and then ive been invited to a party

I like the idea of there being a reporter at one of the games during the whole Minyard/Josten rivalry thing who speaks Russian and she’s sitting there like ‘holy shit’ as Andrew and Neil yell at each other across the court in Russian about dinner plans and how their cat, King, needs to be picked up from the vet tomorrow. During most of the press conference, she sits in silence, watching these two supposed rivals before finally speaking up. 

“Mr. Minyard, would you like to comment on the situation with your cats?”

Everyone else is really fucking confused and Andrew’s eyes narrow slightly before Neil bursts out laughing at the other end of the table. Andrew turns his glare on the opposing teams striker. Neil, still grinning widely, turns to the reporter and takes the question instead.

“King is at the vet because she decided to invite the neighbour’s cat to have a party while we were away and now she’s pregnant. It’s just a check up, so I’m picking her up tomorrow before Sir gets too lonely.” (you cannot convince me that King is not a female because she totally is)

And that is how the world found out the truth about the Minyard/Josten cats- I mean rivalry. 

Time Upon Once, ch. 7 (7/?)

Summary:  Killian Jones is a bailbonds man, living in Boston and doing his own thing. But on his 29th birthday, a kid knocks on his door and claims to be his son. What happens when Killian is forced to face his past along with a mystery prophecy about his own purpose in life?

Rating: M (eventually)

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Chapter VII

Killian didn’t know why he was even at a party for a man he hardly knew, let alone a man who wouldn’t have remembered him now even if they had known each other. He’d been given the invitation at the station that day, Kathryn Nolan giving him a hopeful smile. And he’d accepted, not really knowing what else to do.

On one hand, he wanted to stay at the loft and be on hand to distract Mary Margaret from the party she decided to skip and the life resolution she’d taken when she’d resigned from her volunteer work at the hospital. But on the other hand, it was - perhaps - the only chance he’d have to see Henry for a while. Regina had held firm on her decision to ground Henry, and as much as Killian wanted to see the lad, he knew he would have to abide by her rules. Henry had tried sneaking into the station to see him, but Killian had reluctantly turned the boy away, praying that his mother would never learn of it.

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concept: klance goofy movie au

lance is max, hunk is pj, pidge is bobby, keith is roxanne, lance gets roped into a insane road trip by coran, lance interrupting the school assembly to perform for Keith, the Hand Touch™ part, stuttering Keith accepting lances invitation to go to allura’s party, Big Foot……

or…… have it the complete other way and it still works.

just….. goofy movie au

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Do you think she will be at the whole thing or just the evening party? Idk how it works in the UK but ive been told that the evening party is separate from the reception. But to that anon, it sounds like MM threw a trumper-tantrum & somehow got an invite.

After it was confirmed that Harry was attending, it was understood that she was just going to attend the evening party; which is supposedly to be a huge event, Federer and some other famous people are said to be attending..

Her attending the actual ceremony gossip, didn’t start until the past week or so.. her “people” have told the media, she’s only attending the reception, but everyone is under the consensus that she’s attending the full day.

btw there has been talk about her having fittings for two dresses.. which again make me laugh.. Kate routinely makes it a conscious decision to recycle old clothes as to not take attention from the bride, when she attends society weddings..


“Literally I’m Just Trying To Go To The Offie Up The Road 1pm: aite,…”

Executive function? What’s that?

i think its a fancy office party. i didnt get an invite, obviously.

(ive been sat half-wearing a sweater for an hour because i put my arms in the sleeves then got distracted before i got to the pulling it over my head part. can someone just…help me? please? like, all the time?)

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well u know the saying where it's like.. you'll stop getting invited to parties if you don't go when you're invited. plus u should consider that they don't know u actually 100% want to be included and go, so they exclude you anyway

well ive hung out with these guys for the past two years

and you have to be invited to a party to actually go

ive never been?

ever? no ones been like hey dude im having a party you should come


Ever heard of the singer Raven? Well she’s having a party and you’re invited. But here’s the thing, the location is a secret! Whilst radio channels give off clues throughout the night to fans and local clubbers the members of TAP are getting exclusive details! So listen carefully…

Go to the corner of 23rd and 6th. Walk into the deli and head to the back of the deli. Locate the metal fridge door with a pink X on it. When open it will reveal stairs, take them!

Dress code is bright clothes, and a lot of skin! Be prepared to paint your skin with black-light paint and get a little messy. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with your look! Wigs, platform shoes, etc!

Members of TAP will have access to the VIP lounge which overlooks the dance floor where fans and friends with mix together listening to the best DJs and hottest music right now.  Drinks will flow freely, be sure to try the glow-in-the-dark drink. 

INSPO FOR PLAYERS: Teen Wolf rave + Good Girls Gone Bad music video

My friend invited me to a pool party. I told her I could go and she got kind of awkward. She said someone who hurt me more then ive been hurt would be there. That she just wanted to give me a heads up. But now, just by her reaction I think it might have been a pity invite, that she thought I’d say no since I’m so self conscious and shy and introverted. After she told me that it seems less fun, but I also don’t want to give the person who hurt me the pleasure of holding me back. 

I know it’s just a party, but there have been so many times where I didn’t do something because they were involved, so many times when I felt like shit because I compared myself to them. I need forget about them because they’ve obviously forgotten about me.

when you say nothing at all, part IV

notes | Way overdue fourth installment, sorry for the wait! This one, as usual, has some other verses tied in, some non-specific verse and also some not-yet-separately-written verses I’ve been working on, so surprise previews are scattered in there :)

title | when you say nothing at all, part IV

part I | part II | part III

61 | I’ll pick it up after work.

Barry and Iris plan for weeks to organize for a surprise birthday party for Joe’s 50th. Between the guest list, invitations, food and their mutual inability to keep a secret from their father (Caitlin doesn’t understand how either of them manage the rest of the secrets in their lives), it’s a miracle the surprise hasn’t been ruined at least a dozen of times. But finally the day of the party arrives, Joe still none the wiser as Wally drags him to a car show for the explicit purpose of keeping him busy and out of the way.

Of course, as usual, having plans means having plans ruined by meta humans and it’s barely 10 am when a catastrophe pops up, distracting Central City’s Flash.

He’s midway through hanging up streamers when Cisco calls, sounding apologetic and amused all at once. Caitlin hears him over the speakerphone that’s balancing on Barry’s shoulder while he tapes down the blue crepe paper. “Really, today of all days?”

Cisco commiserates but insists they need him (Harry and Jesse have been helping monitor all day so the rest of them can take the time off), so Barry hops off the stools and sighs. “Go,” Iris says, shooing him off. “We can finish up here Bar, it’s fine.”

“But,” he barely gets a word out before Caitlin’s shaking her head.

“But nothing Barry: go make sure there’s still a city for Joe to celebrate in. Iris and I can get everything ready in time.”

He’s resigned before she finishes, dropping down to grab his shoes. “If you’re both sure.” 

They both nod, both roll their eyes and then Caitlin is pressing a kiss to his cheek before he’s out the door. "Can you grab the cake though?”

“I’ll pick it up after work Cait, thank you.”

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Alec had been dragged to the high school party by Isabelle because she waned to go and technically he had been invited. He’d stayed away from the game of spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven or whatever it was for most of the party. However, the seniors were dragging everyone in to play and Alec was pushed into the circle where he prayed the bottle wouldn’t land on him. His luck ran out before long and his eyes widened as they fell on the other person. Jace. “I… I didn’t actually want to play in the first place so…” He mumbled.

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Hi I really appreciate your blog and I had some questions, I'm biracial (white and indian) ive grown up in america and i have been to india before but i honestly want to know more about my heritage and if you have any recomendations for desi movies or music that would be great, also if I bring henna to a party with practically all white people is that bad or it ok if im inviting people into my culture? If you think I'm being appropritive please call me out on it I want to learn

Sure - ummm for movies -I’m gonna give you some from Bollywood because I don’t know where in India you are from (if you tell me that I’ll try to give you some recs from that language too) - some of these are classics so apologies in advance for their cheesiness.

1) Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

2) Devdas

3) Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

4) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

5) Dhoom series (these movies suck but they’re still wildly popular)

6) Lagaan

7) Ram Leela

8) Queen (2014)

Followers feel free to add more!

For music, I don’t know what kind you’re interested in(also all Indian movies already have songs in them, so there’s a starting place)  but I’m a Carnatic music lover so this fusion rendering of Samaja Vara Gamana is one of my favorites - I also am in love with all of Jonita Gandhi (on Youtube) and Shankar Tucker’s work (also on Youtube) - they do interesting fusion stuff with film songs. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. If you want something more classically based or something from Hindustani or even more film song references, let me know :) 

And no, as long as you let them know the significance of henna and they are respectful about it - it’s completely okay for you to bring henna to such a thing :) Hope this helps and let me know if you’d like any more recommendations for anything!