and then it just ignored it by default

Young Victor Headcanons

- Over-dramatic as fuck, telling Yakov he’s going to literally die if he can’t land his quads. When he can’t land a jump he just lays on the ice like he’s dying and is ready to accept sweet death until Yakov yells at him to quit it.

- Wears his hair in different hairstyles during practice, usually defaults to ponytail for competition because he likes to show off how well he cares for his hair. 

- Ignores Yakov…. a lot. Literally will disappear and be late for practice and not give two fucks as he’s being yelled at. Only shows up on time when he feels like it.

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whether or not ace people belong in the lgbt community is situational and not determined on a mass basis

strongly disagree

asexuality is completely different than heterosexuality. it’s the complete lack of sexual attraction. the presumption that “no attraction” defaults to “straight attraction” is heteronormative. saying that a homo-romantic asexual belongs in the lgbt community but a hetero-romantic asexual does not is completely ignoring their asexuality to look at their romantic attraction instead, which just invalidates all asexuals. 

here’s your daily reminder that

  • the split attraction model is not homophobic and if you think so you are misunderstanding it’s purpose and ignoring it’s history as a useful system for asexuals and aromantics to describe themselves
  • asexuality is not a blank slate which is “filled in” by romantic attraction
  • likewise for aromanticism
  • asexuality is, by default of not being a straight identity, an lgbt identity
  • if you think aces are straight because they don’t experience sexual attraction you are assuming that being straight is default, i.e. heteronormativity
  • yes, heteromantic asexuals are “straight asexuals” but they are still asexual, saying they don’t belong in lgbt because they only experience “het attraction” is ignoring that an important part of their identity is asexual
  • most of these arguments against us are anti-ace arguments we’ve basically heard a thousand times before, just twisted around to seem pro-lgbt.  No matter how you word it, your argument is boiling down to “Aces are just straight special snowflakes” “Asexuality isn’t a real identity” and “Aces don’t experience any hardships and can’t be in lgbt because I said so”
  • Ace and aro spec people belong in lgbt, your identity is not just “essentially straight,” and you are strong for constantly having to deal with the violent backlash from the rest of the lgbt community

i dont hold a grudge against my parents for the things they said about gay people when i was younger because they’ve both changed a lot and supported me immediately after i came out, but…… i really cant stress enough how deeply harmful it is for a gay child to grow up with parents who just assume their child is straight

it’s so so easy to see heterosexuality as the default and unwittingly disparage your children to their faces. it’s never YOUR kid that’s gay, it’s always your neighbor’s kid or your boss’ kid– when you’re ignorant and straight it’s easy to think that way. and i swear to god, my upbringing and my struggle to come to terms with being a lesbian could have been so much easier, soooo fucking different, if my parents had just every once in a while been aware enough to realize they might be talking to a gay child when they told me that: pretty gay women are a waste of beauty, gay relationships are something children shouldn’t be “exposed” to, gay people are “freaks,” and finally………… they’re glad their child isn’t gay because they wouldn’t want a loved one to have that burden.

and the thing is, overall, day-to-day, week-to-week my family was not overtly homophobic. those comments were spaced years apart, and usually gayness didn’t even come up in our household. but i fucking remember everything they said, every remark they made, because it made me panic and it made me deeply, deeply sad. i can forgive and move on from those moments, those pivotal moments when i was impressionable and vulnerable, but i can’t unhear anything that was said. and they can’t take any of it back. i have a great relationship with my parents now but that pain is still there, because that little 8 year old, 12 year old, 15 year old kid heard those things and absorbed them.

parents should always remember their kid is listening, and– SHOCK!– their kid isn’t necessarily straight!!!

rethink the caregivers who:

— don’t spend time getting to know you
— keep you in little space constantly
— rarely praise/always point out flaws
— encourage self-deprecating behavior
— make you feel like you have to tip-toe around them
— don’t take “no” for an answer
— force their body on you
— constantly use suggestive phrases
— make you cautious of what you say around them
— don’t respect your boundaries because it conflicts with their rules
— ignore you as punishment
— use “annoying” as an insult & “just shut up” as a default comeback
— get physical without permission
— offer money rewards for pictures or actions
— threaten to leave for misbehavior

caregivers have bad days - sometimes we break rules just like you or our mental illnesses set us back - but please be weary when these bad days are every day. abuse is consistent & very easy to get addicted to if you overlook the signs. stand tall & know your worth when confronting suspicious behavior - if the caregiver you’re confronting gets more aggressive or denies actions instead of trying to resolve the issue, it’s time to leave. if you can’t find the strength to walk away on your own or your fear gets the better of you, please seek help from a trusted person, hotline, or even a local police station. abuse is not the “love” any of you deserve so please rethink if someone is making you feel worthy of pain.

yeah you should use a vpn but man some of the posts about that on here veer into some weird fear-mongering… like saying in a war the government might kill you for liking the wrong facebook page, well, ok maybe but even in that scenario, using a vpn that’s in a different jurisdiction and ignores subpoenas won’t save you, because it’s not like that’s the only place that information is stored (and actually, your isp or vpn’s logs shouldn’t even include that you liked the page, just that you visited it, and probably not even that since facebook uses https by default now). you know who they would just subpoena instead? facebook! tbh if my understanding is correct the only way to keep your facebook activity un-subpoena-able is to not use facebook, or to make a facebook account that can’t be traced to your identity which good luck with that. if your level of fear is at “gonna get killed for liking a facebook page” you should probably make some more drastic changes to the way you use the internet or else accept that the price of halfway-normal internet use is some amount of risk and that by double-checking your privacy settings, using https everywhere and a vpn, and exercising reasonable caution in what you put out there you’re at least no longer low-hanging fruit and will probably be okay. just my onion though Not Legal Advice

the creative conundrum
  • Me: [evaluating life through depression-tinted lenses] ...Wow, I have no talents or worth as a human being...
  • Me: [writes prolifically for fun]
  • Me: [constantly demonstrates eccentric sense of humor]
  • Me: [extends/loops music just 'cause I can]
  • Me: [makes HakuMyu gifs and gifsets]
  • Me: [patches together music videos from clips]
  • Me: [can carry a tune more than tolerably well]
  • Me: [attempts transcriptions in a foreign language]
  • Me: [just started learning the aforementioned language]
  • Me: [created a goddamn wiki]
  • Me: [inspires other people to create art]
  • Me: [somehow snagged 500+ followers]
  • Me: [ignoring all of the above] BUT WHY CAN'T I DO ACTUAL *WORK*?! I'M TOTALLY USELESS OMG

We’re having fun playing with the Fill Tool’s new features, ahead of next week’s release of ArtRage 5.

  • Border: Set a border colour and get rid of the nasty white edges left by antialiasing 
  • Gap Tolerance: Adjust the slider and the Fill Tool will ignore gaps up to 50 pixels wide!
  • Slow Motion: Fill slowly in real time instead of instantly, to spot the gaps in your lines, or just create partial fill effects (pressing ‘Escape’ stops it).

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I remember when people "no-homo'd" the relationship between Touya and Yukito in CCS because while it was explicitly stated that Touya was Yukito's "number one," the series never stated they were lovers. (Clamp also said they were soulmates too!) It's sad how people want to tear down the idea that characters can be gay, let alone *are* gay-- because by default, they have to be straight. And it's *this default* that's problematic, amplified when people can't read context. (1/2)

Honestly, I see YoI as more heterobaiting (which I do have issues with because how it affects the interpretation and representation of the relationship between Yuuri and Victor). But… yeah. It really sucks how so entrenched this idea that by default people have to be straight. Yes, very affectionate platonic relationships between men are possible, but to ignore all the context… is just. *headdesk* (2/2)

i… honestly lost you on the heterobaiting, lol. the only tiny instance of it was when it pulled the rug out from under our feet with the yuuko scene in ep1. and that was honestly a great moment. literally the rest of it is slamming us over the head with how gay everything is.

while “straight is the default” is a huuuuuge issue in life and in media for sure, i don’t think ppl are ignoring the context in yoi specifically bc straight is the default, i think ppl know very well that this was intended to be gay and that it is gay but they’re  like weirdly determined to go “ha, silly gays you were queerbaited all along!!” and feel smug abt themselves in the name of “allyship”

also affectionate platonic relationships don’t have men kissing in public, stroking each other’s faces in public, exchanging literal gold wedding bands on the steps of a cathedral, and stating out loud “this is an engagement ring, we’re getting married”

the context is seriously screaming “they’re gay, harold” and the only way to pretend otherwise is to close your eyes to it deliberately

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Hey there vimpse! I know recolors are hard to track down, so feel free to ignore. :) However, if you wouldn't mind, where would I be able to find the Seasons toilet recolor as seen in /post/156548162647? Thank you!

Waited to answer this last because I had to wait for my game to load - I was fairly sure about the answer, but now I’m still not really sure, haha. You’re putting doubt in my mind! :p

I don’t have any recolors of this toilet, this is just what it looks like when I pick it up from the catalog… unless I have some sort of… default? D: lol.

Is this what this toilet actually looks like or am I losing my mind?!

basically my issue writing thing for rpg’s that let you customize your main character is when someone asks me to write for a one size fits all thing, i physically cannot

i cannot mentally write generally in regards to a character i have played and ascribed a personality to

it’s why my dragon age fanfic has named hawke’s always, or they eventually do, because i literally cannot mentally process a default blank slate character. Just like why my fallout ‘X lone wanderer” things i have a v specific design and character in mind, they’re just .. them and if people want to ignore characterization.. ok i guess. 

i just physically can’t do that. its not me being like idk what word it would be? snooty? picky? whatever about writing, my brain just cannot understand people going “this totally customizable character always looks like this and generally acts like this, even though you can choose hundreds of different actions and outcomes, because we say so”. It fucks with me.

HI HELLO just as a general PSA if u IM me and I don’t respond for like..10 hours chances are I’m on mobile! I don’t use the tumblr app for this account, i use mobile default browser which doesn’t display IMs unless I go into desktop mode which i only ever do to post a reply on a post.  so pls don’t think Im ignoring you!

Playing Mass Effect 2 for the first time




Being a jackass dudebro misogynist prick isn’t a default setting. That’s not nature. It’s nurture. That’s just you being raised to think your behavior is acceptable and not thinking further than the tip of your dick. Blame society. Blame parents. Blame the media. Whatever let’s you sleep at night. But don’t tell me boys will be boys like they’re incapable of rational thought and respect.

I just got a drawing tablet and this is my first drawing with it!!(ignoring the test scribbles)
Definitely an upgrade from an iPhone/iPad mini with a stylus, but it’ll take some getting used to, also a little overwhelmed by all the different applications there are to try.
I’ll figure it out!


Do not treat “white” as the default!

Describe characters of color as characters of color!

Describe white characters as white! Don’t just say it was “a boy with brown hair,” if you meant a white boy with brown hair! That is an ignorant display of treating whiteness as the assumed race of all characters (unless otherwise stated)!

And if you ARE going to state the race of a character of color, you need to be consistent and state the race of white characters too! That is a part of erasing “white default” within character descriptions!

Here’s a simple example:

Wrong: A girl with brown hair, a boy with green eyes, and a black girl walked into a bar. (INCONSISTENT USE OF RACE. TREATS RACE AS ONLY RELEVANT WHEN DESCRIBING A NON-WHITE PERSON.)
Correct: A white girl with brown hair, a white boy with green eyes, and a black girl walked into a bar.

Of course, hopefully your descriptions will be more robust and full-of-life, but you get the picture. And if it sounds “weird” to you to hear the word “White” in front of a character, but not “Black” or “Asian”…I hate to tell you this but you’ve been conditioned to think that white is the default, and not a race just like the others.

We live in a society where ~racially ambiguous~ will always be defaulted to white so please do everyone a favor and stop acting like it’s ahead of the times to not explicitly call a character white. It isn’t.