiently

now, in The Trans Sherlock Show (s3) there is so much evidence that he’s trans it makes my head spin

the VERY first scene we see sherlock in, he has absolutely no facial hair, yet, the hair on his head is literally down to his shoulders

where did he find the time to shave yet not cut his hair??? he didn’t

sherlock was unable to have access to testosterone in the field for 2 years is what happened, so it stunted his facial hair growth 

there is literally no other explanation for this like

moving on to tsot

sherlock loves dancing and always has which isn’t that unusual for men anymore, but his love for dancing does not explain the fact that he can do a pirouette perfectly? he would have had to go through extensive training to complete such a move, and many parents put their “little girls” in dancing lessons

during the stag night and sherlock and john’s drinking game, sherlock drunkenly asks questions that john answers to validate him, not the person on his head

“am i human?”

“am i a man?”




“am i important?”

“do people like me?”

sherlock is obviously seeking validation from john, and he just wants to know what he is to people and how people see him

later in this scene sherlock also says “beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood influences and role models” which is a really… trans thing to say. he’s talking about beauty and looks but those are as performative as gender, gender is literally performing a look, how you want to be perceived and how you want others to perceive you

hlv now!!!

as a little aside and a line that i always laugh at anderson asks sherlock if he has “one hole or two” and sherlock abashedly says “sorry?!” and obviously they’re talking about the gunshot wound but it’s just a funny trans joke to me

anyway! “how can sherlock be trans if he is clearly a little boy in his mind palace!!!” sherlock can imagine himself however he wants in his mind palace folks and children are mostly androgynous in formative years so this could have been how he looked or he’s picturing himself as such

now the 2 hospital scenes, one with janine and the deleted scene with magnussen 

first the janine scene: 

“you lied to me, you lied and lied” 

“just once would have been nice”

sherlock, awkwardly, “i was waiting until we got married”

“you shouldn’t have lied to me, i know what kind of man you are. we could have been friends”

now this can be read as both a reveal of sherlock being gay AND trans

“but it can only be about him being gay!!!” you might say

then explain the magnussen scene:

magnussen, a man who blackmails people for money, is blackmailing sherlock about his “musician’s hands”

but this comment quickly turns into calling them “woman’s hands,” and sherlock looks at magnussen in fear - he knows his secret

this deleted scene completely explains sherlock’s vehemence toward mycroft near the end of hlv when mycroft asks sherlock why he hates magnussen so much

and finally the tarmac scene, when sherlock says “sherlock is actually a girl’s name”

this can be interpreted a couple of different ways in terms of him being trans

sherlock could be saying here that sherlock was his birthname and he wanted to keep it, but needed a masculine name on legal documents, hence william sherlock scott holmes, because sherlock is quite an androgynous unusual name

or, he could be saying that he was born a “girl,” and that his being carries along that sentiment even though he had chosen sherlock during his transition. either way, he’s literally saying he’s trans

onto tab, 

sherlock has no facial hair at all, yes he could be cleanly shaven, but as this is the 1890s hrt doesn’t exist yet so he wouldn’t be able to actually grow it

sherlock, perhaps having noticed, or not caring to notice because hooper is in the same predicament as him, has not said anything about the fact that hooper is, for lack of a better term, “a woman dressed in man’s clothing”

hooper could be a trans man just like sherlock, hence him not saying a single thing because he himself is trans as well and would not dare to out hooper


in the end scene, when sherlock tells john that he “would be very much at home in such a world” and that he’s always been a man out of his time, it’s fairly obvious that sherlock knows he could better himself in current day, that he could be the man he wanted with access to what he wanted in the 21st century (testosterone, surgery, etc) 

and finally after all of that! the big doozy of yesterday in which we all learned that sherlock literally leaves his t needles all over 221b! a major thank you to @sidryan for that!

anyway that’s all! sherlock is trans thanks for coming to my ted talk

Secrets - John Version

Requested by anon:  Any Pairing: Reader x ?. I’ve got an idea where (Y/N) is hiding something and acting strange but when her boyfriend questions her about it, she avoids answering. This continues until he accuses her of cheating and during their argument she blurts out she’s pregnant (or something).
& Anon:  There’s not enough love for John!!! Can I have a protective John please?? Reader is johns wife or girlfriend and something happens?? Reader is close friends with Sherlock who is also protective of course…but I’m craving protective sweet John!!

Pairing: John Watson x reader

Word count: 1,584

Warnings: I’m not sure.

A/N: This gave so many twists… I swear there are five different versions of this story, but this one won over the others.


Originally posted by sherlockspeare

The case had been difficult; the criminal was a true mastermind of simplicity. They had taken so much time to figure it out, and then to chase after him was even worse. But perhaps, the worse thing of them all was that (Y/N) had been involved accidentally.

She knew John would be following Sherlock all night long until they caught the criminal, but she had never expected her best friend to be the ones they were looking for. So when Sherlock and John appeared at the café and started the persecution, she had no other choice but to help them catch him.

Everything was fine, until he ran towards an alley with literal whole all over the pavement. For John and Sherlock it was nothing hard to jump them or dodge them, but to (Y/N) and her high heels it was more than a medium obstacle, which resulted in her falling to one of the whole and hurting her ankle. Thankfully, her friend’s heart remained the same, and he stopped to check on her, allowing Sherlock to arrest him.

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BBC Sherlock Novel-Length Fanfiction Recommendation Summary Post

This post lists all the BBC Sherlock fanfictions longer than 70.000 words that I’ve deemed noteworthy. Since I quit the fandom in 2016, this post will not be continued.

I am very much open to pairings of all kinds and other protagonists. To me, plot and writing style count more than personal squicks. In general, I do not comment on whether the stories contain explicit content, be it violence or of sexual nature.

The list is about quality, not themes or quantity. Since Sherlock had been my favourite character, he features quite heavily. The stories are sorted based on their relation to the canonical timeline.

Unplaced / Starting Pre-Series:

  1. Breakable by MissDavis (Johnlock, Hurt & Comfort)
  2. Dark Ripples Series by Nagaem_C (Lestrade, Sherlock, parental Lestrade, drama)
  3. Mise en Place by azriona (Johnlock, Moriarty, romance/drama, foodlock, AU)
  4. Performance In a Leading Role by Mad_Lori (Johnlock, romance/drama, AU)
  5. Tennis Series by Jupiter_Ash (Johnlock, romance, AU)
  6. The Cold Song Series by Eldritchhorrors (Johnlock, BDSM, case fic)
  7. The Illusion of Free Will by leopardwrites (Johnlock, romance, crossover)
  8. The Prize by Trillsabells (Johnlock, Mycroft, post-apocalyptic, AU)
  9. Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer (Johnlock, action case fic, AU)

First Season:

  1. A Story in Lullabies by shooting-stetsons (Johnlock, femlock, baby fic, s1)
  2. Colors by Quesarasara (Johnlock, romance, AU, s1)
  3. A Waste of Breath by Chryse (Johnlock, Moran, drama, post s1)
  4. The Green Blade by verityburns (Sherlock, John, friendship, case fic, post s1)
  5. We are all each other’s consequences by NyxUnderwood (Johnlock, romance/ptsd, post s1)

Second Season:

  1. The Untranslatables Series by tunteeton (Johnlock, Mycroft, romance, AU, s2)
  2. If You Can’t Move Heaven, Raise Hell by splix (John/Sherlock, Ian Adler/Sherlock, Moriarty, action, case fic, s2)
  3. 4.916 by nmqttps (John & Sherlock friendship, action, post s2)
  4. A Case of Identity by jkay1980 (Johnlock, romance, case fic, post s2)
  5. Be Here Now Universe by Todesfuge (Johnlock, Irene, Moriarty, Mycroft, drama, injury/illness/amnesia, return, post s2)
  6. Crazy For Love by prettyvk (Johnlock, OC, drama, child fic, post s2)
  7. Given in Evidence by verityburns (Johnlock, romance/case fic, return, post s2)
  8. Lucid by dr_girlfriend (Johnlock, Moran, Mycroft, return, angst, post s2)
  9. Making It Better by sideris (Johnlock, Moran, drama, return, post s2)
  10. Memory by ImpishTubist (Viclock, OC, drama/mystery, case fic, illness fic, post s2)
  11. Nature and Nurture by earlgreytea68 (Johnlock, OC, romance, child fic, post s2)
  12. Safe Distance by merripestin (Johnlock, romance/case fic, post s2)
  13. Seven Devils by GirlsinGlassCages (Johnlock, Irene, Moriarty, action/drama, post s2)
  14. The Bare Edge by saizine (Johnlock, return, injury fic, case fic, romance/drama, post s2)
  15. The Fall of Gods by ImpishTubist (Viclock, drama, illness/injury, character death, post s2)
  16. The Good Morrow Series by greywash (Johnlock, Mycroft, Moran, drama, return, post s2)
  17. To Where You Are by Witch_Nova221 (Johnlock, Mummy Holmes, OC, romance, journey fic, post s2)
  18. Whatever Remains by boomsherlocka (Johnlock, Sherlock/OC, drama, crossover, post s2)

Season Three:

  1. Love Ballads for the Nonbelievers by siennna (Johnlock, return, s3)
  2. The Adventure of the Silver Scars by tangledblue (Johnlock, Moran, case fic, drama, post s3)
  3. The Edinburgh Problem by snorklepie (Johnlock, case fic, post s3)
Sneaking About- Jim Moriarty x reader

Originally posted by sharpielester

@dontstoptime Requested :  Hi, can you do a Jim Moriarty x reader (If you’re not busy with other things) where the reader is Sherlock’s younger sister and she has to sneak around to meet up with Jim?

I tried my best with it, but i don’t think i quite captured Jim’s personality here. I hope you guys enjoyed either way! 

Wolf chapter 5 is coming out soon guys! 

Stay sweet


Y/n pulls on her shoes, as her phone buzzed. The dim light was the only thing illuminating the dark, she smiles, already knowing who it was. She picks up her phone and opens the text.

Are you ready Darling?

She waits a bit, going back to pulling on her shoes before she sends a reply.

Yes love, give me a minute.

Shaking her head she gets off her bed, walking to her bedroom door, she sticks her head out. Sherlock had come by earlier to talk and they had lunch, surprisingly, considering her brother’s a maniac and refuses to eat. But he should be asleep, the pill she had secretly put into his tea should keep him unconscious for a good few hours. Giving her enough time for a late night date with her boyfriend Jim. Yes, she knew that this was possibly the worst thing she could ever do, because one, he’s a psychopath and two, he’s her brother’s enemy. She didn’t know how it happened, it just did, falling for the wrong sorts of men. Falling hard for Jim Moriarty.
They’ve been dating for a year now, and she’s done nothing but sneak around. With him being on business trips to wherever and her relation to the Holmes boys, she doesn’t get to see him very often, and when she does, it’s a blessing.
Y/n grabs her coat off her bed, she straightens her dress before taking quiet steps out of her room. This is bloody ridiculous, I have to sneak around in my own bloody flat, she thinks, closing her bedroom door behind her. It’s late, about after ten, he’s only been asleep for an hour, so she’s got time. She slips out her flat, walking quietly down the stairs and out into the night.  
She didn’t have to walk very far, considering he was right outside waiting for her. She immediately hugs the Irish man when she reaches him, “Miss me?”
“Yup.” The girl answers, popping the ‘p’ before Jim’s lips reach hers in a passionate kiss, he wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her to him. “We’re going to be late,” Y/n mutters against his lips and he smiles, “Of course Darling,” he moves away from her to open the door of the sleek black car behind him, allowing her to slide in first.
It was no surprise when the car pulled up to one of the most expensive restaurants in London.
Once inside, the two chatted over dinner.
“I’m really glad you’re back, I’ve been dying in that flat for a month,” Y/n says, taking a bite of her potatoes and Jim chuckles, smiling at his girl. “I would’ve came back earlier if I’d known,” She remembers when they first met, he bumped into her, she was on her way to see the eldest Holmes sibling, and there he was. With dark mischievous eyes and a cute smile.  
She knew she’d be dead if her brothers ever found out, dating Jim Moriarty was like play the most devious game of Do you want to live? Suppose not. But she loves him too much to let this go, or to let Sherlock or Mycroft get in the way of what her heart wants.
When the two were done eating, the went back to his place, considering that Sherlock is at hers. She had been over at Jim’s quite a few times, so no surprise that some of her sleep wear is over there.
She was laying awake in bed, staring up at the ceiling while Jim played with her hair. “What’s the matter?” It was late, and neither of them could sleep, so they talked. One of the reasons she loved Jim so much, there’s a side to him that no one knew about, when he doesn’t have to care about the blood that stain his hands, the part of Jim that loves her dearly. He’s sweet and caring, though his dark sense of humor never failed to creep her out, she was able to look past the psychopath thing because no matter which way she looked at it, she loves him.
“I was thinking,” Y/n answers, and Jim snorts a laugh, causing Y/n to whack him with the back of her hand. “I’m serious Jim.”
Jim pulls a face, putting up both hands in mock surrender, “Alrighty then,” he says, moving his thumb and forefinger in a zipping motion across his mouth. Y/n chuckles a bit, “I can’t help but think, that one day you’ll walk out and you won’t come back.” she says sadly and Jim sits up, leaning against the headboard of the bed. Y/n sighs and sits up as well, staring off into the darkness of the large room, “What you do is dangerous, and I know that one day I’d lose you.”
Jim dramatically unzips his lips, “My Queen,” he says, sounding appalled by her words, “Never.” he says, taking her smaller hands in his own, turning so he could face her properly. “I’m never leaving you.”

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Things The Sherlock Fandom Can Agree on Right Now

[spoilers for s4 obviously]

- John was chained to the floor?? but he got out?? with a fucking rope?? how??

- The “five years ago” played with our hearts™

- ghost mary is the best mary

- mrs. hudson is literally a fuckboy but the best kind

- TFP left us all emotionally drained whether you liked the ending or not

- molly deserved better

- mycroft and greg had a conversation so mystrade is canon™ get the fucking wedding cake ready

- the parentlock scene is the best scene

- 3 garridebs could’ve been soooooo much better

- it doesn’t matter if it was eurus john is still a little bitch for flirting

- glass reflects?? @ sherlock ur a consulting detective m8 cmon get ur shit together

- sending death threats to the writers is not cool regardless of what you thought of the finale

- mycroft being attacked by clowns and little manequinn girls was the most terrifying 7 minutes of the whole fuckin episode

- we all laughed a bit at john’s guttural noise when mary died but immediately started crying admit it

- there is no WAY IN HEAVEN OR HELL mary jumped in front of that bullet in .00000001 seconds

- the hug™ has magical healing powers

- we all need 5 mins of unsupervised conversation with Moriarty ;):):;):):)

- we need season 5

this is just based off topics i’ve seen being commonly discussed throughout the last 3 weeks, but obviously i could be missing some or be wrong. feel free to add more to my list or let me know if one doesn’t sound right!

Things I was Not Aware Of:

Colin Jeavons did not only play Lestrade in the Granada series, he was also Moriarty once, in the 1983 TV-Show “The Baker Street Boys”.

Sherlock made up his life with John as a consulting detective, after overdosing in university. Mike found him, Mrs. Hudson was his landlady, Mycroft has the list of drugs he took, Victor Trevor was his boyfriend, and Lestrade was the beat cop that had tried to keep him clean, but Sherlock’s still in a coma. John is real, a doctor back from Afghanistan, who reads him detective stories some nights during his late shifts. Mary is one of the nurses, and Molly does work in the morgue, but he’s fashioned most of the other details from the impressions of heteronormativity in the hospital, and hearing John. Moriarty really does work in IT, but he’s the villain because he and John don’t get on, which makes him the enemy.


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Sherlock x Reader - WOLF Chapter seven


Chapter list

The dull thud of shoes hitting a marble floor could be heard as Xavier Garrison was lead down a hall by two armed men. He didn’t try to struggle; he knew this was going to happen eventually. 
In one of the many rooms, sat Mycroft Holmes, awaiting his guest, he checks his wrist watch just as the door opens, “Ah, Mr Garrison, wonderful to make your acquaintance.” Mycroft says as Garrison was pushed roughly into the room, “It took us a very long time to find you.”
The room was dimly lit, white lights on the ceiling above them, one table, two steel chairs, and a glass window.

Basic interrogation room.

Mycroft leans back into the chair he occupied, watching the dark haired man with cold eyes. It’s taken him days to track him down, and every time he got an inch closer, he slipped away. He was always ten steps ahead, but just this once, he slept a little too heavy. Mycroft’s men were able to find him; he was in a cabin way up north, completely unconnected and off the radar. Mycroft had spoken to Sherlock a week ago, to ask about his progress on his new case, and based on his answer, he was getting nowhere; Though Mycroft knows something is being kept out of the loop. So for now, Mycroft decided to take matters into his own hands, because as much as Sherlock doesn’t want him interfering, this is also a matter of national security. “Seems to me, that you and your men have no respect for your guests Mr Holmes, considering they broke into my cabin in the middle of the bloody night to drag me here.” Garrison argues, his Scottish accent made thicker by anger. The man was in fact in his sleep wear, 
“Please, have a seat,” Mycroft says calmly, motioning to the metal chair across the table, waiting patiently for Xavier to comply. The man sits, and Mycroft leans forward, more than ready to delve into his interrogation. 
Xavier leans back into the uncomfortable steel chair, folding his arms across his chest, an act of defiance that Mycroft is all too familiar with. He’s about to deny everything thrown at him - guilty or not - The eldest Holmes has reasons to believe that Xavier Garrison is behind the recent murders that have happening around England. All his evidence points right back to him, he did run the black market scheme years aback. As Sherlock said, the letters he left behind on Olsen’s and Francis’ murder scene meant something, though he refused to tell him if he figured it out. 
“Mr Garrison, you do understand that your actions can put you behind bars for the rest of your life.” Mycroft begins, and Garrison keeps his guard up, watching Mycroft with an equally cold stare but says nothing. “Your Black market scheme was shut down years ago. Why?” Mycroft asks, watching Garrison carefully for any signs of breakage. Garrison chuckles, shaking his head at the Government official, “Isn’t this something you should leave to the police Mr Holmes? Why don’t you just turn me in? Like you said, my actions can put me behind bars for the rest of my life. So do it." 
Mycroft narrows his eyes at this; clearly he’s trying to get away from something–or someone. 
"I ended it because I had to, and after that, I went into hiding. End of story." 
"But there’s more to that isn’t there. Others were involved, because you weren’t just running the black market scheme, you had a band of smugglers working for you. They left the game a year before you did." 
"I was never in charge of Wolf; my job was to pass messages to them from the boss. Other than that, I ran the scheme. That’s it.” he says, shifting in his chair. Mycroft raises an eyebrow at him, he’s not lying.

“So, who gave the orders?”


Garrison sits in a cold cell, after being taken in by Scotland Yard for further questioning, he was arrested. Sitting on the bench, he leans back against the cold wall of the holding cell, and closes his eyes. A loud grunt followed by a thud comes from down the hall, the sound made Garrison open his eyes again; he sits up straight on the bench. Then there was a noise, the sound of something repeatedly hitting against the steel bars of his cell. Someone comes into his view, dressed as a night guard.

"Hello Garrison.”

“Wasn’t hard to find me was it?” Garrison sighs, “It was only a matter of time," 
The man outside sighs wistfully, pulling a gun from his jacket. Garrison sat unfazed by the sight of the dull silver weapon, "Any last words?” The man asks and Garrison chuckles, leaning back against the wall again, letting his body relax. 
“See you in hell X.”

Sherlock has been up for days, and it’s not only because he’s trying to finish this case, he’s confused. Very confused. 
Because Sherlock Holmes doesn’t like Y/n Lestrade–not in that way anyhow…. right? 
“You alright Sherlock?” Sherlock flinches at the sound of John’s voice, but he nods. They had been called in to Scotland Yard, after a phone call from Mycroft. He said that he had send Garrison in when he was done with his side of the interrogation and when they went to check on him in the morning. He was dead, and so was the night guard there, the camera footage was also cut. Sherlock walks into the holding area where Garrison’s body was, forensics was there and Sherlock finds himself looking around for Y/n. He hasn’t seen her since her break down at Lorraine’s a few nights ago. And it’s for the best; Sherlock wouldn’t be able to concentrate around her. But he can’t help it; maybe a small part of him just wants to make sure that she was alright. 
Sherlock rolls his eyes as Anderson walks in with Sally behind him, ignoring them he looks around the area, looking for clues. Sherlock was sure that Xavier was the one doing the killings, but now he’s dead. So does that mean that he had no part in that? He died the same way that Kate and Tyler did, which could mean the killer is still out there. Or that Garrison was doing the killings and the person who killed him copied his style to throw him off. The biggest question of this case is; who’s playing murder? 
“….And right under our noses too,” Anderson was saying this to Sally as they walked over to where Sherlock and John were; only stopping right outside the cell. “What’s the freak doing here?” Sally asks, turning around to face Greg, who stood nearby waiting to hear from Sherlock. 
“‘Cause he’s working the case, he’s actually doing something. Unlike you lot, sitting around.” A new voice says, Sally looks over her shoulder, seeing Y/n walk in, pulling a latex glove off her hand after dropping something that looked like a piece of metal into a zip lock bag. 
Donovan turns around, folding her arms, “Defending him now are you? What, he’s your boyfriend now?” she asks, and Y/n wordlessly drop the bag in Anderson’s hand. “That’s from someone’s shoe, analyze it.” she says, pointing at the bag. Sally smirks, “I heard about your little break down some nights ago, too bad I wasn’t there to see it." 
Y/n clenches her fist at her side; there isn’t something she dislikes more than someone she doesn’t like, talking about her weak moments. Greg, sensing his niece’s intentions before it happened, takes hold of her hand, "Hey, how about you go check the evidence.” He says, pulling her away from the still smirking Donovan, “I just came from checking evidence. Can I just–” she tries to shake off her uncle’s grip, wanting nothing more than to introduce Sally to her fist. “She’s insulting me by just standing there." 
"Go, recheck the evidence, you might’ve missed something.” He gently pushes her through the door, sending her off with a flick of his wrist. “Go on." 
Sherlock stands up from his stooping position, he eyes immediately going to the zip locked bag in Anderson’s hand. He quickly takes it, walking past them, "Sherlock you know you can’t take that, you’re allowed to work on the case but you can’t tamper with the evidence.” Greg says, trying to stop the detective, “Tampering with this is working the case. This is a vital piece of evidence that will possibly lead us directly to the killer. Don’t worry; you’ll have it back when I’m done.” Sherlock says, still walking out, John briskly apologizes for Sherlock before following him.

Later that day, Sherlock and John were in 221B, John doing some research and Sherlock in the kitchen analyzing the piece of metal. “Have you found anything yet Holmes?” Y/n asks as she comes back into the flat carrying a bag with take out. John thanks her as she puts his down on the table next to his laptop. Sherlock said that he wanted her close, she’s vital to the case he said, but John suspects it’s more than that. He has noticed a few changes in Sherlock’s behavior when the girl’s around, he’s quieter than usual, and he tends to tense up if she’s too close. “The metals rusted, wherever our killer picked this up, it’s old. That, there are two different types of dirt on it,” Came Sherlock’s answer from the kitchen where he peered into a microscope. Y/n hums thoughtfully, nodding to him, “My question is; how’d he get past everyone out the front? Someone must’ve seen him.” John pipes up. 
“If I had a face that’s easily recognizable I wouldn’t walk through the front door of Scotland Yard either.” Sherlock says, moving away from his microscope, Y/n furrows her eyebrows at him, “Are you saying this is someone you know?" 
"I don’t know, possibly." 
Y/n’s phone rings out in her pocket, the sound startling her, she reaches into the pocket of her jacket, "Lestrade," 
"Y/n, I need you to go to the hospital,” Greg says, “What for? I’m busy,”

“It’s Willows." 

"Hey you,” Y/n greets Sarah softly, the girl was lying in the hospital bed, all bandaged up. She had a lot of broken bones, a busted nose, a punctured lung. The doctors said that someone broke into her flat and she tried to stop them, but Y/n knows exactly what happened. This was just a warning, to let them know he’s coming, Y/n was lucky that all she got was a bullet.
The redhead was unconscious, but Y/n still had to come see her, she sighs, blinking away tears. It was only a matter of time before she loses her best friend. Y/n was so lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize that someone had come in. 
“How is she?” a voice asks, causing Y/n to jump, she quickly turns her head. A guy stood by the open door; he runs a hand through his mess of dark brown hair. “I called the ambulance, I heard her scream when I was passing by her flat, but whoever it was left before I got in.” he explains, Y/n smiles a bit, “Yeah, the Doctor’s said she should recover without any complications. Thanks, for helping her." 
"That’s no problem,” he shrugs, “May I?” he motions to the chair next to her and she nods. He smiles, a sparkle in his chocolate brown eyes, “I’m James by the way,”


Hope you liked that little twist 

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list of people who know sherlock’s madly in love with john:

  • mrs hudson
  • mycroft
  • lestrade
  • molly
  • mary
  • john’s ex girlfriends
  • di dimmock
  • sherlock’s parents
  • hotel owners from “the hounds of baskerville”
  • irene adler
  • angelo
  • jim moriarty
  • kitty riley
  • magnussen
  • janine
  • mike stamford
  • anderson
  • donovan
  • sherlock

list of people who don’t know sherlock’s madly in love with john:

  • john
W.O.L.F- Sherlock x Reader - Chapter 8

Chapter List

Progress on the case was finally speeding up, albeit a little slowly. Now that Xavier is no longer a prime suspect, it changes the game. Because our killer is still running a muck.
And for some reason or another, Sherlock is giving Y/n the cold shoulder. He usually does, but not to the point where he literally shuts her out, and she finds it strange. Because, Sherlock Holmes is a man, when he has something to say, he could talk the hind legs off a donkey.
But around Y/n, he’s more closed off than ever.
But, she didn’t didn’t let it bother her, she just figured it’s how he is. Having a problem with people getting close to him–people seeing that he’s just as human as they are.

Hey Darling, Coffee maybe?

Oh Yeah! Just when she almost forgot. She’s supposed to meet James today for coffee. They were supposed to meet up, her way of payment for him saving her best friend and all.


“Oh no, you don’t have to.” James says, chuckling again, giving a smile that didn’t exactly reach his eyes. “Well I have to do something, you just saved my best friend’s life.” Y/n says, smiling back. They had left Sarah’s hospital room, so that they won’t disturb her. They only took a walk up the hall, so far, what she knows, James works in a bank. And he’s nice, not that she trusts him anyway.
James puts a finger to his chin in thought, “Alright.” he says, “If you really want to,” he claps his hands together, a smile on his face “How about coffee, Wednesday?”
“Am I suppose to guess a time?” Y/n chuckles. James runs a hand through his hair again, for what seemed like the fifth time since they’ve met. “I’ll text you.” They exchanged numbers and parted ways, both of them having to get back to work.


They had texted a bit after that, and James had asked for her address so he could meet her today.
Y/n walks out of her bedroom and into the living room of her flat, looking around for her jacket. “Damn, where’s that bloody–Oh.” She snatches the leather jacket, pulling it over her white v-neck tee. She grabs her keys, pushing them and her phone into the pocket of her jeans, after sending James a reply.

Yeah, I’m already out my door.

Well I hope so, don’t keep me waiting out here. ;)

Y/n could almost feel his smile through the text. She smiles and pushes her door close, walking down the stairs to the front door. “You going out Dear?” Mrs Smith asks, she was just closing the door of her flat, Y/n nods, smiling at the elderly woman. “Yeah, call me if you need anything okay?”
“Alright, have fun.”
After, Y/n met James outside, he was leaning against the wall of her building. A bright smile breaks out on his face when he sees her, this one actually reaching his chocolate eyes. He was sporting a black hoodie, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, exposing his forearms. “Hey,” Y/n greets, smiling, giving a small nervous wave to the Irish man. She couldn’t help but feel that way around him, but not the bubbly kind of nervous when you like someone. The kind of jittery nervousness you feel when you know something’s up. Something about James is just… well, a bit off. Like he’s always up to trouble, that spark of mischief in his eyes was hard to miss the first time they met.
“I hope you like walking,” James chuckles as they begin a slow walk up the street. Y/n brushes off her feelings, pushing it to the back of her mind for now. Worry about that later, she thinks. “Yeah, I’m okay with that,” Y/n responds, shrugging her shoulders, she looks up at the sky. It’s a nice day, with apparently no sign of rain, just warm sun and cool breeze. “So, what do you do? For work I mean,” James speaks, breaking the tense silence that had settled between them. Y/n looks at him briefly, “I work for Scotland Yard, forensics,”
“Ah, I see. You like science-y stuff huh.”
The walk there was filled with a lighthearted conversation, getting to know James a little better. When the two of them got to the cafe of James’ choice, they took a quiet spot. By the window, the street outside could be seen perfectly. The cafe was small and smelled a beautiful mix of coffee and pastries.
Y/n sheds her jacket, draping it over the back of her chair, waiting for James to come back with their coffee. When he comes back with two cups of French vanilla, Y/n was somewhat surprised that he knew what she liked. She smiles, taking the steaming cup from his hand, muttering a soft thanks. “That’s a really interesting tattoo,” James says when he sits down, his brown eyes lingering on her exposed collar. Y/n chuckles, waving him off, “Oh, this old thing? I had crazy friends in highschool.”
He chuckles, his eyes sparkling with that same mischievousness from earlier, making that weird feeling flare up again. And Y/n suddenly found herself praying that someone gets her out of this. Something about this man just seems so wrong, the vibe coming off him is just bad, and it’s strange because he looks like the sweetest person ever. But that’s just it, it’s those types you have to watch out for, because they aren’t what they seem.
“So how’s Sarah doing?” he asks before bringing the cup to his lips to take a sip. Watching her over the rim, her e/c eyes dart out the window, “She’s doing better, healing okay.” she answers and James nods sympathetically, “Again thank you, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had lost her,” Y/n says, James smiles, taking her hand that was laying on the table into his own. Y/n forces a smile at his action, Y/n’s phone suddenly buzzed, she silently thanked God, reaching for her phone gave her an excuse to pull her hand from his. She gives him an apologetic smile as she pulls her phone from her pocket.

Y/n, I need you to get something for me.

Y/n looks up from her phone, an apologetic look gracing her features. “I am so sorry…I really need to go,” she says, already getting up. James gets up too, smiling at her, “No, it’s Alright. I have some things I need to take care of anyhow,” She shakes his hand and thanks him again, and leaves.
Afterwards she walks out of the cafe, and replies to Sherlock’s text.

Yeah, what? Oh, And by the way, thanks.

Just come to Baker Street.


“Hey,” Y/n greets, walking into 221B, Sherlock was in the kitchen, doing something or another. John was no where in sight, leaving Y/n to assume he stepped out for a bit, she walks into the kitchen, “So, what do you need?” she questions watching the curly haired detective, Sherlock doesn’t look up from his microscope, “Do you have a pen?”
Sherlock blinks and looks up at her, “A pen, do you have one on you?” he repeats and Y/n smirks at him, “You know, people don’t just carry pens around, what’s wrong with the one right next to you?”
“The ink finished, there’s one on the mantle.”
With a roll of her eyes Y/n walks over to the mantle. She couldn’t believe that he texted her to get a pen that was just a five second walk from the kitchen. Not that she wasn’t grateful, she was. But, He could’ve done that and finished his experiment within the fifty minutes it took her to get to Baker street, but him and his lazy ass refused to move. After locating the pen, she walks back to the kitchen, dropping the pen next to his hand.
“What are you working on?” she asks quietly, looking down at a small notebook she figured was his, seeing a bunch of notes scribbled down.
Sherlock had to admit one of the reasons he texted her was to only see her. He would love to claim that at no point in time was the girl on his mind, but that of course would be a lie. He couldn’t get her out of his head, he had gone through many methods to distract himself from thinking of her. He made himself believe the only reason he keeps her around is because of her connection to this case, but that too was a lie. He hates to admit that she fascinated him, simple as she is now. And it was annoying. The fact that something–someone could consume his thoughts like that. It was nerve wrecking and scary and Sherlock hated it. But he just needed to see her. For no reason at all.
“The dirt,” he answers and Y/n nods, he stops and looks at her, “You thanked me for something earlier, what was it?” he asks curiously, raising an eyebrow. She gives a small smile and a shake of her head, “It was nothing,” As she brings her hand down, she accidentally knock down his book, Sherlock sighs and leans down to pick it up, but so does she.
Sherlock looks up first, staring into the strange alluring innocence of her e/c eyes. They were like a line and hook, and he was the fish being pulled in. He couldn’t look away, then Sherlock found his eyes straying towards her mouth. If he leans in a bit more, he could kiss her–he would.  “Sherlock?” she whispers, her eyes darting between his own and his lips, “What?” he whispers back, raising a hand to cup her cheek. Right now, the case was the last thing on his mind, he barely knew why he was doing this.
“Just kiss me.”
Just an in inch closer– “Hey, Sherlock!”
And of course, the voice if the ever so timely John Watson barges into the flat. And just as easily as the two of them got so close they broke apart, John stops in the entrance of the kitchen, looking between the both of them. Sherlock clenches his jaw and looks back into the microscope, placing his note book back where it was, while Y/n shuffles nervously on her feet by the fridge.
The blond narrows his eyes but says nothing, because Y/n is clearly flustered if the redness of her cheeks is enough evidence. And Sherlock– he just sat, calmly looking into the microscope.
When it became too quiet, Sherlock speaks up, “Yes John?”
“Well, um… ” John begins, there was a thick tension of something in the air that just hovered around the two of them. “…Mycroft called.”


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anonymous asked:

idk about sherlock being a ravenclaw i mean he is pretty brave (gryffindor), and he's loyal to his friends/john (hufflepuff) AND he's also kind of ruthless/would do anything to get what he wants (slytherin). i mean there are a lot of smart people who aren't ravenclaws, like hermione.

//cracks knuckles

Yes, but housing is about a person’s priority and personality and the hat takes into great consideration what a student wants to prove about themselves to the world- this is something we see when Harry is about to be sorted into Slytherin but since he has ambition and bravery and wants to prove it he got sorted into Gryffindor. The person’s preference always gets taken into account, and don’t you think a house reserved and known for the best and brightest, most studious people is the one Sherlock would strive to be in?

Which of the houses fits his strongest traits?

Ravenclaw’s motto is, “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.”

Sherlock’s entire life has been about his wit. This is exemplified in the show’s quote, “you risk your life to prove you’re clever.”

Yes, he’s brave and he’d risk his life like a Gryffindor might, but the purpose- the main point that his universe revolves around- is to prove his cleverness or wit…like a Ravenclaw. Even his relationship with John is sparked and fueled by his drive to prove his own brilliance and vast knowledge of his craft. We see this in the deductions he makes in the very first episode that end with the famous quote, “Afghanistan or Iraq.” Throughout the series we see that his ego is fueled not by being told he’s brave, but by having his wit marveled at by John and the people around him. What the Harry Potter books say about Gryffindors is “you might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.” and we all know that Sherlock lacks chivalry from the way he treats Molly and… everyone for that matter.

Now let’s address Hufflepuff:

“You might belong in Hufflepuff where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.”

Sherlock is not patient, first of all. I’m just getting that part right out of the way. He shoots walls when he gets bored. His patience couldn’t fill a tea spoon.

Now to address the loyalty part. Yes, he is extremely loyal to John, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, and later we find out he’s even loyal to Molly more or less. But he never even realizes his loyalty is so strong until Moriarty uses it against him. It’s a trait that he didn’t realize he had until his enemy twisted his arm about it. Looping back to my point about priority, loyalty wasn’t high on his list until it was the thing he needed to utilize to prove he was clever and win the game against Moriarty. It all circles back to wit and having the mental upperhand over his enemy. Sherlock is all about proving his cleverness. So yes, he does prove to be loyal, but what’s his motivator? Proving his own brilliance.

Finally, to address Slytherin. Admittedly, this is the house I have always seen as a second to his placement in Ravenclaw.

“These cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends”

He’s ruthless when he needs to be, and pompous too, but as always, it all revolves around his thirst to be an ingratiated genius. We see his ruthlessness when he shouts at an old lady who watches the two kidnapped children’s house. It can be argued that he did this to get what he wanted. BUT what did he want? Information so that he could win the game against Moriarty. We also see his lack of ruth when he steps on the taxi driver’s bullet wound to make him give him Moriarty’s name. This was torture, something that we often associate with Slytherin house as people use it because it’s a ruthless way to get what they want. It’s all about what the motive is though, and, as always, it’s to get the upperhand on the guy who he is at intellectual war with.

As for using any means to achieve his ends, yes, this is something we see very often in the series. He makes John come all across London just to send a text message for him because he’s thinking and doesn’t  want to stop for long enough to send it. We see this in the Reichenbach Fall where he is willing to let almost all of his loved ones think he is dead in order to dismantle Moriarty’s network on his own- another endeavor he could have done with John’s help probably, but he

1. Wanted John to be safe and away from all that danger

2. Figured that he was clever enough that he could’ve done it on his own with maybe a little help from his wittier older brother

Ultimately, yes, he’s ruthless and would use any means to achieve his ends, but in the end, those “ends” are to prove his superior mind is the stuff of genius. His wit is his greatest treasure. His best quality. It pays his bills and saves his friends.

Sherlock belongs in Ravenclaw house.

Greg Lestrade vs Jim Moriarty: The Mirrors for Sherlock’s (Homo)Sexuality

Many have speculated over the subtextual connection between Moriarty and Sherlock since S1.  It seems obvious, doesn’t it?  Moriarty is the sexualized, psychotic fiend that Sherlock could easily have turned into if it weren’t for his friends and moral code.  They are two halves that make a whole!  But is it really that simple?  I do not think it is.  The point of this post is to prove Moriarty is a symbol - partially through Sherlock’s own doing - for homosexuality in general, while Lestrade is the consistent mirror for the story of Sherlock’s sexuality. 

Let’s start with Moriarty.  He is first seen in TGG as Jim from I.T. - and he is stereotypically gay. The first word used from Sherlock to describe him is “gay”.  On the surface we know now that it’s some sort of ruse to make a fleeting impression, but subtextually this is showing the audience that this character is homosexuality.  Moriarty uses “hello sexy”, “my dear”, and “is that a British browning L9A1 in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” when speaking with Sherlock - all within his first episode.  Sherlock calls him a distraction - and certainly he is! Even after death Sherlock resurrects him to show the audience how terribly he’s dealing with his homosexuality.  I used to think Moriarty was a stand-in for Sherlock’s sexuality in general, but since TAB I no longer think that way.  

TAB showed us something valuable with the way Sherlock views his own homosexuality - He summons Moriarty to 221b and has what appears to be the most subtext-laden wet dream they’re allowed to show on television these days.  But just before that, Mrs Hudson says to Lestrade “He’s waiting…. for the Devil…. I wouldn’t be surprised, there’s all sorts ‘round here” which is a direct reference to the line from Mrs Hudson in ASiP “Don’t worry, we’ve got all sorts ‘round here… Mrs Turner’s got married ones”.  This proves that in his own mind, Sherlock connects homosexuality with the Devil.  Moriarty chained up in Sherlock’s heart in HLV must therefore be similar - He’s the repressed homosexuality that Sherlock is afraid of.  Could also be, like in TAB, he believes he’s to be dragged to hell for the sins of his past - meaning his time with the Devil is coming back to haunt him.  He has to make amends with the transgressions of his past regarding his homosexuality, sentiment, and possibly the Other One in order to move forward.  And the only way for Sherlock to do that is to allow himself to love John Watson. 

Because Moriarty is the stand-in for homosexuality, there’s still a main character out there who is a mirror for Sherlock’s sex drive/sexuality.  John’s is Molly Hooper, which is much easier to see.  She dates people who remind her of Sherlock, she gains weight when she’s not sexually satisfied, she was engaged in TEH, “I’ve moved on”, she takes John’s place in crime solving in TEH, she is jealous of Irene Adler in ASiB, the list goes on and on.  Sherlock’s sexuality mirror is Greg Lestrade - someone who pines for Molly, who attended John’s wedding alone (the third wheel to Molly and Tom), who has a rocky romantic relationship we see nothing of.  He’s seen trying to quit smoking at the same time Sherlock is also trying to quit in ASiP.  Sherlock is furious to see him show up in Dartmoor in THoB when he and John are having their “are we just friends or what?” crisis.  He is mysteriously missing from TBB, an episode devoted fully to the concept of “locked-room mysteries” (mysteries of the heart).  Lestrade isn’t usually worried about those “locked room mysteries”, though, since break-ins are “not our division” (not his area). However, Moriarty breaks into three of the most secure places in the country and Lestrade is on alert.  No matter what, he cannot stop Moriarty - he even starts to believe the lies of “Richard Brook”.  

Honestly, just the way Greg pines for Molly is enough to sell me on this concept. “Is it serious you two?” - “Is this your… new arrangement? And John?” - ***Jaw drop on Christmas eve in ASiB looking at Molly*** - “Me and the wife, back together again it’s all sorted (No) / [Everything’s fine with me in that department, take my word for it {Nope, there’s something going on that you’re NOT fine with}]” 

So, if these deductions of the symbolism of Moriarty and Lestrade have any merit to them, what might we deduce about the fact that the great Sherlock Holmes cannot remember Lestrade’s first name? And what might we deduce about the fact that Sherlock chose to dive off the cliff in TAB, willingly following Moriarty to the depths of the falls?  


Sherlock doll sets I’ve made over the years!

The last one is available for sale here:



Here’s an list of like everything I can think of that makes no sense now. in no particular order. Sorry this happened guys, we deserved better. 

  • “Girlfriend no not really my area.” 
  • John asking Sherlock if he had a boyfriend 
  • Someone must love you.” Says Irene In response to John pulling his punches in order to not damage Sherlocks mouth. 
  • Literally any line of other character implying they were a couple or mentioning they love each other????
  • “But look how you care for John Watson.”
  • S2E3 When Moriarty had gunmen trained on John, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade. But not Molly. 
  • “We’re not a couple.” “Yes you are.” 
  • “You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool. People might 
  • “The fair sex is your department Watson.”
  • Sherlock leaving the wedding early looking really sad???
  • “You look sad when you think he can’t see you.” Said by Molly I might mention, so..
  • Sherlock literally restarting his own heart after mind palace Moriarty says John’s name
  • W HY, W H Y. If he actually loved Molly would he not just tell her??? There was nothing standing in the way? Whereas there were several obstacles that could/did prevent him from telling John. 
  • “Have you spoken to Mycroft? Molly? Anyone? “They don’t matter, you do.” 
  • The Knee Grope 
  • “If i’m gone, I know what you two could become.”
  • John being jealous when sherlock interacts with women?
  • John’s face when Sherlock proposed to Janine
  • Moriarty saying he would “Burn the heart out” of Sherlock, while John was standing RIGHT THERE strapped to explosives. 
  • There’s literally never been any indication Sherlock loved Molly?
  • “I know what kind of a man you are.” 

Congratulations. Your viewers are smarter you are evidentially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to add I know I’ve missed some. 

a full proper list of things i want in season 4 of sherlock

  • a moriarty/molly interaction along the lines of “i underestimated you”
  • lady friendships
  • the holmes brothers explaining the full truth about the fall together
  • mary being open and telling stories about her bamf past 
  • happy watsons 
  • sherlock doing experiments on baby watson like “i am monitoring her cognitive growth john” as he attaches electrodes or something to her tiny head and everyone face palms
  • casual molly and lestrade scenes like in the lab in tsot 
  • more subtle irene adler references e.g. her physically being there 
  • a reference or two to holmes’ love of bees 
  • more billy wiggins 
  • development of the sherlock/janine friendship
  • more holmes family things i.e. his parents worrying about the whole moriarty thing
  • moriarty not going anywhere near baby watson 
  • moriarty not going anywhere near baby watson
My interpretation of the mind palace scene...

And what it says about who’s in Sherlock’s mind palace, and what they represent. 

  • Molly represents Data. Although Sherlock is a chemist, it’s Molly who he turns to most frequently for scientific facts. In the moments after he’s shot, Sherlock needs to understand what’s going on with his body. Molly is a coroner, and knows better than anyone else the cold, hard effects of a bullet to the chest. 
  • Mycroft is Reason. As established in The Sign of Three, he’s there to help prompt and guide Sherlock on how to coalesce the facts he already knows into a pattern, and therefore predict and control outcomes. Molly tells Sherlock that his body is going into shock? Mycroft prompts him with the solution (don’t go into shock by finding a source of comfort, i.e Redbeard). 
  • Anderson is a Greek Chorus. He’s an annoying intrusion, but he helps to support and repeat the facts. His and Molly’s real world professions (coroner/forensics expert) mirroring each other no doubt linked them together in Sherlock’s mind.
  • Moriarty is Pain and Death. When Sherlock cannot handle the physical pain, he consults his mind’s source of pain. That source is the thing hidden away which tells Sherlock that death is preferable and comfortable, a place without pain where no one will bother him ever again. 
  • John is Love. Sherlock’s mind knows that people will be saddened at his death (Mrs. Hudson and his parents are named specifically, but also Mycroft, Molly, Lestrade et al. can be added to the list). However, it’s not the thought of saddening them or even John that causes Sherlock to fight. It’s the realization that John might be in danger, that Sherlock would fail him. It’s not dying again that shakes Sherlock, it's not being able to protect John. 


Can we just appreciate for one moment that we got not one but two…TWO sherlolly kisses IN ONE EPISODE.





External image



But i’m going to ditch the caps cuz that shit gets annoying real fucking fast…

Look at his face. Whenever he kisses her. There is this tenderness present that is not present in anyone else he looks at. He looks at her like he wishes he could be with her but he can’t because he’s Sherlock Holmes and dangerous and a dick and she deserves better than him.

But he loves her.So he can’t resist being jealous or making fun of her boyfriends or noticing every little fucking thing about her. 

Well i mean he’s Sherlock he notices everything about everyone but he doesn’t care about things like parted hair or lipstick because they say almost nothing about a person.

But they say A LOT about Molly Hooper, and they say A LOT about what Molly Hooper does to impress Sherlock Holmes, and they say A LOT about the way Sherlock Holmes observes Molly Hooper. 

He observes the sexual parts about her. Her lips, her hair. He did the same thing with Irene Adler and we all know what that was about.

Not only does he observe these things, he uses them to his advantage. To get what he wants, to get her to do something she’s not supposed to do, to get her to help him.

Which isn’t exactly making my case but I digress

When he talks to her….he’s completely honest with her. No bullshit. None of that spewing out a gazillion observations at top speed so I don’t have to talk about my feelings (He does have them) crap. He’s 100% himself with her. When he’s with her, he doesn’t put on any sort of mask. 

That is why I fucking love Sherlolly

He’s just 100% Sherlock, just Sherlock, not Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, the genius, the legend; but Sherlock the person. 

And when Molly says she’s engaged…

He’s not even remotely happy about it he’s so sad look at him his heart is breaking but he puts on a brave face like he always does this man is so fucking strong and brave seriously.

He cares about her. He loves Molly but he thinks he’s not good enough for her. He thinks she deserves someone better because he is strong and he is so brave and he's not selfish he’s self-sacrificing because he has to be he’s not a dick he’s a hero (okay maybe he’s a bit of a dick but we love him that way) that he basically distances his own feelings from her and from himself.

In series 1, he’s basically doesn’t know he has a crush on her. He acts like a fool around Molly. Why would he know he’s got a crush? He’s Sherlock Holmes, the virgin. So he acts like a dick because that’s default for him. He knows she’s got a crush on him, he sees everything. But he doesn’t know that he is attracted to her as well. So he makes fun of her lipstick and teases her and gives her shit for liking him and part of this stems from the fact that deep down, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of it.

He may have a huge ego, but only when it comes to his intellect. Not when it comes to being a human being. He knows he comes up a bit short in that area.

So in Series 2….Sherlock realizes he’s falling in love with her, on some deep level, but refuses to acknowledge it. He’s in fucking denial.  So he “dates” other women (The Woman). Like every other person on the planet who lives in fear of getting their heart broken or someone getting to know them on a very deep level, he doesn’t want to acknowledge he might love her. Because it might distract from his work, which is the single most important thing that Sherlock Holmes does, is solve crimes, and he finds women distracting in general (which is why he doesn’t have any fucking relationships with them except Mrs. Hudson who basically acts like his mother).  It’s important here: He doesn't want to fall in love with Molly, because it might affect the way he solves crimes or might affect his judgement.

We’ve seen how he is with John. When he cares, when he let people in, he not only puts them in danger, but will drop everything, even a case, at the drop of a hat (A deerstalker one, perhaps) to rescue them if they are in danger.

Also…at the Christmas Party, when he was basically a huge dick about Molly’s present for her “boyfriend" (coughcoughSherlockcoughcough) He’s jealous. He deduces she has a boyfriend and he doesn’t like it. So he’s a jealous ass about it. But when he finds out the present is for him, he does a complete fucking 180. 

Even John went #wtf just happened #is sherlock fucking apologizing #holy shit

He’s kind, he immediately apologizes, he even feels guilty about being a dick. He even kisses her on the cheek by way of apology for him being such an ass. you do not platonicly apologize to your friends in that way.

And in series 3….

He’s finally acknowledged that he’s in love with Molly Hooper, that he’s attracted to her. He can’t ignore her anymore, can’t ignore his feelings. She helped him fake his own death. He’s had two years to think that over. To evaluate and re-evaluate and evaluate again the way he feels about her. Because he finally realises: She does count. She does matter. She matters the most of all. 

It’s perhaps Moriarty’s mistake in thinking she doesn’t count that fully alerts him to the fact of how much she matters to Sherlock. And he’s had two years to ponder that over. 

So when we see him, asking her to solve crimes with him, it’s not just as thanks, it’s so much more than that. There’s so much more there than as appears on the surface. He kisses her on the cheek to let her know it’s okay, go ahead, live your life, because he’s not everything she thinks he is, he’s not everything he thinks he is. And so he loves her enough to let her go, because she deserves better than him.

"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was and always will be yours. If it never returns, it was never yours to begin with.”

But the funny thing is, is that she comes back to himYeah, it’s played off like a joke (and it’s pretty fucking funny, I did laugh my ass off at that bit, partially because I was so fucking happy because I’ll tell you why), but the fact that her fiance looks exactly like Sherlock is proof that she never really moved on at all. (She’s in constant denial, I swear.) She’ll always come back around to Sherlock, regardless of her other boyfriends, because he’s the one that matters.He’s the one that really, truly, deeply gets her. On a level no one probably does with Molly Hooper. He is her type. And no one else but Sherlock.

Sherlock does something to Molly no one else does: He sees her. He counts her. He thinks she’s important. And this is something that Molly doesn’t quite know how to deal with, because she’s always flew under the radar. She’s a Morgue Attendant for Christ’s sake.  Being in the spotlight, being seen, is not something that’s she’s ever really gone after. It’s something she doesn’t want, is recognition, but there’s some part of that that’s incredibly lonely.

Which is why she can’t even form a sentence when Sherlock’s in the room. She doesn’t know how to talk to people, especially someone she thinks so highly of as Sherlock. 

But I love that when it counts, she knows exactly what to say, to get right to the heart of Sherlock and make him think, and I don’t mean think logically, I mean think about other people's feelings. Especially his OWN feelings.

And when you think about it, this is quite an accomplishment, because Sherlock is ruled by his head. He doesn’t have time to think about silly little trivial human matters. He can’t even be bothered to eat or sleep when he’s on a case. He smokes endless amounts of tobacco (and in the books, he does drugs), with little thought to his own health. Everything about him takes a backseat to the case. His own personal needs can wait. His feelings come very low on his list of priorities.

Think about it: Everything else is secondary.

Sherlock’s list of priorities:

1) His intelligence, his brain. Without this, Sherlock is nothing. This is his gift and he prizes it above all else.

2) Solving the case. This is his purpose. This is what he does, this is his contribution to the world, is using his intelligence to solve cases and help people. This is his legacy.

3) Bringing down criminals. This is important. Because, especially in the books, he would have allowed his own death if it meant bringing down Moriarty and his crime network.

4) John Watson. Sherlock would be lost without his blogger. Sherlock cares about John Watson more than perhaps anyone else in the world (whether romance or bromance is up to you) He prioritizes his safety above anyone else’s, including his own. (Just look at how he fucking ripped through that bonfire to save him).

5) The people in his life. Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Molly Hooper. These are the people he puts under his protection, and God help anyone who tries to hurt them (this includes John Watson, but Watson is placed higher up on the list)

6) Not being bored. This is his weakness and his flaw: he’d do anything to stop being bored. His brain races far above anyone else’s, and therefore requires more stimulation and must cause distress when he has nothing to do. Hence him falling into dark moods, becoming depressed, using drugs to stimulate his mind. Nobody likes to be in that dark place, and he gets there far quicker because of his extraordinary mental prowess.

As you can see, his own personal feelings didn’t even make the list.  

But Molly makes him think about himself, and that’s something that no one else manages to do.

And I think that’s why I truly love Sherlolly: Is because she adds a whole new level of depth to my favorite character. She makes him think about himself as a human being. And no one else has managed to do that, not even John. John makes him consider other’s feelings, but Molly makes him consider his own, and that is fantastic.