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Maksyl Fanfic- Aloha-Oe (part 3)

Meryl was shocked. Did Maks really just propose? It was all happening so fast. Just yesterday, she was meeting her teddy bear for the very first time. She loved him, she knew that, but did that meant she wanted to marry him? Her thoughts were rushed. She needed to give him an answer. She could see his smiling fading.

I love him, his thoughtfulness, his love, everything. There isn’t one thing I would change about him. Does that mean yes?

Before her mind caught up with her, she caught herself saying “Yes” to Maks. He slid the ring on her finger, it really did look perfect. He picked her up and twirled her. He was so happy; the love of his life had just agreed to marry him. He gave her long, passionate kiss. One they would both remember forever.

She was awakened by a ring on her phone.

“Hello?” she answered

“Hey Mer are you coming down for breakfast, there’s about an hour left and then we are all going on a tour around Hawaii.” Charlie’s voice answered

“Yeah, Maks and I will be down in a few.”

She remembered what happened last night. After the incredible dinner, Maks had proposed and then they went back to his hotel room together and spent the rest of the night together. She was about to wake Maks up when something shiny caught her eye. It was her ring on the nightstand. She grabbed to examine it, since she didn’t get a close eye on it last night. It was beautiful and it screamed her. Meryl could only guess how long Maks spent picking it out. She smiled, but then realized: how was she gonna tell her family about this? She couldn’t just come down to breakfast with an engagement ring on her finger. She decided she would keep it a secret until they got back home.

“Hey Maks.” She nudged him. “Time to get up sleepy head.”

He slowly woke up and came back into reality.

“Hey, Mrs. Chmerkovskiy.” Maks said groggily.

“I’m not Mrs. Chmerkoskiy yet and I will never be unless you get up. We have to get ready and be down for breakfast in an hour. Then we have to take a tour with the group.” Meryl stated

“Ugh, do we have to? I just want to spend the day with you.”

“No we blew them off last night, so we have to go today.”

“With good reason…” Maks reminded her

They both got up, Meryl headed back to her room and got ready there. Maks picked her up a half an hour later.

“Hey you forgot your ring in my place.” Maks said, sliding the ring on her finger.

“Oh right, I should probably leave it here so I don’t lose it. We are a long way from home, and I would hate to lose it here.” Meryl said

“If you left a very valuable ring in your room, someone could steal it. The safest place for it is on your finger.” Maks reassured her. He could sense something was wrong. “Is everything okay? Are you having second thoughts?”

“No” Meryl said looking down at her ring, “I just don’t know how to tell anyone without them just seeing the ring”

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.” Maks said leading her down to the lobby where breakfast was held.

“What are you gonna do Maks?” Meryl asked his curiously and a little nervously

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry.  Just keep that ring on your finger.” He said, planting a kiss on her forehead.

As soon as they got to breakfast and found the group, Maks announced “I have something to say!” All attention was on him. “I would like to introduce my fiancé, Mrs. Meryl Davis-Chmerkovskiy.” Meryl was a little apprehensive and so was the rest of the room. Then they noticed the ring on her finger. They all got up and congratulated both Maks and Meryl with hugs and kisses. The ice skating team, the DWTS cast, their families and friends were all truly happy for both of them.

The day went in a blur. She couldn’t really enjoy herself, because she was so busy focusing on her engagement. Whenever someone talked at her, to them she felt like they were talking to her ring. Things seemed so different, but Maks assured her everything was the same. They got back to the hotel and Meryl decided to spend some alone time at the beach. Meanwhile, Paul, Meryl’s dad had a few words with Maks.

“Hey Maks.” He said

“Hello future father-in-law” Maks said, he was obviously still on cloud 9.

“Very funny Maksim. I just had a question or two.”

“Yea anything.” Maks said

“I don’t mean to sound too invasive, but do you think this engagement is a little too early?”

“It may be. But when you’re in love, time doesn’t matter.”

“Meryl is a little nervous about new things, if you couldn’t tell. So if she isn’t as psyched about this engagement as you are, don’t be worried. I don’t think it has hit her yet. Just please don’t hurt my baby girl. She’s strong, she’s sensitive. She needs love. And I hate to play mean dad, but if you do happen to hurt her, you can expect that you’ll have to go through me.”

“Nothing bad will happen to Meryl, promise Sir.”

They left it at that.

Meryl was at the beach, sitting in the sand just thinking. Thinking about the engagement, she couldn’t fully absorb what was happening.

“Hey Mer.” Charlie’s voice said.

“Oh hey Charlie” Meryl said. Charlie came over and sat right next to her

“You excited about the wedding?” Meryl asked

“Yea, are you excited about the engagement?” Charlie asked

“Yea.” Meryl plainly said.

“You don’t seem too thrilled.” Charlie said

“I will be, it just feels… different. Right now I don’t really know what to feel.”

“That’s how I felt with Tanith. Believe me, you’ll get excited.” Charlie said. “So did Maks just propose to you when you were sick and both missed dinner?” Charlie asked

“Well, that’s the thing. I feel really bad, but I wasn’t really sick. Maks sprung these last minute plans on me and I didn’t know about them until he called you saying we weren’t coming. He took me to a big fancy dinner on a yacht and asked me there.”

“So you missed my pre-wedding dinner so you could spend time with Maks?”

“Charlie I’m sorry. I didn’t wanna miss it, but-“

“Meryl, first you spend all your time with Maks in LA during DWTS. I got over that. Then even back in Michigan when I think I could spend some time with you, you spend all day texting him. I couldn’t even get an ounce of your attention unless we were physically skating. I eventually got over that. Then we come here, to this beautiful island, for my wedding and you get proposed to. I’m still getting over that. And now you tell me you missed my dinner to spend more time with Maks. Even when I was going out with Tanith, I still gave time and attention to you. Are you even going to be at my wedding Meryl?”

“Of course Charlie. It’s just-“

“Never mind, it was wrong of me to say this to you” Charlie got up and left. Could Meryl feel any worse? The shock from the engagement she didn’t even know was right plus this thing with Charlie made her wish she had never come to Hawaii.

You Again, Chapter 3!

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Without further adieu, here is Chapter 3 of ‘You Again!’


The camera crew comes today. Don’t forget that we’re reuniting for the first time in years, so act as happy as you possibly can. Big smiles. Big laughs. We clear?

Meryl’s phone buzzed to life in her lap. She glanced down, let out a martyred sigh, then replied to Val’s ‘friendly reminder’ with a quick Gotcha.

Val and Meryl still weren’t on the best of terms after the first few days. They had made a bit of progress—they could now stay in the same room without erupting into an explosive argument—but even that, admittedly, wasn’t much.

Part of her wanted to try to make peace with Val and move on from the whole thing, but the majority of her refused to back down. Backing down would mean submitting to Val’s name-calling, his yelling; his mistreatment it would mean going against the woman she had become to make nice with her ex-boyfriend’s fricking brother.

Meryl was not about to throw her dignity away to try to appease a man she wasn’t even sure she liked anymore.

If the two engaged in any type of argument, Meryl decided she would stand her ground and fight like the spitfire she was.

“Who was that?” Fedor’s anxious voice resonated from her computer’s speakers, abruptly drawing her out of her thoughts.

Honestly, if they hadn’t been videochatting, Meryl would have sighed at her boyfriend’s blatant display of jealousy.

They’d been having a decent conversation before the text, but she could already sense a change in direction was going to spin their chat on its head.

“It was no one, babe,” Meryl shook her head in quick dismissal.

“…Alright,” Fedor narrowed his eyes, skepticism evident in every part of his countenance. Meryl chose to ignore it.

As frustrated as Feddy seemed, he acquiesced.

“So, MerBear,” he chose a safe topic, “what’s it like to be back with your friends?”

Meryl’s eyes lit up at the mention of her longtime comrades.

“It’s great,” she squealed, Val’s borderline-hostile text long forgotten, “I got to see Dinah and Jim again! Tonight after filming I’m going to see Rudy and Jacque. I think it’ll be a lot of fun!”

Fedor chuckled, “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself.” Then, in a softer tone, “Y’know, I miss you. The house is lonely without you..Our bed feels empty without you by my side.”

Oh yeah? Maybe you should have taken the chance to sleep with me when you had the chance instead of sleeping on the freaking couch. Meryl was momentarily stunned by how forcefully the bitter thought hit her.

“Yeah, Feddy, I know what you mean. The first few days were absolutely terrible,” she replied, willing the downright nasty thought out of her mind. “I’m just happy things are getting easier. I mean, I’m so busy all the time, I hardly have a spare moment to miss anything!”

She’d meant it as a lighthearted joke, but the second she saw his wounded expression, she realized she’d made a mistake.

“Well, Meryl; I’m glad things are getting easier for you. I’m still in hell, but hey; it’s good to know you’re over it all, even while I’m torturing myself waiting for your return,” he frowned.

Meryl’s was about to blurt out an emphatic ‘THAT’S-NOT-WHAT-I-MEANT,’ but he continued.

“It’s terrible to know that while I’m here, alone, you’re having the time of your life with your ex’s brother and his friends. It’s horrible…” he harshly expelled air from his mouth.

She was going to jump in with a pity-induced apology but Fedor hadn’t yet ended his rant.

“Honestly, Meryl, I just.. I wish you’d gotten off your high horse and agreed to not go back in the first place.”

“Wait, wait. What did you just say?” Meryl was floored by Fedor’s sudden adaption of an accusatory tone.

“Oh, stop it with the innocent act. You know what you’re doing isn’t fair to me. Hell, you just told me yourself that you don’t even miss me,” Fedor raved, fury flashing in his eyes.

Meryl paused, carefully choosing her next words. If there was any way she could avoid another confrontation, she’d try it. After all, she did have to go and meet Val in a little while, and she didn’t have the energy to battle it out with one handsome Ukrainian after another.

(On top of all of that, she still hadn’t told Charlie about her return to the show. She was certain he would have a few choice words about her decision…)

“Listen, Fedor. I do miss you—”

“Right,” Fedor let out a harsh laugh, his tone practically oozing condescension, “you miss me so much that you don’t mind taking the time out of one of our video chats to text another man back.”

“God, it was just Val,” she scoffed. Every ounce of self control was slipping out of her grasp.

“Is that fun fact supposed to make me feel better somehow? Tell me, Meryl, should I feel relieved that you chose to reply to your first love’s brother over me? Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but I don’t care who you’re talking to. If you’re replying to any man over me, we have a problem.”

Yep, that did it. The last shred of her sanity fell away.

“You know what, you freaking assbagel? I’m done with this conversation. Call me back when you get over your ridiculous jealousy and possessiveness issues.”

She slammed the laptop shut, effectively ending the Skype call.


Meryl stepped into the studio, a sense of dread manifesting in the pit of her stomach.

<i>Same directions as before.</i>

To distract herself, she shot a quick wave at Dinah, who returned Meryl’s greeting with a mischievous grin.

‘Talk later?’ Meryl mouthed, and the perky redhead nodded eagerly in reply. ‘Perfect,’ Meryl grinned back.

Okay: down the hall, to the left, elevator to 2nd floor, Room 10E.</i>

The trek to the room didn’t take as long as she’d wanted it to.

She was standing at the engraved door within minutes.

She exhaled slowly, twisting the brass doorknob to the left. The door clicked open hesitantly, and Meryl could just make out Val standing there, his expectant eyes glued to her door.

Just a bit further beyond him, the camera crew was recording. This, of course, meant she had to make her entrance absolutely perfect.

Don’t overthink this too much.

It was showtime.

Meryl re-shut the door, prepping herself for the performance of a lifetime. She paused for a beat, then flung the door open, shouting an all-too-giddy “surprise!”

Val let out a loud laugh at the sight of her and sprinted towards the door.
“Hell yeah,” he crowed happily, a giant grin splitting across his face. He was all smiles and laughter, and she made sure to be the same.

This is all fake. Fake, fake, fake.

The very second he reached Meryl, his strong arms engulfed her in a bear hug. Val twirled her in the air, making sure to keep his eyes locked on hers at all times. Around and around she soared, her (still famously-long) hair whipping behind her back as she spun.

Val kept his arms secured around her waist, even as he lowered her to the floor.

This was the welcome I wanted to begin with.

“Hello, Valentin Chmerkovskiy,” she giggled against his chest, and he pulled away to look her in the eyes.

“Why, hello, Meryl Davis,” his hands ran up and down her arms, an excited expression permanently plastered to his face. “God, I’m so freaking happy you’re my partner! I just know we can win this, Mer.”

She stuck her hand out for a high-five and he willingly indulged her, taking it a step further by intertwining their fingers together.

She tried (in vain) not to look so surprised.

Her apparent shock at the move was met with an overconfident smirk from Val.

“I’ve got you blushing already? I am good! Alright, so let’s get to work, Davis,” he drawled.

She recovered from her silence and playfully rolled her eyes. “What’s our first dance, Mr. Cockypants?”

“‘Mr. Cockypants’? What are we, five years old?” Val mocked, grinning.

“Just answer my damn question,” Meryl giggled, swatting at Val’s arm.

“Ouch,” he slapped an overdramatic hand to his chest, “you’re violent!”

“What dance are we doing?” Meryl repeated, slightly exasperated, slightly amused.

Val jogged over to the other side of the room, the prying eyes behind the cameras following him as he ran.

Woah. Was that…Was he holding a giant sign?;

“I’m actually glad you asked,” he winked, unfolding a large scroll of paper.

Sure enough, on the poster were three words crudely scribbled in Sharpie and decorated with a failed coloring attempt and a meager smiley face sticker to serve as punctuation.

“Cha cha cha,” she read the phrase on the poster aloud.

Then, because that in itself wasn’t enough, she tacked on a playful, “I don’t suppose you made this sign yourself?”

“Ha-ha-flipping-ha. I think you’re just jealous because I’m clearly a better artist than you will ever hope to be,” he grinned back.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” she quipped, causing Val to muss up her hair.


Eight Hours Later.

“Amazing work today, guys. Thank you for making my job so much easier!” Gary, the man specifically assigned to be <i>their</i> cameraperson, grinned over his shoulder.

“Any time, boss,” Val nodded, and Meryl let out an agreeable laugh.

The crew had just begun their departure, packing their mic packs and their high-def cameras. Still aware of their presence, however, Val wrapped a strong arm around Meryl and tugged her small frame against his.

Gary paused in the doorway at the affectionate gesture.

He turned back towards the duo again.

His eyes shifted between the two of them for a brief moment, a grin slowly lighting up his face. “I genuinely think we have enough footage to turn this into something magical.”

Meryl shot him a thumbs up, offering a kind smile, “Awesome! I can’t wait to see what production puts together!”

“Great! I’ll see you two lovebirds the day of the show!” Gary chuckled as the last of the crew cleared out, then shut the door behind him.

Once the crew was gone, Meryl lightly tugged herself out of Val’s slack grip.

“So, apparently we’re getting a magical storyline secured in our packages,” Meryl mused, more to herself than to Val.

“That’s what happens when you’re nice to people, Meryl. You get good things,” Val spoke, his voice devoid of the coldness Meryl had expected to be there.

Maybe pretending to be friends all day kind-of helped the reality of our situation? Or maybe he was just coming off of the ‘performing’ high?

“This is true,” she acknowledged, hoping to maintain their unspoken truce, “what do you think our story’s going to be?” Meryl grinned.

Val shot her a confused smile, but remained silent. He was clearly as lost as she.

A few beats of contemplative silence passed between them.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, disjointed comments began to connect themselves together.

Hold up…‘magical storyline’



She could immediately feel her heartbeat quicken as she realized the connection.

Oh my God.

She turned to face Val, whose face had paled.

Apparently he’d connected the dots, as well.

“You don’t think—?” He trailed off, too horrified to even finish the question.

“Oh, yeah,” she put her head in her hands, “we’ve definitely got ourselves a budding showmance.”

Val ran a hand through his hair, distressed.

So much for their possible reconnection.

“But why would they choose that storyline out of them all? Isn’t that angle a bit overplayed?” He shook his head fervently.

Any excuse to deny the inevitable.

“Normally, yes. But this season, your brother’s a judge,” she couldn’t help herself; she flinched at the very mention of Maks, “and you and I are partners. A showmance between us would create a whole new level of drama and excitement to she show, especially after the way things ended how they did… It’s just what the producers needed to make this season the ‘best one yet,’” Meryl’s voice was uncharacteristically hollow.

“What do we do?” Val’s voice was frantic.

“We can go to production and ask to switch up the storyline?” Meryl offered.

“No; we signed our contracts today. They now have the legal right to do whatever they want to do with the footage they have,” Val trailed off

“Then there’s only one thing to do,” she said slowly.

He turned to look at her, curious. She met his eyes with a dull certainty, a shared feeling of bitter acceptance passing between them.

“We go along with it.”

Meryl and Charlie’s quotes about one another and their relationship

“For the last 15 years, we’ve spent just about every day together. Our unique relationship is one built of hard work as well as years of memories and experiences that have shaped our lives, as a team and as individuals. Thus, it seems fitting that when we take to the ice to compete, it is on each other we most rely.”

“We were just in our zone, so we could go out and skate like that. It felt awesome. When we were going out, we said, ‘Let’s do it for each other’,” Charlie shared after their skate.

“As soon as I became accustomed to skating with Charlie and being able to hold his hand while I was competing and dealing with the pressure with someone standing next to me, I no longer enjoyed standing in the middle of the ice without that hand to hold on to.”

“We’ve grown up together. We don’t really know life without our partnership being a big part of it,” Davis said. “We feel really lucky." 

“We know each other so well it’s not always the verbal cues that mean the most,” Davis said from Sochi. “We’ve gone through so much together, and so many of our experiences have been so meaningful in terms of life in general.”

- “We’ve grown up together in every sense of the word,” Davis said. “And I’m just so grateful that we’ve gone through it together.”

- What did Charlie say when they hit their end pose? "I told Meryl that I loved her.”

“It’s pretty scary to not know how far away the other skaters are from you,” Cheryl said. “She depends on Charlie a lot for that. He protects her. He’s been with her for so many years he knows what she needs.”

“It’s freaky, I mean, how often that we are just reading each other’s minds and, like, say the same thing at the exact same time,”

“It was the perfect moment,” White said, “to express how grateful that I am to have her by my side.”

“I realized early on that once I started skating with Charlie, I no longer wanted to be by myself." 

"We’ve always been great friends, and we have a special relationship, but we’ve never been romantically involved.”

“I knew early on that my ice dance career would only be with Charlie.”

But while they may not have dated, Charlie’s friends certainly noticed his skating partner.

“All my friends were very supportive,” Charlie said, when Billy asked him about the reaction from his peers when he got on the ice as a youngster. “As cute as she is they were probably jealous!”

“You know, I think we have such a unique relationship. It’s really hard to define with sort of the way people look at us and, you know, we’re blessed to have found each other at a young age. We’ve grown up together. This partnership is 17 years of our life, and we’ve spent more time together than we have with our actual siblings.”

I know you’ve addressed this before – that you’re not in a romantic relationship – but have you ever given it a shot?

Davis: No, we developed a really great rhythm early on and it think our comfort level and the way that we work together has been the biggest asset to our career so no. We have a really great relationship and we’re happy with it.

Would you say you have a brother-sister relationship?

White: No. You know, it’s hard to define. It’s very unique. We grew up together and we have sort of a business partnership as well. There’s a lot of factors but the best we can do is say that it’s unique.

“We’re still a team and we’re going to enjoy this experience together.”

“After 17 years it makes sense that everything we do from now on is linked.”

“We’re definitely tied together for the rest of our lives. We know each other better than we know pretty much anyone else in the world. We will always have a special relationship. … It’s definitely a life-long relationship.” 

“Our passion and love for the sport and for each other.”

“And now I can 100% be a cheerleader, Team Meryl. Love you.”

"I think our love triumphs over what makes for an interesting moment. I love that girl.”

New York, New York 2

This is Maggy’s story. She deserves kudos for bringing me this awesome idea.

Chapter 1: x

Okay so I hate to cut this short, but I had to. Theres gonna be another chapter before you ask ;). I really hope you all enjoy this and the momentous feedback I got from the last chapter was incredible. I love you! Always- J. 

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Back Then - Chapter 5 and 6

Chapter 4 (And all other links)

If something about this seems familiar, it’s because I’ve posted the flashback in chapter 5 before. It was actually my first fic I ever posted! 

This ends on a semi-cliffhanger and I feel rather guilty because the next chapter is where I’m going to have to start doing some rewriting. It just took off in a really bizarre direction that I don’t like at all so I need to do some fixing. And I don’t know when that will be. 

Chapter 5: The Walk

Meryl decided to change her clothes again before she left for the studio. After talking to Charlie, she suddenly felt like her simple outfit wasn’t adequate enough for her arrival. She picked out a dress and put her hair up and then back down about ten times before she settled on down. She remembered how Maks once said that he loved the dances where she wore her hair down because of what it added to “the picture”.

She heard her phone buzz and was surprised Charlie was calling her after they had just hung up, but she checked her phone and saw a text from Val.

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The Beginning of Forever: Introduction

So this is based on a prompt from an anon and wonderful ideas whatyouleave gave me. It will be a multi-chapter fic if you want me to continue. So please let me know! This is dedicated to you, Bella! :) Hope you all like it. As always, feedback and suggestions are always welcome. 

She was so done with him. How unsupportive he was. How much he flirted with other women. How he treated her like crap. She had just won the Olympics and he didn’t even call her to say congratulations. Who. Does. That.

Apparently he did. 

Three years of loyalty and he couldn’t even call her to say congratulations on winning a gold medal. 

Meryl sat on her bed in her hotel room in Sochi the day after winning. Adrenaline, happiness, and disbelief still coursed through her veins. Between interviews and celebrating, there was almost no time to think about anything. Almost. She had met up with her family, celebrated with them, and cherished every moment. One person wasn’t there though. He didn’t go to Sochi. He didn’t call. He didn’t text. There was only silence. She tried not to let it bother her but truthfully, she was devastated. So she sat there, on the bed, trying to process the past twenty four hours. She thought about calling him but that would mean giving in. Giving in to his crap. 

Her phone rang. Meryl had placed it on the kitchen counter earlier. In hopes that it might be him, she jumped up and sprinted over to it. Looking down at it, she was disappointed to see Unknown Caller instead of Fedor. Unwillingly, she answered.

“Hello, Meryl Davis?” She couldn’t quite place the voice but knew not to hang up. 

“Speaking.” She leaned against the counter and took a deep breath. 

“Hello my name is Conrad Green, I am one of the producers of Dancing With The Stars. I am calling to inform you that you were selected to be a celebrity on the show if you so wish to be.”

“I would love to be! Yes! Thank you!” Without hesitation, she responded, excited to keep her schedule full and her mind off other unnecessary things. 

“Good to hear that. When you return to the US, I’d like you and Charlie White to stop by the Dancing With The Stars studio in Los Angeles to sign some paperwork. I hope that’s not too much to ask?”

“Not at all. Thank you again.”

“You are certainly welcome. I look forward to meeting you Ms. Davis.” He hung up the phone first. She didn’t move from her spot against the counter. Just stood there and thought some more. Thought about her upcoming busy schedule. Fedor. Opportunities. Fedor. Yesterday. She knew she had to stop getting herself all worked up, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t wait another week until she and Charlie flew back to Detroit. It was one of those things that bugs you so much that the only way to stop it is to do something about it. She had to call him. Now.

Her phone made small beeping noises as she dialed his number. She pressed send. Meryl’s heart sped up as she waited in anticipation for him to answer. It kept ringing. 



“Um, who is this?” She was shocked at his words.

“What do you mean who is this? It’s Meryl.”

“Ohh hey Mer, how’s it going?” She was pissed.

“How’s it going? Really? I just won a gold medal and all you have to say is how’s it going? First you don’t know who I am and now this. Are you fricking kidding me?”

“I-” She cut him off.

“You know what Fedor? I’ve had enough of this. We’re done.” She hung up the phone before he could even get another word in. A single tear fell down her face. A tinge of regret singed her heart. She knew that one day they could’ve settled down, gotten married, and had kids. Something she desperately wanted but deep down she knew it wasn’t meant to be with him. There would be someone else more worthy. Meryl had yet to fall completely in love with someone. Yes, she had told Fedor she loved him and had thoughts about the future but she had never really felt completely immersed in love. Her feelings were never quite that strong. She guessed the world had different plans for her. Maybe it was time for a change, she thought. Maybe it was time to start anew. 

Meryl walked back over to the bed and put her phone down on the nightstand. It was getting late so she decided to go to sleep. In the past twenty four hours she had won a gold medal, gotten offered a spot on Dancing With The Stars, and broken up with her boyfriend. She deserved sleep. 


Meryl woke up with a feeling of triumph. Even after two days, she still felt as if she was queen of the world. As if her wildest dream has come true. Which it indeed, did. She got out of bed with unnecessary enthusiasm and got dressed. 

An hour later she was ready for the day ahead of her. She was supposed to meet Charlie at nine for breakfast at Radisson Blu, a new restaurant in the Olympic Park. They were going to just relax and enjoy some time to themselves so she made her way down to the hotel lobby and out the front door. Charlie was waiting outside, leaning against a brick wall. 

“How are you on this beautiful morning?” The sun was shining, no clouds to be seen, only a perfect blue sky. He flashed her one of his biggest smiles, apparently, like her, still coming off of the win.

“I am fabulous today, how are you kind sir?” They linked their arms together like they sometimes do, and being the goofballs they are, they practically skipped down the street to the restaurant. You could hear Charlie’s laugh from a mile away as they entered the building. They were seated at a table in the far right corner, sitting across from each other.

“To answer your question, I am great. Never better!” They both were reading the menus, deciding what they wanted to order when Charlie took it upon himself to make faces at Meryl. He lifted the menu so it was covering his face and then lowered it and each time his facial expressions changed. She burst out laughing and a few people told her “to keep it down over there.” She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle her giggles. 

When she finally caught her breath she said, “Charlie, you’re too much.” They both smiled, and ordered their food. They waited and talked. Mostly about the win. How they celebrated. Family. Then it hit her. The breakup with Fedor. She had almost forgotten all about it. After debating in her head whether or not to tell Charlie, she spoke up.

“Hey, uh, I have to tell you something.” He sensed the hint of sadness in her voice.

“What is it Merylee?”

“I broke up with Fedor last night…” She said it confidently but her heart began to crumble and all she wanted to do was sit in a corner and cry. Three years. But, she thought, there’s nothing to cry about. I just won a gold medal and I’m better off without him. She put her best smile on her face.

“Really? I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” She really didn’t want to talk about it because she knew if she thought too much, her wall of strength would collapse.

So she just said, “Yup, thank you Char.” She smiled at him and he got up out of his chair and motioned for her to stand up as well. She did and he pulled her into a big bear hug.

“You know I’m always here for you right? And I’ll always love you no matter what." 

"I love you too.” They broke apart and sat back down, resuming their meal, not talking about him for the rest of breakfast.

After eating, they went their separate ways knowing they were going to see each other later for more interviews and walking around the Olympic Park with their families.


A week later they arrived back in Michigan. Detroit welcomed them with open arms and they were home again. It didn’t last long. They soon had to travel all over the country for interviews and more press. Both of them loved it though. It was a fun thing that contributed to their Olympic journey. 

Meryl sat on her couch in her Michigan apartment, taking a quick breather before going back out later in the day for an interview. She remembered what Conrad Green had said about stopping by L.A. to sign papers so she called Charlie so they could figure it out together. The phone rang…


“Charlie, you got asked to do Dancing With The Stars too right?” She started playing with the ring on her middle finger that she always wears. 

“Yeah I did! This is so exciting!”

“When do you want to go to L.A. to sign the paperwork?” At this point she was standing up and pacing around the room. 

“I don’t think we have anything Friday, should I book the flights?”

“If you could do that, it’d be great. Thank you!”

“No problem, I’ll see you later.” He hung up and she sat back down on the couch, relieved to have gotten that all sorted out. 


Finally Friday arrived and when Meryl awoke she knew that it was going to be a good day. Their plane left at 8:00 am and it was a four hour flight. She had packed her bags the night before and was all ready to go. 

An hour later, she and Charlie were sitting next to each other on the plane waiting for it to take off. They kept cracking jokes about what might happen in the next few months, not knowing that their experience could change their lives in one way or another. They had both brought a book to read to keep themselves busy so the flight went quick. Their plane landed and they made their way to the baggage claim. After grabbing their luggage they took a taxi to the Dancing With The Stars studio. 

Meryl opened the door to where the producers’ offices were and they both walked in. Conrad greeted them and waved them over to where there was a table with a bunch of papers on it. He motioned for them both to sit down. 

“I’m happy you both could make it here. How was your flight?” Meryl and Charlie nodded their heads as they responded. 

“It was good, thank you.” Meryl smiled.

“So when will the show be starting? What do we have to do? Do you mind giving us the whole run down of details and everything?” Charlie asked the questions she was thinking and Conrad answered them fully. 

“Okay that all sounds great, thank you again. Do you know who we will be paired with yet?” Meryl was curious as to which man she would get. She had previously worked with Derek so she doubted he would be her partner. 

“We know, yes. We can’t tell you yet though. The official announcement, or reveal, will be on GMA. I hope you both can wait until then and not drive yourselves crazy.” Charlie laughed loudly and Meryl just smiled while nodding her head. 

“I think that’s doable Mr.Green, thank you." 

"Oh, please call me Conrad, and it is our pleasure. Now if you would please fill out these forms for us that would be great.” He slid over a small stack of papers to both of them and pointed to what they had to sign. 

A half an hour passed until they finished. Conrad took the papers and placed them on his desk. The three of them shook hands and said their goodbyes before Meryl and Charlie walked out the door of his office. They started walking towards the front of the building, making their way down many hallways. They ran into people on the way. Celebrities that were going to be on the show this season: Nene Leakes, Candace Cameron Bure, and Drew Carey. Charlie did most of the talking, while Meryl said a word here and there. They continued down the hallway.

That’s when Meryl saw him. He was standing outside a door that read “Studio 3B”. A huge grin lit up his face when he looked at her. She stood still. Her heart stopped as she stared. 

Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Not All Who Wander are Lost... But All Who Wonder, Find

Another anon submission! ——- What follows includes material for mature readers… ]

Not All Who Wander are lost… But All who Wonder, Find…

Maks paces around the grand ballroom, his mind preoccupied with why Meryl had called him in the first place. His fingers flip his phone around in his pocket. It would be, what… Maybe 3 pm in Michigan? He smiles distractedly as a couple catches his attention, sliding into him for a photograph.

He sees the waiters gathering on the periphery, preparing to serve the first course. As guests begin taking their seats, he nods briefly around the table, excusing himself, and quickly slips away. His phone is already dialing by the time he escapes onto the front terrace. At the unfamiliar beeping tones he studies the message. “Unable to connect to the service…” “Damn it,” he mutters under his breath.

If it was important she would have said? But it must have been important because she had called?

Finally back on US soil, he calls again as he settles in the taxi. He doesn’t leave a message. Tries again when he arrives home. When she hadn’t called him back after his third attempt, he starts to feel a his predictable anxiety. She always had her phone. Even if she can’t talk, she always texts to let him know when she will be free. It is their pact.

He knew she didn’t have anything on her schedule. On the flight back he had scrolled through his calendar trying to find gaps in hers. During his sleepless final night in Italy, he had begun to formulate a plan. Unless he’s missed something, it seems like she has a few days free. There are only a few weeks left before she leaves for Hawaii and Japan, and he flies to India.

His phone dings. Breathing a sigh of relief seeing her name he reads her text: Couldn’t get back through to U. Missed Clay’s bday. Off to the UP camping. 3 days 📵. 🙉 🍃🍂 will call. Safe ✈️😘

Maks frowns checking the time stamp. 1 day and… 8 hours ago. He tries to calculate forward, gives up when he realizes that maybe international time differences might be a factor. And what the hell is UP camping?

“Home. Please call. No time is too late.” He flicks through the emoji keyboard, hits her favorites before deleting them. He takes a picture, his fingers pressed to his lips. Send.

He works through his plan for the millionth time. Over the next few hours he clears his schedule, finds flights that he thinks might fit. Obviously, he’d doesn’t know everything she’s doing. He dials Robert’s office and leaves a message requesting a call back.

His phone rings. Val.

“Bro! Welcome back…”


“Looks like you had a great time.” Val’s laugh has a hint of conspiratorial shade.

“That’s what you know. It’s my job.”

Val doesn’t catch his brother’s tone. “Too tired to come to Taos with A and me later? If your JOB hasn’t worn you out too much!”

Maks doesn’t take the bait. “I’m waiting for a call from Meryl. She’s somewhere with no service.”

“That’s why they’re called MOBILE phones, dude,” Val snorts.

When Maks doesn’t respond, Val says, “okay… Vso v poryadke?”

“I hope so,” Maks answers. “I’ll talk to you la…Hey wait, do you know what up camping is?”

“What? Up camping? Like camping?”

“No, like ‘up’ , U. P. … Never mind. I’ll catch you later.”

Maks wakes up in the dark. He’s slumped sideways in his office chair. Inhaling deeply he squeezes his eyes shut, pinching the bridge of his nose. He reaches for his phone. 10.34. No messages, no calls.

He stands slowly, his neck stiff. Before turning on the shower, he sets his phone on a hand towel within reach.

When he hears the ring, he frantically dries his fingers, soap stinging his eyes, bottles breaking on the floor.

“Meryl? Babe…?”

“Maks?” She hears a crash in the background. “Maks, are you okay? Is this a bad time?”

“NO! … I mean, No, I’ve been waiting for you to call. Where are you?”

“In the UP Clay and I just came off the mountain I haven’t checked my phone ‘til now sorry I didn’t get your text we’ve been driving through a storm for three hours we haven’t showered in three days it smells like a bonfire in the car it’s been a long…

He missed most of her run-on sentence trying to towel off.

"Baby, baby, wait… I can’t understand a word you’re saying! Is that what up camping means? Mountains?”

“Up camping?”

“Yeah? Your text said… Up, U. P. camping?”.

Meryl erupts in laughter. “UP. Yoop,” she finally manages. The Upper Peninsula! In Michigan…”

“Ohhh.” Embarrassed, he listens as her laughter subsides and she slides into storytelling

“Wow ——- that sounds beautiful —— a what, now? lake of clouds? - why not? ran into who? Oh? ——— how many?! ——- I do ——- I’d love that

Hearing her words flow, Maks realizes they are in different places. Her mind is ablaze with joy and his is filled with doubt.

"…I really think you would, Maks, we could…” There’s his opening. He inhales sharply and takes it.

“Babe,” he interrupts, “I want to see you before you leave for Japan.”

She pauses, surprised by the shift in their conversation.

“I know,” he rushes on. “It’s probably impossible. But I have a few days. Can you get away? Maybe Wednesday?”

“Maks?” she senses a kind of desperation. “THIS Wednesday? I…”

“Just for a few days,” he says.

“I need to talk to Charlie,” she says.


“It’s only four days.”

“Maks, I have to…”

“I know,” he says. “Just four days.”

When she finally agrees, he’s not all together sure what will happen. He just knows what he wants to tell her. He hopes she will have the ability to understand, to cut through the bullshit. He tells her he will courier her ticket tomorrow.

When she walks through the arrival gate her, he laughs out loud. A huge carry-on bag is slung over her shoulder but her free hand is tossing in a baseball in the air. He will never get used to how beautiful she is. He walks quickly towards her, oblivious to the other passengers parting before him. He lifts her into his arms, pressing his face into the crook of her neck.

He tries to say how much he’s missed her but realizes he’s been holding his breath. Inhales deeply. Lowering her, he leans down to kiss her forehead. There is only a momentary awareness of their public embrace as she looks up. When she travels her face is always free of make-up. Every time he sees her this way, his heart stops, remembering the first night he woke up with her in his arms. He brings her into his side as they turn. She relaxes into the familiar space. He smiles into her eyes as he slings her carry-on over his shoulder and pulls her forward.

“Did you check anything? I have a surprise… But we have to hurry!”

“I didn’t pack much. I mean, it’s four days in July…in Florida! How much do I need?”

“Mmmm. I like it. Clothing only when necessary.” He raises his eyebrows at her as she pushes him away.

“What’s this?” He asks, intercepting the ball as she flicks it in the air.

“All Charlie said when I told him was, ‘well you better get some practice in.’ We’re throwing the first pitch at a Tiger’s game in a week. I’ve got to make sure that ‘throwing like a girl’ is the perfect way to throw…”

“I’ll have to see your technique first, though.”

He asks as the taxi moves through traffic, “You are hungry?”


"We’re almost there. Close your eyes, Meryl”

She smells the sea as he guides her out of the car. He turns her into his chest. “Put your feet on mine, Babe.”

He walks her backwards, finally says, “your carriage, m’lady.”

Meryl eyes sweep along the curves of the Contamessa II.

“Ohhh.. ”

He watches as, how is it possible?… Her face is even more beautiful as delight spreads across her features.

“Maks, what is all this?” She turns to face him.

He holds her hand as she hops aboard.

“No big deal, just, I, had a meeting with Robert the other day” he turns away so she cannot see him construct his lie. “Somehow the boat came up and he was kind of, you know…kinda saying how, yeah, unfortunate it was that he hadn’t had time to sail this year. I mean, it’s really kind of a favor because he wanted to get her out on the water… And…” Maks grimaces, his back still toward her. He feels his face flush and tugs at his hair before turning around.

He blows out through pursed lips, rolling his eyes at himself, as he sees her disappearing below deck. “Well that’s pretty awesome.” She calls back to him.

He follows her down.

“She has one of those automated systems so a one man crew can sail her.”

“She’s beautiful… Hmmm? Really? Too bad. Charlie’s dad has a boat maybe a little smaller. He taught us how to sail. We used to take it out, just the two of us. Even when we were kids. Just to, you know… Sometimes it helped us focus.

She assesses the Contamessa II. “We could sail you.” Her hand caresses a curve of teak. Lost in memories.

Maks feels a twinge of jealousy. “Charlie and I…” Why could he never surprise her and she was always surprising him? The irony doesn’t escape him, though. Part of his intention on this trip was to explain, to make right things she might feel jealous about… If she was even capable of such an emotion. Of course she can sail. Why not?

"Well,” he moves to hold her, “you’re just gonna have to be impressed with my button pushing seamanship.”

Her laugh doesn’t quite mask the sound of a grumble from her stomach.

“Right! You’re hungry! Let me get your bag from the car.”

He hands her a big wicker basket as he boards. “I didn’t think we’d have time to go out so I had this packed.”

Inside is a feast, two bottles of wine, and a box filled with chocolates. Sated, Maks says, “we better move, Babe.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see!”

He watches Meryl’s slight frame move effortlessly across the deck as they motor away from the marina. When they hit open water the wind stiffens and he feels the quiet exhilaration of speed and motion as the sails unfurl.

Looking at her… Framed by the infinite ocean, he sees her with an epiphany of understanding. She IS water. She is fluid. She is hard, strong like ice. She is a vapor that he inhales. He wants to go to her and hold her as the wind sweeps through her hair, as the ocean rushes below them. She is taking him away… Again.

Oh god. How had he ever thought she could be his, that she would settle for him? So he stands still, capturing her in his mind, her legs spread, her toes gripping the deck, her chin held up into the wind. Meryl turns to smile at him. Alone with her, for these few hours, his anxiety had ebbed and flowed with a vengeance.

Key Largo, Florida.
Maks’ mind retreats from and then surges toward the possibility of being with her. He reminds himself of his commitment to discovering their future.

“This is the best surprise, Maks! I haven’t been sailing in so long… Thank you.”

They dock in a small marina… Off the tourist track. Robert had recommended a little seafood dive.

“Meryl…? ”. He twists the seafood linguine around his fork and offers it to her.

Taking the bite, she sucks a stray noodle into her lips, “Mmmm?”

“After Japan and India, maybe we could get away for a month or two?”

She pauses, teasing a baby shrimp from the pasta with her fingers.

“You know that’s impossible, Maks…, we have a thousand commitments…”

As she lifts the shrimp up to him, her eyes meet his and she sees the seriousness of his question.


“I want to take you back to Italy. I really want to be there with you.” His emphasis on the last word begins the real conversation. Maks wraps his fingers around her wrist, feeling for her pulse before he finally accepts the proferred shrimp.

Frowning, Meryl touches his hand. “I’m okay about Italy… You know that, right?”

Maks cups his hands around hers,. After a small nod he shakes his head. “Only I’m not okay with it… I mean… Babe? Why are you okay with it? You saying that just means there is something to be ‘okay’ about.”

“I know you got a lot of hate if what I got is anything to judge by. It’s just what you have to live with. It’s everyone else’s ‘something,’ not mine.”

“I don’t want to live with it,” he whispers. “I don’t want you to have to live with it…”

“I’m not saying… Okay… I’m not saying I’m immune to all the… The noise…but it’s part of your life. I’m not saying…” Meryl clenches her fists under the table. “… That it doesn’t hurt sometimes,” she finally admits. She picks up a fork and pushes the food around the plate.

He watches her without responding. As fucked up as it is, he wants to hear that she does care. Not that he was ever trying to test her… But she is always so logical and so strong.

Only silence surrounds her quiet admission.

Finally, Maks pushes the dishes aside and reaches across the table. His fingers lift her hair back away from her downcast face.

“Meryl. I know what I want now. Do you?”

When she presses her cheek into his palm he knows that least she is not shaking her head. That at least she is here…with him.

He reminds himself of his commitment to discovering their future.
“We could live there awhile… Maybe in a little villa in the country?” His fingers slip down along her hand until they are laced through hers. She shakes her head in amusement.

Hour by hour their time dwindles. The Contamessa II moves them along the island, from isolated beaches to tiny dance floors to impromptu beach parties. They talk and cook and dance and eat. At every chance, he touches her. His hand in the small of her back. His fingers wrapped around the curve of her hip. He brushes her hair away from her face. His palms move along her arms. He kisses her forehead, her neck, her shoulders, as naturally as the Florida sun shines down on them. He simply holds her as they fall asleep at night.

He seduces her with all his will… Not for sex but so she might to finally know what he knows. Words cannot say what he needs her to hear. And so he touches her.

He believes their minds have the same desire but that she doesn’t trust what her body is wants… That making love is part of their love, not something separate and destructive. But he waits for her to believe. He waits for her to believe.

One night, as he sleeps, Meryl wonders how it will be if he might make love to her. It’s what she had expected when he asked for this time together. What she had hoped for… To finally just consummate this physical need they had denied for so long. Whatever the outcome.

As she lays in his arms while he sleeps, she whispers, “Maks? Why did you bring me here?”

He does not stir. Deep in his slumber, he does not hear her question.

She knows she is ready to test her desire. It’s not just physical. It’s beyond that. Her greatest fear has been that no reality could possibly live up to the expectations she has created. “So what,” she asks herself. “What’s the worst that can happen?”

Then, after their last ravenous dinner, he picked her up off a sandy dance floor, the last beats of the music fading out, and she wrapped her legs around him with an intensity that changed everything. It was frightening because it seemed that finally the thing they had delayed for so long was here. She forgets her doubt. When they finally return to their floating home they stand on the deck looking out into the night, Meryl turns into him with a fierce purpose.

He stands still wondering how it will unfold. They are like strangers - like virgin teenagers.

She turns to him, her hand flat on the warm surface of the low teak edge of the settee berth. He stands opposite pressing his own hands into the wood. She cannot breathe. He looks up into the dark sky, turns and locks his eyes on hers.

They walk slowly toward each other. He envelopes her in his arms. He breaths her into his soul. She relaxes into a woman who is not in control. They kiss, tentatively at first, their lips just brushing, barely touching. She licks his lips… Then their mouths open and search more deeply. Their tongues twist together gently and then move with an intensity born of months of denial, of thousands of miles of separation. They stand apart, their breathing ragged. Their eyes travel over each other’s bodies. His hands smooth back her hair. She closes her eyes and her hands move from his face, along his neck, slide down his chest… He pushes her away so he can look at her. Standing still, she waits.

No longer able to obey his fearful mind, he reaches out, grabs the hem of her tank top. Pulling upward, he watches as she raises her arms. There she stands. Exposed. Her bare breasts alert and taut. A sheen of perspiration glows on her skin. His hand traces a familiar path from her neck to her belly button. She arches, dropping her head and shoulders away from him, her long hair falls away. He picks her up and spins her until she sits on the deck. His hands stay on her hips tracing the line of her jeans. Her eyes never leave his as he undoes the button fly. She stands as he pulls her jeans down. His fingers follow the lace line before hitching into the garter of her panties. Off. She is naked. The moonlight disappears into her, reflects off her. So unbelievably beautiful. A low sound escapes from behind his closed lips.

He swipes his hand through his hair, over his mouth as he looks at her standing there. She sways almost imperceptibly with the motion of the boat. His awe strands him and he finds himself unable to take what she is offering.

Then her hand reaches forward and her fingers curl around the waist of his jeans. He leans in but she keeps her elbow locked, holding him away. She undoes the button and zips down… Stepping closer she slides her hands around his hips, sliding warm hands around him, pulling his jeans down. He senses her intent and remains still as everything falls to the floor. In one graceful motion her hands find the hem of his boxers, moving them down, she kneels, bringing her lips lightly to his erection. He arches with a “no” escaping from his mouth. He feels her tongue swirl around his desire. Involuntarily, his hips move into her before he pulls her up quickly. “Meryl,” he inhales, exhilarating in her foreplay.

She stands and steps back looking at him straight on. For so long they have denied this. He reaches out, cups his fingers around the front of her neck. Slowly he moves his hand down, fingers spread, the tips of his fingers touching her nipples, sliding down her torso, twisting his wrist when his hand arrives between her legs, spreading her open. His eyes search hers. With a shaky inhale of breath, she widens her stance.

She is slick with desire. He looks into her wide eyes before he lifts his fingers to his mouth, tasting. He wants her to know that he is ready to take all of her.

He moves toward her, lifting her into his arms. She is feather-light. As he sits her on the edge of deck, she lifts her heels to the catch the edge. Her knees open in a wide V. His lips, his tongue covers her body, finding her center, spreads her open and pushes her toward the event horizon. He hears her low moans as she reaches between his legs and grabs him. Stroking him softly, she begins scooting backwards until he has to join her. The hard warmth of the wood magnifies the softness of their flesh. He covers her body with his.

Suddenly, somehow, she orchestrates a reversal and she is hovering over him. Holding his hardness in her fist she looks down into his face. Brow furrowed, she slides her fingertips along the length of his shaft. His breath hitches with need. She brushes the head of his desire back and forth between her legs.

Feeling her open, he arches with a need to enter her. Her other hand pushes into his stomach, holds him still. One half inch in. Then out. One half inch into her. Out. He is lost. And then she opens up and sits down straight onto his hardness. Fuck. He inhales and squeezes his eyes shut.

As he thrusts deeply into her, his erection fills an emptiness she never knew existed. She rocks slowly forward and back. She feels him push deeper into her than she can believe. Their hips speed up until he is pumping into her all his wordless desire and love. She holds his wrists over his head as her hips join in the powerful motion.

“Ahh,” she exhales. Suddenly her head flings back eyes clenched shut in anticipation. He groans and escapes her hands. His fingers reach around her hips, grasp her ass, find and stroke their connection. He winces, trying to stop the inevitable. When she comes he cannot resist her pulsing. He joins her in release.


She remains folded over him as their lovemaking ends. He feels himself relax inside her, he pushes her shoulders up and reaches between their legs to feel the evidence of their first time. Staring into her face he starts to say… But she shakes her head, bringing her lips to his. “Shhh,” her mouth whispers into his.

Meryl lays awake as Maks sleeps. Is this real. No matter what everyone thinks, she fears that all their dances and this… are just a dream that will disappear if she closes her eyes.

Maks lays awake as Meryl sleeps. Everything he has hoped for is beginning. No matter what he has ever thought before, he knows he has found his truth. He cannot believe his dreams could be real.

As the cabin fills with a dim morning light, she awakens… tangled in his arms and legs.

She carefully manages to extricate herself, heading for the head. He stirs.

As she relieves herself, she feels the burn from their lovemaking.

She is starving. She tiptoes around the galley. Rummaging in search of food, she doesn’t hear him.


“Maks!” She starts…

“What are you doing?”

“Looking for something to eat,” she blurts, a little embarrassed.

Laughing, he steps toward her, wrapping her in his arms. Holding her face. Kissing her lips.

“We don’t have to just keep eating any more,” he grins. “First breakfast,” he whispers, his hands moving along her body.

“And then I’ll make you breakfast… ”

He carries her back to their bed, laying her down. He kisses her throat. He holds her fingers tightly over his heart.

“I love you… I. Love. You.”

Meryl looks into Maks’ eyes. She tilts her head, frowning slightly. Her hand caresses his face. She closes her eyes. She cannot say the words but she wraps her arms around him in response.

BWAT Recap Part 2

I’m back with Part 2 of the BWAT recap!

Part 1 is here:

The Show – everything not Sharna and Val

The show was HEAVY on the BWAT dancers and lots of AI singing.   I’m not complaining – I just wish we had more Val and Sharna.   But, what we did get was AMAZING.  So, again, not complaining – just wishing for more!

Jonathan Platero and Oksana Dmytrenko were there performing.  If you recall, these are the 2 that recently got married (remember Maks took a 12 hr trip to LA for it and Val took them to Disneyland with Jenna to celebrate).  THEY WERE AMAZING.   Oksana was the best dancer aside from Sharna.  It was really cool to see them.  

The breakdancer was amazeballs.   I can’t even do him justice with words.  Those who have or are going to see this show will understand.   He literally stood on his head and did about 100 spins without stopping.  It was crazy. 

The rest of the dancers were crazy good.  To see them so close and to watch them move, I felt like I was seeing the inside of a working clock.  The muscles moving and twisting torsos and lots of facial expressions.  It was insane and I feel even more in love with dance.   

The singers were really good.  They sang by themselves and also with the dancers.  That’s about it for them.  Yeah.  

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The Beginning of Forever: Chapter Two

Here you go! Hope you all like it. As always, feedback is welcome. Please let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Hours passed as their first rehearsal continued. He wanted to see what she was capable of, which was ridiculous. He soon found out she could do anything. He kept asking her to try something new and when she followed his directions, she executed perfection. He was speechless. She willed herself to keep impressing him. Her nerves soon were calmed down after they talked for a bit. It was an instant connection. Unlike lunch a few days before, they tried to get to know each other more. Both were enthralled with one another. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. She couldn’t stop swooning over him. They took breaks from trying out new dance steps to sit down and talk. Hours flew by one by one as they listened to each other’s voices. Words flowed from their mouths easily. It was as if they’d been friends for ages. Stories were told, laughter was shared, and even the slightest silences were enjoyed within the other’s presence. They never wanted the first day to end. But it did, and they both left the studio.


Meryl took the stairs instead of the elevator up to her temporary apartment. She was to room with one of the troupe members, Jenna, but was told that she wouldn’t be there for another week. She took her time up each step, a new thought entering her brain upon her foot touching the ground. Feelings engulfed her. She was still coming off of her Olympic win, her breakup with Fedor, and now Dancing With The Stars. Now… Maks. Memories floated across her vision of skating with Charlie to Scheherazade, of receiving their long awaited gold medal, and standing on the pedestal. Even weeks later, she got goosebumps when she remembered the national anthem playing after their win. They had accomplished their seventeen year long dream. Then, there was Fedor. Who she spent three years of her life with. She thought she loved him but it turns out, she never knew what love really is. Remembrance of her past trickled across her eyes. Short memories played out before her. They were interrupted by a new thought. One of Maks and the future. What could possibly be. Meryl looked up and down the stairway to see if anyone was coming. No one. It was late at night and the lights were off. She stopped walking and leaned her back against the wall. Slowly she slid down until she was seated on the carpeted floor. It was one of those nights where all you want to do is sit and think of all of the possibilities of life. One of those nights where you realize just how small you are compared to the world, compared to the universe. Meryl was grateful in every way imaginable for what she had and what she had accomplished, but for her, it was one of those nights. Where you forget about everything in the past, everything in the future, and just take a breather. She needed a breather. So she sat there, head against the wall tilted up towards the window in the stairwell. Light from the moon shone down on her. Meryl closed her eyes and thought. She had an unbearable feeling in her chest consisting of triumph, love, and desire. She took a moment to soak in the moonlight, and to embrace the feelings. She calmed her thoughts, and when she was ready to proceed up to her apartment, she stood up. Like nothing happened, she walked up the remaining stairs, much faster than before.

When she reached her door, she slide her key in and turned the handle. Meryl walked in and shut the door. She didn’t even bother to turn a light on. Instead, she just walked over to her suitcase in the corner, changed out of her clothes and into pajamas. She slid into bed, letting the blankets envelop her in a cocoon. Meryl took a deep breath in and sighed. A small smile could be seen on her face as she fell asleep.


Meryl woke up the next morning fully rejuvenated. Sleep can do wonders. She had rehearsals at nine and she couldn’t wait to see Maks again. They had hit it off so well the last two times they saw each other that she was curious as to how today and the next three months would go. She walked over to her suitcase and took out a pair of leggings and a tank top. After putting them on, she slipped on her shoes, grabbed her phone, bag, and car keys, and walked out the door. 

She arrived at the studio ten minutes before Maks. Paparazzi were in the parking lot wanting autographs and a moment to talk to her, so she walked over to them to pass the time. A few signatures and sentences later, he turned into the studio and parked his car next to hers. As Maks opened the driver’s side door, Meryl turned and smiled. Politely she told the paparazzi she had to go and to have a nice day. They told her they’d see her later. She thought it was sort of creepy but said see you later anyway. It was something she’d have to get used to. Meryl made her way over to Maks. After a quick hug, they walked into the studio together and started working on their first dance. The Cha Cha. They were both already loving dancing with each other. From the start they knew their chemistry was unreal. There were chairs people could sit in against the wall of the studio so when they took a break, they both sat down in those. 

“I’ll give you all I got.” Maks said it truthfully as he lifted a water bottle to his lips. Completely serious, Meryl responded.

“I want all of it.” She smiled playfully. He lifted his water bottle towards her.

“I got a lot to give." 

"I can tell.” The smile stayed as she became flirtatious. 

“Be careful what you ask for.” He looked away as a grin appeared on his face. Maks took another sip from his water bottle as she laughed. He winked. After a few minutes of silence Meryl spoke up. 

“Should we get back to work?” She really didn’t want to stop talking to him. She could listen to his accent all day, but she knew that they had to practice their cha cha.

“Yeah that’s a good idea.” He got up from the chair and took a small step towards Meryl. She leaned back a tad just as he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up bridal style. She giggled, her heart beating out of her chest. He leaned his head down to kiss her forehead. A smile lit up her face. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She knew he was touchy feely and all with his partners but didn’t know he did this out of the blue. It was a nice change. “What do you say you come over after practice and we hangout. Maybe watch a movie. It’d be good partner bonding.”

“Sure!” She was exploding with happiness at the thought of being at Maks’ apartment…with Maks…only Maks…and not dancing…

“Perfect. If you need to go back to your place for a few minutes, that’s fine. You can come whenever.” He was still holding her and practically whispering in her ear. She shivered slightly in response.

“O-okay.” He knew what he was doing to her and he loved it.

They continued rehearsing for their week one dance. An interviewer came in and asked a few questions. Meryl told them they were doing the Cha Cha. Maks teased her that she wasn’t supposed to say anything. She thought he was serious. He wasn’t.

They practiced some more, making sure the dance was fully choreographed by the end of the day. When it was time to leave, they grabbed their stuff and walked to their cars together. Maks gave her a hug, holding her for an extra few seconds more than necessary. Then they went their separate ways.


Meryl went back to her apartment before heading over to Maks’. She changed into different clothes. Nicer ones. She grabbed her phone and walked to her car. She didn’t think she’d need anything else. It took her fifteen minutes to drive to his house. When she pulled into the driveway, she parked the car and sat there for a minute, trying to compose herself. She liked Maks, as much as she didn’t want to admit it. But she did and there was nothing she could do about it. It was how she felt. Meryl lowered her head so it rested against the steering wheel. She took a deep breath. She didn’t want him to make a move, yet she did. But she didn’t want things to move too fast. Nothing even happened yet, why are you thinking ahead. He might not even like you… but how he acted today…Her thoughts wandered. 

Maks noticed Meryl’s car in the driveway. He wanted to give her a few minutes to do what she needed to do before he made sure she was okay, but it had already been a few minutes. More than a few. He looked out the window to see if she had moved. Nope. Her head was resting against the steering wheel. He frowned. I have to check on her. He walked downstairs and out the front door. He turned on an outside light to see if she would move. She didn’t. What is going on? He took a few more steps toward her car. Hesitantly he tapped his knuckles lightly on the car window. 

“Oh my gosh!" Meryl jerked up in her seat, startled. 

"Hi.” Maks waved and smiled shyly. Meryl opened the door a little too fast and accidentally hit him with it. 

“Frick,” she muttered under her break, “I’m so sorry! Maks are you okay?” He was leaning against the front of the car.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine, no worries Mer.” She stepped out of the car and walked closer to him. 

“Are you sure? I didn’t mean to hurt you.” She was frantically looking him up and down, making sure he was okay.

“I’m good. The real question is,” he took her hand in his and brought it up to his lips, placing a gentle kiss to it, “are you okay?”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that. I was just thinking. I was going to come in. I’m fine, everything is fine.” He shook his head, not letting go of her hand. Instead, he intertwined their fingers together and led her inside. He told her to sit on the couch and make herself comfortable. She did. He asked her if she was hungry and she told him she hadn’t eaten all day besides a strawberry nutrigrain bar so he went into the kitchen to get food for them both. He had made pizza a half an hour before she came so it would be ready. Maks put a slice on each plate and walked back out to Meryl. She was lying on her side, eyes closed, and hands under her cheek. 

“When I said make yourself comfortable, you really did didn’t you?” He put the pizza down on the side table next to the couch, and turned around to look at Meryl. She had one eye open. 

“Well you wore me out today. I think that’s a good enough excuse to lay down.” As an answer, Maks laid down next to her, fully taking her by surprise.

“So now you think you can just go ahead and do that?” She was nervous yet perfectly content. She felt as if he was meant to be there lying next to her. 

“Are you okay with this?” He was hesitant but had feelings for Meryl and wanted to make them known as soon as possible. He wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to marry her on the first day of rehearsals. 

“…I-I think so…” She took a deep breath and sighed, focusing only on his presence behind her. Maks put his arm around her pulling her closer to him.

“How about this…is this okay?” He wanted her as close as possible.

“…I-I think so… yeah…” She was enjoying this, being this close to him. He kissed her hair and rested his cheek on her shoulder. 

“Are you still hungry?" 

"You have to bring that up now?” she giggled, “Food can wait.” She placed her hand on his, which was resting on her torso. He was stroking her tummy, drawing circles with his thumb which she did the same to his hand. 

“Okay…if that’s what you want.” He was still unsure of himself and what was happening, but didn’t want it to stop.

“This is what I want.”

Stars On Ice In Lake Placid Recap Finally!

Okay! So I hate writing but I promised everyone a recap of my trip to lake placid to see stars on ice!! Sorry this took so long! As I said I hate writing so I kept getting distracted! Lol I went to see stars on ice and the meet and greet last year with my best friend and we were planning to go again this year but they aren’t going back to the arena near my friend. Lake Placid and Hershey were the 2 shows closest to me but the Hershey show is during my college semester so I decided the lake placid show would work best! Plus I would get to go visit all of the Olympic sites there so that was a bonus! I go to the Adirondacks every summer so it was like a nice seeing it in the winter too! So anyways, after a few months of sending my dad texts everyday saying “STARS ON ICE IN LAKE PLACID WITH MERYL AND CHARLIE” (he is so lucky I can keep up on my job of annoying him from college, isn’t he?! Lol ;p) I finally got floor seats to stars on ice and meet and greet passes for Christmas! Best Christmas Present!!!!

Anyway… now to lake placid! As we were driving to Lake Placid Meryl put the picture of lake placid on Instagram. I was determined to find the place where she took the photo when we got there. That wasn’t too hard though because my hotel was right by it and it was on the 1 busy street in lake placid! Lol She is an amazing photographer! Although it was beautiful, it was just a public outdoor theater and lake front, which wasn’t anything too special. She really has an eye for making everything seem beautiful! My dad kept making fun of me the whole trip because I had to get a picture in that spot and every time we walked past the spot he would ask if I could feel Meryl’s ora… he’s a pain in the butt sometimes! lol

Downtown lake placid is VERYYYY small with little antique/country stores! I spent most of my time there skiing, skating in the Olympic center rink, shopping, visiting all of the Olympic sites, and warming up because it was SOOOOOO cold there! I warmed up by getting starbucks just incase Meryl walked in! lol Having the Olympic atmosphere made me even more excited to see the show!!

 I kept my eyes out for Meryl, Charlie, Tanith, their families, and a certain hot Ukrainian! Lol I spent so much time going to starbucks hoping meryl would go get her coffee! I thought I might actually run into them because Lake Placid is so little! I didn’t have any luck though unfortunately… :/ I’m actually really surprised because it was so small but they were probably too busy getting the show ready to go out and do anything!

We were allowed to go in and explore the Olympic Center where the SOI cast was practicing but unfortunately there was a guard right in front of the actual rink entrance. He let us peak through the window but we couldn’t see much. I could hear their music though!

Now I will talk about the actual event! Because we had floor seats we entered through the hall connecting to the skaters dressing rooms. I wanted to sneak back there so bad but I kind of didn’t want to spend my night in jail! Lol so I went and took my seat! The seats were awesome and they were right near where the skaters entered the ice!! Before the show an NBC rep came out and told us that they were filming this show to air on NBC (Idk when it will be aired yet… hopefully soon!). They told us that if they had to redo any number that those would take place after the show and they wanted us to stay.

The show started with “Rhapsody in Blue” the skaters all came out at different times and Meryl and Charlie were last! It was a good number but I thought too many different things were going on and it was hard to watch everyone! I mainly just focused on Meryl and Charlie anyway so it didn’t bother me too much! Lol Meryl and Charlie’s “Say Something” was amazing! Lord Sharna did a wonderful job!!! I loved Meryl’s dress and they were so good at showing the emotion of the song. At the end Meryl “takes a ring” (pretends to) off her finger and handed it to Charlie and skated away leaving him sitting at the table. It actually made me really sad because it felt like this song was kind of a goodbye to their career together. No one is sure if they are competing anymore and if they aren’t then they won’t be spending as much time together as they have all their life. It just made me kind of sad to think about it as kind of a “goodbye” L I’m obviously not good with change! Lol

 Ryan Bradley was amazing as always and did tons of flips! I am always amazed he can do that!! Tanith and Ben did an adorable dance to “Boogie Shoes” they were dressed in nerdy clownish outfits! It was a fun, upbeat, cute number! They also did a dance to “A thousand years”, which was really good! In the middle Ben dropped Tanith on a lift but she landed on him so they were all right! They got right back up and finished the dance! They redid the dance after the show for TV purposes! All the other skaters did amazing! If you want to hear more about them let me know! I am just going to mainly focus on Meryl and Charlie in this post though!

 At the end of the first act Meryl, Charlie, Tanith, Ben, Ekaterina, and Patrick did a dance to St. Louis Blues. It was soooo good!!!!  All 3 girls were in chairs on the ice in sexy sparkly outfits (I think they were black? There were so many outfits I can’t remember the color exactly) I believe this number was the one that the girls had hats on (the hats like Maks wears!) then they put the hats on the guys heads! But each girls respective partner was with them and they did a flirty dance and the guys spun the girls around in the chairs, then the guys moved away from their girls and patrick came and “flirted” with Meryl as she was sitting in her chair. His face got a little close to hers and she had a flirty smile and look on her face and then Charlie came skating over and stole Meryl away from Patrick. (Fanfic idea maybe?! Maks not being able to be with Meryl and Charlie is there protecting meryl from other guys hitting on her for Maks… idk I just thought it might be a cute idea!) It was a sexy, flirty, fun dance! I liked it a lot! I wish they had redone this one at the end! It was one of my favorites of the show!

 In between some of the dances some skaters had mini dances to transition into the next dance. Meryl came out with Ben and John and did a little dance with them! Charlie came out later with Tanith and Ryan and they were fighting for Tanith. Of course Charlie won! It was a cute mini dance that led into Ryan’s solo!

 “Stompa” was the first song of the 2nd act. This was a cast number and all the girls were in sparkly black “suit” costumes and they had little white cuffs on. In the middle of the dance Meryl’s cuff got loose and she almost lost it! Since she is amazing she didn’t seem phased by it at all and tucked it between her fingers to hold it on and she kept dancing! When I saw the cuff come off I thought/hoped they would do the dance again at the end but they didn’t unfortunately. It was an upbeat fun dance! I liked it a lot!

 Sleeping beauty was Meryl and Charlie’s next dance. It opened with Meryl laying on a “stone bed.” Prince Charlie danced around some and then went over to Meryl and grabbed her hand to wake her up… Only Prince Maks is allowed to kiss her to wake her up! Lol All I wanted was for Charlie to switch out with a certain Russian and go and kiss her to wake her up! (Ooo fanfic idea for anyone maybe?! Lol) The sleeping beauty number started off as classical music and then changed to “Once Upon a Dream” from the original movie. It was a great number and Meryl looked like a gorgeous princess in her pink glittery outfit! DWTS was so stupid to not have her be a princess during Disney week!! She’s the perfect princess!!

 They ended the night with a dance called “Shut up and Dance” like Meryl tweeted the prior day! It was a fun song and they all came out with Meryl and Charlie being last and Meryl and Charlie were the stars of that dance! The photos of practice that Stars On Ice had posted were from this dance. This is the dance where they all got in a big line. It was a great last dance.

 After the final number Meryl and Charlie came out to talk. They talked about how much work they all had put in the show, how nice it was to be in lake placid where they Olympics were, and then they mentioned that they had to redo a couple numbers. They said something “even the best of us make mistakes, and we have the best here tonight” and then they asked us to stick around and cheer as loud as we could. They skated off the ice and some people started to get up and leave. Charlie poked his head out of the curtain and said something like “I see what you guys are doing here, I leave and you all leave” then he said that the skaters had to change so he was sent out to entertain us. He went up to a girl in the front row and asked if she loved him. She of course said yes and he laugh his adorable laugh! He then went down the row of people and asked where everyone was from. He kept saying how he is not meant for interviewing and he should stick to skating! Haha Ryan Bradley came to save poor Charlie and Ryan redid his dance because he had an almost fall. He did it perfect the 2nd time! Tanith and Ben also redid the 2nd half of their dance where Ben fell. They did it great the second time. Then Charlie came out to announce the show was all over and he got some “awes” from the audience who wanted more dances! I so wanted Meryl and Charlie to skate again!

 After the show I went to the meet and greet. They led us in a room with couches and a bar next to the athletes changing rooms. I went to the meet and greet the year before and there were way less people at this meet and greet! I saw someone wearing Valentin apparel so I went over and we got into a convo about Sway! She had gone to see the show in December! Then we formed a group and all talked about Sway and Meryl! Thanks Val for helping me meet some wonderful people there! Lol

 Meryl was the last one in the room. Charlie was waiting on her to finish getting ready but she looked gorgeous! She is gorgeous in pictures but she is SUPERRRR gorgeous in person! I couldn’t stop looking at her! She was in her signature leather dress. I completely forgot to look for her rings but in my picture it looks like she has the diamond on on her right hand. She also had her red string bracelet on and of course the ring she always wears. While waiting in line I became a professional photographer for Meryl and Charlie because they kept asking if I would mind taking photos of them with people! I wasn’t complaining! They were super nice when I met them! I gave them collages the girls I baby sit for made. ( I may have gotten the girls a little obsessed with Meryl, Maks, and Charlie… oops!) But Charlie said that I had to take a picture of them holding the collage letters for the girls! I gave them puppy cards, then I gave Meryl a puppy birthday card and chocolates! They were so excited to get presents! Lol We then talked a little and Meryl answered some questions I had pertaining to their competition years! I got pictures and then went to meet everyone else! I talked to Tanith for a bit and she said her grandma was in the audience and her grandma thought it was one of Tanith’s best shows! Awe! We talked about DJ and Finn a little and she said she missed her babies so much! They are with Tanith’s parents at the moment! They are also staying there while Charlie and Tanith are on tour for Stars on Ice. After meeting the other skaters the skaters started leaving. The meet and greet seemed really short compared to how long it was the prior year. I caught Meryl and Charlie before they left and asked Charlie to take a selfie! They were happy to do it but they had to leave right after. All the skaters were rushed out of the room (maybe they had a flight to catch or something?). The meet and greet was wonderful! Meryl and Charlie are sooo nice! Also, I think I saw something about someone saying the Fedor was at the meet and greet. As I said, the meet and greet was on the smaller side and I did not see anyone who looked like him. I was around Meryl most of the night and Fedor was no where to be seen. Tanith came to sit by Charlie while he and Meryl finished up. I can say for sure that he wasn’t in any of the floor seats or the meet and greet!

I can’t wait until its on TV! I wish it wasn’t over! It was soooo good!! If anyone has anymore questions or wants me to be more specific about any of it let me know!! This was just a quick recap so I may have forgotten some things! Enjoy and Happy New Year Everyone!!! J PS MAK’S BIRTHDAY WISH TO MERYL <3 #dead Maksyl On Everyone!! 

Maksyl Fanfic- A kiss to build a dream on (part 2)

this part is kinda long but I couldn’t find a way to make it shorter :|

Maks was at home, trying to pick out something to cook for his princess. He had a whole book of family recipes, but he wanted this one to be perfect. He knew he was driving Meryl crazy but only because he loved her. He had finally found a recipe that would work when his phone rang.

“Ugh, what do you want?” He said in frustration, he had a recipe to work on. He picked up his phone and answered.

“Hello?” He said.

“Hello, Mr. Chmerkovskiy. We wanted to inform you that your fiancé, Meryl Davis, has gotten into a car accident. She has been transported to the local LA hospital, along with Gracie Gold.”

“What? Meryl’s hurt? How is she?”

“She was hit pretty badly. We won’t know further until we get her to the hospital. She’s pretty groggy, but we think she was calling your name.”

“Okay, I’m leaving now. When will she be at the hospital?”

“She was transported about 10 minutes, so she’ll be there in about 15 minutes. “

With that, he hung up and left. He was on his way to the hospital, speeding down the road. He decided to call Val and tell him what was going on.

“Yo Val, I’m on my way to the hospital, Meryl got in a car accident.”

“What?! No shit! Is she okay?”

“I have no idea. But I… Val I’m scared. This was my fault.”

“What?” Val asked

“I practically forced Meryl out of the apartment today. If she would have never gone, this would have never happened!”

“Bro, don’t beat yourself up. Accidents happen no matter what. Do you want me to come to hospital later, perk her up?”

“Yeah, but I need a favor from you along the way…”

Meryl finally arrived at the hospital. She was awake, but she had no idea what was going on. Every minute her body was fading from reality to blackness. She was in pain and couldn’t think straight. She just wanted to fade permanently into the blackness, along with her mind.

“She’s unstable we need to get her to a trauma room stat!” one of the doctors said. As she was racing down the halls of the hospital, all the nurses were hooking her up to tubes. An IV, oxygen tank and more things she had no idea what they were.

“We got another one, right behind her. She was in the same accident, but she’s a lot better. Let’s get her to a patient room instead of trauma. “ the doctor said

“Meryl!” Gracie said, as Meryl was raced into the trauma room.

A doctor came in to the room to add to the chaos of 5 nurses. “Hello Meryl. I’m Doctor Aaron. I’m the neuro consult here at LA hospital. Can you look at me?” He asked, shinning a bright light in her eyes. She tried to as best as she could, but her constantly fading from one world to the other wasn’t helping. Meryl was losing consciousness.

“She’s going into shock. Get me the paddles and give her one round of epi.“ The doctor shouted.

Meryl felt a jolt, and she came back into reality.

“Welcome back Meryl. Listen I know it’s hard but you gotta hold on a little bit longer. Can you nod for me?” Dr. Aaron asked

She tried as best as she could, but it was just a little nod of the head.

“Good. Good girl Meryl, how many fingers am I holding up? Can you tell me?” he said as he held up 2 fingers.

“Two.” Meryl said shakily.

“Good Meryl, you’re gonna be just fine. Just hold on longer. Think of Maks, Charlie.” He stopped talking for a moment to check her stats.

“Doctor, she’s fading you need to keep talking to her.” A nurse said.

“So Meryl,” Dr. Aaron continued, “What happened? You got hit by a car while you were driving somewhere. Do you know where you were driving?” He asked caringly. Meryl liked the sound of his voice. It was caring like Charlie’s and Maks’.

“Going… to look at… dresses” Meryl responded

“What kind, wedding dresses? I know you were with Gracie. Were you getting some wedding shopping done?”

She was stabilizing. Her words were getting stronger and she was making eye contact.

“Yea, Maks thought it would be a good idea.” Meryl said

The Doctor chuckled. “Well I’m sure he’ll be paying for this later.”

Meryl let out some sort of a laugh.

“Dr. Aaron can you come outside?” a nurse asked.

“Yea one second.” He said. He turned back to Meryl, “I have to leave for a few seconds. Promise me you will stay with it. Okay?”

“Promise.” She said

She waited for a few minutes and then heard some shouting. It was Dr. Aaron for sure and then a familiar voice. But she couldn’t spot it right away since she was still out of it.

“That’s my princess. I have to go in there.” The voice said. It was Maks. She wanted so badly to see him.

“She is not ready for visitors. Believe me Mr. Chmerkovskiy, if she was I would let you. But give her an hour and you can see her. But why don’t you see Gracie? Or maybe call Meryl’s family? Has that occurred to you?”

Dr. Aaron came back in short after.

“That was Maks…” Meryl said

“You can see him soon. But we got to get you fixed up” He said

Meryl looked herself. Her clothes were full of blood, her blood. She had scrapes and bruises all over her body. But the big thing that caught her was the deep cut on her face that was surrounded by bruising near her right eye. She had to get a series of tests done too, including X-rays, MRI’s, CAT scans and more tests. That just seemed endless to Meryl. Her tests came back clean. The only thing was wrong was a broken arm, which was considered a miracle to the other doctors. After getting her wounds cleaned, dressed and some of them stitched and then changing into a hospital gown, she was ready to see Maks. Meryl didn’t look exactly how she wanted to. She has scrapes and bruises and tubes coming out of her arm. Luckily, she was on morphine so she didn’t feel the pain.

“Hey princess” Maks said as he popped his head in. He looked at Meryl and saw the full impact the accident had on her. “I’m so sorry Meryl. I’m so so sorry. Nothing I can say will ever show you how much I am sorry.”

“Maks calm down.”

“Hold on, I got you something.” He left her room briefly, only to come back with a gray weimaraner puppy. The dog was very fidgety, all squirmy. It was clear that it wasn’t a big fan of Maks. “Val picked her out.”

“It’s so cute! Maks! I can’t believe you got me a puppy!” He brought the puppy over to Meryl and put her on her lap. It was love at first sight for them. She loved Meryl. She cuddled with her and soon fell asleep.” Meryl stared in awe of her. “What’s her name??” Meryl asked, petting her. She checked her collar. It said “I’m so sorry. Love, Maks.” It made Meryl smile. “Maks, you know it wasn’t you fault.”

“Yes it was. It was completely my fault. Because of me you broke your arm!” Maks said, starting to cry. “Look at you Meryl. You’re beaten up, bruised, scrapped. Because of me you could have died out there. I don’t want your sympathy or for you to tell me it’s okay. I don’t want it, because I won’t accept it.” Maks said, crying into Meryl as he hugged her. It was difficult and uncomfortable for her to move, but for Maks he did.

“Hey.” A stern voice said as he walked into the room. They both broke apart to find Charlie.

“Hey Charlie.” Maks said, walking over when Charlie’s fist came into contact with Maks’ face. He fell to the floor with a loud thud.

Moving Day

So this is kinda sucky but, wrote it to get better on the one chapter stuff. (I usually write like 12 chapter fanfictions) I hope you like it and feedback would be great!

            Maks tried his hardest to park the U-Haul truck that he’d rented, his face turning red from the heat and frustration.

            “Damn truck.” He cursed to himself, slamming the door and walking towards his new house.

            Their new house.

            They’d decided months before that they were more than ready to move in together. Meryl and Maks had been together for over a year and he’d proposed when they decided to move in together.

            Meryl stood by the brown door of their newly-built home and watched her fiancé struggle with the tailgate. She loved the way he rubbed his forehead when he was angry or frustrated, the way he was protective over her. Meryl loved all of him.

            After months and months of talking, Meryl and Maks decided to move to the Detroit suburb area. After talking to a Realtor and looking at houses all over the county, they finally found ‘the one’.

            It was a two-story house with a huge back yard. They had a perfect view of the sunset over the small man-made lake. There was a playground and picnic tables surrounding the lake, perfect for little children.

            They both wanted children in the future, but they also wanted time for themselves. They needed time to grow and steady themselves in their new adventures.

            Maks fiddled with the tailgate again and it finally opened. Before he could brace himself, a kitchen chair came flying at his head. Maks fell down on the soft grass, holding the chair on top of his chest.

            “Oh my God! Baby, are you okay!?” Meryl screamed, running over to her fiancé and removing the chair.

            “Yeah.” Maks croaked, rubbing his chest and forehead as his breathing slowed down.

            “Are you sure!? I’ll go get some ice.” Meryl started to panic, but Maks grabbed her arm before she could leave.

            “Babe, I’m fine.” Maks pulled her onto his chest so that she was straddling him. Maks pulled Meryl down to kiss him, gently. What started as an innocent kiss, turned into a tiny make-out session.

            “Ahem.” Val coughed, disrupting the couple on the grass.

            “Can you believe we almost saw them have sex on the grass?” Tony laughed and Meryl quickly climbed off of Maks’ lap. Val walked over to Maks and helped him up, leading him over to the truck.

            “We weren’t going to have sex.” Maks defended both of them when Meryl hid behind him.

            “Sure.” Val drug out the word’s syllable, laughed, and started to unload the truck.

“Over the banister?” Meryl questioned, worried.

All four of them stood at the bottom of the staircase. The boys held Meryl’s extremely heavy dresser, looking up at the narrow staircase. Tony knew that the dresser wouldn’t move correctly without going over the banister.

Since the house had been painted only a week ago, Meryl was worried that they would damage the walls.

“Be careful!” Meryl warned and the boys ascended up the stairs. She covered her eyes and gasped as she heard something hit the wall. “You guys are stressing me out!” Meryl opened her eyes to find the boys gone. She slowly walked up the steps, inspecting the walls and banister. No scratches, no marks. Nothing.

“We did a pretty good job, huh?” Maks met her at the landing and wrapped his arm around her.

            “Yeah, you did.” Meryl sighed and lied her head on Maks’ sweaty chest.

            “You doubted me, didn’t you?” He pulled away from his gorgeous fiancé that was looking up at him. God he loved her.

            “No, of course not!” Meryl responded sarcastically and he led her down the stairs.

            “Furniture is here!” Tony yelled from the top of the staircase and Meryl and Maks heard a truck pull up next to their house.

            “Let’s go!” Meryl walked out to the truck and met the other men that would be helping them move. Charlie, Alex Shibutani, and Scott Moir came running towards the house from the front of the truck.

            “Water,” Alex gasped, running towards the refrigerator whilst tripping over a couple of boxes.

            “Be careful!” Meryl screamed and the boys immediately froze, slowly walking away from the kitchen and out onto the front porch.

            “Babe, calm down. It’s gonna be okay.” Maks laughed and touched her arm, soothing her almost immediately.

            “How long do you think it’ll take for her to notice?” Maks shrugged off Val’s comment, but he was beyond worried inside. The boys were moving one of their tables that would go in the game room upstairs when Alex lost his grip. The chair didn’t fall down the steps, but into the wall. Meryl had just painted the walls and now there was a huge scratch along with many others from other pieces of furniture.

            Meryl had left to go pick up some pizza when all of this had happened and the boys were anxiously waiting for her arrival. They were starving and scared of what she would do and say to them. For the past couple of weeks, she’d been on the edge. All of the stress was piled on them, and only them. It was a lot, but somehow they found a way to get through it together.

            “Pizza is here!” Meryl cheered and laid the pizzas down on the kitchen island.

            “Oh shit. Welcome to hell boys.” Maks clapped Scott and Alex on the back and smiled. “Don’t make it obvious.” Maks finished through gritted teeth while smiling towards his soon-to-be furious fiancé. “Hey, baby. Thank you for running out and getting the food.” Maks leaned down to kiss Meryl’s forehead.

            “What’s going on?” The boys’ breaths caught and it seemed that their eyes all grew wide at the same time.

            “Uh, nothing. Why do you ask?” Val responded quicker than needed and Maks’ eyes widened even more.

            “Then why are Charlie and Tony not saying or looking at me? What are you guys hiding, here?” Meryl observed the six men stuffing their faces with pizza. “Okay, then. I’m gonna go upstairs and check on some things.”

            Maks and Val held their breath, while Charlie and Alex counted down from five.

            “Three, two, one.” They immediately heard Meryl gasp and curse to herself.

            “What the hell did you guys do!?” Meryl yelled for the millionth time that day, coming fast towards Maks. “What happened?” She said more firmly, obviously trying to control her emotions.

            “Well, one of the guys lost their grip on the table that goes up in the game room and it happened. But baby, we can fix it. Don’t stress.” Maks finished quickly, waiting for a slap in the back of the head which came soon after her cringed.

            “Gotta love moving day.” Tony smiled and winked, remembering all of the times he and his wife moved.

            “Ha. Ha. Let’s just get all this over with so I can sleep.” Meryl jogged upstairs to finish decorating the guest bedroom. “I will never move again.”

Until Next Time - Part 7 and Part 8

Week 4 - The Aftermath

I’m taking a much different approach with this part than I had originally planned. (It’s amusing to see how this has developed and drifted so far away from my original plans.) Since I cut the last one off so abruptly, I thought it would be fun to see how those lucky close friends of theirs react to the big moment. :)

Part 5 and Part 6

Part 9

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Maksyl FanFic- A kiss to build a dream on (part 1)

“Okay what about this?” Maks said as he plopped a catalog next to Meryl. The loud noise woke Meryl right up. She checked the clock, it was 3:00AM.

“Maks, honey. It’s late. I’m tired. We can decide on flowers tomorrow.” Meryl complained

“That’s what we said 2 days ago. Meryl, deciding on flowers for 2 days is ridiculous. Let’s just pick some out and then we can go to bed.”

“How many flower options could there be?” Meryl asked

Maks pointed to the table. It was toppled full of catalogs; dresses, invitations, themes, napkins, flowers and anything else you could think of, was there. He came over and held up a magazine to her face.

“Purple goes with your eyes.” He said smiling. “Purple flowers it is.”

“Well good that should narrow it down a lot.” Meryl said

“No actually.” He held up 5 magazines. “These magazines just have purple flowers in them.”

Meryl picked one up and turned to a random page.

“Here” she said walking over to Maks. “I like these ones.” She sat next to him on the couch.

“Yes these are perfect! You like em? Should we get them?” Maks asked enthusiastically.

She nodded her head and yawned. She took the other catalogs out of Maks’ hand and rested her head on his chest, drifting to sleep.

“Good progress today.” She said sarcastically. He rubbed her back and chuckled.

“Hey honney, who’s your maid of honor going to be?” Maks asked

“I have no idea. And I’m not ready to start thinking about it right now.”  Meryl said drowsily.  “Who’s your best man going to be?”

“Val and Tony obviously. I’m going to have 2.” Maks said

“Will you at least make Charlie one of your groomsmen?” Meryl asked

“Of course, anything for you.” He said as he planted a kiss on her forehead.

Meryl was fast asleep, but Maks couldn’t stop thinking about who Meryl’s maid of honor could be. She had so many friends. Would it be her skating friends, school friends, family? Who? Meryl was staying with Maks at his house for the time being. He picked up her phone and dialed Gracie Gold, who lives an hour away from him.

“Hey Gracie?” He asked once he connected with her

“Uh yes. Is this Maks?” She asked

“Yea, listen I was wondering if you could take Meryl dress shopping tomorrow.”

“You just got back from Hawaii like a week ago and you’re already picking out dresses?”

“Yeah, we want to get married soon before Meryl leaves for her 2 month tour in Japan.” He knew he was lying. Maks wanted to get married soon, but Meryl was in no rush.

“Okay, that sounds fine. I’ll pick her up tomorrow morning and we’ll go shopping!” Gracie said.

“Do me a favor and don’t tell her I asked you to do this? She’s a little annoyed with because I’m constantly obsessing over the wedding.” Maks asked

“Sure thing.” Gracie said. He hung up the phone and carried sleeping Meryl to bed. After trying to forget everything that had to get done in a mere 6 months, he fell asleep to, still cradling Meryl in his arms.

There was a knock at the door. It was 9AM.

“Ugh who is it?” Meryl groaned to Maks

“I have no idea. But I’m tired, make them go away.” Maks said, trying to play it cool.

Meryl knew Maks wouldn’t be the one to get up and answer the door. So slowly she got out of bed and put on one of Mak’s hoodies since it was cold in his apartment. She opened the door to find Gracie, smiling and carrying 2 cups of coffee.

“Wow, you guys take a while to open your door.” Gracie said giving Meryl a hug. She hugged sheepishly back, she was so tired.

“Hey what are you doing here?” Meryl asked trying not to sound too insincere

“Well, I was in the neighborhood so I thought we could look at some wedding dresses.”

Meryl knew. “I’m going to kill Maks.” She said.

Of course Maks heard her say that. “No you’re not. Just go look at some dresses and come home for dinner. I’ll make us something special.”

Meryl left reluctantly with Gracie. Meryl was driving as they headed to a wedding shop across town.

“You know, he’s always been obsessive over stuff, but never like this. He spent the past 2 days choosing flowers! 2 days for flowers that are just going to die a few days after! He kept me up till 3 last night debating on which ones to choose. And all he talks about is the wedding. Where is it gonna be, who’ll be invited, theme, colors, dress, food, it never ends. Maks keeps telling me he wants to get married before I leave for Japan, but there is honestly no rush. We have our entire lives to get married. He asked me last night when I was sleeping who my maid of honor was and I just didn’t know. And I wasn’t going to decide then. He just-“ Meryl vented

“Wait, who is your maid of honor going to be?” Gracie asked

“I don’t know. I’ll hold auditions for my maid of honor and whoever can deal with Maks can be it.” Meryl teased.  Gracie gave a fake laugh, she wanted to be it so badly and Meryl sensed that. “Hey, I was thinking you and Ash could be my maid of honors. You know if you’re up for it. Maks is a lot to handle” There was a long pause. Meryl took her eyes of the road for a second to look at Gracie, who was in turn staring at Meryl with a big smile on her face.

“Really?” Gracie asked

“Yeah, you guys are my best friends. Of course.” She said looking into Gracie’s eyes, to show that she meant it.

Just then, Gracie saw a car coming in Meryl’s direction. She could see it in the driver’s side window. A big SUV headed straight for them.

A horrid look came on Gracie’s face. “Mer…Meryl…there’s a” She stuttered, she couldn’t get the words out fast enough. Meryl had a confused look on her face and look out her window. But it was too late, to do anything. The SUV hit Meryl and Gracie full on. Their car flew across the road and landed on its side.

“What? What… what just happened. Big SVU. Wedding… dresses…with Gracie. Maks… “ Meryl thought. Then her mind went black.

Not All Dreams are Nightmares... But All Nightmares Dreams

Another submission. You can’t just leave me hanging like this! CHAPTER 7

When her blades hit the ice, she presses deeply, feeling the edges melt into the familiar patterns she and Charlie have carved into all kinds of ice for seventeen years. As she leans into his arms, the comfort she finds there distracts her. For the past weeks, they have been off the ice. Maybe it is all just inevitable but this separation is the longest they have ever been apart. Everything that has transpired has been momentous enough to stagger any normal person. She had made love with Maks. She had cried to the point of oblivion. They had… Eloped! Now, back in the familiarity of Charlie’s holds, she senses that his absence is at least partly why it has been so difficult to understand what she is doing.

It takes her longer than usual to shower and change after their early morning practice. She is too lost in thought, her mind searching for a truth that is escaping her. With the water beating down she sees their teenage selves. Of course they had been each other’s first loves… Or at least they had tried to be. The line between performance and reality had been blurred by teenage curiosity and hormones and, yes, preternatural chemistry. She smiles remembering their clandestine meetings, awkward and beautiful kisses in stairwells while their mothers waited for them. They both learned the lesson of privacy from their brief romance. In the end, it had proven to be too much to hide. When commentators began to notice how they seemed detached from each other, sometimes unable to even look at each other while they skated, they had realized they couldn’t hide their feelings. And so they had simply, without discussion, gone back to performing, walked away from reality. They told no one of all this, having no words for it. Although if they had, it wouldn’t have surprised anyone. More likely, she muses, it would have been nurtured. This… Is this the thought that has been eluding her? Sometimes happiness can be shared. Should be. Must be shared for it to exist. ‘If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?…’ She laughs out loud at the banality of the philosophical question.

She will tell Charlie about everything. It makes sense it would be to him that she breaks her silence.

Charlie is waiting in the hallway for her. He looks up, first with concern and then, after studying her face, with curiosity.

“Sorry… I’m ready. Let’s go.”

He walks in front of her, reaching back for her arm. When she slides into his grasp, he turns.

“….?” He asks silently.

Meryl nods.

It is a new way of skating for them. Of course there had always been exhibitions following major competitions but those were almost mindless flourishes, tiny punctuation marks at the end of months of grueling preparation. This tour, and the Stars on Ice before it, was skating for the pleasure of their audiences. No judges, no required elements. There were their own expectations, of course, and neither had yet lost the need to achieve a level that still came close to their competitive level. Even during these performances, videos are recorded and studied. Always striving for perfection.

She and Charlie don’t perform their most difficult lifts during shows, but as she replays the videos, she unexpectedly marvels at Charlie’s strength and balance, the deep angles he creates as his blades seem to push them to defy the limits of gravity. His unassuming power is the foundation on which their success has been built. She’s watched film before, studied it in aid of perfecting their technique. But now as she watches, they seem more like poignant little movies. She is wrapped up in the stories being told, freed by what she sees. Meryl is surprised at the synchronicity that still exists in their skating… Even though they are not in competition mode. She watches their speed across the ice, trying not to blink.

They almost never consider the risks they take on the ice. Charlie has lifted her and spun her for so many years. Their faith in each other is absolute.

Day 1 
7.00 am Osaka, Japan
4.30 am Mumbai, India
1.00 am Okavango Delta, Botswana

He will never forget the feeling of slipping, of pitching forward, of losing his hold on her. He will never forget the sound of Meryl’s head cracking into the ice. He will never forget the sight of her slim body, made so much more fragile because of unconsciousness, lying on the ice.

Charlie’s mind screams with fear and anguish.

5.11 am Mumbai, India
His phone is exploding. The dinging and chimes and ringing snap him into awareness. Maks grabs for the source of all the noise. Scores of missed calls, texts that begin with, “oh my god…” “Meryl?!” He swipes through his phone with a rising sense of panic.

8.41 am Tokyo, Japan
When his phone buzzes and his brother’s name is registered, Val already knows that Meryl has been injured. The internet is ablaze with the news out of Osaka. CNN International has been reporting sketchy details for almost an hour. Still he feels a freezing fear as he answers the call.

Val can barely think when he hears his brother’s measured voice. But the tone and cadence of Maks’ words, snap him to full alertness. “Вы должны получить в Осаку сразу.”


“Валентин , ты понимаешь меня!”

“да,” Val says.

“Is Alex there? Put him on.” Maks repeats his instructions: get to Osaka immediately.

Information is relayed quickly. Alex scrawls down Charlie’s cell phone number, partially transcribes Cheryl’s …Click. The line goes dead.

8.03 am Osaka, Japan
Inside the ambulance, Charlie sits in the passenger seat. His mind is casting about in search of something that would be different than Meryl lying on a stretcher in the back of this lurching vehicle. His breathing becomes shallow and rapid. The driver reaches over and grabs Charlie’s knee.

“Put your head between your legs,” he instructs in flawless English.

The commotion in the back of the ambulance escalates. Charlie doesn’t comprehend the rapid foreign words. Even if they were in English, he was beyond understanding. He watches a ball point pen roll back and forth across the floor between his feet.

By the time everyone is racing through the emergency room, Meryl is in a drug induced coma. She is whisked past him. In the blur of movement he sees something round taped to her mouth, rythmically compressed by other hands.

Someone comes to talk to Charlie. The doctors hope this will buy her brain time to recover without surgery, time for the swelling to go down. She is… They are taking her to… He cannot focus on anything. He slipped and she had fallen into the ice.

“Can we call anyone for you?” the someone asks.

Nothing makes sense. Is she dying? He buries his face in his hands. “No one,” is the answer to the question. All their family is in fucking Africa. His fists pull at his hair as he starts to sob.

“I need to see her,” he finally says, trying to stand up.

12.05 pm Tokyo:
Val and Alex maintain a slim hold on sanity by focusing on the logistics of getting to Osaka. They study the Shinkansen maps in Tokyo Station. They race to catch the next train. As they cram in to the carriage, they are relieved to have boarded with minutes to spare. Alex studies the map above the pneumatic doors.

“Fuck…Wrong train, wrong train,” Alex yells at Val.

Val frantically scans the map. “What? WHAT? We’re on the yellow line? Shit. We need the orange, no… red line, right?!”

Alex is already out of the car, gesturing as he tries to ask a young man where the platform is.

“I got it. Hurry.” He motions to Val as he breaks into a run.

The express train races through the brilliant, flashing, Japanese sunlight. The Nozomi line stops at only four stations. They should be in Osaka in two and a half hours. Val and Alex ride this bullet train as if it was a figment of their imagination. It spits them out into Osaka Station. Flailing at the next taxi in the queue, “Osaka General Medical Center,” they say in unison as they collapse into back seat.

Striding into the ER entrance. Claiming family status when asked. As they ride the lift to the ICU, they are silent, steeling themselves against the full realization of why they are where they are, that they are here. As they wander out of the elevator, they enter a kind of dim twilight that slows their progress. It is a foreign world and they navigate it tentatively. The nurses barely raise their eyes to them. Searching for the number of her room they finally see an open door leading to blackness.

Val glances at Alex. He doesn’t want their uncertainty to alert the staff to intruders. With deliberate movements he walks through. As his eyes adjust to the ever deepening darkness, he hears the metronome of her heart beat. Then he can see her. So very small, shrouded in white, eyes closed. He recognizes her face but his mind does not identify her. And Charlie sits in a chair by her side, his forehead pressed into the sheets, his hand holding hers.

The scene propels Alex backwards out into the corridor but Val stands witness in shock…

4.07 pm Osaka, Japan
Charlie slumps in a half stupor in the chair next to her bed. His hand grips hers as she sleeps. Sometime in the dark hours of this never ending nightmare, he stirs. She is still there. Her heart beeping rhythmically through the monitors. His head tilts back with relief and then despair. His peripheral vision catches on the figure sitting in the corner of the room. With a start he stands… Adrenaline rushes into his body. He begins to gulp deeply. His breaths hook together until he is lost trying to inhale. Val walks quickly, grabs his hands, his head… Forcibly making contact with his eyes. He touches Charlie’s face firmly. Charlie fights, sucking in air.

“Charlie, it’s me, it’s … Val…it’s me… Val.” It takes long minutes before Charlie’s ‘fight’ instinct subsides. When the two of them break away, Charlie exhales slowly. “Val?”

Then so many things happen at once. Charlie falls into Val’s embrace. The story of the accident cascades from his mouth. Val braces as he listens, feeling the guilt and anguish pouring from his friend. There is little break for comforting words. In any case, any reassurance Val could offer would be little more than noise.

2.34 pm Mumbai, India
The news about Meryl is being broadcast on all the networks but the details are vague. The producers of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa understand the urgency. If the show goes on, Maks has no thought or care for it. A limousine speeds him to the airport.

Day 2
4.01 am, Osaka Japan

Val watches as Meryl sleeps. Charlie sleeps as Val watches.

7.15 am Osaka, Japan
4.04 am Mumbai, India
1.15 am Okavango Delta, Botswana

When the neurosurgeon draws the curtain back after examining Meryl and studying her latest scans, he asks to speak with the consenting party, he looks from Charlie to Val. They need consent to drill into her skull to relieve the pressure. The internal bleeding has not stopped. He needs permission to take her into surgery. Charlie is her family here… but even though he is awake, it’s as if he is sleepwalking. Val pulls him aside and speaks quietly and urgently. Charlie’s signature is barely legible on the form. As the medical team enters and wheels her bed away, they follow blindly, their hands clinging to hers until the last doors swing shut, barring them from her side.

As they sit in the surgical waiting room, Val fumbles with his phone. It slips from his numb fingers and crashes to the floor, its face shattering on impact. The sound doesn’t rouse Charlie from his silent reverie. Val leaves the phone lying on the floor, staring at the crackling spider lines. Finally grabbing it, he is relieved that it works… his fingers call up the number he needs. Maks’ number goes straight to voicemail. He texts his brother “call me.”

Where the fuck is Alex? He leaves Charlie, searches for a stairwell. Finally under bright fluorescent lights, he crouches on the landing and dials Alex’s number, speaks briefly… And then finds him at a rendezvous place. Alex stands still, his hand covering his mouth, as Val studies him.

“I need you to try to find Meryl’s parents. I don’t know how. They’re in Africa. Botswana. Maybe through Tanith? I don’t know if Charlie has talked to her yet. He’s… In trouble. I can’t find his phone and he’s… But obviously she knows what’s happened… And I need you to talk to the skating people. I don’t know who, but… ALEX!”

Alex nods. “I’ll find them. I’ll find everyone. I’ll be in the first waiting room.” He turns on his heels.

12.23 pm Osaka, Japan
And there she is. Wheeled from postop to the ICU. Her head is wrapped but he knows… her beautiful hair … Gone. The white gauze hides the trauma but he knows… they have drilled a hole in her skull. All her life in jeopardy.

Charlie cannot face her. He sinks into a chair in the far corner.

11.07 pm. Osaka, Japan
Val stays next to her bed. She is like a crushed bird. Lying so still and… And so beautiful…. Charlie in the corner, eyes cloudy with exhaustion and a personal guilt so profound it is breaking him. Val wants to stop everything. His gaze falls along her body trying to will life into her. He sits over her silently for hours. He doesn’t know when the thought overcomes him. To hold her in her deep slumber. To give her all his energy, to heal her shattered brain. Val smoothes the sheets around her, and then, almost effortlessly, he climbs in next to her, slides under the white linen. He stretches his length along her still frame. Somehow, so naturally, he slips past the tubes and catheters, wraps his arms carefully around her. He will hold all her molecules together. He will not let her escape his world. After hours of pacing his breathing to hers he falls asleep.

During the night, her nurses do not separate them as they attend to their patient.


A very old Japanese woman has been watching one of the Kōmō. He is full of anxiety and has been making many calls on his phone. She knows he came to see the dreaming woman but he doesn’t go to her. It is because he is too afraid. In the dark of early morning she returns to find him. He is awake. In her hand are three small pieces of silk inked with the image of a frightening chimera. It has the body of a bear, trunk like an elephant, claws of a tiger, tail of a wild ox.

“Baku-san,” she whispers three times as she presses each piece of silk into his hands. She makes a gesture from her head to her mouth and then cradles her head, miming a person in sleep.

One of the Kōmō stares at her.

She motions for him. Leads him to the room where now three are sleeping. He follows, unable to retreat.

She stands looking at the woman.

“Baku-San.” She takes two gold pins from her pocket and pierces the silk to the wall above Meryl. Gesturing, she hands him the silk, her outstretched palm cups four small pins. She gestures at Val and Charlie.

“Baku-san… Baku-san,” he repeats, pinning the monster above them both.

Alex suddenly feels a weariness so shattering his knees buckle. He stumbles backward, reaching for the woman but she is gone.

Day 3
9.43 am Osaka, Japan
Maks has flown through a million nights to come for her…

[According to Japanese legend, baku eat nightmares. Summoning baku is not without risk…not all dreams are nightmares but all nightmares are dreams… if the nightmare does not satisfy the ‘dream-eater’ it may continue to eat other dreams, including those of the future and of hope.]

The Weight Of The Past - Part 3 


Thank you all soooo much for the feedback. Just a friendly reminder that I do understand that this is NOT how Meryl and Maks would treat each other in real life. This story is simply made up in my head and is for entertainment purposes only. This chapter might seem a little random but it’s got some cute bits with Ana and Charlie so I hope you like it.

“Be safe, don’t forget to skype us whenever you have time. We’re really gonna miss you and Anastasia.” Cheryl wipes a tear from her eyes. “I love you both.” She presses a kiss to her granddaughters head before handing her back to Meryl.

“We’ll be safe. We’ll talk soon, okay? Don’t worry about us.” Meryl gives her mothers hand a reassuring squeeze before picking Ana’s suitcase and putting it into the trunk of her car. “And before you say it again, yes I’ll stop driving if I get too tired. I won’t risk our lives to make it there a few hours earlier.”

“I’m just worried about my babies!” Cheryl lets out a saddened laugh. “I’m gonna come see you guys soon. I’ll miss Ana too much.”

“I hope so,” Meryl opened the back door to her car and started to buckle Ana into her carseat. “We’ll visit on holidays, and I’ll make time to skype you guys at least twice a month. Tell Daddy I love him, okay?” Meryl places a kiss on her mothers hand before getting into her car. “We love you Ma!”

“Be safe!” Cheryl called one last time before Meryl pulled out of the driveway, leaving her safe and sheltered Michigan life behind. It was time to do what was right for her, she needed to be independent for Anastasia. It’s been nearly two years since Maks and her have last spoken, he’d want her to have moved on by now.

Well, then again, he never really knew how Meryl felt about him.


It was late by the time Meryl pulled into a motel, she had wanted to stay on the road as long as possible. She quickly payed for a room and unbuckled Anastasia, grabbing her diaper bag and heading up the creaky wooden stairs to their second floor room.

“Come on baby, let’s get you in some pajamas.” She says quietly to the sleepy child, before changing her into a little pink nightgown.

“You’re gonna sleep with mommy tonight, alright baby?” Ana nods her head before pulling Meryl’s fingers, motioning for her to lay down with her. “Hold on a second Ana. I’ll lay with you in just a minute.” She makes her way around the room, turning on the TV and off the lights, slipping into a big t-shirt, which she realizes it was one of Maks - he left it at her house one night and she kept it ever since. As she crawls into bed next to an already sleeping Ana, she notices the news on the TV.

“Maks Chmerkovskiy and Sofia Belkin’s split have been all over the news for the past week, ” The news reporter starts “but we have the first exclusive interview with Maks right here.” The scene cuts to an image of an older reporter, sitting next to Maks.

Meryl gasps when she sees him. He hasn’t changed one bit. He was still as handsome and charming as ever. She reaches for the remote, but when he starts talking she forces herself to listen.

“Sofia and I were just in different places in our lives.” Maks tells the interviewer, shooting the camera a million dollar smile. “I’m gonna focus my time on being a full time, single daddy now.” He winks and she scrambles for the remote, quickly turning it off before she ends up throwing something.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She paces around her hotel room. “Don’t cry, get it together Meryl.” She whispers to herself.

“He’s not worth your tears.” She reminds herself before crawling in bed next to Ana, pressing a few kisses to her forehead. “I guess I can thank Maks for you.” She whispers to her daughter. “You’re perfect.”

And at that moment, shes reminded that no matter what happened between her and Maks in the past, he didn’t matter to her anymore. All that mattered was her little family of two right there.


“Meryl! I’m so glad you guys are back.” Charlie pulls her into a big bear hug before taking Anastasia from her. “Aw, you’ve gotten so big since the last time i’ve seen you!” He coos at the toddler. She giggles and grabs a fistful of his hair, bringing her mouth to it.

“Baby, don’t pull hair.” Meryl warns her, pulling her fingers off of his blonde locks. “She’s always had a thing for hair. Anyways, where do I put our stuff?”

“In your old room. Nobody’s been in there since you left, I guess I always had a little bit of hope that you’d come back.” He shoots her a half grin. “Tanith and I got you a crib the other day. It was her’s when she was little, we plan on using it when we have kids. But for now its all yours.”

“That’s so sweet of you guys, really. Thank you so much, for everything.” Meryl gives Charlie a kiss on the cheek before grabbing two of their suitcases and hauling them up the stairs, leaving Charlie to watch Ana. As soon as she enters the room she’s overwhelmed with memories, but most of them were good memories.

Charlie wasn’t lying when he said nobody had been in there since she left. The room looks just the way she remembered it to be two years ago. Meryl smiles a little before setting down the suitcases and gently clicking the bedroom door closed behind her, flopping down on the bed. She inhales sharply, almost hoping the sheets would still smell like Maks. They didn’t, they smelled fresh and clean, but she didn’t mind. She closes her eyes, and for once she fall right asleep.


“Morning sleepyhead. We ordered pizza, it just got here.” Charlie smiles at Meryl, gently bouncing Anastasia on his lap, the toddler giggling and pulling on his blonde locks. “Your daughter is a handful, but a cute handful!” He adds quickly.

Meryl shoots a playful glare at her friend as she enters the room, still feeling a little drowsy from her nap. “Sorry I left you to take care of her,” she stops talking to let out a big yawn, “I was so tired from all the driving. Thank you for watching her.” She smiles down at her daughter, watching Charlie put her down, and her starting to walk around the living room, one hand positioned on the couch for stability.

“Come on, little one. Let’s go eat.” She scoops a squealing Anastasia up and brings her to the kitchen, where Charlie had already set up the highchair she brought. “When do we start work?” Meryl shoots a glance over her shoulder at the blonde man leaning against the doorway, fondly watching Anastasia chew on small pieces of pizza.

“Monday. We’ll be learning our schedule and getting to know the kids for most of the first week though.” He uncrosses his arms and shoves them in his front pocket, smiling at the young woman sitting with her child. “I’m really glad you guys are back, Mer. It’s gonna be awesome being in Ana’s life. Although I think it’s gonna make Tanith want a baby even more.”

“Are you thinking of having one?” Meryl wiggles her eyebrows at her friend.

He shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe I meant having Ana around would convince me to have a baby.” He laughs and walks over to the small child, placing a kiss on her head and receiving a squeal in return. “I mean come on, look at her. How could you not want kids when you see this adorable face.”

“That’s true, she is perfect. She takes after me.” Meryl smirks at Charlie and he playfully hits her arm. “I’m gonna give her a bath and get her in bed, it’s been a long day. Thanks again for helping me, Charlie.”

“Night Meryl.” He smiles as she takes a pizza covered Anastasia up the stairs for a bath.

After Ana’s bath, she brings her into the bedroom to change her. “We’re gonna rearrange this room soon, little one.” She says while slipping a pair of pajamas on her. “Then we can make new memories here, even better ones. Now come on, i’ll read you a story.” Anastasia crawls on her mothers lap, quickly falling asleep on her chest, and for the night the two of them slept peacefully, excited to start their new life in LA.