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  • JIM: I'm just saying that you can't be sure that it wasn't you.
  • DWIGHT: That's ridiculous. Of course it wasn't me.
  • JIM: Marijuana is a memory loss drug, so maybe you just don't remember.
  • DWIGHT: I would remember.
  • JIM: Well, how could you if it just erased your memory?
  • DWIGHT: That's not how it works.
  • JIM: Now, how do you know how it works?
  • DWIGHT: Knock it off, okay? I'm interviewing you.
  • JIM: No! You said I'd be conducting the interview when I walked in here. Now, exactly how much pot did you smoke?

I can’t get over how tragic John Silver has effectively become by the finale.  There are two two lines that stay with me about the ending: Fuck him for dictating this outcome to me. The last scene between Flint and Silver foretells what’s to come for John- everything that Flint forewarns will have effectively come true by Treasure Island. John will reach a moment in which the life he sacrificed so much for will feel insufficient- and if we are to truly believe that ethereal, glorious Madi Scott will one day become obscured to a life as inn keeper or if, perhaps more realistically, she simply will have to live her life with the constant what if of having accomplished abolition, I think we can see how the life Silver afforded them will feel too small, too suffocating for them both. 

The other line is when Silver raises a gun to Flint, saying that the cycle of choosing between lives, aspirations, and loves has to end. When I see that shot of Silver standing on the cliff where he and Flint once trained, my chest gets tight with the tragedy of it: with how much Madi loves Flint and will never see him again, will never have had gotten to say goodbye. with how much Silver loves Flint and will have to live with the fact that ending the cycle of Flint’s war meant choosing between loves all the same. One day, I think, Silver will realize the world was wide enough for all of them, if he didn’t realize it in that moment where Madi still anguished even after hearing what became of Flint and (god bless Luke Arnold) Silver looks as if the world has come crashing down on him. He’ll always feel that a part of his mind is shared with Flint, that a part of his heart is still truncated in the thought of him. He’ll stand by that cliff often and he’ll look out into the thin, crisp line where sky and ocean meet and he won’t be looking for Nassau. He’ll be looking for Flint. He’ll be aching with the string of his sacrifice, of having been too blinded to strive towards a different end.

Madi will carry Flint in every book she loves. Madi will remember him in her own ambition, in her own zealousness. When the world isn’t as it should be, as it could’ve been, she’ll remember him. When she commands her people or speaks to them with authority, she’ll think of all the people who contributed to her ability to lead: her father, her mother, and a close and precious friend. 

So, for me, the tragedy of Silver isn’t just that one day he’ll be doomed to become a corrosion of Long John Silver, with a boy named Jim Hawkins desperate to understand. The tragedy isn’t just that Madi, like Silver, may have to contend with obscurity and the loss of power as he does, perhaps more so than he does. But it’s that their hearts will always ache for the man who toils far across the sea, reunited at last with his love. There will always be a place in thier hearts where Flint’s memory will stay, where they’ll miss him, where they’ll wish Silver had found some other alternative than to keep Flint and Thomas so far away. Silver is always going to go back to that cliff and the degree to which he fucked up will have to be something he lives with. He didn’t want to continue a cycle of war where he would have to negotiate between loves, between happinesses, but he does. He has and it’s a decision done in love. A part of him, I think, will never stop loving and longing and mourning for Flint, for the loss of him, for the pain of never seeing him again. But Flint will be with Thomas, happier than he ever imagined to be, happy as Flint deserves. and Silver will go on thinking that his decision woke James McGraw from a long and terrible sleep. And so the decision comes to this. If you love someone, set them free. 


here is a really short comic that is sort of continuation of hot rebel spock that no one asked for

shinee as starbucks baristas


  • his nametag says jim (who’s jim??? he doesn’t even know anyone named jim??)
  • taemin: pls stop spinning the mop you make cleanup so much harder than it needs to be and i am wet
  • writes the names wrong all the time, enjoy your latte, brick
  • lowkey (highkey) he looks like he hates his life when not smiling


  • memorized the entire corporate-approved playlist, singing under his breath while making coffees in an angry mocking way bc they won’t let him change it
  • corporate trying to keep him down but he won’t be broken 
  • wears his visor backwards 
  • when not in work keeps smelling coffee, asks everyone to smell him to see if they smell it too (key: “jong we work at a coffee store ofc we smell like coffee” / jonghyun: “BUT I SHOWERED LIKE THREE TIMES”)


  • arrives to work with starbucks from another location
  • but literally when his shift starts a group of people always come in and get frappes
  • he’s smiling but his smile is not really a smile you know???
  • had to fend for himself bc onew hid in the closet when he saw that group because he need to “look for coffee beans” so he locked him in for a bit and “forgot how to unlock it”
  • free cake pops tho


  • cute latte art!!!! it’s not required but he learned how to do it through youtube and sometimes minho-made coffee have cool designs on them
  • after closing time, has flipped a table (╯ㅍ□ㅍ)╯︵ ┻━┻) bc he always wanted to try that
  • it wasn’t as fun as he expected it to be and plus he had to pick it up after which defeated the purpose 
  • lifting competition with jong on who can squat the most bags of coffee beans (they’re both red and sweating and look dumb af)


  • puts too much whip on order, coffee pours out of the sides and he is panicking 
  • honestly he just struggles with that whip cream canister in general 
  • puts mobile order stickers over the starbucks logo 
  • taking shots of espresso on his breaks
  • employee of the month (???????????)