and then just doing it anyway

I was figuring they wouldn’t give us much of a fight in the finale, since the volume’s climax was last episode. I can see what everyone is complaining about, but I don’t think they did such a bad job. I mean, that fucking BATTLE OF GODS shit they did last episode probably cost more time and funding than the whole rest of the volume. If we want them to make the best show they can, we need to take the good with the not-as-good-but-still-good. There’s supposed to be seven more installments, so there’s plenty of story and good fights ahead of us.

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   ❝ A lot of people want me dead. They call it JUSTICE

    I’m the only one who knows the truth. All I have left is the wind by my side. ❞



I don’t understand how people just read one genre, like bitch imma read about magic and dragons and then go over here and read about space and then mayhaps I will venture into the present timeline and read about someone in a city I recognize going through stuff I understand like The Social Media and then I will hop back over to the 18th century because I love me some corsets and relentless gossip from society bitches



If Oscar Isaac can persuade JJ Abrams to not kill him off in TFA, he can definitely persuade him to make stormpilot happen in episode 9