and then it hit me this morning

You’re going to be alright

As you guys probably know from my earlier post today, I’ve had a rough day due to the 2nd year anniversary of my grandma’s passing. It hit me like a brick wall this morning and has just been hanging over my head all day. I’ve been super quiet and closed off, which is really unusual for me.
I went out with my sister this evening for some easy dinner and we talked about it among other things, to distract my thoughts and help me cheer up. It worked. It always helps to talk to her and be near her, when I’m having a rough time. I’m so thankful for having such an amazing big sis.

And yes, I’m alright now. I’ve gotten over the yearly hurdle of grief and I believe that someday, I can see this anniversary differently and not mourn it so harshly. One day…
Thanks to everyone who messaged me and tried to comfort me. Though it might not have seemed like it, as I’ve acted unfairly hostile towards some and closed off to others, it really did help to have you all show you cared. I appreciate it.  💙


yes, the little blue engine that travels the world going “chugga-chugga JUICE JUICE”


Tony Stark should be the one person in the world who GETS HOW IT FEELS to watch the one you love fall from your grasp, watch them die and then return… in a form the world thinks is dangerous.




Dr Zhou Yong Chang’s Obituary

Party member of the Chinese Communist Party, Pioneer amd Founder of China’s Ultrasonic Medicine field, Director of Shanghai Training Center for Ultrasound in Medicine, Honorary Director of Shanghai Research Laboratory of Ultrasonic Medicine, Honorary Director of Ultrasonic Medicine of The 6th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, Professor Emeritus, Recipient of Special Government Allowance of the State Council, Model Worker of Shanghai, comrade Zhou Yong Chang, passed away on October 17 at 8.50AM after failing to respond to the treatment received. He was 95.

From when I was little
I could only go back to my old house in Shanghai once every year during the summer holidays.
I still remember it’s already very late every day when grandfather comes back from the hospital after work.
After he comes back, he sees that I’m watching Journey to the West alone.
Although grandfather is already very exhausted, and he needs to work early in the morning, he would spend time and make a golden cudgel with newspaper to play with me.
The golden cudgel made out of newspaper is ultimately still made out of newspaper, it broke after using it to hit for a few times, so everyday he would make a few of those to let me play with them.

Grandfather was not just a dedicated doctor, professor.
He was also a loving good grandfather, good father and good husband.

Even when he was 93, he still woke up every morning and turned up for work at the hospital.
Because of you, I understood what’s perseverance,
And also because of you,
I understood the spirit of being able to go through whatever suffering,
For the sake of the things I like.
I’m very proud that I could be your grandson,
And I will forever remember the things that you taught me.

We’ll do our best to take care of grandmother.

At the same time, on behalf of our family, I would like to thank family and friends that were here today.
And also very thankful to all the leaders.
And also very thankful to all the medical staff that treated and took care of my grandfather.
And also very honoured and thankful to The People’s Republic of China’s former premier Zhu Rongji
And the current Central Political Bureau Standing Committee, Han Zheng for sending the memorial flower basket.

Dear grandfather, go well.
You will forever live in our hearts.
We’ll always miss you. We love you.

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spn song creations challenge | @gordonwalkr
↳ prompt:

Why am I racing
To get myself back?

How much you wanna bet that when Oswald returned to the mansion with his army that evening he went into Ed’s room and ended up sleeping in Ed’s bed and sheets since it wasn’t too long ago Ed left. So Oswald would fall asleep in tears to the scent of his Ed. 



So Taylor’s been following me for over 2 years now and she’s showed up for me somewhat regularly ever since she followed me which I’m incredibly grateful for (like INCREDIBLY). When she did secret sessions last era, I didn’t even have a fan account for anything and I got all the news off insta and my best friends in real life @thislove-brittany and @thosegeorgiastars13 when we would come into school and talk about how some extremely lucky fans got to go into her home and hang with her for hours on end. At that point we all almost had to laugh because we live in Australia and we weren’t known AT ALL by Taylor and we just told ourselves it was such a far fetched dream it was ridiculous… Fast forward a few months later that next year in 2015, when Taylor followed me – I believe to this day she saw a photo of B, G and I posing as Bad Blood characters, and she followed me from that. So basically the first memory I have of Taylor acknowledging my existence was shared with my 2 best friends, but let me now continue with the story….

 On the 1st of January this year, I wrote this post: 

About 4 weeks ago, things at uni went downhill and I had quite literally hit rock bottom in terms of my stress and my future regarding uni. At the same sort of time Taylor had started joining people’s livestreams but she would do so between the hours of 3-7am Australian time so I just kept waking up to her lurking people and watching their lives while I had zero chances in the first place and it was there and then that I thought to myself ‘I’m never meeting her, I have negative hope that I’ll ever meet Taylor” and basically I spent a few days not logging in very much because I was so upset about everything and just didn’t want to bother. But then I started having so many fun events like friends and family birthday parties over those next few weekends and life felt a bit better. During one of those weeks, Taylor had seen 2 or 3 of my tumblr posts where I complimented people’s selfies and it hit me then that good things were still coming and that she still probably maybe had her eye on me (but it was still just wishful thinking). Then London SS happened and my best friend from England, Katy aka @ethereal-swiftness ended up meeting T and I’d sent her an ask about keeping the secret and Taylor saw that a day later and once again I really started to feel things again and it was almost as if right then I knew something was coming for me – like I just knew.

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BTS REACTION : another member complaining about how the two of you were “loud”


-”Jungkook ? Y/n ? We need to talk…” said Yoongi, approaching the two of you.

*Jungkook already guessed what Yoongi was going to say and started laughing*

-”Jungkook, this isn’t funny, I couldn’t sleep last night because of you two!” Yoongi added before turning around to face you “ The only thing I could hear were your moans, all night long… I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t have some fun, but keep it quiet next time !”

*Jungkook just kept laughing, clearly not giving a single fuck*


Namjoon was complaining about how he didn’t get enough sleep. As soon as Yoongi heard that, I small smirk appeared on his lips.

-”Why didn’t you sleep ?” asked Jimin

-”I don’t know… You should ask Yoongi and Y/n…” replied Namjoon in a sarcastic tone.

As soon as he said that, Yoongi got up and raised his hand as a warning that he was going to hit Namjoon.


The boys were filming a behind the scenes of the Highlight Reels. Jimin was being filmed and explained that his eyes were puffy due to him having  a hard time falling asleep last night because of the “noise” Hoseok and you were making last night. Hoseok just nervously laughed.


The next morning, all of you were around the dining room table, eating breakfast.

-”Hyung ? What did you guys do last night?” Taehyung innocently asked to Namjoon and you.

-”Trust me Tae, you don’t want to know…” Jin answered

- “Were you hitting Y/n? She kept screaming your name… You shouldn’t hit women you know?” Taehyung added

*All of the members started laughing, except for Taehyung. You and Namjoon were embarrassed*


You and Seokjin were just talking, alone. Jungkook walked by the two of you.

-”Hyung ! Be less rough to her next time ! I could hear you guys all night long !” Jungkook shouted before coming closer to the two of you “Honestly though, how do you guys have this much energy? You literally went for like 2 hours!”

*acts like nothing happened*


You were just chilling with Jimin. The two of you receive a notification on your phones, at the same time : It was Hoseok, sending a message in the groupchat.

Hoseok : Was Y/n being murdered or was she just having fun with Jimin ?”

*Jimin looks at you*


You were all just chilling in the living room.

-”What did you guys do last night ?” asked Seokjin

Taehyung innocently replied

-”Then why was the bed making so much noise? Why were you two moaning? Taehyung, don’t lie to me, it literally felt like the two of you were fucking in my room” Seokjin boldly added

Taehyung shouted, shocked by the oldest member’s statement

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This prompt was sitting in my massive page of notes, and I don’t know what message it came from, but it was next in line to be written, so!

Neil would be worried that Andrew was cheating (even though he never would) and Andrew would have to reassure him.

There is a winter inside of Neil that he hadn’t had time to prepare for, like he’s living in a summer home that doesn’t know what to do with cold weather other than bow its head and take the damage. 

He’s never been jealous before. He’s never been so willing to kill someone who hasn’t killed anybody first.

He looks up from the breathe in breathe out of day to day life and Andrew is there like the respirator he’s hooked into. If someone looks at Andrew, Neil feels it like a hitch in the machinery of his breathing — what if Andrew looks back? What if he gets enough distance from the bad things in his life that he realizes Neil is just another bad thing in disguise? What if he understands, as Neil does, that he deserves someone who isn’t violent and shaky and dishonest by nature?

He takes Marshall down to the floor of the court, hard. His head spills back in such a way that Neil can tell he’s been concussed, brain pitched back against skull. He scrabbles with Neil’s wrists but Neil pins his hands down on his own throat, pushing in just so. Marshall’s hands flex away from his windpipe. He thinks his own face might be screwed up into a snarl but he’s too numb to tell.

“Did you fuck him?”

Whatthe fuck, Josten, no, do you think he would let me—“

A lift and a slam back into the floor, and Marshall gurgles. “I didn’t ask if he let you. I asked if you fucked him.”

“No, no, I didn’t, Neil, come on.” His voice is garbled, Neil’s hands on his hands on his throat are a sweaty stack. “I know you’re together,” he says quietly, “and I wasn’t… I mean I flirt—I hit on everyone.”

“Not him,” Neil says icily. His fingers curl, Marshall makes a small, wet sound. He thinks about the way that Andrew let Marshall sit next to him on the bench. Neil had been playing, and he’d seen Andrew’s mouth move, talking to another teammate for the first time since they’d signed together. Marshall had thrown his head back and laughed.

Neil had taken a ball to the abdomen and reeled into another striker, been shoved back, started a slurry of violence that ended in a yellow card. When Andrew finally looked at him, it had been with disappointment.

Neil blinks and feels the padding of Marshall’s gear under his thighs, the wheezing rise of his chest. He lets go of his neck and he coughs and gasps.

“You can’t—“ he tries. “He wouldn’t want—“ He hates the ugly way he’s trying to convince himself out loud, the tremor in his voice. “He didn’t come home until morning. He smelled like your shitty menthols.”

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⟶ that tuesday night | jjg | (m)

pairing: jeongguk x reader
fluff, smut
wordcount: 5k
a/n: this is a dumb pwp i have no explanation for except the support of like seven different people that encouraged me to write it. enojy a somewhat college!au jeon.

↳ your best friend finds out how much you love horror, yet you are so goddamn easy to scare. it holds the promise of an entertaining night.

“So, part two tonight?”

He grins at you over the rim of his glass filled with white wine, the usual bunny grin with his nose crinkled and eyes shining that is so incredibly hard to resist. Or maybe, it’s just the wine that you yourself have already running through your system that makes you think that way. You just shrug at him.

“I mean, sure. Why not.” He grins even wider at that, ignoring the faintest trace of hesitation that is laced into your voice. You don’t even get to sigh at his eagerness before he is already turned towards his laptop, opening google to pull up a stream that is high quality enough for his liking.

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thank you all so so much for 4k !!
i chose this gif bc that’s my face rn… i’m just imagining four thousand people standing in my backyard !! that’s heckin insane !! i love every single person who took the time to click that follow button cept the porn bots… i see u and everyone who’s reblogged my gifs or used one of my icons and just.. without y’all i wouldn’t be here actually not failing at this tunglr thing :( ily

since i haven’t done this since 600 (??i know) i thought it’d be nice to do a proper ff again!! below i’ve listed a bunch of lovely mutuals who i love with my whole entire heart :)

((blacklist #camsff if u don’t want this on ya dash))

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BTS reactions | waking up next to you for the first time

Seokjin | ᴊɪɴ

Jin awoke when the sun hit his face through the blinds he’d forgotten to close the night prior. The two of you had stayed up late practicing new choreography and he’d insisted you stay the night rather than him walking you home. It was about time you stay the night anyway, he’d said with a tired smile. You were asleep next to him on your side wearing an oversized shirt of his which had ridden up to expose your black boyshorts and tummy. He sighed happily and placed a kiss on your forehead before getting out of bed to make breakfast for the two of you.

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Yoongi | sᴜɢᴀ

He wakes up in the early afternoon after the two of you had stayed up long enough to have watched the sunrise if you hadn’t been otherwise occupied. This wasn’t the first time that you’d stayed up keeping him company as he worked, but it is the first time that he’s stayed over afterward.

You were still soundly asleep when he returned from the bathroom. As he got back into your bed, he took a moment to watch you. Your hair messily sticking up all sorts of ways, your mouth open slightly with deep sleepy breaths softly falling from your lips. Yoongi loved seeing you like this. He stroked your cheek tenderly and moved his hand down to your chin. You unconsciously leaned into his touch as a breathy “Yoongi” escaped your lips. Your boyfriend finally settled into bed completely. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close to him chest to chest. Instinctively you nuzzled your face into his chest. For Yoongi this moment was so soft and tender. He kissed the top of your head as a content sigh left your lips.

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Hoseok | ᴊ-ʜᴏᴘᴇ

When Hoseok awoke with you snuggled into his side, he couldn’t help the wide toothy smile that stretched across his face. He wrapped his arms around your sleeping figure and squeezed you tightly, waking you up with a start. “Ahh, jagi I love you so much!” he’d squeak and he peppered your groggy face with kisses. After that, the two of your spent hours in bed cuddled up together chatting happily about your mutual enjoyment of each other. Neither of you doubted that the other wanted to do this again, and soon.

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Namjoon | ʀᴍ

The two of you were cuddled up in bed, him on his back and you laying on your front with your head nuzzled into his neck and your arm wrapped around his middle. Namjoon woke with a heavy breath and a snort and looked around the bedroom through sleepy eyes. He tilted his face to kiss your forehead, then gently stroked what he could reach of your head with the arm you lay on. He’s happy, being able to wake up with you like this. He thinks he could do this every day forever as he falls back asleep. You awaken a bit later to his snoring.

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You woke from the coziest sleep you’ve ever had in your life. As you went to rub your eyes, you found your arm trapped. Your soft Jimin was curled up next to you hugging your arm tightly. His face scrunched up in his sleep and you couldn’t help but smile at how cute he was. Soon enough your boyfriend woke with a soft greeting and looked lovingly up into your eyes. “’Morning, Jiminie,” you whispered. He kissed your chin and buried his face into your neck. You heard a muffled “You’re so comfy, jagi!” before you felt him peppering your neck with soft kisses.

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Taehyung | ᴠ

Taehyung woke up first to you shuffling in your position on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you to pull you on top of him completely with your legs between his, and settled his arms around the small of your waist. You awoke just as he began to fall back asleep. Your first instinct was to get off of your boyfriend in fear that you were crushing him, but you immediately felt his hand holding you in place by your hip. “Don’t go, jagi,” he breathed out in the deepest morning voice you’d ever heard. “I want to stay just like this.” You nodded your head in response and he pulled you up to plant a soft kiss on your lips.

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You boyfriend wasn’t sure what exactly woke him at 6AM, maybe it was his morning wood, or maybe it was how warm it was under the blankets, but whatever is was, he wasn’t able to fall back to sleep. No, especially not since you were so close to him, the small spoon to his big. His arm that had draped around your middle in the night was even being held by you, so he was effectively trapped. As he tried to move himself away from you, you woke with a soft groan. “What time is it, babe?” you asked him without opening your eyes. He relayed the time to you softly, still trying to pull away just a bit. Instead of letting him go, you cuddled closer. You knew exactly what you felt as soon as your butt hit his crotch and you giggled. “You’re so happy to see me so early in the morning!” You joked light-heartedly. Your playful reaction put him at ease and he squeezed you in his arms. “Shut up and go back to sleep.” He replied with a chuckle.

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Authors Note: I apologize if these don’t quite match the same writing style. I write up a lot of these in my spare time, but sometimes think of them a bit differently if that makes any sense. Ah, also, oops! One of these is a way longer than the others. 😅 Wonder who my bias is…

By the way, I want to thank everyone who liked and reblogged my first post, and everyone who followed me as well. I really hope I can post content that people will like, so feel free to send me feedback and/or requests.

Masterlist | Request

possessedbytheskiess  asked:

OMG, I love the way you write so much, your blog is awesome I just read everything lol Idk if the requests are open, but if they are can you do a SaeranxMC HC (or wathever format you prefer) of them falling in love during his recovery or how they fell for each other and started dating? Thank you! <3

~HNNNNFG MY  HEART. This hits me right in the feelies. Yes! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you like it! 


  • You had come to expect the silence 
  • You entered his room at the same time every morning only to be greeted by his back turned towards you on the bed 
    • “You don’t have to keep coming…I can handle it,” Saeyoung would tell you time and time again 
  • But there was something about Saeran that drew you to him 
  • And after learning about his past, you knew he needed as much support as he could get 
  • He was unresponsive 
  • And often times incredibly rude 
    • “Saeran…I brought you a smoothie,” you held it out for him, only to have it slapped from your hands and explode all over the floor of the hospital room 
    • “I don’t want your fucking smoothie, I want to be alone!”
  • Saeyoung rushed in to scold him but you stopped him
    • “It’s alright…it was an accident, Saeyoung. Right, Saeran?” He only scoffed and turned his back to you once more
  • In the beginning you’d bring stacks of books to read to him 
  • If he wasn’t going to talk then, well, you’d talk enough for the both of you 
  • Books on art and travel, intense novels. You could see him perk up a bit when he liked it
  • And his scowl when he didn’t 
  • One time Saeyoung caught Saeran looking through one of the books when he thought no one was around. That’s when he started to give you two more alone time 
  • And still 
  • Every morning, like clockwork, you came through the door 
  • And he’d never admit it at the time, but he started to look forward to your visits and your voice 
  • He even started to wake up in the mornings so he could be ready for you 
  • The silence lessened in time, Saeran started to be more talkative and ask questions 
    • “…say the castle was built somewhere in the thirteenth century-”
    • “Is there a picture?” Saeran cut off your reading
    • Hm? A picture?” you asked. 
    • “Yeah. In the book, dummy,” he pointed. 
    • It had just taken you by surprise. “Well, yeah, there is!” You flipped it around. “Look, isn’t it awesome?” 
    • Saeran nodded with a slight smile 
  • You soon moved from books to board games 
  • Come to find out, Saeran was really good and really fond of chess 
  • Much to your dismay, as you lost almost every time 
  • Saeran started to give you pointers and teaching you how to play better
  • One time while he watched you play Saeyoung, he stood up behind you, placing his hand on your own to keep you from moving your piece 
    • “No, don’t go there,” he slowly guided your hand to another spot. “Here, see?” 
    • Y-yeah, right,” you stuttered with a blush 
    • “Hey no cheating!” Saeyoung huffed before noticing Saeran’s hand on yours. “Oooh~ should I leave?” he teased 
    • “Shut up, idiot,” Saeran jumped back a bit and sat on the bed 
  • A few days before his release, he watched the clock but you didn’t show 
  • A surge of anxiety swept through him until Saeyoung finally walked in 
    • “Where is she?” Saeran tried his best to sound calm 
    • “Sick. Gave me this book to give to you, though,” he tossed it on the bed, “said she’d be better before your release and not to worry.” 
    • “I wasn’t.” Saeran sank back into his pillow with a knit brow 
  • But you didn’t come back 
  • And each day was more boring than the last without you 
  • He kept thinking of you walking through the door with that same dumb cute smile on your face 
  • The one that made his heart leap 
    • “That…idiot,” Saeran grumbled as he helped Saeyoung gather the last of his things from the hospital room 
    • “Is someone grumpyyy, missing your girlfriend?” Saeyoung made a pouty face in jest 
    • She said she’d be here…” he said it in little more than a whisper, as if talking to himself 
  • Saeyoung’s face fell at the sight of his brother looking so desolate 
  • You dragged yourself out of bed to answer the door, not expecting to see Saeran standing there, staring at you, while you were in sweatpants and an old t-shirt, crumpled tissues in hand 
    • “Oh wow, you look terrible,” he blurted out 
    • “…thanks...” you seethed, “I asked Saeyoung to tell you I’m sick and-”
    • “Shit, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s just…” he took a deep breath, “you missed my discharge from the hospital today and…” he trailed off. 
    • “I’m so sorry about that, Saeran. I really wanted to be there it’s just, I can barely function right now,” you tried to laugh it off, hands desperate to fix the messy bun in your hair 
    • “Did you need some help or something? Have you eaten?” 
    • “Uh, a little bit,” you awkwardly rocked on your heels
    • “I brought you a smoothie,” he said hurriedly, thrusting it at you
    • “Thank you,” you smiled 
    • “And I have this–well, Saeyoung gave me this movie,” he waved it a bit, blushing mildly, “and, anyway…can I come in?” 


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Making bts cum in their pants

Feels like forever since I last posted, shit.


Innocently, you sat on his lap while he was gaming. It was until you moved around to get comfortable, that’s when you felt his length rise underneath you. Jin put down the controller and grabbed your hips. You rode him, his grip on your hips got tighter. Jin began to moan, his head falling onto your shoulder. You felt his hot breath on your neck, making you only ride against him faster. Then, Jin threw his body back with a loud growl as his hips bucked you. That’s when he pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arms around you.

“Jin,” You whisper, “Did you?”

“Yes,” He answered,”Now, let’s go to the bedroom so I can help you,” He smirked.

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Yoongi’s laying in bed after practice. You were wearing a sheer white shirt with his favorite wine lingerie on underneath. You straddle his hips, his hands on your hips. He wore grey sweatpants with nothing underneath, so you felt his hard-on clearly. You began to ride on top of him, making him moan your name. That’s when you felt something wet under you, you thought it was you, but when you looked at Yoongi, you recognize his expression almost instantly. He cursed under his breath. You got off him, looking to see the wet spot, you slap Yoongi’s arm to get him out of the state he’s in.

“Shit, Y/N.” He said out of breath, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,”

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You guys were dancing in the practice room, it was after hours so you two were alone. For one of the moves, Hoseok held your leg to his waist, while you caress his cheek. After the third time doing it, he was starting to get turned on by the touch. You felt his hard on and decided you’d have a little fun. You repeatedly rubbed your ass against him and palmed him. You faced him and began grinding against him that’s when he let out a series familiar moans, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

“Why don’t we go home and shower?” He said out of breath,”Then I can finish you,”

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He was working in the studio, you sat on his lap while he worked on songs. Namjoon put his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder. You knew he was already hard when you wiggled around slightly. You decided to be a little playful and ride a little until you heard his breathing go uneven.

“Namjoon?” You asked, he chuckled.

“I’m sorry, baby,” He squeezes your hips, “But if you get on the desk, I’ll help you,”

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You two were cuddling on the bed, you on top of him, placing soft kisses all over his face. When you moved to get a bit more comfortable, you felt his length. You knew since it was pretty late, and he was already falling asleep, he wouldn’t want to do anything. But, you needed some friction, so you just rode him a little. “Y/N,” He moaned he repeatedly said your name, he grinds up into you a few times, before his head hit the backboard of the bed.

“Baby,” He whispers, you look at him with curious eyes, “Can you grab me new boxers?”

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You sat on the couch with Tae. It was a lazy Sunday morning for you guys. You both just woke up only a few minutes ago. You rested your head on his thigh, while he played with your hair. You smirked to yourself when you saw his morning wood outlined by his grey sweatpants. You knew he’s very sensitive in the morning, so you decided to see if you could make him cum. You reached your hand up, palming at him. Tae moaned quietly under your touch. A spot then formed, he was rolling hips through it.

“Aish jagi~” He whined, “How’d you do that,” You chuckled to yourself and got up, so he could get up to change.

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You two were driving to a dinner with the guys and Bang PD. You sat at the stoplight when Jungkook looked at you. “Babe,” He smirked. “If you make me cum before we get there, you can dominate me when we get home.” You smirk back, reaching your hand over to him, placing it on his clothed length. All you did when begin to palm him, and he squirmed with his head falling on the back of his seat. “Noona~” He moaned. You then notice the familiar expression of his cum face and move your hand. “Fuck, baby,” He pants, “I didn’t think you’d be able to do it.”

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