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My RBB piece featuring old men in love, glowing claws, and an affectionate reaplet
My buddy, @segadores-y-soldados , wrote a gorgeous story (I’m still crying over it as I type these words) involving all 3 of those things and sooooo much more. (But seriously, I was totally tearing up while I was reading it, for more reasons than one. The person sitting next to me on the plane wasn’t prepared)
Check it out here:
It’s so good! Leave him lots of love for all his hard work! 🙏🙏🙏

Ravenclaw: I’m really dizzy, I can’t see straight, and when I walk I feel like I’ll fall over.

Hufflepuff: Maybe you should sit down for a minute.

Ravenclaw: … no, I think I’m going to not drink any water for 8 hours straight, run around trying to clean things up, and then to top it off, I’m going to drive in the dark in a car that has its windows frosted over.

Hufflepuff: How are you still alive?

Ravenclaw: A question I ask myself every day.


— “Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!”


When I saw the teaser for Moonrise I actually started tearing up. I think it has finally hit me that this is the last month, the last release, the last concerts for this project. This year has been amazing for Day6. They grew so much as artists and I get so proud of them whenever I see them enjoying themselves on stage because finally, they are doing what they love. Not only that, but they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’m so happy jyp let them do this project to help them to not only grow their fanbase, but to share more of their music across the world. Yes I don’t want this to end, but creating songs and performing them every month must have been so tiring for the boys and honestly I can’t wait for them to just rest next year and bask in all the lobster, pizza and other fine cuisines. 

not to be that person but sometimes i think about this

and how it follows up with allura being the next shot

cut to the nycc intervew where lauren states this: “I don’t know if Lance knows what he needs. Like, he might look for it but what he might look for is not necessarily what he needs.”

that sounds pretty darn close to what lance is saying here and having allura literally be the person that shows up right after he says that cannot just be coincidental

it just cant be

little concept:

What if the story unfolds where Dark possesses us and tries to make us kill Mark? Get into camera dude’s mind and strike or something.

How we joke about stranglin Mark, drowning him in the deepest pits of the ocean, flinging him right into the sun. It’s all goofs because he likes to hit our feels really bad.

But what if Dark used all those goofs and turned them against us. I mean, Mark did say that Dark would do that kinda stuff, right? I see Dark going for Mark’s friends and fans to hurt him. But maybe he’d take that a little more literally to have them actually hurt him. Hurt us. To hurt him x2 or something.

I still don’t know if that is our Mark, since he’s very prone to punching camera dude, but he does seem like he’s supposed to be good and probably not Asshole Mark. I mean, would Asshole Mark get us tickets to the petting zoo? Doubt it. I’m thinking if we ever do see our Mark, it will still be an exaggeration of himself with the douche like aura, but not Asshole Mark levels, you know?

(still think dark’s being led astray and going after the wrong mark, but of course, could be far off)

I need a break from like… everything. School has been super stressful and considering how next semester hinges on how i finish up this semester, i might not be very present on tumblr till christmas. Idk i might close the askbox.

the more i think about it, the more possession feels extremely plausible in the van videos

“don’t blink” “don’t move” “don’t remember” 

it kinda sounds like dark wants fear and subservience to me. and it kinda sounds like getting into someone’s mind, yknow?

our theories of what’s next:

“don’t breathe” “don’t think” “don’t look” “don’t ____” who knows!

but, as hard as it is to try to explain, sounds like he is trying to wear down. like. the stages before a full possession???  weaken i guess. idk. i’m having a hard time getting this out.

with mark’s recent voice distortion and the double glitches, it sounds like MAYBE in don’t remember, or a video in the future, that mark may have gotten possessed by dark. maybe. it definitely seems like the kind of thing where a demon latches on and starts the torment. so. who knows.

he’s abilities are confusing, but it seems like he may have that kind of power to at least mind control. which in a way is possession.

i still think someone is gonna be possessed, maybe both.

maybe he’ll pull a jojo and try to attack us. and maybe we’ll fall under dark’s influence as well and attack him.

maybe he’ll take inspiration from tew2, maybe! who knows

detective synishade is confused

the fact that nct likely won’t win best male dance performance for cherry bomb is nothing short of highway robbery. how can we sit here knowing that half the group literally risked their chiropractic health launching themselves spine first into the ground to entertain us, just to be paid dust? how can we let the fact that haechan had his own solo dance go to waste? the formations? the transitions? the dance breaks? they all devoted themselves to almost droppin it to a split but for what? is this really how we’re going to repay them?

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♥Thoughts on Dk & Jeonghan’s friendship ♥

a Dk and Jeonghan ship is not that common. It doesn’t have to be a romantic thing of course, but just in terms of “members we see that are genuinely really close”  I see that a lot in Dk and Jeonghan.For a while now in fan interactions, going Seventeen, Behind scenes, rewatching the first OFD etc, I’ve noticed Jeonghan and Dk are always next to each other to back the other one up. On instagram, they posted their little best friend game, take pictures together, did the cute voice over thing, and recently a fan asked how Seventeen chose hotel roommates. They choose on the spot, but Jeonghan and Dk insist on being together. There are so much more moments, but this post would be too long. Jeonghan’s personality type wants people to depend on him, to lean on him, and to show affection towards him, as he does to them, and it just so happens that Dk, Jeonghan’s pabo/ ‘idiot’, is there to provide him with just that. Dk is also the kind of character that would sacrifice his handsome looks to see a smile on someone’s face and you see no shame in him, just all around brightness in his eyes. When Jeonghan is tired (which is often as stated by him), Dk is there to give him that burst of energy in the form of laughs. Dk will always go along with Jeonghan’s tactics and Jeonghan really appreciates it. Dk allows Jeonghan to call him stupid because they are both aware it’s just a fun little gag and a token of who they are as a pair. Both have quick witty humour. 

They compliment each other well and I enjoy seeing all the little moments they have when they are together, though often overlooked by others…

look at em being fools

Am I highkey SeokHan trash? .-. ˢʰᶦᵗ ᴵ ᵍᵘᵉˢˢ ˢᵒ…