and then it went this way

ppl at my new job laughed at me for wanting to keep my empty water bottle to go recycle it at home like sorry for being a sane human being unlike u savages with not one recycling bin in your entire restaurant u global warming enablers

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I can appreciate 13 Reasons Why's attempt at raising awareness about suicide and depression. But they went about it in all the wrong ways. I watched forty minutes of the first episode and was already too triggered and uncomfortable to continue. Imo, the show is targeted towards NTs and raising awareness, it's toxic for the mentally ill. It's good that media is starting to warm up to these 'taboo' subjects, I just wish they'd made this an actually accurate representation of mental illness.

true i feel that


my photo ops with kaitlyn and maxim from forsaken today! really pleased with the kaitlyn one but lol the maxim one is so dodge, i totally shouldn’t have gone in for the hug cause you can barely see the outfit but w/e. (if you couldn’t tell, this was inspired by izzy’s 1x01/1x02 look.. it looks great from the front but the side/back is weird cause of the tie)

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I still think that Hanzo lost his legs during the fight that "killed" Genji, because Genji was also trained to fight since a young age and so would be able to do at least some damage to Hanzo while defending himself.

Yep, yep, *high five*
Whatever happened at that fight, however it went down, it was a matter of honor and duty. their entire upbringing coming to a head, their current beliefs clashing and hearts exploding.

“Genji’s back was turned and hanzo just-” uh huh yeah fuck no bye. Shimada Genji, trained assassin put up a fight literally for his life. The only other perspective i could see where he didn’t fight back was if he knew that was the only way to free Hanzo and surrendered mid swing or something… but still.

We know Hanzo walked away with mental and emotional scars, but I find it hard to believe he walked away at all.

My shoulder and lower back have been extra horrid lately and I finally went back to see the best masseuse… After months and months. I’m sure he remembered my tight glutes fondly. Nick and I have a crush on him, he’s so caring in the way he does little brushes over your skin after pushing hard into the knots. He really seems to just love bodies and it’s adorable.

Anyway, I’m out here and it’s Nick’s turn for a date with Jim.

this is, unfortunately, very accurate.  i eat out way too much.  every. single. day.  i eat enough for like 3 people.  not joking (wish i was).  so tonight i went to the grocery store.  the past few times i’ve gone to the grocery store i’ve ended up tossing most of what i bought because it went bad.  fall seven times, get up eight, right?

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I like the dress. Maybe I would have chose other but I don't create Once. I don't understand why people are arguing about it. Maybe I'm happy that Emma and Killian will get married and I won't care if she would wear a bag. And I'm better person to go to Jennifer's site and hurt her why she chose this dress.

I like the dress too :)

I think she looks stunning and I love what Jen said about how they came to choose that design. 

All these people saying it’s not Emma - well, you know, when I got married technically my dress wasn’t ‘me’ either! 

I’m never out of jeans and yet, there I was in a dress with lace bodice and a train and my veil went all the way down to the floor! 

It’s the one and only time I felt pretty and feminine, LOL!

So, yeah, I get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve yet to see any wedding dress that would please everyone and at the end of the day, when it comes to a wedding, fictional or otherwise, it’s not about you, it’s about the bride and what she’s happy in. 

Emma is clearly very happy in that dress so that makes me happy too.

I Don’t Even Know What to Title This

Today (the 22nd) marks the sixth anniversary of my miscarriage, and it’s been fucking weird. This picture is from I think a week or so before I lost sprout & every other year before now I would go though pictures like this one and mope around all day. But today…it’s been different, I didn’t relive the day I lost sprout, I didn’t stay at home and cry, instead I went out and just spent time with my husband and our daughter…words my nineteen year old self never thought I’d be able to say. I never thought I’d be able to open myself up enough to have a baby with someone let alone get married, not when I spent years with someone who made me feel like his abuse and love were somehow related. Especially not when his abuse is what made me lose my baby…I was always so scared of getting pregnant again and them not wanting the baby the same way Nathaniel didn’t want ours. Obviously my marriage isn’t perfect, I still hurt some days over the time Marshall left (yeah, still not sure what to call that gap, purgatory maybe? Hah.) it even brings me back to the time after losing sprout sometimes, but with him I at least know what happiness is. With him I know what love is and should be, I know that a surprise pregnancy shouldn’t tear us apart, that fundamental respect isn’t optional with us. 

And Lu…jeez, I really never thought I’d go through another pregnancy, I didn’t. I can’t put into words how much I cherish her, she’s my universe. But…I can’t put into words the conflicting feelings I have towards now being a father and finally feeling somewhat…detached….from my miscarriage. It’s all new territory that I’m not quite sure how to process right now, but if life has taught me anything…everything takes time. 

Much Love


Completed inspirational/gift headshots of Nix, Ghatz and Rumm for @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch ~

Got bored during my free lab day in MGD in college/AVP so I had a few ideas and went with it and just got these done today during choir practice~ Also wanted to mess around with a few new tools I found on Art Studio since it’s becoming more like Photoshop in some ways~ I will message each of ya, your character’s headshot without my name and with it as well~ Along with better quality since my iPad quality didn’t come out that well with trying to resize it and crop each picture but I’m working on it~ 

Anyway hope ya’ll enjoy them~ I had fun doing these and doing more in the future~

IF I get my online card or whatever to help get me cash online, I will most likely take commissions over the summer since I’m almost on Summer Break~ 

Characters - @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch

Art - Me

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You don't need to answer if you don't want to but what caused you to change from being a dumb conservative kid?

Sorry for this turning into such a political saturday, people. This is a way more complicated question than I think you suspect, Anon. I could probably write an essay about it, but I’ll try to keep this brief. This is in no way magic-related (except that I picked the game back up again around 2008 while my mind was changing).

My immediate family are all republicans. I went to catholic school for four years (although I had stopped being a believer at a young age). I was a volunteer firefighter from when I was 16-years-old, and I was a Law Enforcement explorer before that (both of which lean conservative). So, before College a lot of my role models and almost everything I heard about politics and morality was through that lens. Plus, I didn’t know the difference between arrogance and confidence yet, and I was a little asshole because of it.

There’s really no one factor that changed my mind, it was a lot of things over maybe five or six years from my late teens to my early 20′s. I had a really diverse group of friends growing up, so when things in conservative circles started shifting anti-muslim after 2001 I wasn’t having any of it. Working Private EMS in Inner City Baltimore at the same time as I took a politics of poverty course really illustrated how overly simplistic a lot of my views were (even this is oversimplifying it). I’m still ashamed of myself when a friend from high school transitioned and I wasn’t immediately supportive of her. My wife was probably the biggest influence, because we argued politics all the time throughout college.

More than anything though, it was my own education and the political shifts to ‘grassroots’ (theocratic hypocritical) conservatism that exposed the glaring flaws in the republican party for me. I had been raised to believe the party represented something that it was clear they were not. I didn’t want this to be long, but even this explanation is incredibly short and simplistic.

(Let Me Be Your Last) First

I’ve mentioned in fic before that Satya & Mei seem like a perfect couple to Angela so… lmao here I am putting my money where my mouth is and writing them.  Seriously though I love them as a pairing & they need more attention.

Crossposted to AO3.

They have met, time and again, by name and by reputation, as coworkers, as people, and as friends, and now, they find themselves meeting in a way which is entirely new.


Through a series of introductions, Satya and Mei find themselves, and one another.

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

Words: 3k+

Categories: Mei/Satya

Series: Plighted Hands verse

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This 5K was CHAOS… 80+ degrees, 90% humidity, 40min delay (and 2 full warm-ups). I managed to finish 1st collegiately and 3rd overall. We went out RIGHT on pace, but by mile 2 we were literally going slower than my 10K pace.  Didn’t break 17 like everyone in the pack wanted to (nor did I even come close), but I gritted this one out. 

(Ironically, I ran with some of my future teammates next year at ECU and had the coach cheering me on the whole way)

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Robbie or the kids flick or accidentally hit Sportacus in the ear (with either a ball (kids) or a hand (Robbie) and he has to have s ice pack placed on it, and has to be comforted because of the pain.

I’m going to use an “injury that Shanna has actually experienced” for this one. Believe me, as clumsy as I am, I still have multiple injuries that I can use. So far in my thirty-four years, I have never broken bones that I am aware of, though. But if I can fall up it, down it, be hit by it, etc., I will do it. Apparently my paternal grandmother was the same way.

They were playing volleyball when it happened. A hit by one of the kids went wild, hitting Sportacus smack dab right on the ear.

He let out a scream, crumpling to his knees. Immediately, the kids surrounded him, voicing their concern as Sportacus rocked back and forth, hand held to his ear, tears streaming down his face.

Robbie, seeing the whole thing with his periscope, immediately pulled an ice pack out of his freezer, wrapped it in his towel, and raced to the surface.

The kids parted as they saw the look of concern on his face. He cautiously approached Sportacus, laying a hand on his shoulder. He then knelt down, gently moving his hand away from his ear, placing the ice pack over it.

He then looked up and the kids, especially Stephanie, whose shot had went wild. “I know it was an accident, he knows it was an accident. His ears are just extremely sensitive. I’m going to take him to lie down, but he’ll be fine. The ice pack will help.”

Shitty day so extra cute selfie.

If you read last night, I came out to my parents last night via Facebook messenger at 3 in the morning.

I woke up this morning around 10 and checked my phone. They had read the message and not responded. I called them and they basically acted like nothing happened. When I pushed it, they didn’t want to talk about it.

Then I went to get my corset. The store didn’t have it in the size that I wanted, but the guy there said that the one size would definitely work - and it absolutely didn’t.

Came home and tried to wax my chest. I have so much chest hair and I’m in so much pain. Was unable to finish it all. Think I’m only like a third of the way through my chest. Then I still have the arms and the legs.

So now I’m a little drunk and a lot of sad.

Loki/Luna, ‘Follow You’

for @winterrbuns

Follow You - Bring Me The Horizon

A/n: I went a little more light with this, hopefully it’s still good.  <3

“What fresh hell is this?”  Loki asked, sneering at his surroundings.  

“Diagon Alley..” Luna answered.  “You said we could go anywhere I wanted.”  

“I can’t say I enjoy that mode of transportation…” he admitted. “I preferred travelling in the fireplace, for future reference.”  

Shrugging, Luna reached for his hand.  “Rosa Lee’s is this way…I fancy a cup of herbal tea…”  

“You drag me to this filthy place for tea?” Loki hissed.  “I could have conjured something better on Asgard, my dear…”  Luna languidly tossed him a look.  As reproachful as she could manage.  He immediately pulled her closer, sliding her hand into the crook of his arm.  “Lead the way, darling. I shall follow.”