and then later they just said 'you are bad for me I am moving out' and by that time I was so deep in her game

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you (part 3)


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Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus, Young!Reader x Uncle!Elijah

I took a deep breath as the cold air pricked my skin. * why is it so fucking cold *. I pull my jacket closer to my body as the wind blows down the school hallway. “Hurry up Y/n,” my friends Jason and Kara say waiting for me at the gym door. We were heading to the gym since we have to go talk to our gym coach about the pacer test along with meet Hope. ^ Whoopee!^

“Slow down guys remember crouches,” I say tilting my head to the crutches in my hands. “Sorry Black Canary,” says Jason using my nicknames while scratching the back of his head as I finally catch up with them. “It’s fine to let’s just go before lunch ends I am hungry,” I said as we head into the gym when I remembered my plan. I still need to give Jason and Kara the goodbye letters. *Oh yeah soon I won’t see them for as long as they think we will. At least now I won’t be able to bother them anymore. Jason won’t have to wait for me at the end of the street so we could talk. And he could go out with Hope like he wanted to. Kara would have less competition when it comes to ballet tryouts. I am doing them a solid they don’t need to baby me anymore. No one will not even myself* I thought. *The voices will stop no more looking at the knife, in lust. Or wanting to kill someone, along with dreams of torture*. ^Yeah honey like we said your end is the end^. I felt like screaming as the Voice poisonous sound rings through me.

“Hey are you ok, ” asks Kara. “Yeah don’t worry about it I am just thinking about something,”.^More like hearing something, but don’t worry it will end soon just remember the goodbye^.

“Hey if you guys don’t see me for a while, remember that I love you guys ok, “I said not looking at them to see their faces.

“What do you mean are you going somewhere ?” Said Kara frantic, she was always caring for me but if you annoy her too long she will fight you in a heartbeat. “No nothing major just you know visiting some family for a while, ” I said as Jason goes to talk to out gym coach for us while we talk. ^family on the other side^

“But why all your family lives in New Orleans?”She asked. “No not all of them I have am Aunt who lives in Maryland,”I lie.^Ooohh lying you your best friend when you know it’s your last time to see her how pityful^

“How long is a while? Wait are you sure cause Hop–”

“Look it doesn’t matter what Hope says or doesn’t I am nor Hope nor will I ever be.  I am just going away for some time and to answer your how long question. I am not sure but I will come back ok?” I lie. *Thou I hate lying to them it is necessary for their own good. She doesn’t need to know, I am just a burden her parents don’t even like me as they prefer Hope. Once again Hope wins The Voices in my head win. But soon it won’t matter I am ending this soon maybe in the next life I will be happier. *

“Plus I am going cause of family issues something happened with Hope and they think it’s best I go away for a while. just for two weeks,“ I said then took out her letter. ” Here in two days open this letter if I don’t tell you everything that’s going on OK? But you gotta promise me that you won’t tell Jason, I will tell him later on in the day okay.“ She nodded. I wanted to tell her more. Tell her everything but I knew if I did then she would try to convince me not too which wouldn’t help anyone.

“Hey,” said Jason poking my cheek and breaking me from my thoughts. “Huh,” I turn to face then but both of then have confusion written on their face.“Sorry just thinking of when we are going for the trip,” I said acting excited.

“Are you sure?” said Kara death staring me in the eyes and poking my chest. “Yes, Kara I am 100% sure now stop poking me,” I said moving away from her so she nor Jason can poke me. Jason frowns while Kara fake cries. “Oh hey guys,” said Hope as she joins us. We haven’t talked ever since she came into my room last week, which I am grateful for but sadly she decided to hang out with Kara, and Jason. I don’t get how someone can be so fake. She acts like we never had a problem with each other in the first place.*^I do it’s just like how you’re being fake about killing yourself^ Ignoring the voice to best I can I focus on what it in front of me. Jason and Kara are laughing at some joke Hope said. *Jason, kara I am going to miss you two so much but this is for your own good you guys can’t be doing this to you guys, pulling you into my life no point punishing you guys for my sins and mistakes.* I thought.^Yet here you are still in their lives hurry up ^ 

“Yeah I  just a lot on my mind,” I said leaning onto him. Jason, Kara and I always had this kind of relationship. Always caring and supporting each other.  *It doesn’t matter now does it. It’s too later be thinking about that, not like things will get better or something.* I thought as we were about to enter the cafeteria when Kara was called for early dismissal.^finally your thinking like me so why don’t you finish it ^ I felt like another person was in the room whispering this in my ears, but guess what I am falling for it.

I pull Kara in for a hug, not a side hug like I normally do but a full one. I take in her scent as she wraps her arms around me. She smells like strawberries and banana. I felt happy in her arms as her body heat radiates onto me.I felt at peace, nothing could make me mad, or want to cry, the bad thoughts went away. I was at peace and happy, but like all good stuff, it must come to an end  "See you tomorrow,“ she said as we let go then ran off. I felt tears prick my eyes. “Come Canary time food,” Jason puts his arm around me as we went over to the lunch line.^Yeah get your last meal before you pass^ said Voice, might as well give it a name since it will with me till my end.

——————————-Time skip bros end of the school day ———————

I took a deep breath as I walk over to the outside bench with Jason, my crush, behind me. “Hey, are you OK?” He said as he places our stuff down and takes a seat. “ Yeah Just haven’t been getting the best sleep,” I sorta lie.^liar liar death on fire ^

The truth is that I try not to sleep at all and use coffee creamer to stay up planning my end and writing my goodbye letters. Half of my goodbyes are finished. And I already choose the outfit I am going to wear. Just cause I am going to die doesn’t mean I cannot be happy as I do it. But mostly it’s because at night I have nightmares and I wake up screaming which annoys the living hell out of everyone at home, one way to not annoy them is to not sleep ya know.

“So when do you want me to come over for Ms.Greene’s. Project ?”

“Oh right about that—”. ^You can’t cause I am going to kill myself ^ I shake my head trying to get those word out of my head.

“Let me guess I can’t cause of family issues and you cannot come to my house cause Your not allowed out the house for reasons your not telling me,” he said. I felt guilty for leaving him hanging so much lately. We have been best friends since pre-k. We used to play with the building blocks as Marcel would take us to the playground. I sigh as Jason rubs the back of his neck.”What is up with you ever since Kara and I have been hanging out with Hope and you got your leg hurt you have just been so distant

“Look Jason I know I normally tell you everything but honestly. I think I just need some space,” I said. I grew cold with every word I said to him. I am not sure if it was because of the cold but I knew it was most likely for the best. ^You’re going to die soon don’t make it harder for us ^ said Voice in my head.

“So are you still gonna come to my basketball game today after school right?” His eyes lighted. I  wanted to yes so I can see crush the  other team.“ No, I won’t I got to head to the Quarter house,” I said to him. His smile disappears from his face.

“B-but you always come to them so we can have Ice cream,” I take a deep breath .*I wish we could do that forever * I thought as I took his hand in mine  "Look Jason I know we always do that but I can’t this time —“

“Ahh  Y/n there you are.  ” I said Uncle Elijah and Hope. I quickly let go of Jason’s hand and put my hands on my crutches. * shoot I forgot Uncle Elijah was picking me and Hoe I mean Hope up* I thought as Jason picks up his books. I opened my mouth to talk him but he was already walking away. “I will finish Ms.Greene’s  project on my own. let you have some Space,” he spat out the words like daggers then disappeared in the distance between us.

I place my stuff in my backpack, slipped it on and went to Uncle Elijah and Hope beginning our trek to the house.

I pull out my iPod and headphones and start listening to ‘work out’ by j cole. He is one of Jason and I favorite singers. We walked together for thirty-five minutes before Uncle Elijah actually talks to me. Hope is on Uncle Elijah back since she got tired ten minutes ago from walking.

*honestly Uncle Elijah the Little shit can walk on her own  * I thought and continued walking thinking about Jason and I’s relationship if still even have one after today. ^what is there to think about it’s over and you ruined it ^ I felt my heart churn at her voice. *shut it voice*


It’s been two hours since we got home and so far, it’s just been Mom and sperm donner yelling at each other about something that is most likely about Hope or some ‘new enemy ’. I sigh as hear another vase slams my door again. *Uncle Elijah going to yell * I thought. At first, when they occurred I was scared out of my mind, but now I am used to it it doesn’t matter.

^Honestly, what is there for me to worry about. I am not gonna be here in the future so I am fine Right? Why don’t you just pick up a knife and slit your throat no one will notice your dead until the deed is done^. I hugged my pillow closer to my chest and pushed the hollow feeling into the back of my mind. I found these thoughts popping up in my head more often lately. Maybe it was bound to happen you know. ^So what are you gonna go^ said the voice.  

I get off of my bed and walk over to my closet, get into my good bye clothes (, my wonder woman hat on top. I grab my birthday money and Uncle Elijah old phone which he let me have, doesn’t have a sim card but it still works, and the directions to place. I grab the rest of the letters I need to give and put them in my backpack. “Now the major problem getting out of this house,” I said until it finally hit me.

 I took off all of my bed sheets, which were a lot by the way, off from the bed then threw them out the window. I placed them in a way that they fall one on top of another. I took the pillow cases off of my pillows and threw them down as well. I tossed out my crutches. *I Hope I survive * I thought as I balance standing on the edge of the window. I pull the pillows to my chest and do the leap of faith from assassin’s creed, but it was kinda hard to do with my hurt leg. I groan as I hit the ground even though I made a pile it still hurt. I grabbed my crutches and struggled to get off of the blankets. Once that was over, head straight for Rousseau (Marcel and Cami’s bar). By the time I got there Cami’s shift was hadn’t begun yet thankfully. The room was full of people. I was about to take a seat when ” Y/n what are you doing here,“ said Marcel after I nearly have a heart attack. Thou would kill me it’s not the way I want to go.

 “Oh hey Marcel, how are you?” I said giving him a fake smile but I knew he wasn’t falling for it.“Nice try Y/n ” he said as we take a seat at a nearby table. “So mind telling me what you are doing here?” “I wanted to give this to you,” I said taking out the letters for him and Cami. “They are thank you letters for you and Cami. I wasn’t able to give Jason his either so can you give it to him? ,” I place them onto the table and slide it over to him. “I was hoping to see both of you here. but since Cami isn’t here can you please give this to her?” I query.

 He nods his head and takes the letters. I fight the tears and smile that threaten to break my heartless facade, but I couldn’t help but smirk at knowing those who I truly care about knowing how I feel about them. But as soon as it came it went.“So mind telling me what you are doing giving this to me,” he asked. *Oh Uncle Marcel even thou I didn’t say it a lot to you ‘I love you ’ you may not be blood but you are no water* I thought as I give him a smile. “No Uncle Marcel just a simple thank you letter were supposed to write and deliver one to those who you love,” I said getting up from the table and left Rousseau, leaving Marcel alone looking at the letters.

 _________________________time skip arrival death place_______________

“Finally” passing the entrance of the local indoor pool. No one was here other than me. I passed the locker area and went to the pool. *Huh the little shit is about to do it finally. Thought you were gonna plague the world some more. I don’t see why you are here still you made it this far let’s do it shall we* I wanted to fight the voice but I knew it was no choice. The reason I chose the pool was because of it the one place that no one would look for me. 

When I was young Jason and I would come here with Cassandra Winchester sometimes we all would just play on the not deep side of the pool, but we stopped once she left for a mission and never came back. I highly doubt Jason even remembers this place. No one else knows about this place since I never told anyone about it. The light from the water light up the entire room so it wasn’t dark. I didn’t take off my shoes or jewelry since they all had meant something to me. I walk over to the deep side of the pool that was 7ft. “Goodbye life,” I said then dropped into the water. 

The cold temperature pricked my skin but I didn’t let it bother me as I sank to the bottom. My vision was blurry but I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the water or lack of oxygen. I felt my body slowly sink close to the pools floor*Finally this is it. You free now you don’t have to burden others with your presence.* I thought as black spots blur my vision. I suddenly felt more tired than usual. *maybe a good rest* I slowly close my eyes and release the all the air in my lungs as darkness kills me.

_________Third POV at home_______________time past____________ _____________________________________________________________

No one notices how Y/n has jumped from her bedroom window over Klaus’s screaming. Kol rolls his eyes as his brother talks about how high and mighty he now that he is a hybrid. “Dear Brother Niklaus might you please stop screaming before Hope wakes up,” said Elijah Pouring himself a drink of whiskey. “Klaus opens his mouth to say more but nothing comes out. He storms out of the house slamming the door in his rage making Hope stir in her sleep. “Well that was dramatic,” said Hayley walking into the living room with a tea in her hand. “Has anyone ever told you that is how this family works,” said Cami sitting down next to her. “Cami doesn’t your shift start soon,” said Elijah, Cami chokes on her drink then runs out the room to get to work.

 “Mommmmyyyy!!!!!!” Screamed Hope, the Originals immediately run to her side. She was inside her sister’s room with a letter in her hand. Tears ran down her cheeks as Hayley comforts her child. “Hope what’s wrong?“Said, Elijah, while taking the letter out of her hands. He nearly passes out from what he reads.“There is one in everyone’s room” Hope stuttered holding onto her mother. Elijah hands the letter to Kol, who just stared dead at the letter noticing Y/n’s handwriting, Elijah walks out the room and quickly collects all the other letters.

 “Hope what happened?” said Kol trying not to be angry after reading Hope’s letter.

“Y/n is committing suicide,” she said.

 Everyone froze upon hearing this. That one of their loved ones was willing to take their own life and no one knew why or how she would scream in her pillow at night or how she tried not to sleep til the point she naturally has insomnia. “Why would she do that?” Asked Freya. 

“Why wouldn’t she, you always favor Hope more than her. You didn’t even notice that she was kidnapped,” said Kol glaring at him family “Brother do we—” “STOP BLOODY LYING. DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER HER MIDDLE NAME OR THE LAST TIME YOU LET HER CHOOSE FOR HER BIRTHDAY,” screamed Kol. “You ignore her cause she is human. Cause she isn’t as powerful as Hope. Yet you forget that you were once the same as her but at least we had someone who noticed and cared at least we had each other,” said Kol. “Rebekah,” he said pointing to her “ you have been begging for a human in this family and when we finally have one you ignore the girl”. Rebekah opens her mouth but no words come out. 

“Aaahh and the mother,” he said turning to Hayley. “You wondered about how you treated both of them so badly, but guess what you did even worse you only cared for one,” he spats. Hayley glares at Kol but knows deep down is words are completely right. She never once thought about what Y/n would want to do for her birthday or how she would drink coffee in the morning. “You people may not care for her but I do and I won’t let you people be the reason of her death,” said Kol, storming out the house. Everyone one froze upon hearing these words. The thought of Y/n finally ringing in their heads. Hope dries her her eyes and pulls her mom into a hug. 

The despair was too great that you could cut it with a knife. “I will begin a locator spell,” Freya walks out the door with Y/n’s necklace to begin the spell. Rebekah follows silently out of the house. “Elijah w–"Hayley opens her mouth to ask him a question when she already knows the answer. ‘Was Y/n ever treated like Hope’. They all knew the answer is ‘No’. “ Hope honey its time for bed, ” said Hayley.“ Uncle Elijah will look for Y/n and by tomorrow we will have her back I promise she will be back alive,” Hayley pulls hee daughter in for a hug, Elijah leaves the room but not after placing all the remaining letters on Y/n’s desk before leaving. Hope nods her head and gets ready for bed by herself for the first time in her life. Her mother asked if she needed help, but she denied it and continued on her own. "Mommy you should go find Y/n I will be fine,” Hayley nods and follows her request and leaves the house.

More fun with Andrew

So Andrew has been coming by more often. Mostly by my hubby’s invite thank god. Usually I don’t make it a habit of fucking someone more then a few times so it doesn’t become a problem or at least not so many times in a short period of time. But with Andrew I don’t feel too worried about him developing feelings or anything he is still very much in love with his girlfriend and he’s good friends with my hubby he just likes the thrill of bending me over in the garage and quickly fucking me behind my husbands back. So last night Andrew was over again and the 3 of us were sitting around chatting and watching a hockey game when my husband started to get too comfortable and fell asleep on the couch. Andrew and I moved to the dinning room table so he could roll a joint. While sitting at the table I was getting hot thinking about heading to the garage to smoke it and get bent over that I lifted my legs up (I wore a skirt for work) exposing my panties to him. I should also explain that you can see the living room from the dining room. So Andrew had a view of my panties and my hubby sleeping on the couch 20+ feet away. I noticed Andrew staring as I moved my hand to my panties and started to rub my pussy through them. After a minute I slipped my hand into them so I could feel how wet I was getting from showing him what a naughty slut I was even with my husband so close. Every touch of my clit felt amplified. Andrew then told me to take my panties off. I slowly slid them down and dropped them on the floor. Now he could see my bald married pussy, my husband sleeping and me masturbating like a little whore. I struggled to stay quiet so not to wake my husband as it would be impossible to explain why my panties were on the floor and I was playing with my pussy in front of his friend.

Andrew finally managed to get the joint rolled and we made our way to the garage. As soon as we were in there his cock was out and I was gagging on it like a pro. I deep throated his huge cock as he forced me to gag on it while he called me a whore. Then he sat down on the couch and I climbed up and sat my dripping wet pussy on his rock hard dick. I fucked the hell out of it cumming hard as he continued to call me a dirty slut. Then he stood up threw me down on the couch and pinned me down as he fucked me hard. The whole time he kept telling me how much he loved fucking me behind his friends back and especially while my hubby was home. I told him I love fucking him behind my husbands back. I told him how I love my husband but I also love being a bad girl. I asked him if he loved fucking me behind his girlfriends back and he said that he loves fucking her with my pussy juice still on his cock. Just then Andrew stopped and said we should go back inside. He put his cock away and headed in. As we went towards the living room he grabbed my hand and pulled me past my sleeping husband past the living room and to the stairs. Before I realized it we were in the bed room and I’m laying on the bed my skirt up and Andrew’s head between my legs. He ate my pussy till I came for the first time by a man other then my husband in the bed I share with my husband. Then he climbed on top of me and pushed his cock deep into my married pussy. He fucked me hard while choking me and telling me how hot it was to betray my husband in our bed with him right downstairs it was at that moment that I looked up to see my love standing in the doorway I couldn’t say a word I just looked at him as Andrew assaulted my cheating cunt hard and began filling me with his hot thick load. That’s when Andrew looked up and saw his friend my husband. My husband calmly says I think you should leave and Andrew doesn’t say anything but does just that. I’m leaking Andrews cum onto our bed to scared to say anything as my husband walks closer he stops and says you’ve been bad. I ever so slightly nod my head in agreement. He starts to unbuckle his pants I can see his cock is hard as he lines it up with my sloppy cum filled pussy he asks me how bad am I? how many times have I betrayed him betrayed our vows? And just as I’m about to tell him about all the guys and girls who have defiled his wife I hear Andrew say are you ready for me to fuck you on the bed you share with your loving devoted husband. It’s then that I realize I’ve been fantasizing about my husband catching us. Though the fantasy was great I snap back to the reality of what’s really happening. I love that Andrew is getting off on how wrong our actions are. I beg him to fuck me hard I beg him to cum in my cheating cunt and to fill me up while my husband is downstairs sleeping, completely oblivious to what his friend is doing to me in his house in our bed none the less all while he’s home. I’m a whore. A cheating slut of a whore and I don’t want to stop. Andrew fills my married pussy and quickly and quietly we sneak back down stairs. Awhile later Andrew leaves when my hubby finally wakes up I’m in my pjs snuggled under a blanket watching tv he kisses me apologizes for passing out then comes and snuggles me till the end of the show. We head up stairs I use the bath room to make sure my pussy isn’t to full of Andrew’s cum then I climb into bed climb on top of hubby and fuck him in the same bed I had just an hour before cheated on him in with one of his good friends. I’m a whore a cheating whore and I don’t want to stop. Sorry not sorry.

Make You Close Your Eyes

SPN FanFic

~Sam can sometimes be a mean tease, but it’s always worth it in the end.~

Sam x Reader, smidgen of Dean

2,438 Words

Warnings: Smuttiness of the Sam variety

A/N: This is my entry for @wheresthekillswitch and @emilywritesaboutdean Do It Like Team Free Will Challenge! My gif prompt is in the fic. This is also for @because-imma-lady-assface who wrote up this prompt and let me fly with it. Hope I did what you had in mind (recognize the title?) Big ups to my Sis @idreamofhazel for the beta and love. Feedback is ALWAYS loved. Please enjoy responsibly…

It started at dinner.

It was nothing fancy, just spaghetti and meatballs, something you’d been craving for a while and finally had the time to make. You sat next to Sam, watching with a smile as across the table, Dean practically licked his plate clean. As you watched Dean, you felt Sam watching you. He rested his head in his hand, leaning against the tabletop; a loving grin playing on his lips and making his dimples pop.

You were not oblivious to the look in his eyes, but you ignored him and finished your food, laughing as Dean slurped a long, sauce-covered string of pasta into his mouth like a child. That’s when Sam stepped up his game. His left hand dropped below the table and brushed lightly against your knee. Again, you ignored him, pretending not to notice the touch. His fingers danced up your leg and curled around your upper thigh, settling there with a light but suggestive pressure.

You peered at him quickly, but kept up your facade of not being affected by his actions. His eyes were lidded and his grin had faded into a teasing smirk that gave you a sneak peek into his thoughts. His hand shifted again, his long fingers sliding down to press firmly between your legs. You gasped and swallowed hard, clearing your throat to calm yourself and not let Dean see the blush that had surely crept over your cheeks. Sam’s fingers pressed down again and you knew for sure, tonight… it was on.

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My brother’s best friend 4 || D.H.

A/N: I hope this turned out alright. There is not much action/ drama but it’s still cute  (I hope so at least). This is the last part.

Word Count: 1.4K

3rd and first perspective


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A short silence followed. The two of them just breathed into the phone.

“What do you mean ‘she is not at my place’?” Phil eventually asked his best friend, trying to remain calm.

“Well, she just isn’t. Why is she not at home?” Dan wanted to know, confusion noticeable in his voice.

“I don’t know, okay? I thought she’d be at yours. Do you think she just left?” Phil was by now enormously worried and Dan could tell.

“Let’s find her.”

After Phil had hung up he immediately called his sister. It rang a few times and then it went to voice mail. He didn’t leave a message instead he just tried to ring her again. Once again no luck.

Y/N would have probably picked up if she weren’t cuddled up on the sofa in her best friend’s living room. The two of them always have girl’s nights whenever one of them feels down. So they watched a Zac Efron movie while eating ice cream at nearly 1 am. Shortly before they turned on the TV, Y/N told Sam everything that had happened and she ensured her that the whole dating Dan thing will surely work out in the end. Meanwhile her phone was in her bag in Sam’s room, out of reach and unable to hear.

“Dan, I called her like 5 times and she didn’t pick up!”

Phil didn’t have the time to even say hello. His sister had never done something like that before.

“Okay, I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes.”

Just like Sam earlier that night, Dan came to rescue his best friend. Phil was already waiting in the drive way although it was freezing outside. He immediately jumped into the car when it arrived.

“We should drive through the neighbourhood.” Phil suggested, again without greeting his best friend, there wasn’t enough time for that.

So Dan started driving while Phil hectically stared out of the window and got excited whenever he thought to see somebody move in the dark, but the shadows he saw were just cats.

“This is all your fault” Phil mumbled and Dan couldn’t believe his ears.

“What?! I just kissed her.”

“I know.” Phil breathed in frustration. “It’s not your fault at all.” He then added sounding devastated.

It was silent again in the car, both of them weren’t in the mood to listen to music in a situation like this.

“I’m sorry.”

Phil’s voice was so quiet that it was barely audible.

“I was way too rude to you and Y/N. I don’t know why I overreacted like that.” he admitted and could feel a little part of the weight on his shoulders vanish.

“She’s your little sister it’s completely normal to feel the need to protect her.” Dan tried to cheer his best friend up, he was just glad that he was insightful.

“I think I was just shocked to see you two like that. I know that you are not a bad guy but I- I still got so angry at you. I thought you were just sneaking around with her behind my back for fun, but I noticed that she means a lot to you.” Phil couldn’t stop explaining himself and apologizing.

It was all his fault that they had to drive through the whole neighbourhood to search for his sister and he knew that and it crushed him. At first, he thought Dan was the bad guy in this story, but it was actually him. The awareness of that put his stomach in a twist and he fiddled with his hands out of worry.

“Phil, I really like Y/N.” Dan calmly declared and he meant it.

“I know.”

“I should have told you about my feelings for her earlier.”

“I shouldn’t have freaked out.”

After driving around the block for more than half an hour Phil had nearly lost all his hope. He leaned his head against the cold class of the car window. His eyes still didn’t leave the pavement.

“Dan?” Phil asked carefully.

“Yes?” his best friend answered. One could tell that Dan was curious by now.

“When you and my sister start dating, promise me to not forget about me.”

At first, Dan thought he was joking but he realized that Phil was being serious.

“Phiiilll, why would we ever do that?”

“I don’t know, I’m gonna be the third wheel and you two will only hang out with each other. Without me.”

Phil was afraid to finally put his fear into words. It was true, he was afraid of losing both his sister and his best friend and they were the two most important people in his life.

“Nothing is gonna change, we could just hang out together. It’s not like we are just gonna forget you, Phil.”

Phil took a deep breath and felt that he had calmed down a bit now and he felt a lot lighter.

“Do you think we should give up and drive-“ before he was able to finish his sentence he got interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. It was so loud that it nearly made him jump.

“Hello!” he nearly shouted when he saw the caller ID and immediately picked up.

“Hi, why are you not sleeping?” Y/n asked she sounded confused and tired.

“Sleeping? How am I supposed to sleep when you just ran away?”

“Ran away? I am at Sam’s house.”

Sam’s house. Of course! Phil felt stupid for not thinking about that earlier, she’d always go there for girl’s nights.

“I was so worried about you.” Phil admitted instead of being angry at her. He had already caused enough trouble today and it was not her fault for needing a nice chat with her best friend after all the horrible things he had said.

Phil and I had a long talk after all that happened that night. He sincerely apologized for the way he acted and we went back to normal.

*5 months later*

“Prepare to lose Howell!” I shouted as I pressed play on my controller and started the game.

We were sat in the living room in front of the TV and played video games. At first Dan, Phil and I all played against each other and the best two got into the finale. Dan wasn’t wrong when he said that I’m better at this game than my brother.

“Never in a million years, Little Lester.”

I rolled my eyes at the nickname but had to grin like a fool anyway.

After a few minutes, it turned out that I was clearly the better player.

“I will never understand how you can be so good at this?” Dan sighed, annoyed that he was going to bitterly lose against me.

“Well, I had the best teacher.” I explained while high fiving my elder brother.

Phil had a huge smile on his face while Dan fake pouted.

“I wouldn’t be that confident of your victory, baby.”

“You are so far behind, it is nearly impossible for you to win.” I grinned amused.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that either.” Dan said with a smirk and I knew something was off.

In the matter of a second he had taken the controller out of my hand and started tickling me with his huge hands.

I immediately started laughing so hard that I didn’t make a sound anymore. I tried to push him away from me put he had lifted me onto his lap and wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I kicked him with my feet.

“ST-OP” I manged to croak in between heavy breaths in desperate need of air.

“Say I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” Dan suggested grinning widely. He stopped tickling me for a second so I could take a breath.

I shook my head no, teasing him.

Dan immediately attacked me with his large hands again, tickling my sides. I squirmed under his touch and felt how my face got red because of the lack of oxygen.

“OKAy! I- I’ll say it. Anything just please stop!” I squealed, giving in.

Dan seemed satisfied and actually stopped. “Let me hear it then.” He said cockily.

“I am the best boyfriend in the world and also the best at any video game.” I giggled and Phil who had to witness the whole scene started cracking up.

“Dad jokes? Really, Y/N?” Dan sighed annoyed but he was still smiling.

“Don’t act like you don’t love them, Dan.” I chuckled proud of myself.

“I really do love you.”

I couldn’t help but blush at his words. He was just too cheesy and cute.

We both leaned in for a kiss. Our lips met. They slowly moved against each other. I ran my hands though his brown hair as his tongue brushed my –

“GUYS! Not when I am here.” Phil complained and acted like he had to cover his eyes.

Political Animals-Part 11

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

Our lives became very difficult after the press found out about Sam and me. The paparazzi hounded us everywhere we went.  Just as Sam had predicted, the election ceased being about our parents and we suddenly became the topic of conversation.

Of course, my mother used the free publicity to her advantage. She released a statement saying she was totally devastated that her dearest daughter had allowed herself to be taken advantage of by such an unscrupulous Alpha as Sam Winchester. And that she hid my Omega status for my protection.

“This is complete and utter bullshit.” I snapped, grabbing the remote and turning off the TV. “I’ve never been her dearest anything, and she hid my being an Omega because those PR assholes told her to.”

“You need to calm down, Babe. All this stress isn’t good for you or the babies.” Sam said gently, his large hand caressing my belly.

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(Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader)

Word Count: 6033

Request/Summary: No request! (again…). Based off of Ed Sheeran’s Happier

Warnings: Brief diet smut, drinking because of emotional pain, way too many Dirty Dancing references (may or may not have been watching it while writing…)  angst, cussing.

Tagging: @satans-little-midgets @imagineham (extra special thanks to Steph for helping me with the title) @gwynstacee  @bleepblopbloop56 aaannnddd thanks to @hamilton-noodles most of this fic exists, so thanks, Jo.


Side note- Italics is the past, regular is the present. The present is organized linearly and the past is ambiguous to any specific order.

“Good morning.” Oak’s voice crackled as if he was speaking to you through a phone somewhere with bad reception, still coarse from his full night of sleep. You smiled. You couldn’t be mad at him for waking you up. You couldn’t be mad when he whispered in your ear like that. When you were encased in those big arms of his. When it was just cold enough in the room for you to want to stay close to him and under the mess of covers.

“Good morning.” You muttered back. You didn’t want to leave this moment behind. Not when he had his body wrapped around you, his breath against your skin, the room smelling just slightly of coffee, the covers soft against your skin, not when you were feeling like you were sinking into the mattress more and more with every passing second. You rolled over in his arms, your fingers finding the smooth polyester fabric of his navy colored t-shirt. You fiddled with the hem of his sleeve.

“I don’t want to get out of bed.” You told him, inhaling the scent of his chest- lavender, just like the soap bar you kept in the shower… for yourself.

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Fanfiction - Phoenix (Constellations Series)

So one of the most amazing ladies in this fandom, Master Seamstress (©) @outlanderedandoverhere, posted a picture of a beautiful Edwardian teal dress a while back. It turns out we both loved it and fangirled plenty about it. Soon enough the idea of her making a version of that dress for Sindy!Claire and me writing a story to go with it was born – we are just that kind of crazy. She inspired me to go back to one of my series, the place where it all started in a sense. I really can’t thank you enough for your hard work, dear - you are as talented as kind-hearted. I’ll never not fangirl over you.


Brahms echoed furiously through the open doors as the orchestra launched itself in a rendition of Hungarian Dance. It started like a riot, a crescendo of frenetic instruments, that made his blood swirl faster inside his veins, eager to jump and dance in the chambers of his heart.

Jamie adjusted his formal black tailcoats and checked his red hair – tamed by several minutes of strenuous work with brilliantine pomade. He wasn’t that used to it, usually allowing his hair to flow loose and tousled, hidden under his homburg hat when he went out for his daily chores. But the occasion demanded his very best evening attire, like a proper Edwardian gentleman, and Jamie was fairly confident he was looking dapper.

It was a birthday celebration for the daughter of the house, a wealthy heir of lands and titles in Oxfordshire – probably spoilt and coquettish, fishing for a suitable match since her debutante ball at the mercy of the King.

Jamie had been travelling home to Scotland, coming from a season of profitable connections in Paris, when one his best friends, Lord John Grey – a nobleman himself from the finest breed – had asked him to spend a short amount of time at his country house, in order to help him with some complex business arrangement. He had later insisted that Jamie must accompany him to the function, dangling in front of his eyes the chance of introducing his whiskey to a couple of eager – and well-lined – pockets.

After the debauchery he had witnessed in the Parisian cabarets, he wasn’t looking too forward to spending another night drinking, swallowing cigars and pretending to be interested in shallow conversations conducted by batting eyelashes or men comparing cock lengths.  

What he craved was the simplicity of the moors and lochs of the home of his heart, the painting of clouds and mist from his bedroom window – even if for a short period of time. Soon enough, he was meant to make the voyage across the great sea to New York, where he would make the acquaintance of some of the wealthiest railway tycoons, caskets rolling from Fraser’s distillery into prospering America.

Shrugging to ease off some tension, Jamie managed to summon a pleasant smile and entered the house. It was a riveting crowd – men gathered together in corners like wolfpacks, evaluating their prey; woman sipped from champagne flutes, tasting beverage and gossip alike; the orchestra played along dutifully, decided to give a concert even without listeners.

Jamie greeted a couple of acquaintances, briefly commenting on the excellent turnout of the evening and enchantments of the Beauchamp estate, and accepted a glass of rich Portuguese port offered by a doting footman.

After a laboured hour of confraternization, with a brief passage through the baccarat table and multiple polite – or so he hoped – rejections of languid invitations to dance, Jamie was wondering if it would be the supreme abruptness to leave while the party was still at its prime.

Looking around to try to locate John – perched near the piano player, hypnotized in conversation with his friend Hector – Jamie noticed her.

She was standing by the most secluded window, almost hidden by the heavy drapes of the red curtains, only noticeable because of the beckoning colour of her dress – a deep teal, that reminded him of Scottish skies in the summertime, right before the hour of falling stars. She had her back slightly turned, so he could only see her outline.

Her rich brown hair was styled in an elegant and simple knot, with solitary pearls scattered amongst her trapped locks, like drops of sea commanded by Poseidon to the most beautiful mermaid. Unlike other women – wearing flowers or jewelled pins and combs -  she had used a hair accessory that looked like a wee dagger to keep her hair in place – it reminded him so much of a sgian dhu that Jamie almost gasped. She had a pair of simple silver earrings and no other jewellery that he could see.

Jamie moved discreetly, trying to approach her without being noticed. She was looking outside – her hands covered by satin black opera gloves, bracing the marble of the windowsill -, her lips pursed in seriousness, her eyes lost in contemplation of unseen things.

“Ye look bored out of yer mind.” He said in a conversational tone, before he could stop himself. She startled and looked around annoyed, noticing him – her eyes were the most astonishing shade of amber. “Sorry to disturb ye, Madam.”

“That’s alright.” She surveyed him, head to toe, taking him in. “You’re not from around here, are you?”

“Scotland.” Jamie confirmed, smiling. “My estate – Lallybroch - is near a village much smaller than the backyard of this manor.”

“It is an insufferably big house.” She shrugged. “You could easily get lost inside it.”

“Ah.” Jamie grinned, standing closer to her and peeking through the window to the obscured garden. “Do ye think that’s what happened to the fair lady being honoured tonight? People are commenting on her absence.”

The woman snorted, her lips quivering in amusement.

“I’m sure she’ll appear when she wants to.” She admonished. “I hear she has a wicked temper and rude manners. Not suitable to the title of Lady Beauchamp at all.”

“Hm.” Jamie offered her an appreciative gaze. “At least I’d be most entertained. And maybe ye wouldna look so wistful.” He added, softly.

“You do realize I am Lady Claire Beauchamp, don’t you?” She asked, her eyes suddenly downcast, her lips contorting on a wry smile.

“I do.” Jamie nodded, leaning against the wall next to the window. “I was guessing that was the reason why ye were hidden here.” And then he whispered in a conspiratorial tone. “I’d be too, if I were ye.”

Claire gave him a significant look, raising her brows in a display of stupefaction.

“You look more like the type that should be spending the night next to the gaming table, plotting with the other men about the great determinations of Britain and choosing their next young lover.” She said ruefully.

“I was invited to leave the baccarat table, I’m afraid.” He smiled, tilting his head in fake mourning.

“That bad of a player?” She crossed her arms in a very unladylike position, which made the corners of his mouth almost twitch in supressed amusement.

“Actually,” He confided with a grimace. “I think they were tired of me emptying their pockets. I’m verra good at cards – and dice.”

“So you are a gambler.” Claire gave him a lopsided smile, looking mildly interested. “And how did you find yourself here, Mister…?”

“Fraser. James Fraser” He slightly bowed down his head and kissed the back of her hand, feeling her warmth even underneath the satiny fabric. “Enchanté, Mademoiselle.”  

“French.” She commented, looking away to hide her face as a couple passed near them, giggling in search of a vacant room where to express their burning affections. “Do you have ties to France?”

“Very ancient connections.” Jamie admitted, noticing how the candlelight enhanced the honey inside her eyes, the fair skin of her neck turned almost golden. “I just arrived from Paris – made a small detour on my way to Scotland. I have to be in Southampton soon enough, though. I have a passage booked on the RMS Titanic, bound to New York. I hear it’s a verra bonnie ship – a wee beast of the seas.”

“Oh.” She said, sounding strangely disappointed. “I see.”

They stood in silence for a while, their previous conversation interrupted by the announcement of his impending departure. The rooms were filled with the sounds of people gathering to dance a classic gavotte, as the orchestra played on without signs of wavering, flooding the senses as the bodies pulsed with the spirits of alcohol and elation.

“I think I’ll get some air.” Claire finally said, tilting her chin. Her eyes were serious and hardened like crystalized amber. “It was lovely to meet you, Mister Fraser. Excuse me.”

Jamie nodded in retribution, bewildered, as Claire quickly escaped through a nearby open door. He leaned over the window, his eyesight adapting to the surrounding darkness, as he followed her silhouette with his eyes.

She walked with the familiar security of someone who knew the grounds well – a dog, honey coloured like her own eyes, ran from somewhere outside the house and barked to greet her. Claire immediately bent down to salute him, patting his flank with a gentle and caring hand. Her body moved with an easy grace, the promise of her flesh immediate and taunting like a whisper against the back of his neck, disarming him most irrevocably. She was an unusual woman, very different from the image he had created of the lady ruling the understairs servants with an iron fist. Nothing about her was what it should have been - and he had been enthralled with that realization the moment their eyes met.

There was a sadness about her – a peculiarity, like a book misplaced in the wrong shelf, and for that reason condemned not to be discovered. He knew nothing about what pleased her and made her laugh, but was sure it wasn’t the sycophants surrounding them or their many pompous titles.

He watched as she opened the metallic gate, headed to what seemed like a private garden, and without dwelling on it any longer, decided to follow her.

The air outside smelt of lilacs and roses, with a hint of rain to come. He rapidly approached the gate and saw her, sitting in a granite bench amongst a myriad of herbs and flowers.

In that moment, in her teal dress, she was all the lights in Paris gathered together; all the things the old masters had tried to paint, demonstrating beauty – she was the earth underneath his feet and the sky above his head, expanding away from him, limitless.

“You’re trespassing private property.” She announced in a soft voice, declaring her knowledge of his whereabouts.

“I’m a Scot.” Jamie smiled. “We are firm believers in the right of way.”  

“I thought you had to be going somewhere to call that.” Claire gave him a slightly smug smile, noticing his surprise.

“Who says I’m not?” He said in a hoarse voice, their eyes locking. Thankfully, the coming clouds still left the moon untouched – he could see her, her outline like a dream half-remembered, and sense the light shivers of her skin, exposed to the night’s breeze and to his unnerving presence. “Do ye want to dance? It’s yer birthday after all – seems unfair ye dinna even dance.”

“Dance?” She raised her brows, her eyes glowing. “We don’t have music.”

“Aye.” Jamie brushed his clean shaven chin with his fingers, in a pretence of deep thought. “We dinna have an orchestra here in the garden or a gramophone – amazing wee things, those – but I’d dance with ye anyway.”

She gave him an undecided look, stalling by brushing her skirt for inexistent leaves.

“In Paris I saw this dance – different from everything, really, brought on by Argentinians – it’s called tango.” Jamie licked his lips and offered her his hand. “I’ll show ye.”

Claire slowly took off her black gloves and reached out to touch his hand with hers – their fingers coming together with a disconcerting ease. Always looking into her eyes, steadying and reassuring her, Jamie brought their bodies to full contact and guided them in a few steps of the exotic dance, which soon would become the art of lovers, the rhythm of passion capable of shocking every matron and hostess.

“This is interesting.” Claire almost panted, as Jamie lightly squeezed her thin waist with his fingers. “You must have been in some extraordinary places in Paris, Jamie. Must have partnered with lots of girls there, leaving a trail of crushed hearts in your wake.”

“No.” He replied, his voice husky. “I didn’t understand it, then. What it takes to be able to dance like this – but now, perhaps, I finally do.”

“Jamie, I…” She gulped. “I have more money and lands than I can count. I have servants, jewels and dresses. But I haven’t been happy in a long time. You’ve talked to me like a person – not a godforsaken title – and for that alone I am grateful. But…”

“What?” He whispered, his fingers brushing her cheek, with heartbreaking tenderness and desire.

“Don’t dance with me unless you mean it.” Claire whispered back. “I know it’s too much to ask, but – please, don’t go to America. Stay here…” She ended softly, her unfinished sentence spiralling between their pressed bodies. Stay here - with me.

“I think I couldna leave even if I wanted to, Claire.” Jamie breathed, hugging her against him. It was still dark - and yet he was seeing explosions of light all around him, fast stars created by two souls meeting in the night, strangers on the verge of becoming one. “Ye have set my soul alight, mo nighean donn. I seem to be blind – but now I can see.”

Faking It

Summary: Dean x reader, in a game of Never Have I Ever, Dean finds out that the reader fakes orgasms. He then sets out to prove that she won’t have to fake anything with him.

Word Count: 3,250ish

Warnings: So much smut

A/N: So, another sexy ask got away from me, and turned into 3,250 words of smut. I’m not even sorry. Writing this got me all hot and bothered. It’s been a while since that happened.

“Never have I ever…” Dean stopped and thought for a moment, and you giggled.

“You can’t think of anything you haven’t done?” you teased.

Sam snorted and rolled his eyes. “Of course he can’t.”

Dean looked offended, and Cas leaned over and whispered something in Sam’s ear. The younger Winchester’s face turned red at words that sounded a lot like “demon blood” to you, but that couldn’t be right, could it? You’d just had too much to drink.

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Someone to Stay - AU

Previous chapters

Chapter 2

Coffee felt anticlimactic, after the noise and pound of the club. The fluorescents highlighted the bright orange vinyl booths, making every spilled sugar grain on the table glow.

Claire sipped slowly, enjoying the scalding of her tongue. The whiskey buzz had been on the verge of turning into tipsiness, but before that could happen Claire had dragged Geillis out of the club and into the closest open diner she could see. 24 hour caffeine purveyors.

“Do you regret it?” Geillis watched Claire over the rim of her cup. “Not going backstage I mean.”

“No. You were very clear on what their true intentions were. Why?” Claire raised an eyebrow. “Do you?”

“Not anymore.” G tilted her head towards the diner door behind Claire. The faint tinkle of a bell preceded the entrance and exit of customers.

The lounging server at the counter had her feet up on a stool, reading a magazine, but stood and grabbed a bunch of menus at the sound of the door. She dropped them just as fast and gasped.

Claire turned, and who should come through the door but James Fraser and the rest of The Clan. She couldn’t for the life of her remember all their names just then – her eyes were helplessly riveted on the tall man who smiled gently at the dumbfounded server and stooped to retrieve the fallen menus.

“Here you go.” James Fraser held them out to her – Laoghaire, read her tag. Claire and Geillis watched this encounter silently, while the men with James Fraser (could she stop thinking of his name like that?) waited patiently for the girl to react. She hadn’t, thus far. Her hands went to her flaming cheeks and her mouth fell open.

“You’re—they’re… you’re— “ Laoghaire stammered.

“Jamie. Pleased to meet ye.” Jamie put the menus on the counter once it seemed clear Laoghaire wasn’t quite up to the job at the moment. He extended a hand that was quickly taken in a death grip. Claire and Geillis exchanged amused glances.

“Oh my God, oh my God! It’s you! Here!” Laoghaire jumped up and down, still holding Jamie’s hand. He smiled good-naturedly and slowly extricated himself from her grip. “Could I have a picture?”

“Of course. Here, lads.” The men quickly surrounded them, subtly stepping in between Jamie and the girl. She pulled her mobile from her apron pocket and looked around wildly for someone to oblige.

“Would you mind?” Laoghaire finally shoved the phone at Geillis, who stood from the booth and held it up and snapped 3-4 pictures for good measure. As the flash went off, Claire caught Jamie’s eye, smiling at her and not for the picture. She allowed him a small smile in return, remembering certain invitations and talk of groupies.

“Thank you so much!” Laoghaire squealed. “Let me find you a table or do you prefer— “

“A table will be just fine,” Jamie interrupted. “Perhaps this one?” He pointed at the booth Claire and G were occupying.

Claire began to fume. The whole empty diner and he was seriously asking to have them booted? Rock star or no—

“May we join you ladies?” Jamie smiled disarmingly, running a hand through his hair. Behind the apparent nonchalance Claire detected a hint of nerves. “These are my mates, Rupert, William, Ian.” Each nodded and smiled in return.

“Sure!” Geillis grinned and moved down the seat. Claire followed suit more hesitantly, looking daggers at her friend. Jamie squeezed in next to her. Six to a booth was a slightly tight fit, but they managed somehow. “I’m Geillis, and this is Claire.”

The men (more boyish up close, including Jamie, Claire noted) turned to Laoghaire, still standing by breathlessly. Rupert, the drummer, winked at the girl. “Let’s have a keek at those menus then, shall we?”

Quarters were a bit cramped for flipping the laminated pages. Jamie couldn’t seem to help brushing Claire’s hands every time he ran a finger down the proffered items. Claire picked up her coffee cup only to discover it was empty.

“Can we get another?” Jamie gestured at the server, who scampered away for the pot.

“Thanks.” Claire smiled as her cup was topped off. Laoghaire ignored her, eyes only for Jamie.

The rest of the men ordered burgers, fry-ups, and more coffee. Laoghaire balanced the tray full of food and lingered eagerly by the side of the table.

“Could ye maybe leave the pot?” Jamie gave her a dazzling smile and she grinned back, setting the coffee down and backing away slowly, her eyes never leaving his.

“So.” Jamie forked some chips over to his plate, while Geillis flirted with the rest of the men—Claire focused on her cup like her life depended on it.


“We asked you backstage at the pub.”

We?” Claire raised her eyebrow at him, and sipped. Two could play this game.

“Och, weel.” He ducked his head and the red strands tickled his forehead. “Not we, then. I asked ye backstage. Ye looked… intriguing.”

Claire glanced at Geillis. She was laughing raucously at something Rupert had said – no doubt something lecherous. The men’s conversation had faded into the background as Claire focused her attention on Jamie.

“I’m not a local. I’m visiting with my friend. I had…” She took a deep breath. “A bad experience in London. I needed to get away.” She didn’t understand the need to pour her troubles out for this stranger.

“What kind of bad experience?” Jamie’s heavy eyebrows knit together.

Claire shrugged, despondency settling briefly on her features. “Romantic, you could say.” She waved her hand dismissively, not willing to go into details at the moment. “How about you?”

“Nothing as bad as that,” Jamie smiled, making the corners of her own mouth lift ever so slightly. “We’re on tour, heading south. We’ve done Edinburgh, tomorrow’s Glasgow, then Newcastle and Leeds . Then Manchester, Liverpool, and Cambridge, and ending in London.”

“Sounds exhausting.” Claire sipped again. “And where’s home?”

“Scotland, obviously. Place called Lallybroch. Family farm, for generations and all that. Can’t wait to get back. You?”

“Based in London. I’m a nurse.”

She spoke of the hospital and her cozy flat. Of her childhood with wandering Uncle Lambert and her favorite bookshop. Of her longing for mornings when she could sleep in and her dislike for high heels. Of the way she drank her coffee and the most difficult medical case to ever cross her path.

He filled her in with the details of his large family – his sister Jenny, married to Ian their keyboard player and his nieces and nephews. How he had taught himself to play guitar in between farm chores. How his parents had encouraged him to pursue his dream of music and crowds who clapped and cheered. How he had found his band – his clan – in Ian the pianist, William the bassist, Rupert the drummer, and his uncle Murtagh as manager.

Two hours later, as Claire happened to glance at her watch, and still going strong at 3 AM. The food was gone and the whole coffee pot practically empty. One of the other men—Ian, Claire recalled—raised his hand for the check, glancing briefly at Jamie, who nodded. Laoghaire bounded over, paper slip in hand.

“No charge for you. On the house.” She smiled ingratiatingly at Jamie and thrust the check into Claire’s hand. “Two coffees, £2.40.”

“Och, I insist.” Jamie pulled a £50 out of his pocket and set it on the table.

“But that’s too much!” The girl’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She reached out for the bill and drew her hand back, afraid to touch it for fear it wasn’t real.

“Nae bother. Thank you, lass.” He nudged Willie, who had been sitting to his left all along unobtrusively, and they all slid out of the booth. Geillis flushed and laughing still, her hand on Rupert’s shoulder.

Well, well, Claire thought, what have we here. She caught G’s eye and winked, which only caused Geillis to giggle unabashedly.

Jamie placed his hand on Claire’s back, guiding her towards the door. She couldn’t resist a dig at Laoghaire as she turned her head back and called out, “Thanks so much!” while the girl just stood there, agape and overwhelmed by what had transpired.

The burst of cold air on her face was most unwelcome, after the secluded warmth of the diner. Instinctively her shoulders hunched against the chilled wind, and she drew her coat about her. The rest of the band was still talking animatedly with Geillis, and Claire managed to catch her slip a napkin with her number to Rupert the drummer; he tucked it in safely into his jacket pocket.

She turned to face Jamie as much as she could, still shielding herself from the freezing gusts. “Thank you for the coffee Jamie. It was nice to meet you.” She stuck out her hand a bit idiotically and was surprised to feel the enveloping warmth of his own.

“Claire. It was lovely to meet ye. I hope… perhaps… we can meet again.” Jamie gave a most convincing bow, which would not have been amiss in an earlier century. He brought her hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss into her skin.

Her heart stuttered, against her will.

Against her will, images of Frank flooded her mind. When they went out on dinner dates, when she sat through his endless lectures, when he supported her decision to apply for medical school, when they spent time together in the morning reading the paper, when they had kissed and touched and loved. When she had been betrayed.

And she thought, Never again.

Claire pulled her hand out of Jamie’s grasp as gently as she could, hoping her face would not betray the anguish his simple gesture had triggered. “I wish you good luck Jamie, with the rest of your tour.” No word on meeting again, no number exchanged, no last name given.

She turned to the William, Rupert, and Ian; shook hands with each of them quickly, nodding goodbye. She took Geillis by the elbow and pulled her away, down the street, and managed to glance back only once.

Jamie stood there, fiery hair glowing in the street light, smiling after them. A smile that said, Soon.

Political Animals-Part 14

This is an A/B/O AU.  You are the Omega artist daughter of Naomi Novak, a world-class heart surgeon who is running for Mayor of New York City.  After a meeting where your mother’s advisers call you a “liability”, she tells you that if you don’t do as your told she will cut you off.  You storm out and wind up in a bar a few blocks away.

The hottest Alpha you have EVER laid eyes on with a scent so mouthwatering you’re practically drooling offers to buy you a drink.  It’s just a drink, right? What do you have to lose? Only everything.

Characters: Omega! Reader, Beta! Naomi Novak, Alpha! Castiel Novak, Omega! Meg Novak, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Alpha! Sam Winchester, Alpha! Dean Winchester, Alpha! John Winchester, Omega! Jo Harvelle

Big thanks to @moansmisha  for letting me use some of her ideas from this post.

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Parts in bold are text messages

I was eating breakfast one morning while Sam was out for a run when my cell rang.  It was Meg.  “Your gonna want to turn on Channel 6, Y/N.  It’s about you.”

“Hi to you too, Meg,” I said, amused. “Thanks for the heads up.”

I turned on Channel 6 and my good mood instantly evaporated.  They were airing highlights of a press conference of my mother’s.

“Dr. Novak, are you aware that your daughter is rumored to have married Sam Winchester, John Winchester’s son?”

My mother sighed dramatically.  “My daughter has a history of letting men take advantage of her.  This is just the latest in a long line of poor choices.”

“Is it true you and Y/N are estranged?”

“My daughter chose Sam Winchester over her own family.  Now she’s living with the consequences of that choice.” My mom replied stiffly.

“Can you confirm the rumors that Y/N is pregnant?” The reporter asked. Mom blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting this question.

“I can’t comment on that, I’m sorry.”

I couldn’t listen anymore. I snapped the TV off in annoyance. When Sam got back, I was watching the whole press conference online and muttering under my breath angrily. “Twists the truth……”  “Makes everything about her.”

“So I don’t need to ask if you’ve seen it, then?” He said with a smirk.

I turned to him. “How would you feel about me doing an interview of my own to set the record straight about us and our relationship?”

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CASUAL | part one

“After spending the night with the university’s basketball superstar and biggest supporter of one-night stands, Kim Taehyung, you find yourself falling for him. Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same.”

Words: 3, 165

- angst, smut (next part)

Originally posted by kths

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Hell and Silence || Chapter Nine


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Rough Sex, Oral (male receiving)

Word Count: 5,228

A/N: AH YES MY DEREK VANESSA FLUFFY SMUT CHAPTER! Who am I kidding with “fluffy smut” though, these two bang like sex-starved werewolves. 

Chapter One     Chapter Two     Chapter Three     Chapter Four    Chapter Five       Chapter Six    Chapter Seven     Chapter Eight




I turned, peering behind my locker and saw Scott coming down the hall, grin wide across his lopsided face. His kind of smile is contagious, so even in my sour mood I managed a smile back. I shut my locker, slinging my bag over my shoulder.

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Making Up

Here’s a MCxZig fic for Round 4 the #ChoicesCreates Carnival with the prompt the song ‘From You’ by Ryan K.  This occurs after the latest chapter because I couldn’t wait till next week for them to work things out. ;)

Warnings: Spoilers from Chapter 14, Mature themes, language, sexually suggestive, wee bit NSFW near the end (just to be safe)
1400+ Words.

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Until now, Zig hadn’t realized how much he relied on Paige’s coffee habit. Aside from their chilly reunion earlier he hadn’t seen her since the concert and while mad, he mostly missed her. Being around Chris only reminded him of the fight so he’d been avoiding both him and prepping for the initiative. Wallowing in the solitude, he volunteered to take a spilt shift and cover closing.

The bell over the door jingled. Damn. He thought he’d already locked it. “We’re closed.” He froze at the sight of Paige standing angrily by the door. Zig’s heart jumped into his throat. He hadn’t done himself any favours this morning and his most recent text wasn’t one she’d be happy with. “Oh…Hey.”

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Collapse - Chapter Two


Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

“You only have to go with them and record what happens on your phone,” Atsu-nii said, pushing Hatoko toward his scary friends, “This is very important spy stuff, okay? I need you to do this for me.”

“Wh-what about you?” Hatoko clung to Atsu-nii’s good arm.

Atsu-nii gently shook off his grip and rubbed his shoulder, “I can’t go with you… but they promise to bring you back to me. Alright?”

“… Alright.”

Hatoko’s wings flapped frantically in the cold air, tears streaming down his face. Looking for anything, anything familiar.

Gotta find Kohana!

“This way,” Kurogiri waved his arm and the room disappeared. When Hatoko opened his eyes, he was in a parking lot by the ocean.

The big one - ‘Noumu’ - he hurt the cat-faced man from Hatoko’s pictures that morning. Noumu ambushed and knocked him to the ground, making him shout.

Before he could get back up, Kurogiri sent the man away.

Hatoko jumped when a hand squeezed his shoulder just by his neck.

“Compress said you were useful,” Shigaraki pointed to the railing overlooked the beach, “Stay there and record everything. When we have what we want, we’ll take you back to your Atsu-nii .”

“What… what are you going to do?” Hatoko asked, voice and shoulders trembling.

The grip on his shoulder tightened, and the finger Shigaraki held up twitched, “We’re just going to play a little game.”

He lied.

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Curious (20 Different Pairings #7- Charlie x reader)

Summary: Charlie buys a mysterious package at an adult store. You get curious.

Warning: smut, use of sex toys

Word Count: 1800

“Seriously, Charlie? You want me to go into a porn store with you?”

“So what? I need to get something, and it’s not like I can order something and have it delivered to Sam and Dean’s top secret hidden bunker.”

That was true enough, you decided. But you still weren’t sure why you had to be here.

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Do you remember ?

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 369
summary : Kai and Reader break up and their post break up relationship is rocky until they find a way back to each other.
*not my gifs


There he is again , walking into the Whitmore bar with his hands wrapped around yet another girl. she thought.
Y/N was sitting with Stefan , doing their daily studying. He had agreed to help her with history since he had lived through some of it and by now she was absolutely sure Kai was doing this on purpose. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from them , the way he leaned in to whisper something in her ear making her giggle …
Stefan followed her gaze , turning around to look at what she was starring.
“Are you OK ? We can go if you want..” asked Stefan , reaching to touch her hand across the table. “I am sure Damon wouldn’t mind if I help you with your studies at the house…”
“No. No , it’s fine.” she said forcing her gaze away from her x-boyfriend and his new toy. “Where were we ? Roman empire ?”  She said , pulling out a text book from the pile in front of her.
“Right..” Stefan said , looking at something behind her. Y/N hadn’t even noticed Kai and the girl he had brought with him had sat on the bar already and now Kai was heading towards them. Y/N sighed and started picking up her stuff. “So I guess we are going home ?” Stefan asked.
Y/N nodded slightly.
“Hey guys !” said Kai , unusually chipper. “How’s the studying going ?”
Y/N wouldn’t even look at him , she kept putting books in her bag with Stefan’s help. “It’s going perfect. Everything is absolutely perfect and life is sunshine and rainbows.” she snapped getting up , walking briskly towards the exit.
“What… what did I do ?” Kai asked Stefan confused.
Stefan left some money on the table and glanced at Kai.
“You broke up with her. That’s what.” he said , following Y/N outside. She was already waiting by the car , tears in her eyes.
It was bad enough when Kai had broken up with her , but this? this was just crossing so many lines. He wasn’t even giving her space to get over it , and she knew it wasn’t on purpose - he was knew at emotions , but rubbing it in her face that he is hooking up with other girls was a bit too much for her. Stefan didn’t say a word to her on the way to the Salvatore Boarding house. She got her bag , the handle tearing apart from the heavy books. Y/N sighed and started picking them up.
“I got it.” said Stefan. “You go inside , I’ll be right in.”
“Thanks…” Y/N said with a small smile and pushed the door open. There was no one in the living room , she dropped her jacket and poured herself a glass with bourbon , drinking it all in one gulp, pouring another when someone grabbed her wrist.
“Don’t. This is not going to make things better.”
She looked up , finding Stefan looking at her with concerned expression. A few seconds later she broke into tears and he pulled her into a hug. Y/N had been pushing away the tears and all the feelings for so long , now it was impossible to stop them.
“I hate him , Stefan.” she said between sobs , Stefan stroking her hair trying to comfort her but there was nothing he could do or say that would make it all go away. Part of her wanted to forget she ever loved or even met him , and even as she said she hated him , Y/N knew it wasn’t true. She could never hate him.
“No , you don’t. You are just hurt , it will all pass over time.” Stefan said in a soothing tone.  
Y/N pulled away , wiping a few tears from her cheeks. Stefan was like her big brother , always there for her helping her with everything and in any way possible.
“I thought you were studying .. why is she crying ? Did you get to the part where the Romans -” Damon walked in but a glare from Stefan later he shut up. “Oh-kay. I’ll just grab this bottle right here and leave you to studying.”

Y/N went to wash up in the upstairs bathroom , splashing some cool water on her face washing the tears away. She rested her hands on the sink , starring at her face in the mirror - dark circles under her eyes , her hair was messier than usual and unless she was imagining it , her skin had gotten paler.
“It’s been a month Y/N.” she spoke to herself out loud. “Get over it.”
She closed her eyes , took a deep breath before turning around and walking back downstairs. Damon and Stefan were arguing quietly and looked startled when she walked in. Damon left the room , smirking at her for a second and Stefan didn’t look happy with whatever they had been arguing about.
“Hey … um, is it OK if we reschedule ? I am not sure … that I can focus enough to soak up all this information.” she said smiling nervously , reaching for her bag.
“Yeah yeah of course.” Stefan said , “Do you want me to drive you home ?”
“Um .. no , I think I’ll just walk home. It will give me time to think. Is it OK if I leave some of the books here ? I’ll be carrying them back tomorrow anyways…” she asked , and he just nodded. “What were you and Damon arguing about ?”
“Nothing. Its not important.” he said , walking her out. “Call me when you get home , I want to know you got there safely.”
“Yeah , of course.” she said giving him a hug before leaving.
Y/N put her bag across her shoulder and headed down the road. The Salvatore’s house was a little outside of town which gave her about an hour to think , before she got home. The crunching of her footsteps was the only sound around her for a little while , her brain had someone emptied itself completely and she just kept walking mindlessly down the road.
When Kai had broken up with her about a month ago , he had said it’s for the best .. that she’d be better off without him and that she deserved better than him. Thing is , she didn’t want anyone else , she wanted him , she loved him… and if he was playing games with her , then she’d do the same.
Instead of home she headed towards the Grill. She flirted with one of the guys taking a selfie with him in which she was kissing him and posting it on instagram , making sure Kai would see it.
Two days later , the guy was found dead in the woods … Another animal attack , except Y/N knew better. Part of her felt responsible , the other wondered why Kai cared enough to do something like that.
The next month she tried to move on , but somehow each of the guys had ended up hurt somehow.  She realised the mistake she had made by posting that selfie and didn’t repeat it , but somehow Kai kept turning up where ever she was having a date with someone - the Grill , the park , in the coffee place on the other side of town , each date ending in a disaster so big , the guys never called her again.
Day’s went by and she decided to quit dating altogether.
It was Friday night and Y/N had gone out to the Grill to get a drink.She sat on the bar alone , scrolling through pictures on her phone when one of the guys who had been starring at her since she sat there walked over to her. He was cute , funny and it was kind of nice talking to someone who had no idea who she was. His name was Peter and he had just moved into town. They talked and laughed , had drinks … everything was going fine , for the first time in two months she felt the pain slip away.
“You are so beautiful.” Peter said leaning in to whisper in her ear placing his hand on her thigh , sliding up under her dress.
To Y/N it felt wrong someone else touching her that way , she felt uncomfortable and was just about to pull away when the Peter kissed her.
A split second later her started chocking , his hand reaching for his neck. Y/N looked around , Kai was standing a few meters away from them. She hadn’t even noticed when he had walked in… who knew how long he had been standing there. He got up , taking the bottle that had been standing on the table in front of him and smashed it on the bar, glass shards splashing everywhere. The look in his eyes made her blood freeze - she could see anger burning in them , little devils dancing as he took a step towards Peter grabbed his neck and pushed the crushed bottle onto the guy’s throat.
Y/N grabbed his wrist trying to pull him away.
“Kai , stop !” she screamed. “You don’t have to do this.”
He didn’t appear to be hearing her at all , she cupped his face making him turn around and look at her. “Let him go. I am begging you.”
Kai blinked a few times , faster than normal snapping out of his anger and let go of the guy’s neck , grabbing his shoulders. “Don’t ever touch her again. Leave and forget the little accident that just happened.” he compelled the guy.
Y/N shook her head , a look of disbelief on her face. “Who are you?” she asked , grabbing her jacket , rushing towards the exit. As soon as she was outside , she took a deep breath and ran as fast as she could towards her house , opening the door and slamming it shut with a loud bang , her feet giving in as she slided onto the floor with tears streaming down her face.
Why was Kai even doing that ? He broke up with her… why would he care who she kisses or who wraps their hands around her pulling her close or anything like that ?!

Knock , knock , knock .. came the sounds from the front door. Y/N stopped sobbing , looking confused at the door. Knock , knock , knock , knock … came the sounds again.
“Y/N? Please , I know you are in there. I can hear you breathing.”
It was Kai. He had followed her to her house.
“Go away Kai.” she screamed from the inside. “I dont want you here.”
A few minutes passed in silence and she got up , bringing herself to open the door a little. Kai wasn’t there… he had really left just as she had asked.
In that moment her heart broke all over again. Part of her wanted him gone , the other wanted him to pull her close and tell her everything will be alright. Y/N closed the door , resting her forehead on the door , trying to push away the new wave of tears threatening to roll down her cheeks.
Suddenly someone placed their hands on either side of her , bracing against the door , boxing her in. There was no doubt about who  it was. She could never forget that cologne…Slowly she turned around , coming face to face with Kai who looked just as broken as she felt , she couldn’t bare more than a second looking at him. None of them said a word at first , Y/N refused to meet his eyes  until he gently lifted her chin up forcing her to meet his eyes.
“I’m sorry.” Kai said softly. “ I never should’ve …. I never should’ve broken up with you. It took me seeing you with other guys to realise what a huge mistake I had made…and seeing you tonight with that guy , his hands on your body where they shouldn’t be… where my hands should be… I just lost it.”
Kai took a step away from her , giving her room to walk away if she wanted. Why would she stay ? He had broken her heart , caused her so much pain … she didn’t move.
“You broke a bottle and nearly cut the guy’s head off , Kai.” she raised her voice , she wasn’t even sure how she was able to find her voice after all that had happened. “Yeah , I’d say you definitely lost it. Why would you even care ? YOU broke up with me , not the other way around.”
Kai shifted nervously on his feet starring at the ground not saying a word. He wanted to tell her , he just didn’t know how.
“Right …” Y/N said , opening the door. “Leave , Kai. There is nothing keeping you here.”
She waited one minute , two minutes … the door hanging open , Kai starring at his feet , the silence following was deafening. Finally she decided to drag him outside. The moment she touched him , it was like something came alive in her again and she could see the same reaction in his eyes. He backed her up against the wall , resting his forehead on hers as his hands slided around her waist.
“What are you doing ?” she asked out of breath. Even after all the pain he had caused her , he was still able to get her heart breathing faster than a hummingbird’s and take her breath away just standing close to her.
“You… You are keeping me here , Y/N.” Kai said , his voice so low it was almost a whisper. “I hate seeing you suffer , knowing that it’s my fault … it’s tearing me apart on the inside. I didn’t even knew feelings like these existed.” he said , brushing his nose against hers gently. “Breaking up with you was the biggest mistake of my life…”
Y/N’s heart was about to leap out of her chest , Kai’s words breaking her to pieces only so he can pick them up and put her heart together again. She wanted to forgive him , but she also couldn’t ignore the pain he had caused her.
“Do … do you remember the first time we kissed ?” he asked. “It was at that stupid carnival you dragged me to , we um … we were on top of the ferris wheel and there was this shooting star grazing across the sky.” Kai’s hand stroked her cheek , moving towards the back of her neck tangling his fingers in her hair. “And you pointed it out , jumping so fast you nearly fell down, you turned around towards me wide eyed with this inexplicably bright glow in your eyes , largest smile I’ve ever seen … that’s when I knew I loved you.” he pulled her closer to him. “… and I kissed you and it was like the world finally made sense. Like I had finally found a piece of me that was missing… and then I listened to Damon , who told me how wrong I was for you.. How I’d ruin you and only break your heart…”  Kai kissed her forehead gently.  "In my attempts not to cause you pain , that’s exactly what I ended up doing. I hate myself every day more and more and I’d do anything to get you back , to get you to forgive me… I love you , Y/N. I never stopped…“
Y/N’s lips touched his for the first time in 2 months , it was like lighting a match. The second their lips touched he pulled her closer kissing her deeply.
“I already have…” she said , smiling at him a single tear rolling down her cheek , Kai wiping it away gently. “I never stopped loving you either , Malachai.”
“You really forgive me for all the pain I caused you?” he asked smiling nervously.
“How could I not ?” she smiled. “You just made me fall in love with you all over again….” Kai kissed her again , pulling her closer than ever , leaving no space between them. “Get in the car.” she said suddenly serious.“We are going to visit some friends.”
Y/N took his hand , with the other grabbed her car keys and they got in the car , Kai sitting in the passenger seat.
“Where are we going ?” he asked nervously looking at the speed she was driving the car with. “Slow down , princess… I may be indestructible but you are still human.”
A few moments later Kai found out where they were going. Y/N pulled over at the entrance of the Salvatore Boarding House , nearly knocking the door of its hinges , storming inside like a tornado.
Stefan , Damon and Caroline were sitting in the living room , talking. All three of them turned towards her in shock then in surprise seeing who was with her.
“Stefan … Caroline …” she said as calmly as possible. “I’d like a moment alone with the master manipulator here.” When none of them moved from their seats she added. “It’s not a request. ”
Caroline and Stefan glanced at each other , then at Damon and back at Y/N and Kai hanging near the door and reluctantly left.

“What was that about ?” Caroline asked in a hushed voice.
“Considering who is with her , my guess is … she found out the reason why Kai broke up with her…” Stefan said trailing off , taking Caroline’s hand and heading upstairs. “This will be nuclear…” he muttered.

Y/N crossed her hands on her chest glaring at Damon who was acting like nothing  had happened.
“Do you have anything to say for yourself ?” she demanded , raising her voice with every word. “How dare you mess with my love life and my life in general ? Do you have any idea the pain your actions caused ? Do you even care?”
Y/N was starting to shake with anger. Now it all made sense - that’s what Stefan and Damon had been arguing about that day. Stefan knew … and he didn’t tell her. Did all her friends know what Damon had done ?! Y/N smashed away the glass with bourbon from Damon’s hand , finally getting his attention.
“What do you want me to say , Y/N?” he said. “I don’t like him , I never will and I don’t like him being anywhere near the people I care about.”
“Oh , so you caused me all this world of hurt because you ‘care’ about me ?” Y/N scoffed. “Unbelievable now ‘loving and caring’ you are…” she said with the most sarcastic tone she could muster.
Kai was keeping his distance. He had learned a long time ago not to stand in her way when she is angry. They had that in common.
Y/N looked around the room , quickly grabbing one of the wooden stakes near the fireplace , launching for Damon. Suddenly Kai’s hands were on her waist pulling her away from Damon , snatching the wooden stake from her hand.
“I can’t believe you are making me do this.” Kai muttered. “Never thought I’d be the one stopping you from murdering someone. Calm down , sweetheart.”
Y/N trashed against his grip , begging at him to let go off her. He leaned in whispering in her ear. “It will feel really good for about 5 seconds and then the guilt will cripple you… and that is if he doesn’t get you first.”
Kai’s words seemed to calm her down a little and he let her feet back on the ground. Y/N knew he was right , she wouldn’t be able to handle the guilt.
“Good girl.” Kai whispered noticing Stefan had rushed downstairs. “How about we go home ?”
“No … no , I don’t want to go home.” she said as Kai practically dragged her out of the house , flickering his hand in the air making a couple wooden stakes fly in the air stabbing Damon in various places - the neck , his stomach and his chest , missing his heart by an inch.  Damon cried out in pain and Y/N turned around to see what had happened , a small smile on her face when she saw.
Maybe the pain he was suffering at the moment wasn’t the payback she had wanted but it was enough for now. Kai cupped her face and smashed his lips against hers.
“I am never ever letting you go.” he said opening the car door for her. “Come on … I want to take you somewhere.”
“Where ?” Y/N asked curious. Her anger had died down and was now replaced by the happiness of being back with Kai.
“It’s a surprise.” he said winking at her , driving away.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


ronnie-lodge  asked:

bellarke + 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ HAPPY FUTURE HOLIDAYS!!! and thanks 🙈

Clarke’s original reasons for following Octavia’s brother were far from pure, but she thinks it would be hard for anyone to figure that out. After all, she found out about his Instagram because Octavia posted a picture of the two of them with the caption: Finally got my dork brother on Instagram (and in Boston!!), everyone follow @theblakemistake.

If anyone asked, she was just following orders. It was not at all that he was really, really hot. No one could prove otherwise.

Especially when she keeps following him through the rocky first weeks of his Instagramming. Given how Bellamy Blake looked–broad shoulders, tan skin, toothpaste-commercial smile, artfully mussed hair, topped off with a pair of black hipster frames and a generous sprinkling of freckles–she assumed Octavia’s descriptor of “my dork brother” was just a little sister teasing.

But Bellamy’s inaugural Instagram post is a picture of a plant Clarke can’t identify with a truly dorky caption:

Things @octaviathefirst (am I doing that right) made me get today:

1. Instagram account
2. Plant

I figure I might as well use the first to monitor the second and see which one dies first.

And then he actually lists information about the plant. Like how many leaves it has and its color and the dampness of the soil. It is not at all what Clarke was expecting, but she finds herself actually kind of looking forward to his daily plant updates. His captions are fun, and he is really worried about his ability to keep the thing alive, which is really endearing.

After a week and a half of that, he finally posts another picture of himself, wearing pajamas and holding an orange kitten. Which is exactly the content Clarke was looking for. That’s what she’s about.

So, it’s come to my attention (s/o to @octaviathefirst) that I’m “doing it wrong” and just posting pictures of my plant is “boring and sad.” So I guess people on Instagram like cats? That’s what I’m getting. Anyway, this is Hermes, he’s an asshole.

PS: I’m still doing the plant updates.

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Flowers in the Window Chapter 4

Wow only me 5 months to update, sorry! Life & work stuff just took over all my time.  I will try not to be so long in my next update. As always many thanks to my lovely beta and friend Heidi. She had a big job on her hands, as this chapter is rather long, so ta very much dude! :D xx
Hope you all enjoy this chapter and thank you for reading and for the lovely comments. Previous chapters can be found on A03

“It’ll have to do” Katniss muttered under breath after she had re-braided her hair for the fourth time that morning. She took a deep breath in, breathed out hard and studied her reflection in the small mirror above the basin in the female staff bathroom. 8:47 am. Nearly time to roll. Toying idly with the end of her braid she pulled out her go-to ‘I’m fabulous’ perfect nude lipstick for yet another coat. Letting out a resigned sigh she grabbed her handbag and opened the door quickly.

“Pull yourself together Everdeen” She chastised herself with a heated whisper.

 Unfortunately in the heat of scolding herself she hadn’t noticed Johanna racing in the door. Her black duster coat whipping behind her.

“Woah there, Nelly! Are you trying to make my hangover worse than it already is?!” Jo gestured to her head, which Katniss was guessing, was pounding.

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Auston Matthews - Part 15

Ya’ll are lucky af that I love you 

I can’t help but peek over my shoulder at Auston as he closes the door behind him. The moonlight glances off his skin, he isn’t wearing a shirt which I think is just a little bit crazy, but I’m also not complaining. I again think that pictures just do not do him enough justice. Auston turns and starts towards the hot tub and before he can see me looking, I quickly turn my attention to my hands under the water. Alex and Breyana giggle beside me and I shoot them both filthy looks.

               Auston jogs to the hot tub, I’m sure regretting his decision to not wear a shirt or rob out. He quickly jumps in, splashing all three of us in the process and getting a splash back from Breyana. I pointedly ignore all of them and focus my attention skyward, only now I can’t focus on a single thing. Stupid fucking boy.

               “Was this your idea, Auston?” I hear Alex ask him.

               “Kinda, I just prodded mom and dad in the right direction. Mitch told me about this place, his family used to come here,” Auston answers and I have never had to fight myself so hard to not look at person.

               “You wanted to come someplace cold?” Breyana asks, without looking at her I know there’s skeptical look on her face. “I hardly believe that, something must have gotten your attention up here.”

               Auston is silent for a moment, all I can hear is the jets of the tub.

               “A new point of view,” he finally says. My eyes snap to his, my mind instantly going to last night when I sang that stupid song in front of him. I open my mouth to say something but I can’t think of a single thing to say, so I just smile and look down at my hands again. I can feel Breyana and Alex staring at me, but I ignore them as usual.

               “Is that a bruise on your shoulder?” Alex asks and I hear Auston hiss in pain and look up in time to see Auston swatting at Alex’s finger as she pulls it back.

               We sit in the hot tub for another half hour before Breyana decides to go to bed, I consider following her but I refuse to get out of the tub in my bathing suit in front of Auston. Breyana climbs out of the tub and exchanged a look with Alex before saying goodnight to Auston and I.

               I get a bad feeling in my stomach as I look at Alex, her eyes darting between me and Auston as she keeps up her conversation with Auston. Sure enough, less than ten minutes later Alex yawns and my stomach plummets. She wouldn’t dare.

               Alex meets my gaze and I shake my head at her, my eyes pleading. She just looks back at me, a stupid grin tugging at her mouth.

               “Don’t,” I mouth at her, still too stubborn to follow her out of the water.

               “I think I’m going to head to bed now too,” Alex says, exaggerating another yawn and stretch before clambering out of the tub. I make a small noise and refuse to look at Auston, silently urging him to go inside as well.

               “Night Auston, Y/N,” Alex says, a funny tone to her voice. She gives me one more look before turning and walking towards the house.

               I suck in a deep breath and press my lips together, suddenly incredibly shy. I pull my legs up against my chest and in desperation to look anywhere but at Auston, I look skyward again, only seeing blurry spots above me.

               “Not gonna talk to me?” Auston breaks the silence and I cringe.

               “I’m not ignoring you,” I murmur, my eyes still up.

               “I didn’t say you were ignoring me, it’s just you haven’t said two words to me since we got here,” Auston counters and moves his hands through the water in front of him. I can feel the rush of water and am reminded how close I am sitting to him, half naked and incredibly awkward.

               “Not used to a girl not throwing herself at you?” I respond without thinking.

               Auston is silent a moment before answering.

               “Actually, not really to be honest. But who says I want you to throw yourself at me?”

               I finally look at him, a skeptical look on my face and he chuckles.

               “Alright, I’ll give you that one,” he admonishes, not even a little embarrassed while I turn scarlet.

               I can feel his eyes on me and I shift under his gaze.

               “Looking for something?” I snap at him, pulling my knees even tighter to me, my only line of defense.

               Auston just laughs and tilts his head back, I try to ignore his now exposed neck but find it impossible.

               “So, sit in silence until you decide to go to bed?” He asks and I scowl at him.

               “Or you can go to bed,” I mutter, he looks back down and I quickly move my eyes to the water at my feet again.

               “Silence it is then,” he says and stretches his legs out in front of him, putting them directly in front of me and moves his hands behind his head. His eyes are closed and I take the opportunity to openly examine him.

               There’s a small cut on his chin from a few games back, along with a small bruise around it. I notice a couple more bruises around his collar bone and the one on his shoulder that Alex poked, I smile at the recent memory of it. Resting my chin on my knees, my eyes move to his arms, still behind his head. I have yet to see a single hair on this boy besides on his face. My eyes slowly move up his arms and back to his face and sigh with relief that his eyes are still closed and I didn’t get caught staring.

               “Looking for something?” Auston says, throwing my words back in my face and I scowl.

               “Excuse me?”

               “I can feel you staring at me.”

               “I am not!”

               “You’re getting awfully defensive,” he replies, his eyes still closed.

               “You’re being ridiculous,” I mutter, thoroughly embarrassed.

               “You can keep looking, I don’t mind,” he adds and I consider splashing him.

               “Shut up,” I reply and a grin breaks across his face.

               I try to find something else to get my attention and my eyes fall onto the controls over where Alex had been sitting. I stretch my legs back out, careful to avoid Auston’s and move silently through the water, switching seats. I lean over the controls and read the options. I can feel Auston watching me but he doesn’t say anything.

               I press various buttons, making the jets more powerful and less, adjusting the temperature and the colors of the lights. There’s one more button near the jets that I haven’t done anything with and when I flip it on Auston grunts and moves slightly in his seat. I glance at him and raise my eye brows as his hands leave behind his head and go down into the water near his shorts.

               “Little warning would have been nice,” he grunts at me and my hand flies to my mouth when I realize what happened to shield my giggle. Auston sees anyway and narrows his eyes at me before laughing as well.

               “Least I know where to go if I get lonely tomorrow,” he mutters and I blush furiously, choosing to ignore him.

               I stare at him a moment as he relaxes back into his seat, now that I turned the switch off again.

               “Are you sore after games?” I ask, genuine curiosity getting the better of me as my eyes stray to his bruises again. He isn’t the only hockey player I know, I was my dad’s helper from the time I could walk, so I know a lot of players around the league, young and old. However, I never actually talk hockey with any of them, or ask them questions.

               Auston doesn’t seem to mind and his eyes fly open again. He glances at the bruise Alex poked and shrugs.

               “Sometimes, tonight I am a little but it was a rough game. Not too sore for other activities,” he adds, an alluring tone in his voice and I can’t refrain this time, my dignity is at stake, so I splash him. He blinks at me several times, wiping at his face.

               “Did you just splash me?” He asks, narrowing his eyes at me and I feel everything below my belly clench again.

               “Don’t think so, jet must have got ya,” I reply, refusing to let his stare get to me.

               He shifts forward in his seat, his eyes impossibly dark as he stares at me and his knee grazes my foot which is resting on the seat beside him. He glances down in the water at my leg and doesn’t shy away from sliding his eyes all the way up my leg, torso and back to my face.

               I gulp and shift in my seat, regretting my childish act already.

               “Are you sure it wasn’t you?” He asks again and I shake my head.

               “Nope, not a chance,” I say and put on a bored look, though I am very much the opposite of bored. “You know, I think I might go to bed.”

               “Go right ahead,” Auston gestures his hand towards the house. “By all means,” he adds, his eye flashing down to near my belly again and I curse myself. Talk about backfire.

               I hold his gaze for a moment then can’t actually hold a real yawn back, it has to be after two in the morning.

               “I really do want to go to bed,” I admit. “Alone!” I add, seeing his smirk.

               “Like I said, by all means,” he says again and I scowl.

               I reach for my towel and make to stand up but hesitate.

               “Turn around,” I demand.

               “You naked?”


               “Then why do I have to look away?”

               “Because you’re a pervert.”

               Auston laughs with his reply. “Am I really a pervert if you like it?”

               “I don’t like it!”

               “Like what?”

               “Like you!”

               “Are you sure?”

               “Yes! Stop asking questions!” I start to get flustered, my cheeks heated and I want to kiss the smirk off his face.

               “Then go to bed and I’ll stop asking you questions,” he says simply, putting his hands behind his head again.

               I huff at him and gather every ounce of confidence I possibly can before putting my hands on either side of me and raising myself out of the water. I want to hurry as fast as I possibly can but also don’t want to fall on my face. Thankfully, my legs are long and I easily climb out of the tub, surprised at my own gracefulness. I snatch my towel and wrap it around my shoulders, leaving my legs bare because, well they’re just legs.

               I turn back to face him and his smirk is gone, he’s staring at me with dark eyes again and I quickly take a few steps back.

               “Goodnight, Auston,” I say gently, and because I’m now out of the tub and he’s still in it, I let my eyes travel the length of his body with exaggerated slowness. He sucks in a breath and I quickly turn away, walk to the slider and slip inside. It isn’t until I get upstairs and out of his sight that I let my face break into a beaming smile, the adrenaline still pumping through my body.

               I slip into my room and into my pajamas, when I move to the door to flip off the light switch I hear someone coming up the stairs. I pause and listen to Auston walk past my door and wait until I hear his door shut as well, just a few feet from mine. What am I doing?

               I shake my head and flip off the light, laying down in my bed, I hope that sleep will take me soon. But the longer I lay there, the less I feel like sleeping and the more I think about my meeting. I can feel my heart start to beat faster and I feel none of the pleasure of adrenaline that I felt when climbing out of the tub. What am I going to do? I ask myself over and over again.

               I lay there for another half hour, my phone screen tells me so, and still no sleep comes. My heart is still beating too fast and I can feel my blood pressure rising. Stop freaking yourself out, Y/N. You have several days to make your decision. I keep telling myself, chanting it like it’s my lifeline.

Before I realize it, there’s tears streaming down my face and soon there’s full blown sobs. I roll over onto my stomach and shove my face in a pillow, very aware of the fact that Auston is sleeping on just the other side of the wall.

               The sobs are uncontrollable, but it feels so good to cry, like I just turned the tea kettle and the steam is slowly letting itself out. However, while it starts out feeling good, I can’t seem to stop and soon a miserable feeling takes place of the relief. The sobs are painful and I know the pillow is doing little to muffle me.

               After a few more minutes I think I hear a soft tapping on wood, though I can’t tell when it comes from. I compose myself for a moment and look around my room before hearing the tap again. I realize it’s coming from right by my head, from on the other side of the wall. I sniffle and reach out, very softly tapping back. There is a moment of silence and I hear a pattern of taps again. I mimic the pattern back and wait for the next one.

               This goes on just a little while longer and I feel my heart rate going back down and my body relaxes, the sleepy feeling I had before finally coming back. The taps get slower and my reply taps get even slower. Finally, he knocks three incredibly slow times and I try to raise my wrist to tap back, but my eyes shut before I even twitch a finger. 

                    Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 1 827
(takes place after 6.22 where nothing happens to Kai except him turning into a heretic)
Reader and Kai are best friends , but both are keeping a secret from the other …

*not my gif

It was one of those days (for 3rd day in a row) when Y/N just felt alone , as if the whole world was against her. She watched as her friends got their lifes together , got married and had a family while she was still alone. Well , she was in love but it was an impossible love - Kai , her best friend.
Their friendship had had a rough start but it only got better from there. Somehow Kai had become the most important person to her. Everything came into focus when he was around. Y/N’s friendship with him has had its ups and downs. She kept writing him off and he kept proving her wrong. It didn’t take long for her to fall head over heels hard for him and there was no going back from those feelings. Y/N loved him at his worst and at his best.
The days he was away were the hard , and he had been away for nearly a week.
Kai had called her every day , sometimes over 5 times just to talk to her and hear her voice. Today he was coming back and she couldn’t wait to see him.

The doorbell rang and Y/N ran downstairs , stopping only for a moment to glance at the mirror and make sure her make up wasn’t disturbed. Hesitating for a moment , she put her hand on the door knob and twisted it , Kai standing in the front door his eyes bluer than ever. For billionth time he took her breath away just with existing. A smile spread across his face and he pulled her into a hug , twirling her around before letting her down on the ground , both of them laughing. Somehow Kai was the only one who could make her smile even in the darkest of days.
“Oh how I missed you !” Kai said pulling her into another hug , wrapping his hands around her tight. “Are you ready for movie night?”
“Born ready.” she smiled and walked with him towards the living room. Kai had picked the movie - some romantic comedy he had heard was really good. She didn’t feel like watching a romantic movie just now but seeing how excited he was about it , she couldn’t bring herself to say no to him.
“Pork rinds ?” she said smiling and waving a pack of his favorite junk food infront of him. Kai smiled and snatched the pack from her hands. “Hey !” she protested “Those are -”
“Mine.” Kai finished her sentence laughing , “but I am willing to share.” he added winking at her.
Y/N sighed. It felt amazing to have Kai back , for a few moments she forgot completely everything that has been upsetting her the past few days … until the movie started. It was about two best friends who fall in love but none of them tells the other , until the boy tells the girl while she is sort of drunk and falls hitting her head getting an amnesia. The rest of the movie is spent with the boy trying to get the girl to remember their friendship , reliving old memories. In the end the girl falls in love with the boy all over again and later on gets her memory back. The movie itself wasn’t bad - it was funny and the actors were amazing. It was the feeling she got while watching - a little pit in her stomach that was growing. Y/N glanced at Kai again.
He hadn’t taken his eyes off of her the whole night. Y/N laughed and acted as if everything was OK , but something was clearly bothering her. He knew her too well and could pick up on the slightest change in her mood. Her heart was beating a bit faster and she was trying to silence the sniffles. Kai couldn’t understand why she was acting like this , couldn’t have been the movie. It was a romantic comedy and Y/N wasn’t one to cry over happy endings…
“Is something wrong ?” he asked concerned.
Y/N didn’t meet his eyes , just kept watching the movie where the girl was about to get everything she wanted - the boy she loved and who loved her , about to walk off into the sunset. She felt a prick in her heart as the thought of never getting this herself creeped in her mind again.
“Nothing. Everything is fine.” she said , putting on a fake smile.
He just kept looking at her. Something was definitely wrong , she acted like herself but it wasn’t really her. A few minutes passed and he couldn’t take it anymore , he pressed the pause button hoping this will get Y/N’s attention enough for her to tell him. Kai hated seeing her struggle with something without telling him. They always told each other everything. It was as if she hadn’t even noticed the movie had stopped playing , she just kept looking at the screen. He moved closer to her , his hand on her chin turning her face towards him and then he saw it - the tears glistening in her eyes.
“Don’t lie to me , Y/N. I can see the pain in your eyes… Did someone hurt you ?” he asked , concern in his voice.
Y/N shook her head. “No , everything is fine. I told you.” she said getting up , taking a few steps towards the stairs. She didn’t want him to see her like this. Kai didn’t like it when people cried. Just a few steps before she reached the stairs Kai flashed infront of her.
“Whatever it is , I’ll be there for you.” he said trying to pull her into a hug but she pushed him away. “Always… ”
“Don’t … Don’t say this. Any of it. Just … leave me alone.” Y/N said pushing her way past him but he grabbed her wrist not letting her go. She blinked back tears and refused to turn around.
“Nobody knows you the way that I know you. Just tell me… we’ll face it all together.” Kai said calmly and she finally turned around.
“Stop it Kai ! You can’t fix this , none of it ! Don’t you get it ?” she raised her voice wriggling her wrist out of his hand.
“Why are you acting like this ?” Kai raised his voice a little. “Did I do something wrong ?”
He looked confused and broken.
“No. You haven’t done anything , just please … leave me alone.” she said tears streaming down her cheeks.
“No. Not until you tell me… ” he pressed. “I’ve always been there for you , why won’t you let me in this time ? Don’t shut me out , please.”
She looked at him through tears. He was right , why was she shutting him out like this ? He looked so sad , it broke her heart even more.
Y/N took a deep breath wiping tears from her cheeks.
“Fine.” she said. “You want to know whats wrong … everyone around me is moving on with their lifes , starting a family or finding the perfect job and I am stuck. I have no one , Kai. They post pictures from their weddings on Facebook or Instagram and I just … When I think about my future ..” she couldn’t continue.
Kai sighed , calming down and a smile spread across his face.
“That’s it? That’s whats been upsetting you?” he said taking a step towards her. “You think you will never have a family or a loving husband who would stand beside you ?”
Y/N shook her head. “You don’t get it. I’ll never have this with the person I want. ” she said resting her back against the stair railing. “Everyone always leaves… you will leave someday too and then what ?”
For a moment none of them said a word. Kai couldn’t believe the reason Y/N was so upset about. She was one of the smartest perseptive people he knew and somehow it had escaped her the way he felt about her.
“Look in my eyes , Y/N. Can’t you see it ? Don’t you know me at all? Do you think I stayed in this town because of the soggy fries at the Grill ?” Kai said his voice soft , lifting up her chin. “I stayed because of you.I’ll never leave you. Never. ” he said smiling. “I want to spend eternity with you , Y/N. I want to be your future.”
A small smile showed on Y/N’s face as she was taking in his words.
“Don’t play games , Kai.” she said her voice barely a whisper.
“I love you Y/N ! I’ve loved you probably since the day we met when you pushed me away and told me to ‘stay hell away’ from you. I’ve never met someone so strong , so defiant as you who always speaks her mind … ” he said , his hand stroking her cheek. “You drew me towards you like a magnet and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since. The day you decided to give me a chance and become my friend was the happiest in my life !” he said with a wide smile on his face , wiping a tear from Y/N’s face who was now smiling too. “I love you with everything that I have and I want to give you everything that you’ve ever wanted and could ever want in life.” Kai cupped her face , gently resting his forehead on hers , their eyes locked on each other. “I love you. I love you.” he said smiling before pressing his lips against hers , pulling her closer to him. Y/N’s fingers tangled in his hair tugging on it , pulling him closer to him.
“You really mean all of this ?” she asked , her voice a little louder than a whisper.
“Every word.” he said smiling. “I tried to tell you so many times… I um …” Kai said suddenly nervous , his hand reaching in his pocked pulling out a small box , the corners of his mouth twitched into a smile. “I’ve been working up my nerve to ask you this question for a few weeks now … I know we haven’t … we haven’t been in a relationship , not in the traditional way anyways but… ”
Y/N’s heart was about to leap out of her chest , her smile unable to leave her face for a second. Kai took a step down the stairs and got on one knee , opening the small box revealing a ring inside.
“Y/N , will you make me the happiest person in the world by marrying me?” Kai said smiling , his eyes bluer than the ocean filled with so much love and hope.
“Yes ! Yes , Malachai !” she said smiling , happy tears filling her eyes as Kai put the engagement ring on her finger. He got up and Y/N jumped in his arms , wrapping her legs around his waist , his arms holding her tight as his lips found hers and he kissed her passionatelly. “I love you.” she repeated in between kisses.
Maybe she could have it all , with Kai , just as she dreamed.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017