and then it throws you around violently

You know, a lot of people might wonder

“How do you play as Zenyatta?” Well, the answer is obvious.
Unleash all the pent up rage that lurks within your heart as you aggressively float towards the enemy team and attempt to 1v6 them.
Throw your discord orb on a different enemy every three seconds.
Throw your orbs around with reckless abandon.
Violently kick the enemy in the face while saying hello.
Ignore your team’s cries for healing.
Pretend that you are invincible.
Become one with Tankyatta.

“If your partner has not used any physical violence yet, how can you tell if they are likely to head in that direction? These are some of the rumblings that can tip you off that a violent storm may come some day:

  • When they are mad at you, do they react by throwing things, punching doors, or kicking the car? Do they use violent gestures such as gnashing teeth, ripping at their clothes, or swinging their arms around in the air to show their rage? Have you been frightened when they do these things?

  • Are they willing to take responsibility for those behaviors and agree to stop them, or do they justify them angrily?

  • Can they hear you when you say that those behaviors frighten you, or do they throw the subject back no you, saying that you cause their behaviors, so it’s your own problem if you’re scared?

  • Do they attempt to use their scarey behaviors as bargaining chips, such as saying that they won’t punch walls if you will stop going out with your friends?

  • Do they deny that they even engaged in the scary behavors, such as claiming that a broken door was caused by somebody else or that you are making up or exaggerating what happened?

  • Do they ever make veiled threats, such as “you don’t want to see me mad,” or “You don’t know who you’re messing with?”

  • Are they severely verbally abusive? (Research studies indicate that the best behavioral predictor of which men will become violent to their partners is their level of verbal abuse.)

Although these questions can help you determine the degree of your partner’s tendency to violence… the fact that you are even considering their potential for violence means that something is seriously wrong.”

– Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men. 

(pronouns made neutral for wider applicability, “men” left in in last bullet to maintain accurate reporting of studies mentioned)

The Signs as School Subjects

Aries: P.E. because they literally thrive off competition like what

Taurus: English because both are pretty chilled back unless you start throwing books around/at them

Gemini: Maths why is every single gemini good at maths ????? how ???? teach me your ways !!??

Cancer: Biology because cute plants and stuff yeah

Leo: Drama because literally every single Leo I’ve ever met is into musical theatre ????????? why ?????????

Virgo: History because they’re always telling you to learn from past mistakes yes okay i get it murdering people is morally wrong

Libra: Food because then they can use the actual scales to balance things aw cute omg

Scorpio: Chemistry because you think you’re doing fine with Chem or Scorpio and have everything under control and then they violently explode and suddenly your life is a mess hahhahahhaa :(

Sagittarius: Geography so they can learn about the world and know where to travel away from this mess of a country lmao bye 

Capricorn: German because both use long complicated words that I can’t say or understand for shit

Aquarius: Music because they’re just on completely different level from you like they read circles with tails according to position on lines and that’s magical


Visual #1 - Over Stimulation (NSFW)

Requested: anon

Can you do a visual imagine of Luke over stimulating you?

Rating: Extreme NSFW. The following does contain actual porn gifs so don’t click read more if you aren’t comfortable with that. :)

AN: I only do visuals as preferences, by the way :)

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cuntdestroyer03  asked:

Can you do a scenario with Kanato, Carla, and Kou where they want their s/o to play with their hair? Hope this is okay, I can't find the rules on mobile and I know you're only suppose to request a couple of characters for a scenario. Thank you! 💖 (P.s. Miss ya Skitty and love you Mawile)

Admin Mawile: ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ


-Even Kanato’s nicer moments were vaguely terrifying. 

With his head in your lap, dark-rimmed eyes gently shut, soft hair pooling around his head like a halo, he almost looked peaceful. 

But, you also knew, if your hand stopped stroking the absurdly downy fluff of his hair for even a moment, he’d probably try to throw you out the window, furious for being disobeyed. 

His demands of affection were far from unusual; sudden, violent things where he’d demand an emotion much softer than you felt capable of giving. He’d flop down in your lap, clutching that creepy toy to his chest, and with eyes as wide and needy as a child, command your attention. 

There was an unspoken threat in the air, that if you ever denied him or dared mention these moments to anyone else, you’d pay dearly. 

But, with the horribly fragile expression on his pale face, you couldn’t help but feel like he needed you more than he’d ever admit. 


-The only time Carla came close to needy was when his illness left him so feverish and pained he was entirely unaware of his own actions. 

When he was half asleep, caught between fever dreams and reality, head pressing into your thigh, one worryingly thin hand clutched tightly in your clothing like a claw. 

Carla’s eyes cracked open, just a little, and with a deep, miserable sigh, he tilted his face out of view. 

That was as close an invitation as any you’d get to comfort him, the nearest thing to an admission of pain his pride would allow. Burying your fingers in the slightly sweat-damp, still ridiculously soft strands of his hair, you started to gently stroke and rub at his scalp. 

His face relaxed just a bit, you thought, going slack with something like peace. 


-This was his payment, he said, for going easy on you while feeding this morning. 

Since he’d been so kind as to make sure you didn’t hurt any more than you had to, it was only right that you pay him back with something just as good. 

Apparently, “something just as good” meant laying splayed out across your lap, head tucked into the curve of your waist, practically purring as you run your fingers through his hair. 

Even as cute as he seemed, sharp nails clutching at your thigh reminded you exactly what your position here was. Kou was demanding something, and you were only there to provide it. 

It was still nice, seeing him so close to unguarded and genuine, melting under attention that you suddenly realized how badly he must need. It was probably no more than one of his games, tricking you into imagining vulnerability that was never there, but you didn’t care. 

There was something real about how tightly he clung to you. 


“He’s killing you, Y/n!” John yells, throwing his hands around violently, his eyes harbor so much hate and pain. The anger in his voice is indescribable. For weeks he’s been watching you and your boyfriend, Derek. Two weeks into your relationship John pulled you aside and had the “are you happy?” talk. You responded without hesitation and such confidence, you were sure you liked Derek. John pursed his lips and nodded, letting the subject go. You couldn’t fathom a universe where the big bad wolf John Murphy would care, but you let it go. He still watched you, though. He watched every time you’d go bouncing up to Derek, a bright smile on your face, only for it to fade when he brushed you off. He watched every time you’d say something and Derek would attack you with harsh critical words, pain cascading over your face. He watched every time you called your bruises “Good sex” or your fear of him hurting you “Him making you a better person” . He watched your personality be shaped by Derek. He watch in those weeks, your bright colors fade, and become the grey Derek lived in. It wasn’t only John who was concerned for you, your friends would lightly ask about the state of your life with Derek. Ever the less, you always stood by him. You gave no room for doubt in your speech about why you loved Derek. Only John noticed the repetitiveness of that speech, the rehearsed tone it held. Only he saw how your smile faded the second Derek looked away, replaced by a cringe. Only John saw the tears you shed after one of Derek’s “talks” about how you needed to change. Only John saw, you werent happy.

“I love him, John” You state with a firm tone, your lips pulled in a tight line. You knew if you relaxed for even a second, he’d see right through you.

“So you keep saying!” John yells, staring at you. Anger and confusion rushing across his features. Eventually, he sighed, relaxing.

“I don’t know what you love, and I don’t care. Whether you love him or not, I know you can see what he’s doing to you.” He spoke softly now, compassion flooding from him. He started at you, not breaking once.

“I love him.” You spoke, your confidence wavering.

“Say it again.” John demanded, continuing to stare into your eyes.

“I love him.” You spoke with conviction.


“I love him.” This time, you spoke quieter. The words felt bulky, like they clung to the roof of your mouth.


“I love him” You struggled to get it out, cracking.


Now you remained quiet. The pained cringe the John knew well was now laid bare for everyone to say. He never once looked away.

“Again.” His stern tone pushed through you, into the parts of your mind you tried so desperately to ignore. He took a step closer, barley inches from you now, he stared down at your soft and frightened eyes.

“Again.” He spoke deep and low. You cracked.

“I-.…Jesus I don’t love him” You whispered, bowing your head. Your hands instinctively rose to place on his chest, stabilizing yourself as you sob. Your cries bruised your chest and stung your throat. As if a damn of built up pain was finally broken, you screamed with sadness. Your entire body shook, you felt as though you couldn’t breathe, the sobs crawling up your throat and choking you. Within a millisecond, John wrapped his arms around you and held your broken body. He supported you, pulling you so tightly into his chest. He caressed your hair, whispering to you.

“Shh, its okay. Its okay, Y/n. I’ve got you, you’re safe now. You’re safe.”

You breathed into him, pulling from his strength to save yourself.

“Ive got you.”

*REQUEST* Kris Scenario - #48 “Do you need me to kill someone for you?”, #85 “You are as intimidating as a puppy, my dear”, #64 “You know that I love you, right?”

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gif yo*

Author: Taebaby

You didn’t mean to slam the door as hard as you did and you didn’t mean to throw your keys at the counter so violently that you knocked over the blender, but you did. You saw Yifan lean and peep around the corner that led to his personal office, watching your rampage curiously. By the look on his face, you could tell he was deciding whether or not it was safe for him to come out. He ducked back in and you heard him yell from the safety of the other room.

               “Do you need me to kill someone for you?” He said it in a serious, monotonous voice, but you knew he was just trying to lighten the mood. You huffed out a sigh, trying to calm down so that you don’t take your anger out on him. He didn’t deserve it.

               “No, I can kill them myself, thank you very much.” You answered back, shrugging off your jacket and trying hang it up. You jumped a bit when two large hands reached from behind you to help. You hadn’t heard him come out. You supposed he thought it was safe enough. You let him take the coat from your hands and he hung it up for you, his arms easily out reaching yours. You relaxed into him as he wrapped his arms around you, guiding the two of you away from the door. He bent his head down to whisper in your ear.

               “You are as intimidating as a puppy, my dear. Let me beat the bad guys for you.” He left kisses from your cheek down to your neck, making you hum in gratification. You could see he was leading you to the bedroom, where your beloved bed awaited you. After long, hard days like these, you were most thankful for your comfortable bed- and Yifan of course.

               “I faintly recall intimidating you quite a bit when we first met.”

               “That was before I knew you were more bark than bite.” You both chuckled at the truth of it.

               As soon as you walked through the door, you kicked off your heels and Yifan unzipped your dress for you. As you threw on one of his T-shirts, he took off most of his clothes as well. You knew that he knew you weren’t in the mood, and he was ok with that. He was more than happy than to just lay back and relax with you. The two of you crawled into bed together and settled into the warm blankets, you pressed against his chest and his arms wrapped around your body like a halo of protection.

               “You know that I love you, right?” You murmured, half asleep already. You felt his answer rumble through his chest before he said it.

               “I know.”

anonymous asked:

Do you ever look at solos page and think Hitler did nothing wrong? I think he missed one.

A) Fuck right off.

B) Because I got Godwined so fast: Nazi-ism, antisemitism, and trans-exclusion are fucking serious problems. They’re not convenient catch phrases to throw around when you disagree with someone on the internet. Soloontherocks is a troll, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to start advocating genocide. Even a cursory look at my blog will show that I’m consistently (violently) anti-nazi, and that I support my Jewish and trans friends.

Winter Classic Family Skate - Michael Latta

Sitting on the bench, you began to shiver. This wasn’t necessarily your idea of fun, but it meant a lot to Michael that you were there with him. Looking down at your feet, you glared a bit at the skates that felt just a little too tight. You hadn’t even had them on for more than 10 minutes and already you wanted to rip them off and throw them violently. Skating was not your thing.

But it sure was Michael’s.

He came flying by the bench and you could’ve sworn he had made the air around you drop 5 degrees. You watched as he skated swiftly around the other players and their families, finally hopping the boards right in front of you.

“Careful!” You yelp, throwing your hands of near your face and turning away. His legs swung over the boards and his feet planted on either side of yours. You felt his hands grab yours softly and pulled them down and away from your face.

“Always, Y/N, always.” He swoops in and kisses your cheek. You’re ice cold but his lips seem to be burning. “Aren’t you gonna come out and have a skate?” Michael’s eyes danced at the word skate. It looked like he was just dying to get you out there.

“Mike, babe, I don’t think these skates fit properly and I’m not sure I tied them right…I don’t think I should-“ you’re cut off by Michael’s lips on yours. It was like fire and ice meeting for the first time. You start kissing him back, craving his warmth.

Michael pulls back smiling, he knows he has you now. “Nonsense, babe,” he says, getting down on his knee, “I’ll check the laces for you.”

A few minutes later and Michael’s pulling you to your feet. Suddenly you don’t feel well.

“Michael, I don’t feel well,” you say, looking up at him.

He bends down and kisses your forehead. “C’mon Y/N, just a couple laps, then we’ll get those blades off your feet and some warm coco in your belly. Sound good?” The persuasive look in his eyes weren’t helping.

You sigh, “Okay.”

Michael grins like a small child before hopping the boards once again, nearly knocking into Patrick and his girlfriend.

“Michael, watch out, you’re going to hit someone,” you frown. He was like a bull in a china shop. A very sweet, kind-heart, softy type bull, but a bull nonetheless.

You began to struggle along the bench, holding the boards for support, as you made your way to the door.

“Y/N?” You heard Michael ask.

“What?” You look over at Michael and see he’s trying to suppress a laugh; his eyebrows nearly disappear into his hair line. “What?” you repeated. What was so darn funny?

“Here,” he says, offering his hand, “let me help you.” All you can do is shake your head and grab his hand.

The next thing you know, you’re flying in the air and you hear a fairly loud yelp escape your lips. Michael had swooped in and literally picked you up and over the low boards. It had all been one swift movement that you hadn’t fully comprehended what had happened until after you were standing on the ice.

“MICHAEL!” You exclaim.

“C’mon, babe, you have to admit it was getting painful watching you struggle to the bench door.” Before you can say anything, he spins you around so you’re facing the same way everyone else is skating, and gives you a little nudge.

You glide effortlessly about four or five feet before you begin to panic. By then, Michael has his arms wrapped around you from behind, his face nuzzled in your neck.

“You didn’t think I’d just leave you to skate all by yourself, did you?” he mumbles into your neck. You can feel his warm body pressed all up against yours. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

You hold onto his arms as the two of you skate around the edge of the rink, wrapped up in each other.

“Are you having fun?” You hear him ask. You’d almost forgotten how much you were protesting earlier.

“Honestly?” You ask. You look over your shoulder to see him nod his head. “I always have fun with you, Latta.”

You couldn’t believe you were trusting Leo enough to make the plan.Normally it was Jason or Piper. But at the moment, those two were kinda…preoccupied at the moment. You peered around the corner, biting your lip as you saw the giants practically throwing your friends around. Whipping toward Leo, you stared, dumbfounded.

“Leo…What are you doing?” He was building something, you didn’t really know. “Please tell me you have an actual plan.”

“Course I do. This baby right here.” He pat the machine, making pitch black smoke erupt from somewhere inside.

“And the chances that your plan will actually work?”

He glared at you, “I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.“ 

“Oh. Those are actually higher odds then I was expecting…” With a nod, he explained his plan, which still didn’t completely diminish the horrible sensation in your stomach, but you steeled yourself. Readying yourself for the worst.

Who are you? Kit x Reader

Premise: The reader is coming back from electroshock therapy and can’t remember everything and Kit talks to them.

A man in scrubs is tugging you roughly by them arm.  “Let’s go.  Would you just..” He huffs angrily and shoves you forward causing your already dragging feet to cross painfully, collapsing over your ankles.  Where were you again?  The doctors said you were “naughty” and that this is what happens when you can’t control yourself.  “Damn it..”  He growls and throws you violently over his shoulder, sending pinching pain through your ribs and forcing the air out of your lungs.  Ugh, your head was pounding, scattered thoughts zipping around.  You feel your body jerk as the guard kicks open a door and the sounds of people invade your ears.

The guard drops you and you feel the shock of the cold, hard, floor reverberate through your whole body.  You muster all of your strength to push yourself off the ground, muscles tremoring when two warm hands grasp your shoulders and gently lift you to your feet.

“Y/N?”  A woman with short brown hair and a striking beautiful face looks at you worriedly.  You feel like you’ve seen this woman but you can’t place her face.  She guides you carefully weaving between strange people convulsing on the floor and talking to themselves.  You just keep asking yourself what this place is.  The woman takes you to a torn-up, worn out, green plaid couch.  As she lowers you down the springs squealing against your weight, the sound irritates your ears and tears spring to your eyes.  It’s all so overwhelming.  You clutch your ears desperately trying to cut out the noise.

“No, no.  Y/N.  It’s okay, I’m here.  Lana’s here.”  Lana.  She coaxes your hands into hers, cooing to you.  She makes you feel… safe.  You trust her.  She holds your hands and strokes them as she tells you, “Y/N, I think you were treated with electroshock therapy.  It’s going to be a bit disconcerting.  You’ll have to work hard to remember everything, but it will come back.”  You just stare at her, sort of lost, and focus on her words.

A man similar to the one who brought you here approaches and tells Lana in a gruff voice, “Doctor Thredson would like to see you,”  When she looks at you hesitating he says more intensely, “NOW.”  She looks at you apologetically and then gets up and follows the man out.  When she is halfway across the battleground that is the common room, you see a man stop and have a hushed conversation with Lana.  The man is incredibly handsome, strong build, short hair with a little curl, and intense eyes that suck you in.  Your stomach does a somersault as you watch him and you feel a deep magnetic pull, you are drawn to him.  After they have their rushed conversation, the man rushes over to you.

“Oh god.. Y/N.  Oh, this is all my fault.”  You frown at him confused.  He has pain and sorrow written all over his face.  Before you even realize what you are doing you are feebly reaching for his face, cupping it lightly with you palm.  His skin is soft under your hand and he looks up from his hands playing nervously in his lap.  You lean toward him subconsciously, almost inquisitively.  Your behavior is almost childlike and he looks at you with an intense expression.  “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you.  It’s.. It’s all my fault.”  He’s so in his head about it, it’s as if he is stuck in his own little world.  You crook your head to the side and raise your eyebrows.  Why is he so annoyed at himself.  It’s not his fault.

The man looks at you horrified and says, “Oh god, you probably don’t even remember me.  Okay, it’s going to be fine, we will get through this,”  As he says this he stares deeply into your eyes, putting you in a trance with his dark irises.  He lifts your frail hands delicately and holds them close to his chest.  This sparks something deep within you, a warm feeling unfurls from deep in your stomach all through your body, and you know.


anonymous asked:

Is it normal to become violent out of nowhere? Like, you're going on with your day and see a pair of scissors and all of a sudden you have an unbearable urge to stab someone even if you weren't angry before, and then you're furious and fighting an urge to scream and throw things around and jump on someone's neck? I even dream about attacking or killing someone (and it's usually always about the same person). It's making me go crazy.

I mean, I have this happen occasionally and especially when I’m overstimulated. It’s very hard to manage properly and cope with, and it can be very terrifying and overwhelming, and especially if it’s targeted towards a specific individual. 

I think you might need to see someone about this though and talk it out with a professional. Someone who obviously understands that your intent is NOT to actually harm yourself or someone else, but the impulse and rage you’re feeling is overwhelming and the impulse to become violent is also something you need to learn how to manage and properly deal with in a constructive, healthy environment and manner. 

Rage spouts are something to take very seriously. I personally find mine very hard to cope with and especially when it has to do with a specific person, because acting on impulse in the heat of that rage becomes very tempting. But, that’s not ever going to help the situation or help the impulsive rage dissipate overall. 

It’s not abnormal, but I don’t think it’s the most common thing. I experience this, and I know other people do, but this is a very under-discussed thing for the mentally ill because people often take it the wrong way and don’t leave us a safe place to discuss our less charismatic symptoms safely. (Which is partially why this blog exists, let’s be real.) 

Be safe, take care of yourself, make smart, healthy choices, and find an understanding and compassionate professional who gives you a safe space to discuss stuff like this to talk to about your intense rage spouts. That’s the best advice I can give. 


I asked a guy in class to stop using the word ‘rape’ to describe environmental destruction and he got mad and defensive and was saying “I’m trying to illustrate how bad I think pollution is it’s not like I’m saying rape is a good thing!”

No. But, by comparing rape to pollution, you are comparing rape victims to dirt. You’re turning rape into an act of defilement or of making something 'impure’, and 'tainted’, instead of an assertion of power and a violation of agency. And throwing the word around casually, when you aren’t talking about the actual violent, heinous crime, will doubtless lessen the impact of the word itself. Not to mention that some rape victims (who, statistically, are probably sitting in the room with you), find the word itself to be upsetting.

Plus, boy, why in the hell do you NEED that word when talking about this? It’s gross and you’re gross #Bye

why do ppl act like lucaya have a bickering/antagonistic relationship……..are u sure we’re watching the same show? lucas literally got expelled for violent behaviour, he can defend himself. if maya was just making fun of him he would stop her??? he hates when ppl simply make fun of him or his friends yet instead..he retaliates/flirts back wth her, it’s a two-way thing and FRIENDLY. and it’s canon that maya does it because she likes him, and he lets her because he finds it funny??? like don’t throw around terms like “toxic” and “abusive” around a flirty/bantery relationship between 15 year olds. sorry r/ucas don’t interact with each other ever but it doesn’t mean u need to make an innocent relationship between lucas and maya seem unhealthy. bc it isn’t. 

Leftover Boyfriend Headcanons!

-He’s terrified of heights and rollercoasters, but he will brave these if you want to go on one with him. He’d never say this outright, and you may not know by the drawn, aggressive expression on his face as he gets on the ride (but you may notice his apprehension in the sudden loss of any colour in his cheeks). If you make him go on more than one ride, he will surprise you by suddenly excusing himself and throwing up in the nearest garbage can afterwards.

-He much prefers carnival games and is good at them. He will win you as many over-sized teddy bears as your heart desires.  

-He loves to read, but he can’t do so before bed (and you may need to remind him). He will lose all track of time and read throughout the night (even if he was previously exhausted). Books suck him in and away from reality so violently he forgets about the real world around him. He can read entire novels in one sitting.

-He has a very large personal library. 

-He’s terrible at spelling. He would love to write you letters and love notes, but his expressive written language is, unfortunately, almost as bad as his spoken. He is quite shy about this.

-He communicates best with (subtle) body language and touch.

-He is extremely adept at reading body language. You won’t be able to hide much from him – even if you think you’re a good liar. To him, you are an open book simply by how you unconsciously carry yourself.

-Mod Apple

kaogami  asked:

hey sam is this too many? ☾ ☠ ✿ ♡ ☼ ൠ kagami please ( ̄▽ ̄)

Never for you darling maimai.

☾ - sleep headcanon

Hella heavy sleeper when he’s tired. He will snore the night away and would probably sleep through his alarm, especially after intense basketball games. However, he often faces insomnia and would have to sleep late at night after watching basketball games reruns.

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

Kagami tries not to get to violent when he’s angry. He wouldn’t throw stuff around or stomp his feet immaturely but he would need to do something to de-stress. He usually plays basketball when he’s frustrated to calm himself down, but he’s also interested in taking boxing to build up strength and to release all his anger.

✿ - sex headcanon

He’s a very great kisser and he’s a total ass man. He absolutely loves making out with you when you’re settled on his lap with you pressed up against him. Whenever you’re in that position, it always turns him on when his hands cup your ass and you grind against him. 

♡ - romantic headcanon

He tries really hard to be a good romantic but it’s tough for him at times because he never knows how to act. However, his partners always appreciate his awkwardnesss because it reveals his honesty. He’s a big fan of giving chocolates and taking you to basketball games, if you want to. Otherwise, he’d be open to whatever you want to do.

☼ - appearance headcanon

Kagami doesn’t try too hard to dress. Whatever’s comfortable for him, he’ll wear. He’s into hoodies and t-shirts with shorts/jeans instead of button up shirts. However, when the occasion comes, he would be able to clean up very nicely. Though, don’t expect him to wear a suit unless you told him beforehand.

ൠ - random headcanon

Back in LA, when he used to surf, girls used to come up to him all the time since he looked different as a Japanese, but mainly because he had a rockin’ bod. During these times, his face would turn as red as his hair and he always claimed that it was because of the sun.

in-depth analysis of sugakookie fighting
  • yoongi is the one being violent and throwing stuff around
  • jungkook has tears in his eyes like he’s about to cry
  • yoongi seems like he’s gone insane and jungkook’s trying to stop him
  • jungkook hugs yoongi to stop him from throwing stuff around and sweeping stuff off tables but yOONGI LAUGHS INSANELY AND THROWS HIM OFF
  • yoongi looks mad like seriously angry and insane like he doesn’t recognise kookie
  • jungkook just looks hurt and sad and in pain
  • jungkook punched yoongi to try to stop him
  • jungkook being hurt in general
  • yoongi being angry and hurting jungkook in general
  • me dyING
I have realized that I do not have
to be complete to be whole.
I realized that it’s okay to survive
in my very own way.
It doesn’t matter I am here, I am here,
look at me I am surviving.
I am existing so loud you can’t overhear me, I exist so violently loud,
you cannot turn away and not listen
to my supernova laugh, I exist so brightly even the sun gets jealous.
Go bring me your wolves.
Let them claw at me,
throw me right into the flames,
do whatever the hell you think
might break me.
You are so goddamn wrong,
it won’t break me.
I will stand in the flames laughing
and dancing and I will teach the wolves
how to howl and fight like the girl that I am.
I will not let you drag me down,
I will turn around the whole ocean
and let the shipwrecks rise into the nightsky, they will look pretty, just like me.
Go search for the shipwreck within you,
it is there. But it’s also burning.
And that is the point.
It is burning.
—  Surviving might be the hardest part

last night i was just staying in with my parents, which i think i’ve done 22 times out of my 24 new years because i’m fun and cool. anyways, man i must have eaten some bad shrimp and then a bad chocolate chip muffin back to back because i spent 10pm to 1am having the most violent food poisoning i’ve ever experienced. at one point i was throwing up and it was just bright red, like straight up blood and guts red and i remembered that all day i had been drinking cherry dr pepper because it’s something i don’t find very often in new york. so my mom walked into the bathroom like, “are you okay?” and i looked up from the toilet bowl and between retching croaked out, “it’s red because of soda!” and she was just like, “ok!” and turned around. after a while there was nothing left in me but i kept rushing to the bathroom and dry heaving and i was like, at some point i’m just going to expel my essence or my memories or something. i’m going to shoot out some silvery pensieve substance and watch an image reflected in the toilet water of a younger version of myself trying shrimp for the first time. i’ll cough up a black crystal and turn back into a beautiful prince or a tree or whatever i once was.