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Kageyama had not been exaggerating in the slightest when he said the new room waiting for Shouyou was nice. It was nice; but so had the first one been. This new one, Shouyou would have said, was more accurately magnificent.

Now he could see why Kageyama had called it the summer room, as its true worth would be most apparent during those warmer months—for the room had a roof resting on the ornate marble columns lining its borders, but no walls. Like the pavilion, it was open on all sides, and looked out over the city and the surrounding hills of the countryside.

Shouyou did rest after his filling lunch, falling asleep easily in the enormous bed. He woke with the sun still high in the sky, about to begin its downward descent, and sat up, stretching and yawning.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, at this point, a servant seemed to materialize right as he thought of a question, and as they bowed to Shouyou, he rubbed his eyes and asked, “Where’s Ka—where is the villa’s master?”

“He is out taking his exercise,” the man replied. “Shall I bring you to him?”

“No, no…” Shouyou waved his hands. “I don’t want to disturb him!" 

"It would not be unwelcome,” the servant told him. “He instructed me to deliver you into his care, as soon as you wanted to go.”

“Ah…” Shouyou said, rubbing the back of his neck. He wondered what else being in Kageyama’s care entailed. “Then, I’m ready. I’ll follow you.”

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Rogue One AU || Leverage

The Team stages elaborate cons for clients victimized by Imperial Corporations. They are led by the Mastermind, Cassian Andor, a former investigator for the Alliance Company who has a troubled past due to the acts he committed in the name of one of the executives, Draven. 

Jyn ‘Hallik’ is a Grifter that has multiple aliases like Liana, Kastrel, and Nari. She has been on the run for years for unknown reasons to the Team. And on one of her cons before she joined the crew, she had stolen from Draven which is how she and Cassian met.

Bodhi Rook is the Hacker for the Team who was a former Imperial employee. After being tortured for information years back, Bodhi can only cope with the trauma through electronics and computers. Despite the nerves, he is the best in the business.

Kay is the Team’s expert Thief, who has been Cassian’s longest companion. He has no issues with the crazier stunts committed in their cons and doesn’t mind staying in the air vents. But his poor social skills tend to show while pickpocketing. 

Baze and Chirrut come in pair as the Hitters of the Team, who, before they joined the crew, were ex-military vigilantes protecting their local neighborhoods. Chirrut is the one who follows his guts more and KNOWS when the team is in trouble, so he frequently jumps into the danger. Baze quickly follows Chirrut to get him and EVERYONE ELSE out of that danger. He constantly jokes about being too old to babysit.

The members of the Team all have baggage, but, despite it, or because of it, become a family serving out Robin Hood Style Justice

requested by @blackaquokat, also kudos to @blackaquokat for summaries and character choice.

ps- the reason Jyn’s last name is Hallik in this is because in the show her counterpart’s name is not known, so I decided to play with that.


The Indestructible Jack Lucas,

In 1942 Jacklyn H. Lucas enlisted in the Marine Corps, not an unusual thing to do during World War II, but certainly unusual at the age of 14.  A boy who looked much older than his years, Lucas claimed he was 17, forged his mother’s signature, and was inducted into the Corps no questions asked.  Jack Lucas underwent Marine Corps training at Parris Island and qualified as a sharpshooter and heavy machine gunner.  However after training, Lucas was sent from one menial assignment to the next, first in the lower 48, then at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

By 1945 Lucas was becoming bored with peaceful service, and on January 10th he went AWOL and stowed away on a ship bound for Iwo Jima.  Despite going AWOL, Lucas was given a combat assignment and attached to the 5th Marine Division.

Upon hitting the beaches Lucas and his fellow Marines were sprayed with murderous Japanese gunfire.  Perhaps the only Marine to invade Iwo Jima unarmed, Lucas immediately picked up a rifle and returned fire. During the battle, it was his squad’s duty to clear out a machine gun nest near a deep ravine.  It was then that a grenade landed in the middle of his squad.  Without thinking, Lucas leaped upon the grenade, determined to use his body as shield to protect his comrades.  Then another grenade landed nearby.  Lucas grabbed that grenade as well, and stuffed it under his torso.  When the two grenades exploded his body was thrown into the air.  Amazingly, Lucas was still alive, though seriously wounded.  Covered from head to toe with shrapnel wounds, Lucas was evacuated to a hospital ship.  Over the next seven months of recovery, Lucas would undergo 21 surgeries to remove 250 pieces of shrapnel from his body.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions (the youngest Marine to receive the award), as well as the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

After the war, Jack Lucas returned home, resumed his education as a ninth grader, graduated high school, and graduated college with a business degree.  He married three times.  His marriage with his second wife didn’t go so well, as she hired a hitman to kill him.  Fortunately he was able to fend off the attack.

In 1961, he rejoined the military, this time joining the US Army and becoming a paratrooper so that he could “conquer his fear of heights”.  During a training jump, his two parachutes failed to open, and he fell 3,500 feet before slamming into the ground.  Miraculously, despite screaming to the earth at terminal velocity, Lucas walked away from the accident unscathed.  From 1961 to 1965, Lucas served as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne.  When he finally retired he had risen to the rank of captain.

Jack Lucas died of Leukemia in 2008 at the age of 80.  His Medal of Honor and citation is currently sealed within the hull of the USS Iwo Jima.

AUish Headcanon for Jack Morrison

So I have this old AU Headcanon for Jack Morrison that I have never done much with, that I was inspired to talk about because I read a fic that had something similar.

Most of the canon information we get about Jack is that he was charismatic, inspiring, a real captain America type person. People loved him and respected him and he brought out the best in everyone.

A certain portion of the fandom’s response is to twist that into selfishness and turn those positive traits into negative ones. I.e he is secretly an asshole or something like that. I understand the desire to try to deconstruct this, but I personally took it in a slightly different direction and a step or two further. This is going to be a long one.

People in universe don’t really talk about Jack Morrison like he is a person, they talk about him more like he is a symbol. It is something that people will often do, but I like to think that a part of the reason that they do that is because he is seriously like that when people meet him.

So I have to explain why Jack would act this way and the answe became, because he is incapable of handling emotions and people normally. Most specifically he lacks any real empathy. He understands that other people have wants and desires, that they have agency and are individuals in the same way that he is, but this understanding is intellectual and learned.

Jack had to learn, largely on his own, to understand why other people act like they do and what was expected of him in social situations. As a result his youth was very rough and intensely frustrating for him and those around him. He was brilliant and tenacious though and, over time, he slowly learned how to get people to act the way he wanted them to. He learned how to talk to people, to convince them of things and how to smile to put people at ease and get them to open up and relax.

Going into high school practically nobody would have connected him to the cold and occasionally cruel kid he used to be. He laughed, smiled, flirted, joked around. He had started working out and eventually tried out for sports. He didn’t rest until he was the star quarterback, the most respected member of the most popular sports team in school. He was a social butterfly of the highest order, he even, of course, was prom king.

He didn’t just excel when it came to being social or playing football, no. His grades were impeccable, his test scores practically perfect. He took the highest level courses available to him: calculus, sciences. You name it he took it. He graduated valedictorian.

Over the course of his early life he went from the local trouble child to the kid everyone wished they had. He was the wonder boy. Everyone loved him, he always had time for everyone, managed to keep up with his school work and studies. People called him a superman, amazed that he could manage everything he did with a smile on his face.

The truth of the matter was that he did nothing but all of this, all the time. He had no hobbies, nothing he did for fun or relaxation. All of his energy went into being absolutely perfect in this rather specific way. The few people who understood, to some degree, what he was doing would never understand his motivations.
That motivation had a lot to do with his evolving sense of self. As a relatively natural consequence of the way he thought about people, it was easy to elevate himself over them. They were easy to predict and manipulate and that affected his growing philosophy and relationship to people as a whole.

His personal philosophy has a wide range of influences. It was as he reached his high school graduation that he had begun to get a rather consistent and coherent sense of what that was. To somewhat oversimplify, he has a strong belief in his own superiority over others. He feels a need to show people that he is better than them, but also, to make them love him for it.

The sort of interesting consequence of this is that he holds himself up to a near impossible standard, while at the same time having a hard time blaming people for things that they do wrong. He easily dismisses others’ actions because they don’t know any better, or are incapable of doing better on their own. It’s a weird I can’t be mad at them because they couldn’t do better even if they wanted to thing.

He joins the military at the cusp of the crisis because he knows that he will be able to do something about it better than anyone else and he couldn’t leave his own safety in the hands of others. Even here he manages to say and do the exact right thing. His superiors love him, most of his colleagues do too.

Through his excellence he is offered a chance to join the SEP and he jumps at the opportunity. It was another way to make him better than he already was.

This is where most of my stories with this Headcanon begin, because this is where it all changes. This is where he meets Gabriel Reyes and he is forced to reevaluate his relationship to other people.

A small group of highly qualified soldiers are brought together to undergo experimental procedures to make them better. Jack charms his fellow recruits and the people in charge easily enough, but one person seems to resist his every attempt at manipulation. His bright smiles don’t seem to work, his smooth words fall on deaf ears and even his small town charm and naïveté don’t seem to produce the results he wants. No matter how hard he seems to try he and Gabriel do not get along.

They end up being roommates, much to Gabriel’s annoyance and Jack’s approval. It would give him plenty of time to work on whatever was going on that made Gabriel dislike him. Jack had met other people who were more difficult to work with than most. The most common of these tended to react somewhat contrarily, meaning they needed to be handled differently.

He tried flipping around his tactics, manipulating Gabriel into thinking he wanted one thing while he was after another. No matter what he did it was like the other man anticipated things. He would never react the way Jack expected or wanted and everything he did seemed to make the man dislike him more and more.

That distance only vanished when Jack gave up and eventually stopped trying. He stopped putting on his fake smile and laughing about things. Jack had not intended to do that, but the pain, fever and just plain torture of their treatments often left him out of sorts and eventually they talked.

When they were delirious from pain Jack didn’t have the presence of mind to pretend to be something else. He spoke clinically and precisely, often talking about emotions and reasons for actions in a way that always made people nervous or upset. Jack figured it would end up making things worse, but instead Gabriel started talking to him.

It only seemed to annoy Gabriel when Jack pretended too hard. When he was somewhat relaxed and natural for him, Gabe would smile. He wasn’t sure if Gabe understood just how deep his emotional disconnect ran, but it didn’t seem to drive him away.

Gabriel was the first person in his entire life that he could relax around. When Jack said or did atypical things he never commented unless they caused an actual problem and he was understanding even when they did. It helped as well that Gabriel was brilliant and strong and fast, he was everything Jack thought himself and possibly more.

There is no single moment that he can point to where he fell in love with Gabriel Reyes. It just seemed as natural to him as breathing. Before meeting Gabe he had never considered the possibility of finding someone worthy of his respect, let alone admiration. For everyone else his actions were dictated by their external reactions, but with Gabe he paused to consider how things would make him feel and what the man would want. Considerations that he had never given anyone but himself.

He would worry about impressing the man, constantly striving, not to be the best anymore, but to make Gabriel smile, to meet his approval. Gabriel would wrestle him to the ground, he would knock his ass out in boxing. Gabriel could bench press more, Jack outran him on the track. Before long Jack began actively wanting to spend time with him and lamenting when he could not.

Gabriel made the first move, because of course he did. Jack had no idea how to handle the way he felt. One night, after another intense sparring session, Gabriel grabbed him before he made it to his bed and kissed him. It was a quick chaste kiss, testing the waters. Jack reacted poorly, pulling away, confused by the sudden touching.

The look on Gabriel’s face when he did so was the most distressing thing Jack had ever experienced. He could recognize the pain that the other man felt and before he could do anything, Gabe bolted out the door. Jack had only a few moments to consider his response before he was chasing the other man. He had recoiled because the thought of such physical intimacy, sharing bodily fluids even, had always disgusted him.

He had never meant to hurt Gabriel though and he needed to apologize. Luckily Jack was faster and he managed to tackle him to the floor before he got too far. He didn’t know what to say to fix this, so he did the only thing he could think of. He kissed Gabriel back. Gabriel returned and deepened the kiss and Jack realized that with Gabriel things were different, as long as it was Gabe then he could do this and make him happy.

They spend even more time together talking, often alone so Jack could drop his act. Jack begins learning about Gabriel and how he wants to save the world. He wants to protect people and fight for peace. He learned about altruism from Gabriel like the concept was new, like he had never heard anyone else spout it out like nonsense.

It wasn’t nonsense when Gabriel talked about helping others, about sacrifice and the greater good. Even though Jack did not understand that he was in love with Gabriel at the time he truly admired the slightly older man. He began to question his own beliefs, because if Gabriel Reyes cared for and respected other people, as flawed as they were, who was Jack to dismiss them out of hand?

He never did tell Gabriel about what he thought of other people or why he joined. He did not want the man to think less of him. Instead he internalized Gabriel’s desire to protect and built himself anew around that. He and Gabe were better than everyone else and as such it was their duty to protect and guide them. He would be the hero that Gabriel wanted him to be because he wanted Gabriel to be happy.

This is why he acts the way he does, why people talk about him like he’s something that isn’t human. It’s because he acts like it. He is practically perfect through practice and will. He embodies the values that Gabe distilled into him and like everything in his life, he takes it to its ideological extreme. They treat him like he was a ray of sunshine that could inspire the greatest loyalty in anyone and he was, because he consciously worked every second of every day to be that.

Phew that was long and rather specific. I have more about this AU and where it splits off and about Gabriel and stuff if anyone is interested.

It’s interesting but super hard to write well/super easy to screw up.

Eric Fanfiction pt. 1

(A/N) Hey again! So, this time I started writing something about Eric from Divergent. I used the Eric from the movies sind I haven’t read the books. I hope you enjoy it and as always, I’m open for feedback!

Warnings: I don’t think there are any warnings… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Originally posted by effindivergenteric

Eric POV

It’s been four years since I chose to chance my life. I left Erudite and joined Dauntless, the best decision I ever made for sure. The only downside? I had to leave her. No, not my girlfriend. But my best friend, the only person that ever put up with. The only one that was always able to put a smile on my face. Still, I chose to leave and swore to never look back.
Every time I see her, I start to regret it. The joy in her eyes I was used to, slowly left. Her rosy, full cheeks became hallow and her smile completely vanished.
I knew the problems she had, I was the only one who knew and I still had enough selfishness within me to leave her. Enough selfishness to never talk to her again or come to the pit when she visited me on visiting day. So I guess that’s the reason I was so nervous while waiting on the rooftop for the new Initiates. Nervous she could be one of them.
But, what are the chances? She can choose from five factions, why should she choose Dauntless?


I really chose Dauntless, huh? With two drops of blood I left Erudite and joined Dauntless, the worst decision I ever made for sure. I mean, okay, I’m not all too bad at running and I have good reflexes. But he is probably going to be there. He, the one that left me alone when I needed him the most. The one that knew of all my troubles and still chose to leave. Well, it’s too late to regret it, I was already on my way to my new home…at least I hope it is going to become one.
I leaned against a wall of the train that brought us to the Dauntless compound. All around me were other teens, a lot of them from Dauntless, seven from Candor, five, inclusive me, from Erudite, two from Amity and one from Abnegation. Most of them were boys, only six of us were girls.
“Get ready to jump!” one of the Dauntless born yelled and everyone from the other factions looked utterly confused.
We all stood up and walked to the doors. I stretched my head out and saw people jumping out of the train from the other carts. They landed on a roof, some with more elegance, some with less.
“They can’t expect us to jump! We will fall!” the girl from Abnegation tried to reason with the boy from Amity. “The first step for us to prove we are worthy.” I murmured to myself and walked back to the wall opposite of the door. As soon as I saw the roof, I started to run and leaped across the space between the tracks and the edge of the rooftop.
I fell to my knees while landing and I could feel the burning pain. Well done! Scraping your knees and you’re not even in the compound! Well, that’s just my luck.
“Initiates! Come here!” A tall guy yelled and the others walked over to him. Me? I seriously considered to jump down from the roof. After all, I knew the voice…too well. Of course I had to see him before anyone else. There, again, my luck!
I joined the others while trying to keep my head low. Still, I could see him, and he changed. A lot.
His blonde hair was now in a short military cut, he gained a lot of muscles and had one or two (or thirty for that matter) tattoos. Like every other Dauntless, he wore all black. It suited him. The piercing above his eyebrow seemed to match him so well, I got the feeling it’s always been there. Dauntless, through and through.

“Alright Initiates! This is the only way to Dauntless. Don’t even bother asking! If you want to know, you’ll have to jump.” Eric jumped down from the ledge and walked up and down in front of the group of sixteen year old teenagers. “Who’s going to jump first?” As soon as this question left his mouth, the group parted. It was as if Mosses parted the red sea and I was the only one who didn’t get the memo. So I just stood there and Eric’s eyes instantly found mine. If you looked closely you could see the exact moment realisation hit him. His eyes widened, if only for a fraction of a second. I only noticed it because I was looking for it.
He swallowed and cleared his throat. “What about you, Initiate?” Eric nodded towards the ledge and silently asked me to come forward.
He was never one to not listen, so I just did as I was asked and stepped forward.
“Need help, princess?” Eric stretched out his hand, as if he would like to help me, but I ignored it and climbed up onto the ledge. “Whenever you’re ready, Darling!” I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and stepped forward.


Sergeant John Forge:

Sergeant John Forge (Service Number 63492-94758-JF) was a veteran non-commissioned officer and an infantryman in the UNSC Marine Corps. Although he excelled in tactics and combat, his repeated acts of insubordination caused him to receive three demotions, with infractions such as fighting with an officer, (which resulted in 2.4 years in jail time), and striking a superior officer. He sported an ace of spades playing card attached to his left shoulder pauldron, and also carried a combat knife he named “Lucy.”

Early Life:

Born on Earth on May 29, 2501, Forge’s life revolved around the military. His family lineage had been a part of the military for generations, dating as far back as World War II. He joined boot camp at the minimum age 16, where his superiors remarked there was “something special” about him. Forge and his wife fathered a daughter, Lucy Orion “Rion” Forge, around 2525. Although John’s marriage was strained even before the birth of his child, he and Rion would always remain on good terms.

Forge worked a stint as a military policeman on Mars and did some “grunt work” on Epsilon Eridani IV during the Insurrection. However, he hated policing and jumped at the chance to be assigned to Fort Marshall.

Forge was arrested twice during his service. His first arrest was for directly disobeying orders and disorderly conduct. Even though his actions saved four members of his squad, Forge spent a total of 2.4 years in prison, an infraction that removed any chance of moving through Officer Candidate School or even progressing beyond the rank of sergeant.

His second arrest occurred around August 17, 2530. Forge’s then-five-year-old daughter, Rion, and her aunt Jillian were waiting for John in a bar when Lieutenant Prosser started making sexual advances on Jillian. When the lieutenant made a suggestive comment toward Rion, Jillian struck Prosser, prompting him to shove her against a wall. At this point John arrived and confronted the lieutenant. They engaged in a fist fight, with charges brought upon the sergeant. However, Rion proclaimed her father as a hero and all charges were dropped, where he was later reassigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire by Admiral Preston Cole himself. Spirit of Fire’s commanding officer, Captain James Cutter, came to trust Forge so thoroughly that he granted the sergeant a degree of authority significantly exceeding that afforded by his rank.

Reclamation of Harvest:

In February 2531, Spirit of Fire was sent to assist the crippled Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Prophecy in the Epsilon Indi system. Captain Cutter ordered the Prophecy’s navigation database and survivors to be recovered, sending Forge and multiple Marine fireteams on board the vessel while Spirit of Fire engaged several Covenant ships. Forge’s Pelican dropship was hit by enemy fire and crash landed on the Prophecy’s hull. Forge and Team Lima breached and boarded the Prophecy, whereupon they were attacked by Kig-Yar Rangers. Forge’s ankle was broken during the engagement. With the guidance of Serina, Spirit of Fire’s AI, he was able to find the a terminal to recover the ship’s black box and wipe its navigation core while the rest of Team Lima rescued the ship’s survivors. Serina warned Forge that the Prophecy’s AI may “act peculiar” due to high radiation levels.

Upon scanning his retina to gain access to the terminal, Forge was halted by the ship’s AI, FitzGibbon, who explained he could not allow him to enter due to the latter’s poor service record. Forge reminded the AI of the Cole Protocol, stating that he was aboard the vessel to ensure the protocol would not to be violated. FitzGibbon then reluctantly allowed Forge into the terminal room and enabled radiation repair routines. Forge purged the navigation database and returned to the Pelicans as FitzGibbon activated Prophecy’s self-destruct sequence, which soon scuttled the ship. After the Marines and Forge escaped with the survivors, they were taken to Spirit of Fire’s medical bay. When Forge asked how the survivors were doing, Serina told him that they would all soon die due to all of them suffering extensive radiation poisoning. Forge was angered by the AI’s indifference towards the survivors and comforted them in their final moments, believing that even if they would soon be dead, they were still people and so deserved better.

Forge was sent to the surface of Harvest on his first mission to scout out Covenant activity in the northern polar region of the planet. He drove through Quadrant 4 to find a battalion of Sangheili that an AV-14 Hornet squadron had spotted earlier. Reporting the Covenant activity to his superiors, as to how the aliens had found a a Forerunner structure buried within the ice, he returned to the overrun UNSC Alpha Base, and helped organize scattered Marine units along the way. Forge and his rag-tag assault force were able to retake Alpha Base a short-time later. Before the Relic was demolished by the Covenant, the Forerunner site is captured by Forge and Marine forces. Professor Ellen Anders was then sent to the planet’s surface to personally investigate the relic, and Forge reluctantly escorted her inside.[14] He was present when Anders activated a Forerunner holographic projection of a star map, and protected her when they were ambushed by a team of Sangheili warriors. Spirit of Fire then evacuated most of her ground troops, including Forge, and set course for Arcadia, a UNSC colony planet to which the star map had pointed.[12]


After arriving at Arcadia, Forge was among the first UNSC troops to set foot in the besieged capital of Pirth City, where he aided the evacuation of civilians aboard three cargo vessels. When the civilian transports took off, Forge and his men abandoned the besieged city and fell back to the outskirts. There, he took part in the destruction of a nearby Covenant base, assisted by Spartan teams Red and Omega. He also participated in the battle to destroy a Covenant energy dome which was protecting an unfinished Type-29 Scarab. After a short battle, the UNSC forces succeeded in destroying the Scarab. While he and Anders were surveying the area, Arbiter Ripa ‘Moramee ambushed them. Forge was swiftly defeated and was about to be killed, until Anders stopped the Arbiter by agreeing to go with him without incident. After Spartan Red Team’s unsuccessful attempt to stop the Arbiter from escaping, they immediately retreated back to the Spirit of Fire. Spirit of Fire then made a slipspace jump in pursuit of 'Moramee’s retreating vessel.

Shield world:

After Spartan Jerome-092 recommended destroying 'Moramee’s ship and killing Anders rather than let classified information fall into Covenant hands, Forge confronted the Spartan. The altercation resulted in a broken chair, a seal malfunction on a bulkhead and a stern interruption from Serina. From then on, Forge and Jerome always ate together in the mess hall.

Upon arriving at a mysterious planet, Forge was sent to the planet’s surface, where he and his forces encountered the Flood. It was soon discovered that the world was not a planet at all, but a Forerunner shield world. Immediately following this revelation, Forge was put in charge of the evacuation of the Spirit’s ground troops and the decontamination of Flood from the ship’s dorsal surface. By chance, he came upon the recently escaped Ellen Anders in the shield world’s interior and escorted her back to the Spirit of Fire.

Forge was then put in charge of the strike team that would deliver the Spirit’s Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine to the Apex Site; the SFTE had been rigged as a bomb to destroy the shield world and deny its armada of Forerunner dreadnoughts to the Covenant. Atop the Apex, he once again faced 'Moramee in battle, while the Spartans of Red Team eliminated the Arbiter’s comrades. Although Forge was nearly killed, he overcame his foe at the last minute by tricking the Arbiter to look him in the eye, and then stabbing him in the neck with his prized combat knife, “Lucy”. He then picked up the Arbiter’s energy sword and drove it through the Sangheili’s stomach, killing him. As Alice-130 rolled the Arbiter’s corpse off the platform, Jerome examined the engine, realizing that it had been damaged in the fight.

When it became clear that the damaged slipspace drive would have to be detonated manually, Forge realized that the Spartans would play a far greater role in the war than he ever could. He volunteered to take the FTL drive into the shield world’s artificial star. Forge gave the Spirit’s crew the time they needed to escape the hollow planet and then detonated the drive, sacrificing his own life, but dealing the Covenant a massive blow in the process.


Spirit of Fire was declared lost with all hands on February 10, 2534, though many bereaved family members refused to accept the official statement. On his deathbed, Forge’s father encouraged Rion to keep up the search for the truth regarding the ship’s disappearance. Rion spent the ensuing years seeking closure for her father’s disappearance, eventually becoming a scavenger. In January 2557, she followed a series of leads that pointed to the log buoy Spirit of Fire had dropped at Arcadia, which in turn took her to the remains of Shield World 0459. There she encountered what remained of the former caretaker of the facility, a fragmentary ancilla she later dubbed “Little Bit”, which provided her the trajectory Spirit of Fire had followed when escaping the shield world.


@fe-exire - Villan Week Challenge - Day 2 / prompt 3

[How was life before they turned?]

I hadn’t planned “Emma’s” identity to be revealed so soon, but since I already spoiled it, I figured I could just jump straight to this prompt.

Before she became the rebel sniper she is today, “Emma” went by the name of Victoria Jay, wife of Gorman Jay and the mother of Emma Jay.

Soon after their daughter’s birth, Gorman joined the Ellvale military and eventually would be pulled into the ongoing Civil War. This left Victoria raising Emma all alone, Gorman only returning home every once in a while, usually exhausted, silent and new traumatic experiences weighing him down. No matter how much love Victoria held for her husband, the constant tension and seldom visits put heavy stress on the couple’s relationship; The rare visits would be spent in awkward silence, playing with Emma, and at night, making countless promises of “everything going back to how it once was” once the war was over.

Watching Emma grow was the sole light in Victoria’s life, and thanks to her, Victoria was able to keep herself from succumbing to the depression her husband was battling. Losing her daughter caused Victoria’s downfall and eventual turn against her own nation. Gorman never knew Victoria survived the attack against civilians in which their daughter died, and Victoria always believed Gorman would leave the hateful military once the war was over. Guess both of them were wrong.



So, Halo has been a big part of my life and i’ve always adored the series and it’s lore, and i realized there are some parallels between Voltron and Halo?

both take place in space, both have to do with fighting alien bad guys, both have to do with wearing kick ass armor and having awesome futuristic weapons, so yeah.Here’s some things I thought of for this AU:

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Dear Soldier Evan AU

Basically a crossover AU where Evan is a child living in Shiganshina who just wants to live on the low, and not draw attention. After the fall of Shiganshina, he attempts suicide by jumping off of a tree at one of the only forests in Wall Rose, but is unsuccessful.

Convinced he needs to grow up, Jared practically forced Evan to sign up for the military and this is where they meet Connor; a soldier trainee who doesn’t fight to live, as he fights to die. (In his words, the Survey Corps has the highest death toll, and it would allow him to off himself easily where nobody is going to stop him from death.)

“So, um, Connor.. I was just, ah, wondering w-what branch of the military you’re joining.. ”

“Are you an idiot? Im joining the Scouts.”

“The S-scouts?! ”

“Did I fucking stutter?”

"You are not Asexual, just A-social"

physics-pony submitted: 

Ever since I was a kid I know I was different. I liked classes that no one else liked, I was always more prone to anger. The things other kids talked about, sports, shows or toys, I didn’t care for.

But as my parents told me to do, I tried to fit in…
It was like that even after I was diagnosed with NVLD (non-verbal learning disorder) at age of 8.

NVLD is kind of poorly named, since the verbal learning is what they good at (I’ll get to why I say they later).
Basically it’s a neurological disorder, just like the dyslexia and dysgraphia I have, but unlike them this affects more then your grades. People with NVLD have problem reading and using non-verbal communication. Anything from body language to tunes of speech.
Would you want to be a friend with the kid that start yelling for no reason? Or that doesn’t get it when you tell a sarcastic joke? I can’t blame them for not being my friends…

I did knew at the time I was diagnosed with NVLD, my parents hadn’t told me. So I tried to fit in, but I couldn’t… I was 10 when my best (and only real) friend moved away, and it hunk a bit after that I stopped trying.
I was on my own from there until about a year ago, but my coming out story was in the time I was alone.

Many people in the LGBTIAQ+ community say they came out to there parents last. Well I didn’t really had other options.
I was 16 and, like every teenager, confused. I didn’t tried to fit in, but I had nothing better to do in class then listening. And what would people talk about? “She is so hot.” “I have a crush on him.” And so on and so forth.
Something happened in the news and I didn’t had anyone but Wikipedia to ask. So I looked up “homosexuality”, and as I read I see a table. The table is known as the Kinsly (I hope I got that right) scale. From 0 to 6, straight to gay, and then the gray box, labeled X.
After reading about it I couldn’t denied benign ace. Not that anyone cared…
Few weeks later. It’s my mother and me in the car, on our way home from the train after I wasn’t home two days (where was I, irrelevant. Moving no). My mother (works at the school I was in): “Ho, and Annie (fake name) asked how are you.”
“How nice of her.”
“I think she is really in to you.”
“What? I’m just saying-”
“I know what you are saying. And I am not interested, I told you hundreds times, I’m am not interested in girls.”
“Are you interested in gays?”
“No! I’m not interested in romantic relationships.”
“But you have to get married someday.”
“Well what if I don’t want to?!”
“Someday you’ll find someone who makes you feel like no other, and she’ll-”
“It want happened mom. I’m A-sexual.”
*“You are not Asexual, just A-social”*
Our conversation that day ended there as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s jump few more years, it’s 2014, I’m 19. In Israel, all capable citizens join the IDF at the age of 18. Because I was supposed to join the navy for a specific role I was 19 when I was drafted. I was supposed to go to be a technician on the land, but something went wrong and I got to the program for the sailors. I lost it, I couldn’t think I couldn’t even stand! It’s unclear right now how but I got to see a military psychologist, so before I got to see him I had some free time, and I called, who else, my mother.
She finally told me I had NVLD, so I could say it to the psychologist to get me out of the program to the program I was supposed to be in.
The moment she hanged up I googled it. First thing I see: “what is the difference between NVLD and Asperger syndrome?” I knew what Asperger is… So I decided to read it, thinking it would be shorter then just reading everything together. I was right… But when I looked at the differences. The Asperger side was closer to who I am then the NVLD.
It’s been more then a year and a half since. And I got friends who expect me as who I am now. And I learned a lot about my condition.

Yes mother, I am asexual. And I am not asocial, I’m just different, in many many ways.
So may you please (!) stop saying that?

To Those Who Say Armin Is Useless

As much as all the Mikasa and Eremika hate this fandom likes to toss around angers me, this is something I’m just as passionate about. Armin is not useless and anyone who thinks that is blatantly ignoring the simply amazing character development this little guy has received. He’s weak. Ok. Yes, that is a fact. Armin is probably the weakest character in all of Shingeki no Kyojin (even Historia has killed more Titans than Armin). However, being weak doesn’t make him useless.

I think that is where the underlying issue with Armin’s perception by the fandom, outside of his shota-loving fangirls (and I myself am one of them), remains. That is, the failure to understand that there is a significant difference in meaning between the words “useless” and “weak”.

Useless: not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome.

Weak: Lacking the power to perform physically demanding tasks; lacking physical strength and energy.

Yeah, that speaks for itself. If you still don’t understand the point I’m making here, allow me to clarify. It is my opinion that Eren, Mikasa and Armin make a perfect team. Eren has the passion and the drive to motivate the others, Mikasa has the strength and the raw talent to carry out tasks – the brawn, so to speak. When I think of Armin’s role in the team, the phrase “brawn is nothing without brain” comes to mind. Together, Mikasa and Eren can be the most passionate badasses on the face of the earth, but if they don’t have a solid, well-thought-out plan and the logic to back it up, they’re both as good as dead.

And that is where Armin Arlert comes in. He isn’t just smart. He is the smartest character in the entire series. Even Pixis, the Commander of the entire Southern Territory’s Garrison forces with god knows how many years of experience behind him, trusted his judgment enough to build a plan around a mere hunch. When you factor in that, at the time, Armin was literally fresh out of training and hadn’t even chosen a branch of the military yet, the fact that a Commander trusted his mental prowess to that point is mind-numbingly impressive.

And real quick, can I mention how Armin pretty much saved the entire human race from extinction? When the wall to Trost was breached, Armin’s plan to take out the Titans so that the rest could refill their gas tanks was literally what saved the day. The trainees trapped in the city were the only ones that knew, though they were unaware it was Eren at the time, of the Rouge Titan’s existence. If they had died, Eren would have died too, and there would have went humanity’s only hope of sealing Wall Rose.

How? Remember, when Eren emerges from his Titan form, he’s always unconscious or at least lethargic to the point where it debilitates him. He would have been eaten. And after saving all his friend’s lives, Armin went the extra mile and came up with the plan to actually have Eren seal the gate. Oh, but wait. Before that, Armin, once again, saved the entire fucking human race from extinction by holding off the Garrison’s attempts to execute Eren until Pixis showed up. Then, when Eren became trapped in his Titan while trying to seal the boulder, Armin was the one that broke him out of it. In one arc, Armin saved humanity four different times. And people still have the nerve to look me in the face and say “Armin’s a useless pussy.” Yeah, right.

If Wall Rose had fallen, it would, without a doubt, have been the death of the human race. Wall Sina is too small to hold anything more than the royalty and the wealthy. There is little, if any, farmland or wilderness in the interior. There wouldn’t have been enough room for all the people living in the Rose territory, or the land needed to grow food. So yes, once again, let me reiterate this: Armin saved humanity during the Battle of Trost..

The Battle Trost isn’t even the only place where Armin’s mind has shined. If it weren’t for him, the Survey Corps probably would have never worked out the identity of the Female Titan and Eren would have been killed by the Military Police as a result. Armin knew that the Titan was Annie, and I think he knew it very early on, from the first time he saw her. It becomes clear when you watch the scene where her first encounters her. Just watch his face. He knows that the Female Titan is Annie. That is driven home even harder by the fact that Armin knew to call Eren by his trainee nickname, the “suicidal bastard”, in order to distract her and save Jean’s life.

Fast forward to the fight in the city, and we see Armin reveal himself for what he truly is: a manipulative evil genius. Armin’s strength doesn’t stop at being smart. He knows how to get to people, how to persuade and use them. And god, does he fucking use Annie. Despite the fact that Armin clearly has a crush on Annie and it probably causes him legitimate pain to betray her, he still does so, playing on her trust in him in order to lure her into a trap. This ultimately fails, but the fact the he was even willing to do it speaks wonders about Armin’s character. Jump ahead in time once again, and we see him get even crueler – he takes advantage of Bertholdt’s feelings for Annie and lies to him, saying that she’s being tortured, in order to distract him long enough to recover Eren.

My god, what the hell happened to that adorable little blond angel that was being bullied in episode one? He’s went from the poster child of shotas in SNK, and has become the most subtle badass in the entire fucking show And you know what? I’m not even done yet. Armin, as smart, persuasive and manipulative as he is, has another trait he is not given nearly enough credit for: he’s by far the bravest character in the series.

Yeah, I can see the eyes rolling already. Armin did, after all, freeze up in terror during the Battle of Trost. How the hell can he be braver than characters like Eren, Mikasa, and Levi? Oh, easily. All the aforementioned characters have something in common: they’re strong in one way or another. Armin isn’t. As I’ve said before, he’s weak. Very weak. His physical abilities are so weak, in fact, that he can’t even land on a horse when jumping from a Titan’s back. That’s what makes him brave.

Armin is fully aware of his weaknesses, and yet he still joined the Survey Corps of all things, the branch of the military where even the strongest die, where 90% of troops will be devoured in their first four years, simply because he’d “rather die than be a burden.” Oh, and, going back to the Battle of Trost, remember that little moment where Armin was willing to sacrifice himself so that Mikasa, someone far more capable of fighting, could take his gas because she’d put it to better use? He was planning on killing himself, should he run into a Titan (that’s why he asked her to let him keep one blade), and remaining behind to increase the others’ chances of survival. Then he did the same damn thing during the Female Titan arc. If Historia hadn’t shown up when she did, he would have passed Annie’s identity to Jean and Reiner and remained behind to die.

Armin Arlert is not useless. Physically weak, yes, but not useless. What he lacks in brawn, he makes up for in courage, and a sharp, fast, decisive and ruthless mind. He is by far one of the most vital characters in the entire series, and it really annoys me when I see him being put on the back-burners; it’s gotten to the point where the “main three” are Eren, Mikasa and Levi. No. Armin is far more essential to the series as a whole than Levi is, and he does not deserve the treatment he gets. Armin is a vital and well-developed character. He’s not useless. He’s not a “pussy”. He’s not a “crybaby”. Armin is a badass, every bit as badass as Mikasa and Levi, he’s just subtle about it.

Anyone who tries to argue otherwise needs to take a good, long look at both the anime and the manga, then come back and tell me that Armin Arlert is a useless character.



they are the brightest colours he has ever seen.

He has your gun, you know. The Black Widow, model X. You threw it to him before jumping into that damned beam, saying that he’ll have better use of it. It’s nice, but it isn’t really his thing (a thought he always kept to himself; the rifle was like a child to you). But yet, there it lays on his lap, like one of your bad jokes, a small breath, don’t forget me.

But how could he possibly forget you?


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Romano finding out his s/o joined the military?

South Italy/Lovino Vargas: Lovino would be highly upset at your actions, especially if they’d come out of nowhere. He would confront you directly on the matter, telling you his honest opinion and trying to mask his worry, saying he just didn’t think it was a good idea for you to put yourself willingly in danger. He would ask if you were just trying to emasculate him, seeing it as a sign that you don’t trust him enough to protect you, and would work himself up further by jumping to conclusions. The situation wouldn’t be remedied unless you told him that his thoughts were getting a bit too wild for reality, reassuring him that you loved him and that your joining the military didn’t directly have anything to do with him.

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Eren was on gaurd duty as part of his training to join the military to fight titans. He almost had a heart attack when he saw a brown haired teen being chased by a Titan. What was he doing outside of the walls? Eren ran and jumped off the wall killing the titan and grabbing up the other teen. He brought him and started the other brown haired boy in the face before shouting at him. "WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU DOING? YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE DIED OUT THERE! I COULD HAVE DIED SAVING YOU!"

Makoto flinched tears falling down his face. “I… I was trying to find my little brother and sister…they’re twins…i’m sorry… please don’t yell…” He said as more tears fell down his face.

Twelve Breads to Woo Them

by @alliswell21

for Day 1: Snow

Hi Everyone! Happy Twelve Days of Everlark Yuletide!!! This little piece is part of my Twelve Days of how Everlark met in an “In Panem AU, where they were never reaped”. I hope to post one chapter per day until Christmas. 

Thank you, Love in Panem, for hosting this event. You guys rock!

Rated: G (for now)

Beta-read by the amazing @chele20035 thank you love!  


Day one: Snow

The woods are silent and unyielding as I walk under the bare limbs of a maple tree, the ground is hard and dry indicating winter will be harsh this year. Everything has already either died or gone into hibernation for the looks of it, but in the back of my head I can’t shake the nagging notion that all these new would-be-hunters flooding my woods have had some hand in driving away game earlier than usual.  

It started fifteen months ago, the year I turned seventeen, when President Snow was assassinated on live television in front of all of Panem.

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You're getting me hooked in your rarepairs! Would you share some material on them? I'm curious about the Shisui/Kakashi and Tobirama/Kakashi (how does that even work? I need to know!)

Shisui/Kakashi…I had an idea for a canon AU where Itachi died instead of Shisui. Shisui didn’t end up killing the Uchiha, because he has his Deus Ex Dojutsu and made them all into happy little drones, but it kind of (majorly) screwed him up and because of what he did, no one remembers and so no one understands. Except that Kakashi actually sees him quietly self-destructing even while he’s trying to hide it with a smile, and - well. Obito parallels, so he steps in. Shisui is very much Not Having It at first, but it works out eventually (and ends with them adopting Naruto, bc I can fix-it fic if I want to). 

Kakashi/Tobirama would need time travel, I’ll admit. Or maybe Tobirama escaping Edo Tensai the first time Orochimaru summons him. But after I wrote them kind of interacting in I’m lost somewhere in outer space, I just want to ship them. (Also, I want to write an AU where Tobirama ends up jumping forward in time. Like, he disappears at 23 or so, so Izuna survives, Madara joins Konoha freely, maybe even becomes Nidaime Hokage or something. And then Tobirama ends up a hundred years in the future, finding out that his brother used his plans (Academy, military ranks, police force) to make the village strong, there are, like, shrines to him, etc. While Tobirama’s still stuck in the mentality of the Clan Wars and totally confused about everything. Idk, I really like the trope of broken people fixing each other, what can I say. 

October 8th – Soul Mate

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Current arc; After they save Eren (God help me if they ever do)

Rating: K

Words: 2309

Notes: I do love writing from Armin’s perspective; I always feel like he’d see anything and everything that others, including Eren and Mikasa, are blind to and I always see him as such a driving force pushing those two together that of course he’d see them as soul mates. I wrote a lot from his mind so I hope it comes across okay because I don’t exactly think like him myself but I really enjoyed writing this one because I have so much love for Armin Arlert. 


Armin couldn’t remember the last time he had actually sat down to read a book; not that he had the luxury of bringing books along as they fought. He was beyond thrilled when he found a room in the house they were staying in that had one book still sitting on the table. Once he finished the cleaning the room and Levi let them do what they wanted while he and Hanji congregated in another room, Armin went back to grab the book and sit down in the lone armchair in the room. He cracked open the old book, dust flying around him, and start to read over the first page.

It was some kind of fiction book from what Armin could tell; he generally preferred nonfiction where he’d learn something but this was better than nothing. It was a romance it looked, as Armin flipped through the opening chapter, a girl looking for her soul mate whom she knew without a doubt had to be out there waiting for her.

Armin chuckled as he read. He could imagine why this book would be appealing to someone; everyone had a desire that there was someone out there made just for them, it was a common human emotion. Granted, he figured it might be a little less common these days when people were too busy focused on surviving than finding their true love; even more so to the people in the military who were tasked with the job of saving humanity any way they could.

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Once and For All

by Genesis
Prompts: Hospital, Once, Secret pen pals

It was supposed to just be a one-time thing. Belle’s eighth grade civics class had an extra credit assignment to send a letter to a wounded soldier thanking him or her for their service. Seeing as she’d just moved to the US from Australia, Belle had decided to take the opportunity to boost her grades for the term. Her soldier was a Colonel Gold who’d been injured in Iraq. The assignment was only to write to him once, but Belle had been surprised when he’d written her back. He thanked her for her time and wished her luck on adjusting to her new school, and he’d mentioned that he had immigrated himself ten years earlier. Belle couldn’t resist an introduction like that, after all. She didn’t know anyone who’d come to the US from abroad except for her and her parents so the idea of someone else who’d know what she was going through was too exciting to keep her from writing him back.

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