and then it morphed into this

“Jake shook his head sadly, looking up at the monster roller coaster. ‘That used to be the coolest thing in the world to me,’ he said. 'But ever since I morphed a falcon, it just hasn’t seemed like any big deal. I mean, you’re going maybe eighty miles per hour on a steel track. When I was a falcon I did like two hundred miles an hour in midair.’

'This morphing stuff does kind of change things,’ Marco agreed. 'I used to want to get all pumped up. Then I morphed into a gorilla, and was like, why bother lifting weights? I can just become a gorilla and bench press a truck.’

'I don’t feel that way,’ Rachel said. 'Being a cat made me more interested in gymnastics. I mean, as a cat I was just so totally, totally in control and graceful. Ever since then I’ve been trying to use that feeling. When I’m on the balance beam I try and remember that cat confidence.’

'And then you fall off just the same as always?’ I teased.

'Oh, yeah,’ Rachel said with a laugh. She made little walking fingers in the air that then fell over. 'Boom. I slip right off. But I feel confident while I’m falling off.'”

- Book #4: The Message (Cassie), pg. 48 (by K.A. Applegate)