and then it happened





proto!kage actually not that much different than usual kageyama bcs of some people’s headcanons laughs
actual kageyama wouldn’t be able to yell that at Hinata tho, he is too awkward, too pure for this world

though rather than proto!kage meeting hinata, i’m more concerned about proto!kage meeting tsukki—

seriously tho

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i'm literally convinced at this point, that the writers didn't mean for people to ship riarkle as anything more than a brotp and panicked when we all did, and are currently trying to distract us with any other ship that's not riarkle, bc damn did we get screwed over this season



グリーン・グリーン・グラス・オブ・ホーム ….



Lady Layton has been announced!

First reaction: Where’s my son Alfendi?

Second reaction: Wait, how many children does Hershel have and who is their mother? Or has he just accumulated them as he solves mysteries? Because if we count Flora, and if we assume that Alfendi does actually have a brother that isn’t his split personality, that means he has four children. Four!

Third reaction: Hot damn, I hope we finally get to see old Hershel!

Fourth reaction: Alfendi is a canon part of the Layton universe and I will not stand for youtube comments that suggest otherwise.

Fifth reaction: Okay but seriously, if I don’t get answers about Alfendi’s past in a game where the protagonist is his sister, I’m gonna work my ass off, get employed by Level-5, and write a Mystery Room sequel all on my own.

Sixth reaction: Still, this game feels more like a Layton game than LB;MR did, which could be really, really nice.

Seventh reaction: …Goddamn, now I have to change all my headcanons about Alfendi’s upbringing to include this mysterious new sister, don’t I?