and then it morphed into this

they used to paint him as the loved-up settled-down in a long-term serious-relationship-type boyfriend and then somewhere along the way he morphed into a serial cheater who never leaves one girl without already having another lined up but he still managed to get back with the loved-up settled-down serious-relationship girl he was with in the first place even though he’s completely changed his MO since they were together after cheating on her and also timelines don’t matter and they want me to believe any of this is real bye 

also in animorphs i could never figure out if they were just being overly morbid by describing how morphing into a canid causes the knees to ‘break and fuse together backwards’ and stuff or if they just legitimately didnt understand that dogs have knees


@fyachii . I had no clue how to properly test hight, but I guess this kinda worked out? The first is her original height. The next two are shorter and shorter, ha. While I’m at it, I decided to post a pic of the fatmorph too on max XD. If you want to see it another way, just say so ~ I’m still going in and out of the game anyways at night. (I’ve work now aaah~) 

With lower polys the top sure looks more ok at other morphs I guess. I don’t think the height brings much change.. except for how long it looks like depending on the waist height I guess? ;o

Aaah.. I am however busy in looking at bone assignments. something looks off at this part.