and then katniss gets mad

so after i finished Mockingjay Part 2 last night, while i was sitting in my seat and trying to compose myself, i listened to this girl in front of me rant about how the ending sucked, how depressing it was. she didn’t understand why Katniss didn’t become the new leader. she thought it was sad that she was exiled to Twelve to live alone.

and i just thought, wow. this is sad. because this girl doesn’t understand Katniss’ character at all. and this is the problem with the media and the general moviegoing public. they completely misunderstand Katniss because they project what they want out of a hero onto her. what they’ve come to expect of their heroes. they completely strip away her own agency, her own wishes and desires for her life, and want her to do what they want a hero to do. never mind the fact that Katniss repeats ad nauseam “i never wanted any of this.” they want someone extraordinary, not understanding just how ordinary Katniss Everdeen is, how human she is. they want their heroes flawed, but not infallible. they want epic heroic narratives where the good guys win and everything is right by the end. every other popcorn action movie will tell you that story, but that’s not this story.

that’s not Katniss’ story.

Katniss is just an ordinary girl, who does extraordinary things. and then those things eventually break her. but even after all that, all the trauma and brutality, she still goes on to live an ordinary life. that’s what she wanted.

and that’s the extraordinary part.

i still get mad at comments like “why did katniss have children?” “she only had children because peeta wanted them” “katniss never wanted kids why the hell did she end up with two kids?” “it doesn’t make sense that katniss had children” etc etc

i mean… believe me when i tell you that i hate when the typical story ends with the main couple having kids in the epilogue some years after just because that’s what’s supposed to happen to every couple out there

but with the hunger games it’s different… it’s not like she hasn’t thought about kids during all the books, she has repeatedly consider, or at least thought of, kids and what happens to kids in the district and how she wouldn’t be able to endure the possibility of her kids going to the hunger games

that is the main reason why she says she doesn’t want kids, or that she doesn’t even consider having kids because she doesn’t want the capitol to have more power over her

that’s why i feel it’s so important to her character to HAVE KIDS, because everything has changed, she has defeated the capitol and she can consider having kids because they’re not in danger anymore, it’s like an ultimate fuck u to the capitol

and if you see katniss and prim’s relationship, you CANNOT say that she doesn’t enjoy raising a kid, she lives for prim, she’s her sister but in fact, it’s more than her sister to her because they really never had her mother in difficult times and that relationship is the most precious thing to her

so how can you really say that katniss having kids is totally ooc and an awful ending? i just don’t understand

Joniss prompt fill

Prompt: Katniss gets mad with Johanna and Johanna accidentally confesses her love for Katniss.

“Love is weird” Johanna mutters, gazing off at the rippling water glowing before her; watching emotionless as Finnick stares at the glossy sun. Poor boy, she thinks, so hurt by love- something Johanna could relate to. She purses her lips and hugs her knees to her chest tightly, trying to avoid making eye contact with the stunning girl besides her, who’s dreamy features were so desirably illuminated by the sunset.

“How is love weird?” Katniss enquires, her tone quiet but firm. Johanna merely continues to hack at the sand with the butt of her tomahawk, watching the sodden sand create a dark hole. “Love is what saved my life last year!” Katniss insists, a little louder and Johanna kicks her leg out, covering the ditch she’d created. Johannes gets to her feet and gives Katniss a disbelieving grin, shrugging her shoulder.

“Of course it did” Johanna says sarcastically, shaking her head with a scoff as Peeta turns to look at her. Johanna sits down again as to not cause a scene and lowers the volume of her voice. “Do you really think we all still believe that?” She questions with a mischievous grin.

Katniss looks at her, bewildered. “What are you on about?” She snaps quietly and Johanna looks off into the sunset again, shaking her head with a small chuckle. Katniss kneels up in front of Johanna and looks her in the eye, but Johanna remains staring beyond her, boring through her as if she wasn’t there to disturb Johanna’s peace of mind. “What do you mean!” Katniss demands,  Louder this time, as she places her hand on Johanna’s knee.

“The whole world knows your love story is bullshit” Johanna snarls, only now languidly meeting Katniss’ eyes with a proud but fake grin hung on her lips. Katniss’ jaw hung open and she let’s out a silent breath of disbelief.

“How dare you suggest that!” Katniss exclaims without a care that the others heard them. The hunter gets to her feet, overpowering the lumberjack, but not for long. Johanna raises instantly too, invading Katniss’ personal space; daring her and tormenting her to continue through silent looks. “You have no idea what I’ve been through” Katniss finally breathes and Johanna pushes past Katniss, stepping into the brush of the tropics with Katniss storming after her angrily.

After a moment, Johanna embeds her axe into the bark of a near tree and gradually approaches Katniss who stood in shock of the violence on the spot. She halts before Katniss and glares into her elegant but terrified eyes, the girl portraying a dear in headlights.

“I have no idea, do I?” Johanna spits, her breath growing heavier with anger. “I have no idea how damn painful it is to be so madly in love with someone that I’d die for them?” Johanna continues mockingly, her eyes flaring before she shakes her aching head and steps back. “Of course I don’t” she mutters, tugging her axe free and continuing her way.

Katniss remains situated, attempting to process the last minute in her mind before she shakes herself and jogs off After Johanna, taking her by the arm in order to turn the dark haired girl to face her. She eyes her silently for a lingering moment before the words she required finally came to mind. “What do you mean?” She asks breathlessly and Johanna watches the hand on her bruised arm, slipping away slowly.

“I lied earlier” Johanna states simply, dropping her axe to the ground so it lands blade first in the soil. She sits besides it, watching the motionless dirt as she drapes her arms over her knees.

Katniss’ breathing regulates and her raging expression softens as she crouches besides Johanna, ogling her curiously before asking when exactly Johanna lied to her.

“When I said There’s nobody I love” The axewoman shrugs. A soft smile forms on Katniss’ lips and she nudges Johanna softly, looking into her eyes teasingly.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” She asks, jumping back in shock as Johanna punches the ground in frustration, growling.

“Can’t you see?” Johanna shouts, running her fingers through her hair from annoyance. “Are you that fucking self-centered that you can’t see?”

Katniss scrambles to her feet and backs off sightly, afraid of the sudden wrath boiling from her ally. “Can’t see what?” She breathes, curiosity grasping the better of her.

Johanna’s tense limbs drop and and she exhaustedly peers up at Katniss, sighing in defeat.

“It’s you”

Last week, I answered an ask about Gale and Peeta’s reactions to Katniss asking them to run away with her. I tried to keep my analysis fairly detached, but there was something I didn’t address in that post that’s been bugging me ever since. So now I’m just going to vent, okay?

It always made me angry that Gale is all for running away with Katniss and their families until she says that she wants to bring Haymitch and Peeta. I think it’s one of Gale’s worst moments when he gets mad at Katniss for that. That was the main thing I always focused on in that scene, but now I’m paying attention to the guilt trip that Gale sends Katniss on, and it’s horrible.

Gale won’t let Katniss help Haymitch and Peeta, and then Gale has the gall to act like she’s the selfish one who doesn’t care about other people. Grr! 

What’s worse is that the moment Katniss is most receptive to choosing Gale as her romantic partner is borne out of this sense of guilt and of Katniss feeling morally inferior to Gale! 

Gale is mine. I am his. Anything else is unthinkable. Why did it take him being whipped within an inch of his life to see it?

Because I’m selfish. I’m a coward. I’m the kind of girl who, when she might actually be of use, would run to stay alive and leave those who couldn’t follow to suffer and die. This is the girl Gale met in the woods today.


At some point, you have to turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it. Well, it’s not hard for Gale. He was born a rebel. I’m the one making an escape plan.

All Katniss is trying to do is protect people. Gale is being hypocritical, petty, and mean. But Gale is the one who comes out of these scenes looking like the selfless freedom-fighter in Katniss’s eyes.


  • Plutarch: the original line was "necklace of rope," I had it changed to "necklace of hope."
  • Haymitch: Ah, you're a true wordsmith.

everlark fanfic be like

katniss: [chapters 1-10] *staring at peeta* *finding excuses to talk to peeta* *finding excuses to stay away from peeta* *wondering what peeta’s motives are* *still staring at peeta* *peeta says hi* *katniss says go away* *katniss gets mad peeta isnt talking to her* *peeta’s like okay what*

katniss: [chapter 11] i think i like this peeta guy