and then lavender came along

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Hey Brook before Sylphy came along an became Lavender's boyfriend did you have any feelings for Lavender?

“Well….. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember. We grew up together. I never had romantic feelings towards him but from what I believe he had feelings for me for a long while.”

The price to pay

It had been three weeks since Queen Aria Liddle had been returned to the palace. She held of course a conference and explained that the person who was responsible for capturing her and holding her and Genji (though she didn’t call him by name) in captivity for all that time was going to be found and dealt with.
Of course with the return of a queen, came the need for celebration. Aria herself had little to do with the planning as she was trying to repair what her sister destroyed in her ‘absence’. But once her other sisters had caught wind she was back they flocked to the palace in grand, beautiful carriages.
Surprisingly enough the woman in blue who woke Genji and Lavender up the day the party was announced was, Lavenders 'oldest’ aunt, Sonata. Who didn’t have children of her own but, was happy to treat arias like hers.
The palace was full of Lavenders cousins and aunts and their partners. Along with her aunts came Lavenders friends who worked in different kingdoms, who Lav excitedly introduced to Genji and when he wasn’t busy, Hanzo.
The only person who knew something wasn’t right with Lavender was her ever loyal bodyguard, Lu. Who in turn told the only aunt who could fully be trusted.
Unlike the rest of Arias sisters, this woman didn’t dress to fit a certain color. She didn’t wear bright chartreuse gowns or elaborate teal tutu’s. She wore simple Jean shorts, A black tank top and a bomber jacket. And unlike her sisters her face wasn’t completely smooth, scars marked her face like silver indenting’s and despite the frown on her face constantly, her eyes looked like they smiled all the time.
She’s sitting in Lavenders room, watching her and her maids talk about clothes to wear tonight. She hardly looks at Genji but does give him a glance every now and again. But she’s looking at her niece like she’s a puzzle she can’t quiet place.
Lavender for the past few weeks has shown more and more subtle signs something is amiss, fatigue, mood swings, nausea. But insists she’s probably just got a cold. Most of her aunts and cousins buy this story, but this aunt does not. And she moves forward like a flash of lighting when Lav denies it again to the maids after tearing up over a beautiful gown.
Lav has thrown her arms up to protect herself, which has given her aunt enough of a space to grab her wrist. Her sea colored eyes look luminescent as she lets go. Laughing and looking at Genji, then Lav again. “ Oooh…Damn….” is all she offers before walking out.