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Monsta X mv views 26/03

Trespass: 10.898.491 = 15.152 views more

Rush: GOAL REACHED! (10.361.176 = 18.832 more)

Hero: GOAL REACHED! (30.497.961 = 62.088 more)

All In: 9.008.477 = 19.666 views more (We made it to 9M ^^)

Stuck: GOAL REACHED! (10.392.562 = 20.773 more)

Fighter: 3.903.981 = 13.784 views more

Beautiful: 3.283.217 = 216.840 views more

Beautiful (1theK): 579.111 = 22.944 views more

Beautiful (M!Countdown): 725.877 = 43.095 views more

Beautiful (Music Bank): 243.127 = 22.962 views more

Beautiful (Show Music Core): 254.161

Beautiful (Inkigayo): 92.211

Also did YouTube really add all our views back because they still don’t add up with the amount of likes on starship’s channel and I’m sure they had more views and comments on 1theK too.

Confessing to Baze, his friend of so many years, the one from whom he had become inseparable from even in childhood, was a daunting task. But he did it – because love, too, cannot be stopped, can’t be torn away from him, nor would he ever lie to the other. He considered a range of possibilities from the negative (awkwardness, the erosion of their friendship, the unlikely but still frightful disgust) to the positive (acceptance, happiness, maybe even reciprocation). But Chirrut never expected this. Baze doesn’t just reciprocate his feelings; he treasures them, gives them back tenfold, years of pent-up affection spilling out at the first opportunity this poor neglected boy has ever had. Every moment alone, there are Baze’s hands at his shoulder, his waist, his cheek, not quite possessive but appreciative in a way that makes Chirrut’s face go red. It almost hurts, sometimes, to think how completely Baze has been without love his whole life to make him so thankful just to be cared for. Despite the pain that lurks between hugs and kisses taken with shy eyes and hesitant smiles at every single chance, Chirrut catches his tears only once. Baze sleeps with his head on Chirrut’s chest, his body curled close, needy, though innocently – they haven’t even broached the topic of sex yet, both still content with exploring one new feeling at a time. Chirrut has barely drifted off when he feels Baze shudder (doesn’t hear him, there’s nothing to hear) and a moment later senses the dampness on his shirt where Baze hides his eyes.


“Don’t go,” He whispers hoarsely, whether it’s brought on by the remnant of a nightmare or a memory or just one of those worries that seems to plague him constantly. “Please don’t go.”

BSD rarepair week day 7: free
theme: akutagawa ryuunosuke has eyebrows high school AU

I would love to see more of ryuunosuke and gin’s interactions in the manga tbh

Also thanks to all the mods at @bsd-rarepairweek for hosting this event! It’s been tonnes of fun and I got to draw themes and relationships I never thought of drawing before. I didn’t expect to finish all the prompts but somehow I did; here are all the other submissions 

  1. Light dance (atsukyou)
  2. Basils & Roses (ranpoe)
  3. Fool-proof plan (kunikidazai)
  4. Beauty and the Beast (atsulucy)
  5. Love Poems (kouyouchuuya)
  6. Hopeless future (odazai)
  7. New semester (akugin)

I was thinking about Nesta today and how she reacted when Feyre found out about Clare Beddor and her family. How Feyre was clearly upset and Nesta just knew - she knew that there was trouble, could read in her sisters expression that she was going to leave. And Nesta did what she could to help without either of them even needing to say a word. She shut their father up and was immediately just… there for Feyre, knowing she needed to leave and go help the Spring Court and Tamlin.

I guess it shows a certain depth to her that maybe people take for granted? That Nesta is observant and able to tell what it is that people need in a given moment. (Which actually makes her quite like Mor, but I digress.) And while she may not give a shit about everyone, she knows what they are capable of, and in Feyre’s case, she knew that her sister was capable of taking care of herself. And so she chose not to intervene or expend more energy worrying about her when it wasn’t necessary.

And yeah was there some bitterness involved, early on? Yeah. But she didn’t just… suddenly figure her sister out and know what Feyre needed, how to best help her. That was there already.

i kept saying, ‘i don’t think i’ll post a fan account’ but here I am, posting a fan account of SHINee World V in Los Angeles this 2017.

  • First of all, still in shock that a SWCV in LA even happened i feel eternally blessed.
  • Honestly this fan account won’t be that detailed bc I am 4′5″ and didn’t see it suuuper close but I will share my personal feelings here bc I am a fan and this is my account of it all

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AoEx Casts’ Fave Steven Universe Characters! (or who I could see them casted as~) 

(Requested by @pomelo-rosa! I hope this is okay!) 

Rin Okumura - Steven Universe! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Connie Maheswaren! 

Yukio Okumura - Pearl! 

‘Bon’ Ryuji Suguro - Lars! 

Shima Renzo - Sour Cream! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Peridot!

Izumo Kamiki - Onion!

Shura Kirigakure - Amethyst! 

Mephisto Pheles - Garnet! 


what’d i miss but it’s only thomas jefferson saying montecello